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Self-righteousness & Criticism

Stop complaining like those who wallow in their self-righteous self-pity and moan about never getting anything in
return when all they do is give and give.... Believe Me, if they were truly as giving as they believe themselves to be,
they wouldnt be complaining. (I:51)
The Enemy is the author of confusion, of self-righteousness, of contradictions, saying things but never really meaning
them, much less keeping his word.
The Devil is an artist of his own kind, and his art is to perfect selfishness and disguise it in a cloak and veneer of selfrighteously being convinced of the saintliness and faultlessness of the selfish person, only able to see the faults in
others. (I:93)
The tendency to be shallow and superficial and worldly was already in those who left before they left and in those who
are indulging in it right now, its only a matter of time until it sprouts into an ugly weed thats going to invite the giants
of doubt and criticism in to do their share of damage.
Only few deem themselves less righteous than God. (I:105)
Self-righteousness makes you judge people in your carnal mind, applying the letter of the law and by doing so, you're
robbing yourself and cheating yourself out of opportunity to 'love the unlovely', 'go the extra mile', 'cast a veil over a
multitude of sins' and rise above the 'natural cycle'. (I:112)
Try the spirits, especially the ones that enter your own mind! A lot of self-righteous Christians like to make themselves
judge over another person, when the very first person they should apply that to is themselves. (I:182)
Cheer up, if you dont feel good! Those who feel good and righteous about themselves usually are the ones who are far
from it! (I:195)
Beware of self-righteousness! Lay low, and learn all that you can from others! (I:230)
Remember the big lesson on self-righteousness! You never know when I might let you fall into the same condition that
youre seeing someone else in and either laughing about or shaking your head at... Next time that fella down there
might be you! (I:237)
Mans idea of goodness and righteousness differs so drastically from Gods, and one of mans greatest problems is
their own idea of righteousness and their tendency to judge God for His... (I:286)
Anyone can stay where they are and stagnate, thinking they have arrived and feel all self-righteous about it, looking
down on others. (I:294)
There wont be any amount of good works behind which youre going to be able to hide and show just how righteous
and obedient you are. (I:329)
I use negative emotions like desperation or frustration to break people, humble them, etc.
The question is whether a person will yield to Me in all this, trust Me that My wisdom is greater than their own in
allowing certain apparent injustices to happen, or whether they will allow a root of bitterness to spring forth in their
heart. It either draws them closer to Me - if they receive this form of correction, it makes them search their heart, and
they check, Lord, show me why I deserve this punishment, this treatment, this withdrawing of Your blessing, or they
self-righteously harden their hearts against Me. (I:333)
Just as My Spirit is manifested in fruits like humility, love, patience, etc. (Gal.2:22, 23), the spirit of the devil has its
manifestations of pride, self-righteousness, hatred, jealousy, envy, bickering, strife... (I:346)
Dont be like those who try to put Me in a box or try to dictate who Im supposed to use or not, who I am supposed to
save and who not... Its just self-righteousness. Rather glorify Me for every miracle I do in the lives of others, especially
in the lives of those who went astray, to bring them back to Me and My service, often to be used more mightily by Me
than ever before! (I:395)
Anger manifested in criticism of other people's mistakes is a pretty bad habit! You cut many wounds by this type of
It's a form of pride and self-righteousness, where you become so upset about people's mistakes and lack of perfection
that you start getting angry about it. (I:444)
Learn to fight and care for each other, to remain in unity! The wrong thing to do when someone gets attacked is to selfrighteously point their finger at them or to turn your back on them. The right thing to do is to show them unconditional
love and keep praying for them. (I:501)

I could never abandon or condemn you or cast you out for anything that you did or did not do. Any such feelings come
from the enemy!
It's a lack of trust in My Love for you, and he's trying to put Me on the same level as his: just because he will selfrighteously condemn you for your failures, that doesn't mean that that's Me. No way. (I:589)
The sin of self-righteousness exceeds the sin of jealousy on My scale of "graveness." The obvious and blatant sin is
not as bad as the more subtle sin of self-righteousness. (II:6)
To categorically dismiss people as hopeless cases, to put them in drawers, is a self-righteous attitude, but you
shouldn't allow that to happen to you! Give them a chance! And give Me a chance to change their lives. (II:77)
The self-righteousness of thieves: They think life has treated them unfairly, withholding from them what others, less
deserving than they, have in abundance, and in order to mend destiny's flaws, they figure, they just take the measure
for themselves that fate or life or I have been withholding from them.
If you figure you're good enough to deserve it, it's practically your right to take it from others, even steal it. After all,
they're "bad," too, definitely far from perfect, so, why not "punish" them a little to your own advantage by stealing from
them, and taking something from them that you want, and probably even deserve?
The problem is, that same self-righteous and abusive attitude carries over into other areas of your life as you grow
older, and you "punish" people for their not being perfect by being unkind and mean to them in other ways. You toss
unfriendly or judgmental, cynical, cutting remarks at them or simply withhold your love from them and turn ice cold
when they behave in ways that you don't approve of.
Will you live as a little "king," reigning for a short time in your own little realm of pride and self-righteousness, judging
everyone by your own laws and rules, and forever thinking you know better than everyone else, including Me, or will
you walk the humble but truthful and honest and sincere road of a true prince for Me? (II:86)
It's always easier to see the others weaknesses than your own, that's just human nature, and part of the blindness
people are plagued by in the darkness of this world. Only in Heaven, where all things are revealed and nothing is
hidden anymore, can you see as things truly are, you will know as you are known, and all things are open to everyone.

Self-righteousness is assuming that somebody is guilty of a sin that you couldn't possibly be ever found guilty of
yourself. (II:88)
Can a man be found more righteous than God? - For sure there can be found plenty who think so. (II:138)
People who take it for granted that naturally, they're the "righteous ones" aren't aware of the danger of how easily they
can fall and turn into My very enemies if they don't watch out. That's why so many of My people wind up doing more
harm than good at times, because they simply don't stay desperate enough to make sure that whatever they do is
because of Me and through Me, instead of some of their own holiness and righteousness or goodness that they think
they have.
Beware of the flatteries of the enemy! When he sees that he can't hold you down anymore with condemnation, he'll try
the opposite tactic where he'll flatter you and will try to get you so lifted up about yourself that you'll think there's no
way you could possibly ever do anything wrong, until reality -or I - jerk that rug of wishful thinking away from under
your feet.
The danger comes in when you think of yourself or your particular group as the only right ones and righteous ones.

Anything that's tough on one's self-righteousness and pride is good. (II:162)

My Spirit is easily shooed away by a display of pride or a self-righteous attitude. (II:167)
Every failure you spot in others, I'm allowing them to happen in order to deal with something in your life that needs
straightening out! Nothing happens by accident. And it's often a test of, "What's he gonna do? How's he gonna react?
Is he going to self-righteously blame and point the finger and put on a harsh and unforgiving attitude? Or is he going
to remember that he himself is also to blame for the same thing, and use it as a reminder of his own NWOs (Need-WorkOns) and treat the matter in a loving manner, the way he would like to be treated himself?"
Blaming and holding things against another creates an iron wall of separation between you. (II:193)
When it seems like God failed, only those who loyally believe in their hearts that He really is infallible can keep
believing, trusting and obeying Him.
The temptation is there to think, "What is He doing? That's not right..." And the temptation of self-righteousness, of
thinking you could or would have done better. (II:199)
If you keep in mind how much and how often you've needed My forgiveness and My Love to be unconditional, this will
help you keep humble at the same time, and help you avoid becoming self-righteous. (II:247)
I'm showing you the difference between real goodness, that which comes from Me, and is born in the humility of the

realization that in yourself there is nothing good and you can do nothing good, and the pretended goodness of selfsufficiency, of those who believe they don't need Me, they're already good enough: self-righteousness. (II:252)
Those who sit back and criticize, basically don't do anything good to make the world any better!
Do you think I'm going to say, "Hey, listen, buddy, you should have waited until you got all the details straight before
you opened your mouth"? - That's perhaps the way some see and picture Me, because their picture of Me is just an
extension of their own self-righteousness and need to feel superior in order to justify their failure to do what My people
have done and continue to do, to excuse their lack of guts and conviction to change the world with whatever little bit
you have at your disposal. They're like the servant that buried his talents in the ground because he was afraid.
Let those who do nothing but criticize show just how much better the world will be because of them! How many souls
get saved through their criticism, their straining at a gnat, their cynical attitudes!
It's human to make mistakes! They keep you humble. The proud and haughty who do nothing but criticize have their
reward in feeling so high and mighty and superior in this life, that they can look down on everybody else. If that's what
they want, let'em have it! (II:255)
If somebody makes the obviously wrong choice, the right attitude to have about it is not a self-righteous, judgmental
one, where you separate yourself from them totally, with an attitude of "I never would have done that," but rather one
of knowing that it could happen to anyone to fall like that, and that it's only My grace that can keep you from falling.
Thinking you're better doesn't help any. It only makes things worse.
You've got to accept people's choices without self-righteously judging them for them!
Accept failure, your failures and the failures of others, as a necessary part of life, and don't take it as a reason to
become self-righteous or resentful, but stay loving!
Show more appreciation, not a critical or self-righteous attitude! (II:329)
Some people who were allegedly on the bad side, actually did wind up on the good side, after all. My mercy was
greater than everything, greater than their sin, and certainly greater than the self-righteousness of those who would
have preferred to see them in hell! I'm still a Friend of sinners and still have a hard time with the self-righteous, holierthan-thou pretend-to-be-so-gooders. (II:333)
Thats the difference between righteousness and self-righteousness: self-righteousness is based on who you think
you are, and may even claim to be, according to ideals, thoughts and the words of your mouth. But real righteousness
is manifested by the way you act, which shows who you really are, and how much those ideals and good thoughts and
words in your mind actually come to fruition. (IV:166)
It behooves you to not look down anyone self-righteously, but keep in mind that youre really not that different. (2011:68)
Consciousness and knowledge of ones own failure is much more precious than any artificial sensation of holiness
and righteousness that some people put on. (2012:11)
You say, They ought to know better. I say, so do you.
You say, Can this really be true, that theyre behaving like that? Well, sometimes I wonder the same thing about you.
So you see, youre really not that different from them, and it behooves you to do a lot more about changing your own
attitudes than complaining or murmuring about theirs, because you really ought to know better. (2012:44)
Self-righteous observers who did nothing but criticize, while others tried something new and made a difference, have
existed since the beginning of time, and sunk into oblivion, while those heels of today may become the heroes and
saints of tomorrow
You can either join the ranks of the not-so-silent, self-righteous, criticizing majority who never do or change anything,
or those of the few forgiving who can look past the mistakes, take whatever there is to get out of this and make the
best of it. (2012:86)
Come up with a more merciful attitude, since youre having to be forgiven for so much yourself! Otherwise its just a
bunch of self-righteousness, and people will sense it, and it wont exactly do the trick of attracting folks to your
message (2012:107)
People are always much quicker to spot and point out the faults in others than they are ready to see and face their
own. Generally, they lack the degree of honesty and humility it takes to criticize and discipline themselves. When they
face their own flaws, it depresses them, so they avoid it at any cost. (2012:129)
Self-righteousness is one of the greatest evils to tackle the one that was ultimately responsible for My death: The
greatest evil of man, used by God to bring about mankinds salvation from sin.
Religious and religiously inclined people are among the most prone to self-righteousness. They figure theyve got God
on their side, and so theyre good, and in some ways that may be true, but what they dont realize is that just being
saved or on Gods side doesnt save them from doing wrong or committing sin of any kind, and it tends to blind
them to even the very possibility that they might be wrong about anything in some cases. (2012:161)

Any false pride or pretense of goodness, self-righteousness, etc., will be a severe handicap that will make it very hard
to withstand the pressure of the attacks in the long run. (2012:180)
Learning to deal with mistakes others are making, that youve made before is really a wonderful opportunity for
learning how to love, showing what you learned, and apply that gained knowledge or wisdom (theres a difference, you
know?) in the right way, not in a self-righteous, preachy attitude, but one of true love and understanding. (2013:18)
To think and talk badly about others, in reality, thats pretty much a worse quality in itself than most of their
weaknesses. (2014:85)
To loveem anyway, even though theyre not perfect, thats what you ought to learn from the Fathers and My nature of
love. Otherwise, its just self-righteousness, if you act as if you were thinking youre the only good one, or are much
better, when youre not.
So, theyre sinners, youre a sinner everyone down there is, so why not just do the best you can to get along?
Instead of judging the others, which would be self-righteousness. (2015:111)
Yes, youve made mistakes, and so, youre not perfect. And knowing that should at least keep you humble, and not
self-righteous. (2015:113)
Being self-righteous and impatient with folks is something you find out best through the trouble you cause with them
through those weaknesses (2015:114)
Self-reliance may be what the system teaches its pupils is something good, but when it comes down to it, youll find
out youll be much better off trusting more in Me and your help from Above (2015:126)
Lacking perfection makes you a bit humbler and less self-righteous.
So, youre not perfect? Maybe that includes other advantages like being a bit more humble, less self-righteous and
proud of yourself. (2015:161)
Self-righteousness is so bad, because it makes you even feel better and more righteous than God the Father Himself!
Because you dont understand why Hes allowing some of the things to happen that He does, and since that doesnt fit
into your little scope of comprehension, you give up on Him, call Him a Loser, and quit being a dedicated follower of
His Son at least for as long as youre in that negative, low concept groove.
Why would He have allowed the enemy to take the world to that state where its at today, and heading to a worse one,
as far as it can be seen? Why did He allow things to become so dreadful? Didnt take better care of things, such as
you would in His shoes, most likely!?
Well, thats really the thing that makes self-righteousness pretty much the worst one around and, infested with pride,
as it is, no wonder. Its the thing that makes those people feel superior to God, but since He has the advantage of not
dying and being the Creator, they quit believing in Him, and stick to their self-worship and adoration After all, who
needs a God, anyway? (2015:185)
Have some success in whatever you do, by doing things through My strength and the Spirit from Above. Being
judgmental isnt part of that Spirit, but its more like self-righteousness, which is absolutely not a gift or strength from
Above! (2015:203)
If We forgive you for your sins and bad traits, you should definitely also become ready to forgive others for theirs,
which, otherwise would be self-righteousness, definitely not a recommendable attitude and mindset to have!
A bit of humility and a humble attitude should help you overcome any tendency toward self-righteousness, which
could pretty much be entitled the most dangerous setback for believers.
So, include acceptance into that list of the qualities of love you need, and let it overcome the tendencies toward selfrighteousness! (2016:50)