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GOAL: To create junior French Immersion (FI) resources, such as questionnaires and strategy lists to promote students

success in achievement of SRL in the FI program (with a focus on motivation and reflection), using a web based blog.


Reflections and comments


FP: -post on blog website (at least 1)

-review resources, create a reference page, extract essential
vocabulary and translate into French, create a first draft of a
French SR vocabulary list for students with a focus on
motivation and reflection
CC: -complete and review Module 3 tasks, write first draft of
mid-course consult, read (for feedback and other) and add
posts to the discussion board

Celebrate :) -finding and reading through the resources

for my FP, completing the tasks for Module 3.

FP: -post on blog website (at least 1)

-First draft of the SR questionnaire regarding motivation, First
draft of reflection checklist, second draft of vocabulary list
CC:-review feedback from mid-course consul and make
appropriate changes, read and add posts to the discussion
board, start Module 4 (task 1 and 2), start a video conference
for collaboration

Celebrate :) -I am pleased that I was able to connect

with 2 of my peers to video conference about our
problem of practice
Next step- work on my time management skills as I find I
am struggling a little to get work done, I have rethought
about the need for a vocabulary list as I think that just by
working through the worksheets the students should be
able to process and internalize the necessary vocabulary
for success


FP: -post on blog website (at least 1)

-Second draft of the SR questionnaire, second draft of the
reflection checklist
CC: -read and add posts to the discussion board, complete
Module 4 (task 3) and start course closure module

Celebrate :) Productive week! When creating this chart

I was able to make adjustments in my schedule in order
to complete assignments and tasks.
Next step- keep up the hard work on time management
skills and continue the hard work on integration of using
the blog website to track and monitor my progress


FP: -post on blog website (at least 1)

-Finalize and post Blog on SR questionnaire and reflection
CC:-read and add posts to the discussion board, and
complete course closure module

Celebrate :) I worked really hard to complete the

Powtoon to demonstrate my progress with the course
and my project.
Next step- Look over my peers work and projects in
order to provide feedback and constructive criticism

FP: -post on blog website (at least 1)

CC: -review and comment on peers FP, complete the final
course consultation and wait for feedback

Celebrate :) -




Next step- I am finding it difficult getting started. I feel I

have too much informationI need to remind myself of
the main idea of my goal and work from there

Next step-

Legend: FP= Forethought phase; PP= Performance Phase; SR= Self-Reflection