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1 Quando usado o Present Perfect?

d) The have the children visited their grandparents?

2 Como formada a afirmativa do Present Perfect?

Qual a forma negativa da frase She has gone to


3 Como so as formas negativa e interrogativa do

Present Perfect?

a) She has gone not to Italy.

Complete as frases abaixo usando os verbos em

parntese no Present Perfect. Depois, marque a
alternativa que tenha a seqncia correta dos verbos.

b) Not she has gone to Italy.

I The baby ______________ (to cry).

d) She has not gone to Italy.

II Alan ____________ (to finish) the exercise.

Complete a frase They have worked here _____ 2001

com o advrbio adequado.

c) She not has gone to Italy.

III Bob and Ted _____ (to spend) much money.

a) since

a) has cried has finished have spent.

b) to

c) for

d) just

b) have cried has finished has spent.

Qual a resposta correta da frase Have you told him

the news??

c) have cried have finished has spent.

a) Yes, I did.

d) has cried have finished have spent

d) Yes, I told.

Marque a alternativa cuja frase esteja no Present


Transformando a frase They havent been to Canada

yet para a 3 pessoa do singular ser:

a) They played tennis.

a) She didnt been to Canada yet.

b) Susan didnt sleep at home.

c) She has cooked our lunch

b) She doesnt been to Canada yet.

c) Yes, I have.

c) She hasnt been to Canada yet.

d) I have a terrible headach.

d) She havent been to Canada yet.

1 Qual a alternativa que completa corretamente a

frase They ________ vegetables no Present Perfect?
a) have eat.
b) has ate
c) have eaten.

b) Yes, I do.

Julgue C (certo) ou E (errado) as afirmaes abaixo e

depois marque a alternativa com a seqncia correta.
1( ) O Present Perfect um tempo verbal que
expressa, basicamente, uma ao iniciada no presente
e que continua no futuro.

d) have ate

Qual a alternativa que completa corretamente a frase

Rose ____________ here for five years no Present
a) have live.

b) has lived.

c) have lived.

d) has live.

2( ) Usa-se o Present Perfect para uma ao

passada quando h a indicao de quando essa ao
3 ( ) Quando queremos fazer perguntas com o verbo
no Present Perfect usamos o verbo auxiliar Do ou Does
no incio da frase.

Marque a alternativa que complete corretamente a

frase _____ Robert _______ another song? no
Present Perfect.
a) Has wrote

b) Have written

4 ( ) Para formar uma frase negativa no Present

Perfect, usa-se a partcula de negao antes do verbo
auxiliar to have (not- has / have).

c) Have wrote

d) Has written

a) C, C, E, E

b) E, E, E, E

c) E, E, C, C

d) C, C, C, C

Marque a alternativa que complete corretamente a

frase Joe and I _________ to study Math no Present
a) havent stopped

b) not have stopped

c) has not stopped

d) has stopped not

Qual a forma interrogativa da frase The children

have visited their grandparents?
a) Has the children visited their grandparents?
b) Have the children visited their grandparents?
c) The children visited their grandparents?

Put the verbs into the correct form (simple

past or present perfect).

My friends (visit) __________ the Grand

Canyon National Park last year.


I (be / never) ________ to the Grand

Canyon National Park.


But I (see) ________ lots of wonderful



And yesterday I (buy) _________ a book

about the Grand Canyon.


B: So you (see / not) ______the new

action film yet.


I (read) _________ 30 pages already. It's

really interesting.


A: No, unfortunately not. (you /

enjoy) _______ it?

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple

past or present perfect simple).


B: Oh, I really (love) ________ it. But

Sue (like / not) __________ it - too much


A: (you / play / already) _______ the new

computer game?___________ it yesterday and
I (have / not) _____________ the time yet.


A: But why (you / take) _________ her

with you? She (tell) _________ me last week
that she (hate) __________ action films.


A: (you / go) ________ to the cinema last


B: I think she has an eye on Louis.

She (try) ________ to flirt with him all the time.
So he (can / concentrate / not) _________ on
the film.


B: Yes. I (be) ________ there with Sue

and Louis. (you / be) ________ to the cinema


A: I last (go) __________ to the cinema

two weeks ago.