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on stage.
(trumpet song) THESEUS and HIPPOLYTA enter.

THESEUS: Thank you all my people for your presence. The victory that we gain
in conquering Amazon is all due to your faithfulness and loyalty from time to
time. Not only it will be the mankinds finest possession ever in Greek history,
but also leading us to have our new Queen-to-be in four more days. [sigh] That
old slow moon is keeping me from getting what I want. Now, allow me introduce
to you our beautiful future queen, Hippolyta!
HIPPOLYTA :[shy] Thank you, my Lord. Four days will quickly turn into four
nights and well just dream those nights away. And soon the new moon, [pause]l
a silver bow in the sky, will see the night of our celebrations.
THESEUS : Oh my love, your wisdom caught my heart. We shall dance the night
away. Without further ado, let the ball begins.
(ball song play) EVERYONE is dancing and exit one by one.
EGEUS AND HERMIA are talking to each other and move forward.
EGEUS :My dear, you have no choice but to listen to me.
HERMIA: No, father, please. I would rather wither away than give up my life to
someone I dont love at all.
EGEUS: Hermia!
THESEUS AND HIPPOLYTA come towards them.
Theseus: Whats going on here, Egeus?
EGEUS: Im here, full of anger, to consult you about my daughter, Hermias
marriage. She refuses to marry Demetrius, the man of my choice who suits her,
and that she insists on marrying this young man, Lysander. With no doubt, she
must be bewitched and has her heart stolen by him.[pointing at Lysander]
THESEUS:What do you say, Hermia. Think carefully. Your father should be like a
god to you. Hes the one who gave you your beauty and everything that you
desire. Moreover, Demetrius is an admirable man who suits you well.
HERMIA: So is Lysander, my lord. Forgive me but my heart and soul would not
accept someone whom I dont love. Lysander is the only one who is worth it.
THESEUS: But in this situation, without your fathers blessing, the other one
must be regarded as the better choice.

HERMIA: I wish my father can see through my eyes.

THESEUS: You have to see things his way.
DEMETRIUS: Change your mind, sweet Hermia. And you, Lysander, give your
ridiculous claim up to my certain right.
LYSANDER: You have her fathers love, Demetrius. Why dont you marry him
instead? Let me have Hermias.
EGEUS: True, Lysander. He has my love. And out of that love I will give him
whats mine. She is mine and I hand over all my rights in her to Demetrius.
Lysander: Your grace, please forgive me. I dont know where Ive found the
courage to speak out. In fact, I do come from as good a family as Demetrius. Im
wealthy too. I love Hermia more than he does. And above all, she loves me. Why
couldnt I be the one to marry her since we love each other?
EGEUS: Youyou rude Lysander! Leave my daughter alone!.
THESEUS: Well, calm down Egeus. Lysander, I must confess that I have heard as
much. We will give you and Hermia some time to think about it. Pretty Hermia,
steel yourself to match your desires to your fathers will or else the law of Athens
will either condemn you to death or to a vow of long chastity. Make your choice
wisely. Come, my Hippolyta. I am tired now.
HERMIA and LYSANDER talk to each other while walking.
LYSANDER: Well now, my love? Why are you so pale? Come on, cheer up.
HERMIA stops.
HERMIA: Lysander, you know how much I love you. Oh no! To have others to
choose ones lover!
HERMIA: If true love never ran smoothly then it must be one of lifes rules. Well
just have to bear it with patience as if its such a common thing: much like
thoughts, dreams, sighs, wishes and tears all are companions of love.
LYSANDER: A good argument, Hermia. Listen to me. For the sake of our future,
we need to stay strong. I have a childless widow aunt who lives thirty miles away
from Athens, where we will be outside of Athenian jurisdiction. If you do love me,
meet me in the forest tomorrow night, where I had encountered you and Helena
one May morning.

HERMIA: Oh Lysander, I swear to you. By Cupids most powerful bow; by his

swiftest, gold tipped arrow; by whatever unites souls and makes love prosper. I
swear that Ill be there tomorrow.
LYSANDER: Keep your promise, my love. Hey, cheer up, here comes Helena.
HELENA rushing enter.
HERMIA: Good day, beautiful Helena, my friend. Where are you off to?
HELENA: Take that beautiful back. Sweet Hermia, you are always looking
beautiful. What charms do you possess, Hermia, that have completely captivated
my Demetrius? I wish I could be like you to make Demetrius falls in love with me.
HERMIA: Oh, Helena. You are so wrong. I chase him away but could not stop
him. The more I hate him, the more he follows me around.
HELENA: Is that so? But the more I love him, the more he hates me. Hermia, you
are my best friend. Please tell me what I should do.
HERMIA: Dont worry, my friend. Tomorrow night when the moon shines,
Lysander and I will sneak out of Athens into the woods and Demetrius wont see
me ever again.
HELENA: What! Are you out of your mind? Are you sure that running away from
Athens is the only way?
HERMIA: Shh! We have no choice. Only if we elope, we can start a new life,
away from all the obstacles between us.
HERMIA: Now promise me with your soul, your mouth must be sealed about this
matter. Pray for us and good luck with Demetrius. Good bye, dear friend.
HERMIA: Lets go, Lysander. We need to get ready for our journey. See you.
LYSANDER: Indeed, my love.
HELENA: Nono. I must tell Demetrius. He will be so mad and leave Hermia
behind and be mine.Hahahaha..
HELENA exits.

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