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If you continue to be willing and keep saying Yes to Me, I will cleanse you, free you from every chain, and I will
mightily use you. (I:2)
Sign a blank sheet of paper everyday and let Me fill in the details! You dont have to know everything in advance, I do.
I want you to be ready and willing to accept anything I may ask you, whenever it may come!
Open up your hearts, like a flower would open up her petals to the sun, and let Me shine deep into your hearts! (I:58)
Let Me take you over and make you over! (I:84)
Nothing is impossible and there are no limits to what I can do with a man who is determined to let Me use him. (I:103)
Obedience comes with the yielding. (I:140)
A missionary is a man or woman who is utterly dedicated and yielded to Me, not holding anything back. (I:207)
Only few have the trust and yieldedness to truly commit their life into My hands and say, Lord, do with me as Thou
wilt! Or Use me as You best see fit! (I:297)
To bring about My will in a persons life, I use desperation or frustration to break people, humble them.
The question is whether a person will yield to Me in all this, trust Me that My wisdom is greater than their own in
allowing certain apparent injustices to happen, or whether they will allow a root of bitterness to spring forth in their
heart. (I:333)
When I'm putting before you an option to do the absolutely radical, contrary-to-all-your-rational-reasoning, how radical
are you? How sold out for Me are you? How willing to really say "Yes!" to Me without reservations? (I:417)
As long as you're yielded to Me and you declare in our unwritten daily contract that you are Mine and I can do with you
what I will, you can safely assume that I will, and that I will use every minute to prepare you to the utmost for that
purpose of your existence that will render the greatest possible amount of fruit for My Kingdom. (I:424)
If you limit Me to only use you under conditions and specific circumstances, you're also limiting Me to only bless you
with a certain amount of the joy and rewards of what total yieldedness would bring. (I:563)
The things I would want from you come from the spirit of letting go of the flesh, of yielding it, surrendering it and laying
it down. (I:576)
Total freedom only comes through total surrender to Me.
You have to yield every day, at every turn and decision that requires a "yes" to Me from you.
Receiving My help in this daily, through My instructions of what it is I want you to forsake and what area I want you to
yield more and progress in is vital. (II:132)
Only in the yielding to My better judgment and humbly and gratefully accepting the job and the slot in life I assigned
you to can you find peace and can you start walking the way of true accomplishment, fruitfulness and fulfillment in Me.

I want you to yield and give up the controls over your life fully into My hand. Only when you can truly do that are you
able to fully trust Me for everything, that everything that comes your way, no matter how bizarre, weird or irrational it
may seem, is only the very best possible choice of Mine for you and will bring nothing but the best possible results for
you. (II:213)
Thats the kind of yieldedness I need and want from you: the surrender to the Big Plan, not your own, and rest in the
knowledge that the Planner will see it through, no matter whether you feel capable of it or not. (2011:63)
How about yielding to the challenges I bring along in your life and rolling with the flow, trusting that I know what Im
doing and allowing only whats for your best? (2011:85)
Those who are yielded to My will instead of wielding great agendas of their own can testify of freedoms that those who
are bound by their own selfish desires and whims can only dream of.
So, if you want total freedom, youre wise to yield to Me and My wishes for you.
Thats precisely what yieldedness is all about: you trust Me for the outcome, do what I bid you to do, even if you
cannot quite see yet whether this is really the best you could possibly do, or whether its a good path at all Im leading
you on. You just trust and know by faith that I dont lead you down the wrong road. (2011:89)

The point is not where you are, but much more importantly, what you are, and what by My grace youre becoming, if
you yield to the process Im carrying out in your life to bring about the desired changes. (2011:102)
The problem is when you dont yield to accept what Im doing in your life, but resist what Im trying or fail to get the
lesson. (2011:105)
Im not talking about self-perfection or -improvement, but when it is I Who wants to work on you to improve, purify and
make you better, its a different story, and you should yield to it and quietly allow Me to do My work. (2011:110)
Yieldedness doesnt always come easy. Human will is only too eager to interfere with My interests on your behalf. But I
do respect and honor the efforts of those who at least try to keep Me in the first place in their lives and make My will
their priority.
Yieldedness isnt just a one-time click or switch where you decide that My will be done in your life, but its basically a
constant and new day-to-day effort. (2011:123)
If this is your cup, the one I handed to you, then drink it! Follow the counsel of those who told you to praise Me for
those bad things as much as Youd praise Me for the good. Thats yieldedness. (2011:149)
The sooner you realize and accept that Im only giving you what you truly need, instead of trying to resist and reject it,
the sooner youll be off the hook, and the better off youre going to be.
I can make anything happen that a human soul is willing and ready for. (2012:3)
Whatever is supposed to be accomplished by you that will be considered true and lasting achievement will have to be
accomplished by Me through you and by no other factor than your own yieldedness to My will. (2012:8)
You will find true and total freedom in yielding to My will for you and surrendering your own. (2012:10)
The wisest thing you can do is just yield to My better judgment and surrender your own will and possible preferences
to what I happen to know to be the ultimately better path for you, even if that may not exactly coincide with your own
The truly great men of faith through the ages gave My judgment the priority over their own. They didnt think they were
smarter than I, but yielded to whatever I showed them or led them to do, even if, according to their own reasoning, it
may have seemed irrational.
It doesnt really matter so much where you are, as it does how much in tune with Me you are. (2012:12)
When you can accept where you are and what youre doing as precisely where you should be and what you should be
doing, youll experience more lasting fulfillment than you can find in any sort of entertainment. (2012:31)
One thing is trying or attempting to change yourself in your own carnal efforts and become whatever you idealize;
another is to yield to My workings in your life to make the changes I think are most necessary.
People like to have control over their lives, but part of life is just yielding to and coming to grips with the fact that when
it all comes down to it, ultimately they dont. (20112:38)
There may be a number of factors responsible for your not finding the sort of fulfillment youre longing for: You might
be looking in the wrong direction, or you may not be yielding to whats My will for you and accept it with the necessary
gratitude. (2012:93)
Why not try to find it in you to embrace the situation youre in, instead of ever seeking to escape from it, ever yearning
for something better looming on a distant, imaginative horizon? (2012:98)
Just like trials and tests, its a bit hard to accept and welcome lashes of love, but as is promised, they bear
peaceable fruit of righteousness (Heb.12:11).
The truth is, theyre actually easier to take and are even less painful when you yield to them, and say, sort of like Mary
to the angel, Let it be done unto me as You please.
So, yieldedness to chastisement is a realistic part of yielding and submission. (2012:154)
Yielding to My will is fairly important (2014:23)
Being yielded to My will is one of the smartest and wisest thing you can do. (2014:25)
Staying in touch with Me after a crisis youve been through physically and mentally, should show and teach you some
things, but it also shows how real and important your faith is and has been.
Since the value of this time on Earth went down for you a lot, its becoming more important for you to pay more
attention to the Spirit World and life coming after this one - Yielding more to the Spirit. (2014:142)
Try to keep ahold of Me more through prayer and yielding your life more to others by being ready to give them more of

Me! (2014:154)
To prepare you for the Spirit World in general couldnt be wrong. So, why resist it, if thats the case? Why not just yield
to it and get ready for whats to come, which believe Me is going to turn out a lot better than the there and now for
you? (2014:168)
Sometimes you wonder why Im allowing certain things and dont work out other ways to make it easier and more
comfy for you
So, let these situations in your life help to teach you what things could, and sometimes should be like, and try to yield
to My will! (2015:62)
It may be a tough season, but learning to take it as well as you can is the best you can do!
So, take it! Be humble enough to learn to deal with it, and stop murmuring! Remember that what I allow to happen to
you is the best I know you need at the time, and take it!
I know its not easy, but do you remember what I told you repeatedly over taking and accepting the harder times? And
accepting what I'm putting before you to take is a sign of yieldedness, instead of thinking you know better.
Just try to make it, yielding humbly to what I put before you to take and accept! Trust Me that its the way you need to
learn to go! (2015:98)
The more you let Me take it over, the better it gets for you! (2015:101)
Learning to yield to the will of Those from Above is something thats necessary: humility, instead of pride and thinking
you know better. (2015:104)
We can help you make it, if your attitude and willingness, as well as your yieldedness are turned in the right direction!

Youre not so fond of going through those tough times ahead, but its Our will for you, since youve got a purpose for
us to fulfill through it. (2015:113)
What youve got to learn, youve just got to, and theres no way around it, so, just get ready for it! Its part of yielding to
the will of the Father from Above, Who knows best what you still and truly need.
So, just take it, whats coming at you, and yield to the Fathers will, trusting fully in the fact that He knows best what
you really need and could handle the most.
Trust that He knows best! And dont resist His will, nor resist what He allows to happen to you. It may be a little hard
to handle and yield to at first, but once youve learned that, youll consider it all worth it, and youll even wind up
grateful for what it all will have taught you. (2015:129)
What if I have a plan for you? Wouldnt it be better to yield to that and submit your fate to Our will? Even if it may not
be that easy? (2015:135)

Just yield to whats happening, knowing that it comes from My hand to help you get ready! (2015:143)
I can use you. If you let Me! It basically takes yielding your life to My will, and putting your trust and confidence in it.
Yielding to Our will for you is a wise move, trust Me! So much wiser than what most people do who are leaning to
their own understanding and perception of it all. (2015:181)
Be willing to do whatever youre called to do at the time being; yielding to what I happen to ordain as your temporal
task! (2015:207)
Thy will be done means youll bow to the desire of what We want, and not just what you wish for and desire! (2016:35)
Youve just got to yield to the fact that there are harder times to learn to put up with, and life isnt just about having fun!
So, take things the way they come! Acceptance of what life has to bring is part of the yieldedness. (2016:42)
Whatever comes, accept it as from Me!
Yielding to My leadings, even when theyre not it the direction youd have preferred to go is a good sign, and you can
already feel a comforting spirit as a result! So, keep up the yielding! (2016:76)
All depends on what spirit you yield to.
So, yield to Me and the Holy Spirit from Above, and youll realize which of the two sources is stronger and in the end
will turn out the victorious One. (2016:90)