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Count your blessings and assess all Im doing for you, gather the sum of what youve learned, and testify of them. (I:14)
Enjoy My blessings! Enjoy them a little bit more everyday by reminding yourself of them more often. See what you can come up
with, that you can be so thankful for! (I:26)
Thank Me daily for your children, because one day youre going to see like I see, and realize just what a blessing they are. (I:27)
Love your neighbor by not wasting their time with profanities, but by blessing them with showers of light when you open your
mouth. (I:28)
How blessed are those who pour out their hearts to Me in prayer every day.
Pull down My blessings upon your fellowmen and thereby be a blessing unto your fellowmen!
They might just happen to help you, too, by sharing their material blessings with you. (I:50)
Silent, cheerful joy unspeakable, that small personal trademark of the saints, the reward for believing and acting on the
knowledge that it is more blessed to give than to receive. (I:51)
Love, the driving force of our celestial realm to want to do anything they can to be a blessing and a help to anyone, great or
small, lowly or great. All that is required is that you ask, and they will answer and intervene and help you with anything you
might need help with. (I:65)
Sometimes, when youve been disobedient, you start worrying whether Ill still bless you, but I will, as long as you return to Me
and do your best to learn from your mistakes and not to repeat them. (I:71)
If you had a glimpse of the blessings I have in store for you when you pass those tests the way you should, you would put on
your best behavior, there would be no complaint or murmur on your lips, only praise!
You want My blessings? Then give! (I:77)
Just keep your face focused on Me, and no matter what you do or what happens, its going to be an enhancement, an
improvement for the better and a blessing for you (Ro.8:28).
Whatever the circumstances are, I want you to look past and beyond them, through them, at the hidden blessing, the greater
victory which will come about through seeming defeat; at the lessons and wisdom gained by means of an apparent loss, at the
greater purpose of God, at the greater good which will always come forth out of supposed evil for those who love Me, at the
beauty which will come out of the ashes of the old.
If you could see as I see, you would know that those apparent and seeming burdens are one of the greatest blessings,
treasures and privileges ever bestowed upon you. (I:84)
Prove Me now herewith if I will not open unto you the windows of Heaven and pour forth such a blessing that there shall not be
room enough to hold it.
Find out how much more blessed it is to give than to receive! (I:96)
Youve got to fight persistently to reap the most precious blessings and benefits in life. (I:101)
Yes, troubles will come, and troubles are necessary, in order for mankind to appreciate My blessings that I will bring over them,
even My rule, which they would resent otherwise.
Even you must have those days of battle and of pain, in order to appreciate the good days. Soon I will have to withdraw a whole
lot of blessings from mankind: because they dont appreciate them, but are taking them for granted.
You tried to tear yourself loose from Me to see whether your arm of the flesh could carry you any further than I could. But you
saw that it was not so, but that from My hand come blessings, and in My hand is the power to withhold blessings, when I know
its best for those who I love. (I:107)
Blessed are they who, not seeing, yet believe.
So, take My blessing by faith. Know that it is there, even if you dont see it or feel it, just take My Word for it. (I:109)
Only one thing is more blessed than to receive these Words, and that is to give them. (I:114)
Just as it is more blessed to give than to receive, so it is more blessed to love than to be loved. - And the most blessed is the
ability to love unconditionally, even when that love isnt requited or even appreciated, to give when you apparently receive
nothing in return. (I:121)
Those who are firmly anchored in this World will go down with it.
But those who let go, and have got nothing to lose are the truly blessed ones. Freedoms just another word for Nothing left to
lose... (I:129)

The greater blessing lies in gaining the victory over the enemy at hand, to win this battle here and now. (I:143)
I always bless it when My children are willing to forsake the old in order to embrace the new. (I:144)
Dont let the Enemy get your focus on the hole in the doughnut and on all that you think youre lacking and missing out on,
when youre so richly blessed!
There is a great danger in not recognizing and appreciating My blessings, for usually the only way for Me to make you
appreciate and acknowledge them if youre unable to see them, is by withdrawing them and making you see them by the lack of
them when theyre gone.
I will let you see your blessings, which the Devil has been trying to hide from you with that shroud of self-pity, of comparing by
making someone elses blessings look so much bigger than yours...
Express your thankfulness so that I can bless you with more. (I:148)
According to your prayers and your praises and the intensity with which you confess Me before men, I will be able to bless you.

Only by obeying Me and launching out into the deep will you find My complete blessing. (I:198)
Why make an idol out of your blessings, when you can have the Giver of the blessings, the Blesser Himself, to worship, and to
love, and to adore? (I:252)
I have to create a need, and at times have to withhold My blessings, for only in those times you really stir yourselves up
wholeheartedly to come before Me as you should.
I withhold My blessings at times to erase any shadow of a doubt about whether it really comes from My hand. Nothing comes
from nothing.
Theres either My blessings for you because of your obedience to Me and your faithfulness in giving Me the glory, or the
absence of them. (I:259)
Sometimes blessings can be taken away rapidly, when not appreciated and fought for like you ought. (I:273)
I teach you faithfulness in the least, before I pour out My blessings on you fully. (I:287)
The blessings dont precede obedience, and sometimes there are a few things I require you to do before I can bless and reward
I test you and see how you will behave even if you dont receive your hearts desire. Whether you will have a murmuring
attitude about it or stay cheerful, loving, giving and thankful for those things I do bless you with. (I:332)
The ability to seek My Kingdom first, will result in greater obedience, thus greater blessings, and greater fruitfulness. (I:420)
If you let the devil destroy your faith in My love for you, then it is you who allows and causes you to miss out on some of My
blessings. (I:455)
If you don't make a conscious effort to count your blessings and to focus on the things you could and should be thankful for,
the devil is always quick to point your attention toward things and flaws you can start murmuring in your heart about. (I:474)
My full blessing and the full outpouring of My Spirit can only flow when there's obedience and surrender and submission to My
highest will.
If you want the full blessing, you must also pay the full price of seeking the highest and best. (I:503)
If you limit Me to only use you under conditions and specific circumstances, you're also limiting Me to only bless you with a
certain amount of the joy and rewards of what total yieldedness would bring. (I:563)
If you want to make sure that anything in your life has My blessing, ask Me to bless it, and thank Me for it! Anything in your life
that you will include Me in will contain My Spirit and My blessing.
Any activity in your life will be blessed as much as you will include Me in it. (I:574)
As long as you keep saying "yes" to Me and My open doors, you can be assured that I'll bless you. Trust Me for the outcome!

You've got to be faithful in that which is least in your eyes, before I can bless you with that which you consider much. (I:584)
"Prove Me now herewith, if I will not open the windows of Heaven and pour forth such a blessing that there will not be room
enough to hold it!"
Of course, sometimes you have to do a few certain things in order to help Me open that window, or you've got to hold up your
hands in order to receive the blessing and not let it fall to the ground. Sometimes you have to be wanting it enough and not
take it for granted.

Sometimes you have to be made aware of the need first, and you also have to go through experiences and dry spells that will
help you appreciate those blessings more. (I:589)
Once you make Me and others the central pivot that your life revolves around, you'll start noticing the blessings pouring in.

You've got to obey to be blessed, do the "wenting" to get healed... You've got to do your part in order for Me to be able to do
The blessings will far outweigh the price and the sacrifices you might have to make. (II:37)
Blessed are the givers.
But only those who look beyond and have greater wisdom than those who fall for Satan's lies, see the greater blessing and the
greater, hidden reward beyond the apparent loss of the thing you gave away.
You give people a chance to be blessed according to whether they give to you and how much, in this, My "machinery" of give
and take. (II:94)
The enemy fights you being a blessing to each other! (II:98)
Whether I will be able to bless you with more, something bigger or better in the long run depends on whether you're thankful
for what you've got already! (II:103)
Blessed are those who see the good and possibilities others can't see and who can just accept and love people the way they
are... (II:106)
I bless it when someone puts Me to the test and goes contrary to their natural expectations and abilities, trusting that I will do it
somehow. (II:107)
Make your life a blessing! (II:117)
Blessed are those who are holding on, who are not giving up, no matter how much temptation makes them waver or may be
tempting them to quit. (II:119)
Sometimes people have to prove that they're mature enough to hold a certain blessing. And if they're not, if they're allowing
their feelings to go haywire with them instead of keeping the priorities straight in their hearts and focusing primarily on what's
truly relevant, namely the advance of My Cause and Kingdom, then they will simply have to forego that blessing.
I won't hesitate to take it away if it becomes a god before Me to you. If it consumes more time and becomes more of a
hindrance than a help, more of a burden than a blessing. (II:223)
My blessings are poured out to you according to your faith, your need and your requests.
Sometimes the greatest blessings I bestow on you come in disguise. You don't recognize them as such. But as you learn to see
with My eyes and learn to take things by faith, your perspectives will change and you'll see the "handwriting of good within
Remember, though, that you can amplify the flow of My blessings, just by obeying My laws and dynamics of the Spirit: the
more you pour out, the more I can pour in. (II:243)
The easier way is often a cop-out, and by thinking you're gaining something, you're only cheating yourself out of a greater
Sometimes less is more when it comes to all the "blessings" the System has to offer.
Your "less" in physical blessings brings so much "more" in spiritual blessings, the true blessings and the true excitement of
life by fighting for Me daily. (II:291)
All that hype about wealth being a sign of God's blessing isn't always true. Especially not when that wealth distracts you from
Me and keeps you too busy to hear My voice of truth. Wealth isn't always a sign of My blessing, but often merely a sign of
compromise with the System. (II:340)
Usually those who find themselves "less blessed" in physical aspects, do find themselves more greatly blessed in spiritual
aspects in the long run. The poor, the needy, the sick, the handicapped, the disabled and weak... they all find their way to Me
much more easily and quickly than the rich, the strong, the successful, those for whom everything goes alright... (II:342)
Blessed are the desperate, for they receive a greater abundance of grace in response to their souls' yearnings.
Blessed are they that seek and long and aren't as self-satisfied as the rest of the valley people.
Blessed are they that aren't entangled in this life's affairs too much to be really seeking Me to fill that yearning in their soul.
Blessed are they that yearn for Me, for they shall be filled to an extent that those who only seek Me half-heartedly know not of.
Blessed are you when your own brothers resent you and despise you and reject you, for you shall find a comfort in My arms.
Blessed are they that weep, for their tears shall be dried by My own hands, and they shall be comforted by the Comforter of all
comforters, and they shall truly rejoice in that day when I shall return to deliver them. (III:170)

View your "problems" not as curses, but as blessings in disguise, for they are precisely what keeps you close to Me. (III:285)
Conversation with Me ensures My power staying active in your life and that My blessings will continue to be poured forth on
You know what a pain life can be without Me, without My Power and blessings, and so you want to make sure that Power stays
on. (2011:76)
Many of My blessings often come in disguised form into your life. You may not appreciate it much, but you will later, when you
will see the results and the fruit that will have come from it. (2011:90)
Looking at the positive, counting your blessings and praising Me for them will strengthen you. (2011:101)
Im here to comfort you and help you to see and count your blessings and make you realize that although it seems as though
youve lost a lot, what youve gained in the long run will turn out to be more and better. I never take one thing away from
those I love without giving them something better in return. (2012:7)
Sometimes theres a first step you have to take, a requirement you must fulfill first, before you can obtain the blessing. (2012:10)
Blessed is he that condemns not himself in the thing that he allows. How much more blessed to live a life of true faith in My
never-ending love and forgiveness, than one that is framed and limited by man-made condemnation. (2012:11)
The difference between everything and nothing: a life of heavenly purpose and enjoying My fullness and blessings, or a mere
existence without purpose, in darkness and emptiness, compared to what it could and should be, and certainly according to
spiritual and eternal criteria.
In fact, it makes the difference between time and eternity as far as you're concerned. (2012:15)
You have, to some extent, been prone to make a god out of My blessings, instead of persistently keeping Me in the first place in
your life.
The blessings are okay and to be enjoyed, but they can never take the place of the spiritual things that fill your most aching
void, or if you do allow them to, youll see that it wont enhance, but diminish the quality of your life (2012:16)
To be loved by God is to be blessed more than those who dont even consider themselves needful of that blessing.
Maybe there are others who are blessed with greater abundance, and maybe its because of their obedience to My general
rules, some of which you have a hard time keeping. But because of your weakness youre developing a greater need for Me
than many others have, which draws you closely to Me, so, perhaps some of your faults are blessings in disguise
Others may be more capable, but what is the greater blessing: To be able to comfortably make it on your own, or to need to
have Me close for every move? If you consider My Presence in your life a blessing, then a greater need for Me equals greater
blessing. (2012:95)
Getting a clear, raw picture of not only the world, but also your own sinful state isnt pleasant, and I admit, its somewhat
devastating, but its still to be considered a rare blessing.
Its definitely a forte to be blessed with the ability to discern and assess a situation well. (2012:145)
I can only bless you with as many new things as you make room for
A lot of stuff needs to go, at least eventually
As soon as it becomes a factor you need to worry about, and it starts dragging you down and becoming more of a burden than
a blessing, you need to realize that youre dealing with excess weight, not something you need to try to hang on to for dear
life (2012:151)
If youre remembering to include Me in your plans and continue to pray for My blessings, provision and guidance, I will bless,
guide and provide. (2012:181)
Making sure youre in tune and touch with Me is basically the best thing you can do. Its even better than providing for your
family, because its the factor that will ensure continued provision, protection and My blessing in general, and by helping to
make this happen, those blessings will keep flowing.
Blessed are those who benefit from My light, instead of pretending to be stars on their own, too infatuated with their own little
source of energy, never realizing how finite it is, and hardly ever noticing when their own little light of life has grown dim or
even gone out for good. Blessed are they who tap into the real Source of power and life! You want to be blessed and continue
to be blessed? Thats all youve gotta do! (2013:16)
Godly behavior will ensure your survival a lot more, since it will not only pull down My blessings upon you, but also the respect
of others.
So, for My sake and your own, put up some more of a fight to resist evil, not just the outside attacks and adversities, but also
the temptations to let your standard slip down to levels where I simply cant keep blessing and protecting you the way and to
the extent I would want. (2013:20)

Why go through life, or another day, without the blessings, the gifts and strength so easily available to you? (2013:31)
Regardless of how rotten the world and the circumstances, and maybe even the people are, there are still some things to be
grateful for and some blessings not to be taken for granted. (2013:40)
You have to ask yourself what youre really after: popularity? Or My blessings? And My blessings might not always come and
flow in as great abundance when youre a popularity hunter and trying to please a crowd that you know yourself doesnt have
very godly standards. (2013:43)
If you dont make sure that My blessing is upon whatever you do, you can be sure that the Devil is going to have a ball at
sabotaging your efforts, and, of course, getting you to blame the result on Me. (2013:97)
Maybe realizing that certain changes need to be done before the blessings can start pouring in is going to be helpful.
Realizing that not any deed that occurs to you will keep you blessed somehow (2014:12)
Whatever is changing you, especially when there have been things that ought to change, you can be sure theyre part of My
blessing and work in your life, even if it may not look that positive to yourself in the beginning. (2014:16)
Treasure life as a bigger blessing and privilege to go through, even though you believe in a painless life after death! (2014:20)
Putting material things first in your life or giving them the greatest importance, can result in negative effects. Those attitudes
are not what pulls the will and blessings of God upon you (2014:22)
If youre a little braver once again to stand up for Me, you might be able to receive greater blessings, including more courage
from Me victories and other blessings given to you from My side. (2014:38)
Trying to figure out which place to live in or at would be more rewarding according to the faith and in the Spirit which choice
would obtain the greatest blessing. (2014:41)
Those who will help you will be blessed in the Hereafter for it, while those who dont and refuse to, wont be. (2014:92)
If you cant appreciate blessings in your life, and cant do much to bless others in return, then youll have to learn what its like
to have to go through life without many blessings. He that isnt grateful for what he has received has got to be taught how to
appreciate gifts and blessings first often, by having to do without them for some time. (2014:105)
Count your blessings! Dont ignore them!
You should appreciate them more! (2014:139)
Humility is something positive, so the things that help to make or keep you humble should be seen as something positive as
well, and a blessing.
Its a faith-thing, whether you can appreciate humility or not. But blessed and wiser are those who do. (2014:147)
Try to keep giving Me the first place of your importance, and thats how youll keep receiving My strength, help and blessings!

Ask Me for My blessings and My protection! (14:156)

All in all, the more you can be a blessing to others, and arent just concerned about yourself, youll be more blessed, happier
and better off as a Christian someone whos supposed to believe in that! (14:159)
Get ahold of My Spirit and My blessings and protection via prayer!
When you pray, things will change and Ill trade them for blessed ones to make your day. (14:161)
Dont just keep taking good things and blessings for granted! Youve got a lot to be thankful for, and when youre not, it could
easily be that therell be less of them around, to appreciate them a bit more. (14:178)
Count your blessings, even if some incidents that couldnt be called blessings have happened! It could have been worse, and
those factors that kept it from getting worse could be called blessings, right?
Keep track of the good stuff thats happened and keeps happening to you!
Count your blessings, name them one by one! See what God has done! as the old song says! Wouldnt that be something
worth doing? - Counting your blessings and being thankful for them, instead of being so overwhelmed by the hindrances and
If you keep an account of your blessings, instead of your problems, youre giving Us a greater credit for the positive things and
features we have placed and keep on placing in your lives.
Keep considering it a wonder that there are still blessings coming your way!

So, just count and appreciate your blessings!

Its good to be reminded of certain advantages and thus be brought to realize that life has been a bit more of a blessing than a
By faith you should be able to tell that your blessings have exceeded your curses, and the good in your life exceeded the bad!
You can still count the blessings, even though that part of your life may seem so different to you now. But discover the
blessings of it, appreciate them and praise Me for them, instead of ignoring them or not bringing them to your attention! (14:202)
Count your blessings! Even if they may seem somewhat rarer than before; but maybe thats a lesson about what you should
have tried to do beforehand, and since you didnt, to recognize why its so important! (2015:11)
One of the devils major tactics is to lure and get folks out of the Fathers and My perfect will, so that he can withdraw Our
blessing and protection, make life a whole lot tougher, with a lot more trials and tests of faith
Once it dawns on you, it makes you want to stick to Our will a lot more, and Our blessing appears to be so much more valuable
than before, when you took it for granted (2015:25)
Ive been blessing your life a lot beforehand, and you should keep that faith, that Im ready and willing to do that and keep
doing that. Just try to keep Me in mind a bit more about that, and try to live a bit more by faith, instead of trusting the System
for it (2015:30)
Sometimes good things happen in order to postpone judgmental changes, and other times things happen that withdraw My
blessings and stop or postpone good things from happening. (2015:32)
Try to keep appreciating the good things while they last and count your blessings, even if your life seems to have been blessed
a lot more before
Just keep trusting Me that the blessings Hereafter will largely rise above the ones folks have in the there and now, as far as Im
concerned. (2015:34)
The rules are there for a reason. And in order to keep the blessings and protection from Above are pretty much the main one.
Otherwise the blessings cant be kept poured on you, but you might have to count on some counter experience and bad blow
of the evil one.
So, keep in tune with Me and the right sources of the Spirit, and dont give any room to the temptations of evil!
Stay on guard and make sure you keep receiving Our blessings and protection!
Let that lesson sink deeply into you and fight for making it against the temptations to keep repeating the same mistakes that
would rob you from the blessings from above! (2015:40)
How much advantage and how many blessings you can receive from our connection depends on you, your efforts to be and
keep in touch with Me, and making sure you wont neglect that! (2015:52)
Make some effort to keep your faith growing stronger, so that you can also be a bigger blessing to others eventually winding
up around you! (2015:55)
Dont perceive it as too negatively, the bit of a more rough time youre going through, but trust Me that youll be able to not only
gain greater blessings out of it yourself, but will also turn out to be a greater one for others.
After all life isnt just supposed to be for your own benefit, is it? But how much of a blessing youll manage to be to others
in whichever way and through whatever course your life has taken, amounts to much more value, than just those things you
can take advantage of by yourself!
The more of a blessing youll manage to turn out to be for others, the greater and better and more filled with light is your life
going to be; so, take advantage of the fact that Im working at making a bigger blessing out of you and your life right now, even
if the circumstances through which it is being caused may seem fairly dreadful to you. (2015:59)
Keep counting your blessings, and seeing the battles as something you have got to win! (2015:66)
Youll have to make it into the spirit of victory yourself, first, in order to be able to be a blessing and help for others. So, keep
fighting and aiming for that victory! (2015:79)
Youve been blessed with a fairly easier life than most others. But ever since some hardness appeared, you figured it was time
to use them as an excuse to live in a way again you had used before, although I had blessed you with My Input
Guess you can understand that I couldnt just bless that! (2015:83)
Life hereafter will be better, but you can already absorb and use all of its advantages to a large extent now, which is what will
make you a greater, miraculous blessing to others. (2015:84)
count your blessings in all Im allowing to happen in your life, and trust Me that I know what Im doing, and that in the end youll
also agree that itll turn out the best, and the richest lessons in life, even if at the time they set in they may have been painful!

Let these times help to prepare you for whats coming, and dont resent that preparation, but consider it a blessing, once youll
realize how needed that was! (2015:113)
A larger change might be a greater blessing. (2015:114)
How about counting your blessings? (2015:115)
Relying on own abilities, which basically means, on ones own flesh, is not really the blessed way to handle things and lead
your life for Me.
No appreciation for blessings may result in fewer blessings or even none at all, until you get that point! Theres definitely an
advantage connected to giving praise to Him that blesses you! (2015:123)
Thankfulness and appreciation help to keep the good times and blessings flowing.
So let that lesson about valuing blessings as you should, sink in, so that you wont despise them or take them for granted in
the future. (2015:127)
Blessed are those who manage to put their trust in Me. (2015:142)
If youre being a bad sample with your deeds, actions and behavior, its not going to result in blessings.
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you (Mt.6:33) means, the
right actions and behavior will result in the right kind of blessings, accordingly.
You have to get into the right gear, in order to be able to reap the blessings from Above! Putting first things first, which means,
the Spirit above what the flesh desires, that will result in blessings making you happy. (2015:148)
Obey Me, if you want Me to bless you! Because thats what is getting blessed: obedience. Disobedience just cant be! So, if you
want to be blessed, obey!
If things arent going as rosy as youd want them to, just have a look at what youre doing, and ask yourself whether I can bless
it! If I cant, it must be due to something you shouldnt be doing. (2015:150)
You received a lot from Me and Up Here, but werent you supposed to make a greater effort to pass on those blessings to
others? (2015:184)
Not exactly gratefulness or positiveness, to be complaining about lifes toughness, when you actually should be grateful and
appreciative of the blessings I bestow on you.
So, theres a reason why youre having to go through tough things - Mainly to bless you with a more positive and unselfish
attitude. Once you learn that, itll also be much easier to teach your kids. (2015:233)
Life without My blessing and protection will be a hard one, so keep praying for and clinging to them! (2015:241)
In order to receive blessings, one has to act and behave accordingly, in obedience to My Words and My will.
So, receiving blessings depends a bit on you and your behavior.
Its part of the lessons of life to distinguish between the actions that will be blessed and those that wont.
Obedience is the ingredient that will be blessed.
Thats one of the major advantages of obedience to the Fathers rules: blessings, along with rewards in the Hereafter. Whereas
disobedience how can it be blessed or rewarded? (2015:243)
I cant just continue to bless you when you are doing damage to your body, which We created.
Try to stick to Our rules that We want and expect you to obey, and make an experience how to raise the flow of blessings into
your life! (2015:245)
The blessing youll be able to be for others when things do turn tougher, will come through managing to make it through those
tough and dark times coming, due to what Ive been and am teaching you. (2015:248)
You cant take your blessings for granted, but remember theres an enemy at charge down there, not making things easy for My
believers and followers to be blessed! (2016:1)
Some blessings disappearing should teach you a bit about the good times you had, which can come to an end when not
appreciated as they should.
Count your blessings, and dont focus too much on things that may not be perfectly the way youd wish they were! (2016:21)
Dont blame it all on Me if you notice a lack of blessings in your life, but find the blame somewhere along the line of what
youve done or failed to, in order to deserve them! (2016:32)
Dont forget to appreciate your blessings, and show some thankfulness for what youve got, instead of complaining about the
current state of things and your situation! (2016:35)

Blessings require some positive acts and attitudes, whereas the negative ones automatically draw their results upon the ones
with negative attitudes and actions.
Positive vs. negative means the same as good vs. evil; and you can imagine which side of the two We are able to bless with
positive fruits and results.
When youre too weak, just as I was too weak to carry the cross up Mt. Calvary by Myself, it gives others the chance to get a
blessing for their help
So, to help others receive some blessings for their help is part of the task of Gods people on Earth: to help those who sowed
some good in life to also reap the good results thereafter. (2016:49)
Learning the lesson of love in life is what will inherit the blessings from Above (2016:57)
Becoming aware of being dependent on My leading and guidance is a surplus, advantage and as youll find out, a blessing
from Above! (2016:59)
In giving what you receive and passing it on lies the greatest blessing!
Keep on giving and sharing what youve got, so that I can keep pouring My blessings upon you!
Trust in Me, that Ill always keep blessing the act of giving and sharing what youve got! (2016:62)
Getting used to the fact that youre not making it on your own without help from Above is a positive feature, not as negative as
it may seem on the surface. Its one of those strengths and blessings that come from apparent weaknesses and seeming
Sometimes its the end that will tell the whole depth of a story, and makes apparent temporal apparent curses turn out to have
been blessings, after all, even if that blessing will just turn out through the wisdom, experience and strength youve gained
through it all. (2016:70)
I can still bless you, even in the darkest times to come!
Remember My Sermon on the Mount in Matthew, where I counted some of those evil conditions expecting My followers would
be a sign of their blessings! (2016:97)
Keep clinging to My Help, blessings and protection! - Something youll depend on in the times to come! (2016:98)
Theres a reason why sometimes I make you dependent on the help of others as well, in order to let them get blessings from
Here, providing they make the right choices. (2016:99)