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1. The Board of Councillors,

Kharagpur Municipality.
2. The Chairman
Kharagpur Municipality
3. The Chairman,
Medinipur Kharagpur Development Authority(MKDA)
Sir ,
We (1) Archana Basu, wife of Sri Kinkar Chandra Basu of Vill khelar, P.O.Bonpatna, P.S.- Kharagpur Local, Dist Paschim Medinipur (2) Kaberi Benarjee,
wife of Sri Adinarayan Benerjee of Vill Koushallya, P.O. Kharagpur, Dist
Paschim Medinipur & (3) Debabrata Benerjee, Son of Late Shib Das Benerjee of villKoushallya, P.O. Kharagpur, Dist Paschim Medinipur, beg to draw your attention
as follows
That we are the Co- Owners of the land and property situated at premises
No.146/114 under ward No. 25 (New), in Koushallya area, within Kharagpur
Municipality, which is corresponding to Plot No. 44(Hal), recorded as Bastu, J.L.
No. 311, Khatian No. 1710, Mouza Koushallya, Police Staton Kharagpur, District
Paschim Medinipur.
That the owner of adjacent plot to our property Smt. Krishna Sen, wife of
Nilup Kumar Sen has started construction on her plot being Holding No. 146(A)/114
under ward No.25(New), in Koushallya area, with in the Kharagpur Municipality.
That the said construction is Unauthorised and not in accordance with any
sanction plan, issued in compliance with the law of the land.
That the said construction work is carrying on in violation of the West
Bengal Municipal Act, 1993 and the West Bengal Municipal (Building) Rules,2007.
The said construction is also carrying on in violation of the Guidelines of the MKDA.
That the said construction is carrying without keeping the prescribed space
in four side and by making obstruction to the way in and out to and from our
That unless legal action is taken immediately against the said un-authorised
and illegal construction on Holding No.146(A)/114,ward No-25(new), Kharagpur
Municipality, we shall be highly deprived from enjoying our municipal Rights.
On the facts stated above you are requested to take immediate legal action
against the said un-authorised and illegal construction to safeguard lawful Municipal
Your favourable and speedy action is highly expected in this regards.

Yours faithfully