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Issue 40, July 2016

The Quarterly Publication
of Life-Growth Inc.

BIOS is Greek for life

Frontage of the house and lot

being acquired for the LGI
Building site.

A Platform for the Total Person Distinctive

The Prospective Building Site

Small things never stay
small in the hands of God.
What started out as a small dream
of having our own building in 2008 is
now being realized. The LGI Dream
Building Project was exactly just that
a dream. And yet, when we launched
an official fund-raising campaign in
2014, you all responded so
enthusiastically and generously. Two
years later, we already have more than
7 million for Gods Dream Building!
The LGI Dream Building Project will
house LGIs expression of the Total
Person distinctive the ministry to the
spirit, soul and body through three
1) Center for Visions and Miracles
(catering to spiritual needs) focuses
on developing the spirit through prayer
and healing services and a School for
Visions and Miracles
2) Center for Self-Care and Stress
Management (catering to mental and

emotional needs) focuses on stress

management services
3) Center for Early Childhood
Learning (catering to educational
development) focuses on helping
pre-schoolers become school-ready
and Christ-centered. Additionally, we
have School of Hope focusing on
Christian values formation for yayas,
household helpers, drivers, etc.
Several fundraising activities were
held aside from the offering at
WindWatch. Financial Management
seminars, movie screenings,
conferences and international seminars
were conducted for the benefit of the
Building Project. We thank our LGI
friends in the USA who were one of the
first to support our campaign in 2014
through LGI USA. Moreover,
WindWatchers, LGI friends and family
have given so unselfishly.
Through the LGI Building
Committee chaired by Chief Justice

Reynato S. Puno (ret.), contributions

have been invested in a short-term
Money Market trust fund to yield
higher interest compared to time
deposit in the bank. This investment can
be pulled out anytime since it has
already matured and has earned more
than P50,000 in less than a year.
We have been in search for a 300square meter property for the past 2
years in Quezon City. Thirteen
properties were viewed: 4 in Kamias,
4 in the Scout Area, 2 in Cubao, 2 in
Sikatuna and 1 in Kamuning. Only one
stood out: No. 113 K-8th St. referred
by one of our WindWatch leaders Ms.
Cherie Ballesteros. The asking price is
15 million (taxes not yet included).
We believe that this is from God. It
is our faith that God will move mightily
to supply all our needs according to His
riches in glory. In Jesus Name, amen.

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The Three Centers of LGI

Intensified Prophetic Direction

Paradigm Shift
Towards the

Center for Visions and


Center for
Self-Care &

The Holy Spirit has anointed LGI to raise a prophetic

people in these last days founded in the spiritual
disciplines of Truth, Power, and Love. Thus, an intensified
curriculum was developed to hone prophetic giftings
through the School for Visions and Miracles. LGI Faculty,
along with guest personalities, will be equipping enrollees
in the prophetic. Enrollees will receive formal and
intensive training on
delivering instructional and directional prophecies
interpreting in the spirit of wisdom
preaching and teaching with sharp prophetic skills
leading prophetic worship
teaching and dividing the Word with prophetic
and ministering in the prophetic anointing for
healing and intercession
We are looking for men and women who are able to
see, hear and know Gods will in these very exciting times
of harvest. We look forward to a time of mighty
redemptive visitations from the Holy Spirit.

From Local to Global

International Mission

Doors upon doors of nations are

opening for the Jesus-Agenda! This is
the first time ever that LGI has visited
multiple countries in a single year 5
countries in six months. Last April, LGI
facilitated a seminar in Toronto,
Canada through the efforts of Meryl
Calaguas and Cookie Puno. On the
same month, Rev. Bernadette Morales
conducted a series of seminars in
Orange County, Long Beach, San
Diego, San Francisco and Maryland
through LGI partners Pam Marquez,
Emma Macaraeg, WendyVaughn, and
Regina Domingo in the U.S. Last May,
Rev. Criscelyn Navarro led the sixth
batch of the Israel Worship and Study
Tour. Last June, she ministered to a
group of Filipinos headed by Apple
Yatco in Macau and launched a
WindWatch satellite there. Prayer
Worship Tours in South Korea and
Turkey are scheduled for October and
November, respectively. Truly, the
Jesus-agenda is a global agenda!

Participants at the ABSCBN Tulong Center

appreciated what God said
to them through the prayer
It is evident that the
corporate world is
becoming LGIs new mission
Rev. Bernadette
Morales is developing
intensive and individualized
services and stress
management sessions based
on her on-going Clinical
Pastoral Education Training
in New Jersey, USA. We
are excited to go full blast
with the new LGI Center for
Self-Care & Stress

Visayas and Mindanao. We were able

to reach 38 pastors, deaconesses and
church workers in Pampanga and
Pangasinan through our Global-Net
(GNET) short Bible video course. LGI
Missions Director, Vida Mei Rivera is
taking the lead along with Rev. Joanne
Valenzuela. We thank the Yangco
Foundation through Ms. Cynthia
Gonzales and Ptr. Sonny Navarro for
their generous scholarship. Ptr. Bernie
Morales also conducted seminars
among typhoon victims in Tacloban.
Another WindWatch satellite and
GNET course opened in Koronadal,
South Cotabato through the efforts of
long-time Windwatchers Bong and Ester
Lee Paragas. Cookie Puno also held
seminars there. Conferences and
seminars were also held at General
Santos and Kiamba led by Rev. Dr.
Mina Palomo and Ptr. Cris Navarro.
Praise God for these local expansions!

Center for
Early Child
The LGI Center for Early
Child Care is our humble
response to the task of
nation building. We envision
to raise a godly and
prophetic generation that will
advance the Jesus Agenda in
these very crucial times,
aligned with governmentaccepted educational
standards and procedures
for school-readiness. We, at
LGI, are committed to giving
each student an academic
cutting-edge when they go to
the big school. We are
securing the future today!


Jose Reyes Hospital

LGI Kids Place

Rev. Dr. Mina N. Palomo
All reports were written by Arlene Joy C.
Puno, derived from reports of Rev. Bernadette
Morales, Rev. Criscelyn Navarro, and Ms.
Rose Ann Carino.

Local Satellites

The Holy Spirit has expanded our

missions ministry to reach Luzon,

Raising a Prophetic

LGI Canada
LGI Canada

Staff: Laarni J. de Belen and Ptr. Ester S.