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Li le Village Founda on label. In this era of streaming services and file sharing (stealing), we encourage our readers to support the making of new music by purchasing new music. Click on the album cover or the link below to purchase these fine discs.


Michael Benjamin aka Alabama Mike has just released his third album. It is yet another gem from Kid Andersen’s Greaseland Studios. As per usual, the Andersen produced project features some of the best Bay Area musicians including Jon Lawton, Bob Welsh and Big Kid himself on guitars as well as Jim Pugh on the Hammond B3. He also brings in legendary bassist Jerry Jemmot. This talented singer explores some contemporary themes within the context of some tradi onal grooves. He then turns around and drags Jimmy McCracklin’s Think and Li le Johnny Taylor’s Somewhere Down the Line to new and exci ng places. The en re album is everything one would want in a blues album; great musicians in service of fine, mostly original, material, backing an excep onal singer. Highly recommended

backing an excep onal singer. Highly recommended AkiKumarAkiGoestoBollywoodTheLittleVillageFoundation This


This release on Jim Pugh’s Li le Village Founda on label is one that could only be released on this label. It is the essence of what the Li le Village is all about, the presenta on of new and exci ng music that no label in their right mind would touch. Aki Goes to Bollywood offers up something to offend everyone, which is why I like the record. Kumar takes pop songs from his na ve India and blends them with tradi onal blues. Hey, what’s not to love? This isn’t so much east meets west. It is east smashes into west (or visa versa) on a muddy road somewhere in Mississippi

or Calcu a

to Bollywood represents the height of crea vity and fearlessness. Aki Kumar should be commended for embracing his past and blending that

with his adopted true love, the blues. While this record may not be for everyone, it is for

those with an open mind, adventurous spirit

it is for those with an open mind, adventurous spirit I can’t decide which. Either way,


can’t decide which. Either way, Aki Goes

and sense of humor.