FBI Pennsylvania

ID: LFG-2016-FBI-0026

600 Arch St,
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Sent via: Electronic mail
August 8th, 2016
Re: Request for a criminal hate crime investigation
FBI Pennsylvania,
My name is Isaiah X. Smith and I am sending you this letter as for the purpose as to requesting your
governmental agency to investigate an incident that occurred in the year of October of 2015 at the State
College in Pennsylvania.
It is to my knowledge and understanding as to the facts that Mr. Matthew Ryan Chandlee punched Mr.
John Matter after Mr. Chandlee hurled anti-gay slurs. After Mr. Matter identified himself as gay and
made Mr. Chandlee aware that he was offended as to the anti-gay slurs being made by him, Mr.
Chandlee is alleged to have replied by saying “Your’re gay, I hate gays” and then physically punching Mr.
John Matter.
It is alleged that Mr. Matter has suffered impaired vision loss, and significant pain in multiple parts of his
body in which lasted over a week according to the obtained police report by the State College Police
Itis of my hope that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will open a criminal investigation into this
criminal incident as shown in the Exhibit A document below. The FBI does have jurisdiction to
investigate his criminal incident and I do not believe that the federal statute of limitations has passed.

Isaiah X. Smith
Isaiah Smith Campaign
P.O Box 163411
Fort Worth, Texas, 76161