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Its a matter of choosing forces, determining which one youll allow to rule your day. The Enemys forces will try to get you to
allow your physical circumstances to drag you down. My Forces will lift you up way above all that muck and mire instead. The
choice is yours every day. (2011:55)
Im having you have a go at being a teacher for you to find out first hand that its not all that easy to teach others.
Perhaps itll help you appreciate a little more what Ive been trying to do for you.
See, the choice is, they can either prefer to remain dumb and ignorant, and be content with what theyve got, or they can
choose to go forward, make progress, begin to understand whats going on around them. (2011:57)
The art of loving is, when the state of a person becomes depressing, you go right on, loving them anyways. Its the deliberate
choice not to look at their flaws, even when theyre right in your face and the Devils screaming, See that? See that?!
And the Devil is trying to make you regret that choice now, especially because I encouraged you to go ahead with it, and he just
loves to prove Me wrong (2011:69)
Its up to you to make the final choice whether youre really going to consider Me unjust, or I just happen to know better than
you what you need and deserve (2011:70)
The daily choice is yours. I'm there for you. If you don't appreciate that, it's not My fault if your life unravels. (2011:74)
Remember Lots wife. Sometimes when youve made the wrong choices and you have to live with the consequences, I in My
mercy will make a way of escape, but you cant have both: that new freedom and the old world Im asking you to forsake.

If Im having to keep you on a somewhat shorter leash, its because you havent always made your choices by My criteria.
You didnt always consider My interests when it came to choosing an option, or simply made a choice for what you wanted.

When it comes to your personal choice, you dont agree with Me on taking the easy way out.
But thats where the choice comes in to either put your own preferences first, or Mine. (2011:96)
It pays to cling to the Eternal, as opposed to its finite and temporal counterparts
The advantage is obvious, by faith, since eternal for the time being equals invisible, otherwise it would be too easy for
everyone to make the right choices. But most people want something they can see, and that makes it a lot harder for them to
choose the invisible, the faith option howbeit promising to be much longer lasting. (2011:111)
You are worthy of My love, because you chose to accept Me; thats all the conditions ever asked for. (2011:112)
I give the best to them who leave their choices up to Me. (2011:123)
Youre reaping the consequences of your actions and choices; youre reaping what youve sown, and things are coming back
to you the way you initially prompted them to by your own actions, decisions, choices and attitudes. (2011:130)
Im not imposing My ways on you without a choice, nor do I demand absolute and unconditional obedience. There may be
times when that is needed, but generally, I love to operate by means of free choice. (2011:131)
It would be easier for you if I clearly said, This is My will for you, or That is, but in this day and age I like to cooperate
more with My brides on their ground: their experience, the wisdom theyve acquired over the years, which I want them to use,
and thus also their ability to make their own choices within the range of My will.
Ive caused a consciousness to develop in you that I hope and trust will enable you to make the right choices and decisions
with My help and guidance, and having two options before you is always more exciting, offering a greater scope of freedom
and possibilities for you and thus stimulates your growth and level of personal inspiration.
Choose wisely and continue to seek My input and counsel on whatever youre doing every step of the way. (2011:138)
Its hard to resist the temptation when you think rationally and in terms of whats best for you But what have you learned
from Me over the years? Certainly not that the easier and more comfortable road is the path I have chosen for Myself, nor the
one Id recommend for My followers, even if it seems as if thats what the majority of them are presently doing.
Yes, I always leave the choice with you, but how many times have you regretted making the wrong one? Not that those werent
valuable lessons, but they were to the end of eventually learning from them to make better choices eventually, in the long run.
Choices according to My wisdom, and not the selfish, howbeit rational reasoning of man, merely seeking his own good,
advantage and comfort.
Who are you allowing to be your boss, the one who directs your life, Me, or yourself, or anyone else, for that matter? - Thats
the real choice to make. (2011:141)
The Giver of Life knows better what to give you than your own preference of what youd take if you had the choice.
Salvation and discipleship is a choice to let Me choose the best things for you. Of course, you still have the option to veto My

choices for you and resist and reject My offers, but as you find out from experience in the long run, I do know better what is
truly best for you. (2012:2)
Its the individuals choice whether theyre going to stick to the rules and remedies that promise a healthy relationship and life,
or not. (2012:3)
I'm the greatest Filling for any void in any human heart, and you have chosen wisely to submit to this change and allow Me to
prove to you the greater eminence and importance I have in your life. (2012:11)
For your faith to be real, youve got to make sure every step of the way to place it in the real and relevant factors. Thats where
your choices come in. When you complain, you obviously choose to place your faith in the circumstances the wrong factors.
This is what the School of Lifes about: Me teaching you, which are the better choices to make.
Youve got to choose, which to you is most important and then act accordingly.
Allowing circumstances to overwhelm you, giving the priority to them, over Me and My Realm, is not a good sign, nor a good
turn for events to take, not a good path to choose. So you must choose to make some necessary changes, if you want your life
to go uphill. (2012:22)
Yielding to temptation has mind- and thus, reality-altering qualities, so, they can be pretty dangerous, and pretty much the
most potent weapon the Devils got, because theyre powered by your choices. (2012:32)
Many extremely wealthy people are quite detached from what others have come to know as the real life down at the grassroots
of reality where you have to live and deal with the consequences of your actions and choices without being able to escape
them. (2012:38)
People who made it big in this world are so outstanding, regardless of their faith, religion or motivation: They simply refused to
misinterpret their knocks as negatives; they kept trying, no matter what.
That is also a matter of choice.
So, choice is everywhere, and its a multi-facetted affair in daily life, and its not as easy and simple as some think Many areas
where choices are required by folks to be made in life are not even recognized as such, and this is one good example: When
you are being corrected or reprimanded, and I or someone else tells you that you could do better, do you interpret that to mean
youre a failure and take it as an excuse to quit, or will you make the right choice and take it as an incentive to simply do what
would actually be the most reasonable consequence, and try harder? (2012:45)
It helps to nourish your soul with positive input, and choose to listen to the right voices, and Ill honor that choice, but then
again there are trees that get the same good sunshine and water that others do and still wont grow as healthy and strong as
Unlike the trees, you have a say in and help determine how youll grow as a spiritual tree. It takes the sort of choice that
determines, I want to and will become a good tree, and accordingly shun and abstain (as much as possible) from the sort of
things that would cause you to fail to qualify you as such (2012:53)
While folks rejection of you and all you have to offer may trouble you, it doesnt trouble Me at all, and it shouldnt trouble you,
either. Its their choice, and thats what ought to be troubling them. There is nothing more troublesome than people who
continually and perpetually keep making the wrong choice for the wrong side, the wrong values.
As far as your own choices are concerned that you have to make about your future, I will be with you in them and will guide you
to make the right ones. Sometimes that process of making the right decision is a very precious lesson in itself, and if it takes a
bit of time uncomfortable as it may be, there on the fence between two choices its good and needed and valuable, and the
right thing to do is not to make the decision too quickly without weighing all the options and factors and taking them fully into
account. (2012:67)
He who laughs last, laughs best.
Theres a laughter that will last longer and drown out the laughter of those who doubted that made their choice for another,
infinitely lesser god. (2012:71)
Those who choose to follow the wrong side will choose to continue to do so until the end. (2012:72)
What do you choose, and which purpose would you choose to have been born for, to give up, or to overcome? What do you
feel you were born and destined to do? Choose! (2012:76)
Many who have accepted Me did so without being fully aware of the extent of the consequences of their choice, and perhaps it
would be fair to let people know that choosing Me is also a choice against the Devil, the temporary god of this world (2012:85)
Isnt that the mode and vibe of Cain, trusting in and relying on the works of your own flesh, rather than letting My grace do
most of the work through you, for you and in you?
Eventually youre going to have to choose where you stand with the Cains or Abels of this world. (2012:117)
Everyone has to choose their own convictions and then choose the degree to which theyll stand up for them. (2012:121)

Folks can choose to either reach the fulfillment of the Promises, reap the rewards and positive consequences of their efforts,
or not. (2012:126)
You have the choice to perish along with all the rest of the murmurers and doubters, or to become of the exceptional kind like
Joshua and Caleb, who refused to give up, refused to doubt, and kept on believing until the very end. (2012:127)
Youll have to notice the difference and see both sides of the story before you can make clear judgment and the right choice.
Im just doing the same thing Ive been doing all along: Letting you have your choices and reap the consequences as a result.
The concept of free choice may be subject to different opinions, but thats where I simply dwell on My given authority as
Creator of the game. (2012:146)
Do you see how silly it is to blame Me for all the things that go wrong in your life, when, if you were just a little bit smarter and
made some better choices, you could prevent most of your troubles from happening?
The wrong choice: to let the Enemy dupe you into doing something silly, no matter how much you or he may downplay the
consequences in your mind.
In the long run, those dumb little choices ad up to making a drastic and significant difference, one you will sorely regret and
wish to have avoided.
Staying on My wavelength will help you to avoid making a bunch of silly mistakes, resulting in the even bigger mistake of
blaming Me for not preventing them when it was in your own power to do so, had you made the right choices instead.
Make some better choices, and open up your eyes to see through the Devils scheme!
The world is miserable due to people making a lot of wrong choices, little or big, that at the time theyre unaware of the
consequences of.
Many folks are in worse situations and yet manage to make something much better out of it, simply because they choose to
make the effort to cling to My view of things, which gives them power to rise above.
I have created you with the ability to make the right choices, so, simply use it. Amen? (2012:147)
Hard lives have a reward in store, which those choose to forgo who have all their rewards in the here and now.
There is a difference between those who choose to be Mine and those whod rather call the god of this world their daddy.
Mankind allowed him by their choices to take this place over, and by rejecting Me as their King and Ruler have locked Me out,
denied Me the authority over them and chose the usurper to lord it out over them instead.
Just as it was in his power to offer Me riches and make My path on earth a lot more pleasant one than My path to the cross,
they know that he can make things easier and more pleasant for them, too; and Im fully aware that having made the choice for
this rugged life instead, while seeing the others cruise along with ease, isnt always easy.
But know this, that just because things seem to go wrong at times, just because theyre hard, doesnt mean you made the
wrong choice. (2012:149)
Every bad, selfish, negative choice (= sin) you make in life is a minus. (2012:151)
Yes, youve got free choice to pretty much do as you please, but that also includes choosing the consequences. (2012:154)
If you have to reap a bit of whining in return for the way you sometimes treat your Father, thats simply something youre going
to have to deal with as part of the consequences for your choices (2012:154)
Experiencing and dealing with evil and making the right choices when confronted with it, is one of the major purposes in life.
Anyone can be good under the right circumstances. Its the adversity and the struggle, including the temptations evil presents
that bring out the worst, but also the best in you, depending on the choices you make accordingly. (2012:161)
Some holes that are left behind in the tapestry of My plan are not filled all that easily. Some wounds dont cure that easily.
Some damage leaves scars that cannot be covered and healed completely. Some wrongs cannot be made right so easily, and
their repercussions arent that easily ignored, as hard as you may try.
Thats why I want you to realize how significant some of your choices are, and how painfully they can affect others; how much
harm they can cause, sometimes barely redeemable
Its a lesson you should take heed to and take to heart: See to what extent another human beings choices can affect anothers
life and future. (2012:162)
My only hope have always been the chosen few who chose to make the big difference and be the great exception from the
norm, all the way from Noah till today. (2012:163)
Choices and decisions can be a matter of life and death. It behooves you to take this seriously.
Heaven as far as this world is concerned, and the chance to find any of it in it is not a place, but a few chosen people,
chosen, because they have chosen not to fit in with the larger group who feel at home in this world and act as if nothing was
wrong with it. (2012:174)
I know your frame, that youre but dust the result and proof of the process of the curse of constant decay that has befallen
this world and the entire universe, just to show you the largeness of the impact of a single human choice. (2012:180)

I pretty much let you be what you want. I may allow you to learn certain lessons when youve been making choices that
according to My knowledge simply werent the best for you, but I dont coerce you to do My will or follow the one and only path
of My highest will for you. Life wasnt meant to be as rigidly scheduled as that, but is always supposed to present an array of
choices and options, each with their own consequences to reap, good or bad; but thats simply what lifes all about, and one
mans mistake can be another mans blessing in disguise. (2012:181)
Yes, its your choice, daily, who youre going to listen to, whom youre seeking to please. (2013:2)
No matter how much the darkness and its forces try to get at you, pester and haunt you, they cant really do anything to you,
just because you keep choosing to fight! (2013:3)
Sometimes youve just got to go through whatever life puts before you, and the question is, how do you choose to do it? Are
you letting the circumstances drag you down, or will you refuse to and choose to rise above instead?
Choose to be strong, not weak, for in Me you can do that, because with Me, your strength is unlimited, or rather, you have
unlimited strength at your disposal. Choose to be victorious and refuse to let your enemy get the better off you, no matter what
mean trick hes going to use to try to lick you this time. Choose to live, rather than wanting to die and give in! (2013:7)
Its a world of dependency and a list of choices as to who and what youre going to allow yourself to be dependent on, and few
are they who make the right and wisest choices
Trust in Me, and give the world an example of someone who for once made the right choice and trusted in the right Source of
the difference youre making may be invisible to the naked eye, because its a spiritual one, but when all eyes will be opened to
the spiritual, the real and lasting way of seeing things, it will become plainly visible to all that you were simply not as shortsighted as most of them chose to be by choosing to see just what was right in front of their own noses (2013:15)
Making sure youre in tune and touch with Me is basically the best thing you can do. Its even better than providing for your
family, because its the factor that will ensure continued provision, protection and My blessing in general, and by helping to
make this happen, those blessings will keep flowing. The alternative would be the tendency to disaster, which Im sure
everyone would like to try to avoid.
By doing this you have chosen the good part, pretty much the best, something good that wont be taken away from you, and by
choosing it, youre making sure that all those other good things I bestow on you wont be taken away from you and your family,

As I said, Heaven and earth will pass away, but My Words wont (Mt.24:35). So you might as well choose and stick to the
part thats going to hang around even when all else is gone, dont you think? (2013:16)
There are few who choose to believe that love and its value is longer-lasting than that of money, or even the imprint and mark
they leave in the world through their personal careers. Basically, what it boils down to, is that those people are putting
themselves above others, the ones they love, and above love itself, and thus, above Me and the Father. (2013:17)
You have learned to trust more in My Words than mans, and whether or not this has been a wise choice can only be known for
certain at the end of the road; yet, all in all, wouldnt you say that your life guided by those choices of trust you made is in
general richer, fuller and happier than those of ordinary people who put all their trust in the temporal and material? (2013:19)
When it comes to the choice between someone doing it the safe and conventional way and in their own strength and wit, or
giving Me an opportunity to do miracles for them, which option do you think I prefer? (2013:22)
Theres a difference between truth and knowledge, which is the reason why the cause of Mans Fall was a desire for the
knowledge of good and evil. Basically, the knowledge of good is truth, and the knowledge of evil its deceptive counterpart. If
folks dont develop a love, hunger and desire for the former, theyll eventually wind up chasing the latter, and thats the choice
every human being has to make: Which of the two will they chase after and pursue?
Eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is what initiated this big, long lesson of finding out the difference
between the two.
So, if learning the difference between the truth and the lie, and thus, eventually developing a love for the former, is the principal
purpose in life, what other choice do you have than to patiently wait until that spark of love for truth is initiated in the ones
youre close to and you have to deal with? (2013:34)
Youre having to make the choice each day whether you want to spend another meaningless day in an apparently meaningless
life and existence, or whether you want to go through that day with a purpose, a goal, a mission to fulfill, a lesson to learn, and
with new exciting things to discover. (2013:36)
You had a choice to put Me first, but didnt, and wound up frustrated
Its your choice whether youre going to go through life wallowing in self-pity or do all you can do stay victorious. If you choose
the way of defeat, you mustnt be surprised if you actually wind up being defeated.
I can help you make it through this rough and difficult life, but only if you come to Me for that help. If you dont, theres no use
in complaining about how rough it is. Its that rough because you chose to do it without Me That was your choice and you
reap the consequences. Now you can choose to learn to do better next time through this or keep repeating the same old
mistake of neglecting and ignoring Me. (2013:42)

If you give priority and preeminence to the there and now, youre giving it and that realm dominion over you, instead of
allowing and enabling Me to give you dominion over it.
Its available to you by simply making the right choices for a change and not continuing to yield to the pressure of whatevers
in your face. (2013:46)
Youve got to make the choice whether youre going to let that massive opposition overwhelm you, or choose to believe that I
in you am still stronger than any opposing force. (2013:47)
You have the key to annul death on individual levels, according to their choices providing you present them with one. (2013:48)
Your qualities are basically what you acquire as a result of your choices. Some people, for example, make the choice to adopt
the mindset that its okay to lie. Consequently, they probably wont be too strong in the trait of honesty, unless, over time they
get so tired of the results and repercussions of that choice that they choose to change their mindset resulting from the original
choice, and thats basically what Im all about: Changing your mindsets that result from your poor choices.
The Enemy will always try his darndest to make you go in the opposite direction of what would be My ideal choice for you, and
whether you give in to his leads and temptations or stick to My leadings is dependent on your choices and strength of
character, which by the way is also something youre not equipped with from birth, but is formed by the way you react to what
you encounter in life, and how well you learn the lessons to be gleaned from it. (2013:66)
Its not always necessarily a matter of right or wrong choice. One might be better than the other, but that is usually only to be
found out for sure after the choice is made.
Making a change usually requires more courage, while sticking might be considered the wiser choice Then again, Nothing
ventured, nothing gained A lot of factors are involved in each choice, and the more you take each of them into
consideration, the more youll learn to make the wisest choices in the end.
Even learning to make good choices requires experience, and that experience includes making some bad ones, too; otherwise,
how would you be able to tell the difference?
Dreading to make a choice for fear of making the wrong or a bad one isnt the right attitude to have, though. But rather, you
should bring the matter before Me so we can discuss the options and I can point out or remind you of various factors involved
that might otherwise slip your mind. (2013:68)
Its a tough choice to make, and pretty much one youve got to make anew every day: whether you will put your faith and
affections in the things around you that you can see, or in things from above, My Realm.
If, as you can observe, everything in the visible realm tends to deteriorate, decay, diminish and rot in the long run, isnt it the
wiser choice to put your faith in something that goes beyond all that?
Youre making the wise choice of building on solid ground, one where you will find truth, peace and the certainty you miss,
since its so abhorrently lacking in this visible world. (2013:69)
He that receiveth you receiveth Me (Mt.10:40), and by causing them to make that choice of receiving or rejecting you, youre
already doing your job for Me.
Based on different criteria, namely Mine, and according to those, its not the applause and reception that counts, but the degree
to which you caused them to make a choice. (2013:71)
Ultimately, it all boils down to the simple choice whether you want to go through this life grumpy or cheerfully, and be a
blessing or a pain to those around you (2013:86)
Allowing you to experience the world in all its appalling rottenness is My way of asking you, Are you sure that this is what you
want and choose above Me? Is their company and are their opinions of you, and their reception of you more important to you
than Mine? And if so, do you still think thats a wise choice, after everything youre experiencing? (2013:87)
You cannot please everybody all the time, and sometimes youve got to make a choice as to who you wanna please Me or
And you can imagine which choice will bear the greater, long-term benefits. (2013:90)
You will make a difference and will leave a mark a landmark on their existence that one day theyll recognize as the moment
when they could have made a choice that could have changed everything for them and turned their paths around in a different
direction to be truly walking the path of life. (2013:103)
The confrontation with human weakness and flaw to the degree that youre currently exposed to gives you insight into the core
of human nature, and what their choice for evil has resulted in. When they chose to take the advice of a beast howbeit the
most cunning of all in the field thats the path they chose to go, and what theyre becoming.
What matters is that some choose the light, and you recognize the blatant difference; and thats not a matter of evolution or
natural selection, but of personal choice. (2013:105)
Its up to you to choose and embrace either victory or defeat. Victory and defeat, success and failure in life, all depend almost
exclusively on your choices: What are you going to do with that situation that youre finding in front of you, or that has found

Why not choose to be the kind of example that youll be proud of having been some day?
Overcome lifes circumstances with a powerfully positive attitude, instead of just another passive wallowing in the self-pity of
You choose who youre going to be. (2013:110)
The paths of life and death are before you constantly to choose the better Why would you ever choose the worse? (2013:111)
Let the Devil do his work, and in the end youll find that even this will work out for good to them that love Me, even if they may
not even know yet that they do. It helps people make a choice. Just as people make choices either for you or against you, just
as they did with Me, dont let the fact that most peoples choice will be against you irritate you!
You should take the fact that most people will turn to the darkness and embrace their own evil ways instead of the good, which
to them is strange, as pretty much the natural way of things by now, and not let it dismay you or throw you off to this extent. Its
pretty much the path the world in general has chosen, and the trick is for you to keep walking yours, which is Mine, in spite of
that fact! (2013:116)
Keep in mind Whom you want to please, and Whose praise and approval it pays best to seek And a lot of that has to do with
what you choose to give to those around you. (2013:121)
He that overcometh There are wonderful Promises in store and waiting to be fulfilled for those who do.
The choice of determining to be or become one of them is wholly up to you.
There are many choices in life, but one of the most frequent kind is to either quit or decide to go on, even if its tough; to seek
an easier way out somewhere, or to keep going when the going gets tough.
The latter isnt always in everyone, and not everyones natural gift or first choice, but you can acquire what it takes to get that
quality, and trust Me, the difference it makes is going to be worth it! (2013:125)
I sent My followers to preach the Good News of the Kingdom, which means, the announcement that theres a better Place
waiting for everyone who chooses to want to go There.
The best part of the deal that I represent for you and all of those who choose to believe in Me is that Im your free Ticket to
Heaven. (2013:127)
To put love first and make it the most important part of your life is definitely the right choice and decision, if its true that God is
Love and loved the world so much that He sent Me down there (John 3:16) (2014:12)
How about choosing action that may not or doesnt sound like your favorite? (2014:13)
Those who choose to trust in Me and the Father will turn out to have made the better choice in the long run. (2014:18)
Theres a major choice between trusting and believing in nothing or no one, only in oneself and physical strengths, and God
and His Son and a more significant Spiritual Realm (2014:20)
Trying to figure out which place to live in or at would be more rewarding according to the faith and in the Spirit which choice
would obtain the greatest blessing. (2014:41)
The first two humans choice has given the power to rule to the one who offered that choice to them (2014:60)
I can make you better if you choose My way; I can cause you to improve. Just choose My way, and Ill make things improve for
you. (2014:61)
Sometimes its a good thing to be open for whats happening to you in life, and especially if you believe in Me, trust Me for what
I allow to happen to you. Even if its not exactly what youd have chosen for yourself, trust Me that I made the right choice, even
if its a little harder in the beginning. (2014:85)
Whatever is happening, stay on the alert! Watch out for the good and watch out for the bad! Be wiser in the matters of choice!
Its a rough time; so be careful and be wise in decisions and choices!
All in all, it depends on the faith you have; whether you have the faith, or not, and on what kind of choice you will make!

There are some disadvantages to making it the big way the world folks want it, and staying humble oftentimes turns out to be
the better choice. (2014:111)
If things are going wrong and not so well there and now, dont blame Me for all of it, but the present ruler of your abode, and
the choices for him of most of the earthly habitants, who obviously seem to largely prefer what hes got to offer
So, if life on Earth is turning out bad, remember whos in charge of it, and whom most people choose.
When you get off of My way, its time for you to learn again what it can be like on the other guys And youre finding out:
definitely worse! But dont blame Me or the Father for it. It had to do with your own choice, and your souls enemys reaction to
it. (2014:159)

Seeking first My Kingdom, investing your life in Heaven, the eternal Hereafter, is the wise choice to make the one youll wish
youll have made when youll get Here. (2014:164)
Another part of the great choice: believing in the knowledge that education and science largely pass on, that all things were
created by themselves, and theres no hereafter when lifes over, etc., or the things embraced through faith (2014:165)
If I havent returned yet, the fact and reason for it might well be that many people havent received the chance yet to make their
choice and decision concerning Me. (2014:176)
Remember whos in charge of this world currently because most peoples choices preferred his ways! And if youre really
smart, dont start making the same mistake! Just remember and keep in mind that theres something better coming, and that
people can wind up there, too, if they choose Me! (2014:178)
Trusting in Us is something you should do, if you believe in the Hereafter, and that Were indeed the Ones Whove created the
temporary world, too, even though its largely messed up by the Enemy, who was allowed to by Earths majority of inhabitants
since the beginning. So, its a little bit like democracy in that the majority has determined the fate over the Earth and who rules
it, but as far as the Hereafter goes, itll turn out that the minority chose the better and final and eternal Rulers.
The good thing is to naturally prefer truth over lies, which unfortunately cannot be said about all humans. - But sticking to the
truth, though a tough and lonely road at times, is the best choice and move. (2014:183)
Its all by faith that Heaven is real, along with the story of Me
But still, a better choice to believe in it than not at all, and just in the physical world around you, isnt it? (2014:205)
One of the greatest purposes for this life youre living is to find out whose voice you prefer to choose: Mine, the enemys, or
what he may pretend to be one of your own (2015:23)
Choose the Spirit! Its not time to cling to the flesh! (2015:28)
Make your choice as to whats better to trust in: Me and the Creator of it all, or the System that wasnt developed by Me or Us to
produce that impression that it all has created itself! (2015:30)
If lifes a bit more like hell on Earth for you now, well, at least youre more familiar with its actual spiritual state due to the one
whos been allowed to take the world over thanks to the majority of peoples choices for him. (2015:32)
Dont be too shocked or surprised that this earthly life is getting tougher. Its something you should have expected, believing in
the prophecies about a darker future coming and being on its way, and what the Word says about whos in charge of it
spiritually right now due to peoples choices for him. (2015:37)
When will your choice happen to prefer spiritual over material things? (2015:53)
Having chosen Me as Saviour and Lord also includes having chosen that I know better than you yourself what will result as the
best choice of a course for you!
Have enough faith in Me or Us, that We know better whats the best way and destiny to choose for you, even if it may make you
wonder strongly at the beginning of some of those paths and incidents!
Prefer Our choice over your own and what youd choose yourself! Now, thats truly faith! (2015:69)
Helping others to prepare for the time to come would be a good choice of a task to get into; and its not just trying to get as
great a time out of it as you possibly can. (2015:70)
In a world taken over by the enemy because of most peoples choices to favour what he does and has to offer, following Me
means, youre one of the few not following him! (2015:72)
Theres a time coming when people will have to choose between My aid or their reliance on the enemys power and temporary
takeover of the globe. (2015:73)
It may be a relatively tough life for you right now; but largely a reminder of whos in charge of this world for right now because
of the power and might the majority of humans have granted and given him and left him over and available. Hes the one with
most of the power in this world right now, with the majority of people choosing his path And My followers belonging to a
largely persecuted lot having to suffer a fate similar to Mine (2015:74)
Trouble in general will be much greater for those who have chosen the world as their home, and, accordingly, our enemy as
their master.
You know who was granted the major power over this world through the choice of the majority of its inhabitants
So, choose between either My way, or his! Try to make the right choices every day not any wrong ones! (2015:83)
In a world taken over by the enemy because of peoples bad choices, the lesson thats there is to make good choices, instead.

Getting in touch with Me is something brighter and more cheerful than a mere look at the world around you, due to the one
having been given the power to take it over through most humans' choices. (2015:101)
Remember, its a war! Dont just assume that every day you wake up is a normal and peaceful day, while the enemy is at it with
his host, preparing for a total takeover of the world youre living in, preparing for getting down there and inhabiting and
possessing a large part of the entire population!
Sorry, that its so rough, but remember: its the result of mans choices! And its a lesson that will be there for quite some time,
on what the choices for either good or bad will do to people, and ultimately, the entire world. (2015:104)
Materialism vs. spiritual riches is another big lesson to learn, and another big choice to make for humans. Some are happy and
content with less, and just enough to live and make it through life, others constantly greedy for more. Well, you can guess
which one would be the better choice or option, according to Us. (2015:116)
Choosing between self-reliance with pride and dependence on Me based on humility is pretty much what its all going to boil
down to depend on the smartness your own flesh comes up with, or the Wisdom of the Spirit from Above So being in a
condition where youre pretty much forced to make the right choice concerning this, is better than the risk of making the wrong
one. What do you think? (2015:126)
If you can tell and see where this world is heading, and youve chosen to take the other way, in the end all things will turn out
alright, and youll be happily rewarded for having made the right choice!
With times turning into a determinant choice between good and evil powers to serve, trust Me that youll be better off serving
the good, even if We may not be running all the visible action in the world during that time the greatest of all tests of mankind.
If youll choose Me instead of the great, visible ruler of the masses of that time, and might even get others into choosing Me,
trust Me that youll be better off in the long run than all the other ones that will follow the pressure into serving him, who has
been deceiving this world pretty much since the beginning, and which will reveal the great difference between the lies and the
Whichever plays the important role for you is whats important. While his lies promise the immediate luck in the here and now,
My truth promises a happier Hereafter So, making the right choice between luck here and now and true happiness there and
then is what faith is all about.
It basically all depends on whether you keep putting your faith in the Hereafter and the There and Then or the here and now and
whatever temporal gimmicks it has to offer. Well, you can imagine which choice of the two Id consider the greater wisdom.
Temporal pleasures vs. eternal joy and happiness Thats pretty much the choice that life is all about!
The easy way out isnt necessarily always the one you should choose! (2015:142)
Make the right choices: to believe and trust in Me and keep walking in the confidence of My Words to you, that everything will
be alright! (2015:145)
What would you choose: physical satisfaction, or true happiness coming to you from sowing to the spirit?
The answer to that question and the choice are up to you. Just believe Me that the right choice will make all the difference!
Either bring true joy and happiness, or result in ultimate disappointment, if you cant manage to make the right one.
So, itll be definitely worth it all to invest all the effort you can into making the right choices and decisions here! Its to choose
going either up or down
See, having chosen Me as your Savior also means having to choose to say no! to the temptations of sin, if you want this life
you supposedly chose to live for Me to be a happy and fulfilling one. (2015:148)
Free choice since Adam and Eve, the first couple, doesnt sound too bad for a God of Love, does it? After all, doesnt love
include leaving others that kind of freedom to make their own decisions and choices?
And then the choice to accept the gift He gave: His Son, to give folks a chance to grab on to the Real Thing, anyway (2015:149)
If the world isnt what youd expect it to be like, what did you expect from one thats run by our enemy, due to peoples
majoritys unfortunate choices for him? So, dont blame it on Me or the Father for allowing it to happen! Free choice leaves it
up to folks whats to become of that world! (2015:150)
As time goes on, youll recognize that what I decided will turn out to have been the better choice for you.
It will turn out that leaning on Me will have been the better choice, even if on its way to that end the enemy will still do all he can
to make it seem quite different, and even the opposite.
Youll know that you made the right choice to put your trust in Me instead of your own capabilities and whatever the enemy
would offer. (2015:156)
The universal Lesson will be quite clear, about the difference between good and bad, benevolent or evil; and everyone must
make their choice about which they prefer, and on whose side they feel they belong.
Everyone ought to be aware of their own choices to make and not let their minds be tricked and lured over to the wrong side.
Thats largely what lifes all about. Making the right choices. (2015:162)
The physical world has been taken over by evil forces, due to peoples choices.
So, keep choosing the other side, the heavenly, instead of that of the enemy or any of his temptations!

Many folks made the wrong choices, and very few the right ones, so the result for the bad choices has to be dealt with, and the
lessons learned from their results
I wish for you it would be easier but with wrong choices, the results just have to be dealt with. Just try to remember that
lesson in order to make the right ones from here on!
The world needs a spanking a final outcome of the results of the choices made in favor of Our enemy. (2015:167)
The toughest time of world history coming is the price mankind will have to pay for the choices it made, of pro-evil instead of
good, selfishness instead of love, etc. (2015:169)
Some folks have greater luck in life, others, greater blessings for their afterlife depending on their choices and receptivity of
the Gospel. Its a choice either for here and now or something greater to be revealed later
The first days of earth were grand, until the wrong choice was made to believe the devil rather than the Father and Me. (2015:171)
Belonging to him that has been ruling the world with his naughty manners, and thereby rejecting its Creator and Father of us
all and taking over the evil guy as such Bad choice, Id say
youre still trying to make it down there, among the vast majority of bad choice makers knowing from experience that it can
be quite easy to make them with those sly temptations that make it easy to fall for them. Well, one day, the good result of folks
resisting and not having fallen into his temptations will teach the rest of the world the lesson of what would have been the
better kind of choice!
Youre getting the point slowly, of how important it is to make the right kind of choices throughout life
Having seen what the wrong kind can lead the entire globe into, like Adam and Eves picking the forbidden fruit after falling for
the devils lies and temptations, and the vast majority of the worlds population throughout history falling into the same kind of
traps including yourself for quite some time, but at least eventually learning some of the resulting lessons.
Yes, life is rough but not because I or the Father made it that way but because folks have allowed it and guided it to turn that
way through their choices to believe and fall for the enemys deceptions, and choosing to obey and follow him, instead of Us

Why did He allow things to become so dreadful? Its the decision to leave the majesty of choice to His top creations and
those choices would become their own judges.
So, dont blame it all on Him or Us for leaving folks that liberty, but rather, on peoples choices which bring all that stuff into
your word and life down there that you dont like.
Dont blame it on Us, since its been your own kinds personal choices making that planet result in the messy state its in!
It will be good since it will finally bring folks to stop blaming Us for whats going wrong with the world, since itll be quite
obvious that all along folks choice for and preference of him as their ruler was to blame for the faulty mode of Creation.
Instead of getting mad at the Father and Me, why not get mad at him, and do all you can to get him and his influences out of
your mind and your life, kick him out at last, and give Us the full and only authority over your heart and mind and entire being?
Doesnt that sound like a good choice to make? (2015:185)
The enemy and his hoards keep trying to keep you from believing My positive input, insisting that hes the boss of this world.
And the question is: you believe him or Me? Thats the choice to make!
Its to constantly choose between My truth and his lies, My blessings or his temptations perpetual choice between good and
evil. (2015:194)
Follow the circumstances and possibilities, and learn from them through the experiences they bring, and make your future
decisions and choices based on that! (2015:199)
Life may not all be perfectly blissful, and include some sorrows and trouble instead, but thats one of the lessons mankinds
got to learn on the result of making the wrong choices, hopefully learning thus how to make the right ones instead, eventually.

Do your best to inspire as many others as you can to believe in Up Here, or at least present them with the choice! (2015:224)
Its part of lifes school to learn to stay on the positive side of things and remain with a good attitude instead of whining about
things not being perfect in that world run currently by our enemy.
Its good to learn where things are not supposed to be at.
And remember that it was and remains peoples choices that make them turn out that way, and you should definitely learn to do
better through all of that. (2015:233)
Obedience is what will be blessed. Disobedience cant. So, what will you choose?
To obey or not to obey, that is the question and the choice that influence life. (2015:243)
The roughest time ever that has been inevitably announced since thousands of years ago, mainly due to the majority of
choices folks make in the enemys favor Its the only way to get it all over with, and for Us to finally take over again the rule
and control over Our creation, instead of letting him, due to folks negative choices (2015:244)
Its always easier to make the wrong sort of choices offered by a mean tempter. (2015:251)

What can you expect from a world taken over through its peoples choices by the enemy of its Creator, who wants to take over
the godhead and have people worship him?
What value is greater and more important to you? The physical and material, or the spiritual?
Just remember, God is a Spirit (John 4:24), and that should help you make the right choice.
They that choose the Father, choose the Spirit over the flesh and all temporary assets it can bring and prefer the eternal
instead. (2016:27)
Have some more faith in the perfect Place expecting you! And share some of the vibes youre receiving and have received from
Up Here with the receptive folks out there in fact, even any of those folks there, to help them make their choices of receptivity
or rejection!
Getting folks to make their choices of receiving the fruits of the Spirit is pretty much your main job! (2016:33)
Sometimes the dark times cannot be avoided through the choices the majority of people make. (2016:37)
Better days will come when time shall be no more, and the world will finally be freed and cured from the influences of the evil
force the first bad choice of mankind brought upon it! (2016:41)
Dealing with the troubles resulting from letting evil play a major role in life well, thats all part of the big lesson of life, and
one of the major purposes of it is to prevent and reject evil in the Realm beyond this time ruled by the evil one the choice the
majority of people have made since the beginning. (2016:44)
It may not coincide with your personal choice, with matters taking on shapes you wouldnt prefer, but thats where the greatest
and best choice you could make is to trust Us completely for what Were allowing to befall you. (2016:50)

Its basically a major choice for believers to make: greater trust in Me and Heavens help, or the systems? (2016:52)
Choose My way above the devils ways! Thats the ultimate lesson of choice to learn down there by Our chosen ones. (2016:57)
Not ready for Heaven? Well, think about what you need in order to get ready!
Its not Mine or the Fathers fault for not having made you perfect enough, but it still depends all on your daily choices, and
what temptations you choose to give in to! (2016:66)
Remember that it was mans own choice getting the world into the mess its in, and that should teach you a major lesson on
what sort of choices you ought to make as to whom youll believe when some voices of temptation offer you another option
of what Ive been telling you to do, and would be better.
Even if the majority of those around you tend to make the wrong choices, the question is: are you able to resist that temptation
and still choose the right things to do, even if the majority of folks on the planet wont? (2016:67)
Things are going to be much tougher yet! Not through what Im sending to the world, but due to the choices people make for
the enemys tempting, and ultimately destructive input and eventual physical appearance down there. (2016:80)
Theres a reason why sometimes I make you dependent on the help of others as well, in order to let them get blessings from
Here, providing they make the right choices. (2016:99)