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Page Industries Share Price reacts Positively to Result

Page Industries
rise in the profit by
8.5 percent to Rs
67.94 crore in
April-June quarter
as compared to
Rs 62.62 crores in
the same quarter
Although the profit
was lower than analysts' expectations due to disappointing operational performance, yet Page
Industries share price took a huge leap forward.
Revenue during the quarter was ahead of the estimates, increasing 27.5 percent to Rs 572.44
crore on yearly basis. Profit was anticipated at Rs 75 crore on revenue of Rs 530 crore for the
quarter. The Operating profit shot up by 8.55 percent year-on-year to Rs 109 crore but margin
contracted by 340 basis points to 19 percent in the quarter ended June 2016, which were
expected at Rs 118 crore and 22.6 percent, respectively. Page Industries share price went up
by around 7%.
Page Industries is the exclusive licensee of Jockey International and Speedo International.
The stock is among the top 500 performers that are identified by Dynamic Levels for the
quarter. The company has not reported any loss in last two-quarters and had the Debt-Equity
ratio of 0.15. The company has a high return on equity of 46.04% which means that the
company is generating a decent profit with its shareholders investments.
From among 1.12 crores of shares floated by the company foreign promoters hold 49.01%
shares, 42.06% are institutional holdings and the rest of the 8.94% is owned by the other noninstitutional bodies.
Page Industries share price by the mid-day trading stands at Rs. 14,910.15. The stock opened
at Rs. 13.907.10 against its previous close of Rs. 14,004.30. Page Industries share price has
touched the intraday high of Rs. 15,199.80 and the low of Rs. 13,499.25 so far. For more
details on the stock, please visit the Page Industries share price history page of Dynamic
Levels website.

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