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Sub-Center Field Operations Office


Job Safety Analysis


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Job name/number:
Loading/Unloading of Site
Office using Crane

Division/section: Job crew:




Job Location :
Wafra Field

Asset Owner contact (Name and Tel.):

Compiled By :
HSE Officer
Ali Farahan

Reviewed By:
Eng: Nawal Attwa

Eng. Raj 66933178

Personal Protective Equipment:

Hard hat, Eye protection (safety
googles), Gloves, Ear Plug, Work boots
& H2S monitors.

Other Safety/E
emergency Equipment Required:
Multi Gas Monitor, Fire Extinguishers & First aid Kit.

Sequence of Job Components & Tasks

Potential Hazards, Concerns

1. Pre job planning and preparation


Safe Practice/Procedure

All necessary tools & equipment

available and in good condition
and functioning.
Heat stress if work carried out
during summer.
loading/unloading, rig working
g old line at work site.

Ensure that appropriate permit to work is in place and

work site thoroughly inspected, get familiar with other
Conduct tool box meeting and explain expected hazards
and necessary precautions.
All necessary tools & equipment available and in good
condition and proper functioning.
Maintain a comfortable distance from different work
activities, be more attentive make aware of your work
to other crew.
Maintain minimum distance of 4 meters from overhead
power line.
Check surrounding area, ground condition, wind

condition, overhead power lines.

2.Setting Crane for the load to be lifted

Hand Injury to the rigger.

Failure of slings or Dshackles.

3.Lifting the load

Lifted material falling.

Hitting people or existing
Crane losing balance.

Check lifting capacity of Crane and radius of operation.

Ensure Crane is placed on hard, level ground,
outriggers fully extended and placed under timber mats.
Ensure the Crane is having spark arrester when working
in restricted area
Keep hands out of pinch point while rigging,
Use hand gloves.
Know the weight to be lifted and its
configuration, Check Weather condition ,
Wind speed(low, high)
Emphasis more to STOP WORK if they see
anything unsafe.

Barricade the area of Crane operation place

Check rigging before lifting.
Ensure lifted load is properly balanced.
Stop lifting if wind is getting strong and poor
Refer to load chart and radius of operation.
Assign one man to give signal to crane operator.
Use tagline to control suspended load.
Use safety glasses, gloves. Keep other people
clear of immediate area.

4.Unloading the load

Rolling/tilting of material.
Damaging other existing
Hand injury to rigger.
Injury to personnel by
falling of material.

5. Electric Power connections

Electric shock
burns or injury

Assign one man to signal and this man controls

movement of Crane -Know the weight to be
Ensure to place Wooden packing between load
Use proper slinging method to carry Site office
at work location
Position body out of line of loading and
Keep hands well away from (Load) site office
Know the weight to be lifted.
Use tagline to control suspended load.
Position yourself to safer position for
emergency exit at workplace.
Ensure the site is thoroughly inspected for
possible obstruction in route and location of
Ensure their enough clearance for Crane
movement back and forth.
Use proper slinging method to (Load) Site office
at work location.
Electrical installations and maintenance shall be
performed by certified electricians.
If unable to de-energize, wear appropriate level
PPE IAW NFPA, implement lockout/tagout
Ensure barriers, if necessary, are in place to
prevent unauthorized entry or contact with live
All extension cords shall be free of frays.
Conductive items of jewelry or clothing shall not
be worn unless they are rendered non-conductive
by covering, wrapping or other insulating means.
The color insulation of the internal

wires should be visible.

6. Plumbing installation or repair,

drilling or boring through floors or walls

7.Clean work site, Work Completed,

final thorough check up, hand over

Week structures
Skin irritation

Incorrect placing

I have reviewed JSA at site and discussed with all workers

Signature of permit user:

Wear appropriate PPE for specific work in

structures containing ACM.
Ensure stability of structure.
Use appropriate gloves and clothing to prevent
contact with skin.

Correct missing item.

Remove all surplus supports, pipes, trashes.