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Airline Loyalty Points


For Your Next Holiday

By- Rajat Chakraborty

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Hello and thank you for downloading my e-book: How

to Earn Loyalty Points for your Next Holiday. In this ebook, I share about how to break free from the
conventional ways of earning frequent flying miles and
rather use a more laymans approach for accumulating
frequent flying miles. I show you how you do not
necessarily need a credit card to accumulate miles for
your trip and how there are more fun ways to
accumulate thousands of miles every year on your account, without getting yourself into
credit card debts.
The Travel Hacking is a subject of immense controversy and has intrigued travel hackers
across the globe. There are several techniques the travel hackers use for gaining frequent
flying miles and travel almost free of cost. The reason is that in the Western countries, the
concept of Frequent Flying Programs is universally accepted by both businessmen as well as
employees on a regular day job. Frequent Flying Miles is in fact a part of the CTC (Cost to
Company) while deciding the salary of Corporate Employees. Due to this reason, the
Frequent Flying Mile Businesses are more customers centric and more focussed to deal with
the requirements of most of the customers and Corporate Industry. However, in India, this
is not the case. The Frequent Flying Programs are still limited and still used by only the most
influential segment of the Indian society, despite the fact that the benefits earned out of
these programs are immense.
As a matter of fact, in the course of putting this book together, I interacted with several
people across India with different financial backgrounds and realized that almost none of
them even knew how it worked and such a thing even exists at all. Hence, this e-book.
I also first tried to go the way the Western travellers had been trying to do it, but soon
realized the nuisances involved in the entire process. With several loopholes in the cash
back and loyalty programs, this sector is still much unorganized, but with more and more

users, there is an immense potential for many travellers to start adopting it. Especially the
citizens who are on day jobs, trying to use the Frequent Flying Miles program can be
immensely helpful, as much of the travel expenses are often unrecoverable.
Almost four out of five people that I interact with everyday quit their travel plans because
the gap between the affordability of a travel package and the availability is ever increasing
and no matter how hard the service providers try to compromise on the travel packages, the
highly dynamic airline prices is enough to derail any ones travel plans in no time. It is not
that the people cannot afford to pay for their leisure travel, but the traditional Indian
thinking necessitates people to give more priority to save for emergency first than focus on
leisure, unlike the Western countries. That is why, we do not hesitate even once to cancel or
postpone our travel plans the moment we find the budget is slipping out of our hands. In
fact, most of the travellers do not even start planning at all, just because they do not want
to face the situation of bargaining with the service providers.
In this book, I try to change the approach by simply asking you to change the way you spend
on your travel and change the thinking that travel is an expense rather than investment. In
this e-book you will see how:1. Travel is not an expense but an investment
2. How just by changing the way you spend, you change the way you think about travel.
3. How you can spend in a disciplined way to make enough miles until the end of the
year to sponsor yourself a free trip.
4. How you can create a travel portfolio for yourself, just by continuing to spend on
your daily needs, and not a penny extra out of it.
I am as excited to give away this e-book for FREE as I understand that you feel about getting
all your questions answered. I hope you enjoy reading and learning from every part of this
e-book as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.
If there is any way I can make this book better than today that is only by your advice, views,
reviews, analysis and queries. If I can spark the understanding among the readers how their
expenses can create a potential for long term travel, I believe the purpose of writing this ebook will be fulfilled.

SERVICES OFFERED:In addition to what you find in this e-book, I also offer travel planning services and help you
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WHY AM I GIVING AWAY THIS E-BOOK FOR FREE:Well, I initially thought of doing so, and I would be honest about that. But eventually I
realized that the potential of creating a larger community of people who could use the
services listed here is huge, and it surpasses the petty sum that I would have ended up
charging from my readers.
In fact, I intend that the readers who downloaded it should freely share it with more of their
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Table of Contents
Section-1: Introduction to the Airline Loyalty Programs ....................................................8-13
1. What Are Airline Loyalty Programs .................................................................................. 9
2. Why Do You Need an Airline Loyalty Program at all? ..............................................10-11
3. Why you do not need a credit card for a Frequent Flying Mile Program? ..............12-13
Section-2: How to Join Up with the Various Airline Loyalty Programs ............................ 14-18
4. Introduction to the major Airline Loyalty Programs ................................................15-16
5. Tips to joining the Airline Loyalty Programs ............................................................. 17-18
Section-3: How to Earn Miles ............................................................................................ 19-30
6. On Co-partnered Flights ........................................................................................... 20-24
7. While being grounded ............................................................................................... 25-27
8. Other useful ways to earn miles ..............................................................................28-30
Section-4: How to Use Miles ............................................................................................. 31-38
9. Introduction ..............................................................................................................32-33
10. Expiry of Miles ................................................................................................................ 34
11. Redeeming Miles on Flight Bookings ......................................................................35-36
12. Redeeming Miles on E-Commerce Purchases ................................................................ 37
13. Gifting Miles .................................................................................................................. 38
Section-5: How to Make the Most out of Your Miles ...................................................... 39-45
14. Track your miles using the Mileage Calculator ........................................................ 40-41
15. Getting Value out of your points ..............................................................................42-45
Section-6: Practical Examples ........................................................................................... 46-55
16. The Math Behind the Points ..................................................................................... 47-53
17. DIY Exercises ..............................................................................................................54-55
Section-7: In the End ........................................................................................................ 56- 70
18. Summarizing the Miles Game ..................................................................................57-58
19. A Token of Thanks ......................................................................................................... 59
20. Glossary of Terms ......................................................................................................60-68
21. Useful Links and Resources .......................................................................................69-70


Introduction to the Airline Loyalty


What Are Airline Loyalty Programs

The Airline Loyalty Programs are not new but have been in existence for ages. It is only that
not many people try to find out about them. The Airline Loyalty Programs allow the
Frequent Flyers to invest certain part of their travel expenses to gain purchase points that
accumulate in their individual travel account. There purchase points or miles can then be
easily used for future purchases either in part or whole depending upon your travel budget.
This allows travellers the flexibility to manage the ever expensive and upscale travel
expenses in control.
Even in India, the Airline programs are offered by Jet Airways and Air India in both domestic
and international sectors that helps travellers to gain returns on their travel investments. It
is a powerful way of managing your travel expenses and when used in an intelligent manner,
can help you create a travel portfolio for not only yourself but for your entire family over
time. Imagine being able to travel your dream destinations at almost 50% the actual cost,
only by changing your spending habits. If your spending can also earn you an international
trip at the end of the year, won't you do that? At least, I will definitely like to give it a try.
The Airline Loyalty Programs allow you to accumulate travel points or miles on not only your
airfares but also on more than 200 allied travel services which include but are not limited to
flights, hotels, buses, cars, food, shopping, reading, international calling, health and
insurance and the list is endless. All you need to do is, focus on how to invest on such
services and the rest will fall into place eventually.
In this e-book, I also share with you some strategies that can easily get you started. To add
some fun, I have also done some number crunching for you to understand how you can
work out on your points accumulation. Based on your travel budget, it offers you with
the flexibility to use the points accumulated in lieu of the physical money to encash while
you plan to buy yourself a flight ticket or book a hotel using your travel points.
Not only that, you can also keep earning points on the purchases made with your travel
miles. This is the best way to leverage your investments in the long term.

Why do you need an Airline Loyalty Program at all?

As said before, the Airline Loyalty programs help you leverage your investments on travel,
which most of us, otherwise consider as a onetime expense. The cost of travel is sometimes
essential and almost always irrecoverable. When combined with your annual investment
plans, it can often shake your investment plans and also your budgets. As a statistic that I
encounter most of the time, 4 out of 5 travellers cancel their travel plans due to last minute
shaky budgets.
The gap between affordability and overpricing is often closed with the dropped or delayed
plans. Even someone does end up beyond the budgets; they may not plan another trip too
soon, unless there is some way to recover that expense. Most of the travellers in India
prefer trains over flights as the gap between the train and air fares is beyond the regular
traveler's reach. Let's take into account these questions:1. How often do you end up with a confirmed train reservation?
2. How many times do you need to drop your travel plans just because of a last minute
non-confirmed train ticket?
3. What if you have to travel anyhow, whether you have a reservation or not, since you
have an emergent situation?
4. What happens when you end up spending your valuable money that you saved to
attend an emergency, on expensive last minute flight tickets?
5. What if your job keeps you on a spin making you travel from pillar to post?
6. You often get limited time for your leisure travel and when you start planning, you
realize your hands are always tight on a travel budget?
The Airline Loyalty Programs allows you to accumulate points on your initial investment
which can help you close such decision-making gaps without much burden on your pockets.
That too, uses your essential expenses in such a way that concerts into travel points on your
travel account.

Let us take an example. You need to buy your monthly essentials such as groceries, mobile
recharges, electricity bills, medical expenses, food, weekend expenses, books and
magazines, home electronics, festival shopping to name a few. If you are say able to convert
75-80% of these expenses into recurring points that you can then use to plan your holidays,
how would that be?
Simply put, by just changing the way you have been spending on your essentials, you can
give yourself an achievable travel plan at the end of the year. Extend it to your entire family
and you are talking about a travel portfolio that could benefit everyone.

Why you do not need a Credit Card for an Airline Loyalty Program?

Most of the miles programs give you more benefits for using a credit card. With the present
changes in the Indian banking regulations, the CIBIL score makes it essential for having a
better credit score- even when you wish to own a credit card. But things do not end here.
The points is, even if you are able to improve your credit score somehow, and manage to
get a credit card or two for yourself, it also brings in the credit percentage you have to pay
to the credit card companies which may not be told to you while purchasing the card.
The option of using a credit card is good one, if you have the capability to clear off the debts
at hand, and also if you are good enough to manage both sides of the
transactions, miles and credits. But eventually, if your cash in hand is not enough to clear off
the credits you earn on time, you might soon find yourself off track trying to meet ends to
clear off the credit card bills and soon, your actual purpose of miles accrual using credit
cards will take a backseat. It is true that the credit card companies earn you a lot of bulk
miles just for subscribing one of those, but remember, there is a higher price you should be
prepared to deliver when trying to work with one of these programs.
Secondly, I have interacted with many travel hackers abroad - Nomadic Matt is my
favourite. Matt has his famous book 'How to Start Traveling the World in $25 or Less',
speaks about how he accumulates more than 100000 Miles every month and travel almost
every time for FREE. I was considering to buy out his e-book online when I just thought why
not ask him how his book could be helpful to me and the other fellow Indians.
So, I shot him an email asking him how I can start a similar program in India. Almost
instantly, I received a short email reply saying, there is not much you can do by purchasing
and using credit cards. And I instantly realized why. Here's why you cannot use credit cards
for the miles program:1. There is no way you can consolidate points earned from credit card purchases into a
single account.
2. There are high and abrupt penalties on credit cards in India. It has the capability to
derail your entire mileage program purpose.

3. The methods of redeeming the points for card usage are scattered, arbitrary and
haphazard. You will literally bang your head against the wall trying to redeem the
points back into your account as miles.
4. The credit percentage is quite high -2% per month almost. When added per annum,
it is about 24% per year. Now you see what I am coming to?
5. There may be high mileage bonus at signup, but the redeemed points
on credit card are almost as trivial as the ones accumulated on your monthly
expenses. If you get the same or lesser points for regular transactions, why take
them with a debt instead?
6. Finally, if you do not clear your credit card debts on time, you will lose your credit
score faster, as also all the points that you earn on your credit card.
There are others such as Bryce Conway, founder of 10X Travel and author of his EBook:
Take Away where he shows how you can put your various credit cards through single
consolidated websites for miles accrual. Even Bryce, in his e-book, clearly indicates that if
you consistently do not maintain your credit scores, you might end yourself into a black hole
of irrecoverable debt.
The methods mentioned in this e-book try to address a middle path to this problem. Though
you do not earn enough miles in the beginning, as you eventually upgrade into tiers, with
the flights you take using your miles, you increase the scope of earning more miles per year.
Also, it is better to bother about how many miles to earn rather than worrying about how
much debt to clear at the end of the month.


How to Join Up with the Various Airline

Loyalty Programs

Introduction to the major Airline Loyalty Programs

The two major Indian airlines that offer the Airline Loyalty Programs are the Indian
Airlines and Jet Airways. The Air Asia is also one of the major Airline Loyalty Program with a
huge opportunity to earn BIG Points on various travel related purchases. We will see how
you can also make the most out of the Air Asia BIG Loyalty Program as well, in the
forthcoming chapters of this e-book. As a beginner, these are the following Airline Programs
to start off with:1. Jet Airways Jet Privilege Program
2. Air Asia BIG Loyalty Points Program
3. Lufthansa Airlines
4. British Airways
I have been using the first two programs and recommend them for any beginner. They are
good to initially start with and learning how to create and build your travel portfolio slowly
and steadily. Go ahead and experiment them to your best and find out what suits your
travel budget and returns.
The scope of accumulating points on various Airline Loyalty Programs change from one
airline to another and how much points you earn is usually dependent upon the policies of
the respective airline. When working with a particular airline program, you should carefully
study the various guidelines laid out by the airline program to maximize the benefits out of
the program.
For this e-book, I have put in certain calculations in place for the benefit of all the readers.
This will help you to gain a preliminary insight on how you can benefit from the program.
You can find the links to these calculators at the end of the e-book.

Most of the Frequent Flying Programs let you earn miles and points in the following broad
categories:1. Flights
2. Hotels
3. Tours
4. Allied transportation - Buses, Trains, Taxis
5. Online Shopping - Utility Bills, home electronics, mobile recharges etc.
6. Credit, Debit and Travel Cards from various banks
7. Books and Magazine Subscriptions
8. Foods, beverages and restaurants
9. Allied Travel Websites and services
10. Health and Wellness Services
When combined, there are more than 200+ services in these broad categories, including a
large spectrum of products and services that give you immense opportunities for earning
your valuable miles, points, and cash backs. This simply means that all this while, when you
didn't know that every essential expense you made for a living could earn travel points out
of it, you had been losing most of your investments and expenses without any returns on
them. This is where you can capitalize on these opportunities.


Travel is not as expensive as it appears. It only has vast bundle of scattered resources,
due to which it appears expensive. The goal is to get them together and create a
travel portfolio that can support you almost FREE Travel for years.

Tips to joining the Airline Loyalty Programs

Well, joining the various Airline Loyalty Programs is a pretty easy process. Below, I
have shared the links to the websites to start off with. You can take your time and join these
programs. Here are few tips to make sure you get all the travel services and mileage
programs at one place:1. As far as possible, try creating a new email account and direct all the sign ups to that
2. Use only one valid Visa Debit/Credit Card for all transactions, so that you can
evaluate the monetary expenses closely while calculating the reward points. Unless
it gets too complicated for an online transaction, I advise that you try making all your
travel transactions from a singular bank account. This will come handy when you
have to redeem points using your card for various accounts.
3. Maintain a diary or excel file where you can closely monitor the miles you have been
earning. Another awesome tool is the Tripit application. This app consolidates the
miles from all the Airline Miles Programs into a single account. Whenever you make
any travel related bookings, this application retrieves the data from your email and
updates your itinerary. A powerful tool to organize your trips in the long run.
There are several airline programs in existence today. Covering the mileage point systems of
all of them may not be feasible and also get voluminous to the readers. So, I will try to keep
the discussion generic so that you can extend the concept over the various loyalty
programs. Notwithstanding that, I have also included a chapter specific to the Jet Privilege
Program in order to work out the numbers for your convenience. You can use the
calculations as a reference point to start off with the other programs.
The methods of accumulating points are different from one program to another, as also the
points generated. Here, you need to evaluate and we will also see with practical examples in
the end, how to compare which program gives more returns for you for the purpose of
earning points so that you maximize your travel investments. As of now, to start off, here
are the links of the travel programs I deal with.

1. Jet Airways Jet Privilege Program

2. Air Asia BIG Loyalty Points Program
Together, these programs allow me to earn up to 3000 to 4000 miles a month, simply by
changing the way I spend on my monthly expenses. I believe that those expenses which are
unrecoverable are a waste of your money. When such expenses take place, you often have
to compromise on something you saved your money for so long, such as your new mobile
phone or laptop or washing machine for instance. The other examples of unrecoverable
expenses are as under:1. Utility Bills - Electricity, Gas, Water etc.
2. Mobile phone recharges and top ups
3. Books and magazines purchase
4. Medical bills
5. Weekend Expenses - Dining/ Entertainment

By smartly routing your expenses through these services, you not only pay your
unrecoverable utility bills but also convert some portion of this expense into travel returns.
Thus, not only are your expenses utilized in a smart way, they do not pinch you because you
know at the end of the day, they are giving you a value accumulated over time. If you are
disciplined enough, you can gain enough points at the end of the month to sponsor yourself
a trip without spending anything from your pocket. You will learn subsequently how!!


How to Earn Miles

When Flying and with Co-partnered Flights

Earn While You Fly with Jet Airways Flights:-

You can earn miles from your Airline Miles programs by making your flight bookings through
your Airline Program account. This ensures that you have made your booking using your
membership no. only and the miles will then get credited to your account. Every airline uses
different policies for calculating the miles credited in lieu of the flight bookings made.
In the case of Jet Privilege, the program credits JP Miles to your account based on a factor
called the TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage). The Ticketed Point Mileage is the distance in air
miles from source airport to destination airport.
Effective from 17th August 2016, the Jet Privilege Program credits miles which is equivalent
to the air mile distances only. This means that if the distance between the source airport
and destination airport is say 2000 air miles one way, then you get credited with 2000 miles
on your booking for a one-way ticket. In case your ticket is round trip, then you should
double the air mile distance and that is the number of miles credited to your JP Miles
account. You can download a calculator I have compiled for you to check how much miles
you can earn based on your bookings. At the end of the section, we will also see a complete
example where we will use this table for calculating the miles earned on flight bookings.

Earn While You Fly with Co-Partnered Flights

I have not spoken about the even better part of an Airline Loyalty Program as yet. And that
is, most airlines operate as co-partners. In the travel business, there are uncertainties
involved and an airline cannot operate in isolation due to the dynamics and risks. This
automatically necessitates the allied business services to align with each other across
various airlines.
The Airlines need to use co-branded services by virtue if the fact that they are restricted to
fly between geographical areas and sectors within various countries. Also, they are bound
by the Global Air Traffic Regulations as well as the trade agreements between the various
nations that necessitate legal and operational bindings on the various flight services.
Operating in partnerships allows flexibility of operations and extension of geographical
reach from one country to another, which would otherwise become difficult, should they
operate in isolation.
When you create a membership account with one or more of the airline programs, you will
invariably find the airlines listed in each other websites or strategic partnerships already

established. This is good as now your Frequent Flying Miles get inter convertible. This means
that with a single membership no. you have the potential to use points with most of the
airlines which are partnered with a particular airline program. Such an arrangement allows
you to use and encash miles from one airline program with another, as long as they are
partnered through business agreements. This also means that if you have more than one
airline loyalty point accounts, you can use the miles of one program on another, to book
your flights.
How do you know that? Well, all the partner airlines are listed on your Mileage Program
Website and you can choose which sector you are planning to fly. Once you select the airline
and your destination, you can quote your Program Membership no. to be able to use the
points for making a booking. Simple!

Tier Upgrades and Tier Miles

This is a unique feature of the Jet Privilege Program only and may be different for different
programs. Simply put, a tier upgrade means upgrading you as a traveller to avail more flying
benefits based on your travel habits. The miles that you accumulate help you to fly more
and give you tier upgrades. The tier upgrade helps you to unlock more benefits, accrue
more miles in comparison to lower tiers and elongates the expiration periods. There are
several more benefits and as you proceed with your programme, you will keep unlocking
them on the go. This includes Bonus Miles and Tier Related Miles that doubles or even
triples the number of miles you fly each time. You will find that with higher upgrades, the
tier upgrade points become more than the base miles accrued due to flying.
You need to either earn Tier Points or Tier Miles in order to upgrade yourself among the
following categories:1. Blue Beginner
2. Blue Plus After earning 3500 Miles and completing at least 1 accrual activity
3. Silver
4. Gold
5. Platinum

The miles earned for purchasing flight tickets depend upon not the price but two factors
called the ticketed point mileage (TPM) and Fare Choices. The TPM is the air-distance from
source to destination airports.
Fare choices indicate the category of the flight you choose for flying. The miles finally
credited to your account is a product of the TPM and the percentages indicated in the miles
category. The table below indicates the fare choices category and will give you a fair idea on
how the Tier System calculation works:-

(India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Sri-Lanka)
Fare Choices


( W, O)

(V, H)

(K, S, Q, L,

(U, T, M, Y)



(Z, J, C)

Base JP








Cabin Bonus
JP Miles




Tier Bonus
JP Miles


Tier Bonus
JP Miles


Tier Bonus
JP Miles


Fare Choices |
Booking Classes



( W,

(V, H)

(K, S, Q,
L, N)

(U, T,
M, Y)



(Z, J,

(A, F)

Base JP Miles









Cabin Bonus JP





Tier Bonus JP


Tier Bonus JP
Miles Gold


Tier Bonus JP
Miles Silver


To make it easier for you to understand and save your time from precious math calculations,
I have put together an Excel Calculator with all the factors implemented to calculate the
miles earned based on your air miles travelled. You can download these tables from here:Download the JP Miles Earned Calculator
Download the JP Mileage Accrual Chart
Use the Airmiles Calculator

While Being Grounded

You do not need to be necessarily flying all the time to earn miles, as you can continue
earning points on your regular purchases also. And if you think the people who earn a lot of
money, they do not use this method; it is a completely wrong perspective.
People who earn more money are in fact smarter and they know how to extract more value
out of every dollar they spend. That's what makes them better businessmen. The Airline
Programs come with several such opportunities for you where you can keep accumulating
points for yourself.
Discussed below are some of the ways by which you can earn miles on your Jet Privilege
Account. The miles mentioned are just the figures as on dates and are subject to change
with time. But you can gain a fair idea how you should earn points on your expenses.

Shopping Partners:
The shopping partners provide you immense opportunities even when you are not traveling.
This is where we need to focus the most as this is where you will maximize your miles
earned per rupee spent. You can earn on shopping for electronics, clothes, books,
accessories, leather, home decor, appliances, and everything that relates to your shopping
list over the year. When you add all your annual shopping expenses together, this has the
potential of earning you more than 50000 JP Miles on your account. This is the largest list of

opportunities for you, and if you use it intelligently, you will be almost halfway to earn
yourself a FREE Trip.

Dining Partners:
What if you can earn points for ordering your pizzas over the weekend? Why not earn when
it can earn you a trip too, eventually. All you need to do is when you dine out on weekends,
try to order or visit the restaurants listed on your account. If for some reason, they are not
listed, do not worry - there is still a way out. Do you know that you can earn JP Miles for
submitting reviews of the restaurants you dine in? Every month, I earn more than 600
Miles on my account just for submitting reviews on TripAdvisor. Tripadvisor credits
you 1500 miles monthly for submitting reviews on restaurants and dine outs. You can earn
anywhere between 50 and 100 JP Miles per review that you submit. When you are about to
submit a review, the hotel will show the logo of JP Miles next to the restaurant you have
dined in and that will help you know how much you earned for your reviews. Go ahead, and
show your expertise.

Staying with the Partner Hotels:

Staying with the Partner Hotels lets you earn miles for using the partner services. When
using the partner hotel services, you will be prompted to make a purchase through the
Airline account. There are several hotel brands listed on the Jet Privilege Account such as
the Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, IHG, and Shangri-La etc. to name a few. Apart from these, there
are also several hotels booking websites listed on your account. These websites help you to
earn points on your room bookings every time you book through these websites. What is
more interesting is that not only do you earn by staying in these hotels but also earn by
referring them to your friends. The following hotel booking websites are available in
your Jet Privilege Account.

The most powerful program among the five is undoubtedly the Rocketmiles. With its first
booking itself, if gives you the opportunity to earn 4000 miles, and is the most liberal award
points program among the ones mentioned above. For some of the hotels, it even gives you
points near or equal to the booking amount.
This means with your first booking itself, you score miles at least for a single one-way ticket
to any of the domestic destinations. Use the JP Automated Mileage Calculator to find out
how where all you can fly using these points.

Other useful ways to earn miles

There are several other useful ways to keep earning miles on your expenses. Your regular
expenses have the capability of empowering you with thousands of miles every month, just
without having to bother too much about earning them. Here is how you can earn miles on
programs other than travel where you can convert your expenses into miles.

Payback Points
Payback is an online shopping platform with a difference. It is a network of all the popular ecommerce shopping platforms from where you have already been shopping for a long time.
Now you simply change the way you have been shopping from them, by earning flying miles
for your shopping. Payback also has alliance with the Jet Privilege Program and allows you to
convert the cash backs into miles.
The best way to earn these points is to use the online wallet services. The Payback uses
three online wallet programs PayTM, Oxigen and Mobikwik. These services have Payback
integrated into their mobile applications which automatically converts all your purchases or
cash backs into Payback Points, without you being bothered to worry about the
conversions. Finally, after you accumulate enough points, you have the choice of converting
them into cash or miles.
The advantage of earning points from Payback can be understood from this simple
calculation. Suppose you have earned a 1000 Payback points from your online shopping
and want to convert them into miles. You can convert these points into JP Miles from the
Paybacks INFINITY REWARDS Section. Here 500 Payback points can be converted into 100
JP Miles. For 1000 Payback Points, you will earn:(100/500) X 1000 = 200 JP Miles.
When you convert your payback points into cash @Rs. 0.25 per point, the value of 1000
points in cash is 1000 x Rs. 0.25 = Rs. 250/-. Your 1000 points also equate to 200 JP Miles.

Thus, you can also say that the value of 200 JP Miles is Rs. 250/- when converted to cash
So Cost per JP Mile = Rs.250/200
- Rs. 1.25 per mile
When purchasing these miles from your Airline program, the cost of each mile is also Rs.
1.25/-, but it also includes a 15% service tax on your purchase. Using the buy option, the
cost of the same miles accumulated above would be:200 x Rs. 1.25 x 1.15 = Rs. 287.50/~ Rs. 1.5 per mile
The payback points that you earn by using your Oxigen Wallet depend upon the products
and services that you choose from Payback. In. Every time you choose a product from
Payback. In and pay for it using your Oxigen Wallet, you earn payback points for it. Not only
that, even if you do not, for any purchase that you do using your wallet, you will earn
payback points in your account. All you need to do it is, try as much as possible to pay your
amount using your e-wallet accounts.

Share your expert Reviews:When it comes to sharing expertise, no one can match the magnanimity of the Indian
experts. We spend thousands of Rupees on weekends on dining, watching movies, and
personal as well as family recreation. If you could spare your time to review them where
you could earn Miles for your expert reviews, how would that be?
You can earn Miles for sharing reviews of destinations, hotels, restaurants, things to do,
places to see, and your city attractions and earn miles on a monthly basis. TripAdvisor and
HolidayIQ are two such online services that allow you to make more than 2000 Miles per
month for simply sharing your views on their websites. TripAdvisor allows you to share
views on almost anything related to your travel activities, whereas HolidayIQ only provides
you with miles for sharing hotel video reviews using their mobile application.
However, the miles earning potential through this is immense and surpasses the ones made
by earning miles through e-wallet or other purchase methods. TripAdvisor also comes up
with regular monthly review writing offer programs that let you earn more miles for limited
periods. You must regularly check their Signup Page for the monthly offers.
#Tip:1. You can also earn Miles by writing reviews on other Airlines Program. Just look out
for the review writing options on your other Airline Loyalty Program Accounts.
2. TripAdvisor follows strict review policies before publishing reviews on their
websites. Make sure you post authentic reviews and follow the guidelines specified
for good reviews.
3. Do not try to promote your personal websites, blogs while posting your reviews.
Such reviews are not published and your account may be suspended.
4. You cannot earn miles for the same review on two or more different Airline
5. HolidayIQ earns you miles on video reviews by downloading their mobile App. But
they keep coming up with exclusive miles earning offers that can increase the
potential of earning more miles. Just subscribe to their email newsletters to stay


How to Use Miles

Introduction: How to Use Your Miles

Well, you have earned enough points for yourself by now and it is time to redeem them for
your trip. The even more fun part of accumulating your flying miles is about using them.
When you have earned enough miles on your account, it is finally the time to book yourself
the next trip. Interesting Right! Imagine having the power of the miles to sponsor your trips
for long time. You have continued to consistently earn miles for yourself, on your annual
essential expenses and now it is time to make use of them.
Before you start using your miles, you must clearly understand the implication of the miles
that you have earned and how they will be available to you. Here, I have only limited the
scope to explaining JP Miles Account. This should give you a fair idea what to expect and
how you should plan out using your miles for other programs too.
The Jet Privilege Program allows you to spend your miles in the following ways:1. Redeem them for flights
2. Redeem miles for online shopping
3. Gift Miles
When using your miles, the users often get confused about the fact whether they should
use their miles or they should buy out the holidays in cash. The best way to understand this
is to find out the cost per miles while booking your holidays in cash or using your miles. If
buying out in cash gives you more value and also some miles to accrue for the later stage,
you can use a combination of miles and cash to make your bookings. In the subsequent
topics you will find Practical Examples where you can understand how to utilize the cost per
mile while making your bookings.
The most important redemption you can have is on the ability to buy out your flight tickets
on your miles. Take a closer look at the tier upgrades when you try to book your flights.
With higher tiers, you will earn more miles for the same category of flights and this will earn
you more miles to continue flying. I suggest that for the initial periods, you try to redeem

miles only for flights and not on shopping. When you accrue enough miles or tier upgrades,
you can have the choices of redeeming miles for shopping.
You can always motivate your friends to join the program by gifting them with some JP
Miles on their account. Remember, you cannot and must not charge money from anyone for
sharing miles as this can completely suspend your account and accumulated miles. When
you gift the miles from your account, you are charged with the transfer fees and the
relevant service taxes applicable for making transfer. Also remember that miles once gifted
are irrecoverable and non reversible.

Tip:1. Use your miles initially for booking flights only.

2. Start with accumulating miles by doing the other activities such as shopping,
recharges ,buying books and writing reviews on TripAdvisor
3. You can also receive and send miles as gift to your friends to make them join the FF
4. Do Not Sell the Miles you have accrued. You are not allowed to do that and your
account can be suspended.
5. Always compare the cost equivalent of miles when making a decision between
miles and money for your travel bookings.

Expiry of Miles

Most of the miles that you earn on your account are available for you for a period of 3 years.
This means that you can continue with your normal expenditure routine while earning your
points up to 3 years before you start worrying about their expiry or losing them without

If for some reason, you are not able to accumulate them fast enough, still, the points are
available for use for 3 years, and you can take your time to keep earning them, especially in
cases when you are planning International Travel. But, earning points on your annual
expenses suffices you to earn enough points over the year. To use the loyalty points, you
need to remember your membership no. and keep it handy at all times, as this is what you
will need when you need to redeem flights for yourself.

Redeeming Miles on Flight Bookings

Your accumulated miles can earn you flight tickets starting as low as 5000 to 6000 Miles.
This means you can book yourself a trip to any of the Indian destinations with them. For
that, you need to know the following before you start doing so:1. You must accrue at least 3500 Miles on your account.
2. Complete at least two accrual activities from the whole list of
activities on your account.

Redeeming miles for your flights is fairly simple and easy. Just follow the steps below and
you should get through easily:-

Login to your Jet Privilege Account

Go to My Trips Section in your account.

From here, select the source and destination of your trip.

Once you are about to book your flight, you will see options on the booking form
itself, indicating the redeem miles option for booking.

When choosing the Show Flights Option, simply select the Redeem Miles option and
proceed for your bookings. This will show you flights based on not the amount, but
the miles needed for your booking.

In case you get short of miles, you can initiate a part payment option by paying for
the remaining amount through your online bank account.

Redeeming Miles on E-Commerce Purchases

You can use your earned miles for some essential shopping too. However, during the initial
phase of your miles accrual, I suggest that you refrain from using the miles for ecommerce
purchase unless it is more of a priority for you than accumulating miles for future flight

To make e-commerce purchases using miles, you can check them in the Use Miles Section
from where you are directed to the merchandise section for the purchases.

Since the purpose of this e-book is to learn how to accrue miles for flight tickets and travel
from shopping and not the other way round, we will check out the other ways you can
redeem your miles.

Gifting Miles

This is an awesome feature to motivate others to join the Miles program, though please
bear in mind, that you cannot sell these miles to anyone. The miles can be transferred to
your friends as also they can transfer you when you are in need. Here are few points to
remember when you gift miles to your friends

The gifted miles cannot be reversed, cancelled or redeposited which means the
points once gifted out to the recipient will stay with them.

A 15% service tax applies as per Indian Tax Rules on the number of miles transferred
effective 01 June 2016.

You can either purchase or use miles from your account to gift miles to your friends
and family.

Different tier members have different limits of transferring miles.

JP Miles can only be transferred online and using a credit card.

It takes 48 hours to transfer miles from one account to another.


How to Make the Most Out of Your Miles

Track Your Miles using the Monthly Miles Calculator

While you keep earning your points, it is also essential to keep a track of the miles you have
been earning. This is how, you will be able to relate the number of points or miles you are
short of, while you book your trip in the end.

The best way to keep track of your points is to keep them on an Excel File. I suggest that you
make it a monthly ritual to update your expenses and keep monitor how many miles you
can make it out of them. Consider this as a game where you earn points for keeping a record
of your expenses. And hey, it helps in two ways.

1. You become disciplined in your finances.

2. You are getting rewarded for keeping a record of your own expenses.

Isn't that fun for a change? But adding everything up at the end of the month and doing all
mind- boggling calculations can be highly intriguing. So, I have prepared an Excel Calculator
for you where I have prepared a sample expenses file. You can change the values (your
expenses) and measure the results of your points earned. You can download the calculator
from the link below:-

Download the Monthly Miles Calculator

Using this calculator is pretty simple and easy. The expenses and the corresponding miles
are already fed into the sheet. Just input the monthly expenses and it returns you the miles
earned on the expenses. The calculations already shown in the file refer to my expenses.

You can change the values depending upon your monthly budget and convert them into
monthly miles. Continue doing this for about 6 months consistently and you can easily earn
yourself a single round trip ticket for any of the domestic Indian destinations.

Generally, any domestic destination needs 6000 miles one way. This means that by the end
of the year, you can sponsor yourself a free round trip air ticket for a domestic destination.
Not only that, every time you fly using your miles or cash, you give yourself a tier upgrade
which will climb you faster to the higher levels of the Miles Program. With higher levels, you
can unlock more privileges on flights, such as access to private lounge, premium services,
premium partnership programs and more.

This calculator will also help you to evaluate which of your expenses are earning you more
points, so you can use it wisely and spend accordingly. For example, if you observe carefully,
you will understand that there are more points accumulated when you purchase items of
home electronics or festival shopping. Though earlier, you might have been restricting
yourself from buying something a little more expensive, but, eventually, some part of it
comes back to you, in the form of miles. That's a smart way of spending if something is
eventually coming back to you for an expense.

Getting Value Out Of Your Points

Well, you have accumulated enough points and may feel the urge to use some of them for
your first trip. Here's one important thing to know before you start doing that yet. No
matter at what level of membership you are on, it is essential to understand this - how do
you get value out of every rupee that you use?
Let us understand this by using a simple math here. For this purpose, let us try to
understand this with a hypothetical example here:
You are looking for a hotel booking from one of the hotel websites for your next holiday
destination in say - Hong Kong. Let's say I choose two websites - Agoda and Rocketmiles
for evaluating the miles earned for booking my trip. How can I estimate the value earned
on my investment (expense)? Let us take the following parameters for your trip:1. No of PAX: 02
2. Duration of Stay: 4N/5D
3. Date from: 25/09/2016 to 29/09/2016
For this, let us check the rates and the miles offered by both the services. I am attaching a
screenshot for the readers here:-

Agoda vs. Rocketmiles:The first option indicates the snapshot of rates available from Agoda website for the abovementioned dates and destination. Here in the case of the first option, the Agoda service is
giving a rate of Rs. 8449/- per night whereas the same service is available for Rs. 9610/- per
night. Let's put in some numbers in place to understand the math and calculate how much
we can earn out of both the options:Agoda Option:1. Price per night

2. Number of Miles Given

Rs. 8449/-

Up to 3200 JP Miles

3. Cost of 4N/5D

Rs. 8449 x 4 = Rs. 33,796/-

4. Cost per JP Mile

Rs. 33796/3200 = Rs. 10.56/Mile

Rs. 9610/- (average)

Rocketmiles Option:1. Price per night

2. Number of Miles Given

Up to 3000 JP Miles

3. Cost of 4N/5D

Rs. 9610 x 4 = Rs. 38,440/-

4. Cost per JP Mile

Rs. 38440/3000 = Rs. 12.81/Mile

With the figures above, it is obvious that anyone would choose the first booking option. But
here is the catch. The first option says 'Up to' 3200 Miles, whereas the second option
says 3000 Miles. This implies that exactly 3200 Miles may not be earned or credited to your
account. Let's go ahead and try booking both of them. Here goes the second set of

Here, in the first option, we notice that the 3200 Miles are available for a room rate of Rs.
10761/- per night at Agoda. In case of Rocketmiles, the room is available for the same rate
as mentioned before and the miles available are also 3000.

Hence the revised rates for Agoda can be worked out as:

1. Price per night

Rs. 10761/-

2. Number of Miles Given

Up to 3200 JP Miles

3. Cost of 4N/5D

Rs. 10761 x 4 = Rs. 43,044/-

4. Cost per JP Mile

Rs. 43044/3200 = Rs. 13.45/Mile

This simply means that you should be selecting the second option where you are credited full
miles for your investment rather than partial. You can also see that in the first option, you
have the opportunity to earn 2550 Miles for an investment of Rs.9379/-. Lets calculate this
too and find out whether we can go for this or not.

1. Price per night

2. Number of Miles Given

Rs. 9379/-

Up to 2550 JP Miles

3. Cost of 4N/5D

Rs. 9379 x 4 = Rs. 37,516/-

4. Cost per JP Mile

Rs. 37516/2550 = Rs. 14.71/Mile

So as you can see, even this option is not lucrative, though it might seem that the room rates
are lower, but the cost per mile is higher for both the options of Agoda when compared to

These are figurative and have been calculated on real time situation just to explain how the
calculations work. It is nothing to prove that one service is better or worse, cheap or
expensive than the other. It just allows us to make the right choices when booking the same
property from different places.


Practical Examples

The Math behind the Points

I understand it is far too easy to accept it that easily. So I decided to put some numbers in
place to make you understand how you are benefitting out of your Loyalty Program. Lets
take a rough example here.
#Example: You are planning an International Trip to Bangkok at the end of this year and
your budget is approximately Rs. 25,000 per pax for two persons. Lets say, your monthly
household budget runs at Rs. 20000 per month. How much miles to expect at the end of
the year so that you cut down your travel budget by exactly 50% or even more?
#Step-1: Accruing your Miles
Lets say here that you are a member of the Jet Privilege Program. This is how you can plan
your expenses to convert to points by the end of the year. Lets break up your monthly
expenses of Rs. 20000/- in some figures:Expenses
Books &










Rs. 6000/-



Rs. 6000/-







































Total Miles Accumulated

* The Onetime expenses have been spread over the year to calculate the monthly miles
earned on your expenses.
One Mile on Purchase Costs Rs. 1.5/- to Rs.2/-* depending upon the months of booking.
#Step-2: Planning your trip using miles
To plan your Bangkok Trip, let us check the end of the year rates from our Jet Privilege
Account. Let us once again summarize the travel plan as under:1. Date of Travel:

11th Dec 16 to 15th Dec 16

2. No of PAX:


3. Total Budget of Trip:

Rs. 50,000/- (@ Rs. 25000/Pax)

4. Miles accrued until year end:


5. Origin of Trip:

Mumbai International Airport

6. Duration of Trip:


The flight rates as available for the period are given below.
Onward Trip:-

Return Trip:-

From the above snapshots, you can see that the flights chosen are Economy Saver Class
in the Economy Fare. This gives us a round trip airfare of Rs. 25114/- per person for the
trip. Converting the accrued miles of 13620 into cash, we get:1. Cash available for trip

= Rs. 50000/-

2. Flight Expenses

= Rs. 50228/-

(a) Flight expenses paid from Miles- (13620* 1.5)

= Rs. 20430/-

(b) Flight Expenses in Cash

= Rs. 29798/-

3. Remaining Cash for trip - (Rs. 50000 - Rs. 29798)

= Rs. 20202/-

4. Hotel Expenses @Rs1500/Ni on Twin Sharing

= Rs. 6000/-

5. Sightseeing @Rs. 2000 per day

= Rs. 8000/-

6. Visa on Arrival @Rs. 2000 per Pax

= Rs. 4000/-

7. Miscellaneous

= Rs. 2000/-

8. Total Expenses in Cash

= Rs. 49798/-

The story does not end here yet!! What about the miles you earn for booking your entire trip
from your Jet Privilege Account. Lets find out how many miles you are returned after the end
of the trip.
Flights:1. Flying Miles Earned for the trip: The frequent flying miles credited to your account is
calculated by using the two factors TPM and Fare Choices, as discussed before..
First let us see how much miles are earned for this trip:(a) TPM

(b) Fare Choices -

1885 (Air Miles = 1885 Use the Airmiles Calculator)

Economy Saver (Thus you receive 75% on Base Miles)

(c) Since TPM> 500, your miles are calculated on actual miles 1885 miles
(d) 75% of 1885 = 1414 Miles (One Way); Hence Two Way Miles = 2828 Miles
2. Tier Upgrade: Since you are also boarding a flight, you are also eligible for a tier
upgrade. The tier upgrades are available every time you board the flight. Since you
are taking a return flight, you are boarding the flight twice hence you are eligible for
a tier grade point twice.

The tier points are scaled from 1 to 5, and higher the cost of the flight, the more the
points for tier upgrades. Suppose you took the First Class Flight thrice in a year, you
will get 5 points for a one way trip each time you board the flight, and the total tier
points will be 15. Thus in just 3 flights itself, you will climb the higher tier, from Blue
Plus to Silver. To know the tier points that you earn for this trip, we need to refer to
the tier point Table.
Since you have chosen the International Flight with a Fare Choice as the Economy
Saver Class, the category of the flight is either V or H. Hence, you get one tier point
for one flight. For your return flight you earn another tier point, which adds up to 2
Tier Points for this trip. Depending upon which level you are in, you can find out how
much miles you gained from the trip.
Hotels:1. Booking your hotel from the partner airlines earns you the following:(a)

4Miles/Rs. 100-

(b) Agoda

300 Miles (Minimum Earned)

(c) For Rs. 6000/- the miles earned from (a) (6000/100) X4 = 240 Miles.
(d) So, you can choose Agoda for booking your hotel.
You can also refer to the example for hotel booking we used earlier before you decide
the hotel services to choose.
Finally, all your earnings can be summarized in the table as under:-



Rs.25114 /-


Air Miles

Miles Earned


Economy(Saver) 1885

2828 Miles* (Use


Use the JP Mile

the JP Miles Earned


TPM Chart

Use an

Air Mile Calculator to find

Calculat out)

one way


Rs. 6000/-

300 Miles

Agoda in
this case


Rs. 7000/-

Rs. 2000/-

On Personal
160 Miles

Total Miles Earned for this trip

3288 Miles/Pax

Cash equivalent of miles earned

Rs. 4932/- per Pax

Thus, for this entire trip, you have also returned yourself another 3000 Miles worth
approximately Rs. 5000/- over and above your budget. On a budget of Rs. 50000/- your miles
have saved you (Rs. 20430 + Rs. 4932 = Rs. 25362/-) and the actual expense in cash on your
trip is Rs.50000 Rs. 25362 = Rs. 24638. Further, you have also earned enough miles to add
to your next trip.
Here, you can also see that irrespective of the fact that you buy the flight tickets with a part
payment of miles and cash (Rs. 50228/-), you still earn the miles for the entire trip and not
valued on pro-rata basis. For more trips, the returned miles and tier points will keep
increasing your privileges, and the cash component reduces further.

#Tip:1. Miles earned on flights are irrespective of cost of flight and depend upon the air
mile distance from source to destination airport.
2. You earn a tier point every time you board a flight. For a round trip flight, you will
earn tier points for both onward and return flights.
3. There is more potential to earn miles on your hotels than booking flights. Always
compare between hotels to earn more value from your bookings.
4. You will also earn miles apart from tier points for boarding flights using the miles
earned. Do not forget to calculate and redeem them after the trip.
5. A standard upgrade from one level to another is available for 12 months. Try to
orient your funds to accumulate and upgrade over a year to maximize benefits.
6. As you climb up the tiers, the dynamic tier in Jet Privilege gives you more points in
the tier than the actual Bas JP Miles. Try upgrading as fast as you can. .

DIY Exercises
Here, you can deal with certain examples where you can learn with some real time examples
and see how you can earn miles for yourself?
1. You are looking for a domestic trip to Kerala for 4N/5D and your budget is Rs. 2000
per night. is giving you 4Miles/Rs. 100/- spent and Rocketmiles is giving
you 800 Miles for your favourite hotel booking. Which option would you choose?
2. You are a member of Jet Privilege as well as Air Asia BIG Points Program. You want to
book a flight to Singapore from one of the following origin Indian Airports from
where the round trip flight fares are given as under:Origin

Jet Airways

Air Asia


Rs. 25990/-



Rs. 27860/-

Rs. 24550/-


Rs. 24410/-

Rs. 22110/-

Check which program will earn you more points / JP Miles for the bookings you make
from these origins. What will be the cost per mile for each flight?
3. Find the miles earned by traveling by Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to New Delhi
as per the details below:(a) Round Trip Flight
(b) Fare Choice Classic
(c) TPM Find the TPM using the Air Mile Calculator
(d) Member Tier Silver
How much is the Base JP Miles? How much is the tier bonus? How much is the total
miles earned? Use the JP Miles Earned Calculator to check the values.
4. You are planning to book a hotel at Macau from Rocketmiles at a budget of Rs. 2000
per night for 4N/5D. One of the hotels is giving you 3000 Miles for Rs. 2200 per night
and the other hotel is giving 2500 Miles for Rs. 1950 per night. Which hotel will you
choose to earn more cost effective miles?

5. Use the same itinerary in Q4. and compare the miles earned on two different hotels
from the same website. Do the calculation for the following services:(a) Agoda
(b) Pointshound
(c) Kaligo
You have an account on both PayTM and Oxigen Wallet. The first warns says up to 3
Payback Points per Rs. 100 and the second one says 2 PP per Rs. 100/- Which one
should you choose for your points earning and why?
6. You are planning a trip to Andaman Nicobar Islands in the middle of this year for 2
PAX. You plan to take the trip from Kolkata. Your budget for this trip is Rs. 25000/per person. Answer the following questions?
(a) How many miles per person are required for a round trip flight?
(b) How many miles do you earn at the end of this trip after taking the round trip
(c) How many tier points do you earn for this trip?
For all the questions, please consider the lowest economy class airfare under the
Economy Deal Category.
7. You have accrued 3000 Payback Points for your shopping on the Oxigen Wallet.
How will you convert those points into JP Miles? Find out the steps and note it on a
8. How much miles will you earn if you are in the Gold Tier and you take a round trip
flight from New Delhi to Paris with the Fare Choice as the Economy Flex. How many
tier points will you earn? How many total Miles do you earn from this transaction?
9. You travel from New Delhi to Malaysia on Air Asia Flight .How many Air Asia BIG
Points will you earn for the flight. Try the same combination with Jet Airways.
Compare the transactions? Which cost per mile is lesser? Which one would you
choose to make your booking after comparison?
10. Select a sector of your choice. Now find out how many Air Asia BIG Points you can
earn by booking hotels in that sector from Pointshound and Rocketmiles.


In the End...

Summarizing the Miles Game

Achieve your long-term travel goals

One can easily start to earn miles simply by changing the way he has been spending his
money so far. The airline miles programs are revolutionary ways to fund or pool in some
portion of your income to fund yourself for a long term travel goal It may initially seem
intriguing with all the complicated calculations but frankly speaking, the program has been
put together for people who are ready to go all-in for their travel dreams.
When we speak of a long-term travel goal, it is essential to understand the realities,
especially the realities involved in the life on the road. The very first hurdle that comes in
the way of long-term travellers is the Finance and believe me, that can make or break ones
decision to pursue the goal at all.
The miles programs come to rescue to the extent that they are small pennies you keep aside
in a more non-spendable electronic form to keep funding you eventually when you start
pursuing your journey.

Create a Travel Mindset:

Travel makes you disciplined in lot of ways due to the uncertainties it comes with. In fact, it
is the ability of an individual to deal with uncertainties and eventually rise above them that
makes a person more confident.
The Airline Miles program, especially without a credit card, creates a mindset that helps you
organize your necessary expenses. It helps you to decide what to buy and what not, and
how you can even earn benefits out of the most trivial expenses.

Take Actions:
More often than not, it is the apprehension to push the Start Button that keeps you on the
shore. Applicable to almost all things in life, the logic well applies here too. You do not know
where you will reach unless you start walking. This book may not be the answer to all the

questions, and I did not intend it to be, or else you would never have at least thought of
starting to walk.
The idea was to create a parallel line heading a certain distance which at least looked like a
road to start off with. If you look back, you will realize that for almost years, you had been
spending your money on a reactive mindset, little realizing that all that you earn for
yourself, is eventually going to someone else, with very little or no use to you. The Airline
Miles Programs are one such opportunity out of many, which are often in front of our very
eyes, but we are too bogged down to pay the non-recoverable bills. Here, you now know
that something is always recoverable and useful for your life. It is only about taking action.
With a focussed set of actions and disciplined approach, you can create yourself a virtue
gradually over a period of time. Think of it as an investment unknowingly created out of
your irrecoverable expenses. For creating a financial portfolio, you often need to invest or
park your funds somewhere, without using them for a long time to earn substantial gains.
Here, all that you spend is eventually getting converted into an investment, without even
keeping you up with the liabilities on the already paid bills. So, take action to make the most
of it.

Travel More:
Had you ever thought that your expenses too could be a goldmine? Indians understand the
value of gold, no matter how trivial the amount may be. Consider these opportunities as
gold deposits that will earn you without any extra investment. You are not required to put
anything additional from your pocket for the expenses you make on a monthly basis, yet
you are returned certain portion of the expenses just because you have decided to change
the way you spend.
These small gold deposits eventually pave the way for you to travel more, without being
bothered about your budget anymore. Now, most of the budget is recovered from your
monthly expenses, so that you do not have to compromise upon your holidays, at the last

A Token of Thanks

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Glossary of Terms
Accrual: Miles earned due to activity (ies) done as listed on the particular miles program
account for the purpose of accumulating miles.
Affiliate: Business agreement between various online businesses to promote the products
available on the partner websites using a unique code linking to the partner.
Agoda: Hotel Booking Website
Airline: The Aircraft or the company referred to for flight bookings
Air Asia BIG Points: The Air Asia Flying Miles Program where miles are accrued in BIG Points.
Airline Loyalty Points: A generic term for all the Airline Miles programs in existence.
Air Mile Calculator: Helps you to calculate the air distance between the source and the
destination airports.

Base JP Miles: The minimum miles earned for flying with the Jet Privilege and its copartnered flights.
BIG Points: The term used for flying miles in case of the Air Asia Miles Program.
Blue/Blue Plus Tier: Tier categories in the Jet Privilege Program with Blue Tier being the
lowest of all. Blue Plus tier is the immediate tier after the Blue Tier earned after indicated
accrual activity.
Booking Class: Refers to the price category of flights based on the Economy/Premiere/First
Class flight preferences. Partner hotel website with most of the Airline Loyalty Programs helping you
earn miles when you book hotels through the Airline Miles Account.

British Airways Executive Club: Flying Miles or Avios Program by British Airways
Business Class: The category of ticket choice selected for booking flight tickets from Jet
Privilege Account. This allows travellers to earn miles based on the fare choices for flight
bookings. Business Class has more privileges and is especially for the Business Class

Cabin Bonus: Bonus earned based on tiers applicable only on premier Domestic and
International Flights in Jet Privilege Program
Classic: Classic is the higher middle range category in the Economy Class which earns 75%
on Domestic and 100% of Base JP Miles on International Flight Bookings
Co-partnered Flights: Airlines partnered with Jet Airways that allow you to use JP Miles and
fly on the partner airlines. You simply need to mention your Jet Privilege Membership
number before confirming the bookings.
Credit Cards: Bank Cards associated with partnered banks that allow you to accrue sign-up
as well as usage points to be converted into Flying Miles. Most of the Frequent Flying Miles
are based on using memberships of several credit cards and banking partnerships, although
that is not so lucrative in the Indian context.

Deal: Deal is the lowest category in the Economy Fare Choice and earns 25% of the Base JP
Miles on Domestic and International sectors on booking the flights.
Destinations: Locations both Domestic and International that are covered under the various
Flying Miles Programs for the purpose of crediting Flying Miles to the travellers.
Dining Partners: This Include a list of restaurants that are affiliated to the Flying Miles
Programs or airlines for the purpose of accruing flying miles.

Domestic: Pertains to the destinations within the country.


Earn Miles: Flying Miles credited to your Miles account for various accrual activities
available on the Flying Miles Account.
E-Commerce: One of the several ways of earning miles by using the partner e-commercial
websites of any Flying Miles Program to accrue or redeem miles while you shop.
Economy Class: The category of ticket choice selected for booking flight tickets from Jet
Privilege Account. This allows travellers to earn miles based on the fare choices for flight
Expiry of Miles: Refers to the accrued miles which are available for a duration after which
they become invalid. The miles generally are available for 3 years from the date of accrual
and expire on a quarterly basis and not as on date basis.

Fare Choice: Fare choices are the list of the various fare categories available while making a
flight booking. The fare choice is also a parameter to decide how many miles are accrued for
a particular flight booking transaction, after valued with TPM.
First Class: The category of ticket choice selected for booking flight tickets from Jet Privilege
Account. This allows travellers to earn miles based on the fare choices for flight bookings.
First Class has more privileges and is especially for the Business Class passengers.
Flex: Flex is the highest category in the Economy Class Airfares and earns 100% on Domestic
and 125% on the International Flight Bookings from the Jet Privilege Partner Program.
Flying Miles: Flying Miles are the miles or points accrued due to flying activities done on
various programs.

Frequent Flying: It is a term used for travellers who frequently use flying as the means of
travel for leisure or business purposes on a regular basis.

Gift Miles: The process or facility of transferring a specific number of miles through online
account to friends and relatives from one Flying Mile account to another.
Gold Tier: Tier categories in the Jet Privilege Program with Blue Tier being the lowest of all.
Blue Plus tier is the immediate tier after the Blue Tier earned after indicated accrual activity.

Hotels: Here, the hotels refer to any travel property listed on the partner hotel or hotel
booking websites for accrual of miles on booking.
HolidayIQ: Travel Review website that earns you miles for sharing video reviews of hotels
from their mobile app.

INFINITY REWARDS: Reward points program by Payback. in for earning Payback Points on
their program.
International: Refers to destinations or locations covered outside the Indian Subcontinent.
Itinerary: Refers to travel plan that is self-made from the Airline Miles programs.

Jet Privilege: The Airline Miles Program by Jet Airways which credits miles for activities to
the Jet Privilege members for using the services on their Jet Privilege account.

JP Miles: Flying miles earned by the Jet Privilege members as a result of performing
activities or transactions from their Jet Privilege Account.
JP Miles TPM Chart: The JP Mileage accrual chart helps you to check how many miles you
earn based on the already listed Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM)
JP Automated Mileage Calculator : Helps you to find out where all you can fly using the
miles earned in your Jet Privilege Account.
JP Miles Earned Calculator: Helps you to calculate how many miles you can accrue based on
your present tier, Fare Choices, Cabin Class and TPM when you book a flight with the Jet
Airways using your Jet Privilege Membership account.

Kaligo: Hotel booking partner website listed on most of the Airline Miles Programs that help
you to earn 1000 Miles as sign up bonus immediately on sign up.

Loyalty Points: Points earned especially for your stay in Airline Miles Program partnered
hotels, which can be converted in to Airline Miles after completing the stay in the hotel.

Monthly Miles Calculator: Use this calculator to monitor the miles accumulated for your
expenses on a monthly basis. Gives you a fair idea how many miles you can earn by the end
of the year, and also how to plan your essential expenses accordingly to earn miles at the
end of the year.
Miles: The miles earned refer to the points earned for booking flights or doing other
activities using the Airline Mile Partner Programs. Also referred to as Airline Miles, it is the
cash equivalent required to book flights at a later stage for more travel activities.


Oxigen Wallet: Oxigen wallet is affiliated to Payback Points Program for accruing Payback
Points which can be converted and redeemed as JP Miles at a later stage. All transactions
require uploading e-cash on Oxigen Wallet Mobile App and then doing the transactions. The
Points redemption is instantaneous and the PP is immediately credited to the account.

Payback points: Points earned for making e-commerce purchases through the Payback. In
website. The points can be earned on almost all products listed on the Payback website and
can be redeemed for earning JP Miles @ 5 PP = 1JP Mile.
PayTM Wallet: PayTM is also associated with Payback Program for accruing Payback Points
which can be converted and redeemed as JP Miles at a later stage.
Pointshound: Hotel website partnered with most of the Airline Miles Programs that gives a
traveller a 1000 Points sign up bonus immediately on sign up.
Premiere Class: The category of ticket choice selected for booking flight tickets from Jet
Privilege Account. This allows travellers to earn miles based on the fare choices for flight
bookings. Premiere Class has the highest travel privileges and tier upgrades and is especially
for the Business Class passengers, although even regular passengers can use it for an instant
upgrade in the initial stages.
Purchase Miles: The JP Miles can be purchased from your account @ Rs. 1.25 per mile and
15% service taxes applicable. For miles purchased over 3000, you can earn more bonus
points of 40% or above.

Rocketmiles: Hotel website partnered with most of the Airline Miles Programs that gives a
traveller a 1000 Points sign up bonus immediately on sign up.
Referral Bonus: Is the bonus earned in miles or points for referring others to join the various
Airline Miles Partner Programs.
Redeeming Miles: Earning benefits due to miles earned from various accrual activities. The
Miles can be redeemed for flights, hotels, shopping etc.

Saver: Classic is the lower middle range category in the Economy Class which earns 50% on
Domestic and 75% of Base JP Miles on International Flight Bookings
Shopping: Refers to e-commerce purchases which include but are not limited to home
electronics, leather, fabric, metals, household items and items that earn you miles when the
shopping activity is performed through the Airmiles Partner Program Account.
Silver Tier: The third privilege tier in the JP Miles program that earns you miles on based on
Base JP Miles and Tier Bonus calculated on the Fare Choices and the TPM.
Swipe: Using the Airline Mile Partnered Credit Cards for making purchases from the
partnered services and products.

Tier: It is the method used in the JP Miles Program to define the various levels of travellers
based on how frequently and what category of flights are used by the travellers. The tier
helps gain more miles based on the position where the traveller is at present and over time,
the Tier Bonus received surpasses the Base JP Miles.

Tier Points: Tier points are points earned for flying with the category of the flights listed on
the JP Miles program. The tier points lie between 1 and 5, and is listed from lowest to
highest. The tier points are earned and calculated per flight depending upon the fare choice
and TPM of the flight.
Tier Upgrade: Tier upgrade is the escalation of the membership from one tier to another
depending upon how many times the traveller has flown with the airline. When using tier
upgrade, the choice is taken between either miles earned or tier points earned whichever is
earned earlier.
Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM): This is the basis for calculation of miles earned on flights.
The TPM is calculated based on the air miles flown by the particular flight from source
airport to destination airport and allows a minimum of 500 TPM for flights flown less than or
equal to 500 miles. The table below will give a brief idea on how the TPM is calculated.
'Fare Choices': The Fare you choose under the new fare structure

Distance Flown: For Distance (Ticketed Point Mileage) <= 500 Miles, JP Miles will be
calculated on minimum 500 miles and basis 'Fare Choices'
For Distance >=501 Miles, JP Miles will be calculated as per actual distance flown
(TPM) and basis 'Fare Choices'

Distance Flown

Jet Airways marketed & Operated Flights /

Jet Airways marketed flights under S2 code

Jet Airways code

share flights
operated by Airline

0 to 500 Miles

500 JP Miles

Actual Distance
Flown (TPM)

>= 501 Miles

Actual Distance Flown (TPM)

Actual Distance
Flown (TPM)


Useful Travel Resources

Other Useful Travel Resources:Below listed are the links to some of the most popular Miles Programs that can help you
start off accumulating your own miles. Use these programs to keep earning miles every
month on your travel and other activities.

Flight Programs:1. Jet Privilege

2. Air Asia BIG Points Program
3. Lufthansa Miles & More Program
4. British Airways Executive Club
5. Virgin Atlantic

Hotel Programs
1. Accor Hotels Points Program
2. Agoda
3. Best Western
5. Carlson Rezidor
6. Homestay
7. Hotelscombined
8. Hyatt
9. IHG
10. Kaligo
11. Pointshound
12. Rocketmiles
13. Small Luxury Hotels
14. Taj Inner Circle

Trip Planners:
1. Bus Online Booking
2. Govoyagin
3. My Private Travel
4. Viator
5. Real Adventures

Allied Travel Services

1. Easy Cabs
2. Shuttle Direct Airport Shuttle Service
3. International Vacation Home Exchange

Shopping Programs
1. Payback
2. EMI Bazaar
3. Oxigen Wallet
4. The Mobile Store