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Telecom / Shelter A/C Controller

Presevi designs, develops and manufactures several
controllers for air conditioners, refrigeration system
and other home appliances. The model A5G312PR is
a micro-controller based programmable controller used
to operate 6 independent single compressor model air
conditioning units. The controller has independent
compressor and blower outputs for each air
conditioning unit. The user can select the number of
air conditioners to be operated i.e., this controller can
be used for a battery of 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 units.
This controller is provided with 2 nos. of temperature
sensors namely, external and internal. The external
sensor is an active sensor, could extend the wire length
up to 2000 meters. This controller normally works
with the external sensor. In the event external sensor
fails, it will change over to the internal sensor and
generate alarm so that one can replace the faulty
sensor with out letting down the site.

Product Highlights

Controls up to 6 Air conditioning units

16 to 30C temperature setting
Cooling range selection from 1 to 6C
Room temperature display
Duty cycle settable up to 12 hours
Comp. 180 seconds anti recycle protection
Power down memory
Run / Test modes
Status indications
Works like duty / standby mode

The controller will switch ON / OFF the air

conditioners depending on the set and room
temperatures. The temperature can be set from 16
to 30C and the cooling range (CR) from 1 to 6C.
The controller would assign the set points to each air
conditioner with reference to the set temperature and
the cooling range set by the user.

The differential set between (cutIN) and

OFF) of compressors is 2C i.e., the compressor will
Cut - IN at (set + 1)C and cut OFF at (set1)C.
A cutOFF delay of 180 seconds is provided between
the (cut-IN) and (cutOFF) of compressors and an
ON delay of 30 seconds between the operations of
two compressors to reduce power line transients.
These controllers are provided with a duty cycle time
selection from 1 to 12 hours, this will cycle the
stand by and duty units in a round robin fashion, such
that equal running time of all units are carried out.
The accurate electronic thermostat in the controller
will maintain the room temp. between set 1C by
loading / unloading the air conditioning units. The
thermostat has accuracy better than 0.5C on the set
These controllers used to save energy and operational
cost of the sites are provided with temperature out of
range alarm i.e., the controller is provided with a
potential free normally open alarm output, which will
close whenever the room temperature crosses the safe
limit. These controllers tested as per IECstandards,
have been cleared for EMC / EMI and are field
proven.Power down memory is also provided in these

Telecom Exchanges
Cellular Sites
Computer rooms
Unmanned cooling cabins
An ISO certified BEE empanelled ESCO
firm with DSIR recognized R&D

Quick reference Chart


Cycling time
1 to 12 hours
1 to 12 hours

High temp.
Alarm output


1 to 12 hours
1 to 12 hours


1 to 12 hours


Model No.

No. of units



- Provided

Mechanical Dimensions
Length X Width X Depth: 271mm X 306mm X 101mm

Electrical wiring diagram of 6 unit controller

Electrical specifications
Input Voltage
Frequency (Hz)
(V AC)
Min. Typ Max. Min. Typ Max

Power consumption
Compressor relay
Steady state
10 VA
25A, 250V AC

Blower relay
Steady state
5A, 250V AC

Notes & Abbreviations

EMC Electro Magnetic Compatibility

EMI Electro Magnetic Interference

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An ISO certified BEE empanelled ESCO firm with DSIR recognized R&D