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The alternative roads, those which contain a certain amount of compromise, dont have any hidden blessings, for they
already appear to be so blessed and easy there may be hidden trials involved, though.
I must make you so sick of compromise, youll get so disgusted with it, youll never want it again! Compromise is your
most treacherous enemy! Its the very voice of the Enemy, using your flesh to get you to settle for the lesser option to keep
you from walking My highest road...
Beware of comfortable compromise! (I:157)
All those who hate the enemy are specially loved by Me, because they have made it clear they are standing on My side and
are not going to give in to compromise.
You have experienced compromise and know its bitter taste, which is a great advantage, for now you recognize it and are
allergic to it! That's an invaluable lesson in itself! - To refuse compromise. Because nothing will drive My army closer to
defeat than compromise with the enemy. (I:428)
"The root of all bad attitudes and mindsets is compromise."
Compromise is settling for the devil's option and alternative to My highest will for you.
Compromise is giving in to your own selfish desires, feelings and comfort, instead of striving at any cost for what I want.
Compromise is letting the devil trick you into some kind of half-way and in-between thing to settle with, instead of fully
saying "yes" to Me and following through on that commitment.
Compromise is that which is standing between Me and you and what would keep you from total and utter commitment and
yieldedness to Me.
Compromise is a monkey wrench designed to disable My new weapon of full possession.
Compromise is the breeding ground for lukewarmness.
Compromise is the opposite of fire, devotion, determination and dedication.
Compromise is the devil's contraception to stop you from bearing fruit for Me.
Be on guard against compromise! Don't let the devil bargain you into settling for anything less than My best! (I:431)
The Peace that I give is better than the false peace that comes from compromise and saying "uncle" to the devil. (I:438)
Compromise with the world will always be a temptation until you learn to have conviction to know and stand up for what
you know is God's correct standard. (I:467)
Being poor doesn't make a loser out of you. Only thinking you're a loser because you're poor, and that you have to
compromise for gain, will make a loser out of you, spiritually!
Establish a ministry that's really going to spread My Word and My message, and stop compromising for gain! (I:613)
I'm trying to get you to make the transition from enjoying the prosperity you gain by compromising and relying on the arm
of the flesh, to the prosperity that comes from truly enjoying all things from My hand, the rewards I give to those who obey
Things are very, very tough, sitting on the fence between serving Me and the devil. You'll either accept the deal he has to
offer you that will give you his prosperity at the price of virtually your soul - the lack of ability to love - or you'll send him to
hell and get on My bus and get busy serving Me and start doing what I recruited you to My army for! (II:59)
The decision every human being will have to make: for the truth or some half-baked compromise, which sooner or later
winds up as a lie or some form of self-deception. (II:72)
Sometimes I test you to see how badly you really want My truth and My revelations, or how quickly you would settle for
some kind of compromise and in-between thing. (II:85)
In My eyes, the flaws that stand out to Me much more than little personality flaws or quirks in anyone's behavior are the
spots and marks of compromise with the System. The greater the gap between you and the System, the purer you are in
My eyes. Whereas, if you compromise and, when it all boils down to it you're still a servant of Mammon, that fact will stand
between you and Me, because it's just a matter of fact that "Ye cannot serve God and Mammon!" (II:118)
I'm having to purge you of those elements of friendship with the world that make you compromise, ashamed to stand up
for Me before them, because you don't want to lose your popularity with them! (II:133)
If you continue to compromise because you want to make things right for others in order to have your peace, you're going
to reap the results! (II:149)
You like to mingle and like to be accepted. But one disadvantage of that is that you easily compromise My standards in
order to please them. (II:184)
I'm trying to get you to progress by not choosing the easiest way, by not settling for compromise with the System. (II:317)