Township of Chatsworth Planning Gommittee

Wednesday July 6, 2016
9:00 a.m.

Members Present:
Chair Mayor Bob Pringle
Member Brian Gamble
Member Shawn Greig
Member Scott Mackey
Member Elizabeth Thompson

Staff Present:
Township Planner Ron Davidson
Carolyn Vlielander-Max

1. Call to Order

Chair Pringle called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Disclosure of Pecuniary lnterest and the General Nature Thereof.


Planning Committee

It was:

Moved by Scott Mackey
Seconded by Brian Gamble
Be it resolved that the Council of the Township of Chatsworth do now go into the
Planning Committee.


Reconvening of Meeting

Application for a Zoning By-law Amendment


Z312016 - Loucks

Public in Attendance
Pliny Loucks, Kevin English, Debbie Atkinson, Patrick Torpey, Melissa Crarvford, Jim
Township Planner, Ron Davidson gave an overview of the application and explained
that this rezoning application had been discussed at a recent Public Meeting. He
stated that tonight's meeting was not a Public Meeting as per the requirements of the
Planning Act. He provided a general overview of the proposed development which
inctuded a response to the concerns raised at the earlier Public Meeting by the general
public. Mr. Davidson concluded with a recommendation that Council approve the
requested Zoning By-law Amendment. He further recommended that the developer
meet with the two adjacent land owners to discuss buffering and landscaping
measures, and such measures are to form part of the Site Plan Control Agreement.

I of3

Member Scott Mackey inquired about the municipal water service capacity to service
the proposed development.
Carolyn Max responded that there was sufficient capacity to service the development.
Kevin English noted that he had spoken to everyone on the street and altwere
opposed to the development, and he asked why the application would be approved if
all of the neighbours were in opposition.

Township Planner, Ron Davidson explained that his role as Planner is to provide
professional planning advice to Council, and that Council can choose to follow the
recommendation by approving the By-law or, alternatively, Council can refuse the Bylaw.

Deb Atkinson asked why the developer woutdn't construct two pairs of semi-detached
dwellings rather than two fourplex buildings.

Township Planner, Ron Davidson replied that that was a developer decision.
Patrick Torpey raised concerns with on-street parking.
Township Planne¡ Ron Davidson noted that two parking spaces (one space inside the
garage) would be provided for each dwelling unit, and also stated that additional
parking could be provided on the internal private road. He stated that parking should
not be an issue.
Melissa Cravvford stated that she just purchased a house on Jane Street but would not
have done so if she had been aware of this development. She stated that detached
dwellings should be erected on the subject rands, not fourplexes.
Jim Dier raised questions regarding the reduced lot size.
Township Planner, Ron Davidson advised that whereas relief from the 'minimum lot
area' requirement is required, the development will comply with all other provisions of
the By-law, including yard requirements, lot coverage, parking standards, etc. He atso
stated that ample room also exists on the property to accommodate the two large septic
Member Scott Mackey stated that he understands everyone's concerns about
development on this quieter street, but explained that the Province is promoting
affordable and rental housing.

Chair Bob Pringle noted the developer is a lifelong resident who is aware of everyone's
concerns, and he has a vested interest in the area.
Kevin English spoke to affordable housing and stated that, in his opinion, the $1,200.00
monthly lease fee is not affordable.

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Member Shawn Greig stated that it is unfortunate that the "type" of people that may live
in these residential units has become an issue.


Closure of Planning Gommittee Meeting

At that time is was:
Moved by Shawn Greig
Seconded by Brian Gamble
Be it resolved that the Council of the Township of Chatsworth do now leave the
Planning Committee.


Chair, Bob


Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Ron Davidson

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