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One of the main causes for things getting worse is mans lack of appreciation for the good things. The disability to ever be
content in whatsoever state they are... And when they dont appreciate what theyve got, I might have to take it away from
them and let them fall into a situation that makes them a little more desperate, a little more appreciative. (I:67)
The ability to love unconditionally, even when that love isnt requited or even appreciated, to give when you apparently
receive nothing in return, that is love that overcometh all things. Love that rises above the circumstances. Love that sees
beyond that which meets the eye, into a distant future, where even the most seemingly futile efforts of love are richly
rewarded, and, oh, will they be appreciated then. (I:121)
If I would just give you the reward without you having to fight for it, you would never appreciate it as much as once you will
have bled and fought for dear life over it! (I:127)
People are too narrow-minded to fully appreciate revolutionary, radical new gifts that seem strange to them. (I:154)
Without a comparison to the imperfect, that which is perfect would never be as fully appreciated... Youll appreciate not
having to go to the bathroom anymore in Heaven, a pain-free World, without dirt and pollution... It illustrates well the filth I
have saved you from, through My sacrifice. (I:183)
Love is respect, not taking someone for granted, showing appreciation. (I:248)
Sometimes blessings can be taken away rapidly, when not appreciated and fought for like they ought. (I:273)
Appreciate and count your blessings, be thankful, praise Me more, and just let the light in more, so that there wont be any
room for all that darkness which would like to take hold of your life and soul and mind! (I:300)
I want you to appreciate those I have given you to live with. (I:378)
Those who are not faithful in the little things, often first have to learn to appreciate what they've got, which they sometimes
only learn by losing all they've had and didn't appreciate...
If you don't appreciate what I've given you, you might lose it any time.
The imperfections are part of the plan to help you one day really appreciate My perfection. (I:411)
I want you to learn gratitude... to appreciate My supply for you, instead of taking everything for granted. Don't take it for
granted, but ask Me for it, and thank Me for it! (I:467)
Open your eyes and see all the good and the wonders and many benefits and blessings I've given and am giving you, and
will continue to give, if you will appreciate and make use of them and thank Me for them! (I:492)
One will never appreciate the freedom I give until they have been the devil's fool. (I:557)
You will yet appreciate Me as the greatest treasure you've got, a very present Help in trouble and faithful Provider. (I:562)
If you don't continually appreciate the fact that things could be worse, I might have to allow them to become worse, just in
order to prove it to you, that you did have a lot of reasons to be thankful. (II:42)
Those who appreciate what they've got and are thankful for it, also love to share it and thus are able to receive more. While
those who complain and murmur and wait for "the perfect thing" to come around until they're going to start sharing, lose
what they think they had and get less and less. "He that withholdeth it tendeth to poverty." (II:103)
You must learn to appreciate and praise Me for the little things, even if they're not perfect, in order to really learn to
appreciate the better and eventually the best and perfect things! (II:136)
Appreciate what you've got, employ your elbow grease in it and give it all you got in order to make it work! (II:144)
Remember the importance of showing appreciation!
The devil sees where you're forgetting about the important detail of applying your spiritual wealth and riches of showing
love and appreciation, and he holds on to it, makes it impossible for you to show any more.
Its so much harder to make a habit out of showing praise and appreciation, but it would make life so much easier for
So if you want to know the simple solution: show more appreciation, praise more, be content with such things that ye have,
and encourage others more! (II:164)

Your troubles and trials make you what you're supposed to be! They change you from something I can't use into useful
tools and instruments in My service. They may be the things you least want nor appreciate in your life, but I say, appreciate
them, because you need them! (II:199)
Sometimes you only appreciate what you've had after you lose it.
If someone doesn't appreciate their job and starts murmuring about it, I might as well give it to somebody else. (II:211)
Turn to those who appreciate what you've got to give! (II:326)
Show more appreciation, not a critical or self-righteous attitude! (II:329)
The danger about feeding yourself the input from the media is that you're not content with what you've got anymore, you
don't appreciate it anymore. (II:338)
Appreciating what you have and being thankful for what you're given, is a matter of trust in Me.
The devil's weapon to stop you from appreciating what you've got and putting your whole heart into it is creating an
endless array of new shiny things to keep you distracted, to keep you too busy for what I'm giving you. (III:289)
Learn to be thankful for what you have, to appreciate it and make the best out of it. (2011:120)
People always focus on the better thing they could - and figure, ought to - have yet, instead of appreciating all the qualities
of what theyve got.
Remember the lesson about not appreciating what youve got until you lose it all! (2011:146)
If you appreciate what youve got, and focus on sharing that, its bound to enhance your relationship with people and the
world around you, win more friends, and thus generate greater contentment, and accordingly, success. (2012:93)
Sometimes its best to simply stick to and appreciate what youve got, which brings us back to the quality of gratefulness

Millions of people around the globe have nothing and no one to turn to, to help them out, which should make you
appreciate My Presence and help in your life all the more.
Im here for you, as I would be for them, if they were aware of Me, but unfortunately no one has been able to successfully
convey that truth to them. So, walking a mile in their shoes is definitely going to help broaden your horizon, make you
appreciate what youve got on one hand, and maybe give you more of a heart for those who havent got what youve got
The experiences that make you need My help and My coming through for you yet again will remind you of My faithfulness
and strengthen your appreciation of that factor that makes you so different from the rest of them (2013:9)
Learn how to truly appreciate what you do have, and they dont: your faith in eternal values, your knowledge of these
spiritual things, the resulting peace, freedom from fear, and a greater capacity to love, simply because you take more time
for love than those who spend most of their time chasing after money! (2013:19)
Its not good things, but those supposed bad things that bring about those changes and cultivate gratitude Those
experiences that make you appreciate the good youve had, or make you thankful when it gets better again.
Its easy to take things for granted, until the moment you lose them. (2013:21)
Knowing one-self is a virtue, skill or value that may have been appreciated by certain ancient philosophers, but in this age
of lies, its about as popular as opera among youngsters. They dont wanna hear it.
Like most of the things of eternal value that I have to offer, it remains largely unappreciated in this world of temporary
values offering momentary satisfaction. (2013:34)
Once good people become so rare that you can count them on the fingers of one hand among all your acquaintances, it
might help you to remember them, know who they are, appreciate them better and not forget about them or lose track of
them (2013:52)
The whole dilemma of mankind began over an issue of lack of gratefulness and appreciation for what the first two human
beings had, and so they lost it.
You ought to know how easy it is to lose what youve got if you dont appreciate it.
Appreciate what youve got while you have it! You never know when you might have to do without it again, especially if you
dont! (2013:53)
Another fundamental lesson is that of showing appreciation for the people around you and being grateful for what you
have. (2013:95)
If you feel neglected and unappreciated, it may very well be that you happen to fail to appreciate what should be the most
important Factor in your life to the degree you ought to.

You reap what you sow. If you sow appreciation and praise, thats also what youll get in return.


Taking things for granted depreciates them.

The right thing to do when you feel unappreciated is to turn around and give and show some appreciation to others, even
to Me, and see what wonders that will do. Wanting all the appreciation and praise is the natural, childish thing to do, but
passing some on to others has become quite unusual.
Show appreciation where its due!
Showing praise and appreciation is the special and extraordinary thing to do; and if you cant find anyone else you deem
worthy of it, hey, Im always ready and open for some. Remember that its a force and power that will reflect back on you.

It helps to be appreciative and less critical of others. (2014:49)

The tough times are supposed to teach you appreciation for the much softer times you had. (2014:60)
Eventually Ill overcome the wicked one and will appreciate you for whatever help you gave on Earth to make My Force,
Light and Spirit shine. (2014:68)
Sometimes you only start appreciating persons or countries and things in them while youre apart from them. What I tried
to make clear to you was that your mistake and fault was that you hadnt appreciated some as much as you should have,
and sometimes when you dont appreciate what youve got, youll lose it for a while. (2014:73)
When theres a lack of gratefulness going on, that kind of person must sometimes go through things to teach them
gratefulness and to appreciate the blessings they didnt appreciate as much as they could have.
Finding out how badly the worldly systems can fail will help you appreciate Heaven a lot more!
Sorry about all the ugly things going on; but it should still be something you ought to know, that this isnt heaven on earth
yet. Its something going on that will make people and folks appreciate the heaven on earth thats to come (2014:85)
Be happy that My Kingdom will be very different and much more pleasant! Thats one reason this current world is there for:
to help you appreciate My Kingdom, which lasts eternally. Youll be pretty fed up with the devils vibes by then, and will
nothing but appreciate the dues of Heaven. (2014:87)
If you cant appreciate blessings in your life, and cant do much to bless others in return, then youll have to learn what its
like to have to go through life without many blessings. He that isnt grateful for what he has received has got to be taught
how to appreciate gifts and blessings first often, by having to do without them for some time. (2014:105)
That life wasnt just a dream of happiness altogether will help you eventually to appreciate whats coming thereafter.

Appreciating Me and My Word and Presence I give to you is about the best you can or even should do.
What meant to you a lot before has somehow disappeared, and the one thing and highest thing thats truly left is My
continuing output to you
Maybe their loss wasnt such sorrow and disaster after all, but more something to appreciate as a reminder of the things of
truly more and greater value in your life (2014:131)
Now is a special time preparing you for the Hereafter Right now you may not exactly appreciate it, but then you will!

Treasure and appreciate your times with Me learning that theyre better, more valuable and worth more than what you
can get out of the world!
Learn to appreciate the spiritual values more than the physical or material ones, because youre getting closer to that
spiritual point where youll actually live in the spirit, and things will turn out quite a bit different than theyve been in the
physical and material world (2014:136)
Count your blessings! Dont ignore them!
You should appreciate them more! (2014:139)
There is that kind of a difference between My voice, input and truth, and the doubts and ugly thoughts the devil tries to
throw at you beforehand
Maybe youre learning to appreciate the difference between the effect of My truth and his lies. Would be worth it, dont you
think? (2014:145)
One of the reasons for which experiencing some negative vibes and times right now are there for: Itll definitely help you
appreciate the Hereafter a lot.
Its a faith-thing, whether you can appreciate humility or not. But blessed and wiser are those who do. (2014:147)
Recognizing the difference between what it is that man produces, and what God produces through His Word, eventually
will make you appreciate the Word more (2014:151)

A heavenly mind is one that truly knows how to appreciate whats expecting you Here.
The kind of a stage youre going through ought to make you appreciate Heaven a lot more, and thus turn you on, inspire
you and motivate you to win others to their future in Heaven by making them receive Me. (2014:154)
Lets hope you can appreciate a bit more the place and area where its My will for you to be. (2014:157)
You can learn some things that will serve you a lot and help you appreciate whats to come, and maybe help others do the
You should appreciate it as a great honour and gift that you can hear from Me like this! (2014:171)
Once you can believe in the things beyond the life and things you can see now, that means your faith is growing, and
making you value and appreciate My dominion more than the one thats currently occupied by the enemy (which Were
allowing in order to teach a big lesson on that type of human behavior and temporal preference).
Sorry the best part of life only comes after it, but it should also help and make you appreciate the mas all or beyond
here a bit more. (2014:173)
Better keep praising God, than murmuring! Praising Him means, you know and appreciate His Strength! (2014:174)
Life is something like a gift of the Father, and you should appreciate it as such, and not just rely on yourself to keep it
going! (2014:176)
Appreciations a good thing which pays to keep in mind. Dont just keep taking good things and blessings for granted!
Youve got a lot to be thankful for, and when youre not, it could easily be that therell be less of them around, to appreciate
them a bit more. (2014:178)
A lot of sincere believers had to suffer a bit in life. But the more one does, the more is Heaven appreciated.
If lifes a bit of a toughie, just appreciate that it wont last forever down there, but theres a much better part expecting you
Up Here!
I know lifes a lot rougher for you now than it used to be, but it might have a good reason: To train you and make you a
better fighter down there, as well as make you appreciate the fact that Heavens coming, a lot more
Theres something better awaiting you Up Here! So, think about it a bit more, and let it make you appreciate all things a bit
more, like Salvation, and what I did for you! As long as life on Earth is rosy for you, you might not appreciate it so much.
So, maybe no wonder youre learning to appreciate the Hereafter a bit more! And how, and which other way, than just
showing you that life down there isnt all that cool and hot, after all, not all that splendid?
Show some appreciation for the good things, even if theyre not quite as numerous as theyve been or they were back
then Show some appreciation! Alright?
Think about Heaven, and show some appreciation that theres a better Place for you to wind up than this planet down there
right now and the state its in. (2014:186)
You have to go through some tough and rough stuff, so that you can learn to appreciate more the good things I put in your
life. (2014:189)
It just couldnt stay as easy in your life as it was, in order for you to have a positive change. And while it may still seem
very difficult for you to handle and accept that change, one day youll learn to appreciate it and realize why it had to come.

Count the blessings, appreciate them and praise Me for them!

Just keep noticing and appreciating the good stuff!
Sometimes the tough sides of life also have their purpose. Even if its just to make you appreciate the Hereafter more.
Thats definitely one of the good sides of the rough side: Helps you appreciate the Hereafter! (14:202)
See the positive side: that youre probably learning the largest part during these times, and some day, you will appreciate
them for it.
At the moment it might be tough for you, but some day youll be able to appreciate it. When youll see it all as valid
preparation for the Hereafter. (15:8)
Being aware of the fact that life on Earth isnt too far away from hell on Earth should help you appreciate the good side of
things in the Hereafter for you a bit more (15:9)
The rougher, tougher and harder times teach you more, even if they may seem a bit too hard for you at the time being!
Some day youll appreciate the things youve learned, more than the ones you did during the easier and more pleasant
times. Learning appreciation also changes your view on the hard and tough and seemingly negative times! (15:11)
Sometimes the rough times make you appreciate the better ones, and they also make you long for them, along with better
places to be. (15:13)

Sometimes you have to learn that complaining doesnt help at all and doesnt bring any advantage. Just learn to appreciate
and cope with what youve got and what you have left, instead of murmuring about whats not perfect or missing!
How about letting your life get a more victorious drift by appreciating what you have left? (15:18)
They come up with so many things to spoil folks with their earthly lives but when you have to go through a different and
less spoiled stretch of life, thats when you realize that there must be a better Hereafter coming, and you start appreciating
that a bit more than during times the enemy tries to get you hypnotized with, and spoiled by earthly current times (15:27)
Try to keep appreciating the good things while they last and count your blessings! (15:34)
I figured youre worthy of and would appreciate being prepared for that which is coming, even if this way may principally
teach you how to get desperate and apply desperation as the most helpful way to get ahold of Heavens Power to aid you.

Even though this life is tough, just appreciate the lessons you can learn from and fight for it, that youll be able to make
some good grades and have some success while it lasts!
Itll be a good, happy ending of this earthly life, and youll just appreciate having been a bit more prepared for it. (2015:49)
Being really in touch with Me inspires and encourages you, and youre slowly recognizing the importance of it. - Something
to be grateful for, to appreciate, and not get into any groove that causes you to neglect our connection. (15:52)
Easy living may be what folks might be aiming for in this life, but in the end, its definitely not the most valuable life-style,
nor the one which most of what can be gained of it will be shared the most in the time and space where the truly valuable
things will be appreciated and valued much more.
Value these times, and learn to appreciate them in the future, even if they may seem to be quite rough and tough for you
right now! (15:59)
The harder and tougher times will make you turn out more appreciative, which, in general, means, with a more positive and
likeable character!
Youll see that those harder times will have had something positive about them, after all, and in the end youre going to
appreciate them, looking back at what they caused in you and made you turn out to be like. (15:67)
Yes, life down there can be tough. But all the more youll appreciate it when youll make it Home Up Here!
Learning to appreciate your Future Home a bit better and forever well, it takes some time and a bit of effort and pain
down there, but it will be worth it. (15:68)
Fun is okay, but wisdom and learning from life have greater values! So, appreciate and value those things, and dont be so
disappointed if youre not having loads of fun in the sun right now.
Some things are more important than having fun, and learning what life has to teach you is one of them. Appreciate what
Im handing you to learn!
Humility and appreciation work together; whereas constant complaints instead are more likely representing pride. (15:72)
The rough times draw you closer to Me, and thus will result in positive force in your life.
Itll help you appreciate My strength and power, as it will make you realize its superiority over the negative forces in life.

Sometimes it takes certain experiences to appreciate former things, or advantages of other places.
In general, you know that this world isnt exactly a perfect place, and Im working on making you appreciate and long for
the Hereafter more
So, its good youre experiencing a bit more preparation for the Hereafter, including learning to have some more
appreciation for having Something to expect that will be worth it all. (15:85)
Let those present rough times help you to appreciate the easier times of the past and recognize the blessings of them you
were able to enjoy!
Not being allowed to apply the former methods to teach your child some manners might help you appreciate the Fathers
ways a little more, Whos not bound to or brainwashed by modern doctrines of folks down there that youre having to
experience the results of right now
It might make you appreciate discipline. And it might even cause you to appreciate the one We had to use on you.
Having to deal with rotten kids certainly helps you appreciate the advantages of discipline and castigation
So, dont be too shocked anymore by hard times to go through, but appreciate them as more valuable teachers than the
easy ones spoiling you! (15:86)
Something to teach you to appreciate the Fathers and My traits and advantages: having to deal with what Our enemy is
making out of the world
Sometimes, when things get worse, they teach you to appreciate the better times you had. (15:91)

If you can tell theres a difference when youre not receiving any input from Me, well you should appreciate what youre
Appreciating more whats coming hereafter will make some sense to you the ability to appreciate It all the more due to
having lived in a world taken over by the enemy because of peoples bad choices. (15:94)
Youll just have to go through the times down there that ought to make you appreciate the Hereafter for good! (15:113)
No appreciation for blessings may result in fewer blessings or even none at all, until you get that point! Theres definitely
an advantage connected to giving praise to Him that blesses you! So, do it! Amen? (15:123)
Being thankful and grateful for the good things you go through is quite an important lesson, and to appreciate what youve
got, so that you dont have to go through the harder lesson of having to make it without those blessings you might not fully
Quite a few positive traits and factors like appreciation and thankfulness, folks dont learn too easily throughout their
positive times and circumstances, but rather learn how to treasure more when things grow darker and tougher upon them.
When youve had a good part of life you didnt appreciate all that much, well, I guess you can tell by now why it is that that
old good part has been traded for a not-so-good one, making you appreciate that past.
Thankfulness and appreciation help to keep the good times and blessings flowing.
If the good times come to an end, that might easily be due to that lack of appreciation and gratefulness never being
happy or satisfied with what life was giving you, and due to that lack of thankfulness, some tougher times set in, teaching
you that things can easily be worse than the much more appreciable times you didnt view as such until they were gone.
Sometimes its the negative happenings that make the former times look a lot more valuable, and make folks realize how
foolish it was to murmur about them or take them for granted, instead of taking full advantage of them and valuing them for
the unappreciated blessings of the past
So let that lesson about valuing blessings as you should, sink in, so that you wont despise them or take them for
granted in the future, having learned that such action can draw much worse situations upon you than those hardly
appreciated and valued former ones. (15:127)
Even though it may seem to you that things youve been given are getting lost, anything that has the values from Above
wont perish, but last forever.
You may see the need for these things as so much greater now than it may be in the Hereafter, but also know that theyll be
much more appreciated and treasured then, where the values largely governing folks wont be ruled by the materialism that
runs your world nowadays. (15:129)
Applying for help from Above is a wise movement and preparation for whats to come, which you might not appreciate so
much right now, but you will when those times arrive youre being prepared for! (15:130)
When things get tough, or hard those are even the times you can count on Our help the most, and We know, theyre the
times you appreciate it the most. (15:141)
Life may be tough, having to go through it with so much evil around and yourself not ever really managing to become
perfect down there, but maybe itll help you to appreciate Those Who are, and thus, all the more willing to help folks like
you, as soon as they realize they still need help! (15:161)
Humbling situations do have their assets and advantages Not easy to appreciate, but eventually? (15:167)
Dont feel too bad about those current, unpleasant times! They should certainly help you appreciate more whats there to
come. (15:184)
Try and appreciate the hard times as preparation for whats to come and why youll make it in the future! (15:190)
Having to deal with life on Earth, the fragility and temporal states of it all, should definitely help to appreciate whats
expecting you in the other Dimension
Growing older teaches believers to appreciate what according to their faith comes after that life during which things just
fade away.
Its definitely more positive things to prepare for and look forward to Up Here, after that temporal life down there, and its
definitely something to focus on and make you appreciate the change thats coming.
And, well if you can appreciate it beforehand, it will make your presence around others more appreciable somehow
with the views of something more positive awaiting that makes you more special somehow than those who can only
appreciate whats to be expected down there (15:191)
A life in a world pretty much taken over by the enemy at least will help you appreciate the Hereafter more and teach you a
lot of lessons about whats good or bad, better or worse So, being able to discern between those two is already worth
quite a lot, and you should appreciate it and go through it without complaining about it, if you can.
Just accept it without complaining, and go through it as thankfully and appreciative as you can, remembering that it could
have been even worse

If life represents somewhat of a nightmare to you, well its something that should help you appreciate the Hereafter the
life in Heaven that I promised.
Learn how to handle, manage and cope with what life has to give you, and let it all strengthen your trust in Me by asking Me
for help and appreciating it when it comes!
The rarer things get, the more precious they become for folks, and the more theyll appreciate the privileges and
opportunities they previously may have taken for granted. The more you appreciate what Im giving you, the more I
appreciate the giving.
My input has become more precious and valuable to you, and you appreciate it more, which will also help you appreciate
its benefits more. (15:211)
Not exactly gratefulness or positiveness, to be complaining about lifes toughness, when you actually should be grateful
and appreciative of the blessings I bestow on you. (15:233)
When you dont appreciate your body (or your life) as much as you should, some blessings disappearing should teach you
a bit about the good times you had, which can come to an end when not appreciated as they should.
Remember the attitude of thankfulness and appreciation!
Not looking at the negative but showing appreciation for the positive parts of your life is definitely the proper way and
attitude. (2016:21)
Going through a rough life in order to appreciate the Hereafter and learn important lessons may not seem so rosy to you at
the moment, but trust Me that youll appreciate it all some day!
Itll help to someday make the right kind of choices and follow the right directions. Sometimes worse circumstances
eventually help to appreciate the better.
And if situations seem too tough for you to make it through them by yourself, let it teach you to apply for and depend on
My help and all the help from Above you can get, which, trust Me is the only way to make it through whats before you.
Dont miss the good and easy times! Just appreciate them, even if they werent made to stay permanently! (2016:27)
If youre going through hard and cold times down there, they should make you appreciate and look forward at whats to
come for those who have chosen to believe in and receive Me as their Savior. (2016:34)
Dont forget to appreciate your blessings, and show some thankfulness for what youve got, instead of complaining about
the current state of things and your situation! (2016:35)
The rougher times down there will definitely make you appreciate what Weve got in store for you! (2016:43)
Troubles have their purpose; thats why theyre allowed.
Including appreciating the times or rather, Kingdom - without trouble, Up Here. (2016:47)
Learning what bad and evil can lead to makes the wise folks appreciate and prefer the good.
I dont blame you for not appreciating the bad state of the world youre in, just try to make the best you can out of it!

Even if the lesson of thankfulness and appreciation may not make that much sense to you right now, trust Me that it will!
If youve been proud of your own abilities, trust Me that youll appreciate and be more thankful for Mine to help see you
through it all! (2016:63)
In order to fully appreciate the better, folks unfortunately usually have to go through the worse first. (2016:69)
Im teaching you to appreciate the lasting Values more than the earthly, descending ones. (2016:73)
Even if youre eating pieces of cake right now, youve got to get used to the fact that life is not a piece of cake, and with
whats coming up ahead, youll have to learn to appreciate whatever sorts of food youll get ahold of!
What life has got to offer right now isnt much more than the appreciation for a better one coming thereafter but
remember, there are still quite a few folks who might appreciate it, too, if someone lets them know about it, and how easily
to receive it is! (2016:76)
The times before trouble hits ought to be appreciated.
And when theyre not, well troubles up ahead, and much harder to cope with than the easy times that were despised.
So, lifes a roughy, but mainly when not appreciated before, when times were much rosier. (2016:77)
Sometimes the only way to appreciate things formerly despised is through losing them and having to do without them.

Sometimes its just good and necessary to learn not to take good things for granted to learn to show a bit of appreciation
for them. Thats one reason why bad things can happen: lack of appreciation and gratitude.
Easy times taken for granted can lead to tough times. Theres just nothing none of the blessings that should be taken
for granted. If you do, situations will come up what will make you miss them and appreciate them. (2016:91)

Be thankful for My preparation of you to make it through whats to come, and try to appreciate it!
Wondering how youre gonna make it through each day is basically what itll be like during those darkest days of history to
come; so dont blame Me for these harder times, but try to appreciate that preparation for the hardest ones to come!