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About United Way of Opportunities for a

Winnipeg better life for everyone

United Way of Winnipeg is at work in every
United Way ensures an essential network of
corner of our city, creating opportunities for
programs and services by providing support
a better life for everyone. Each and every
to nearly 100 agency partners.
day, United Way has a profound impact on
all our lives.
We support strategies and programs in three
main areas Winnipeggers’ identified as top
When you support United Way, you’re sup-
priorities: Education, Income and Health.
porting programs and strategies that offer
young people an alternative to the streets,
help families achieve financial indepen-
dence, and improve neighbourhood health Income

COMM NITY. and personal well-being. Together, we are

building a stronger, safer, healthier

Without U, there would Winnipeg for everyone who lives here.

be no way. Our partners in the Every day, almost 1500 youth visits occur at
community United Way supported mentoring, recreation
and after-school programs proven to contrib-
United Way ensures an essential network of ute to higher academic achievement.
programs and services by providing support
to nearly 100 agency partners. Each plays
Donate now. Please call: a vital role in our overall strategy to ensure
lasting, positive change by addressing the Income
(204) 477-5360 underlying causes of our city’s most chal-
lenging social issues.
Every day, an average of 730 people access
United Way supported education, train-
ing and pre-employment programs that are
Our focus proven to build self-reliance and financial
United Way’s priorities are determined by
Winnipeggers’ priorities. We support strate-
gies and programs in three main areas:
Education, Income and Health - all of Health
which are universal essentials for a good Every day, Winnipeggers living in low-
life. income neighbourhoods have access to
programs and services through 24 United
Way supported community resource centres.
Our mission Here they can connect with one another to
To improve lives and build community by identify and solve issues of safety, violence
engaging individuals and mobilizing collec- and isolation.
tive action.
Campaign Cabinet 2009
We are all people.
A message from the Chair United.
We all have a role to Underneath everything we are and every-
For more information, play, a responsibility thing we do, we are all people - connected,
please visit: to act and the capacity interdependent, United. These stories
to inspire and effect provide a glimpse into the lives of fellow change throughout our Winnipeggers, and illustrate the profound
community. and positive impact we can have when we all work together through United Way of
Now more than ever, Winnipeg.
your support for
United Way is a gift
of hope, ensuring our “Signing my pledge form
Contact us: community remains stable today and can makes me feel more con-
emerge stronger tomorrow. nected with the community,”
United Way of Winnipeg is located at: Rob says. “My wife and I
3rd Floor, 5 Donald Street Winnipeg, this is your call to action. Let’s know that money we set
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 2T4 build on the momentum created by thou- aside every month has a huge impact on
sands of Winnipeggers who have already everyone – from my neighbour to my co-
Phone: (204) 477-5360 gotten involved and are setting an example worker to me.”
Fax: (204) 453-6198 for others. Now it’s up to the rest of us to get
on board. “I feel like being involved
Email: with United Way has
Every contribution counts. As individuals, enabled me to become
we can all make a difference. Together, we the young leader that I’ve
can make history! always wanted to be. I have
a voice in my community and the ability to
make a difference.”
Jeff Zabudsky
President & CEO, Red River College
“I have my own kitchen and
2009 Campaign Chair, United Way of Winnipeg my husband has his own
garage, and we can decorate
however we like. Most im-
Jeff Zabudsky Campaign Chair
portantly, my son has a yard
Mayor Sam Katz Honourary Member and lots of room to run and
Creating opportunites for a better life.. Bob Silver 2008 Campaign Chair jump around,” Alma says. “This house is our
For everyone. Edward Kennedy
Curt Vossen
dream come true.”

Dave Angus Deputy Chair

We can make a difference.
Sandra Oakley Deputy Chair
Stephen Chipman Deputy Chair Donate now.
Kelvin Shepherd Co-Chair