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Trials & Tests (Vol.

Sometimes the things Im doing dont seem to make any sense, and its a test (2011:13)
I will protect and care for you, although more tests of your patience may be strewn along the way. (2011:20)
I will often ask you to spend your time doing nothing other than wait on Me. Its sort of a test of faith, since you all feel that
you frantically have to make use of your time and do something with it before it slips through your fingers and you didnt
make the most you could have out of the time that was given you.
Taking time to do nothing other than wait on Me shows you have faith that I am greater than time; yes, even more important
than that very thing that seems to govern your world
You believe there is something greater than your world and all that which is greatest in your world, the things that govern
it, like time and money, etc.
I in return honor that faith and will often bless you with the very things you chose to forego for My sake. (2011:26)
The thing about kids is that as long as youre only into them with half a heart, they will keep trying and testing you,
perhaps teasing you a little bit and probing you, to see if perhaps they cant eke out a little more of your attention than they
previously were able to.
With kids its a lot like Me in this world: theyre not very promising investments of time and energy when you go by the
immediate outcome in lucrative terms.
And similar to the way it is with Me, kids dont care too much about taking second place way after all your other interests.
Parenting is a job that simply requires wholeheartedness, just as serving Me does.
When Ive given you a child to raise or take care of, then its a job I want you to pursue as wholeheartedly as any other job I
would want you to do for Me, and wholeheartedly is really the only way you ever can do any job for Me.
If its done half-heartedly, its about the same as a job not done at all (2011:28)
Youre not drowning in your trials, but find them easier to deal with and handle them, which also shows that you did
become a stronger warrior over time
At least all youve gone through hasnt been in vain, and youre not winding up where you are completely empty handed

I admit, it requires quite some trust at times, that Im not just fooling around, but actually do know what Im doing, but
otherwise, would it be a test of faith? (2011:35)
Dont worry nor be dismayed by those downward slopes, those days of absence of light, and instead of hardship! Thats a
road that much more resembles My own and that of every true saint whos ever lived. Gods way up still is down, and
knowing that for sure is sometimes all that counts and makes all the difference: knowing you dont have to despair when
life takes you for a downhill ride, but that it will serve its purpose, just as those rough rides always have (2011:47)
Sometimes I may lead you down a path that will test your faith and make you wonder, Are You kidding, Lord? Are You for
real? This doesnt seem to make any sense at all
And everybody will nod their head vehemently and enthusiastically in agreement and say, See, weve told you all along,
you couldnt trust this Guy! Look what road Hes leading you down!
But you know My response to that: Wait and see! (2011:49)
Thats how it will be in the end for all of you: all your trials and troubles and problems will look so ridiculous compared to
the love and the joy and happiness you will know then. You will wonder how you could have ever taken them all so
seriously (2011:62)
I might allow moments to test your faith and to see how much youll cling to it. (2011:63)
Hasnt this been part of the Big School and tests of faith from the beginning, that even though the Enemys forces seemed
to be stronger and overwhelming, yet the power of God would win in the end? (2011:69)
Its tough, and a test of your faith when youve got no one left to rely on but Me.
In the end, though, I am really the only One you can count on! (2011:80)
So, youre complaining about the hard times and the constant reminders that this world isnt where its at? Rejoice in them,
for they are your lifesaver; the constant reminders for you to keep looking in the only Place where youre ever going to
find. (2011:100)
The Devil has his own advice to give you, and hes definitely more pertinent about it than I am, since I often like to test your
faith in what I have already told you His job is to see if he can get that faith to shake in its foundations, whichever dirty
way he might manage. (2011:101)
Easy wasnt good for you, so dont mind Me giving you a little bit of hard. (2011:102)

Just as punishment, correction and hard knocks are hard to take for a child, but ultimately good for them, so it is with
these hard-to-take experiences you're going through. (2011:108)
I am the Source of the beauty and fullness you seek from life, and its the times of hardships, not the easy times, that help
you to realize that, as they draw you closer to Me, and there, in My bosom, you find comfort and solace and sweet relief
from the strain and pain of the world
Why am I allowing bad things to happen? Theyre tests of your faith, often instigated by the Enemy who is eagerly trying to
convince all of Heaven that you havent got what it takes; and so far, from the way youve been taking these things, one
might be inclined to believe that hes right.
But he doesnt know the end of the story That is, in a way he does, and tries all he can to stop it from happening and
change the outcome, and with some, he has managed. (2011:112)
My Power and Love are so overwhelming that the puny little trials and pains youre having will be little more than a big
laugh in comparison. (2011:116)
None of your unbearable trials have ever killed you so far. Somehow youve always managed to come out at the other end
alive, and somewhat better for it, a little bit richer by another experience and lesson learnt from life. (2011:122)
Its the deviation of man's perception and his opinion of how things ought to be from Mine, that is the primary cause for his
troubles. (2011:125)
Make sure youll anticipate any potential crisis by staying as close to Me as you can at all times.
Stay on top of your upcoming trials and tests by preparing for them. (2011:144)
Youll realize that it all will have been worth it, and all your troubles and trials will look ridiculous to you. (2012:9)
A test of your faith is bound to increase it. (2012:14)
Many times it will seem doubtful whether any of what youre going through could possibly be worth it when you could
imagine so much more pleasurable ways of spending your time. But if you treat the good and the bad times the same
success and failure youll eventually reap rewards that will far surpass any of the temporal gratification obtained via the
conventional methods. (2012:19)
If regular people have to face hard times and difficulties often substantially harder than yours, dont you think it stands to
reason that you should be able to learn to handle yours with My help, which they dont even know how to avail themselves
Its the dark and trying stretches that test, and thus, strengthen your faith. (2012:22)
Unfortunately, the sort of process necessary to produce overcomer material is the kind of hardships and trials. (2012:28)
If I had nothing better to offer you than this, then indeed I would have pitifully failed you all. The good news is, this
definitely isnt it, and whats coming will leave you breathless and with mouths wide open, so just hang on!
Youll be laughing your head off about how ridiculously insignificant all your present trials, worries and difficulties will
appear then, in the light of My version of things
Every pain you go through there is for a definite purpose, and the less sense it seems to make to you at the time, the more
mind-blown youll be when you come to face the end result of My plan having come fully to fruition. (2012:32)
The exercises are all about making you stronger. I see how strong you are, and what potential you have to increase your
strength, and without these tests thered be no way of telling how much stronger you can yet be, or to make you stronger.

Youve got to keep trusting that your tiny vessel is safely in My hand and in My care, and theres nothing the enemy can do,
except shake you up a little occasionally in order for your faith to be tested. (2012:44)
Trust Me that the tests arent anywhere near as much for My sake as for your own, just as the exams to conduct with
students arent for the teacher, but for them to assess their own abilities, limitations, and, if theyre really aware and
attentive, recognize their pitfalls and weaknesses. (2012:53)
Everything you have to suffer, youre going to be recompensed for, and everything youre going through is going to have
been worth it; trust Me for that. Look at it from this angle: the greater the pain, the greater the joy and bliss youre going to
experience as a reward! (2012:55)
Being forced to take a leap of faith is not only a test of faith, but also one of the purity of your motives in all of this.
Cultivating your faith by testing and stretching it is a more important factor than just having your need met immediately.

Ultimately its going to be the final clincher and showdown and test of whether your faith is really worth putting all your
trust in.
Youre getting another chance to put Me and your faith in Me fully to the test and see whether Im not capable of caring for
you completely. (2012:87)
The Devil takes his job of testing your faith very seriously. (2012:112)
Gods way up is down.
You see, for you the pain, agony and troubles youve had to go through, and still do at times, look like a negative. And by
the standards of the world, they might be. But not according to Mine. (2012:114)
Get a good sense of assessment of the proportions between your trials and problems, and My solutions to them. They
may seem to tower so large and scary above you when they first appear, but youve got to remember this about the Devils
fears: theyre mostly just False Evidence Appearing Real.
I dont condemn you for falling when you do. I cherish your suffering, your pains and troubles. Just as precious as the
death of My saints is in My eyes (Ps.116:15), so are their smaller, daily deaths. (2012:119)
May your sorrow and your pain always help you to sympathize with those whose sorrow and pain are even greater than
yours. (2012:133)
The trials you experience only stem from introspection and your perceived loss, but trust Me that nothing is ever lost that
youve given up for another, for My Cause, or simply, for love. (2012:141)
Going through relatively hard times, you dont want or like them, but its not like you could say you dont need them

Just like trials and tests, its a bit hard to accept and welcome the lashes of love, but as is promised, they bear peaceable
fruit of righteousness (Heb.12:11), as opposed to the mess you were before, so from the angle of someone who wants to be
right with God, it sounds like definitely the way to go, and something youd desire and not shun. (2012:154)
What if I dont do everything exactly as it pleases you? Will you love Me anyway? Will you keep trusting, keep believing,
keep praising Me?
Okay, so this was a test of faith! What? Another one? Well, since you havent been handling all of the previous ones too
splendidly, I thought Id check whether youd learned anything in the meantime (2012:171)
The big test is to see wholl be left standing when all the rest of the world has thrown in the towel, bowing down before the
To put your faith straight in Me and My Word is the only foundation that will withstand the fiery trials and tests, floods and
storms of this life. All other ground is sinking sand
Wheres that faith that used to deem those glories to come incomparable to those trials and sufferings? (2013:2)
Be assured that the relatively darker slopes of your journey are definitely a useful and integral part of it that belongs there;
they have their time and place, and without them, your life wouldnt be much different from those of the self-satisfied and
contented masses who never see the need to implore Me, never seek Me, but keep ignoring Me all their lives.
These situations are necessary to get you into a more permanent seek-Me mode than normal, when things are flowing
just fine, and you dont seem to need Me as much. (2013:9)
Making it, after a rough stretch, gives you a great feeling that Im still around, that Im still true to My Word and not a liar or
fooling you, doesnt it? It may take a while sometimes for things to actually turn out the way I say they will, but when they
do, it gives you that affirmation that you put your money on the right horse and trusted the right Guy, after all, even after
everything having seemed to be the opposite for a while. (2013:17)
Youre weary of all the trouble and toil it causes when things go wrong, bad or haywire, or simply complicated, and dont
flow as smoothly anymore. But by faith in My Promise you can start seeing all things including the bad as good
things, since you love Me. Take them as tokens of My Love, for example as measures to keep you from becoming spoiled
by things going too easy all the time. (2013:28)
Its not like youre the first or only believer whos got trials about this world. (2013:36)
Sometimes the worst that can happen to you is the best that can happen to Me, and ultimately youll see that its going to
be the best for you, too; because I know best whats good for you, not the devil or your own flesh in all its feverish
attempts to promote itself, further its own cause and ensure its own survival. (2013:46)
Perhaps its true that I could make things a little easier for you, but would that be good for you, and would it make things
easier in the long run? Would you have gotten this, and many other lessons out of easy?
As long as its tough, My friend, you can rejoice over the fact that you havent gotten completely off the deep end yet, but
that youre still somewhat on the right track! At least youre still listening and learning to a certain degree, receiving from

Me, and thus, actually living. In other words, youre alive a live one as the allegory says, and its obvious the Enemys
still on your heels, trying to get you to throw in the towel, quit and surrender. (2013:66)
Just as this life meant the cross for Me, being one of Mine simply includes having to put up with some hardship in this life
in return for what I will bestow on you hereafter. (2013:86)
A lot of things in life are tests for you to show whether youll yield to the notion that since theres so much wrong with this
world, there obviously must be something wrong with its Creator.
People dont have the kind of a relationship with Me where theyre even willing to consider putting Me first in their lives.
But even if thats what you want, desire or attempt to do, you can tell, its not that easy; and even when you may think
youre already doing it, these tests will show whether you really do.
Most people tend to overestimate the strength and health of their spiritual lives, and its tests like these that show up their
real strength. (2013:88)
Another reason for the life of hardships My true followers so often face in this world as I did is to ensure to make them
truly righteous and just rulers, different from about any other, ever before, with a few rare exceptions, perhaps. Its not just
to make you appreciate more whats to come, but for them to be able to appreciate you, having been made what you will be
by the very hardships you may presently resent. (2013:98)
The plan to allow evil to flourish and fruition to its utmost and ultimate fulfillment can be strikingly bizarre to the finite
human mind, and I realize how hard it is for you to cope with at times. This also makes it a test of faith for you: How much
can you still believe that I am truly in power and in charge, even in the face and presence of so much and such seemingly
overwhelmingly superior manifestation of evil? (2013:100)
Since I know that you wouldnt want to come away from this life completely empty-handed, without any rewards
whatsoever, Im allowing you to go through some struggles and Im not necessarily letting you enjoy every little thing you
crave and would like to have, because that would be like having your reward already. And what kind of reward do you get
for always getting just what you want?
People get awarded and recognized for putting up with things, making sacrifices resulting in extraordinary achievements,
not for getting what they want and enjoying an easy and comfortable life
But finding genuine answers and solutions to the worlds problems comes from facing and dealing with the trouble, not
just by sitting around, flipping keys on a remote control. (2013:108)
I simply tend to be looked over when things are running all too smoothly for you folks. I instantly become more interesting
when theres trouble and problems to be solved, or when it needs to be figured out why they happen in the first place.

Having a hard time accepting something Ive allowed to happen, consider that it may have been My way of protecting you
from something worse. (2013:124)
Trouble, hard times and problems the way youre experiencing are usually better spiritual teachers and lessons than when
you seem to manage all in the flesh (2014:1)
Pretty much everyone needs to be put to and through tests of faith in their lives Some give it up, and it depends on how
strong yours is, and that depends on how much feeding and emphasis you put into it, most of the time. If having your own
fun is more important to you and you neglect your sheep and young ones, you cant blame Me for allowing things to
happen to correct you that may also test your faith
Sometimes youve just got to learn how to take certain things, even if theyre hard (2014:3)
Sufferings can be good teachers. (2014:9)
Having to suffer may not be very popular, but more is being taught and learned from those things than trying to achieve
permanent victories and achievements physically in life. (2014:14)
The trials and tests youre going through are there to keep you more desperate, more in tune with Me, more in prayer for
My help. The more you can keep growing in the Spirit, the better. (2014:15)
Some trouble is simply teaching lessons in life.
Some problems are there, meant to teach folks lessons from them. (2014:17)
It may not be pleasant to put up and bear with suffering and hardship; but itll make you more able to bear whats expecting
and bound to hit the world
Remember that a great tribulation has been predicted obviously some rough time to deal with and overcome. (2014:21)
If life seems painful and ugly to you, theres usually a reason for it Perhaps to make you remember or realize that theres
something better than this painful, short, earthly life, something that will turn out a lot better and make you sure that it was
by far not the best to await you

Sometimes the painful parts of the temporal life make you long for the better, make you seek something better, even if
many people dont, and think that this temporal life is all there is (2014:22)
Youre not the only one of My followers and children of God going through exceptionally rough times
I wish for you to get some victories and uphill procedure and development; but for now well, youre going through some
rough times.
Its a rough time for you right now, and though they may seem to be the hardest, theyre also the best teachers in many
ways Although it takes humility, and yielding to whatever comes as hard times to you
There are some tests of faith in life; and thats what you have to go through. Calling and pleading for My help during those
times is the best you can do. (2014:23)
Some things that happened unexpectedly to believers helped them supernaturally to make it longer than anyone would
have thought they would especially certain hardships that strengthened their faith somehow (2014:28)
There are certain different things for you to have to go through Certain tests of faith, and maybe certain degrees of
roughness to test and strengthen you somehow (2014:31)
Sometimes the more difficult situations occur so that you get more used to checking on Me, communicating with Me and
asking for My help Maybe youre getting more desperate for a good reason. (2014:32)
Even though a situation seems to be a much harder trial than youve been expecting and may have thought you were ready
for its good to realize that I just may be dealing with some mistakes and points to work on. (2014:33)
Sometimes its important to sit and make it through dreadful experiences in order for you to make it through to the more
pleasant or less dreadful ones without much murmuring.
Times that make you more desperate for a while are sometimes a bit necessary to make you humbler and somewhat more
victorious in some ways
Maybe these are the hardest times in your life, but even if so, you ought to trust that I allowed for you to have to go through
them because I knew youd make it even if I knew it would be a bit difficult Remember, this life isnt the most perfect
time or part of what I came to earth for, but to give believers eternal life. Maybe those dreadful parts of the current life are
reminders that theres something better coming along eventually
Remember it could be more terrible and dreadful, as it is for some You should be grateful and thankful that it isnt all as
bad as it easily could be.
Some people have to endure things in their lives that make the whole thing even more dreadful and difficult
The loss of the selfish desires and wishes to stay alive for, may be the most helpful things in a persons life in order to
finally do the unselfish things for others
Thats one of the helpful things and sides of suffering. (2014:35)
Take things that arent so easy for you a little more thoughtfully, like What can I learn or gain from this? What progress
can I make? (2014:47)
Couldnt you just keep trusting in Me, anyway? You know that thats a test I put on people of faith Sometimes there are
tests of faith, and Id always like to find out how youre doing with your faith. In your case I knew that a strengthening of it
was necessary, and that unfortunately isnt always quite possible without a test of it.
Some folks believe that the test of faith you experience will make you stronger and more miraculous! (2014:52)
Some things occur as tests of your faith; and sometimes it might need a bit of improvement, some acts of strengthening

Sometimes life is rough, but I promise youll find My help, strength and salvation through it. Be honest: Without the
roughness, what need for Me would you have down there? (2014:69)
What the enemy is performing in your life just as way back with Job is meant to test you whether youre still going to
keep believing in the Father and Me after suffering what has been caused you by him, but has also been allowed by Us
Test of faith is that sort of a thing called, and youre just going to have to make it through it somehow and some dont.
Turning out blessed will happen sooner or later to those who make it through the testings either during this life or the
everlasting one following.
A lot of folks have to go through testings of faith (2014:80)
Rough and tough moments can make you stronger in the future, trust Me for that! (2014:85)
When you dont understand the way things are happening or why I allow them to happen, you could call that a test of faith.
- A test to see how strong will your faith in Me be anyway.
If things start getting rougher and tougher for you in some ways, cheer up that thats the way I try to raise your faith in and
dependence on Me instead of your own carnal abilities. (2014:91)
Your faith is being tested severely. But hanging on to Me, you will keep it, and it will keep going for you. (2014:92)

Some people dont have any clue how, or any ability to relate to those who have to suffer through life but if you can
relate to them, its not a disadvantage! Remember how I died and was killed and tortured in order to be able to feel what
many people have had to go through! (2014:99)
A difficult time of life will put you more in the mode of asking Me for help!
Its a tough road and a hard life somewhat, but you can make it, for all things are possible to him that believeth. (2014:101)
Just put up with a bit of the rough times! See, otherwise disbelievers in the afterlife will or might complain, Why did he
have it so easy, when we had it so hard? If we would have had it so easy, we probably would have believed, too!
Even though the current times are a lot rougher than previous ones, you should be able to take and accept them as
something bearable and to learn from!
Sometimes life becomes a toughie, and there have been other ones going through that toughness, like Job, long before
you. And its not an easy time for you to go through right now, but just take it and accept it, remembering what a
horrendous time I have gone through for you and all others, and even some of them had to go through way more serious
and painful times
- Joan of Ark, many of My early disciples, followers of Mine in China, etc., etc. (2014:116)
It can be quite good to go through some rough times. Theyre teaching you different things than you learned before, like
humility and different things to do and consider important - Things to do for your fellowmen. So, maybe suffering is all
part of getting into a different consideration of things more thought on how to help and get along with others
Having to suffer a bit, remember thats what many of My true followers and servants had to do Maybe its a big test of
faith, but if things will go well, it will just grow stronger through it. And if it wont, itll be a lesson in the end. (2014:137)
Sometimes you ought to try to keep on trusting in Me no matter how tough it may be; and even if youre having a tough
time being where you are keep trusting! (2014:143)
Sometimes youve got to go through tough and troubled ways in order to find out the right way. Troubled ways keep you
looking out for the better ones, and among them hopefully the right one you should walk on and get you to the place
where I want you and you belong (2014:145)
You have to become stronger; and if anything crisis is supposed to teach you, this is it. (2014:146)
Rough times are made to strengthen you somehow.
Its a rough time, close to the Endtime announced in the Bible But you might as well be grateful that the end hasnt been
there yet!
What if the Devil just changed things around so much to get people to stop believing in the Endtime? Its a test of faith, I
know But isnt it good for yourself to find out how much you believe?
Maybe your faith is being a bit tested to help you find out yourself what you believe in. Dont you think its good to find out
what you believe and how strong your faith is? - In spite of the circumstances. Trust and believe in Me in spite of what the
circumstances might be telling you against Me, and how they seem to deny and contradict the prophecies! Just remember
what a cheater the devil can be and has been, and that youre better off trusting and believing in Me, even if he tries to
contradict Gods Words through different things he makes happen. Dont fall for his enchantment and deception!

It will be worth it all, no matter how hard the times you have to go through!
Remember, it will be worth it all when youll see Me, no matter how bad or rough the time being there on earth may
temporarily be for you! (2014:150)
The rough and tough tests of faith are those tough things happening in the present, and theyre there for a reason!
Youve got to learn how to trust Me with dark times ahead!
Even though the present time may be much tougher for you, and so much harder, whatevers harder in life will draw you
closer to Us, youll see! (2014:152)
Times that arent easy and force My followers to become more desperate for Me and My interception, are rather something
good than a bad thing. They draw you closer to Me. And trust Me, thats an advantage you will recognize some day you
If it was a pretty hard and tough thing I allowed to happen to you, its a strong test of trust, and will show how much you
trust Me and believe Me!
Your trust in Me will reap rewards. Especially when its been quite a test youve had to trust Me for. (2014:156)
Sometimes its a good test to see whether and how you make it through a tough situation or trying time. You might find out
that its not always winding up to be as horrible as you expected, and hey, that youre being helped to make it through
that (2014:159)
Better for you to believe that its a test of faith than that Ive left you.

Tests of faith are just part of life. And the enemy, of course, would love it if youd just lose yours easily. So, if its tough for
you to keep your faith right now, remember Job, and that youre not the only one, or the first to go through stuff like that.

Overcome the enemy and gain the victories through your trials and battles! (2014:166)
Just trust and keep believing that We know a little better whats okay to let happen to you! Just keep trusting Us, even if its
a big step and test of faith, okay?
I know its hard and rough for you, but just get a little bit into learning how to bear it!
We can help you overcome whatever trials and tests should be showing up before you.
It may be a rough time for you right now, but sometimes these rough times are good tests of faith and make it stronger in
the end, more so than if everything just keeps going an easy way. (2014:167)
Rough times have got their purpose and teach you lessons and hopefully make a better or wiser person out of you. Just
trust Me that even the rough times have their purpose! (2014:181)
Tests of faith are there for a reason. In order to find out, how much and how strongly do you really believe. (2014:184)
If life makes you suffer a lot, just let it serve you to make you a better person! (2014:186)
Tests of faith are what youve been prepared for and told that theyd happen So, here they are. Hows your faith going to
bear with them? How are you gonna make it?
So, things and folks arent perfect But is there anything in this world youd consider perfect?
If things arent, isnt that a greater test of your faith in Me and the other World beyond?
Stick believing, even if some things happen to you that could be considered tests of that faith. (2014:188)
Even though times may be rough for you, why not try to make the best you can out of them, and maybe youll see that that
is what gives things the power to become better! (2014:189)
Sometimes youve just got to take things the way they come. Just accept them, sort of believing that We know what Were
doing or permitting to happen to you, even if it seems pretty hard and tough to you at times. Just keep hanging in there
and let it build up your trust in Us! (2014:193)
If times are getting tougher and harder, relax: theres a reason and purpose for it to make you stronger, more reliable on Me
and the heavenly side of the Spirit World.
Sometimes the times get harder and tougher than youll be able to manage them on your own, and thats when youll
appreciate the times you learned how to depend on and trust in Me above all! (2014:194)
While the proof isnt there, faith is still being tested. Can you believe in Me, although Im still not there?
The test of faith is a tough one. How can you believe in that, you wonder.
But to keep on believing even when faith is being tested lets say, thats a good test. When your faith can still stand, even
though its being tested in a hard way, lets say, thats a thing that shows what kind of a person you are. Can you manage to
believe in Me in spite of it? Or will you lose your faith like so many others?
When your faith is being tested, and you can stand and pass the test, well, let Me hope you can trust Me saying: Thats a
good sign, and will make you show up as one of those it was really worth it for Me to have died for. To keep on believing in
spite of the devil doing all he can to make you lose your faith! If you can do that, it shows that dying for you has been
worth it all for Me.
I know, its tough and hard when so many around you seem to have lost their faiths But, well, if you can keep yours, it
will have been worth it for Me. (2014:196)
It may be a rough and tough part in your life, but thats what it sometimes needs and requires for a positive change.

The toughest part of your life isnt necessarily a bad part for you, but might easily belong to the most valuable in the long
run, as you might see! The easiest times in life arent necessarily the most valuable when it comes to teaching you things,
and to parts of life that will serve you in the Hereafter Trust Me that you will cherish and value and appreciate those
rougher times a bit more then, when youll be part of the spiritual, and not feel like youre dependent on physics anymore.
So, even though this time right now may seem difficult to you, its preparation for the Hereafter for you, and thus in some
ways, more valuable, so dont despise it, even if it may seem like a harder time for you. (2014:205)
Being a follower of Mine includes being able to put up with the unpleasant parts of life without complaining about them,
and just taking whatever comes as something your faith ought to be able to deal with!
I know its been a hard test and battle, and as you know about the state of the world, there might be more and worse stuff
coming to deal with, so be or get ready for it!
Just fight for getting into a state where you can handle it, whatever things are coming down, and trust Me for them all, no
matter how tough they may be! (2015:1)

Tests of faith will prove and make sure whether you have it. Good for you to know yourself, as well, because if you dont,
you might want to do whatever you can to make things change and get that faith to grow, because as you can tell from the
way things are happening, you might very well need it more than ever, eventually, and maybe even quite soon. (2015:6)
The rougher, tougher and harder times teach you more, even if they may seem a bit too hard for you at the time being!
Some day youll appreciate the things youve learned, more than the ones you did during the easier and more pleasant
times. Learning appreciation also changes your view on the hard and tough and seemingly negative times!
Some things just take a lot of faith to be able to take them, but youre bound to learn that theyll be worth it.
So, just because some things are harder to take and to learn, dont knockem down of despise them! They might be the
ones teaching you the most!
So, keep trusting Me, even during the slightly rougher times! (2015:11)
Hard times and tough times will draw you closer toward Me. (2015:12)
Ive told you a lot about the purpose and sense of hard times and sufferings, so you shouldnt be too devastated by them
and their appearance in your life! Sometimes the rough times make you appreciate the better ones, and they also make you
long for them, along with better places to be. (2015:13)
The reason that there are some more trials and battles happening where you are right now is so youll keep in mind that
getting out of there might be the better option for you. (2015:14)
Even if the troubles and trials in this life are sometimes a bit harder than what youd be looking or hoping for, believe in
something better coming up, eventually.
In the end, Ill win, not the enemy! Can you trust and believe Me for that and have enough faith in Me for that? That might
be pretty good, if you want to make it through this trial and maybe to the very end (2015:15)
Sometimes you may not have much of an idea how youre going to make it, but hey, thats just how I might get you to trust
in Me more by getting you to seek My help desperately and finding out Im not letting you down, not failing you in the long
If it all seems a bit too much at first, it may be some big trial and test of your faith when it may need a test, or prove its
strength show Us how much and how far We can rely on you Sometimes just a way to make it grow stronger, which
always turns out to be a big help in the end (2015:16)
What Ive given to you may seem a bit too hard for you to bear at times, but then again: it might stress your faith and test it,
but after a while you may find out that it got stronger. (2015:24)
One of the devils major tactics is to lure and get folks out of the Fathers and My perfect will, so that he can withdraw Our
blessing and protection, make life a whole lot tougher, with a lot more trials and tests of faith (2015:25)
There seems to be a time in life to go through suffering so you can learn the difference between whats up now and the
hereafter maybe not even so much to just make sure youll appreciate the hereafter enough, but to also see the vast
difference, and why things need to get changed (2015:27)
Keep trusting Me all you can for your survival, even if the enemy started that severe test to make you doubt and wonder
whether I still care for you (2015:30)
Well take care of you, no matter what even if you have to go through things during which the enemy likes to make you
doubt whether Were really in charge. A test of faith, yes but is it going to win, and are you going to keep trusting in Us,
anyway? Thats what some of these tests are all about, and the question is whether youll pass those tests. (2015:31)
Announced and forecast fates have changed. And it results in being a big test of faith But can you believe it that these
changes of forecast may happen because folks dont always do what they were supposed or expected to? (2015:32)
The letdown youve experienced and still partly feel like is only concerning the there and now. It may be a tough time, but
Ive always promised a much better future instead of what you can expect from the there and now. (2015:34)
Sorry youre going through such hard times, but youre becoming aware of why theyre happening. There just might be
something worse coming up, such as My Word has been predicting for quite a while. So, get ready, and be prepared. If
these times already make you seem weak, imagine how much more so those coming might. So, just get prepared for the
way to go by My strength and depending on the help from Above!
Youll make it if you hang on and hold on to Me and Heavens help, and thats what the current time is all about and meant
to teach you. Sometimes the hard times are the ones that teach you those necessary things the best. (2015:36)
Now that youre having to take the tough times, it will show you, too, in what shape your faith is, and if it isnt too hot, what
the negative feelings are causing, you might have to do all you can to strengthen and improve it. (2015:42)
Sometimes there are rough times. But youve got to learn to deal with them, and to handle them.

There have been awful times for many believers on earth before they got Here, where everything made up for the hard and
rough times they had to go through was over. So, try to trust in better times ahead, even if theyre not visible right now,
okay? (2015:45)
Sometimes the hard times are needed to make a better person out of you, relying more on the help from above, and not
just on ones own strength. (2015:51)
Sorry theyre still sticking around, those tests, but as you may see yourself, faith is going through some tests to show just
how strong it is, which is fairly important, the strength of your faith. (2015:55)
These are your toughest and hardest times, but youre going to have to make it through them, in order to be strengthened
for whats coming up ahead, which wont be any easier to deal with.
So, these may be rough times, and for you, the roughest ever, but keep in mind that this is happening to prepare you to
make it through the roughest times ever in history, if you can make it through there.
Tough times will strengthen you to make it through even tougher ones that might and eventually will be coming, so be
thankful for this tactic of strengthening, instead of being prone to murmur about what youre going through. (2015:56)
The rough times can bring forth deeper and more valuable fruits that are going to strike you as even much more significant
in the times to come, even if right now they still seem a bit hard to take.
The rough and tough times will turn out to be more valuable in the long run: teaching you more, and changing you more,
turning you into a much greater blessing to your fellow mankind and those who in the future might appreciate and benefit
from your help.
So, dont just see the hard and tough times as a disadvantage in your life, but actually those times you will wind up gaining
most of the wisdom from in the long run, and much greater usefulness in the future!
Not all that looks and feels cool and pretty is necessarily all that brings out the true and greatest value of life! Sometimes
the harder things may definitely seem like the harder ones to go through, but once youre through and made it to the goal,
youll see that it was worth it, and more than the easy times! (2015:59)
Unfortunately, the easy times didnt really prepare you for, nor enabled you to cope and deal with the rough times up
Desperate times, as hard as they may be or at least seem, are the best factor to prepare you for even rougher times ahead,
prepare you for troublesome times, and give you a better and stronger character. (2015:60)
Its important you make your efforts to get ahold of Me, My help and input, in order for you to make it through these
tougher times. (2015:61)
The hard times are there for a purpose.
You should be learning something positive from them. (2015:64)
Sometimes you can make it through even rougher times than you expected you would. And its sometimes those rough
and tough times that make you stronger, which is something you shouldnt depreciate or underestimate.
Making it through rough times is - in the end something good for you, and strengthening, even if at first it may seem
weakening to you. At first you may not know how youre going to make it through those times, but in the end youll be
surprised that somehow you were provided with sufficient strength to make it, after all!
Youll see: theres some additional strength available thats able and going to see you through, even at times when youre
tempted to doubt whether youll be able to make it!
Hard times just have their helpful parts in them to serve you somehow to make you stronger; and in the end youll wind up
more thankful for it all, and the whole process. Life isnt always easy, but youll find out that its through the harder parts
that you wind up getting stronger in the end, and thats something youll be thankful for!
The harder and tougher times make you more grateful in the end, and make you turn out more appreciative.
Youll see that those harder times will have had something positive about them, after all, and in the end youre going to
appreciate them, looking back at what they caused in you and made you turn out to be like.
So, even the rough times have got something positive about them to make you wind up being thankful for. (2015:67)
Keep your focus on your Home to come, as much as you can, in order to make It help you bear with your tough trials and
battles there, remembering that itll all be worth it, every hard time and trial youve had to go through.
Make Heaven your goal, vision and purpose, and youll find out itll be a lot easier to put up with it all down there: some
temporal trials and tests to be welcomed by eternal rewards and comfort.
Yes, its a rough time; I see it. But you should also be aware of the fact that whats coming up is going to be even rougher;
so you should get used to being able to handle these rough times. (2015:68)
I know things and circumstances are quite tough for you at the moment, and even if they seem just about unbearable to
you, consider this, that the times to come will even be quite a lot rougher and harder, and getting through some relatively
hard times right now will at least prepare and enable you to make it then! (2015:69)
Just see the tough and hard times youre going through right now as times to draw you closer to Me! The closer to Me you
are or get, the better off youll be in the long run; youll see! (2015:80)

Having to go through hard times has definitely greater educational values than having just easy times to go through.
Let those harder times make you stronger, braver, and less selfish! All the saints had to go through some hard times in
order to make true saints out of them; so dont see the hard and tough times as only negative ones! Let those present
rough times help you to appreciate the easier times of the past and recognize the blessings of them you were able to enjoy,
and yet hardly ever thanked Me for, because you often kept expecting something even better.
Now that youve experienced what hard times people may have to go through during this life, it should be a little easier for
you to appreciate the good and easy times youve had!
Its the hard times that will teach you lessons and values that the easy times cannot do.
Learning to make it through hard times really strengthens your character in a much more valuable way in the long run, than
just getting spoiled by life and its pleasant, easy ways!
So, dont be too shocked anymore by hard times to go through, but appreciate them as more valuable teachers than the
easy ones spoiling you! (2015:86)
There are tests of your faith through not so pleasant circumstances and happenings, but the rougher the circumstance, the
more faith to make it through them you need, and the more you need My input and turn to depend on Me.
Learn to handle trials and tough times!
The tests youre going through, making a greater effort to handle them victoriously might turn out to be worth it in the end.
If the times are rougher than what you can handle, see them as preparations for the even rougher times coming up ahead
with the Endtime! Life may be pretty rough for you right now; but see it mainly as a preparation for the even by far rougher
times up ahead that are coming! (2015:87)
Rough times are pretty much what it takes to change a life and learn the things youre supposed to. (2015:92)
Sometimes the tests in life are there to show whether, with enough input from hell, youre going to turn into one of its
inhabitants, or you manage to stay a child of God.
Sometimes you just have to go through the battles life hands you, and try to make it the best through those tough and hard
tests you can, and not give up! (2015:93)
The time to test your faith has arrived, and I know its fairly rough Are you going to make it?
I know its rough and youre having a hard time, but can you believe in Me, anyway?
I know its a rough test of faith, but if its real and turns out to survive it, those tests turn out making it stronger, and as I
told you before, greater strength in your faith is what youll need in the times to come.
The hard times will turn out to be what makes you stronger than the easy times, and theyll definitely turn out showing their
advantage in the times to come. (2015:95)
Remember what I told you repeatedly over taking and accepting the harder times? And accepting what I'm putting before
you to take is a sign of yieldedness, instead of thinking you know better. (2015:98)
Learning to trust Me even when the circumstances aren't seeming so hot is what tests of faith are mainly all about, and
something worth going through, even if it's not exactly one of the most popular parts. (2015:99)
Let the tough times serve you as a good tactic to turn you into the kind of being youre supposed to be!
One of the sad parts of the tale of humanity: that the tough times are more helpful to give them desirable characters than
only the good and easy times
Whatever trouble there may come, arise, or will be, Were above it, can handle it and will get you out of it eventually.
Let the tough times serve you as a good teacher and tactic to turn you into the kind of being youre supposed to be!
One of the sad parts of the tale of humanity: that the tough times are more helpful to give them desirable characters than
only the good and easy times
So, rough times up ahead? Dont worry! Theyll make a better man out of you!
Times arent going to be easier, and youll just have to get used to the rough and tough times! (2015:103)
Get used to asking Me for help regularly and to cheer you up, so that you can overcome any trials and attacks of the enemy
you might have to deal with. (2015:107)
Rough times are better at working on your character and making you less spoiled. So, dont complain too much about
having to go and make it through these rougher times than you had before! Theyre preparing you for whats to come,
should make you stronger, so that youll have chances to make it through at all.
I know your current times are difficult, and harder for you to go through than pretty much all of what youve had to go
through before; but the reason and purpose for that is to prepare you for the roughest time ever, up ahead in history.

The comparatively hard and tough times youre having to go through, are supposed to help to get you into a more humble,
and thus, better state.
So, put up with the toughness of the time, and accept the fact that itll help you become stronger for the even tougher
times up ahead!

Life isnt easy as it is, I know, but its a test, in order for you to have to face what you can handle in the nearby future, and
dont let it be too much in a way that youll wish youd have acted differently when you probably could have, if you had
tried a little harder to do so!
Try to bear with the roughness and toughness of the current stretch of your life, and let it serve to make you stronger, so
that youll also make it through whats up ahead! (2015:112)
Can you manage to trust in Me to help you overcome all the troubles youre having to encounter in your life? What else
would I be good for, if I couldnt? What else could I be trying to teach you through the troubles youre having to go through
and make it through?
I know its a rough stage of your life, and pretty much the roughest, but trust Me that itll serve to pep you up for the even
rougher times to come! (2015:128)
Get ready for the tough times, during which you wont be able to take planned incidents for the coming day, week or month
for granted, either. (2015:134)
That would be faith: to see a good reason for something Im allowing to happen to you that you cannot see any good in
Maybe its a spanking; maybe its a measure to prevent something worse Maybe a bit of both of them Maybe another
test of faith, making you wonder how a God of Love can allow something like this to happen to one of His children...
Well, definitely a test of the faith in a God of Love, since its a bit hard to understand how or why a God Whos supposed to
be Love would allow something awful happen to you and not even allow the medications to work youre taking.
Yes, its a strong test of faith! Can you believe in such a God, allowing this, to be a God of Love, anyway?
It might be good to be able to keep the faith in His Love, even with bad things happening to you, because there will be even
worse things happening to this world, making you doubt and wonder all the more, unless you manage to keep your faith
anyway, even if you couldnt possibly understand why Your Creator is allowing certain things to happen to you.
Can you make it through such tests of faith and still believe that the Father loves you?
Its quite a test of faith, and similar to the one that Job had to go through, and maybe its a comfort that there used to be
someone else having to go through something similar. Well, he obviously lived a better life afterwards, and maybe you can
keep your faith and vision pointed toward that: a better Hereafter.
Sometimes its your task to accept what life is handing you as positively and victoriously as possible!
If the times arent easy, but rough, dont you think theyre there to make you stronger, and teach you greater dependence
on Me and your help from Above?
Can you trust Us, that We know what Were doing by permitting your having to go through tough times, because We know
that the ones coming will even be tougher, and youre having to learn to deal and put up with it? (2015:135)
To rely more on Me and your help from above is a challenge, and a testing of your faith that comes in a little hard at first,
especially once youd been used for decades to rely on your own talents and fortes, but as far as the future of the world is
concerned, youll only make it through the help from Above! (2015:138)
Troubled times draw you closer to Me and strengthen your trust in Me, because you need Me more desperately.
Someday youll be more sorry for the way youre failing this test of faith than the feelings of disappointment youre
experiencing right now, instead of holding on to your faith in a more victorious manner!
Some day youll realize that this was a point at which you failed to pass the test, and youll be sorry. Doesnt that sound
like itd be more worthy to hang on through it and make it through these tests of faith? (2015:140)
Hard times arent bad times! They teach you the most, in the long run, and in the end will make you all the more thankful
for the Hereafter. Even if you dont catch the sense and purpose of it all right now, in the end, you will, and everything will
make sense.
We wont let you down! Even if it may look like it temporarily, when the enemy has fought for his right to put you to the
test. In the end, youll see the reward, when youll have made it to hold on to your faith, and you made it through the tests!
If theyre hard times for you, theyre never hard times for Us to take care of you. Theyre even the best, because We know
thats when you need us the most. (2015:141)
Get used to the fact that you need My help, and youre going to need it all the more, the tougher times get.
Sorry that it got a lot rougher than you could count on and expected, but trust Me that in order to get prepared to make it
through the roughest time on earth ever, its better to learn how to make it through rough times, than to continue to be
Its time you learn to make it through rough and tough times, and that just doesnt happen by only going through easy
I know, life is rough for you right now. But trust Me that thats the way youll learn to make it through the part thats going
to be a lot rougher! You may not be thankful right now for what youre going through, but then you will be for realizing that
this has been preparing you, strengthening and helping you to make it through the roughest part ever; and without the
necessary preparation and learning how to deal with and handle tough times, it just might not work out to get through the
even rougher part.
Life may be full of trials and tests for you right now, but like this youre going to learn how to handle the trials and tests
that the Endtime is going to bring along!
Keep trusting that this hard times going to make a better person out of you than if I would have allowed life to keep
spoiling you.

Trust Me that the tough times are going to make you better in the long run, even if at present you dont feel much like it!
Youve got to learn to deal with trouble, and handle it, not let it wipe you out and put you down so easily! Things shouldnt
be that hard on you! Youve got to learn to takeem better! (2015:144)
Trials and tests come from the inability of giving God the glory for the good things, and instead blame Him for anything
thats not running perfect, which in a world being run by His enemy, folks shouldnt really be too shocked about.
If bad things happen to you, dont get so frustrated about it: There were great people of God and followers of Mine whove
had much worse things happening to them, and they managed them victoriously, and even cheerfully.
So, make your effort to handle the battles and trials as cheerfully as you can, which will make the final result a lot more
victorious as well!
Dont see the battles and trials as such a negative part!
Lean on the Force that created all things and keeps running a lot more things way beyond the length of your current life on
earth! Theres more to come! And all these momentary trials, tests and even sufferings youre going through will look so
tiny and unimportant in comparison to what youll enjoy then. (2015:145)
If you feel like youre in extremely hard times during which you cant make it on your own, dont view it too negatively, but
as something to draw you closer to Me and make your dependence on Me and your help from Above stronger, because
youll need it, according to the way the world is headed.
Its the toughness of things that makes you stronger, more capable of dealing with things, conditions and ways the world
just is, and tending to become a lot worse through future changes.
Harder and tougher ways often are what causes to learn to appreciate more the easier and better times had. (2015:146)
Learn how to deal with the hard times! (2015:148)
The tougher the times get, the more you need to learn to cope with it by coming towards Me for My help, and Ive told you
that the times will get tougher!
I know its difficult for you, and tougher and harder than pretty much ever before, but you just have to deal with it and learn
to cope with it by coming towards Me for My help on a more steady and regular basis, because the tougher the times get,
the more you need that.
No matter how rough it gets for you, it could always be rougher! Its a good training for you to learn how to handle the
tough attacks from the enemy, which is necessary for you to make it through the even darker times to come.
Just going through easy times doesnt make folks stronger, and doesnt enable them to go through rough times, so do
your best to view these hard times youre having to go through right now as something positive! (2015:149)
With Me as the leading Guide, youll make it, even through the hard times!
The hardest times of history are still before you, so, instead of trying to escape and avoid them, seek to make it through
them with My help, and all help from Above you can get! It may be quite of a bit of a challenge, but then, itll also be a proof
for many others that theres a way to make it, and a better Source somewhere than what the enemy will put on display.
When he takes over the worlds rule, itll be the time of greatest trials on earth, but as you keep making it through it, you
will give hope to others. (2015:156)
The hard times youre having to deal with are making you stronger to deal with the times to come!
What Were allowing to happen to you will ultimately turn out to be the best, even if it may seem a bit hard for you
temporarily! Ultimately, youll get the point that it will have been the best, even if right now it may seem so hard you can
hardly bear it!
Dealing with times that arent perfectly the way youd expect them not only tests your faith, but also strengthens it, the way
it ought to be.
Thankfulness for the tough times is the hardest task. But remember that theyre what will teach you the most (if you
takeem the way you should) and prepare you for whats to come! - Ready for that? And apart from that, they draw you
closer to Me and your heavenly help. (15:157)
Being called out of the system always bears its amounts of trials and tests to pull you back in somehow and eventually,
unless you become really aware of the enemys attempts to do that and manage to resist him.
Becoming aware of whose and what forces are ruling that world makes you more conscious and aware of the need of not
falling for his trials and temptations, but getting used to resisting them instead. (15:159)
Dont let the differing doctrines of others drag you down! Just see it as another test of faith, and make an effort to pass that
test and keep on believing in a God of Love, not one that will curse you with everlasting hellfire even though youve
received Me, just because you didnt manage to be perfect during your earthly life!
Some tests are passable through a simple choice. (15:161)
Most people have their tough parts in life to go through.
Its a test of faith Faith isnt something that always stays on the same level, but sometimes has to be made stronger and
needs to grow, and sometimes needs to be tested to see or show how real it is.
You realize how much tough times can test your faith in a God of Love But if its a tough test now, how much tougher do
you think it will be with the big troubles on Earth coming, with the final part of the devil himself ruling pretty much the
whole world during the last 3 years of world history known as the Great Tribulation?

It will either be strengthened, that faith, during the hard and tough times, or wiped out and pulled away! So, Id say, do
some hard fighting and resisting the enemy, in order to keep it alive and growing, instead of slipping away! Amen?
You need to learn how to cope with tough times! (15:162)
I know its a bit harder to trust and believe in Our Love when bad things are happening, and its quite a test of faith, but do
all you can to keep believing anyway, and youll see, it will have been the right thing to do! (15:163)
Whats coming about is severely tough times And it means, not to keep allowing yourself what you used to! It may have
been acceptable and pardonable in times before, but they are changing, and youve got to get ready to deal with, and
handle rougher ones! (15:165)
How about doing the best to go through the trials and tests that you can? How about trying a bit harder to make it and win
the battle? (15:169)
Even though the current state of your life has many battles and trials for you to deal with, trust Me, that its going to be worth it all
when you get Here! (15:177)

Its better to be prepared for hard and tough times, than shocked by them when they come.
Just a bit more realistic concerning the matter of who runs it, and remembering the prophecies about the hard times facing
the world towards the enemys ultimate reign of it (15:179)
Believe in Something Better than what surrounds you down there! - A better Reason for your existence youre currently
having trials with! (15:182)
Sometimes tests of faith test you in order for all of us including you to find out how much you manage to put up with,
how much you can bear, or how much stronger you could get, since the times to come may easily demand more strength
from you to have to make it and resist all the attacks of the enemy in the attempt to weaken you, if not to wipe you out
completely down there. (15:185)
Its a rough time youre having to go through, but let it draw you closer to Me! (15:186)
Thats what tests of faith do: check whether you really believe what I promise and tell you, even if it seems as if it would
require a miracle to make it come true and happen in the physical
Believe in what Im saying? Believe that I am able to do it through you, even when it doesnt seem possible that way in the
physical? (15:188)
There could always be worse things than what youre having to go through and face in this life.
The sufferings and hard times that you have to go through are what will ultimately make you stronger and help you make it
through the hardest times awaiting the world. So, just learn how to deal with the tough times and to make it through them a
bit better! (15:189)
Tough times arent that easy to get through and make it through, but theyll definitely make you appreciate the Thereafter!
Appreciate these hard times as preparation for whats to come and why youll make it in the future! (15:190)
The easier way isnt always the best! The harder ways and paths will make you stronger at times, even if at first it may
seem they only weaken you. But what apparently weakens you, as you might know by now, and as is mentioned in My
Word, may just turn out to make you stronger, after all, and strengthen you and help you manage to make it, even if it may
not have seemed as if you would.
Easier is not always necessarily better Sometimes the harder it goes and the more help from Above you need, the better
in the end itll all turn out to be! (15:193)
Many things are not working out so splendidly, and theyre quite a test of faith when they dont but rely on even those
tests to make you stronger in the Spirit, no matter how rough they all may have been!
Rough tests make you stronger! You can rely on that! (15:195)
You just have to learn to deal with what life is handing you, even if it seems a bit hard. Just trust Me, that the hard times are
what will make you strong enough to deal with the even harder times to come: the hardest time on earth, ever.
Sometimes youve just got to go through some hard and tough lessons to help you appreciate both, the good things
youve had, and the good and even far better ones to come
Consider it a test of your faith in order to find out whether youll make it, whether your faith will survive those hard times
and even harder ones to come! (15:201)
Rough times are mainly just reminders that youre not going to make it through this world all on your own, but need that
help from Above
Its rough and a tough means: you just need to get used to depending on Our help from Above (15:204)

I admit, its a pretty rough situation for you, and pretty much the toughest youve ever been through, thats testing your
faith a lot! - Quite some trials and tests to go through, and you dont know quite for sure whether youll make it through
there Well, that proves that its a tough test, and a strong trial of your faith, which is bound to make it stronger, if you
make it through it. (15:216)
You wonder, Why did things go so much easier before, and now so difficult? Well, they were getting harder, but
unfortunately you werent getting close enough to really apply for My help every step of the way until I hope you are
When things are going too easily, folks just dont pray as much as they ought to until the circumstances start getting
harder and tougher. Can you see now why its necessary to allow things to turn that way, if communication and application
for Our help is going to be so necessary in later years or times of trouble? What other way to prepare you than make you
more familiar with troublesome times you need to learn to make it through?
If you had learned the things Ive been trying to teach you before, this wouldnt be so necessary. But obviously, you
havent. So, its time you learn it now through some harder, tougher teaching methods, which is what you could also call
those trials and tests. (15:218)
When you get a rough time in life, its there to see (for both, you and Us) how youll make it. So, things arent easy. But is
that going to cause you to complain, or try to make the best of it you can?
Rough times are the strongest ones to learn from so, just make it through them the best you can! (15:219)
The hard times should draw you closer to Me, make you depend on Me and your help from Above more, and thus bring
about a positive change, even if right now it strikes you as a bit of a negative feature. (15:226)
Just make it through these rough and tough times youre having to deal with, and trust that theyll make you stronger,
instead of weaker. So, just handle them, and trust Me that Ill give you the strength you need in order to make it, and as a
result make you stronger, and more used to take these tough times and thus, handle whats coming in the future.
Let the hard times make you stronger!
If you have to go through rotten, hard times, just let them make you stronger, and, even if its a hard thing to do: trust Me
that Im not letting you handle more than you can, even if it may seem like it, temporarily.
Having to go through hard times, just appreciate it as a process of making you stronger!
Take it as an experience thatll make you stronger and able to handle more of whats to come!
Going through battles together is what can strengthen unity. Even if its battles youre going through because of them. Just
making it through rough scenes can strengthen unity, your faith, and the things you need to make it through whats
coming. (15:227)
Dont be too troubled about tough times, but see it as the preparation you need for whats coming up ahead!
The hard times are what makes you feel less at home in that world, and thus might eventually lead to making you feel more
at Home Here where I am.
If life is rough and tough, let it serve you to rely and depend on Me and your help from Above.
Its not time anymore to trust and rely on your own strengths and capacities! Its time to learn to depend on the ones from
Above, from Up Here, your future Home you should prepare for!
And the way to do that is not through continuing to go through easy times down there but having to go through hard
times, teaching you to look Up ahead toward your eternal future Home! (15:229)
Youve got to get prepared for harder times, and not take the easy times for granted.
Just remember that there are quite some lessons to learn, and... well, it's the hard times that mostly teach them.
When things aren't moving exactly the way you like, it means they might be a test for you and teach you how to handle
imperfect situations. (2015:230)
Life having become harder is part of the preparation for the Endtime thats heading towards your planet, along with your
personal preparation for whats coming to you afterwards, or after life down there: Hard times just make you more ready
for your farewell from down there, along with all the lessons youre supposed to learn about how not to be, think and do
If its all not that grand and rosy as youd prefer things in life to be, just take it by faith that the harder times are proper
preparation for whats to come. (2015:232)
There are tougher times up ahead you ought to prepare for, and what could be preparing you better for tough times up
ahead than the rough and tough incidents youre experiencing now?
Its good preparation to be learning and adjusted to putting up with rough times when the roughest ever are just ahead of
Being used to handling and dealing with tough times will be helpful.
If youre going through tough times right now, see them as necessary preparation for the toughest ever to come!
So, do your best to get used to those times of trouble!
Its necessary to get used to them, since the roughest ever are to come!
Times are rough, because theyre going to get even rougher so, get used to it! (2015:234

Hardly knowing how to make it through rough times should get you to cling closer to Me and My strength, power and help
from Above, and that of Heaven, thats available to you! (2015:238)
Things are getting tougher for you these days to teach you that without Our help towards the end, you wouldnt make it.
But, of course, Wed want you to!
The hard times are not just punishment, even if some of what youre going through may be correction for some mistakes
youre making Wed like you to settle. (2015:244)
Dont be too disappointed that things are getting a bit harder and tougher for you! One day youll be grateful for that
preparation Im putting you through, trust Me! (2015:248)
Not much of a clue on how to make it through the tough times? Try to avail yourself of that heavenly help from Up Here
Getting through rough times means getting prepared for the roughest ever to come. (2015:251)
It may be a tough time in a world getting harder and tougher for you, but thats why youve got to keep up your connection
with Me and let it become stronger! (16:2)
Rough times teach you to make it through the rougher ones to come! (16:6)
Dont take it too bitterly if Im having to put you through hard times. Hard times are what that world is heading for, for the
wrongs committed by man, and youre going to have to get used to it and prepared for the tougher parts to come. (16:12)
Just take things the way they come!
Many of My followers had to take a tough road including Myself and all My disciples, and true believers and Christians
ever since.
I know, its a tough test of faith to go through the hard and rough times, but well, thats what all true followers and folks
of faith have had to do. (16:13)
Rough times are there to make you stronger in Me the only strength available ready to deal with whats there to come!

Youve just got to learn to take the tough times, and not let them weaken your faith. It could be easier, and you feel like it
should be better, but then learning to deal with the facts about life: who it is that runs the world due to peoples choices
for his offers instead of Mine, and making the best you can out of it somehow Its one of the main purposes of life.
Learning how to handle troublesome times with My help
So, take it, whatever comes, and learn how to handle it the best you can! (16:22)
Some times make the better ones of people more so than the purely easy and largely fun times.
The best folks in Earths history had to go through some hard times of trials, troubles and tribulation.
So, knowing all these truths in theory should enable you to cope with some actions and incidents in your life according to
them being made something better out of through hard times of trouble and some suffering. (16:23)
When youre low, thats a reminder that you need Us, Our Help, Strength and the Source of Creation from Above to make it
through the difficult and hard times, of which the toughest ever are still coming. (16:24)
Thats why you have to deal with trouble as a child of God: in order to learn to do and behave better than when everything
runs so easily and blissful that you may be tempted to get spoiled through it. (16:26)
Its the tough and rough times that make you stronger! And thats just what you need right now: Get stronger in the Spirit!

If its rough times, well take the chance to apply for My help, and experience the difference itll make! (16:31)
I know its rough. But not as rough as the darker times coming!
So, make it through these rough times, so that you gain the strength youll need to make it through the rougher times to
come! (16:33)
If youre going through hard and cold times down there, they should make you appreciate and look forward at whats to
come for those who have chosen to believe in and receive Me as their Savior. (16:34)
Its good to get used to the tough times, believe it or not. (16:37)
Sorry, but having to make it through the rough times is on the schedule right now, to get prepared for whats to come.

Put up with the slightly harder times, and let them make you stronger in order to make you more capable of bearing with
the harder ones inevitably to come!

So, can you put up with the circumstances of having to let Us help you make it through lifes harder times, instead of
complaining about it whenever theyre not perfect? (16:42)
The tough times are a reminder that thats not your home down there, and that a better Place is waiting for you when your
time down there is over.
Times of trouble are reminders that the worlds not your home and a better Ones waiting for you.
Going through hard, rough and tough times? Take it as a part of the highest will for you, in order for you not to settle with
the state of the world and winding up feeling like part of it! (16:43)
Youre having to go through rough times again, but learning to handle them is the only thing that might help to make you
strong enough to manage to deal with whats up ahead!
Trouble is the challenge that brings you into the situation to deal with it, which you dont really manage without help from
Above, but how else do you even ask for it, unless that troubles there?
So, if the troubled times help to make you more prayerful that should pretty much clarify for you why theyre allowed to
come around at all! (16:44)
How can you take the hardships, pains and difficult times? How can you stay in or gain the victory, and a victorious
attitude in spite of it all? How can you put up with it? Its a challenge and test of faith, but if you pass it, that faith will be
stronger, and an aid to make it through even harder times to come. (16:46)
Instead of letting the things that life brings make you angry, allow them to make you humbler and more compassionate,
remembering that others have to go through far worse sufferings. Keeping the faith that your Creator knows a bit better
whats best for you in order to make of your character what He knows is best, even if that includes some hard times.
To get desperate and dependent enough on Our help to make it through and fulfill your purpose on Earth, the easy times
just wont do. Troubles have their purpose; thats why theyre allowed.
Going through hard times? Well, so did I. And as you can tell from the Gospel of John, I would have preferred to do without
it, but some things we just cant get around, and that, unfortunately, also includes a bit of suffering, as a lesson on the
price to pay for allowing to fall for the enemys temptations, another one of the greatest lessons in the history of mankind.

Even if its tough times, dont seek to make it out of them a.s.a.p., but stick through it and remember the fact that We still
need you and your services down there, even if right now it doesnt look or seem very pleasant.
Rough times may not be very pleasant, but they should make a better and more pleasant person out of you to have around.
Its hard to trust in the rough times being a manner of improvement, but if I tell you so, could you come up with the
capacity to believe Me?
Hard times are supposed to make more of a man out of you, instead of a spoiled kid and child of God! (16:48)
The rough times are more important to learn things from than the easy ones. And there are still some things to learn. How
you manage to deal with troubled times is one of the factors that show your character. (16:51)
If times are rough, remember, so they were for Me, although I told My followers thered be even rougher times up ahead.
To make it through tough times through faith now, that is what faith is all about to start with!
So, take the tough times youre going through as part of that life of faith! Faith in Something better to come!
Times of trouble are what you have to learn how to take, with the greatest trouble of world history yet and about to come!

The rough parts of life are supposed to teach you more than the good and easy times are able to.
So, youve got some troubles and trials to go through? Learn from them all that you can!
The rough times make you stronger through availing yourself of the help and support from Up Here, which, during the
good and easy times you dont feel you need that much. But learning to need them is the best preparation for times to
come! (16:61)
According to your faith Ill see you through the times of trouble! And one of the ways to gain that faith is through the
problems and trials youre having to deal with and overcome with My help right now! (16:62)
Going through trials in a world run by our enemy isnt a negative sign.
Consider the trials part of the preparation for whats ahead of you!
The only way to prepare you for it is having you pass through tough times already.
So its rough times? Get used to it, for theyll be even much rougher in times to come!
So, all you can do right now is learn to put up with and handle the rough times, for there are rougher ones coming. (16:63)
The more you get used to making it through hard times, the more likely it will be to make it through the toughest times to
Its hard to go through tough times, but see their sense and purpose: to strengthen you!
Even the hard times have their advantage. And when you tend to forget them, remember: strengthening!
The comparatively easy times had the tendency to spoil you and thus, spiritually weaken you.
So, see the sense and purpose of the hard times, and dont let them drag you down!

Learn to be able to put up with the hard times, knowing that theyve got a reason and purpose! (16:65)
Theres that cleansing factor about the hard and tough times of trials, tests and purging A cleansing factor that some
simply still need before theyre ready to enter the perfect Place.
Unfortunately, some hard times and sufferings are about the only thing thatll do the trick. (16:66)
In order to stand a chance to make it through the roughest of all times, you just need to learn to make it through the rough
times, even if thats not something you like.
Youre just going to have to learn to make it through the rough times with My Help.
It may be rougher to learn when youre not used to it, but thats what these not so pleasant times are for.
The dark times make some features of mankind stronger some of the positive ones, and in some cases its the proof of
love, just as My death on the cross was the proof and sign of My and the Fathers Love for mankind. (16:75)
If you want to make it, youll have to learn to put up with rougher times than what youve been passing through!
Rough times around you? Rougher ones up ahead of you! So, its just a fact you need to get prepared for. (16:76)
Its not easy what youre having to go through, and will have to; but those hard times will have the desired effect on you to
make of you more of what I want you to be. (16:82)
With as rough as things around you are getting now, We definitely dont want to be the Ones making things rougher for
you. (16:83)
Easy times taken for granted can lead to tough times.
Just know that if there are some tough times you have to go through, theres a reason for it.
Being someone used to rough times, the time coming wont be as hard for them.
So, just see the current process as one of un-spoiling you, getting you ready to deal with the hard times coming!
Those used to hard times will have their advantages compared to those not being used to hard times at all.
So, try to take these hard times with a little more grace, for a lot more grace will be necessary to make it through whats to
come! (16:91)
Your spiritual enemies know your toughest times, and their opportunity to give you trials; so thats the time to call out for
Me and get in touch with Me, your Hope to make it through.
See it as training, the temporal stretch youre going through, in order to handle the real tough times! (16:96)
Youve just got to make it through somehow through the tough times, because there are tougher ones to come!
These rough times are supposed to prepare you, and thus help you make it through the roughest to come.
Its not the easy times that strengthen your faith!
Its a fight to make it through the tough times but fight the good fight of faith (1.Tim.6:12)! (16:97)