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EASE™ North Global EASE™ Single Window

America Solution Solution Solution

Streamlining Export & Import Optimizing Global Export & Helping Governments Improve
Compliance Import Compliance Efficiency and Service

Automated Export
and Import Solutions
for Companies and

“Compliance Is Your Responsibility...

Streamlining the Process is Ours.”
About OCR Services International Trade is a Complex,
Challenging Business
OCR is a leading industry provider of software
Export and import laws and regulations are constantly
solutions for Global Trade Management and
changing — and brief application, or processing delays
particularly Trade Compliance.
can mean reduced revenue and profit, lost market share,
Since 1981, we have earned a reputation for solving and strains on valuable trading relationships.
the most complex challenges facing Fortune 500 We have developed three powerful and robust solutions
companies and governments around the world by for public organizations and private enterprises involved in
automating the processes for export and import international trade:
1. EASE™ North America — A robust suite of
Our services include: web-based software solutions for exporters and
◆◆ Software Development ◆◆ Cloud Computing importers, as well as companies re-exporting
◆◆ Integrated Solutions ◆◆ Implementation U.S.-origin controlled goods. North American EASE™
(ERP) is a web portal that offers secure global access to
◆◆ Hosted Solutions
manage the diverse challenges of international trade,
◆◆ Consulting ◆◆ Maintenance and set new standards of compliance within any
◆◆ Training ◆◆ Customer Support organization.

Our highly experienced and diverse team of

2. Global EASE™ — A highly effective web-based
engineers, IT personnel, programmers, and compliance solution for companies around the
researchers has unparalleled knowledge and world. Our country-to-country solution streamlines
expertise in all processes of the supply chain and and automates the time-consuming and complex
global trade management. processes of complying with government regulations
wherever they seek to do business.
Our clients include leaders in:
◆◆ Aerospace and Defense 3. Single Window — A solution to help governments
◆◆ Electronics, Computer Hardware, and Services and private sector trade and transport companies to
◆◆ Banking, Insurance, and Finance save time, money and, effort. Companies can comply
with all import, export, and transit related rules and
◆◆ Pharmaceutical
regulations by preparing and submitting standardized
◆◆ Chemical and Petroleum transactional documentation to all parties involved
◆◆ Legal Community within a single entry point.
◆◆ Freight Forwarding, Distribution, and Shipping
◆◆ Federal, State, and Local Governments
Contact us to learn about our solutions
for international trade management and
compliance. To request a live product demo,
please call 1.800.333.7864 or visit us at
Our Automated Solutions Help Streamline Every Aspect
of International Trade
The modules are offered in three product configurations or as a standalone (see following pages),
depending on the needs of your organization.

Watch List (Denied Party) Screening: Screens all parties Data and Services Management: Enables users to
against U.S. and International watch lists for debarred electronically request internal approval of an export for
parties. You may easily screen individual names, upload a technical data and services for review and determination
list of names, or screen all partners in your database. by compliance managers. Features streamlined tools for
authorizing and logging the exports.
License/Permit Screening: Quickly and accurately
identifies appropriate export controls based on the type Commodity Classification: Allows users to determine
of goods, international regulations, or the laws of specific product classification based on National Export Controls,
importing nations. Global Export Controls, Customs Classifications, and HTS
codes. Products are then stored in a master file that is
License/Permit Applications: Gives users the ability to
viewable by all parties.
electronically submit and prepare export, import, and
re-export licenses, as well as commodity classification Compliance & Incident Tracking: Tracks the process of
applications. System encompasses permit application for reporting compliance related incident reports, based on
international markets. employee reports or audit findings. Allows you to voluntarily
disclose compliance related incidents to government, and
License Management: Manages and stores export and
manage the disclosure.
import licenses, and agreements approved by various
departments, ministries and agencies. The module eLearning Portal: Easily manages employee education
expedites generation of summary licensing reports for and training. Contains tools for scheduling and tracking
management. compliance-based classes, certification and training
programs. Allows instructors to create classes, courses
Export Documentation: Easily creates and electronically
and quizzes, and maintain records for audit purposes.
manages all of the key documents involved in exporting.
Includes Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin, and
Shipper’s Export Declarations. Our Export Module directly
submits global automated customs systems and generates RELATED SERVICES
country specific export documents.
Online Regulations & Publications: Provides access
Import Management: Provides a single view of data to
to all U.S. regulations on export and import.
various import process stakeholders, including Importers,
Suppliers, Brokers, and Freight Forwarders. Electronically Anti-Money Laundering: Facilitates the critical task
generates country specific import documentation. of suspicious activity monitoring using a risk-based
approach. Applies advanced analytics and scenarios
Compliance Request: Allows electronic submittal of against an institution’s transactional data to identify
requests for internal approval of an export or an import for suspicious behavior. Financial institutions find it
review by compliance managers. Request data seamlessly necessary to strengthen their anti-Money laundering
integrating into License Applications within the Licensing (AML) platforms to stem the tide of illicit financial
transactions and meet new regulatory mandates.
modules if required.
E-Tendering: Expedite the complete tendering process,
Visitor and ID Management: Manages on and offsite visitor
from the advertising of the requirement to the
requests for access to secure locations and maintains placement of the contract, including the exchange of
tracking log. Produces customized visitor badges on- all relevant documents in electronic format.
demand, as well as tracks and monitors visitor activity.
EASE North America: A Tool for Optimizing
Operations and Compliance for Export and Import

EASE™ North America: Export & Import

Automation Software Essentials – Work
More Efficiently and Set New Standards for
LEARN MORE Expedite Trade Flow
To request a live on-site demo Avoid Regulatory Fines
of our EASE™ North America Save Operating Costs
solution, please contact us at Enhance Supply Chain Security
1.800.333.7864 or visit us at OCR Services’ flagship product, EASE™ North America, is a robust suite
of web-based software solutions. Operating as a web portal, EASE™ North
America automates a variety of core business processes and streamlines
a company’s interactions with such government entities and programs as:
Department of State (DOS), Department of Commerce (DOC), Automated
Export System (AES), Import Management, Trade Tracking, and more.

EASE™ North America Solution: Business to Government

Watch List (Denied Party)

License/Permit Screening

License/Permit Applications
License Management A
Export Documentation S
Shipping Agencies
CCargo Agencies
Import Management EASE™ Freight Forwarders
Compliance Request
NORTH Airlines
AMERICA Shipping Lines
Visitor and ID Management LLead Transporters
Data and Services
Management Warehouses
Commodity Classification Insurers
Other Agencies
Compliance & Incident

eLearning Portal

Online Regulations &

To help control risk, the enterprise-wide framework includes
automated Watch List (Denied Party) Screening, as well as ITAR
Compliance solutions. In addition, it includes rich features that Benefits of EASE™
support and enhance many business functions, including: sales, North America
legal, compliance, purchasing, contract management, logistics, and ◆◆ Establishes corporate-wide framework for
shipping/receiving. export and import regulatory compliance
and defined standards for related
With a single implementation, you gain centralized control over a processes
broad cross-section of key functions — and the ability to:
◆◆ Drives quality improvements, reduces
◆◆ Screen all trading parties to an export or import transaction timelines, and provides a competitive
◆◆ Determine export license requirements for the U.S. advantage
Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce, ◆◆ Improves compliance with integrated Watch
International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR) List and License Screening throughout
shipment processes
◆◆ Create extensive export and import documentation for
shipping and customs needs ◆◆ Automates license submission to U.S.
Department of Commerce, and U.S.
◆◆ File shipments using AES Direct and AES VPN services to Department of State, as well as electronic
U.S. Census and U.S. Customs filing of export declarations
◆◆ Request export authorization for hardware or technical data/ ◆◆ Enable license data flow into other
services business processes, organized by business
◆◆ Allow authorized users to create license applications for unit, division, sector, and program for
greater effectiveness and efficiency
submission to the U.S. Department of State and U.S.
Department of Commerce ◆◆ Automates preparation of export
documents through data integration,
◆◆ Manage technical data and services authorization processes facilitating export documentation, AES
(DSEA) Direct filing and shipment status tracking
◆◆ Automate visitor management, ID badges and related ◆◆ Reduces manual data entry, eliminates
processes errors, and saves time
◆◆ Manage import and export of goods and supporting ◆◆ Automates and streamlines document
documentation needs preparation to increase productivity and
quality, while minimizing delays and
◆◆ Determine export and import licensing requirements
reducing opportunity costs
◆◆ Manage licenses and agreements and simplify government
◆◆ Allows personnel with compliance expertise
reporting to work more efficiently, undistracted by
◆◆ EASE™ North America submits directly to U.S. Department of data management tasks
State’s D-Trade system, as well as facilitates submission to ◆◆ Integrates tools for improved compliance
the U.S. Department of Commerce’s SNAP-R system. checks with denied-party screening and
license determination services
Global EASE: Compliance Solutions for
Worldwide Exporters & Importers

Global EASE™ Integration For Companies in International Trade,

Software architecture operates with
Oracle or MS SQL Server databases
Our Robust Software Suite Helps Ensure
Regulatory Compliance and Optimization of
◆ Application integrates with enterprise
information system standards and Operations
internal legacy systems such as:
◆ SAP R/3, ECC 6.0
Around the world, competition among companies to source and sell
globally is intensifying. The opportunities may be vast, but trying to
◆ Oracle e-Business Suite
expand into new markets is a complex and high-stakes challenge. It’s
◆ J.D. Edwards
an increasingly confusing and risky business environment that forces
◆ PeopleSoft importers and exporters to deal with multiple trade programs, dynamic
◆ and others political landscapes, and a thicket of overlapping laws.

Recent cases illustrate the disastrous financial consequences and

damage to corporate reputations that can result from non-compliance.
Moreover, senior managers are now liable should their organizations’
global trade compliance programs fail. Despite these risks, however,
some companies continue to use outdated, manual processes to
maintain compliance.

Global EASE™ Solution: Business to Government

Watch List (Denied Party)
Screening Shipp Agencies
GLOBAL Cargo Agencies
License/Permit Screening EASE™ Freight Forwarders
License/Permit Applications
Shipping Lines
Lead Transporters
License Management
Export Documentation
Import Management Insurers
Other Agencies
Commodity Classification
Global EASE™, Export and Import Software
Essentials: Streamlining Compliance Is Only Benefits of Global EASE™
the Beginning ◆◆ Reduce transaction delays and costs
Our Global Export and Import Automation Software Essentials is a ◆◆ Get easier, better and more accurate
comprehensive suite of web-based software solutions that enables your access to intelligent information and
company to manage compliance throughout your exporting and/or importing databases
processes. Rather than trying to manually comply with government regulations ◆◆ Improve coordination and integration
in each of the countries where you do business, our real-time automated between all parties involved in trade
solution provides a far more efficient and reliable approach to global trade ◆◆ Increase control, monitoring,
management. and tracking of merchandise and
The Global EASE™ solution ensures full regulatory compliance, expedites
customs clearance, mitigates financial risk, and lets your company take full ◆◆ Streamline processes for collecting,
processing, submitting, or archiving
advantage of international trade agreements. As a result, your people can stay
focused on your core processes — and meet regulatory compliance.
◆◆ Enhance transaction security
To request a live on-site demo of OCR Services’ Global EASE™ solution, please
contact us at 1.800.333.7864 or visit us at

Global EASE™ Components

• Prepare Purchase Orders, Invoices and • Product Classification — Customs
Entry Summary Declarations and Export Classification
• Flexible Internal Review Process • Global HS and ECCN Data
• Integrated with Watch List Screening • Multiple Country Classifications
and License Management Import Commodity • Multilateral Export Control Regimes
• Facilitates Compliance Validation Management Classification
• U.S. De-minimis Content
• Generate Import Documents • Audit Trails and Reports
• Electronic Customs Filing
• Audit Trails and Reports
Export EASE™ License
Management Management

• Prepare Export Shipments and Invoices • License Determination — Screen Against

• Flexible Internal Review Process Watch List Global Licensing Regulations
Screening • Integrated with Export/Import Management
• Integrated with Watch List Screening
and License Management • Export/Import License Applications
• Facilitates Compliance Validation • Internal License Review Process
• Generate Shipping and Customs Documents • Central Repository of Licenses
• Electronic Customs Filing • Identify and Flag • Sophisticated • License Decrements with Notifications
• Audit Trails and Reports Prohibited/Restricted Fuzzy Logic • Audit Trails and Reports
Parties • Full Audit Trail
• Global Trade Watch Lists • Fully Customizable
• End-User and Party
OCR’s Single Window International
Trade Solution

Customized e-Government Software that

Streamlines and Expedites Export and
Import Processes
Steps for the Establishment For governments seeking to improve their ability to fulfill their mandate, one of
of Single Window Solution the most promising solutions is the development of e-government resources
— also known as single window or one-stop shop solutions. Single window
◆ Assessment solutions, Business to Government (B2G) and Government to Government
◆ Process analysis and harmonization (G2G), simplify and streamline government transactions with external parties
◆ National data standardization and also among agencies or departments within a government.
◆ Cross border data standardization Single window solutions are beneficial to companies seeking to conduct
◆ Document/messaging simplification international trade. Normally, such companies must manually submit identical
and standardization (or nearly identical) information and paperwork to multiple government
◆ Customization of data agencies. This process can require a needless duplication of effort on the
company’s part, and can also increase the chances of errors, conflicting
information and other issues that can delay the approval process.

Single Window Solution: Government to Government and Business to Government

Ports & Customs Services Shhi
Shipping Agencies
Ministry Finance SINGLE Cargo
Caar Agencies
Trade Ministry WINDOW Freight
Fre e Forwarders
Defence Ministry SOLUTION Airlines
Agriculture Ministry Shipping
Shhhi Lines
Health Ministry Lead
Le a Transporters
Ministry of the Interior Banks
Transport Ministry Warehouses
Environment Ministry Couriers
Communication Ministry Insurers
Other Agencies Other Agencies


Watch List (Denied License/Permit Export Documentation Visitor and ID Management Anti-Money Laundering
Party) Screening Applications
License/Permit License Management Import Management Commodity Classification E-tendering
A Better Way for Governments to Meet the Single Window International
Needs of Importers and Exporters Trade Solution Benefits
◆◆ Generate more accurate
Our professionals work directly with all of the stakeholders in your government’s revenue yields
various agencies, ministries and departments to configure a customized single ◆◆ Improve compliance among traders
window solution. As a result, our Single Window International Trade (SWIT) Solution
◆◆ Gain tools for more effective risk
often begins generating a return on investment almost immediately.
We can also help you navigate through the key stages in planning and implementing ◆◆ Increase coordination and integration
the solutions — from building consensus, to assessing the required scope and among all parties involved
capabilities, to configuration, integration and implementation. Moreover, we back up ◆◆ Enhance revenue collection
our solution with comprehensive, expert training, cloud computing, maintenance, efficiency
updating, and support — allowing government employees to focus on their mandate.
◆◆ Improve service delivery and
customer satisfaction

An Additional Trade Benefit for Governments ◆◆ Demonstrate greater transparency

in government operations
to help Companies: Global EASE™
◆◆ Create a more service-oriented
OCR Services also offers governments a suitable and more affordable solution to organizational culture
facilitate SME’s international trade with optional cloud computing: our Global EASE™ ◆◆ Make regulatory compliance faster
application suite. This solution includes comprehensive customization, integration, and easier
training and support, and can be delivered as a traditional software product, or via ◆◆ Help reduce costs by
the cloud. This innovative solution can help companies not only improve compliance eliminating needless delays
with your government, but also improve and streamline their ability to reach foreign
◆◆ Allow for more accurate and
markets — thus adding to your country’s Gross Domestic Product. OCR Services will
consistent application of regulations
work with you to develop a customized solution that fits your needs and budget.

SWIT Solution Components

• Develop Architecture • Establish Interoperability • Elaborate and Approve New • Define Roles and
Designs • Develop Manuals Policy (Regulatory Framework) Responsibilities
• Define IT Requirements • Provide Updating Services • Instrument New • Follows Action Plan/
• Implement Back Office: Regulations Roadmap
• Provide Preventive
Dbs, Apps… Services • Create Steering Committees • Establish Timeframe,
• Develop And Implement • Create Ad-Hoc and Technical Deadlines
• Conduct Training Services
Front-office: Interfaces IT System & Legal Committees • Include Budget
• Optional Hosted Infrastructure Framework Allocations
• Create Messaging Gateway Solutions • Create Executive Agency

• Insure Compliance with National Laws • Assessment/e-Readiness • Document and

Business Business Messaging
• Facilitate and Control Imports, Exports Operations Process • Process Analysis and
Harmonization Simplification
and Intransit Cargo for:
• National and Cross Border • Customization
• Customs Declaration • Import/Export
Approval/Release Data Standardization
• Licensing Request and
Inspection • In/Outward Cargo Manifest
• Commodity Classification • Revenue Collection
Validation • Use Denied Party/Risk Management
Product Portfolio



Watch List (Denied Party) Screening ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

License/Permit Screening ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
License/Permit Applications ✓ ✓ ✓
License Management ✓ ✓ ✓

Export Documentation ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Import Management ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Compliance Request ✓
Visitor and ID Management ✓ ✓ ✓
Data and Services Management ✓
Commodity Classification ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Compliance & Incident Tracking ✓

eLearning Portal ✓
Online Regulations & Publications ✓
Anti-Money Laundering ✓ ✓
E-tendering ✓ ✓ 1-800-333-7864
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