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Digitally signed by Joseph Zernik DN: cn=Joseph Zernik, o, ou, email=jz12345@, c=US Date: 2010.05.29 00:02:06 +03'00'

10-05-28 Requesting Senator Feinstein’s Assistance in Obtaining Verified Response from OCC on Complaint Filed Against Bank of America Corporation - Case #01070442. The Honorable Dianne Feinstein Senator from California San Francisco Office By Fax: Attention: Ms Mirella Nieto
Dear Senator Feinstein: As always I am grateful for the assistance of your office in obtaining responses from federal agencies. Most recently I received by fax from your office two responses: a) Response Office of Inspector General, b) Response from Office of Comptroller of the Currency. Whether or not I was satisfied by the response from the Office of Inspector General, the letter was a valid one – it was verified by the hand signature of Acting Deputy Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar. However, the response from US Office of Comptroller of the Currency was not verified by any individual, and no name of individual responsible for the response appeared in the letter either. Such response was of particular concern, since there were additional deficiencies that lead to concern regarding its validity of the response: 1) The cover letter, page #1, addressed to Senator Feinstein, dated May 10, 2010, listed in the subject line Case #01070442, the correct case number, response on which was overdue, and response on which was requested through Senator Feinstein’s office. However, the response letter itself, page #2 – addressed to Dr Zernik, also dated May 10, 2010, referred only to Case #00971981. Therefore – in fact, no response was received from Office of Comptroller of the Currency on Case #01070442, the case on which response was requested. 2) No response from Bank of America was ever received on Case #00971981, either. The response from OCC was supposed to be based on response by BofA on the complaint in Case #00971981. 3) The response letter itself, page #2 – addressed to Dr Zernik, in its content, failed to address the issues that were raised in Case #01070442, either. In short, the agency in question – Office of US Comptroller of the Currency failed to respond at all on the Honorable Senator’s inquiry on Case #01070442 – only a cover page was provided carrying that case #, nothing more. Therefore, request is made for assistance by your good offices in obtaining a verified response from US Office of Comptroller of the Currency on Case #01070442. Truly, Joseph Zernik, PhD Human Rights Alert (HRA), NGO

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