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Martin J. Greenberg
Bryan M. Ward, Of Counsel

August 11,2016
Mr. William J. Sims III

Mr. Paul Golab

Sims Murray, Ltd.
2020 N. Central Avenue, Suite 670
Phoenix AZ 85004

Ms. Joy Rich

Maricopa County Manager

Purchase and Sale of Stadium Facility known as Chase Field, Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Ms. Rich and Gentlemen,

It is an honor and pleasure on behalf of Stadium Real Estate Partners II, LLC ("Buyer") to
present to you a signed Letter of Intent ("LOT") as it relates to the purchase and sale of the stadium
facility known as Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona (the "Property").
You should also be advised that the Buyer under and pursuant to the LOT has no interest,
financial relationship or any other relationship of any kind or nature with AZBP, Limited
Partnership, a Delaware limited partnership, commonly known as the Arizona Diamondbacks (the
"Team") and is not acting upon the direction or in conjunction with the Team with respect to the
Buyer's purchase of the Property, the subject of the Letter of Intent.
It is the intention of Buyer in entering into this LOT and ultimately the acquisition of the
Property to maintain the Team in Phoenix under the Facility Use Agreement for its prescribed term,
i.e. 2028, and to seek, pursuant to a mutual agreement, to extend the term of the Facility Use
Agreement beyond said termination date so that the citizens of the State of Arizona have a Major
League Baseball Team for an extended time in the future.
It is the intention of the Buyer to commit whatever capital is necessary in conjunction with
an Agreement with the Team to improve the facility in a one year, but not to exceed a two year
plan, that not only meets the dictates of the Facility Use Agreement, but the Agreements of the
Buyer and the Team, as to what may constitute a state-of-the-art facility.
The Buyer is interested in creating a sports and entertainment district surrounding the
facility which would make the facility a destination place that would further complement and
enhance the downtown area and increase tax revenues within such sports and entertainment district.
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We believe that the sale to a private party with capital capabilities as the Buyer will preserve
the legacy of the Seller in originally creating a state-of-the-art home for the Team by putting the
future of baseball and the facilities in which it plays in private ownership.
The Buyer in conjunction with The Integral Group of Atlanta, Georgia, Egbert Perry,
President and Chairman of the Board of Fannie Mae, will be undertaking the purposes of the LOT.
Stadium Real Estate Partners II, LLC is a special purpose vehicle ("SPV") that is registered
in the State of Delaware. The company was formed specifically for the acquisition of the Arizona
Diamondbacks Stadium known as Chase Field. Stadium Real Estate Partners II, LLC is owned and
controlled exclusively by Legacy Investment Partners, LLC that is registered in the State of
Delaware, and is the management company for Stadium Real Estate Partners II, LLC. The owner of
Legacy Investment Partners, LLC is Park South Capital, LLC a family office based in New York
City. Sorina Givelichian is the Managing Member of these entities, including the family office Park
South Capital, LLC. Upon written request, Buyer shall provide proof of financial capability to not
only acquire the Property, but also to maintain, operate, and improve the Property as a first-class
Pursuant to my discussions with Bill Sims I will be contacting Mr. Ken Kendrick, Managing
General Partner of the Arizona Diamondback, to advise him of our LOT submission and to arrange
an initial discussion with him to be followed by a meeting to discuss our intentions and the future of
Arizona Diamondbacks baseball at some subsequent time after the LOT has been duly executed and
approved by the Maricopa County Stadium District.
Once again, it is an honor to assist not only a Major League Baseball team, but also a
wonderful sports facility, to solidify the future of baseball in the City of Phoenix and make sure that
Chase Field remains a state-of-the-art facility and downtown destination place.


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