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International Partnerships Newsletter

Summer 2016

Welcome from the International Partnerships Director.
This is the second edition of our newsletter and our summer edition.
We hope to keep you up-to-date with the latest news from the international partnerships at the
university. Read about Transnational Education (TNE) activity around the globe and at the University
of Greenwich, staff, students, alumni and collaborations successes withoverseas partners.

University of

In this latest edition, we focus on the enhancement activities the university are involved in from
the delivery of the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education for staff at a number of partner
institutions to a focus on our tutors in residence at our largest partners in Malaysia and Egypt.
We are also pleased as always to focus on our students and staff at our partners around the
world to highlight their achievements and latest projects. In addition, we are pleased to share
with you the latest findings from a major report on TNE in the UK in from The scale and scope
of UK Higher Education Transnational Education and we share a message from our Vice
Chancellor Professor David Maguire on the recent EU referendum in the UK.
We would like to thank our partner colleagues and students overseas for their work in major
reviews we carried out in the last academic year as we work together to enhance and develop
our global partnerships.
Please do keep in touch with us, so please do drop us a line if we can
help you in any way.

Aisling Conboy
Transnational Education (TNE) in the world
The UK Higher Education International Unit, a central observatory and intelligence unit on higher education internationalisation
and policy developments for UK higher education institutions, has released its latest figures about TNE operations around
the globe through its latest report called The Scale and Scope of UK Higher Education Transnational Education. The graph
below indicates how many students in the world are currently taking TNE programmes and where they are located.

Location of transnational education students, 2014-15

Around 664,000 students study for UK HE qualifications outside the UK

Source: HESA aggregate offshore record (2014-15). Graphic: The International Unit:
International Higher Education in Facts and Figures June 2016, slide 14

Currently the University of Greenwich operates in 11 of the top 20 countries in the world that provide TNE with partners in:
Malaysia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ghana, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Greece, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya and Zambia.

Message from the University of Greenwich

Vice Chancellor: Professor David Maguire
Update on the EU referendum
Dear Partner Colleagues,
In the time since the result of the referendum was declared on 23rd June there has been
a great deal of discussion and speculation regarding the negotiations, guarantees, and
compromises which will emerge in the wake of the triggering of Article 50. No doubt
many of you will be following these developments with a keen eye, and possibly some
concern, but I want to take this opportunity to inform you of the definitive assurances
provided to the higher education sector by the Government in the last week, and also to
set out the plans we are putting in place for ensuring everyone has access to accurate and
up-to-date information over the next two years and beyond. The University of Greenwich
is committed to having a global reach and is proud of the international partnerships and
networks we maintain.

Plans and action within the University

For current staff and students, we are developing an internal webpage which will provide
authoritative information released by the Government and sector bodies, as well as
initiatives being undertaken by the University to ensure our thriving international
community is protected.
I very much appreciate that many of you will have specific concerns and questions, and
you are welcome to submit questions to the Vice-Chancellors Office via the internal
website enquiry form. Although I cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide
definitive answers at the point of writing, we will ensure that obtaining these answers
remains a priority in our ongoing discussions with the Government, the EU Commission,
and our wider HE colleagues.
Recently, I attended a University Alliance meeting with the Minister of State for
Universities and Science, Jo Johnson, who wanted to strongly reassure the sector that
the Government is aware of the challenges facing universities and their communities as
a result of the outcome of the referendum. However, he reiterated the significant value
that our EU students and staff add to the research community and wider society, and as
a sector, through Universities UK and University Alliance, we are committed to ensuring
that this message is widely communicated to Government, our students, staff and
partners. Our EU students and staff make an immeasurable contribution to our University
community, and every effort will be made to ensure that our vibrant international
community is nurtured.
This meeting also confirmed that the Government still has the intention of pressing on
with the Higher Education and Research Bill. For the University, as we enter the process
of devising our new Strategic Plan 2017-2022, we very much remain committed to
ensuring that this is an institution where all can thrive and meet their highest potential as
a result of first-class teaching and an excellent student experience. Our determination to
meet this objective remains, and will continue to remain, unchanged. Most importantly,
our success in achieving this objective is contingent upon a thriving, international, and
culturally dynamic staff and student community, and I expect this to resolutely flourish,
and not diminish, as we face the challenges ahead.
My next message on the subject of the EU will be posted to the internal website, so for
now I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for the rest of the
summer, and I look forward to seeing many of you at our graduations this month.
With all best wishes,


International Partnerships: Focus PGCert in HE

International staff development through the UoG Postgraduate
Certificate in Higher Education (PGCert in HE)
About the programme

The Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education is the teaching qualification which new staff at UoG take. The programme
is run by the universitys Educational Development Unit, and is led by Dr. Sally Alsford. This programme engages staff
with a range of approaches to teaching and learning including the most current thinking and innovation. This trains and
develops academic staff, to help the university to deliver its commitment to excellence in teaching and learning, As an
online blended programme there are face to face elements but much is web-based. Staff completing the programme,
become Fellows of the Higher Education Academy.
We were among the first universities in the UK to offer a PGCert in HE to international
partners. This has proved exciting and challenging. Shared activities might lead to
discussion online between a mathematician in Cairo or a business lecturer in Trinidad with
an optician or architecture lecturer in London. In 2014-15, over 90% of our international
participants said that the programme had helped them to improve their teaching. Nothing
short of revolutionary is how one Trinidadian lecturer described the response after applying
her first terms learning to her own teaching.

Dr. Sally Alsford

The PGCert in HE from the University of Greenwich has been instrumental in assisting
us in developing our teaching faculty to a world class level in their knowledge and
application of pedagogy, and progressive methods of student assessment. The feedback
from our teachers has been without exception, excellent. I am delighted to report that
feedback obtained from SBCS learners taught by PGCHE graduates has also been
rated as excellent. We look forward to continuing this partnership with the University of
Greenwich, so as to ensure that our teachers are able to deliver to our students a unique
and transformative learning experience.
Dr. Robin R. Maraj, Executive Director, School of Business and Computer Science (SBCS),
Trinidad and Tobago

The PGCert in HE has served me well long after the programme has ended. It has set
a firm foundation for reflecting on and improving both teaching practice and course
design. I also feel it has given me a set of tools to better communicate with practitioners
outside ofmy academic field. The School of Business and Computer Science (SBCS) as
a whole has seen value from the PGCert in HE.
Kumar Bobby Sookram

Kumar Bobby
Senior Lecturer/
Senior Manager
Quality Assurance,
(SBCS), Trinidad
and Tobago

The chance to enroll our first cohort had positive results for both instructors as well as
MSA students, a marked advancement in our instructors skills in integrating practice
and theory in planning their courses, and optimising the learning environment in their
classrooms, labs and workshops, were auspiciously noted in students feedback.
Consequently, MSA is looking forward indeed to the continuation of a fruitful relationship
that would place Egyptian instructors on a par with their British counterparts.
Professor Dr. Khayri Abdel Hamid, October University of Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) President

Ahmed M K Nada,
Associate Professor
Faculty of
Biotechnology, (MSA)

One of the main goals of the, October University of Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA)
And the University of Greenwich partnership is the acquisition of the highest quality in
higher education. Staff development is an important factor to this goal. The PGCert in HE
programme was a wonderful opportunity to become engaged in a novel learning process
in our country an internationally recognized teaching qualification this experience was
truly phenomenal and unique. I was exposed to a hefty sum of readings, discussions,
and practice which provisioned an effective enhancement to my knowledge and skills.
This improvement was evidently apparent in my teaching, as I received such positive
feedback from my students this programme could transform the culture of learning
across the whole institution. I am so pleased to be a part of this fruitful partnership.

Dr. Sally Alsford,

Deputy Head
of Educational
Development Unit,
Programme Leader
University of

Ahmed M K Nada

International Partnerships: staff focus

Meet some of the staff involved:

University of Greenwich in-residence link tutors

The University of Greenwich employs two in-country representatives. Mr Raj Daas, based in Malaysia and Dr Maan
Al-Gailani , based in Egypt. They both ensure the smooth running of our overseas operations in two of our key regions.
They assist local partners with systems and processes, induction, teaching and quality assurance. They also help with
negotiations and promote the University of Greenwich in their region.

I have been working for the University in a variety of different roles since 1997! My
administrative work in the Business Faculty has involved many different responsibilities
including Administration Manager, Employability Manager, Timetabling Coordinator and
Admissions Tutor. My academic teaching role in Department of Human Resources
& Organisational Behaviour enabled me to become an International Link Tutor five years
ago. At this time, I would travel 2-3 times per year to Asia and manage the overseas
partnerships in the HROB department. More recently, I have based myself in Kuala Lumpur
(KL) and have a much closer working relationship with our International Partners in the region.
SEGI College is the Business Facultys largest partnership operating at three locations in KL,
Subang Jaya and Penang. The portfolio of programmes on offer in SEGI, Malaysia includes:
BA Business Management, BA Accounting & Finance, BA Human Resources Management,
BA Marketing, BSc Economics & Banking and MA/MBA International Business.

Mr Raj Dass
South-East Asia.
Primary work
location is SEGI KL,

Other partnerships and regions I look after in Asia include Vietnam, Hong Kong,
and Singapore.
My key challenge is to ensure that overseas students receive the same teaching and
learning experience as a UK student at Greenwich. This has been very challenging to
ensure that we have consistency in teaching delivery, Quality Assurance processes and IT
systems. A typical day will involve working with academic staff on teaching and marking
issues, meeting with students to discuss their problems and trying to streamline processes
that are consistent across the University and overseas partnerships.
Overseas partners work with a number of other international providers from the US, Australia
and the UK. The University of Greenwich brand is very strong in Asia with students wanting
to study a UK degree programme. Providing students with a good learning experience
alongside an internationally recognized programme enables the continued growth and
reputation of the University of Greenwich in Asia.

Mr Raj Dass

Dr Maan Al-Gailani
Representative at
October University of
Modern Sciences and
Arts (MSA), Egypt

I joined the University of Greenwich in September 2009 as a senior lecturer and programme
leader of thefoundationdegree in Biomedical Science. Although Iqualified as a dentist my
specialization was in Histopathology. I became the link tutor for 6 October Modern Science
and Arts University (MSA) inCairoin 20013 and was visiting it 2-4 times a year. I was offered
thepositionof link tutor in residence with MSA at the University of Greenwich for several
reasons. Being of Iraqi origin I can speak the local language and I amfamiliarwith all aspects
of Egyptian life. I have been visiting Egypt on various occasions since I was 5 years old.
I quickly developed excellent working relations with MSA University administration and
academics and you can find me frequently discussing issues with the president of MSA,
head of international partnership or deans andacademics.
My work encompasses many areas from organizing registration of students, helpin quality
assurance matters, attending board ofstudies, helping to run thePGCert in HE at MSA and
raising the profile and cooperation with the University of Greenwich at MSA to name afew.
Every day new issues arise and I deal with them to make sure they are resolved andnot
repeated. I also interact with students and try to help in solving any problems they may
have, I am happy that the cooperation and support of my colleagues at Greenwich and
MSA have made my work both enjoyable and fruitfulbenefitingboth partners.

Dr Maan AL-Gailani

International Partnerships: student focus

Meet some of the students and alumni from our overseas partners:

Nguyen Thi Thuy An (Anne)

Nguyn Th Thy An (Anne) studied at ERC International from 2011 to

2014 under the University of Greenwich program with a specialization

BA Marketing
in Marketing. Graduating with a First Class Honors Degree, she
Year of graduation: 2014
acquired a job at Lazada Vietnam, the leading Online Shopping Mall in
First Class Honours
Vietnam, starting as a Junior Display Marketing Analyst in the
Display Marketing Team Leader
of 2015. Six months later, she got her first promotion to
Lazada Vietnam
Senior Display Marketing Analyst and became the Employee of The

ERCI, Vietnam

Month in December 2015. Currently, An has been promoted to

Display Marketing Team Leader.

Nguyn Th Thy An (Anne) studied a University of

Greenwich program with a specialization in Marketing at
ERC International from 2011 to 2014. She Graduated with
a first class honours degree, she acquired a job at Lazada
Full Name:
Thi Thuy
An (Anne)
online shopping mall in Vietnam,
BA Marketing
as a Junior Display Marketing Analyst at the
Graduated: 2014
of 2015.
Position: Display
Marketing Team Leader

Lazada Vietnam
Six months

she got her first promotion to Senior

Display Marketing Analyst and became the Employee of
The Month in December 2015.
Currently, An has been promoted to Display Marketing
Team Leader.

Dalphne Lim Gu Xuan

Graduate BSc (Hons) Computing
2 nd Upper Class Honours

TMC Academy, Singapore

During my 1.5 years of studies at TMC Academy

Singapore, the University of Greenwich degree course
taught me hands-on skills, knowledge as well as critical
thinking skills which would be very applicable for us
in our future career. I particularly enjoyed the learning
environment whereby I got to interact and learn along
with the peers from various countries. I loved the fact
that the classroom size was smaller which led to more
one-on-one attention from the lecturer. With smaller
class sizes, teachers were able to get to know each
student as an individual and work with them to enhance
their strengths as well as improve on their weaknesses.
This was definitely very crucial and helpful to a degree
student. Above all that, I am grateful that my lecturers
were always available whenever I needed assistance
in guidance and opinions. Without them, I wouldnt
be who I am today. I am proud to be a graduate of the
University of Greenwich computing programme!

Kelvin Chan Tak On

Dalphne is currently working at a local web

development SME company as a Project Manager.
She was employed within 6 months of graduating from
the University of Greenwich computing programme.

BA Business Administration
Year of graduation: 2012
Current position: Founder
Korean Corner

ABRS, Hong Kong

Business graduate, Kelvin Chan Tak On, was recognised

with the Entrepreneurial Award at the 2016 Hong Kong
Education UK alumni awards. This honour, sponsored by
the British Council, recognises innovative alumni who are
active in initiating new business opportunities with strong
growth potential.

Panagiotis Papamanolis
BSc (Hons) Internet Engineering
and Web Management
Year of Graduation: 2014
First Class Honours

Kelvin is founder of Korean Corner and also created

the world leading brand paper world. Korean Corner,
which has been in operation for less than a year, is the
market leader in the import of Korean products to Hong
Kong and Taiwan. The company has already expanded
operations to Australia and Korea, and Kelvin is now
preparing to launch the business in the US. Conversely,
paper world, which offers a unique range of fully
recyclable paper products, is already a popular choice
for multinationals, such as H&M, as well as NGOs and

New York College, Athens, Greece

The Entrepreneurial Award is the latest in a growing list

of achievements for Kelvin. A past winner of the Young
Entrepreneurial Award of Excellence, and the Most
Creative Award, both Hong Kong award schemes,
Kelvin attributes much of his success to his UK
My UK education keeps inspiring me. It has given me
techniques, ideas and concepts I use in my business
today. It helps me to always think outside the box,
he says.

After completing the Greek High School, I joined New York

College, Athens Greece to study with the University of
Greenwich in the BSc (Hons) Internet Engineering and
Web Management programme which I completed in 2014.
I chose this programme because it provides a fine balance
of software and hardware technologies and management
issues relating to the computing and telecommunications
industry. My final year project was about developing a
basic intelligence response and navigation system on a
web environment utilizing semantics with a mix of logical
and mathematical models. It was my engagement with
research at the bachelor level that counted much in my
acceptance by the Delft University of Technology, The
Netherlands, for the Master programme. I was particularly
pleased to find out that as a student from New York
College Greece with a University of Greenwich degree
I had gained comparable knowledge and skills as other
students from universities around the world.

International Partnerships: Events and News

Projects, events and news involving staff and students.

MBA students from partner institution in

the Netherlands organize a conference
sponsored by the Indonesian Embassy

Students at Edulink, Sri Lanka

take part in Innovfest

Saxion University of Applied Sciences students with

Prof. Bambang Hari Wibisono, Attach for Educational and
Cultural Affairs, Indonesian embassy in The Netherlands

Students at Edulink participating in Innovfest

Experience labs is an exciting course of activity we offer

to our students. Through Entrepreneur Day where the
assignment for the undergraduate students was that they
had to come up with a product and make a profit through
sales. Students had a lot of fun and gained a lot of hands
on experience in the process.

At Saxion our MBA-MA students must organize and

deliver, as part of the programme, a business conference,
and learn how the experience affects the way of thinking
or acting as a result.
The conference named Personal Branding for Career
Success: Dont just shine, shine the BRIGHTEST took
place on the 18th of March 2016. It was well organized,
the speakers were interesting and a lot of questions
were asked. Most importantly the students succeeded in
getting the Indonesian Embassy to sponsor the event.

Experience Labs also provided students of Edulink with the

exciting opportunity to be a part of InnovFest 2016 unbound
at the Marina Bay Sands, attracting over 3,000 people from
around the world. They were exposed to a week-long
series of events that showcased Asias most innovative
developments in the media-tech sphere. The objective here
was to help students gain experience in innovation.

Marja Krisman, Course Coordinator, Saxion University of

Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Nimantha Liyanage, Quality Manager, Edulink, Sri Lanka

Academy of Finance, Hanoi and the Faculty of Business, University of Greenwich

organise a joint workshop for Senior Officials from the Vietnam State Treasury
The workshop was jointly organised by the Business
Faculty at University of Greenwich and by the Academy
of Finance in Hanoi. It was designed to provide training
in Financial Risk Management for senior officials in
the Vietnam State Treasury. The workshop sessions
were taken by Dr George Wloch, a visiting lecturer
in the Department of Accounting & Finance and an
expert in risk management in both the financial and IT
sectors. Topics covered included financial instruments
volatility risk, credit and liquidity risk, structures for risk
management in the financial sector, UK government
structures for financial oversight and the causes of
and recovery from the financial crisis. The delegation
also made visits to the London Stock Exchange and to
Standard Chartered Bank.

Senior Officials from the Vietnam State Treasury on the

Greenwich campus

Nicholas Hand, Director of International Affairs,

Accountancy & Finance Faculty of Business