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Skimming Effectively and Critically

Read the titleit is the shortest possible summary of the content.

Read the introduction.
Read the first paragraph completely.
If there are subheadings, read each one, looking for relationships among them.
Read the first and last sentence of each remaining paragraph in search of main
Dip into the text looking for:
o Clue words that answer who, what, when, why, how
o Proper nouns (people, places, things with capital letters)
o Unusual words, especially if capitalized
o Enumerations (list or a set)
o Qualifying adjectives (best, worst, most, etc.)
o Typographical cuesitalics, boldface, underlining, asterisks, etc.
Read the final paragraph completely.

Modified and retrieved from:

Amber Ward, PhD

ART 130: Aesthetics + Art Criticism
California State University, Sacramento