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Online Cafeteria is a food ordering system. It has been using number of

member restaurants in modern world and provide a food takeaway service to the
customer. The restaurant needed a food ordering system to integrate all their member
restaurants throughout their city or state or country or may be world; to manage
contents of the various restaurants; to facilitate customers to access their local
restaurants, and to browse different food menus, ingredients, and prices.
For this purpose, we propose an ontological approach to combine and share
the knowledge about these Online Cafeteria restaurants, their food menus, and
delivery services. The ontology identifies semantic key concepts of restaurants
including postcode, address, area of delivery, opening hours, meal dishes, ingredients,
prices, etc. and represents this domain knowledge in a hierarchical structure.
In this MSc project, we developed this Online Cafeteria ontology using a
skeletal methodology to define the scope of the ontology, to capture various meals
concepts from restaurant scenarios, and to codify it in OWL-DL language. The
integration of concepts, objects, data, and individuals into the ontology was done with
the Protg- OWL tool.
As a result of this, customers could query about restaurants, e.g. by using their
post code. They could search various meal dishes from the listed restaurants and also
adapt the ingredients. Customers could also query about different food items such as
what types of pizza are available, what kind burgers the restaurants could offer, what
toppings are included to this, etc.
Online Cafeteria ontology has successfully met all these functions, and the
report documents all the content of the ontology development.