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Do not place the machine near the following:

. alcohol , oaint thinner , or other flammable

substance. If flammable substance come into contact
with electrical parts inside the machime, this amy
result in a fire or electrical shock.
.any madiacal equipment. Radio wave emitted form
this machine may interfere with medical wquipment.
Surface that are unstsble , subject to excessive
vibration, subject to high object that could nlock the
ventilatiion slot, dampness or dust, in derect sunlighy
or exposed to the elements, subject to high
temperatures, open flames, and poor ventilation .
installing the machine in lacation with characteristics
may result in personal injury, fore , or electric shock.

Ozone form the unit

Although ozone generated form machine during
operation, it not have any affect human body. Howere,
if into to use the machine for long periods of time ,
ensure that the installation lacation is well ventilated
for a comfortable working environment.

Choosing the method to Connect the Mchine

to the computer
First , you need to decide on the method you
like to connect your to the computer . choose
form the following three options.

Connect via a wired LAN

MF4890dw/Mf4870dn/MF4720w only)
You can connect the machine to the
computer through a wired router. Use the
LAN cables to connect the machine to the
wired router (or hub).
Make sure that there is an available port
in the router to connect the machine and
the computer.
Have a LAN cable of category 5 twistedcable or higher ready.

You can connet the machine to the

computer to the using a USB cable

You can connect the machine to the

computer a wireless router. Since it is
connected wereless, no LAN cable are
A wireless router( or access point) which
supports IEEE802.11b/g/n is required.

Are the computer and the router (or hub)

properly connect using a LAN cable?

For details, see the instruction manual

provided with your netowork device, or
connect the manufaturer.
Have the network setting on the computer
been complete?
If the computer is not properly configured,
you not ese the wired LAN connectioon
even after comptuer the following settings.
You cannot connect both the wired LAN
and wireless LAN at the same time.
When you connect to a network
environment that is not security protected,
your personal information could be
disclosed to third parties. Pleasure use

The machine does not come with a LAN

cable, router, or a hub. Have LAN cable of
category 5 twisted 5 twisted pair cable or
higher ready.
The machine does not with a LAN calbel,
router,a or a hub . ahce LAN cable of
category 5 twisted pair or higher ready .
If the ip address on this machine has
been changed: if the machine is on the

same subnet as the computer, the

connection is mainained.
If you want to manualy configure the ip
address; if you caonnetion have to set a ip
address to the of the computer, manually
configure a static ip address.
setting the ip adderss in the e- manual