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Basic addition and subtraction facts

Place value (includes rounding)

Time and money (includes elapsed time)
Addition and subtraction of whole numbers
Multiplication Facts (through 9s)
Division Facts (through 9 as a divisor)

Measurement (Customary and Met
Geometry and Graphing
Mental Math strategies

Grading Scale: 50%-class work/quizzes 50%-tests

Timed tests
Daily word problems and challenges
Math for Today review sheet
Math for Today quiz on Friday
Chapter Tests
Hands-on activities and games to reinforce a deeper understanding of math
Problem Solving

Reading is taught with both whole group and small group instruction.
Sometimes students will have books or materials to read for homework and
return the next day.
Please make sure students have a book to read at school. They will have
time to enjoy their books throughout the day.
Students will participate in the DIBELS reading fluency assessment. This will
take place three times throughout the school year. Our goal for third grade is
100 words per minute with a focus on accuracy.
I also LOVE to read aloud to the children daily in hopes of passing on my love
of books.
Grading Scale: 50%-class work/quizzes


We will be using McGraw-Hill Wonders. This series has five stories per unit.
The testing program for the current reading series consists of units/themes

covering vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, and study skills. Each unit will take
about six weeks to cover. We will spend two weeks focusing on one particular
comprehension skill. Students will complete a quiz every other week that covers
skills taught throughout the two week period. The quiz will consist of fresh reads. It
will not cover an individual story, but focus more on application of skills we have
worked on throughout the week. Quiz dates will always be announced on the
weekly newsletter.

Grading Scale- 40%-class work/quizzes

The language program includes:
Writing complete sentences
Four kinds of sentences
Adjectives and Adverbs
Creative Writing
Writing Process/Modes of Writing (Opinion, Narrative, Informative)
Dictionary/ Word Study Skills
Spelling Words will be written into planners at the beginning of each week.
They are also on the back of my newsletter.
There will be a spelling test every Friday or the last day of the week.
Words correlate with the story for the week and follow a phonics

Grading Scale: 100%-class work/quizzes

The science program includes:
Life Science
Physical Science
Earth and Space Science
*Science Instruction is taught through the use of hands-on kits, learning activities,
and reading materials. The students will keep a science notebook of vocabulary, key
concepts, and activities.

*Science grades will come from classroom experiences and activities. It is pertinent
that students are present and actively participate in science instruction and tasks.
**Students will have access to science materials online through a login code that will
be provided.

We will be teaching science and social studies in alternating nine week

The first and third nine weeks we will focus on science instruction.
The second and fourth nine weeks we will focus on social studies instruction.
The grade at the end of each nine weeks will be the students semester

Grading Scale: 50%-class work/quizzes 50%-tests

The social studies program focuses on people, places and regions.
There will be a heavy emphasis on map skills and geography.
*Social Studies Instruction is taught through the use of learning activities and
reading materials. The students will keep a social studies notebook of vocabulary,
key concepts, and activities.
*Study guides will be sent home before each unit test. All important information will
be on these study guides. Please review this information with your child before the
test in order to achieve success!

Three days a week students will participate in Shine Time Groups. These groups
allow teachers time to meet the individual needs of all students through
intervention and enrichment opportunities.

**Students will be counted tardy if not VISIBLE on our hall at 7:30!**

Students need to bring each day:
Planner (signed)/ Take Home Folder/ Behavior Calendar

Lunch Money (please put in an envelope with childs name)

Change of Transportation (bus transportation changes must be filled out on
the official transportation form)
Absence Excuses (these must be handwritten)
Visitor lunch $3.50 Please send the money with your child in the morning if
you would like to join us for lunch.
Please send money in an ENVELOPE with childs name and teachers name.
Children may bring a HEALTHY snack each day.
Children are welcome to keep a WATER bottle on their desk. Please do not
send sports drinks or juice.
Childrens birthdays may be celebrated during lunch with a special treat.
Please let me know ahead of time.
Invitations may only be distributed if the whole class is invited as noted in
our OES student handbook.
Reading: students should read 20 minutes nightly and record it on their
reading log. It must be signed nightly.
Spelling: Students will be expected to study their spelling words throughout
the week. How you chose to practice spelling words is up to you as a family.
It will be obvious if children learned their words based on how they do on
their weekly test!
Math/Language/Science/Social Studies: as needed
Homework can be found on weekly newsletters and in the planner!
Please make sure to send a note if there is a change in your childs
transportation. Please do not rely on emails.
Car Riders: green card should be easily visible from your windshield.
Parent Pick-Up: must have your green card displayed in the window.
Students are held accountable to follow classroom and school rules.
A clip chart will be used to manage individual behavior.
**Behavior will be communicated daily at the bottom of the Homework

Newsletter: goes home every Friday and is available online.

Graded Papers: go home Monday and are to be signed and returned Tuesday.

**Please be mindful that I am TEACHING your children. I only check email a few
times each day. Important information should be sent through a note or the office.
Conferences: I am readily available to meet or speak with you after school or during
conference times. Monday and Tuesday afternoons are reserved for Faculty and
Grade Level meetings.

Our school is piloting a new system called Raptor. Visitors to the school will be
required to provide a valid, government-issued ID in order to visit your child. This is
to better protect our students, visitors, and staff. Thank you for your cooperation!