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Gariepy, Joseph (b.

Joseph Gariepy, was born January 22, 1842 at St. Francis Xavier. He was the son of
Francois Gariepy (b. 1824) and Helene Poitras, the daughter of Andre Poitras and
Marguerite Grant.1 He was a member of Way ke ge ke zhicks Pembina Band of
Chippewa. He received Metis scrip under the Red Lake and Pembina Chippewa Treaty.
Joseph married Cecilia Wilkie, the daughter of Jean Baptiste Wilkie and Amable Azure.
Their daughter Sarah Gariepy was married to Martin Nault the son of Riel supporter
Andre Nault and Anastasie Landry. Their son David Gariepy (b. 1885 at Olga) married
Marguerite Nault, the daughter of Gabriel Dumonts interpreter Napoleon Nault and
Melanie Vandal in 1908 at Glasgow, Montana.
Joseph Gariepy Sr. born at St. Francois Xavier, and Cecilia Wilkie were Turtle Mountain
Band Members, they took annuities for themselves and their children Sarah, Joseph (b.
1862) and Moise (b. 1864) in 1868-1870.
Josephs brother Francois Gariepy born in 1840 at St. Francois Xavier also took Turtle
Mountain annuities for himself, his wife and three children in 1869.
Josephs brother Norbert Gariepy born 1851 at Pembina, his wife Marie Agnes Desjarlais
and one daughter took annuities in 1869.
His sister Josette and her husband James Grant and four children took Turtle Mountain
annuities in 1869 and 1870.
His sister Sara and her husband Joseph Rolette Jr. and their children took annuities and
appear on the Turtle Mountain Census from 1888 to 1892.
His sister Cecile and husband Martin Rolette her mother Helene Poitras Garriepy, and
their children all appear on the Turtle Mountain Census for 1890.
The daughter of Joseph and Celcilia Garriepy, Marie Virginie Garriepy, and her husband
Joseph Richot took Turtle Mountain annuities in 1868 and 1872.
Red Lake and Pembina Chippewa Scrip:
Gardipin, [Joseph] (1839) [1850 U.S.]
Gardissie, Joseph [*1868]
Gardepie, Joseph [R.L. Scrip #356]

Minnesota Territorial Census, Pembina County, 1850, Family

183/183, born Pembina
Pembina Annuity Roll, Way ke ge ke zhick's Band, 1868:145
- 1 man, 1 woman, 3 children $ 15 paid
National Archives, RG 75, Entry 363, "List of Persons to Whom Scrip
was Issued under Red Lake & Pembina Treaties...." Halfbreed Scrip

This family was enumerated at Pembina in 1850 as Family #183, Francois is listed as a hunter.

No. 356 issued April 21, 1874, under the authority of Secretarial
Decision, April 18, 1874, delivered April 21, 1874
National Archives, RG 75, Entry 364, "Treaty of April 12, 1864, Red
Lake and Pembina Half-Breeds," Scrip Stubs, Number 356, dated
April 21, 1874, 160 Acres, delivered April 21, 1874, issued to Joseph
Gardepie, delivered to Agt. Douglass
listed with household of: Gardipin, Francois (1824)

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell

Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research
Louis Riel Institute