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F. it is necessary [or our Lessons to be temporarily printed on this quality of stock. Institute of Mental physics. Hobart Blvd. S.A. 213 .We regret that. V. R. COPYRIGHT — All Right* Strictly By Reserved In All Languages EDWIN JOHN DINGLE Copyright.S.S.G. DINGLE. but it is a matter beyond our control. 1930 (First Church of Mystic Christianity) The Science of Mentalphysics Founder: EDWIN J. S.R. owing to post-war conditions and greatly increased cost of paper... Los Angeles 4. (Ding Le Mei) International Headquarters. California. A.

"YOUR FIRST LESSON GUIDANCE FOR THE INITIATE. — — let mc honest endeavor. Manuscript Les-on* (SOB l»p. tnj vour morning Be careful that Breathe this as Mental physics. as If-unfoldment. EDWIN DfJVCLE. the Firet Two Breathings come to you with your First I-esson.) to p. ( nil lot iiin. 5. the ( rinltii whatever name you care to use for the final Law of Spirit. He poxcer. to Student'* (pp. routine. hut follow your instructions closely. Cod trill reward vou openly in exact relation to yimr desire to manifest I. are tuuslit." This most be studied anil practised. and that you ma\ hate the force of character to maintain sour zeal throughout your ttmdy and practice. 13 —THE HARMONIC BREATH. and most carefully study the OPING) BREATH. 7. 6. (b) • • • PROCEDURE — follow instructions! Read and reverently studv "Confidential from Teacher 1. Sincerely \our Teacher and Friend. \nvele* I. VIBRATORY (MEMORY-DEVELyou do not miss anything. l_'i\iii<: \oiii -i If time. before going to bed. your And be entirely changed.GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS • • • The Course of PARIS —namely: Instruction that will come to you has SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL BREATHINGS (a) (in TWO printed and illustrated form): WEEKLY MANUSQUPT LESSOR. and other lessons Mill come to you regularly. I . ( I tint: I In Institute of 213 South I. and following instructions. 5-7). . do so. Turn to (p. My earnest hope and helirf is that yon start trith ZEAL. he Mei) Preceptor Emeritus. I. — Take the Manuscript. your progress trill be impeded. 12 and familiarize yourself with the names of the whole of the Spiritual Breathings." breathe structed.Breathings should he done in the morning. Follow* "MENTM/- PHYSICS TEN-DAY DIETARY REGIME. Turn to p. heing careful to L-i\r due attention to the Spiritual Affirmations. Turn I. you care If hrcathe to it this Breath as induring the afternoon. Read and reverently study "Introductory" 3. J. granted that the desire is sincerely and cheerfully hacked up trith and >( noir. life will yon emhark upon this ereat romance of Sclf-ftiscovery say to you that the I nivcrsal Principle. 2. a* outlined in the printed chapter. llotiart lloulerard. I-et me advise yon that imlcm >ou are prepared to discipline yourself and follow instrucIf you will do as you tions minutely. S. Tin. 18) must he carried out at ni-ilit. Vein «• He I nto ) on.

the way to learn that which cannot be explained in words to seek. someone who knows a great truth he finds himself unable to tell. Bonaven* were mystics and practiced mysticism. Ages. Apostles. and numerous others tura. we believe you will find yourself gradually becoming more devoted to your religion than ever. Then they learned through feeling and through experience* h hat the Bible Do is talking about. Bernard. all at once from your very first lesson. and if you have no religion. In the rest of the world this art seems to have been forgotten. was the foremost of all mystics. not expect to understand the Bible Later on we we shall However. HOW — HOW to find.MENTALPHYSICS-The Key Many people forget that our Christian Bible conies written entirely by Oriental mystics. As a result. the hermits of ancient Christianity. that Orientals seldom make the effort to explain them in words. The to Your Bible from the Orient. methods which Jesus the Christ and His Apostles used. Mentalphysics teaches a method and not a creed. go into the interpretation of the Bible more in detail. however. Hence Western minds have great difficulty in getting the real meaning of the Bible and all other Oriental works. Thomas a Kempis. shall point out to you interesting passages in the Bible which throw light on Mentalphysics. But as we go along. 8:3. the mystic learns through feeling and inspiration what the words in his Bible cannot tell. Primarily our purpose is not to inculcate certain religious beliefs. so far beyond the ability of mere words to depict. until they had practiced Mentalphysics. as you will observe in the following verses from the New Testament: Secrecy ing. In Mentalphysics you will learn the methods of the modern mystics who are still practicing mysticism in the Far East. 4 It "And their eyes were opened. and Jesus Three . but to teach you the methods of mysticism. still practice the methods of ancient days. and passages in Mentalphysics which throw light upon your Bible. that it was Jesus. . most of the Christian writers of the Middle St. . could never understand it. is "And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. the greatest masters of these methods in the world today. Himself. an important part of all occult teachnas part of the teaching of Jesus. all A mystic may be described as someone who has had a great religious experience which cannot be put into words. And Jesus said unto him. similar to those used by the early Christian saints and the writers of the Bible." Matt. See thou tell no man. but go thy way . the early Christian saints. These modern mystics. you will soon find it necessary to adopt or formulate one. As a result. The great truths of life are so transcendental. Many students have told us that they never knew what their religion was. — SECRECY — "Confidential from Teacher to Student** Pages 5 and 6 BIBLE REFERENCES: West the importance of secrecy In the realized so clearly as it is in the is not Orient.

sOiM idea when in «u» not that uhirh i ntt m i» . nr. tlraighluat . "f»irs holy unto the dogt.• char fed them. or field-.i. or that M. permam tit." that ttrailly . tin I.'i.. Muni tin -ni.i|i|ii-n if Mm Mrrc hrali-d an these people were hihI told Miur friend* of it.aliltr tecrwry urrr not maintained. wiimler what iim nre doing to imprmc >our. hring il ahout. who those are or antagonistic e\en try to put physical rovr »«>. recommended scImi occult law wui behind this adticc? N.'il: far . 4ml tlraighlu ul the string tpmke plain. 36 War man hit i< . \\ . And He charged them that the> thould tell no man of Him. fl in in IOD W." Still other* would SB) lli. 4nd Peter anttrerelh and tayelh unto Him. I. and der nl the change that has come omt you." or that where cases that now long. point. just at ihe lime when mhi are guided Inward the heights. I. . also.nun notiee ill. in.~>. the teat of the age of tin lie uail. to iliiuhl <iii/</ in. told "I too late.wnulil . wonder wluil <<. Iniiiml of negative inlliirn The if mll-uitf (ar prater ul t.hritt. Imprni no ul in Miur appearnnrc. r-ons soon Ihhiiiii' WOkTM thai: no man told i< in thotr Jetut dote. thr patient urn ufl limn nil. y rat t no man Mark 5:42. your plant you cxpate yourtrlf influeme mhi And tries to or to do else. what happens? Ili<> tell Mm ii can't be done. <1 In their siig. . I. no man 9:30 .l In miu would he building up roar faith instead of destroying it. If . urn that inrr • unlit . "And Malt. of ancient the lands. .it "it i« ju«t a temporary matter. just picture to yourself what would li..l ." tuttr avnrit hrlurr titinr it« to mhi: otherwise. \ml cmtv comment they make will add to M.< exposed In pn. faith ||| In- 1 bj J. Throughon! mg them out to you." Mark In id. others will roll miii wf your faith in that guidance..Sec that it. will India ancient rnrerad ihi* prin.u li. patt. cm ion* takes too The minute you mil ihe time." 11% pmiti/. Tell p.d more vigorous!* .." much or that "miu don't look know they pnscdl< e»er.ur faith in Miurself and what you are There will come a lime when yon doing.«. > /•< .. 30 -I. • seen I »ou had changed for llie Iwllcr. hit ilititm im ." your fricmls would he looking for Luke 9:36 aiions of the return of niiir ailment. The Is eiiipha-i/cd. to Miur study of Menlalphysirs. and sup. miu would kmm h<' expecting the gsstlon. v. and tell people of them. "It just can't he!" Another would nay inu "merely imagine it. taking. Thit from him that hath no faith. Otherwise miu will lose the inspiration which . show how the inspired from annotation The Ithagaxad. Why wu« secrecy '-. I plans oilier erect 11:2'*... nor trrkt Witdom't teaching! tchen the tpeakt: . awaiting a chance to sat uiu so.• i.. progress! following prophets of ihe Song Celestial.l l. Irani- knot.l to happi n uould happen.i>. onii tongue loosed. hi ul . thr holy Krithna truth. . mat be woy i. in to carry out Remember what " tml ichen the llihle »«• the toil r una found alone.In ii. or obstacles) " im- all if miu bare any ambition. lop. ilnrntil tin thould A mm il and >. One would tall <iiii. ." Hide it from all men u ho mrrck . in the teachings. ople what you are doing and what you expert of Mcnlalph> -ir-. in Matthew 7:(>. In short* ..\|n. On if miu kepi Miur healing tour fin nil. mi miu ran find man* win re Jr." 7:3. neither . snoold proclaim Mentalphysica from the house. Miur faith loot. and so mi. Thou art the l. /nil.itlM- mystics. it. thould till M hit eart ay mrr ujirnrd. » il I < Ipls : "Hide.< -<> iitial? For answer. ii. crciitc about people may soon won.. How much easier it is your plans when n>u •"«' not thus discouraged! This applies.If.heller. lietlcr. \pr<-«. 43 And He charged them . if >ou have plans.Cita. or is il is nrgntiie in ihiinrit iiottihli. and he <i» And He charged them that thry . hul that lime is not in the beginning. worst. II miu lliil the ollur luind.. or something !-. the importance of secrecy all If Km arc to make the utmost yon tOSl mn»t maintain secrcc». ami lln > will immediately discourage you.ur nniilil mmi gn ii din uui <ig« rnrnl. « anil retutiiun: lu-ntin ul hit mlurn.ur talents lie in other tell " other fields a* well in Itul portuut. hi In tin- I r. Be . ami wlmi mn . nt ind they kept thote thingt uhich day t it any of they had tern. iihIii < All of ur< <l similar pi the it in I to all the mtmimc do MHIII tiling things in a different «a>. Him that uorthint not.

and you relieve your Conscious Energy of your desires. but do as I direct you to do. new opportunities. of principles the only way. You will conquer. Nothing is impossible to you if you will live your desires. // you USE what you are being taught. because you will have the power of conquest through conscious evolution. which will open up to you new means. or conversion of your Conscious Energy. energy and power. Express yourself in spoken or written words about your attitudes and desires. and tell no man. be secretive. thought and expression is an action change. for when these are combined the result is increasing evolutionary action and reaction in the direction of your desires. you lock the secret within your own personality. If you combine these principles as you are taught with intense Creative Energy (the highest tension of Conscious Energy) you will advance evolutionarily in Mind. not by dreaming about them will you benefit. Do not be disturbed as to it will be done. Know that every personal attitude. Not by reading about them. — BE SECRETIVE "Go. without any definitely conscious strain. new avenues. The force Tell no other living soul about YOUR of your ideas is thus dissipated. That is eent. Body and Spirit. Thus will you combine this and personal conspiracy with Evolutionary Energy. But remember that conscious evolution is not a longing or wishing or idle dreaming or yearning system of Science.Confidential From Teacher to Student and laws which be THE of Mentalphysics be worth nothing principles THEM. Do not seek to understand exactly it is done. Again. and your secrecy and personal conspiracy will drive your evolutionary energy into reactions and adaptations in those departments of your personality. through which you will be able easily to meet all conditions of life that confront you." If you observe secrecy. For you will. You will inevitably gain dynamic conquering power. and new implements for fighting the battles of Life. and you will naturally use it as an activator of your personality. and your rise to the high point of your own visualization will follow naturally. evolutionize your mind and body as you really need and truly desire and crave. That is not for you to question. combining them with evolutionary use of your energies. Evolutionary energy transformed will create Evolutionary Action. These principles and laws are embodied in (a) SECRECY: (b) INTENSITY: (c) PERSONAL CONSPIRACY: (d) TRUE DESIRE: (e) EVOLUTIONARY ACTION. the result is certain. and those characteristics of your mind and body. secrecy HOW HOW Five . You must USE them. It is a science in which the highest evolutionary transformation of energy is linked with the highest personal direction of your evolutionary energy. IF you in the Science USE to you IF they will be worth ninety-nine per and what you attain if you use these will will disclosed to YOU DO USE THEM YOU DO NOT — what you yourself become and laws as I disclose them. and you will find that everything which you contact will arouse creative forces.

longing* and pur|>(iM>. in another wayt 1. therefore^— right NOW to harness this Law. Therefore. What I ha\e written thus far may he expressed. directing it toward* what TIIF. Keep your evolutionary powers for yourself. YOI — reach it. yrl infinitely winrr and ttronger than thytelf. Loot for the warrior and let him fight In thec. < I \„ . therefore. And you. which neither you nor any other living being can change. capitalize it by becoming most intense in the evolutionary use of your energies. When See the wisdom of doing what Evolutionary I. and. as my student. Talk about what you intend to do. I sayt « ( | — Vituali/r »onr — Develop Third — He wrrrlKr. Urtl • objective. not at though he were a general. this is Evolutionary LAW. uting iln. Take lil* order* for battle and obey them. be not tho« the warrior. Do not talk ahout what you intend to do. and you make success four times as difficult and four time? as impossible. automatically thus converting vour desires into evolutionary characteristics and POWER OF MIND AND BODY instead of merely into WORDS. for the more vou tell others what >. have within your hands.r» olnl i<>imr« >. you create a condition in your Con•eious Energy which is tantamount to telling it that it may rely on OTHERS to assist you. d«-«irr to CANNOT talk THOUGHT In other words First. I do not eontrol vour fate YOU CONTROL IT. you scatter the powers of your evolutionary energy your conscious energy by telling others about your aims.. . and though thou nghtrat. . Therefore. and in a little time you will create evolutionary stagnation. and hi« «poUrii word* were the nttcranrct of th» tccret drtirc*. my heloved student. him. . ho|i< «. . need to be tedd that success begets success.N AVOID SI'CCFSS. in tlie Srienee of Mentalphypio. Make up your mind. that it need not rely on itself in its evolution through your body and your personality.-ircf. . u.V 4.. and it is given to few to reveal It. .„. . 2. but at though he were thyself. the LESS ACCOMPLISH. . Whenever you ADMIT failure.) No matter whut you may at present think.l. attain. I charge you to combine your desires with utmost secrecv. about it. to use it. . Remember the FOURFOLD LAW when you have learned what it is.d. you gain momentum in the direction of success. BUT AS YOU GAIN word LOSE the — — — ^s yon MATHEMATICALLY GAIN FOUR TIMES THE POWER 91 TO GAIN VOUR NEXT SUCCESS. Init n«i lift Do mil lo iiirrrrd. you make failure to poor next action four times as easy and as likely. to yon directly. .„ intend to accomplish.spoken VOU WILL — von dispone >our power of personality and of mind. and an you USE these elements you will make \oiir own mircTM. (Read over Lesson Two. What Mm will learn will he bated on I AW. wi. MI. SO DOES FAILURE. 'as it is expressed in an ad mi u r««l work. I AM. Enslave them! Be their MaMer! Herause I would have you know that WITHIN YOU there is resident the Power of Supremacy.r Mr la Thrirlf.AW demands. <>li." You do not. the then the FEEIJNG then the ACTION. I am sure. . or even revolutionary recession. Then rontpire with yourself force within rou. for you defy your purposes in tin.NTAL and material way. As you cater to success. and thus yon power to ereate the \ery impulses and ideas through which you ean uttain that whirh you desire. for "Whatever the Creator is. "Mand atidr in the coming hattle. the elements of success in a SPIRITUAL.

We can.) of the Warrior.. and. which is called the Tattvic Late (of which we shall learn later on). therefore. carrying sound at the inconceivable speed of light. and at the day of the Great Peace He will become one with thee. from the amoeba to Man. When once He has entered thee and become thy Warrior. It is equally self-evident that IS LIFE. INTRODUCTORY Please IS Read Carefully NOT NECESSARY ITwe must to spend much time explaining WHY breathe to live. It is perfectly self-evident that the best breathers live the longest and get the most out of life. And what is this transporting force? It is called ether. He is Eternal Truth." will (Lesson Seven. U. Every form of life within the Universe could not exist without breath The aneverything. when we stop to think of it few of us give any thought to the breath. A.He is thyself. however we find that all our functions and all other component parts and functions are dependent upon our breath. This same powerful ether is in the air we Breath is Seven . BREATH Breathing is man's most important function. on to the great Peace. S. he will never utterly desert thee. California. Student. Radio to-day can project sound seven and one half times around the earth in a second. The Institute of Mentalphysics. He is eternal and is sure. "Look for the Warrior and him we let that in the Science of Mentalphysics Let us give thanks seek the way to the discovery fight in thee. and liable to error. and is everywhere in the atmospheric air. — — — — (1) THE IMPORTANCE OF BREATH the fount of all human power. for you Light on the Path — Joyously in your service.. I wish you success in that which you are undertaking. yet thou art finite. From the first faint breath of the new-born infant to the last gasp of the dying man life is a series of breaths. I wish with joy as your pilot. cients declared that the ebb and flow of the tides were the Breathing of the Earth the Great-Breath of the Universe. say that our Breath Is the Flywheel of Our Physical and Mental Machinery. Los Angeles 4. .

as you start this introductory Course to the wider knowledge that your »a<hcr hopes you will be led you may become conscious of and utilize it. What should is Kb u« while we live —we could and breathe loncrrii you as a student in the early stages of i.breathe. self-control. this important subject is presented so simply that even a child can learn and understand. let us pass on what and why do you breathe. The bod] takes «>n i new buoyancy. good circulation gives mental COUCepI of abounding health and vigor. I Proper breathing gives you circulation. tent by BSSf llillg the self-evident truth that (a) Your (h) Your mental physical health depends materially breathing: upon correct health. happiness. the Faultless Philosophy of Life. fa< «. let me say that if there is any disbalance of whatsoever nature in your physical body. a clear ct>mplexion. not only is your body robbed by the waste that should have been eliminated and which is returned to the circulation. then. you may now commence the potent means by which you may be relieved of your burdens. any unhappiiiess or failure in any channel of life's activities. poisoning the whole system. Men Lines leave the . or in your mind. With proper breathing your physical appearance changes. to (a) We all know that the organs of respiration comprise the lungs air psssegns leading to theni. and. men and women have lost their original power to breathe properly. How. with the advance of civilization.\a>t resources for your benefit. clear-sightedness and morale depend very largely upon how you breathe. We could show how diseases are the Let us here be conresults of persistently breathing incorrectly. and a manlv and uomanly attitude towards all demands of noii everydoj life. WHY AND WHAT DO YOU BREATHE?—Now. can you benefil for your daily life from this ether in tlie air which yon breathe for 2 1 hours even day? the Seieuee of Mentolphysict it In Mcntalph\>i<>. This can be remedied. The power aot lire without it. We could go into history and show that. and. Any doctor will tell you that unless fresh air in sufficient quantities reaches the lungs the foul and stream of venous blood cannot be purified. but death appear* on the horizon. (b) the influence of correct breathing on the health of your body and mind.

regarded as the Prana may be soul of force and energy in ALL FORMS. Occultists. find in Christian philosophy. result is a serene happiness. In its operations it eliminates time. you will rapidly find this out as soon method taught herein for correct breathing. distance and substance. Beauty shines through. Prana is the energy that the Soul uses. . . and in the teachings of the scriptures." No matter what the occult teaching or philosophy. and We so on. which given such importance in physical culture in the Western world. It is all-pervading. have always regarded correct breathing as vitally important. the Vital Force. No. there is Prana. irrespective of the school and the period. it is not the Soul or the Ego. In the Sanskrit. It is the Principle thai Sin. moreover. although the names employed may vary greatly.and women who of health. Wherever there is life. there is life. as you begin Occultists in all ages and in all lands have always taught their disciples (usually in secret and by word of mouth) that there was to be found in the air a substance from which all life is derived. Now. every ion. PRANA—THE ENERGY THAT THE SOUL USES. this force is called "PRANA. every electron. that spark around which cluster all matter and energy. that "God made man and breathed into him an immortal soul" . is the As a student. then it must be evident that Prana is everywhere and in everything that lives. the Essence of Life. of all energy in the Universe. There is no place where it is not. as it is the only method by which certain internal organs can be exercised. a consciousness of physical and mental well-being. as a student must try to visualize that this Prana. you this principle Modern science proves that in every atom. "breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life." which we will amplify to mean Absolute Energy. is the channel through which physical perfection comes to us. (2) EXERCISING THE INTERNAL ORGANS Good breathers are always strong. . also. Correct breathing. is everywhere present.—While Prana is the energy that the Soul uses. The are good breathers give off the dominating note* Rejuvenation takes place. or electricity or ether (if these words will allow you to gain a better intellectual idea of this force). we find the theory regarding this force to be identical.

the human being — — When we remember that Prana comes to us in its freest state the air we breathe. so Prana is appropriated by the nerrom iratem and i* need in its works: and as the oxygenated blood i. it is easy to see that it is a comparatively simple thing to keep ourselves charged with Prana.tallied to all parts of the circulatory system in its work of replenishment and building up. VITAL IMPORTANCE OF REAL BREATHING. All animals all plants you and I breathe it in with the air. the basic force of all life. if you will learn the way. Ah |he owiirn in the air i« appropriated by the blood and is of in the rirrulatory system.and a< companies life. so Prana is carried to all parts of the tier vow ivvtenv adding strength end vitalitv. through their breathing.— You are constantly inhaling the air charged with Prana. making of your life whatsoever ran will. in lie aim of your lessons herein contained is to teach you this and there in no greater service that one human being can do for another than to impart this knowledge. you would die. But when u>e knotc the tcay in the Science of Mental physics we are gradually taught the basic principles we can and do store up much greater quantities of Prana. yet. penetrating *here the air cannot reach. is in its freest state in the ordinary breathing. too. the Spirit of the Breath of Life. I art. The many and strange powers accredited lo Tibetani and Hindu Yogis and to those in other countries iidvaneed in oceult philosophy are largely due to this knowledge and the intcll. people who want to be and do something in life. and (his Prana is stored away in the brain and nerve centers to be used when necessary. (See Breath No. when we have learned to breathe correctly. just as a storage batter) itoret up its power. 1 in Illustrated Section. Of course. all-pervading. It is for thinking men and women. Think about Prana and its powers.idr net r« . You. to learn how they may.) Prana found atmospheric air. consciously store it up and control it. in. if you can imagine such a state as yourself being filled with air and the air containing no Prana. All one can say is that Prana is the One Force. Prana is in the not the air. may confidently look forward to the time when you may be able to do the same thing. Prana pen: yd it is is Stop and think awhile. activity air. hut it is — — — taken up by our physical system along with the oxynot the oxygen. or even one of its chemical constituents. constantly extracting the latter from it.gcnt use of this stored-up Prana. In absorbs a normal supply.

which. remember. you have the faithfully putting into practice the highest principles of health. you will agree with me that there is nothing like personal experience to bring conviction to the mind. who is privileged (if you wish) become your Teacher and disclose age-old secrets for your guid- ance. means of to The author of this volume. Any man who thinks will agree that there need be no ill-health. this means YOU uses Prana when he thinks. Your Breathings are unfailing in their results. Let me say that I am not teaching you what I think I am teaching you only that which I KNOW. but the student must carry his Breathings out whole-heartedly. every effort of the will. both mentally and physically. or disturbance of. It is absolutely true that the man or woman who. when he acts. when he wills to do anything whatsoever. You are on your way to achieve this (3) THE PATH TO THE HIGHER LIFE In these Scientific and Spiritual Breathings. as he is taught. In a word. or unbalance of Prana.! — — Every human being and. and. what I know through experience. when you have progressed through practice somewhat along The Path. every movement of a muscle. How glorious a thought. as thousands of others have done. has himself proved these Scientific Breathings in Mentalphysics to be revolutionizing in their effect. will follow the Breathings taught in this Course will find himself or herself being gradually and surely brought into a full and harmonious life. that you may acquire for your own use as great a supply of Prana as you may wish. if you do your part. you have at your command the "means by which/' There is no mystery about them. Eleven . The method is a faultless one. every thought. which is actually Prana. and so forth . therefore. happiness and youth. uses up what is called nerve force. — There will be an added physical and mental happiness. is only a lack of. by all the different names given to disease. and The Gate to the Road of Knowledge Will Swing Open to Invite You to Enter the Holy of Holies in Your Quest for Still Greater Knowledge of The Truth. indeed. with regularity and reverent perseverance.

Breath.iW. illustrated. Breath. regular and reverent practice will work wonders. illustrated. illustrated. Always remember that you have another day to-morrow. IHI i. THE YIBKO-M 1GNETIC . illustrated. in Mentalphysics. ^oi |{ o\\ n SPIRITUAL Breath.U \\\) REJUVENATION Breath. to learn Ilie Breaths are as follows: At anv time: (a) THE HARMONIC BREATH (Pingala and Ida). but you must not expect to right wrongs overnight. You will find that these Breathings are all coordinated in such a manner that one interlocks with the next. \ No 5 No i> No. truly the Temple of the Living God. tor] or To he breathed together No. These Super-Yoga Breathings have been taught by the author to a very great number of students. and all of them have a distinct bearing on the "whole body. The MEMORYDEVELOPING (VibraPreliminary] Pranic) Breath. which is the highetl spiritual teaching. Breath. Steady. The student must not he in a hurry. illustrated. and the efficacy of them is attested by the hundreds of letters in the files of the Institute of Mental physics from men and women who have transformed iheir lives through their regular use. and the student is strongly urged to enter upon his practice in the deepest reverential attitude of mind. the human body is not regarded as anything hut a spiritual instrument.Scientific and Spiritual Breathings now THERECourse follow illustrations and instructions for the Complete in Scientific and Spiritual Breathings. 7 No B T. Till CLEANSING Breath. 1— No. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS Master one breath before going on with another." While it is true they are physical breaths. as one full exercise: 2—THE REVITALIZING (Complete) 5—THE INSPIRATIONAL (Triangle) PERFECTION Breath. Till. illustrated. No N„. Take time and practice. illustrated. illustrated.

breathing out through —Do not left nostril.THE HARMONIC BREATH (a) Stand or sit erect. breathe in steadily (not too slow) through the right or positive nostril. to escape. and be able to direct it to any part of the body at will. you may increase the counts by SO per cent. This practice purifies the body through the impetus it gives to the expulsion of all wastes. exercise FOUR — — exhalation. 24 for holding. six for inhalation. while you count EIGHT. revivifying. after several weeks practice. with the same count as above. It greatly increases the flow of favorable Taltvas. and go into the exercise four times a day immediately upon rising. 12 for Note. In this Breath. Thirteen . counting FOUR during the inhalation. Do this strain at all. and when you retire at night. which bring as harmony and strength and clear the nervous system of all negative vibrations. imagine that you are gaining Youth every lime you bring in the Life Force. (d) Close left nostril. and while doing SIXTEEN. After a short time you will FEEL the Power. at dusk. and see that the spine is straight. rejuvenating. strengthening.. (c) Hold the breath without any so count strain anywhere. as in all the breaths. breathe in steadily (not too slow) through the left or negative nostril. Try mentally to imagine the current going down the right and left sides of your spine—cleansing. merely snap the lips and do not allow any breath times twice through the left nostril and twice through the right. (e) RIGHT Close left nostril with the left thurub. namely. at noon. (b) Close right nostril with the right thumb. and exhale steadily through the nostril.

(No movement through the teeth of the arms. timed *o that thr breath i« completely exhaled at same time a* band reaches the lowest point. ho that the chin is brought as near to the chest as possible DO THIS SEVERAL TIMES TO GET THE SWINGING MOVEMENT. then Suddenly throw the head forward. following the Harmonic Breath. it ilirmicli ill.. suddenly throw the head back. Then rot u few moments. before an open window.. nothing moving except the head. Ihll is UTOng*) The swing should be timed slowly enough so ilnit you complete the inhalation at the same time the head gets all the way InirU. MM the Illustrations. Do lliio vi^nroindv and without fmm Umw mamjfUmtmi mmh cows**—* Dr—!_ linn r«-m a frw m. Then Immediately begin the forward motion of the head and the exhalation. — — Watch and ered. Then immediately start inhaling again. remembering that the body must not be lowthat the spine must lie kept straight all the time. and without moving the rest of the body.— ) BREATH I in THE VIBRATORY (MEMORYDEVELOPING) BREATH No. 1: be practised. (b) As the head swings forward and down war. forward anil down. students acquire such control of the bodj that ihey ran tliiin hit creel. Ilun take tmrmm wow rwiplalr ili«. with the spine erect take time to see that spine is straight. ntnl . the forward motion of the head beginning as soon as the backward motion stops).) exhale vigorously a deep forceful exhalation. without strain.. the head swinging like the pendulum of a clock. FEET must he together.. watching and feeling the different sennations of your body. and seven forward. take a deep breath (a) in through the nostril*. mmimi La row l»o.—SIT QUIETLY AND REST .. immediately upon rising thr morning get up half an hour earlier. (c) Repent this seven times (Seven swings hack. without Jerking. 51 MM \lt> - - 'lake in Itrmth mouth llir.. HANDS —On the thighs. with no tension in the neck. You must not bock gainst the chair. after which actually begin the Breath thus: As the head swings back. on. (In our Hanre. then downward.l». begin to get the rhythmic action by pulling the head backward.lit n« In ml awing* < IFTEH COMPLETING ttn l<> BREATHS.) <> — Sit in straight-backed chair. thi«« is a rhythmic breath.m. SHOULDERS Relaxed In this position. on oiiiil fmm )\m\r liikrn 49 ompl«lr liri nlli*. for hours at a lima*) Hemeniher. without leaning hack.iii^li ihr MM wliilr lu-nd nwingft up and ba«-l». palnis —Heels — downward. with toes slightly apart. then stop all motion while completing the inhalution. without pause. watching ili r ••[•mi. hi. and hold it still while completing the exhalation. in. or stool. Then do another seven breaths then a few moments1 rest! ann< "° on until seven sevens have been breathed. (Some beginner'. Mommlm* until . (not drawn up). the back remains straight.. like the pendulum of a clock.

flat on ground. Second Position — Rhythmic movement upwards and downwards. heels fingers gently to- touching. strong pulling-in feeling domen and small of back. FIRST POSITION Be sure spine is straight Heels touching BREATH This is No. breathing deeply from abdomen. First Position gether. get heavy! Reverential attitude of mind. . I-MEMORY DEVELOPING (VIBRATORY] BREATH who breathe it properly. Make sure that you place the body in the instructions in the panel below together with those on illustration. . .. entirely . spine —Feet straight. Third Position — Relax at ab- Exhale vigorously. gentle breathing. a Breath that will astound those right position before you begin —read GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS BREATH.

you will become familiar with the words of the relaxation exercise. of Light and Divine Love . however. because as long as is be a daily ritual. now palms up on Do It is this. the words of the relaxation exercise or affirma- tion for this breath (on opposite page). and brain energy the road to the Higher Consciousness of to start you on where greater and more beau- of the essentials: of this Higher Con- the feeling of joy and beauty. so that they are Then with feeling as the lesson before you. trying to make real every* thing you are saying. Ijiter on. the words the knee*. because the effort words may prevent complete mental relaxation. but chair. in a relaxed stote of mind only when you are relaxed mentally that and feelings sink deeply into the sub-conscious. first recalling the this The purpose of this breath the subtle force of life. nerve is to charge the tiful thing* are possible. as well as of body. and to you are will it in Mental physics. read slowly." practice. this breath be more effective when you have memorized the words and can keep the eyes closed while repeating them.AFTER COMPLETING 49 BREATHS Turn the hands. with as much you can. You are then truly "feeling after HIM. ultimately. after a if haply ye week or two of may find him. comparatively easy to memorize them. and will find They should be memorized. is One body with PRANA. do not lean back against the relax every muscle of the body. sciousness within. At may not be advisable.

* 9 Seventeen . . with the sunshine playing on it. . . I feel happy . . giving thanks . down to the my tips of toes. without letting myself know it. all over! "Now men The the light comes down. the Fire of Divine Love that is in the Center of Centers of my inmost Being. the Single Eye. . The top of my head is heavy and relaxed the forehead is relaxed the muscles of the face are withthe eyes are heavy and relaxed — — — — drawn. thy know . li f le breath . a Torch. sweeping sigh. . taking away all the little lines of care. . *if . . . the Eternal Eye. 1: "Note.Spiritual BREATH Work RELAXATION EXERCISE No. . I feel a gentle pressure from within outwards. I imagine a Great Light at the top of my head. imagine that great Light at the back of my neck. feet . Oh! how happy I feel. chest is —the abdo- relaxed drops down. I am looking down over my beautiful spine. And I cells in my body is a Light. sweeping. I take a little breath and a long. the jaw gently drops the arms but. the Third *If thine eye be single' "Now I . countless number of . be full of Light. LIGHT . as the Flame is in perfect correspondence with the Fire . as the Light goes down. "Now I take another . . slowly. My whole body seems bathed in the blushes of my smiles. no pressure on the teeth. and I know my Whole Body to be full of Light. bringing to me the LIGHT OF THE DIVINE WISDOM WITHIN ME. . happy all over. fear . the Light being in percorrespondence with the Flame. — Eye. My face is bathed in smiles. "And now . trouble. . feeling happy. I see a Light countless number of tiny specks of iridescent Light . and a quick sigh. deep. It seems that I am looking at a great waterfall. a Lamp. particularly in my beautiful face. the Spiritual Eye (the Eye that I thine eye be single. 9 that every cell in that countless. Whole Body will am now using) . I feel and hands are very heavy . worry. .



Institute of



the Student's


Mystic Christianity)


Use Only

—Copyright No. A55602,

Issued Irum the Office of


ho Prci cptor EflKfttM ol


I. <>s



he Institute of Ment.ilphvsk










The Second Lesson, sent
l>c Muiiu-d and practised every oigbt for the First Week, with no break.
>ou with this Manuscript, must not even be looked at during the First Week. Second Lesson is for
the Second Week. Ibis is most important.)








• Sttenttfu Meditation. You are first to be taught how to "be STILL".
Few people
It is
know what Meditation (Going
accessary fur you to







the same place, as near as possible to the



Therefore, choose your place


—your bedroom

night, read this Lesson through, then read



you are shown.

i.uh night for

undertake the work thoroughly,

month be

least a


After the




same time of day,

the best.


again, then begin to prac-

it is

advocated that one hour

month, you will


feel so

and the new realization of Knowledge that is gradually coming to you that you will not need to be counseled to practise, for your own mind will
dictate this, and you will derive great pleasure from your Scientific Meditations.

better for the Meditations



Rejuvenation (real






Youth being the

those students





true reflection of Life Itself), Success and

The words in the Meditations, however, may be changed to suit any
may have for yourself. If you are interested more in the subject
the making of money, becoming a great musician, or a writer,

the Art of Living.

particular ambition you

stria material

change the wordings of the Denials and the Affirmations to suit
shall do for you in this Scientific Teaching will be to uncover

or an artist, you m.iv



be emphasised that M gala UlCCCai and mastery, in no matter what we may









knowledge presented
become a pin of the

essential that the



to irrevocably


in these


Lessons must be so gradu-



are setting

mi! to build


pOUl printed






n-day Regime.




are actually



the best





(in should be


ueslion of






taken with the diet.

In a very


opinion, tested


ration to the



are advised to follov*

we can only be what we eat we
THINK, but what we eat is the result of oui




period of some years, the "raw food



minimum, and






the food intake should be

innnni Krmmi





posed of pure wholesome food.
to eat, so that




an abundance of

on how and what


will dismiss the matter here by advising the Student, especially



or she be suffering from disease in any form, to investigate the subject of food from


or her


Meditational exercises should never be under-

particular standpoint.

taken until three hours after a meal, and

more rapid progress


will be

at the start

the food bulk be considerably reduced.

• BUT REMEMBER: YOU are to decide what are your own particular needs.
YOU must do your own thinking,
IT IS YOU who must live your own life.
All that any teacher can do is to
and you are the sum total of your own Thought.









shed Light upon the Path; you yourself must tread The Path.




to be read in the First Person,


being done

NOW — not

am now




(To Be Memorized)





the future.)

entering upon the Createst Teaching accessible to Man, for



learning the Secret of


The Riddle

why men die, why they are born, and why they live.
learn why men succeed, and why
they fail, why they are happy and why they are discontent.
ABILITY to live as long as desire, to achieve whatever
wish, and the doors of My Mind are
now open that may learn how this is done.

of the Universe


about me;


am now













Man is the Master of his destiny, that
mental concept and not a Law of Life.

learn that





learn that


am now


realize that








the Author of Death.

mental concept, and not a Law of


developing the power and the ability to realize


my own



realize that


of Life.



Divine Principle

Success, Happiness and Peace reside.





I thank the Infinite Spirit
Within ME for the knowledge of
this wondrous truth now revealed







(Follow these instructions carefully if you would have rapid success.)
Sit in a comfortable chair, with the spine erect,
(It is better, if you can, to sit
on the floor "Tailor Fashion," perhaps with a small cushion under you, so that your
legs are slightly lower than your buttocks.

Take three or four long breaths through the nostrils; as you exhale, flex the body,
it becomes quite limp.
The tenseness of all the muscles is withdrawn. Place
your hands on your knees it is a strange electrical connection about which you know

so that

tenon One. Page









breathing gently without





Now, do with


what you have done with the body. Just let go. Don't
At this. Rage all kinds of ideas will surge up in
Pay no attention let them surge. Don't resist. Sit quietly and watch the
the mind.
show, so to speak. After a time, however, without stirring, take possession, and say
I am still ... I
in a low, firm voice, slowly but audibly, "Peace be still
Peace." (You must not think of
PEACE ... 1 am at Peace
time, for you are about to lift your consciousness into a super-physical realm, where

tn to think


— don't

not to think.















time does not exist.)

you are still, take the DENIAL (quoted later in this Lesson) and in
even audible to others but you must say the words repeat a
few times the words of the Denial. The object of this is to "lay the ghost" of the
old ideas to kill them.
For you are now reversing the old way of thinking in rela-

As soon



a firm


voice, not


tion to life.

Let the Denial sink

stop, be quiet, very peaceful.


tendency for the

If there is a


to wander,


back again by repeating the


words of the Denial.


take the Affirmation, very resolutely, and treat

same manner. Let
very peaceful and
still, and let the Affirmation sink in.
after some practice
it may
week, a month; men vary you will hear a voice speaking to you in the Silence.


the tone be decisive, positive, yet reverent.

in the









sit still,


the Voice of the soul.


If you make any
if your mind is hard to control at the start.
week, he plad and grateful. Be ASSURED THAT IT WILL COME ALL RIGHT
you have any difficulty, sit and imagine that you are looking within you, watching your
and imagine that the life force is coming in
Notiic how even it is how beautiful

progress in the

own Rrcath.

not be disappointed


with every breath that you take, and that




over you, remaining with you like




Light within.




in the







on why

this is desirable.

you arc fortunate enough to hear the Voice referred to in (e) realize that





Voice of the Spiritual


your abstraction

Never mind, try again. Assume a grateful mood and
to learn in a way thai von have never learned before that the
of which you are a part. Knows All There Is To Be Known.

with a

ill. inks
You arc




speaking to the Physical Man.

This may take you out of


when you are in touch with it
Your connection with it now

consciously, there



nothing that







bast to reach that fixity of

wofi an earthly







which no breeze, however strong, cam

puiificd. the shrine

must of

all action,


or earthly light be void; e'en as a butterfly, o'ertaken by the frost, falls lifeless at the





At night, before


go into Meditation thus (See that the













another column pla<r ibrne n<-)-an\r laiiors



Min himself or herself;

shrct of paper and analyze yourself, putting

ilmrv and characteristic!

nostrils are clear;

nothing tight against the body; be reviunt in your mind.)

• tart

earthly thoughts fall before the fane."









in at

the very

one column


thoti things vou like in yourself.

such as Fear, perhaps, or Cowardice, or


One. P»ge J

TO THE PLACE Lesson One. We are seeking Truth. • A WORD OF WARNING. but we know their effects. Then you can make yo\ir own Denial and Affirmation. Page 4 Twenty-one . — — BE OPEN-MINDED. see Page 30. But MOST MEN ARE IGNORANT OF THEIR TRUE NATURE. AM BEAUTY— STRENGTH— POWER. IN THE PRACTICE OF MENT^ I PHYSICS. it. The Founder of Mentalphysics invites you for you are really in earnest you have learned before about Psychology or any of the multifarious phases of Life that you may have studied. having the murage. No one ever saw the force that pulls the compass needle towards the North Pole. indeed. investigating forces with the same unproblems of Ne*ure. gravity. Science proves that no one fact in Nature is contrary to any other fact. SICKNESS OR OLD ACE. AM FREE FREE FREE! I I I I I I . . DENIAL (Speak the words audibly) NOT A LAW OF LIFE. Do not think that you can be robbed of any Truth you may previously have learned. For special Denials and Affirmations on your own psychological handicaps — and for personal success. AM NOT SUBJECT TO DECAY AND OLD ACE. and. you are like a Scientist. AM FREE— FREE— LIFE— LIFE. so that nothing can shake it jrom us. therefore. does pull these Great Natural Laws are invisible to our eyes. WE GO. that this work that you are about to undertake is to prove for you the very Key to Knowledge. to put aside for the time being all that Seek the Truth • While you —Be Not Afraid will find that all Truth that you have previously learned cannot be lost or changed you place yourself in that attitude of mind that will allow you. No one ever SAW gravity or electricity. when we PROVE ALL THINGS. . AM YOUTH. without fear and without prejudice. MAN IS NOT SUBJECT TO DECAY. light. His own experience in taking up this work many years ago was that many things to which he tenaciously held as true were proved later on to have been false. to grapple our new knowledge to our minds with hoops of steel. BUT YOU KNOW THAT YOU DO BREATHE. whatever you yourself desire to create in your own life. for it is known that our biased methods as used by the scientist investigating lives are all based on laws as definite in their operation as Though electricity. • YOU NEVER SAW THE FORCE THAT MAKES YOU BREATHE. • it In this will become work all the more real for — of Mentalphysics. magnetism we know that they exist and that they are powerful. Believe. . AND IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR YOU TO PUT IN THE FOUNDATIONS. you cannot learn any single fact in your lessons which conflicts with any other fact that you know.—DO NOT THINK THAT THIS IS SIMPLE. fearlessly investigating. YOU ARE BEGINNING TO BUILD THAT PERFECT TEMPLE. AM LIFE ETERNAL— BOUNDLESS— LIMITLESS— EVERLASTING— NEVER-ENDING —WONDERFUL LIFE. heat. DEATH IS IS I NOW AM FREE—FREE—FREE— FREE FOR EVERMORE I AFFIRMATION THE LAW OF CREATION IS LIFE. to be willing and anxious to change your mind whenever you have good and sufficient reasons for so doing. but we know thai all it Natural Laws. . .— anything that you wish you could get rid ot. OR THAT YOU HAVE KNOWN THIS ALL BEFORE—YOU ARE MERELY STARTING AT THE VERY BEGINNING. irrespective of creeds or dogmas or religions. however. claiming what you desire in regard to success in any direction indeed. THERE IS NO OLD AGE—THERE IS NO DECAY—THERE IS NO DEATH—THERE NO DEATH. AM LIFE—GLORIOUS—WONDROUS—VIBRANT— LIFE.

or ssnh s|H(ial . then. xmng Meal— One bowl of vegetable soup. for week. second the is entitled "Entering the Cat*" conception of Visualization. will Lesson*. URGED TO MAKE A SACRED VOW WITH HIMSELF OR HERSELF MAY. you will learn. up well together. in this is self-evident that His Image.i/ UaaOB I Btrak fast—Six or eight ounces of orange juice. we prefer to get away from In these lessons. AND IT IS FROM THE SILENCE THAT QUI KNOW! EDGE WILL GRADUALLY BREAK THROUGH FROM THE GREAT UNIVER- SAL STOREHOUSE. to ha\e a perfect body. in a this "watching your breath" and your Mind "by watching your thought. HIS PRACTICE SHALL NOT BE INTERFERED WITH DURING HI WHOLE OF THE TIME TAKEN FOR THIS COURSE OF LESSONS. THERE MUST BE NO EXCUSES SHUT OUT ALL AFFAIRS THAT WILL INTERFERE WITH YOUR FAITHFUL ADHERENS TO YOUR DAILY PRACTICE. not too I LmUOtl One. Be Ye • A Perfect Mind was thi» Prrfnt Body.— \* Ml R] lll\r FORCfc RESIDES— IN THE SILENCE. as if \ou wcic breathing htaadll retain.cof I On ( /. / little .. small spoonful of olive oil.jnw IKS'I" ( a lemon Hrcatlic in through riglu nostril. new be entirely how to you.. Such must use their own judgment or get advice e se w I I AM) 51 OND DAYS Ekmg HW "aid with thc)ui.1 If you bathe 1! night. MENTAUPHYSICS CLEANSING REGIME Will As the human body is The Temple of the Living God. the elbows outward.lii hand. HIS Image.m." • These and foremost. Perfect! What all generalities.mijp. ." • must be iiu 'i (he in faithful your practice this in week. vital. and the real in Man is created in the image of God. tirst is Ii made are and remain resident within us to be to — with the Scientific Breathings. however. for the average students. showing the different forces of mind which secret purposes. especially first There down and Spiritual Breathings. is we think of it in we have the power If a reflection of the MIND? What him to breathe stand POWER that We shall be the is and In ' i these problems in a all we the personality docs not manifest the qualities of true being. spoonful of honey. tt »hon breath and retain pull hands out- ward.. with no pepper or salt. SLEEP with head to the north. you will find that you have settled Be happy re learning. thoroughly mix. l|){ >u|k o( l>||e gft __b ca . / through left nostril. rou use it creating your in you lead will own to be done the mastery of the Scientific to manifest new the truths thai rejoice! YOUR NEXT LESSON —Your 'first good deal of work a is when you have begun into Second s Lesson. then direct the breath through the head. One glass of tomato '. for your Body through begin to control both it manner which may Lesson. During Afternoon— Distilled water. not those in a weakened or diseased condition. YOU ARE TO LEARN AND REALIZE DURING llll ENSUING FEW MONTHS MORE REGARDING THE FACTS OF LIFE THAN YOU HAVF • HE STUDENT I IS COM WHAT THAT. tomato juice. into warn . the personal the real in Man. the wise have reognwed the spiritual and menial value of fasting occasionally.Ming cva. nostril* b) holding nose with thumb and tontUHWU "i M . Take it with about twtlva unsaltcd almonds (thoroughly masticate ln «" almonds). From time immemorial." it direction. try But remove the defects from the mirror and the reflection will be the standing before the mirror. parti. Page 5 ..) l. to Rejoice! Ii leads you into the secret of Through how to investigate. The body. / B. . add . What enables him to think? is in man IS will manifest What man} is the very force that enables concerned during the next few weeks to discover and under- manner which be beyond disputation. When the Mind properly reflects the real . bttle Lmcb—m Ai m.t I witr ( a " .uation. I I \ I • LEARNED BEFORE.uhv toward certain frxxls. < . K I his I the end of is Your Be Happy! First Lesson. Do little breathing when ready to . dasfOUgblf '»'«•"•" » taWr a nli ^c lemon »* tt. retain. first three weeks. but thereafter.. in I |uice Ml glass of squeezed into it. Dining Morning IIU 'I lemon — Pure water.nir "» I ho roughly gargle with warm j« pngut Using tablespoon. jr. the mirror reflecting the is man. rigid test of scientific investigation. and which will stand will the VT e have a glorious time ahead of us. feet to the south. should be true being of When perfection of true being.. the personal man will express the perfection of true being.h warm umiy two cream. Importbi hat your nose is thoroughly dean. Many students have lound this Ten day Cleansing Regime to be wonderfully beneficial.dt. Ii is designed.1 <)e( bed. in j may it help us: As one writer has we if "The said: work wonders change the personality . If constipated. in • ( '"" . in man and the Mind perfect. abundance. deals with the science of Mediution. dasp the abdomen. it is well to undergo a short Cleansing Kcgnnc. exact likeness of the reality "in His Image. howcvci.

but the orange fruit cocktail is extremely (If you have been taking coffee good food. No may- This Mild Cleansing Regime has been found be very beneficial. mashed down. Whole Grain Wheat. Artichokes. you are advised to inare to be vestigate the truth about meat. Brussel Sprouts. not constipated. — — potato During Afternoon (any kind desired) Evening Meal fresh fruit — — or whole wheat bread. such as Lettuce. raisins figs. Cauliflower. Cabbage. cannot im- YOU We prove on Nature. Thoroughly masticate figs and drink the water in which they were soaked. add one cooked vegetable. Raw Grated Beets. FIFTH AND SIXTH DAYS to Breakfast—The same. and Nature provides us with But YOU all that we need in natural form. and many students take il every two months. with water. with butter — the skins). — Bedtime Before retiring six or eight unsulphured figs. one banana. Navy Beans. but the writer of these lines. when he feels the need of it. cut down gradually. such as Beet Tops. tables. select your foods with care. U. Change dessert at evening meal to one mashed banana with honey and olive oil. Radishes.S." pages 24 and 25). UNTO YOU— END OF FIRST LESSON Dingle. Leeks. and a few —Washed Bedtime— Fruit—preferably unsulphured DESSERT nuts. soaked in cold water. if and hungry. Lesson One. Endive. must be your own judge. — Breakfast Same. with salad.A. During Afternoon Evening Meal constipated. (See "Information for New Students. One SMALL order of Kidney Beans. It is PEACE BE Written in Faith by Los Angeles Edwin 4. Green Onions. It is not meant for continuous use. Celery. Little lemon juice. spinach and squash or spinach and brussel sprouts. varying the vege- COOKED—None. unless you wish to vary the fruit. Parsley. Horseradish. regularly. White or Green Onions. Raw Chopped Spinach. constipated. RAW Large salad of raw vegetables. — —Pure water. Luncheon— RAW —Two above-the-ground vegetables. Do not continue it longer. and be happy while at meals never eat when tired or dis- — turbed. to If you are a meat-eater. NINTH AND TENTH DAYS changes: luncheon. who for forty years was a great meat-eater. and little lemon juice.) — During Morning Pure water. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH DAYS Same as third Same as third and fourth days. salad. NOTE: This is a 10 day diet only. plenty of pure water always. No Plenty of olive oil. can categorically state that dispensing with flesh brought about a condition of good health more rapidly than through any other means. Carrots. Brown as —Pure rots. Rye crisp Rice. RAW—Same not constipated RAW—Good COOKED —One — If One Hour Before Dinner mayonnaise. During Morning—Pure water. Bean Sprouts. Romaine. Olive Morning Regime up Breakfast If fresh fruit. —The same. honey and olive little — oil. String Beans. eat oil —Some not too much. Page 6 J. cooked vegetable. or at longer intervals. or Squash. and lemon. do not omit grated carOlive oil grated beets and spring onions. toasted. COOKED Two dishes say. California. Swiss Chard. Add and fourth days. Grated Parsnips. onnaise. No salt or condiments. If .THIRD AND FOURTH DAYS Morning Regime up to Breakfast No —The same. Twenty-three . Watercress. with following vegetable soup to evening meal. Cabbage. Luncheon Vegetable soup. two below-the-ground vegetables (one to be a small baked potato. not meant for people in special cases requiring special diet The average person may go through this 10 day diet again after 60 days. the judge.

mjv bttM io vjrv rhe program a bu lor vour own sake. morn < • Ti**nly four Lesson One. we hope vou don't.) now and Pause 3. A good way is to M( . •ill femrittf. Your Program for Immediately after getting up uncomfortable. luit uill you' Will you of oilier I holel resol tit . diet to After this practice lesson. (Don't under any circumstances. but by dems • pan itself. will be much faster in morning.ul observed. Be I.) is 2. in great measure. eir oil r\ activities prevent vour devoting one hour to meditation each night. but your progress toward such meditation We do them. ion developing determination. or arc your habits your master? Do you own thoughts. in a detrition <>f bundled. onee vou begin making exeTUSCS to your»clf for not doing vvh.le upon something vou cant keep up. sell masu Mrb.— INFORMATION FOR NEW STUDENTS /n (Read I Director of Membership hi onlv after this all other material enclosed has been read) HWOs POINTERS 0< FIRST • bit addition little is not further along perhaps. or are you sidetracked by every passing whim and fancy* Do other is your people turn you from vour purpose. but never ilarlv wnh the ehet [ItOM boarding with others. the written lesson itself • reading after What you do practice. the gtrjlrt the addition to vour strength of character. Shortly before dinner. easily understood. then then relax. V During afternoon. make them get vou anywhere. You will piokiMv have to rise a half hour earlier in the Larder this is. But practice the seven sevens daily as soon as you comfortably can. feci about re. Harmonic Breath four times. or do vou make vour own decisions and carry them out in spite people INI) OUT. bits of information picked up here in Ding bv In don't get the written Lesvons \ou if Lessen of (be no means an authority.. Practice • lust — Not Mere Study or Reading — do the eight things outlined. far. if you persist. Week — Eight Things To Do Every Day the First Eat only what the diet permits. and read the relaxation exercise (Page 14 of Read general instructions). through mere study. 1. until you have lust learned.e after the fourth class until like yourself. Decide this matter in adiamr. then immediately to sleep. am I begin by doing the Breathings. their all lives. however. 7. or inconveni pcnon purpoee. Are You Your Or certiirol Own Boss? vour body the boss? Are you your own master. vou begin making it elitlieult to develop mind-power. fadtj of .c. decenary. Neither can you learn self-mastery. for Then fourteen Harmonic Breath four breaths and plan is to take seven more and fourteen relax. meditate for one times. If not possible.itorv Breath forty-nine times (seven times seven). fourteen. not what \ou read. KM to tlee i. mind control will then be much less rapid. to i" purpose for • twe> i If weeks without permitting vou do. An hour Harmonic Breath four before retiring. mind Selfnuttrty (an hi lutmd onh through practice. decide to do lew after starring On. but progress Vihr.) C. and you will go character.e having maele vour •ie ision.rr vou begin. or voting people living with their families. breaths.| you can follow this regime for two weeks. it again at a 4. willpower. and relav.iic MM eloubt. bod) control. practise the Harmonic Breath four times. in faring vour program. times. but progress will be slower. NOT! The Meditation at night may be practiced three times an half hour. do mate if vein wish. DM vour dceiuon Orn e vou weaken.1 vou had decided to do. 8. it. and the relax the last (I ess if seven sevens cause neck or throat to then during tbe seven sevens. letting nothing or no one turn vou from vour purpo-c. Many people do a wont stn<l\ You (. is is more get to just what counts. after Ding now have of the exercises. a A good the end of the seven sevens. a just a student do. few sevens of the Vibratory Breath you have opportunity if to be never master other people. however. hour.idt. If night school. first. In vou' program. business. enclosed material the I.mi a week other duties present if night. to master learn to play the piano by reading about OOOtfOt. Mere reading and ami never accomplish much. and a Just you will have experienced most of the things you can only later Mei's personal classes. P«fi» ? .e lirtta tan help some Mo- I Mei shows us how I. just as piano playing ran be learned onlv through practice And \ on i.nmrs a week Decide this in . Vou can. Shortly before lunch. birdseyc view start your daily do the exercises every day. then decide to do this three. at (Not absolutely necessary. believe 1 giving pointers. minute or two. never master a part of the Power Within vou. younrlf. ol course. part that the Secret of Success Is of your daily habits. or temptation.

Yet it is only then that the subconscious mind. —the most It usually requires considerable practice before one can concentrate for any length of time on one thought. remember this: Even some physicians declare that the blood." Letmon One. giving one a more solid and shapely form. They don't know what real meditation is. God or whatever you wish to call it can be most effectively reached. Thought without it. The Power Within must be given the substance with which to build a capable body and brain. use this Breath daily. Fat people often lose weight as a consequence. They declare these powers come only after persistent practice of their breathing exercises. which are as — necessary as lumber is to a carpenter. and follow it faithfully. is a wonder. The Vibratory Breath. you want God's. Their powers of concentration are beyond compare. The theory you believe in means little. before attempting the number we suggest. "Leave your thoughts outside. Before Dieting or Practice of Breathing —Read This Carefully The exercises and diets are for the great majority of people. obviously someone who knows your condition and is close to you must decide matters of diet. dreamy. through practice. by all means follow the diet which has been prescribed for your special case. — is lacking in most The Meditations Meditation. but it must be given the instrument and the material with which to work." that mysterious force in the air which appears to give them such remarkable abilities. with every other idea or sensation shut out. is of little avail. Page 8 Tweaty-fiv* . Still more practice before real silence and peace are attained. We are open-minded. You gradually acquire greater energy of body. indeed. Where physical matters are concerned. it may be distributed better. Similarly with the breathing practices. helping it to follow its natural bent and restore damaged tissues. observe their effect on you and your mind. particularly. drive. power of thought. This is where Mentalphysics differs radically from certain popular Western ideas of mind-power. Remember that the breathings help to make it richer. some people must adapt them to their own particular requirements. It alone may be of untold benefit to you. We admit that a better explanation may be found by Science perhaps a hundred years from now. give it more energy. that this revitalized blood is washing out your brains and surging through your body. alertness. force and fixity of purpose behind it is actually debilitating. Lazy thinking has no power. These are designed for the person in average physical condition. Mind-power. Usually that is the first thing the average masseur tries to do for people. of putting force behind your thought. without concentration. There must be FORCE beMind-dreaming won't get you anywhere. and all five are required to build a gloriously strong and capable individual. Their theories about "Prana. Thought can work wonders. enthusiasm. The meditations of a lazy. God doesn't want your brains. Thin people frequently gain it. This is the mistake of various Western teachers and their followers. Thought alone cannot keep a starving man from getting weak and thin. is like the carpenter who leaves his tools and lumber at home. long unused muscles may be a little uncomfortable at first. we cannot give special advice for individual cases. breath and thought. can only be learned through effective practices known are outlined in this lesson and subsequent lessons. Each of the five must be of the right kind. rest. firmness into your thought. The muscles and bones at the back of the neck are lubricated or made more elastic. In special cases. You may find it best to start with a smaller number of breathings. Meantime. breath is /'/. Never Underestimate the Importance of Your Body It is truly the "temple of the Living God. From now on. As in all exercises. but not without the other four essential foods.— hind Mind-power can do almost anything. In the average student. does not get sufficient oxygenation. then before undertaking them you should consult someone who knows your condition. Perhaps your physical condition is not average. Meditation. — — As Ding Le Mei said in class. Just use the breathing exercises faithfully. Then explain this effect in any way you choose. Even where the loss of weight is small. neglecting his body. are explained in your Manuscript Lesson by Ding Le Mei. can do almost anything. as usually practised in Western systems. But no one will be able to duplicate the mind-power of the adepts without the breathing practices. If there is such a thing as brain food. more strength of character. Instead of following our diet. Glands in the neck and throat are exercised. is just so much time wasted. You are to learn how to put force and Mentalphysics Breathings What has breath to do with mind-power? The wisest men of the East for thousands of years have declared that breath has everything to do with it." As you get further along in Mentalphysics you will better understand the meaning of those words. Perhaps you have already been advised to follow a prescribed diet. Mentalphysics is a profound psychological and spiritual science. Naturally. liquid food. in modern life. — This substance consists of five foods solid food. without force. once you have seen the results. or wandering mind do more harm than good with any kind of affirmation. — The power practice of concentration. nor cap it long maintain the health of a man whose diet omits certain important elements the body needs. the Power Within. The person who attempts to improve himself with mind-power alone. If your condition is not average. One of these breath in sufficient quantity people's lives. this only shows how much the exercise is needed. But it must be mind-POWER.

then Now. you m.ty have set your mind is like Feeling. Love and Hope. is on into Think YOU Intellectual conception of a fact Mil!" Tvrrf lead you cultivate this feeling. Acting (doing). upon some great achievement that you Intend to carry out. TION THAT • I be Process of •econd. But vou must not stop . hopes for progressive achievement are obviously not possible of full realizanot doubt. mi. GROUP INITIATE Issued from (he Oflke of The PfCGtptOf Lot Angeles I -». If we can do the one. and you have decided that Mcntalphvsics will knowledge which of every it BOM moment difference realization of i I Mind -i" b\ th. WTi.-v«on you see the Tivo. for vou must FEEL THAT vou can. 1 A15602. ask We from the higher spheres. Conflict of —you Mind. and that the good seed sown may find fertile spots may live and grow that those who are now in darkness and obscurity may be brought into the radiant sunshine and for Light — joyous glory of the unfoldment of true spiritual goodness. Do CPRTAINTY. — this we THINK. fin are as far apart as the polei • You knov the show you how Convinced thai vou can do bl The FT. understanding and wisdom to speak here words of Truth. is this not enough. Unless we can get our Minds to accept the truth that (irrespective of what we appears at present) we can greatly extend the span of our lives. as you first. our You must possible to you. an reading this. I it process of living l"hc we third. I . then our highest Do tion. grant us knowledge. All things will be explained and made clear as we go along Do not question. will find that all through your Teaching. into 'nil mr You must to doit.iined So it but KNOW THAT YOV PEH • b» I mere which [1 vou | it is r. A CLEAR CONVICIT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO LIVE AS LONG AS YOU DESIRJ K) IIYI THAT IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU HAVE SET YOUR MIND UPON. SO LONG AS IT API! Ms TO VOIR REASON AS A POSSIBILITY. Pagt 1 . arc INI. in ENTERING THE GATE" -f IE ST TART "Almighty and Eternal Fount of merely thinking about CAN it.. mere rather than study intellectual —there is one is: It THAT YOU GET A CLEAR you need to learn convinion must be firmly established This conviction not onlv and it in is your to pass out of the mentality vou knntv it to be a certainty. it is impossible to imagine ourselves realizing in life all that we desire to do. J930 he Institute of Mentdlphvsiis ILSJt YOUR SECOND LESSON (Second Week) (In these early Lessons the subject of Living Continuously and of Rejuvenation is stressed for several obvious reasons." No (a) Must Be • 1 commencing In i this study and practice PRACTICE mphasize constantly thing of the utmost importance. will a do vou JT is feel that TO BF 1 DO deep spiritual be convinced. ACT — Thinking. and live as long as desire. the other is possible. ineritus ol California. that itt. and may our Guides guard and control our mind and tongue that nothing but the Truth may here be given. feel.— J The Mentalphysics- Institute of ( Church First For the Student's Use Mystic Christianity) of Only— Copyright So. if we cannot control our bodies so as to command Perfect Health as long as we desire.

failure. for you can board a plane in New York at night. LIKE A SHEEP IN THE FLOCK. you disappointment and so on. Now.. which men direct call — For it. Page 2 Twtnty-stvtm . so to speak. that you can live as long you truly desire to. Dwell upon that word "IMAGINATION. IF YOU DO NOT DIRECT IT. YOU ACCEPT ITS BELIEFS AND TRADITIONS UNQUESTIONINGLY. with you know that you are the Master of your as if you FEEL that you know you are the — own life. all have the power to think so. remember that THE CREATIVE FACULTY WILL DO FOR YOU WHATEVER YOU DIRECT IT TO WHATEVER YOU TRAIN IT TO DO. death. • want you I ulty — had come to you —how. NOT FINDING OUT FOR YOURSELF AND DOING YOUR OWN THINKING. You would not have entered as a member of The Institute of Mentalphysics we that of the unless the idea first own Imagination. Not only must the Reason see and the Consciousness FEEL the certainty.— You must know difference ? it burning is itself into Truth that you that you feel it you will make of your feel —you are alive with the feeling of your consciousness because your whole being life exactly what you want it it . though they "had never been done before. that. but NOW I KNOW IT . "I rejoice I did not feel this before.. Yes. several times. however. Say say it it LIFE . are a pan of the Race. and how to control and to a part. — mind. as if else is.") • The Process of Thinking.. . Without this CONVICTION unshakeable. It was the imagination of man that caused these things." more FEELING life. • All thinking (b) Will You Break Away From Tradition? men and women should refuse to accept Race Beliefs. THEN YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE RESULTS OF THOSE BELIEFS AND TRADITIONS. following other millions of people who held the same views. Today. of the Race. say it again. . I FEEL with all the power of my being that I am the Master of my own life—and I WILL begin now to TRULY LIVE IT. DO what you truly desire to do. lie in your lap. If you do it. I take it that —that you have no fear to break away from was once so (I all that my when people who refuse to accept beliefs simply because "it has always been afraid that I eldets told me. . (Let the sheets it I far. THIS IS FOR YOU TO DECIDE. IT DIRECTS YOU. alive with the is to be. we know that man has alibis fellow I who had that fly. might disturb the conventions." DO They think for themselves. None of us can do anything at all without the idea first coming to us through our own imaginative and creative faculty. I wonder how many millions of people. think. you according to the tradition Now. . decay. and get out to the broad Pacific the following morning. As a little boy. and the always driven a buggy probably told the Wright brothers that machines would never be able to fly. WELL. I tried to believe caught them red-handed on more than one occasion offering me asked them questions. without this conviction Practise it is AM THE MASTER OF MY OWN This. which dwells within. NOT direct directs YOU— directs DO. say not possible to proceed Close your eyes. Your own Imagination is the Creative Faculty INFINITE FACULTY. but the conviction is still to pass a stage further INTO Master of your — — THE IMAGINATION. achieve WHATEVER you • Get lished as this clear in the —that desire to achieve . but. Now.") made machines KNOW Lesson Two. though the Imagination is your own creative facwhich belongs to you of the Infinite Creative Faculty of that God you have to learn what to do with it. . You would not have sent for our literature without first imagining that you would do it. It is this faculty that causes us to do all do. Declare audibly." The Imagination is the CREATIVE FACULTY of you and me." they told me. . declared that iron would never float. and through what channel? Through your know. "I WILL TO DO WHATEVER Rest. which is it it disease.. and you have only to look at any modern steamer to that Iron floats. fully estabyou can greatly extend the span of your life. "It has always been done. I DESIRE TO DO. of course you are. for no one . but I YOU have enough courage not to accept tradition. and to be all that we are.

— BUT I KNOW god for naught. The THAT I WON'T" "I firming the Race thought to create negative smoke So we come it is in everything that into achievement. success instead of to build Life Conditions. Page 3 . . • Rest .iv we .Nevertheless. tion are totally different faculties in — that is all is all that it Imagination that its it is IMAGINATION there. (c) Imagination and the Reason • you must be warned that no . Be a leader. —or s. . the grow JTOUng .mvci vou truly desire. This and so your desires end is in the process through which the reverse. up is it vou to decide. I FEEL the beautiful that I can be work of the an instruction to the Imagination con- conditions. (d) Student. . • THE REASON — It may not have occurred to you that the Reason and the Imagina- CANNOT. You are thrilled. WONT"— All is yes. You believe that dom th. and much better than happy — that . You are the optimist. literally . You feel that you can be well can be that state of mind. You see all this going on in your mind. but there you are enjoying in the serenity of your own mind the marvels of achievement that this wonder-worker is giving you. to be. Power of very Health conditions." You come BOM than I Imagination out of your brown study and am. desire to do. that inspires you can do. it does. The . cour- scientific direction of the and Controller of the Universe. to . "Ah. The world floats by. and to every other original to thinker. for — SUBJECT TO THE REASON. . . By the failure. the idea. and whispers to you that you can be a great man or woman tells you that you can do something that has never been done before tells you that you can do what you are doing — — — you are now doing it tells you that you can be healthy and well and you can make more money that you can become the greatest person that ever lived in your particular sphere of activity and you listen. and pictures. —of — to make of your Cultivate the certain conviction of the possibility of doing long as you desire to m outstanding PVTftl SECOND Then train lif< Let the Reason live. you that paints the vou with most fascinating ideas of what CANNOT REASON it is non-reasoning. to REVERSE THE TRADITION OF THE RACE.— • Now. and are very happy. that presents the images. can live as long as you desire Imagination saying to you — "You can Be What . Want you you can .md think You have entered Mcntalphvsics. when the Imagination. You are alive with hope. hear your and you can do what you want to do. you are intensely happy. coming Sustainer the HOW? CREATIVE enlisting the to all of us through our anything at all that Imagination to feast h. You are the conqueror. things around you mean nothing to you while you are in You exult. Therefore. FIRS! endorse I 1 gamine carefully what the Imagination brings to you.ippy and well it liv- vour Reason endorses. . more . The Imagination creates reasons and makes decisions. FACULTY ge instead of fear. upon its delights. . to It is up you and to me. • Therefore— LET THERE BE NO CONFLICT IN THE MIND BETWEEN THE RJ KSOS AND THE IMAGINATION. . . . creep! into your mind with all sorts of schemes and hopes and desires and pictures and do more . must be allowed between the Im- conflict agination and the Reason.n Wisdom of the Universal Spirit of All Life— can be made your trul life wh. what happens? You are in a brown study. wealth instead of poverty. the age-old Wisto work out in and whatever you can say with your Reason you \ I axon Two. But the work ends that faculty within is The Reason can and does do. with the of an unseen fascination artist. • THE IMAGINATION That —Your THE REASON DOES NOT CREATE— IT Man. You see yourself triumphant.

It are sincerely seeking a perfection service of the Ideal will be revealed to you as and the fullest which includes equipment for the service you are worthy. . and LIFE hundred years before our a We has the power of Immortality within him.. which coincides with every movement in Nature. you may not yet know what what it is. Everything in Nature struggles upward so do you and I. OF INTENSE PERSONAL MAGNETISM WHICH WILL ENABLE YOU TO DIRECT HUMAN ACTIVITIES IN LINE WITH YOUR HIGHEST HOPES .A. THEN. . . and the more we the greater our POWER.• we emphasize In this Science never changes in principle. You Therefore. California. MY IMAGINATION. CREATIVE WISDOM IS THE LIGHT OF AM FREE FROM ALL NEGATION. during the day. When we measure Time ? "Whatever the Creator that. . we should be and it should render us immune from those conditions that cause disable to control ease. it is —there is a and that POWER WITHIN YOU—though that causes the Universe to be ." LIVE INDEFINITELY. You the fullest knowledge and of the Ideal. truly. at the apex — KNOW of Nature. OF HOPE AND BELIEF IN THE MANIFESTATION OF DIVINE POWER WITHIN YOU. disharmony and disbalance on all planes of existence. believe that need of building into our con- in the early lessons the — LIFE— LIFE. LET YOUR IMAGINATION REVEL IN THE PLEASURE OF ITS CONTEMPLATION. • Picture up in your mind a Being. After the nebula comes the orb. Think of your REAL SELF. in short. I ORDER OF THE UNIVERSE.S. . then the animal.. a thousand times no. YOU MUST NOT SAY THAT YOU CANNOT MAKE A FRESH START. after the animal the man. YOU MUST NOT SAY THAT YOU CANNOT DO WHAT YOU FEEL THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO. U. UNTO YOU— END OF SECOND LESSON Dingle. MIND. "I WILL. Man time. —Do not TALK much. full of LIFE AND VIGOR. when we fully understand it. BE CONVINCED THAT IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO LIVE AS LONG AS YOU DESIRE— THAT IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO ACHIEVE IN YOUR LIFE WHATEVER YOU HAVE SET YOUR MIND UPON (no matter how fantastic it may now appear to you) then. we waste much energy. Instructions for the Coming Week the week that you have now entered upon. Imagine: Eighty. then the mineral. SECOND— Hold the things your mind every moment you are learning FIRST know what it you can do so. the evolution of Nature is followed by the progress of Humanity. to that later in — will that — THIRD Remember that success depends upon Knowledge they are interlinked. NO BELIEVE that you can conquer. ninety years. YOU MUST NOT SAY THAT YOU LACK ANYTHING WHATEVER TO KEEP YOU YOU MUST NOT SAY— "I WANT TO WONT" . whenever your mind is at rest. The fact is that there is a Power of LIFE within you and me which. the Real You. to think of the • During er Self. Learn how control the tongue— you means to "Have No Tongue. It is an upward process. am.. privilege of exercising our inherent — • LET THE REASON. BUT I FROM BEING WHAT YOU WANT TO BE.. be FAITHFUL to your own Highwould like you. a and century. As you go on further in your Lessons. then the plant. I PEACE BE Written at in Faith by Los Angeles Edwin 4. of ENERGY. NO. Knowledge is yours as you work for it." In needless speech.. . a LEADER throbbing with power and attracting to yourself only that in unison with all Good. uncover the I AM. Usson Two. Twentymim. Page 4 J. No. need of building into our consciousness the belief that you and I emphasize the should have the divine power to LIVE.. • NO. BUT I KNOW THAT I CAN'T" . you will be shown why men die and why men fail. ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS I I AM NOW DEVELOPING CREATIVE WISDOM THROUGH MY AM A CHANNEL OF CREATIVE WISDOM. . we— though probably sciousness the irrevocable idea of LIFE and I are LIFE. a century we come So: know to a quarter —but why I is.

. . It is best not and these Affirmations are given to you in the event that you feel y> declarations given in the body of your regular Documentary Lessc things at one and my r *m I I do Influence use I . . influence . Intelligence than . every moment. sense of failure I rightfully is securing pre can . .' MYSELF." active free. the wisdom of life itae "I am Wisdom within me. from all NOTHING .. every hour. more more loved than I am I JOY am admired. it The world and all now for the taking . . I am victorious evermore." For Development ol divine. It is guiding my every thought action to hill achievement. of my Hfe la now com] use endless energy towards inevitable su< my energy is boundless." is no withstand my my triumph. my . . no problem cannot solve . . . my none can prevent . there . For Development ol I < am to ties courage I eagerly recognize opportuni" show my courage Oevelop I am powerful Peraonal ne«*.. Activity . STICK TO IT WITHOUT CHANGE FOR THREE WEEKS." .. I am liked by all people ALL stand ready to help me ALL desire to be my friend. Ail are shall i kno can give to i . My pn enterprise is being crowned with victory wealth efforts are being richly rewarded success are on their way to me. none more I I is . is influential my whole . I I I AFFIRMATIONS "None is more admirable than I am. PERSON I ALFTY . .. "My influence over others influence people as I desire " always for good Is .. as I am friend to all . AM For Development of Personal SUCCESS "I am strong now I am powerful now supremely capable divinely Inspired I an Master of my whole life . . — Fame—Honor — Power now — the world know I ." "There FREE. —NOTHING "No man can deny me what POWER ability. is "Glory "I I SUCCESS. AM .. of the things that I can character." . . my power r divine . "I ." "The foundation I .. .. I am all g ny MA Tk*rtj courageous rnrrgrtic ." failure all FAILURE "Seeming delays and setbacks arc merely pr For may sense ol is FEAR I For develop- eat — am "I free from all fear I have no fear fear for me . no Is failure for m« whatsoever. I JOY." honored." am power— full." life Is "Outward evidences of my success man every day. that " It . I have nothing tc no AM POWER ration for greater things. . the .. that . AM POWER." MIRAGE meni ol .. mtr!ltgrn< in all th. I powerful now AM THE soon mine . "I AFFIRMATIONS For Personal Development in Every Avenue ol Life "1 am now am WlfOLF. I am ooodeverywhere for good. ." For any MUM ol WORRY worry all DENIALS —nothing nor no one For any sense of "I am I cannot fail free from . . able and capable of men am power moment (or do.. the most admir- spec- For Developteat ol that . ENERGY "I breathe success I speak success ." "I I man the am. powerful my .. . I None has more of — there . I my strength of my master of of . the courage of my heart AM MASTER OF I mind and body am proud I . re- Persona] I I now." "I am making of myself. woman) . . live.^Frial fHeiUtatum To the Student: You ADD are advised to many meditate upon too any or all of these Affirmations to your Meditation. am sought after popular. .. FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL HANDICAPS FOR PERSONAL SUCCESS DENIALS "I am free from can worry me." . none more POWER— AM POWER There no obstacle cannot overcome. It am I i am free. have all the Imagination of the univeru imagination works miracles for me. have. . failure for efforts me . . whole needs are not covered by the spiritual Whatever meditation you decide upon.

and also enable you to complete your full Examination Papers which come to you with your 26th Lesson. Are you a meat eater? (4). and (V) Evolutionary Action.) and mental health depends materially upon what unseen action or force? TEN-DAY DIETARY REGIME: (1). (III) Personal Conspiracy. on the seventh evening. and follow you so five points? desire. (II) Intensity. I to PRANA 17? — _ is? your studies. (I)._ _ p. if place Did you analyze and time for Meditation? yourself for Meditation? (b) Did you prepare a "Denial and Affirmation" from your analysis? (5).PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. 1 If you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings Lessons. Are you closely the ten-day Dietary from any suffering Regime? definite physical disease or // not. Do this — — later <^&\^e^t*/ BREATHINGS: (I). (2) (3). Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper.' describe „ (3). 2 (Lesson I)?.. weakness? // so. from the non-meat eating angle? (Let me have your opinion regarding DOCUMENTARY LESSONS No. Do you evolutionarily in Mind. (IV) True Desire. 3 " of Les- . Do you son 2? and "Affirmation"? you understand the difference between the Briefly describe (if REASON and the IMAGI- you wish) understand the importance of the points brought out under (c) on „ PERSONAL REMARKS: „. so that perhaps in years to come it will serve as a guide in reviewing your unfoldment along The Path . Did you Do carefully read instructions you To advance you understand what feel that exercises pp. Do you find me . you are prepared to answer the following questions. if (3). (a) (b) (2). so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned. Have you memorized (6). tell about it. Peace be unto you. and your latest You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions. Have you memorized (2). Do you feel that the "Denial" NATION? (7). What 1 and 2: _ are the three steps in the "Process of Living"? (I) (3)— Have you chosen a (4). do you drink coffee? to carry out the regime suggested — that is.) the Foreword on p. this. you are taught to combine Creative Energy with Mental physics principles and laws embodied in: (I) Secrecy. (a) you so wish. Did you follow (2). you cannot or do not wish and. Your physical Body and Spirit in you have the right understanding of these feel that (State your interpretation.


Once flood your consciousness with a practical working method for rejuvenation. then.A. 11 ' YOUR THIRD LESSON (Third Week) "ENTERING THE G ATP -SECOND PART • The darker life appears to any man. and receives the Light of the Divine knowledge will have gained a trained Imagination • Now. you how IS may NO SUCH THING retort. chemical change. You — the two great divisions of man's mind by which Wisdom. . Lesson Three. out what old age CALLED OLD AGE is only a is. decides the Imagination works. Page And it can be avoided. A55602. In Your Second Lesson. we we must never be hampered by a con- well. you is how as to the greatest gift possible to are an aspirant. Blind aspiration bow be shall use it. but all negation will at the same time be uprooted from your mind. while the higher animals are conscious of their needs and know how) they Man the objects of their desires. in the like to But we must not deceive ourselves. and we are never to entertain the idea that we shall die do and which we feel that we have to carry out. the great wonder-worker. we are the builders of the New City. knowledge of how your Imagination. The Institute of Mentalphysics. feeling. and in a month or two. or the knowledge (as will be gradually revealed to you through Mentalphysics) which will give definiteness and light to the mysterious impulse that him upward and onward towards things higher than any he now knows.The Mentalphysics- Institute of Church (First of Mystic Christianity) For the Student's Use Only —Copyright No. brought on by — breathing. standing. You will see that man. pursue (as can only rightly aspire to that of which he has some knowledge. A presses What (a) • In this Lesson I en- Old Age? Is again emphasize the need of your gaining an unshakeable belief th«t you have the power to live as this great central idea. New are the progenitors of the Race . The very meaning of these words will change for you as you practice. which and is you doubt is no old age?" Yet this assertion. I We of take a day off it resting. sitting. 1 NO OLD AGE All that you will be able to find chemistry of the body. library. fifty repeat that there CHEMICAL CHANGE walking. to learn in this forty. and you will have gone far toward not only gaining long you as desire. will able you to train it. what do you mean? No old age? myself am can you possibly say that there thing as old age. works for you. Age. characteristic of plants is and the things called inanimate. Not having thought "Why. on our way (Continued on Page 36) in the body. You and have much I to do. THERE way. a wrong thinking. We New are the leaders of the sciousness that thinks age. California. are wrong no such is tomorrow and go diet. IS OLD I rry to find in the perfect kinds If THERE declare to you that I AS AGE. the idea of "age" will have disappeared. . the more eagerly should he look forth from the window through which the Light Ineffable that bathes the Universe and gives it life can be seen. Thirty-three . . U.S. second. to any is habits of Old age how to thai change manr is avoid a it. we midst of the work that • . 1930 GROUP INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus Los Angeles of 4. . you were brought into contact with the difference be- tween the Imagination and the Reason he first.

. deep. Everlasting / — nothing am I II . two breaths. ... hmppy—l feeling happy.. . HARMONIOUS . down deep in the abdomen (uh in singing). .*" . words: I AM WHOLE . hidden meaning of these sublimely simple — . «it v»ith THE REVITALIZING BREATH 2: INo. . . \nw I I feel happy— I AM take a take another little little happy. Immutable. Mf I AM I 1M I am in harmony Lmes — the of this Universe.. Eternal. breathing in and out as rhythmically as possible until ready for the next exercise. . YOUNG if and now thai liquid. sweeping sick. inhaling steadily but not too slowly.) WATCH BREATH the basis for for eenturie* been has Work RELAXATION EXERCISE M/VoM MM relax enfire/y coming right down relaxing relaxing entirely at we think of the inner. "Sine. powr! Full of Firry complete power plant. . Enduring. increase gradually nml see that the spine is to seven breaths. . .. breath and a long. working for I I lacking I my body is am Power full! a AM LOVING. I I I Whole. bod) tPPY. . Then inhale and relax chest and the whole body. breath. .. will find that if you inhale properly the abdomen will be drawn in slightly. Kir ft breathe through the nostrils. is AM PERFECT. lit/aid feeling in the body Innumerable stream* >>f living light are COUrting downward in the iM with the LAWS RICH." and forms railed is the intricate system of breathing which among complicated science IM.BREATH < "Maud or (a) ommrnrf erect. . AM POWERFUL . bit in. • look I — . Its MNott). The exhale vigorously. it Let out every whistle. and a quick sigh.I'STRATIONS Spiritual No. 'hanks tmmrping. 2: such a the Yogis. . pressing the abdomen r hanged rhest must not be \. . Nothing whole! . Com- the You (•wee pari of the lungs. inriicf hr<iathlng I> ic) Retain the brenth for about thirty seconds. the lip* draw in the abdomen being placed as if you were going to of air.) straight. repeating mentally your own spiritual affirmations for this Breath. AM STRONG. can he cell in me . then the upper part. added .the breath eeeapee. (d) filling and tightly — hold lift it firm upwards. then the middle part. (In Tibet thi* "The Complete Breath.

the illustra- and be sure of The Feet The Knees The Buttocks The Neck The Fingertips The Abdomen The Spine Above everything. THIRD POSITION Watch tions 1. . must be taken quiring Sr Breath this "Complete" the the care in ac- correct posture. 4. 5. as the ory - Breath X key the is breath for all breath- Re- ings in action. member." the body. then. it is a basic breath. do be strain %ure exhalation the chest does drop. 1 -RE VITALIZING (COMPLETE] EREATH Absolute srraightness of the body to its desirable in this Breath. 2. With the Memory- Developing and the » Revitalizing Breaths firmly rooted in the mind.FIRST POSITION i^j^r^ REMARKS ON REVITALIZING ^K • BREATH You must remember 1 that N^ 1 B^~"— > 1 w - Breath — is — key a Great breath. for all breathings that you ( ever will be able to * _ 1 learn in non-action of body are based the on Revitalizing this Breath. s words. Feet level / BREATH No. is Living God. you will be ready for all subsequent breaths in later lessons. 3. through practice. . a definitely positive feeling. glorying in that . pulling the abdomen in and up as you exhale. ** au*)^ uil point >f exhalation m Pull the body up "Temple of the full stature. 6. but that loot mm and not Ithat in the abdomen does the work . this In other is the key breath for breaths all in non- MemDeveloping action. 7.

l. have passed the century in. The average duration believe that century as the average." who was born in Shropshire m his 1 52nd year. either are so skeptical as to refuse to done.\ WHY but jpourseU 152? these lei nun Othei simts >\ why not 162. admit as frankly to the 100 vears.the ol>ic . . to listen fir tr\ and think far. men Comei th.i.iLc I lute tlu li. like lust HINK — to 1 till d r . of the men make remain young and full of vipor an<l power. and the number of people who. unless we are prepared to pive up everythinp for a period of some years and do noihinp else. foi had is and habii and thought. The people you and me. he had not lost » onlined and serene. particularly great a Western world. S 1 in where Tibet. last go 70. . most of But we leave Asia and turn to Western countries. \ou bumbl] invite I men are pusi CO humhb think (c) Married • I i s 1 1 l>ir 1 1 . aped a striplinp of under so years.ll tfa limit . Coon he Royal m is Is It custom tint in had kitchen SEND El 01 i in iur.-1 curiosit) and oi the K that of is London and condoned tO work li ' \ou tli. Hatha Yopa practices . like who have the Himalayas. according accepted to not it ideas. without knowing in the slightest about the ARI of living. from mu Think of still.isk . . restfully. is vcrv large. Wisdom sour answer. you through these Documenta tooth.i. ( | for that nd stayed with good old limit of is ." —did did not A human of something is it The overwhelmed life why should Well. Still. possible for us in the Western world. iivc.. tnbed < poini ni.: (b) Instances of Extreme Old Age. allotted span. The few Americans and Europeans who have been privileged m accept official records of their ape as conclusive evidence or are so • how cannot understand iIk\ thai them living Asia. however. . Amonp steel. Quoting.t to year* of age. much likel) Tom Nature I'art. among others. rest imagine The Indwelling trv to 1 rv to hear the Inherent mortal \.' ' /. There are numerous cases of extreme old ape. knowledge a bod} Now. At the am ol 1J0 he when Ins light began to Fail him Ai Ht w.. gravestone In liei in Wales bears loth \e. he had not a prey hair. him. .' I I 100 in the next to am score years certain tbat < ' "Annie David. i > : 1 1 1 ipread 10 the Km.adv Desmond said to have been inn I flic iv . and I some in a lirdes scientific Rut hundred. ilu- "limit" — • N m possibK be on the brink of discovering gained. know I claimed that no is it many months philosophers the in a Tibetan temple. who died November 14th. MOfl 1'Iinc.. for not I so far have been 120. then. John Bovin 154. and even mwh can li\c hevond whom Master.ire.. mint quotad instance ol old age he died in • knowledge about this matter. i. is it in meet these men to quered "ape" months than in three — "three ME. ihc has seen these this writer of the reached in like this writer lived for — or this that is man My own some of them.. but the had he con hii old habits. poi ixwi ing imj r there are Asia Iii Be (till. telling you that more still than von h. is OR WHAT MADE THIS LIMIT FOR YOU OR FOR you con- Carefully read the following: has grown very considerably during 45 years she I is this inscription: reported to have married . ape. much received who hare today living mm Menialphvsns l. from boyhood embracinp a system so and arduous (hat it seems imp<issible for thun to prow "old. but what it their duiv 10 intricate \ou are learning in pour Scientific and Spiritual Breathinps will teach you more >ou would learn in Tibet or India in three years.i have "Old lorn Parr. and you eould easily strinp up an authentic list a yard long in an hour in a library Margaret Potterhill 136. this of you telling you that you are Im- Knowledge within you speaking to you.' WHO and ten. into your lap \ at c! Irnit Who i 1 1 in \< y.ii In v '\\ l. be might have gone on of diet he lisrd i more than ' i ki ilmr limit? Therefore." Their systems are not for us in the Western . 1851.t .u hive read thus >>>u jnd truth. fall r II l IN. 172. Peter Torton 186.csvins in *r\ his face quietly. • ben \\ IMMORTAL ARI rm n onsioi < men often denied. .ive been in your whole life. Page 2 .li longer. and he had Orieni.

but are on our way. so still that you do not move at all for a long time. — AND OUR LITTLE LIFE • You must ROUNDED BY A The Imagination all SLEEP. begin to develop the power of Visualization. This means that you must mind of those conditions which you wish to realize. the strength. GET THE CONVICTION IN THE MIND THAT IF PARR AND THEN SO CAN I! TORTON AND THOSE OTHERS COULD DO IT BE EMPHATIC SAY IT TO YOURSELF A HUNDRED TIMES A DAY—"YES L UNTIL THE CONVICTION CAPTURES THE MIND. the eyes slightly raised. Affirm that that Perfect Self has been unfolded to you. let — bring Watch it Say mentally to so near that you can see nearer. with the eyes you were looking upward to your forehead. whether we know or not. still.(d) There • The fact that old Tom is —Man No Limit the Master. lived for 152 years. the wonderful instrument with You must know that Thought is an moment that you live. if you can induce the state of abstraction and perfect stillness. perfectly still. the very glory of life within. AM PERFECT. . the youth. it that is. . Bring Then bring it still down through you as the picture every part of your beautiful body. no knowledge of what you ar« a million other men can do likewise. ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS. and you are using cannot enough yet to develop this power. a face unlined and happy. AM HARMONIOUS. Page 3 (d) I (e) I (f) I AM POWERFUL AM LOVING. • Then imagine a Great Light around your Perfect Self pictured before your Mind. and note the beauty. A week of this exercise. VERY coming nearer still to you. your now • You should feel a deep peace within. proves that needs ONE man when they know lessons to do anything to prove that that thing the way. Therefore. a full chest. AM STRONG. We have not gone far immeasurable force. Thought creates images just as real as you might when you take. and when you come out of your Meditation you should be bathed in light and happiness. It only learning. gently closed. the light sweep that picture nearer. what will be seen it is Parr. Then mentally state you are about to form a picture of your Perfect Wondrous Self. before me. Mentally go I see a strong neck. Then wait and watch. Hold yourself that it! it is — Then still. Thirty-seven ." WE SHALL REMAIN SUCH STUFF AS DREAMS ARE MADE OF. without any Practice this when you are in a state of perfect peace. You Perhaps the light will be so strong as to seem to blind your physical are bathed in light. as if Sit calmly. the work. Lesson Three. . . There are men who have actually seen the forms that Thought creates. nearer. Soon Be very that you will see removed from the front of your eyes a picture being painted for There it comes. is WHY ANY LIMIT? the limit? is In further fixed. is and finally lost in the absorption of mind. perfect just a little — you. PERFECT SELF . This to is be our first exercise. body. say. some lumber to make a shelf for your kitchen.AFFIRMATION* (a) I (b) I (c) I AM WHOLE. powerful and strong down through your . that you are to CREATE THE NEW PHYSICAL YOU. it. hut we know that we think. should enable you to witness considerable advance towards improved physical condition. and visualize the truth of this statement in your body. We also it for good or ill every SEE thought. AM YOUNG AM HAPPY. "I see that beautiful head thick healthy hair. so to speak. (g) I (h) I ID I AM RICH. just a rural rustic with how this limit possible to millions of others. create for yourself pictures in the which we ! ! is CREATIVE FACULTY. leading on to Perfection in every detail. the eyes strong arms and hands. NEW EXERCISE FOR VISUALIZATION • when you have completely read through your Lessons each evening: Now make a slight effort of the will. I and harmonious see MY in every muscle." bright. for the work that you have done is now going on in your own body. strain. Don't strain. features. The light will bathe you from head to foot. THE IMI CAN DO IT. Will that this picture shall come before your eyes. vision. AGINATION. is • BUT FOR YOU. nearer.

that NO'lF in (he we undcrs(and are ion( emra(ing. as if i( is in a liquid state from (housands of innumerable streams of living light are flowing DOWN- tha( down through words. Io a one may say now that in this exercise you are bringing into perfect rhythm all the forces oi four body. and read the two together.with at any time. with the mind there Into the hole.for i ! . a i r . . bringing them all into one direction so to speak. • (c) may • It AM LOVING— Think / (f) I 'ni MINI) — it (g) dviaod • form essence in whatever God" it truly means. «hi(h engaged the vital fluid is beti was. read it.— NO now to know exactly what you are doing when you under You. bol to enter the Niagara. P»ge 1 . as are interested in results. reread previous week. and the more you concentrate the more you will sense this ever- the mind. Feci what power is. then Mr litadoo PEACB BE h /t/ Thiri u tight Sdu in 1 I > UNTO VOL END 01 LESSON iiikii • [ . because I can bring him back into my mind any time) passed in front of my mind over into the positive side (the right side). Equilibrium. fli) head HI AM YOUNG- / W \HI)\ vi (Iratlv all • / ) Imagine loot flowing Imagine you. FEEL YOURSELF IN THIS BLISSFUL STATE OP you are thinking of the word "Perfect" the sensation in the mind "Whole. Get your own symbol. Imagine thai son are looking meaning the to of thes* top of the and so forring your own thoughis up (hrough the (op of your head vou have (he bod\. as I have seen it done in Burmah and India many times." Notice the difference in your meditation. We explanations. a state of relaxation. PERFECT — When AM / different • — will Nl I (b) is thought. and so we get the light. and began piling teak wood." moment by Mrfinifl at the any time that you so desire. thai FEEL VUIOI • from when you that FEELINC Whatever the that be able to bring back the (c) and you — lose yourself within so it. mind crystally clear. You ARE rich. ptopdl thai « is to t. as a geographer.) to study il. registered (hat • its AM HARMONIOUS— Think / wlrole the of love. nu 'dilation (hit >f changelessness. this in emotional side of yourself.». nut rrlax •Kidi vu are The it INNER the still — that you FEEL the HIDDEN UPWARDS this stream of light body. then I saw movement watched then this picture: Down the I the moon high overhead hill I saw a movement in the long jungle grass then the movement cans* then from out the long pampas grass I caw an ELEPHANT come along. he once me told to wait — — — — — MY my derived I • (d) STRENGTH. then the elephant (which is after these many years elephant. the ontemplation of the different words conveys.. register the feeling. My old Master and watch what came into the mind when thinking of "STRENGTH. with a man riding nearer on his head.ikr lesson of the sour NFW lesson every night. and then wait for the symmind which you can use at any time thereafter. Three. there <i its of Harmony.. k mediiatinn. . My own symbol of "POWER" is came to me immediately I saw Niagara for the first time. just as in the light of the electric bulb But we do not all chc molciules are magnetized to flow in one direction. not necessary lor you is It \ I take this trtft^l need to hamper our progress • i "W -i WHOLE — In \f i / m » thought. AM RICH— Think of the unfailing SUPPLY of the Universe. and soon there came a movement at the left side of my head. so to enlarging roundness. Rest assured that in du* OMfM the explanation of the work you are starting will all be scientifically given to you. POISE—of the Think of it in the Order of the Universe. Balance. h the change in the FFFLING of the body. will be able soon io see the good result. But you must not let it rest only in must pass out of the mind into the FEELINGS. Sec whether you understand what "The Love of nm (. VM „. AM POWERFUL—The / same thing here. are thinking of contemplation of the word brings. so that you will FEELING AM STRONG — You / was writet roundness and wholeness this sensation of ceases. and Mud) ate so nothing else lo learn !\ (As bnause you missing one cell \ou see (hem iiii AM HAPPY— If is that ihe body is whollj liquid. Rhythm. howeser. as |OY. and imagine that every tell in the body is (he mind. (he (ones of (he very Universe. with illness and accidents and disease dogging his foot- in the found himself so ill that he could not get back his strength. Thus steps all the time." So I sat and meditated. of be presented to your mind.. at will get my meaning a little more dearly by When illustration: this Far East. and the FEELING must be so deeply it is yours to do whatever you like. idea of . think of the word come doubtless a sensation of roundness you will think outspeak. but if is docs not come to you as clearh and as positively as you would like you may be write to The Institute for a lesson which is devoted entirely to the ever-present question / to it Supply. in what seemed to be the left side of the arena of my mind. meaning. of verse.

THINK FOR A SINGLE MOMENT THAT THIS SIMPLE NARRATION OF ESSENTIAL FACTS IS NOT NECESSARY. In other words. and true LIEVE knowledge will come all the more quickly. and later on you will see the importance of all these little apparently trivial things when you learn about your TRUE NATURE. there should be a feeling of well-being. you may be ASSURED of success later on. U. Nobody else can do it for you. (a) The Universe and All Things Within • This Documen ary Lesson. rest and be happy. Let *»very word that you utter be a perfect container. It may take a little longer with you than with as you persevere and are happy. But The Sevenfold Position. IT IS NECESSARY! FOR WE ARE PUTTING IN THE FOUNDATIONS Be Humble in mind. try the left over the right. If you feel that you are not "making the progress" that you would like to make. Read and re-read. Calm. thus: "I CALM. of your Thought. others. It. YOLR FOURTH LESSON (Fourth Week) NOTE ON MEDITATION.FIRST PART • I am to assume that you are by this time thoroughly convinced that you are taking up The Quest that you are SURE that you have found what you are seeking. IN THESE FIRST LESSONS. I am at Peace. it will all be made known to you. if you have the right leg over the left. so to speak. if you will do your part in working to discover that Knowledge which is Power. call the "tailor-squat" position the position in which the instrument of receptivity of the Universal Force) so that receive the sevenfold current of the universe. If you faithfully and reverently go into Meditation each day. Practise calmness in your speech a calmness that embodies conviction and control. what is embodied Truth that you have ever read in your Lesson Four." And Be Happy. Calm. by this time NOTE ON THE SEVENFOLD POSITION.. BUT IT WILL COME TO YOU. as you merely READ. Do not get discouraged. THE HOLY OF HOLIES". But. and that. You will learn more it vm can readily of that later on. Pai/r / Thirty-nine . for the Universal Spirit within you is constantly instructing you. A55602..A.the legs." is the most important treatise on life. You should more easily be able to go into a state of abstraction. Remember that this is for YOU to do. Knowledge and Light will come quickly or less quickly. "The Holy of Holies. We are all alike. but it will come — — — • Each evening read over ALL the Lessons thoughtfully before going into The Silence.S. you should be able to see some results you should be happier. • DO NOT. 19W For the Student's Use Only INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus Los Angeles of 4. If you — are.— If the position in which you sit is not comfortable experiment by moving. because until you are able to get into —for example.—// is hoped that you are faithfully carrying out your Meditations. PRACTICE CALMNESS— think calmness all the day. for each time that you do so new ideas will come into the Mind. a position of comfort you will not be able to — what place the body (which is the best it is in Mentalphysics is we make much progress. California. be of good cheer. Calm . We all gain what is truly ours to gain. find out what is the best position for your comfort. SPEAK aloud to yourself.The Institute of ( Church First of Mentalphysics- Mystic Christianity) —Copyright No. Be STRONG. try a cushion under the ankles. My Beloved. Declare that you are strong. LIVE what you are learning. if you feel a "pins-and-needle" sensation in the legs. The GROUP Institute of Mentalphysics. NO MATTER YOU MAY BE- AM — WHAT YOU KNOW.

but from the new line of thought and action in life that you are developing for yourself. when you have read thus far. and so on. some and this idea is very hard to eradicate from t<crson. . — For Word "GOD" purposes of these Lessons. The student will the better be able to grip the underlying thought in the Science of Mental physics if he endeavors to dissociate from his mind the traditional anthropomorphic Deity. have heard of I in Orienral schools. whether you can sic dosay. but BOOM do WDM tht ovsur can do THE CREATIVE SPIRIT WITHIN I'HF in il>< apple- tree- OYSTEB know in /-"our. so very happy. in as a starting point. -let it is This your mind always is is It very simple to see. the flowers. and still. . my Beloved. SS everywhere. for it we every student feel that who is attracted to our Truth of Life that he will be ready for so earnest a seeker of the is — you will learn in MentaJphysics dewondrous Truth disclosed to you here and MentaJphysics we do not gradually lead up to that of this this transcen- dental knowledge to be vouchsafed to him. so contrary to accepted thought is (wrong and the same applies to much that you will learn in Mentalphysics From the standthat there is no room in the Mind for the two conflicting ideas. and more clear • And we proceed. Infinite • Now. . This wri(cr has many (imes in Japan been i|(((i\(d b\ thinking thai artificial pearls were Mftl pearls: man can come very near. Feel that and reverent. we shall not use the word to denote the Supreme Power. a strong anthropomorphic idea.uilv liosv and when to build its shell and make the pearlMan (in mutate but Ik cannot make a pearl. yes.ire the only things that can make apples An oyster: Do you not see that tin nysttf knows cx. the Infinite Wisdom. some being. look — at the you serenely contemplate the Viture. in apple tree. but shall speak of The Creator. NOTE. Do you not knows how to make apples. It is not easy. ARE you that • You ready. // knout Isolate hat it is. • If you have a garden. the truth given to the student only as a embodied and FINAL INITIATION. Page 2 . the . The conception of the in the acid test of Truth of Living Continuously. cases) . a in THOUGHT. are asked again to you have not TESTED now sheets are fact that these And you must be bumble in your hand in is proof spirit.— nuv here strike that before. as quite fancy that I words in the you in these I pages You may elementary truth. you are happy. and peaceful. (b) Nature's Power. see. rest doing what work. rest a moment or two.incl that the apple tree is the only and (hat it is universal with all apple thing that knows how and can make an apple Apple wees . • The its proper a TRUTH —everything REALIZATION Coned Undemanding. We it. then onlv after an arduous probation. . say. some force. drop for the time being all that you have learned and which your own experience. HI A ( m I IVENl activity its think about W IH' • A it is it v. it is impossible to receive the new Truth. as you have probably never noticed before. have read is s Yet this. or imagine that you are there. its — You work something and Simfilc lllmtuiiidii. of teaching pends upon work use Therefore. —or as into the park You look about you. for example. up in "Heaven" most people a — — . for your power to think. You Give Thanks for your IJfe. Every person who has been brought up in Church no matu-r what Church has had deeply embedded in his consciousness of "GOD" as being something. at it Consider any living thing upon it — sec is a never-ceasing is it not? Now. . Mind. go into your garden tomorrow morning You sit and rest. . You You are SILENT within. the Creative Spirit. This Creativeness WHY absolutely. as we saw as THERE MUST BE NO CONFLICT OF previous Lesson. • A Creativeness Everywhere." "Oh. because the brings into the minds of more or less strong delineation of a Man Deity. point of the RACE belief. • The But you must be read). it becomes more many in . the grass.

. make ALL THINGS WHATEVER IN THE UNIVERSE. . or may come else . I confess that I away Tibet many years ago. . Wise. —Perhaps you have never thought of life like this before. Page 3 happier? If way before ? Does so. unlimited or infinite power. reason it out for yourself. FEEL the truth. . see. little. Be Happy. . . A human everything. everywhere in the Universe. but have to admit that these three shall knowing everything. OMNIPRESENCE OMNISCIENCE (all — knowledge all of (all it) presence —everywhere) and OMNIPOTENCE —unlimited (All power and infinite) These three comprise a TRIUNE ACTIVITY • This beautiful truth is . human being. then. for you may not have thought about tiveness. Omnipresence Omnipotence We think a long time. THE ORIGIN OF ALL THINGS. may no matter what words emerge: Omniscience .. Do not hurry over this page. it was brought to my attention somewhat in this way. the contemplation of Can you this Crea- what you have read on. Get your ideas about it. and that you can unreservedly accept know feel you would feel something within you that like to what it as Truth of it as the is stirred? Life. a make a human and to reproduce itself continue the Stream of Life that flows everywhere through the Universe. the faculty of . we may minds we think a short while about all this. . . . SPIRIT HOW TO MAKE THE • What we —Now. THIRD—That make to HAS THE POWER TO DO ALL THINGS IT make the oyster. If you cannot FEEL it. in life. Go back over it. .. to our infinite. in far We Universe. You cannot imagine it not being everywhere. Spend some time just reading and re-reading and thinking on these essentially simple truths of all life in the had not until. But in many words we find confuThink upon what is in this Lesson. knowledge unbounded. is not it being is —with p«wer the only thing that has the is the apple tree.• same with everything the It is man poppy. a Every living thing being. Forty-one . are compelled to see three things: INTELLIGENT FIRST—That IT IS SECOND—That IT IS . KNOWS HOW. . It could be pre- much more learned phraseology. that is you made up your mind that Truth. You will find that you will be compelled to come to the same glorious conclusion.. in this read God. placed before you here as simply as possible. the only thing that can the oyster. present in all places at one and the same time. . . to the oak. NOTE. which is . Your Own • Rest a feel that or. (c) • Do We Have Found not go on reading here until you have thoroughly has so far appeared in this Lesson truth . If you can. that these three —Omniscience. because IT EVERYWHERE PRESENT . Can you your imagination is at work. make you feel Lesson Four. at all events. almighty power. sented to you in OWN sion. THE CREATIVE WITHIN THE ACORN KNOWS EXACTLY GIANT OAK TREE. . Omnipresence and Omnipotence are life in which they are not a single embodiment of is not existent. that is Universal. to make the To make . this Creative Spirit. to the apple. There all power. This Creativeness? Is we look as at this Creativeness. .

. You you have discovIT PERFECTLY. . the Supreme Architect. Mark This Well: UNLESS IT COMES TO YOU INTUITIONALLY. You will see that. v\ INK M NO CIRCUMI Rl NCE CAN EXIST. CENT] R I ( I I I II U I ffi UNTO YOU— END OF FOURTH LESSON Bl I I >. . I Can No. STAND TO THE UNIVERSE AS A CENTER DOES TO A l\«. U. within you. the Creative Spirit. contemplate it in another way — . Jehovah. Heaven . IT IS But. for things are possible to you. • KOR IZED. IS REALLY THE CREATIVE PRINCIPLE EVERYWHERE EQUALLY PRESENT AND IT CAN BE KNOWN AS INTIMATELY AS A FATHER KNOWS HIS SON. Answer. without you. the Holy of profound Truth. Parabrahm. Are you or are you not a pan of the Universe? Yes. existence. %.. Let the Light of this tremendous Truth — give thanks true. man ered the greatest thing that any KNOWING can know. BY A SUDDEN FLASH OF INTUITION. AT ONCE THE GREATEST TRUTH THAT CAN BE TAUGHT BY ANY TEACHER OR LEARNED BY ANY STUDENT. • Universe and God God Not Separate. "Seek ye FIRST Kingdom. . THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO GET IT THAT IS BY MEDITATION. Cenainly. THE ONE . . WITHIN YOU . in a feel more Question. . my Beloved.. A lesson Four. WILL SEE AND REALIZE THIS PROFOUND TRUTH IN A MOMENT. . you are on with the joy fire intellectual way. Riddle of the Universe. No. That which we call God that which we have many names for is WITHIN YOU. SOME INITIATES. God. . as you contemplate this into the Mystery of Mysteries.. the Father in Omniscience. in discovering this basic fact of All existence. cannot. truth all BECAUS1 01 THIS. OR IN ANY OTHER MANNER. completeness Therefore. ." the • is FLOOD YOUR MIND. you pans? be complete? literally depends on you? cannot exist it can say in it its completeness? in am.— YOU WILL SEE THAT THE GOD THAT WE HAVE ALWAYS VISUALWHETHER AS A BEING UP ABOVE IN SOME NEBULOUS PLACE CALLED HEAVEN. it the Universe be complete without all Therefore. . the First "GOD is — — Cause. and the Creator are IN man and Man is IN God for evermore. Universe. —We shall then come to see that the Universe and Man Also that Created are not separate." THEY ARE NOT SEPARATE ENTITIES. FEEL Close your eyes and it ALL ered the very basic fact of . Omnipresence. Others MAY HAVE TO TOIL AND WAIT FOR ITS REALIZATION. CLEAR THROUGH TO YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS BY THE LIGHT OF YOUR OWN DIVINE INTUITION. . No. you realize this truth so that . all will see that. the Infinite Wisdom. Page 4 . Omnipotence . NOT DETACHED. . you are leading yourself Holies. You and The (d) • If that you cannot fully it brings. literally. can Thcrcfon iis . without you • Then.\ IN THIS CASE.S. Be happy and FEEL that this is You will see that you have discovTo know it thoroughly is to have solved the you are very near to realization of Absolute Truth.. I AM THE CENTER— the Circumference is Everywhere. .

Page 1 (Continued on Page 46) Forty-three . Third—ALL THE POWER (FORCE) THERE IS (Omnipotence). The 1930 Institute of Mentalphysics." "SINCE THE CREATOR IS AND THE CIRCUMFERENCE • we human knowing is Carry the idea another step." and proud—by in deep silence. doubtless is obvious to you that this procedure must be very rigidly adhered to. do we not. pride angels fell. THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTHS WILL PROBABLY PASS YOU BY. for that of your study. it at Week) is You are counseled to per- of the very greatest importance to you at this stag* am assuming that your Breathings are being regularly undertaken every morning. remembering what you have learned. and be known. Do Praise the wondrous it carefully not be Spirit within IS." last —from "(d) Lesson and read again the series of questions I trust that this has been fully comprehended by you. YOUR FIFTH LESSON (Fifth (It is to be hoped that you are gaining benefit from your Meditations. Read ACT THE PART. IF Lesson Five. NOTE. and you can truthfully affirm: ALL THAT THERE IS. BUT IF YOU ARE INTUITIVE ENOUGH TO SENSE THE VERY "PRESENCE OF GOD" IN THESE LESSONS YOUR OWN THOUGHT WILL LEAD YOU ON. SINCE I AM THE CENTER IS EVERYWHERE. CROUP INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus Los Angeles of 4. since all most stupendous truth that can ever some way derived from it. and each week should see you the master of all your Breaths. Yon If so. • Going back over what you have already read and learned. California. this. truth —Be very reverent about LIVE with —Give WHATEVER THE CREATOR Thanks. Let this grand BE GRATEFUL you for the revelation.) I 'THE HOLY Of HOLIEST-SECOND PART • Turn back to your and The Universe. • There are many ways through which this great truth will come into the Mind. You should spend least a half hour in Breathings. I AM THE CREATOR DIFFERENTIATED INTO THE HUMAN FORM. we see that the Creator is THE KNOWLEDGE THERE IS (Omniscience)." Carry the idea one step further. severe with your Meditational work. Second—ALL THE PRESENCE THERE IS (Omnipresence). last Lesson appeal to you.S. and then figure natural and best for you to do so.The Institute of Church (First For the Student's Use of Mentalphysics- Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. is • best for According to your power to THINK it all out in the way will the information contained in this but it that is and your YOU HAVE LITTLE FORCE OF THOUGHT. you to think about it personally. let us proceed. LITTLE POWER TO THINK. A55602. at the wonderful knowledge that "THE CREATOR • IS ALL THAT THERE IS. — (a) The Substance of Thought The Chemistry of Life. I AM." we arrive quite logically. you.A. First—ALL • As nothing can exist outside of the "ALL. You can now truth- arrive at the in fully affirm: "Therefore. U.

I take a and now I lake another deep. and forunrd nothing that Temple I I pledge myself. Now nir tigorously — own Inhale and relax. Not "tip-toeing. palms outwards. Immutable My Body! • — the "MY BODY the Transcendentally Beautiful. breath. (a) is straight. "MY BODY the f. feeling the Living God. .. pressing in hard with the abdomen. but with the chest as firm as a rock all the time. 3: tee relax entirely .W That — The Temple. L. shall injure or of the Living Cod. . Within Me— the Lives Temple of that is "/ stand in reverence before the of Uy B<kI\ . (c) Retain the breath a few seconds (d) lower the hands to 45 degrees from the shoulders. body THAIS K THEE. with your shoulders. increase gradually to seven breaths. . and that you are reaching as high as possible. sit THE INSPIRATIONAL BREATH No. Temple of me.) and see that the spine erect. little little ' I . (e) spiritual affirmations for WATCH ILLUSTRATIONS Spiritual BREATH ">oic RELAXATION EXERCISE No. and let out more breath. Work coming . —two or three. that in tlie very from this substance moment shall do.verlasting. for II My Body—I LAW . . 3: Be Inhale a Complete Breath. exhaling a little Then lower your arms level through your puckered lips. WI&AotH pent up I VOW. the Infinitely Intricate. happy. and Page 2 . " iml ntni. . ground. . and Most (rhtrioutly Accurate Instrument in this Universe. . or think. or say. repeating mentally your this Breath.BREATH (Commence Stand or with two breaths. Remember Buttocks firm. sweeping sigh m quirk sigh.. Bweeping. the alive within hence* abuse this My Body! breath and a long. rigid. Then lower to the sides and thoroughly empty the lungs. and vigorously exhale a little more. down right . (b) Raise the arms (rigid) slowly until the hands touch above the head. Then lower again a little. the LAW of my Being thank Thee. Changeless. ." Backs of hands touching. but with* out disturbance to your feet. nchangeable. relaxing the whole . for "I Eternal. giving thanks. Sec that you are rigid." . with the thumbs crossed and the forefinger tips touching. . tson Fire. Buttocks Feet firm on the tight. 1X)RD.

When fourth little breath is gone the body empty of air. To even stand erect like this is a glorious exercise. Arms Head rigid. Body is filled with breath.) THIRD POSITION Right thumb under left thumb. — balanced a at top. with short pause after you exbale. ankles firm. No movement at neck. as in Hold body firm. With the position established. Body held at full height. drawing arms upward. (See illustration. illus- letting out a little breath forcefully. Do not move your head. Fingers and thumbs locked as instructed below. spine straight. calves tight.— FIRST POSITION Arms quite straight. Bring arms gradually up to third position. During this downward movement. Do not move position of hands. backs of hands together. FIRST POSITION SECOND POSITION Position: Feet level. the body should Back to original po- RELAXATION— prepare for Take the Affirmation This illustration be perfectly balanced. but illustrates the downward move- ment a little more clearly. let the buttooks be so strong that they form a look to the whole body. Sure that there is no movement of the head. Repeat three times. through.. This "fifth position" is not a definite position. retaining breath. pulling on Inhale slowly. SFVFNTH POSITION and FEEL within not merely intellectually following the words alone. two forefingers touching. buttocks firm (most important). . sition. as shown in the last picture watch what vou feel. Arms not bent. if properly undertaken. FOURTH POSITION Come down tration. head erect tenseness.INSPIRATIONAL [TRIANGLE] EREATH important to watch the illustrations to note procedure of breathing. should be FIFTH POSITION SIXTH POSITION shows the body in the form of the cross. but straight and strong. FOURTH POSITION i'lFSH SIXTH POSITION POSITION ^ Shoulders not raised brought down. but practice a few times without full breathing. 3. Do not raise shoulders. being full of air when Correct fingertips. follow out the various movements. knees snapped back. to 45 deg. Do not let any out. erect. thighs firm. In every movement . yourself. Perfectly erect posture. A wonderful posture. BREATH It is first No. feel that there is great pressure under the hands. to Relaxation.

others. "For is indestructible. then. tasted. so. more subtle. substance. Love. Love. see. bound together indissolubly with Breath. breath. calls THE 17 28). Therefore. jew of us know uhat Thought is. the thoughts eat that we is Chemical tains • M BSTANCE. You can see that every part some degree of intelligence. this on Ftvt. for there is no place where Life is not) has an embouDMK. YOU do. and it is difficult uach his students what is -though we can all see that we have at our command and do use a SUBSTANCE when we think for we cannot think nith NOTHING. nature." etc. its is One Organizing is what Life to find out is and what the Continuation of Life and move and have our live all CHEMICAL SUBSTANCE. so is he. "He. then. . animal. in all its endless manifes- And whether s( "dead" thing. in is it Him — now have your cannot idea of Prana) is invisible one substance which every living thing in the we live. every- easy to see that every is It comes from can see that your Breath IS your understand ourselves. which is Life. comes from and drink. Love is Intelligence also you say . it. its out of which everything is created. yet Universe is THIS: I. There but is tations One Substance: every different separate part of and embodiments. • we know we think. and move. that which the scientist calls electrons. foods and the water we and visible invisible. is in intangible. for the influence of a thought produces an effect its corresponds exactly to the chemical nature of the thought • GOD— The CREATOR— LOVE— LIFE— THOUGHT . all organic substances. cannot I ( be seen and • MINT) ii I felt. atmosphere in which we —or what the Origin of Life is. it be the organic and in- there is but and from which everything sus- think. taking every substance he cares to think about. invisible. must rxprtss its< If Some embodiments can be seen and felt. handled. speaking chemically. shall all it.IKE The GOD. all thai are doing hj\: can see that there 1 —what thing in the Three Kingdoms living thing lives by we understand our If life. • You being can it all." that which we in live and move and have our being. . and you it be touched. I breath.u In r that pndselj to it STAN4 that very Living Tiling (and there is no such thing as a vv\ Ii." Just as every living thing is — — you can see that —and should never descend lower than its highest ideals." "God. moremind what you have learned last week and this week). and have our being. Love IS Life.— • ou ^ we see. the "greatest thing in the world. tasted or handled. then. through which Life. and Source. and THOUGHT. that the chemical activity is — mineral. so. and we You do. we can know will be made known man thinkcth in his heart. that causes is it vegetable. tbtn must be the embodiment through which the Spirit. \ou are a chemical thing. God chemistry in action.. . and your life activity is is Chemical Substance. If it annihilates itself. or matter ()\| which itself. cannot be seen or touched. life. We may think in thu is." all that "As a to us through (b) More About Mind Substance. that that Intelli- of this substance contains within itself over (bearing in gence what the world is REASON (you will air This Chemical Substance call dependent upon. \ou cannot go into a laboratory. also. We have seen that the whole Universe is CHEMICAL SUBfor Hut while am I « . Center of Life.. . So one could go on writing trace to it I One Common BOUGHT — Thought Thought but is chemical like this. seen. "Look. SUBSTANQ micfl wur thought is one of these subtle substances that cannot be put under a example. is LOVE. is every living thing bound together with LOl'E for God (All That There Is) is Love. you can see. . (Acta Prana. and then come to mc and say. THOUGHT/ is the chemistry of chemistry. is the chemical substance upon which every living thing is dependent for LIFE ITSELF. and place I Substance under • a microscope. Paoc 4 .

are invited to contemplate the truths disclosed in your last Lesson with this idea of Mind-substance. Well. etc. . nearer and nearer that we use — every- it. as it does in all embodiments from the atom to the the Sun. the itself in. But that cannot be done. Is the approach the truth that Thought • You upon Mind is this. You will see that the mind of each one of us represents so much Mind-Substance. VIBRATING THINKING THING. for as thing being dependent deeply in the thing that the Soul uses to clothe ONLY we proceed we shall thing that we have and and emanating from THINK with. Yo» may be likened to Prana in the Us sum total is fixed and cannot is already have your idea of Prana. But we know are climbing in Mental- state. of which it forms a part. and emanated Energy.. act. GREAT WONDERFUL VIBRATING Be Quiet and Still. and therefore garded." But you Mind (c) • The Substance Is Everywhere. Divine Mind. and from Energy emanated Matter so that all form parts of one real substance the ALL THAT THERE IS God. that that of We YOU conrol? Man. that after all THE UNIVERSE IS SIMPLY ONE GREAT. You Are Today What You Have Always Thought. WONDERFUL. "The Holy of Holies. Think. that Mind-substance occultists teach. however. as a matter of fact. Mind-substance sense that is it found in every place in the Universe. Rest upon these words: "THE UNIVERSE THINKING THING. The Universal Spirit. . (Which is saying in a different manner what we have already learned in this documentary Lesson. universal and omnipresent. Creative Force. is My Thought. but there as much as we is a universality of Mind-substance. The Father. . yet in reality (though we cannot yet realize it) each Mind is in touch with other separated —and Minds with UNIVERSAL MIND. • The differences are (I) (II) (Ill) • It is MATTER ENERGY —and we should get .. its the thing by which KNOWN to us by Mind-substance can only be have then to regard Mind-substance as operation the Energy that causes Matter to be in Motion.") designate • If it were possible for and send it need for the student to tion of me Teacher to exhibit a certain quantity of Mind-substance as a would be no need to try to explain." Lesson Five. You can see. just as Matter be considered as a grosser form of Mind-Substance or Energy. as a unchangeable.. higher than Man. be added to or taken from. The same with many other substances. power.CAN SIT DOWN WITH ME AND TALK TO ME AND SHOW ME THE PRODUCT OF THAT UNSEEN SUBSTANCE THAT YOU USE WHEN YOU THINK. there We power. or any name with which you may care to from — it — THE ONE SOURCE and THE ONE LIFE. thing that the Soul uses to necessary to get this conception.. Thought • The highest form of Thought that we are conscious of is —or believe—that there are beings much physics up to that (e) • just the way.. One may say that there are three manifestations of our emanations from the Absolute. Thought-forces. Thinking may vary. of desire when we know which we may use and control • What is the amount of that Thought substance. Divine Wisdom. • The Yogis claim to have proved that Mind-substance was the first Manifestation. set into is its results —Thoughts. There is no need for me to use Forty-seven . (d) The Threefold Nature of Man. nor would there be any try properly to make the personal effort to gain his own concep- to you. apparently separated from other Mind-substance.. Page 5 SIMPLY ONE IS . Mind-substance can be it is re- may higher phase of Energy or Matter. Is the Is this the thing that the Soul uses to MIND-SUBSTANCE . then.

nor to conceive' • What you have tial We the Infinite for any purpose whatever This was the teaching of Jesus. WISH PCM VOU mi HAPPIES! WEEK 01 YOU1 LIF1 SEND IN YOUB REPORTS REGULARLY m. You should repulse all that is undesirable. for you can see that until your body is a perfect receiving and perfect registering instrument you will not be able to make tin jnijul progress that you desire. a Carbon type. both in its very substance and does. This "sea of Thought" the Father..ihle to find out hi — it costs a dollar. this your Consciousness. Wisdom. in these early Lessons in Mentalphysics. shall be as his Master. urged to find out your chemical type. contemplation upon ciple./<. as may total of everything that "All that hinders the individual from well-known philosopher has said: truth of the Divine Sonship of each one sum the So we understand the Father through Meditation. therefore. uofl Five Page 6 . inability to realize to the full the the heart of are in a sea of I perfected. hod) ami its From from needs. . WAIT LISTEN. reveren- and act ADD TO YOUR THE CREATOR that the time. I I COME! Note on the Chemical Substance of IJje. equal power of attraction and repulsion. his lack of Faith. Truth of your Own Life that you do and say and is New that of the as the great legitimately claim in right of his attitude of you have ever understand anything by stupendous truth that he himself 'eye hath hot seen. and the very heard. and do. and see the kind of chemsubUamcs (food) it needs. a magnificent to do." is DECLARE to this no matter what you may be doing. uill be . You . Begin with your Every atom in the Universe possesses in itself body.. the Spirit. to explain — — you FEEL have to . COME! .W ORDS nun\ You Thought. LOOK WITHIN ME REVEAL THYSELF. the Spirit of and breath — all that you are RIGHT HERE— Right in the Heart of Right in the Right in the Being of Right in . feel. Itself Me Known LORD OF MY LIFE.Mi and 11 MS KNOW WHA1 MENTALPHYSICS IS DOING FOR YOU. his is foundation. / ific „ SodtttOt odoiti you to inmmun'nalt and acquire THE much about your yourself out be- needs. I 1 \f 1 win il't Bl / UNTO YOU i-M) OF LESSON FIVE Dtl I . You and Truth. not in a hit-and-miss manner. and "the it. I . . is U HRMATION MEI IT 4TIONS - . LORD OF THE ETERNAL—THAT WHICH LIVE AND MOVE AND HAVE MY BEING. it is a chemical thing. of The Gl IDE physical Witting Sodium type /)/'<.. it you a strictly point of iitu. . Mind of Me Me Me the Substance of Making . hrmistry in is ( in how ical ami u hat acts it Your body at lion. when he • As a very is power of which edifice of possibilities man Man is it once taken e-ar dis- all IS this it common — glorious heritage which a humanity. that which you have built into your Conscious in that the All-Wise Father. In everything know that you are placing yourself in that happy. neither hath entered into grows up logically upon KNOWING mind. and it is only because of this balance of power that perfect harmony can be established throughout all space. you may know . IN I I .. AM STILL.. you uill need different food than if you unc came you do As your n.." is exercising the full be seeks. the kind of chemicals (foods) the Institute of Mentalphysics. Your body . If you are a I allium type. directing your every step power Thought. uith the Publication Dept. for your Consciousness IS you —are I 1.

Mere Girard solemnly celebrated. not You have to hurry. we may we may live as long as we truly desire we we must not achieve whatever All the same. Lesson Six. known very intimately to this writer. the 100th year of he* marriage. But what does over to yourself. purify thou my heart. One lady. dying at the age of 107. eternity to Bright unperstanding"-hrst part (Realization of the need of Truth produces the right attitude for Read this aloud. It is deceive ourselves. who art who art free from all pain.) and Support of the Universe. directing and controlling it. to a tre- We and form our opinions accordingly. true. purify thou my throat. thou my who Life bead. (b) Some Important Evidence • Consider these: With old men and women who have passed the age of 80. In Mentalphysics live. Page 1 Forty-nine . desire to do. Rather pretty. The Preceptor Emeritus Los Angeles 4.The Mentalphysics- Institute of (First Church Mystic Christianity) of —Copyright No. ing to attain perfection. Plato composed In 1864 some of his best work after he was 80. 1930 For the Student's Use Only INITIATE Issued from the Office of GROUP of The Institute of Mentalphysics. you should be willing to work even harder for that which you truly desire. O Lord. purify thou my eyes. A55602. California. who art the its reception. purify thou my body. what I mean is that with the joy and the added zest to life that have come to you during the last few weeks. 1 warn you. thou who pervadest the Universe. with feeling: "Thou. dearer than Life. and try to analyze its and next week's Lesson will give you a portrayal of it from the higher point of view. thou who art the Cause of the Universe. there has been a third dentition. left his fourth wife pregnant with her eighth child.S. by coming into contact with whom I am freed from all troubles. thou who art comprehending. YOUR SIXTH LESSON (Sixth Now Week) you should be able and anxious to go on a little faster. purify thou again thou my whole (a) Understanding Comes • What it you have MEAN? read just is rather good. is great depth to it. because she was a student in Mental physics. resting in the conviction that YOU are surely under way. recovered her practically completely lost sight at the age of 80. read is it this my head. in body and mind. Every evening this week. at the age of 136. howdo it in. purify thou purify thou thou who my feet. TO ATTAIN TO YOUR TRUE NATURE. You are workThere meaning. ever. U. but must are learning that are also learning that it is GET THE FACTS. organism." not? First.A. thou art art all pervading. This week YOU try to see whether its HIDDEN meaning will make itself known to you as you read it over every night. Baron De Capilli. thou who art all sustaining. in short. as we we mendous statement. purify All Truth.

you remain in the body as long as you desire to maintain it. we now are learning and >i III si I to Do you TRULY TUISCS. human beings. to live to ton Six. — is it HEALTH. LIVE that l-Z-l pertpiradon through the heat from this IT. who was said to be 157. 10 men. THE BODY STRAIGHT AND STRONG AND PERFECT—AND THEN A PERFECT MIND IN A PERFECT BODY. of Los Angeles. there were scleral politicians in the English Parliament who had served the State continu- crdi V \X ously for 70 many people could lite long // of the Ail of Living which With 4000 people passed the century mark. man 1850 an old In the United States. YOU ARE HEALTH Great Light — the Divine ithin. with no what can well." coming YOU CAN (Do not think this IMA(. of Oregon. is reported to have lived 119 years. t knowledge years ago. see before your Mind this glorious picture oomea so r. \in as I back as f. in 1887. how can receptivity be How can you express perfectly the perfect Substance of the Universe with an perfect. parts of the world. is may disagree with this statement. of Philadelphia.) There is no reason whatand so operate the law.iiui 1 ages over at 100 year* during the years 1S87-1896. with no 1 that. if it was possible for other nowledge of the Art of Living.composed music at 80. could be multiplied from this. far-fetched. just as be — there and con sit silently.l mind and \<>u. is it necessary. R-l \ I • day. in passing on has authentic records of 233 persons who were persons died in England 1883. there were reported in 1890 to be living nearly who had figures like in Russia purposely taken for periods in the past. We on are starting important that we should not lose one a repeti- road entirely new of the truth in these pages tittle GET THE IDEA ROOTED within YOU that YOU ARE HEALTH. Mrs Rsmsaj Wood.' 1 instrument a tion to that occur will and us. PRACTISING THE ART OF LIVING—can figures. it is Some imperfect? is not to be denied is — to religionists the thinker This frequently. Henry Jenkins swam rivers at 100. In 1903 newspapers claimed that the oldest man then liwng was Manuel del Valle.K "picture" befbfi ibm when ik it W --our von kc "ut in . aid. as you say audibly: In — ind immovable. • Thai is assured as you improve physically and mentally. hen Queen Victoria celebrated the 50th year of her reign. V< I learn HI I near )l template to light I II. Ihrn impresi rOUl Mind with the wonderful Truth mm. Never fear regarding spiritual awakening and unfoldSo ment. live as should be able sonable? — the principle of life firmly established in the mind. again and think. In me let being rea- HEALTH. AM "1 your Meditations on Health. nearer. is it BATHED Light nearly blinds the ROM HEAD TO FOOT. Mary McDoo 100 1900 attained her 139th year. we not do? surely and quite deliberately —when DAILY exceed these easily Use your Imagination! Does this appeal to you realize that you are whatever the Creator is? (c) Get the Idea of • Again WE long as we find life desirable. IMPERISHABLE IDEA importance of your getting an the stress as THINK ON IMPERISHABLE HEALTH— the TRUE YOU. |um lik«~ you. but In these early lessons self-evident. and lived till he was 169. eighty-nine over — 79 women. If the instrument is not it. 1 it.I\I light . Imagine lata OO la only von it — you surely can these lessons that do not know \h\ you should not learn the tb. Your body instrument— it the is is of the lemple of the Living God. you are what you are doing is absolutely according to at the moment.1 in intense light . Page 2 . around tb.1 forming is it you it FLOOD FEEL IT sit silent nearer. If you are God in human form. Practise bringing WHY HOW — . all (Livonia) was reported to be in his 168th year.1 hundred rimes feel thii Light.

BE (e) Embodiment a Principle in Nature. Page 3 EMBODIMENT—the that EMBODIMENT I am in therefore. . knowledge and power and achievement. am it. being part of arrive at the conclusion that / Rest awhile — also true of the animals everything in the Three Kingdoms. because I that it tree KNOW. that there is an and form into the substance. vegetable and animal. We shall be learning a great deal more about this later on. know. reading slowly sink in until KNOW have learned that forms everywhere a tree. think. this can be spoken of as YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. it new ideas. build in the when we come can be done. the chapter of accidents Among nesses that bring about an early death. you are learning. I dispute that call this it is the Creative Life. I is 1 isolate solid substance. AND patient. WE ARE LEARNING THE ART OF EXPRESSING accomplish LIVING. • As made up of Physical Substance. changing and how to build a — by your NEW WHAT improving your mode of thinking (actually you think) value to you that you persevere with the practice of Meditation of the utmost is it . but IS I around me see animals. and I — WHATEVER THE CREATOR form and see know beyond I now must AM. For when we acquire my and retain desire vigor and grow no disease is IT IN DUE and sicksenility. Science proves BODY. can live as long as I. I life and reverently. Fifty-one . this. which shall avoid the pitfalls. conclusively believe. in Mentalphysics. at work. men. the tree. a your Body Substance —but is the one as These ideas which make up the Mind-substance are a mass of mental pictures made THINKING that which you have been conscious of. Do this you feel that you it and that IT IS TRUE. for the reason that it. the Abstract Principle of Embodiment. which can be known and controlled. the A PRINCIPLE identify myself with the Creative Spirit. I know also that what is true of the tree is to believe that NOTHING exists Creative Life. HAPPY— FOR YOU HAVE A HAPPY TIME AHEAD OF YOU. color and substance that compose the which the Creative Life within the tree adorns itself. • You that a it are now may few times. know I and the form. IN NATURE. 1 YOU WILL ACQUIRE knowledge— and this NEVER FEAR—we TIME. Now. cannot SEE the embodied in Creative the Life. MEDITATIONS YOU ARE BUILDING YOURSELF OVER. of REMAINING YOUNG and how you can In later lessons you will be duly instructed as to LIFE. later to the lessons that Be will all be clear to you. mineral. led embodiment of IS of fact. so and be UNDERSTOOD and ACCEPTED by the Mind. so your Mind is composed oi we have learned. the earth and the heavenly bodies. invited to consider the following. I • I say that I cannot be separated from I now without an I conclude Lesson Six. YOUR IN for . there. at these we are to classify A CHEMICAL CHANGE IN THE but due to all. the Creative Spirit. too. trees.great age. step by step. my touch tells me that it is INTELLIGENCE in the tree. As this is done by reversing. How? THE DENIALS THE AFFIRMATIONS (I) (II) You may wonder how show this blot out the old ideas. but scientifically the operations of the Subconscious. CLOTHING are the that I building this color with Life is EMBODIED IN THE TREE. while the other is invisible. CONSCIOUSNESS. then continually in the Real 1. but for the moment we will say that the substance of which your mind is composed is IDEAS. I I and color. is visible. (d) Interrelation of Body and Mind.

As you th. . but I have taught thousands of students and find a little patient appliing (iti'in in . 4 . "Right step on the Noble Eightfold Pathway of Enlightenment.u ion of Perfect Bliss. you will be able to successfully take succeeding steps. for Breath "/ am come they that they MIGHT HAVE I can IS life might have LIFE.. Notes on and without.. Yon ire urged to continue most faithfully with them never missing a single morn- — being warned any kind: though there can not be any strain if vou lean whit the buttocks are and what tlxir use. While — Before I one after another." PEACE BE UNTO YOU— END OF LESSON SIX Wrtti !u "i / Dit I . DIFFERENTIATED HENCEFORTH AND FOREVER. ears occasionally with do not teeth delay. at the beginning Each evening take the WHOLE of the Meditations. in all. • Hygiene. I I VISIBLE . practise. . i. While you should have no idea of time step. H-E-A I. By this time you have gathered some power of your Breath. YOU And part of his consciousness. . P.— AM 1KB ABSTRACT I 1-MBODIMENT. Hon Six. if water — none you require Drink plenty of water. bathe flush my if and the let convenient.iinst strain of practice will generally hitter I answer die question of the student than bofM -that you are truly taking your Breathings seriously. (Knowing this. idea of your Sixth io Lesson — "Right THINKING HEALTH: Understanding" the is first Understanding" —you given are the central the perfecting of the Instrument of the Creator.) CREATIVE SPIRIT EMBODIED— AM LIFE ETERNAL— AM IN ETERNITY NOW— RIGHT HERE— AM ETERNAL NOW— RICHT NOW —I AM ETERNAL LIFE— AM LIFE ETERNAL AM THE I I I I I So. yet you must give yourself plenty of time.-T-H-H-H" long drawn out. ARE vou going to embody yourself in Old Age Conditions. a Mind ? } ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS . Cultivate the low. FROM ALL OTHER LIFE FORMS. low and even — but NOT TO SLEEP. AUDIBLY Wait and watch.AFFIRMATION THE CREATIVE SPIRIT. Stan and go through them all. for is it be able to say it has Well. Mind revel in Cleanliness within warm Great care must be given to the teeth. After taking the first • Meditation Instructions. — while in a state of Meditation.ints to be deaf. STRENGTH AND HEALTH. AM EXHAUSTLESS. CAN you continue to I build your form? into Senility No — a thousand times no.. it. — • Notes on Breathing. EMBODY MYSELF IN PERFECT BEAUAM IMPERISHABLE . and of us w. knowing this? an- (bin. and that IT MORE ABUNDANTLY. so that the breath will be deeper and more quietly rhythmic every Go time you state the words ag. .. I. A-M-M .i. Every day I receive word from grateful students for these wonderful Mentalphysics Breathings of ours. . let the voice be so the \cr\ sound will seem to lull you to rest long inton.ition of the words — thus: "I-I-I-I Never hurry. AM INDITY. work done on the you the bath. especially between meals. There are eight breaths in all in your Initiate Group teaching. If you are in doubt you should writr to me. through them this srns. PRINCIPLE OI * nter can truthfully and with all the vigor of his Nfpmt YOU1 should say that now Is True? it This true.

and one Spirit. "Whatever the Holy Spirit is (or the Holy Ghost). for it is not ye that speak. through feeling and through inspiration. Every one of those quotations is the absolute Truth of Life. one baptism. and in you all.Whatever the Creator Is. and thou in me. If you prefer to say. that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not. because it knew him not. without being also in you. and ye that your Holy Ghost which is in are not your own?" / Cor. the words do not matter. Do not differ with is everywhere. But the Holy Spirit is God. which you are. however. dear student. 3:16 the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?" "Know "For "And that they all believe that thou hast sent me. he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you. New habits may be Required only by constant practice. behold. and have our being -Acts 17:27. . dividing to every man severally as he will. 6. 11 "The we are "And Spirit itself spirit. you will presently be able to arrive. As we have told you before. Believe it. and joint be that we suffer with him. "But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you. I am. 17 heirs with Christ: we may bearetb witness with our the children of God: if children. and are accustomed to think. apart. The Trinity. 4:4. and so falling down on his face he will worship God. 6 it is God which worketh do of his good pleasure.3:5 the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple of the living God." John 14:20 in my Father. Then. Father. and walk in them. and realize Who and What you are. the Life Spirit. but it is the same God which worketh "But all in all. simply by reading the words. urges you for ward. hat be also glorified together. These words in themselves are inadequate as an expression of the all-embracing Truth. It is good news. One Cod and Father ol all." Eph. the Holy Ghost. truly. 6:16 "And what agreement hath — "There is one body. and that 1 Cor. But Call it what you will the first essential of the mystic method is a consciousness of the Indwelling Presence. in thee. what manner of love the Father hath bestowed us. but the same Lord. 14:17 "At that day ye shall know that I am ye in me. the greatest truths can not be expressed in mere words. and report that God is in you of a truth. You cannot arrive You must be able to John 17:21 "For it is not ye that speak. perfect in one. So long as you maintain the consciousness of this Presence." Matt. God is. Universal Mind. they . at feel them. and shall be in you. 8:16. God You. I Am' BIBLE REFERENCES: Many of our students may to thinking that accustomed hesitate to say of themselves. gives you strength. 14:25 "Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing — as of ourselves. Make this part of your consciousness. If you will meditate. thai heirs of God. 1 But am. and they shall he my people. or whatever name you choose." '"For in him we live. art in me. God. 28 feel . be happy and thankful. these worketh that one and the self-same Spirit. Himself. though he be not far from every one of us: . must be a part of your underlying thought all day and every day. "Whatever the Creator is something away. the Holy Spirit which inspires your thoughts. Kingdom of God is within you. who is above all. as all religions teach. . as the Son is God." "That they *nd world I you both Phil. if haply they might after him. Old habits of thinking are hard to uproot. of the Holy Spirit being within you. and move. for he dwelleth with you. because of the words we use. 23 ." because know —John it Spirit of truth. and 1 in you. All this may not be done in a day. that they may be made " John 17:22. then heirs. but the Spirit which speaketh in you. and find him. all — 5. perhaps. one faith. that speak ye: "Neither shall they say. "greater things than these."—Rom. if so I "Behold. 2:13 in to will and may be one: to as thou. but the same Spirit there are differences of administrations. and I will be their God. even as ye are called in one hope of your calling." / Cor. I will dwell in them."—Mark 13:11 . which ye have of God. even as we are one: '"I in them. Then you will find yourself possessed of the power of God."— Rom." — // Cor. have been taught. Realize that it is the Holy Spirit which is doing your daily work for you. One Lord." // Cor. Then begin acting upon it this very minute. . 8:14 ye not that ye are the temple of God." Rom. Lo here! or." Luke 17:21 the "Now "And there are diversities of gifts. at the meaning which our words so poorly express: "That they should seek the Lord. and you shall never again know fear. and God. The realization of this truth must be imbedded in your consciousness until you act and live by it. dear student. neither knoweth him: but ye him. . 10:20 ". 8:11 "For as many as are led by the Spirit the sons of of God. but our sufficiency is of God. that they also may be one in us: that the may the glory which thou gavest me 1 have given them. but the Holv Ghost. may be one. seeth him not. Be patient." you may use these words instead. they are "What? know ye not body is the temple of the you. as the Father is God. Read the above quotations from your Bible. '"And there are diversities of operations. long and reverently upon the following verses from the New Testament. of your Father but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour. shall ye do also." / Cor. 6:19 — "And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest. "Even the whom the world cannot receive. far distant from them." / John 3:1 upon — an understanding of the beautiful Truth. The Great Architect. lo there! for. 12:4." They have been all churches teach that m He cannot be everywhere." You have been thinking too little of yourself. is really One. as God hath said. 5. Supreme Intelligence. and through all.

Why (6). Do you (1). Do )t. bate we (7). Do later on the seventh evening. What is SELF-EVIDENT Man's DOCUMENTARY about the Breath. (u) How (}). so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned. and your latest You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions.u (4) What eat? do you sleep? (b) Are you in the habit of getting up nights? wear Glasses? results hate evidenced themselves in your work so jar? . 2 If \ou have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings Lessons. MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTION OF MAN'S BODY'.'. this Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper. A^«k' BREATHINGS: (I). What do you (2). LESSONS: (I). Name NEW are the EXERCISES see clearly that are these first NINE POSITIVES' for. Have you memorized the (2). so that will serve as a guide in reviewing your unfoldyears to come— — perhaps inPath and also enable you to complete your full Examination Papers it ment along The which come to you with your 26th Lesson.PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. What POSITION do you (4).' take in Meditation? NEGATION Lessons must be banished from your mind?. now. . What is (2). vou are prepared to answer the following questions. Peace be unto you. What. What (3). IMPORTANT? FOUND? the chief subject set forth hi these two Lessons GBSBRALi (I).

so that a guide in reviewing your unfold—perhaps in years to come— will servecomplete your Examination Papers ment along The Path and also enable you later as it which come full to . you with your 26th Lesson. Where should you (7).. this Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper. If so.. t . At what do (2). What is (4). you are prepared to answer the following questions. 3 If you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings Lessons. Is your Hearing perfect? PERSONAL REMARKS: in your General Physical Condition?.. be found? _ _. Of what (2). Do (2). Are you troubled with constipation? (3)- Have you had any major operation? you find improvement (4). What (3). Do on the seventh evening. What can (3). THE LIGHT OF DIVINE WISDOM?. Through what does are does DOCUMENTARY the result?..PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. QUITE LOGICALLY? THE UNIVERSE? MIND SUBSTANCE (6). Where can TRUTHFULLY AFFIRM? _ THE WORLD CALLS GOD? which SIMPLY. and your latest You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions.. so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned. Of what should you see _ . What is. PROPER BREATHING give you? BEAUTY SHINE and _ REJUVENATION TAKE PLACE?. what?. WE ARRIVE we that NOW O). Peace be unto you. LESSONS: (1).. to S^^ ^ / / BREATHINGS: DISEASES (I). CONSTANTLY THINK? GENERAL: Q).


into my own thing that causes Life to be. Six. Lesson Seven. are carrying out your a magic in these numbers. Jehovah." (1) • sentence: first We AND SUPPORT OF THE PURIFY THOU MY LIFE. the Creative the Supreme ters not—IS THE LIFE Architect. something that DEN the power to . O LORD. some- — is HIDDEN just as within the seed is HH>make the seed develop into a perfect plant." Why my Head" Because my head is The Kingdom the Father's House in which there are many mansions because within my head is located the physical means by which I receive ideas from the Universal Mind and send them out again. —whatever name we care UNIVERSE. but you are now asked to look upon it as an instrument if you wish. so will there be Right Understanding of the Universe itself and all its activities. "PURIFY THOU MY HEAD. the seat of Consciousness within me. body and then on out into the Universe again. made of IDEAS idea upon idea upon idea your EYES have brought "purify Mind is — — you most of the ideas that compose your Mind. . an instrument that receives and conducts (through the action" of your own life) have learned that the body have learned something about it in — the Universal • Power of the Creator.S. BY COMING INTO CONTACT WITH WHOM I AM FREED FROM ALL TROUBLES. but you Fifty-seven . Why your — Thou my EYES" ? Think of what your eyes mean to you. WHO ART THE LIFE UNIVERSE." "THOU. INITIATE Issued from the Office of 1930 GROUP of The Institute of Mentalphysics. Purify Thou my HEAD. — . than life" means? It God. the Law. Read again the quoted paragraph. Let us see what this transcending declaration means. You RIGHT UNDERSTANDING' -SECOND PART • Turn to the now have first page of your Lesson this means. — (2) • WHO ART FREE FROM ALL PAIN. can logically see that the Lord. PURIFY THOU MY EYES. The Preceptor Emeritus Los Angeles 4. A55602. Think that. WHO ART DEARER THAN HEAD. Let us take the "THOU. There are on your way. YOUR SEVENTH LESSON (Seventh Week) NOTE: You is first seven weeks of work—your first forty-nine days.A. . . Study this very thoughtfully and imaginatively. Parabrahm AND SUPPORT OF THE merely means that there is Wisdom. the Infinite Spirit. U. and as my brain the receiving and sending station is purified. Page 1 Many (Continued on Page 60) as to of those ideas are false. an electrical instrument. We what to see —your body— • You is the Temple of the Living God. California. Peace and Joy and Health and Power be yours.The Mentalphysics- Institute of (First For Church the Student's Use Mystic Christianity) of Only— Copyright No. You ways that you had not thought of before perhaps. . something to use mat- but what does "dearer BEHIND Life Itself. My BRAIN is in my head.




with two breaths; increase gradually to seven breaths.)

Stand erect, with the heels together and the toes apart.
Buttocks tight. Feet firm on ground.
is straight.

See that your spine

Extend your arms straight in front of you, with palms of the hands together (or with fists clenched), and the arms comfortably firm but not
too rigid.
See that you are standing firmly on your feet, with a sense
Have your body perfectly straight and
that you are gripping the floor.



Inhale a Complete Breath.


Retain your breath.

(c) Standing very firmly, buttocks tight, swing the

arms back

as far as they

so that you "stretch" the chest, the arms

go, not bending them,


more and more

you swing them back.
you allow no breath to escape. Do
this three times.
Then bring the arms quickly to your sides, exhale vigorously, inhale and relax, repeating mentally your own spiritual affirmagradually getting


rigid as

to the front again, seeing that

tions for this Breath.






No. 4:

"And now,

relaxing entirely, relaxing the whole body
prepare tmrsclves to think the Greatest Thought we ever shall he
able to think
"If r







"The Creator











right here






right in the


u In//





right in the Heart of Me . . . right in the
right in the Being of Me.


Mind of Me

Lord of My Life
and now I ivill to SEE




ml\. uitlioul letting myself know it,
a lORfi






IS n




icait!— I listen!—



giving thanks, feeling happy, ever so
take a little breath, and
gently, gently

su eifiini:. *\ceeping sigh.

in hi-




and a quick sigh





I sit





Imttm Stnu,





at neck.

Freedom in
the neck.



anohored by
bringing them
back and down.


Arms firm.

Enter upon this
Breath with high

You aim




nothing short of

Be sure of your




posture before you
begin to inhale-—do
not hurry.


Buttocks tight

are quite
the muscles
of those beautiful
arms are tensed


you feel power
throughout your

quire this
sture before
king up the
sition for



As you bring your
Legs tensed,



body back to the
form of the cross,
do not move that

not hurry-,
velop the
bit of stand
ig erect - it
11 come with
little pracInhale


obey you as they



Bring arms
up in front,
and feel for
position of
comfort; do
not otherwise
change the

lock the whole Glo-













which to learn correct breath retention. Always
not built in a day", and you cannot expect to do what
Ding Le Mei can do all at once. Watch carefully.

one of the

easiest breaths in

"Rome was


should endeavor to attain perfect
balance of feeling in















great buoyancy.

Try to



feel the


degree of power in
the fists as in the
buttocks, in the feet
as in the spine
practice will
reveal to you what




C| tlH





And, above




such a glorious aban-


in the relaxation that you become

conscious of


feeling in
the substance of your










Do not move the
shoulders as
you swing back
the arms . Hold
breath as you
swing arms evenly
three times. At
final swing, holding body firm,
exhale completely,
but do not relax.



are to learn
that there are only
two laws of living




"Give Thanks".

Relax entirely . .
coming right down,
relaxing the whole
body. Complete
relaxation is essential. Do not
relax until arms
at the sides - then
gentle breathing.






true. Think of how your EYES have led you astray. Most peodo not SEE what they ARE LOOKING AT. We should pray that we use our eyes
rightly -that we should TRULY SEE what we look at. that on the physical plane of life
shall not deceive us; that what we see and store in our memory shall be Right
Knowledge, so that our Mind may grow in balance with the purity of the Universal Alind,
that uur cms -shall not "lead us into Temptation," and that on the Spiritual Plane of Life

ha\c believed them to be


which you



Third Eye, the Creative Eye, the Spiritual Eye (of

see with the Inner Eye, the







For the time being, however, think much of the wonder of







you are on your way

to their right use,

with cor-

responding Right Understanding. And, as you contemplate, you will acknowledge that

most of the troubles of life come about through the wrong use of our Perfect Eyes, so
that when we. through the rightly developed use of the Inner Eye (which comes through


Meditation) come in contact with






... the Deific





my THROAT? In course of time you
is in SOUND. THE WORD is

the Silence ami




in the Silence,

same with every





• We know


living thing. Every





that the





much more

as others call


to be

and the only


conies through your throat,




thing of infinite value


question you will



like all


the use of


own SOUND.

maj not, sec what is hidden in what am writing:
come in time. But in the meantime you arc asked
sou Imm something worth while to say; no slander, no pcc:\ small





the Flesh,

and you


you do not,






Speak only when


anything other than that which you

Word becomes the


you and not be "shorted


the o

you do

— do not talk too much. Mv old masto me —
was. "Have No Tongue!"

subsumes that generate power, it will
power: use it only when you KNOW that you are


will be benefitted

benefit will conn- back to






to yourself,

contact with people


can only reach

sound that can possibly be made


through Sound. Your sound

generate within you greater and greater

good, fur


impressed more by sound than anything

making of

me one

Tibet taught

• you m. iv.

your Power, but there



instruction as time goes on, but you arc counseled to see that

Keep what you know



the will to choose whether what comes through your throat shall or shall

not waste your force in the
ter in



Sound of the Uni-



rdance with what you

')"/ hi


will learn

however, when we properly understand and rightly

by any living thing in the Universe comes from the
(.< >I>


WORD, the Omnific WORD. Your
more powerful than sound and that





(banting what power there




we, too, are freed from

DO malice— bite


The Truth


to be


Makes You











must be







we can

But tht meaning







the center

sec that the


much higher than
upon which





must he purified for us to enjoy



"HEART" is the Con


pc nds upon a "heart" that is purified.
Hie meaning of the word
hows yon that every idea, e\e iv sensation, every action of your life

you must be balanced and "purified" phvsic
be Right Understanding.

think illrxss.


you will be



mentally and

Think poverty, and vmi


will be poor;

and so on.
Ltttom S***u, Pag*


talk- and the was hardly strong enough to make the darkness visible. Get the idea. "I do not understand. and we were with a rush in it. Thia is the Everlasting Triangle of Life. or broken our legs. but I will tomorrow morning." the Understand- RIGHT. of reverence of spirit. this balanced magnetism (or any other name which you may care to give to it) may manifest itself in balance through your (7) • life "THOU. "I have LIGHT in my feet. again. PURIFY AGAIN Re-read (1). on all planes. though perhaps less clearly. I was sitting at the feet of my old ing about electricity. with his naked feet. (6) • The ism." Lesson Seven. the origin of the whole of which is the Universal Mind. if you do not know now. so that. and slipping his sandals from his feet. Just as you can see that every living thing is linked up in the Breath of Life. "THOU." you are dependent upon all other bodies. though I did not say. you can PURIFY easily see. you can see quite readphysical. so you can see that in Thought every living thing is also linked together. PURIFY THOU MY BODY. returning. REVERENCE. He ran like a deer." made with the feet. but the inner meaning magnetism of the earth upon which you stand comes into the body through the contact thus • On place. of health of body. Tucking his yellow robe into his girdle. the "Cause "mind" is made up of ideas that come to to The simplest way to work out this principle in your life is constantly "BE HAPPY" and "GIVE THANKS. ing be (8) MY May HEAD. "THOU. ART ALL TRUTH. GRATITUDE. how will you know tomorrow?" He caught my thought. as We JOY. however. just as all other bodies are eternally dependent upon YOU. WHO ART ALL SUSTAINING. and ran through a deep ravine which was cut up with all kinds of boulders and granite rocks. Page 3 THOU MY WHOLE Sixty-cue . in Tibet. mental and spiritual. that you may Light of the Divine gather into the physical body the balanced magnetism of the Universe. (5) THE CAUSE OF THE UNIVERSE." as time goes on and as you learn more." These words will grow to be infinitely sacred to you of the Universe. then. WHO ART ALL-PERVADING. Before us was a saucer of vegetable oil. sprained our ankles. feet of the body. that your body and terdependence of different idea of — — you and which you hold for your own. came from him and told him light that it to that over in our country —the • And so in due time you will learn that YOU have LIGHT Wisdom in your FEET. It is no different with that which we call The Spirit." • As you go further into the Higher Teaching in Mentalphysics. PURIFY ORGANISM. spiritually. He said to me. are vitally couldn't go far without our FEET! THOU MY important members of the organ- But. You will see ily that your "body" is a threefold thing you make it through your THINKING there is an inbody is what your physical that mind. of joy of mind. All that sort of thing FEET. you will get a totally what your "body" is. because it is immortally linked up with all other "bodies. © You are also to learn in due time that that which you call YOUR BODY is not by any means your own. he showed me that his feet were not even scratched. The feet take us to places to the is wrong that the is ! Sometimes easy to comprehend. Take care of your feet." I immediately thought. You can also see. but that. the "feet" form the contact between you and the earth upon which you walk. In the meantime. I turned we had a wonderful light. Through your "head" there comes understanding.WHO ART "THOU." he said. but (as we were talking in Chinese) I had difficulty in explaining what electricity was. Master. one occasion. "Well. he went out into the night. WHO The "feet" are of great symbolical significance. but if you or I had done that we should doubtless have cut our feet terribly.

you think of some phase of your teaching let the Grand be Mire that you have I them on waking in such a way that — in Truth LIVE with you.i. In all that you are doing— in the office. now ready for entrance into The Church Invisible. . PURIFY THOU MY FEET. THOU. DIRECTING AND CONTROLLING THOU. WHO ART FREE FROM ALL PAIN BY COMING INTO CONTACT WITH WHOM AM FREE FROM ALL TROUBLES. MAKE THIS Till HAPPII ST Wl IK YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN. You are to learn that the Sow your own seed sow your own seed. Therefore. A. PURIFY THOU MY HEAD. You are to learn which we give. so that everything that <>l mi you do is in that is everything in the working for you and accordance with LAW' the LAW' of Universe.• Wlun COOK \<-u "Your to Own Spiritual Breath. you are urged to be practice. coming into the knowledge of your IMPORTANT NOTES: What are not able to faithful in your You must • quietly and think You out for yourself. READING ABOUT Truth will not make \ou REALIZE Truth. As a person. You are. in the home. that we all can gain you are on The Mental- away ONLY if that harvest can only be what the seed can bring. THOU. THOU. THOU.ASES OF EXISTENCE. feeling radiantly strong all the time. WHO ART DEARER THAN LIFE. pou. WHO ART THE LIFE AND THE SUPPORT OF THE UNIVERSE. GO BACK OVER WHAT YOU UAVl \LKEAD\ EARNED ASD FEEL THAT YOU ARE ESTABLISHED IS RIGHT UNDER1 INDING. PURIFY THOU AGAIN MY HEAD. PURIFY THOU MY HEART. THOU MY THROAT. your key. — • During this week. Ptg* 4 . and write right a Feel that member you are of sou have not been written to.AFFIRMATION: O LORD. SEVENTH LESSON Din/lit. No matter what the conditions. BE HAPPY. I IT. I UNTO VOU END Bl f. making money or not. Cultivate the PEELING that all is well through the incoming of every breath of your body. The Church Invisible. you will find that your whole body is the whole wide UniYou prill lurn that Every Living Thing is contributing to your perfection. WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO ART ART ART ART ART ri At IT niirn in I mih hy I s '" T ur ' <lllli. but surely. With the first breath the morning. you will USL to : this Perfectness of All Substance. SUSTAINING." the last of the Illustrated Breath- thai \du «ill practice. ALI ALL-PERVADING PURIFY THOU l An in m. PURIFY THOU. You are slowly. it you to if you and wonder- are fearfully WHATEVER THE CREATOR IS. by virtue of being in The Institute of physics. ALL TRUTH. • a member of the Great Life of the Universe. THOU. i\n BE HAPPY. WHO PERVADEST THE UNIVERSE. Utio* Strew. You made. will instruct THE GOD UNTVERS] ADD TO VOLR MEDITATIONS. is memorized all your Affirmations and Denials. PURIFY THOU MY BODY. and know how with Right I'ndcrstanding. fully sit TRUE NATURE. and if you have not received the Bulletin Church Invisible. THOU. mean nothing has been written will art- practice and Meditation it. BE HAPPY.r I COMPREHENDING. THE CAUSE OF THE UNIVERSE. Memyou are thinking of them constantly. LET YOUR MIND MEDITATE UPON YOUR WHOLE ttESl ORGANISM ON ALL PL. PURIFY THOU MY EYES. write for it.S 01 MY WHOLE ORGANISM.

while that simple lectual teaching necessary to the opher. you err in excellent company. there mysteries only through a search and practice of Life's inner laws. Of course. but I am not able to control my mind in the same way. YOUR EIGHTH LESSON (Eighth Week) m is placed here. the great teachers of all ages have declared that there exists one single esoteric "secret" which will enable all men.. to the highest point. : "young soul" would be crude and boring to the intel- philos- regard to the intellectual understanding of religion. so express the highest that they are evolutionarily developed to express.A. . FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.. then follow instructions. A55602. Los Angeles.S. Christianity son that such an inner side must exist • All men are not at the same if a religion being no different. U. This inner side has always select few. for the simple reais to be strong level of evolution. of course. This Lesson benefit • All great religions have always claimed to have an inner side. I can get to the point where I seem to lose all sense of the body. By our works alone are we known and remembered. as your practice for your Eighth Week. as your Teacher. irrespective of what they may know or may not know to develop themselves spiritually on the inner that in their outer or exoteric life they may intellectually. side. In other words. is the ultimate aim and end of man's existence— finally GOD. handed down usually been revealed as a priceless treasure only to a side of all religions have been perforce wisely by word of mouth for generation after generation. esoterically. I emphasize steady reverent practice. Do not enter Meditation as if you expect heaven to immediately come down. Many students report that "I am unable to meditate. • All religions have made this claim. the hope that you may by a further study of Meditation. were useless to intellectually give to them the same religious teaching. These "mysteries" of the inner and jealously guarded. It is quite common for difficulty to be experienced in the early weeks of practice. Place yourself in the position that you desire to occupy. the initiated the Living Truth is human being understand even that only through esoteric practices can a teric beauties is know that embodied in esotericism rather than in exotericism. 1930 INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus of The GROUP Institute of MentaJphysics. Do not feel in any way superstitious or fearful. Lesson Eight Page J to express Sixty-tbrte . Therefore. California. so that it and stable.—Ding Le Mei. This fact has always been acknowledged (I sure the reader of these lines will also at once acknowledge it) the intellectual man would While this is clear in am That which would help be entirely unintelligible to the stupid." If you are like that. and they declare of Life Itself in a mystic side to Life what appears which reveals its the outer or exo- to be the outer world.The Mentalphysics- Institute of (First Church For the Student's Use of Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. Such practice will ultimately guarantee success. • And that.

as your Teacher. all that ue hair.. which art in heaven within us. with the Moving Wisdom of Life. we give thanks.ilutc thee..— (a) What Is This One Secret. this • As we come is together in this particular what we — see I ask us to think of them in Light. say: I together region . all it I can do we are capable of to indicate the way. I would. most As deeply mune as together and together reach the highest spiritual height that Dui reaching. • >rr Ktted NO HARM CAN OOMB NIGH • 111- n see nsk us tO think of that noblest of I r gether . And we declare for them and for us that.. then 1 boys and girls in Mentalphysics in the armed . some (II in for the sevenfold position and me to give vou an idea some as to Lilian Eight. They all sit in a entry of Ding Le Mei. uc them [ore. though that • many called by secret this is the actual it is my intention to allow myself to be guided by the Immortal me to explain this secret in such a manner that — 1 repeat. forbearance and in this • And O incarnation: we greet thee.iniv. Thus purified. wherever they are great and th.. Path. falls lifeless at the threshold so must — thoughts earthly »I1 fall dead before the fane. no matter what may seem to be. I may say at once coming into direct union with God. irrespective of what we may know or may not know intellectually any sincere student in Mentalphysia In this sacred Lesson. for them and for us I of tlu think of ir country.. Our God. What is this way? How is h done ? • Now. awaiting the • Upon my entry. Spirit within — may be able to learn • The word it and use it. we use in Mentalphysics to name this secret is MEDITATION. in Light. however strong. cannot do I for you.' different names in different religions.. Foot - . no matter what may seem to be ng at this rime on this earth. p uii mi.. in the far Himalayas. to prepare yourself to come with me. we give thanks.. of coming to realize in the silence one's own divine nature. e'en as a butterfly. see them all those in in Light. then I ask us to growing army of Home Study Students in Mentalphysics all over the world. o'ertaken by the frost. You at the Institute. we the various beacons at the Institute in Los Angeles ask us to think of all those of circle. we give I \jttrd fray. sound. noble u. can waft an earthly thought within. with the Universal Intelligence. Thy HoiJ itdom may so fall fwl upon us as we merl hrtr U that uhrn we go wc may feel that we have been lifted on high. we . men we s. then our own I all are gathered hushed in that peace students in Mentalphysics ask us to think of . possible we will enter that magic realm of the Silence where we may com- that therefore. we •. through are permitted My Master. of coming into the heart of Love. thus to meet to- Your Elder Brother. humbly ask you.sec them in Light. that the Light of II inks. for all that we are." YOUR LESSON ON MEDITATION—THE NOBLE SCIENCE • I you now to imagine that we are together shall ask The with others similarly intent upon which passes knowledge. is The pilgrim must "reach that fixity of mind in which no breeze. the shrine must of all action. our Fatbrr-Mother-God. or earthly light be void.

The Body, an







of Meditation.

Electrical Instrument.





sevenfold position



The Sevenfold

have some knowledge
way to sit so that we place the
living, moving force of Life Itself


throughout the universe.

It is

well to

occupying as

flat as possible,

body is truly an
should look upon it as an
cause the




the most natural

physical organism in perfect correspondence with the

or as


so that the buttocks are as large as possible

space on the floor as possible.

electrical instrument,

electrical instrument.

It is be-

In sitting in the sevenfold position

are contacted with seven distinct electrical connections, so to speak.

Now, with


the spine

whole column not twisted or bent in any way, the two buttocks form the
upon which we sit they form two electrical connections,

straight, the

"root of the tree" in the earth

—but be quite sure

the right being the positive, the left being the negative

your spine


and for the purpose of meditation we

quite straight.


as I speak that

the spine must be quite straight.

I repeat:

NOTE Of course, I know that this position to some is quite uncomfortable. It may be that the
body will not readily adjust itself to this position. If that be so, then sit on a stool or even sit in
a comfortable arm chair you must be the judge. This sevenfold position is the preferable position.
This instrument, this body, is, as I have said, an electrical instrument; this body is infinitely more
accurate than the most perfect timepiece ever devised and kept in order by the mind of man. In the
sevenfold position we place the body in the position most certain that the universal force may readily


• Now,


I sit

here, the

two buttocks,




connections; then the two ankles, as they rest

making jour; the two

the floor,

legs, as they are crossed

more electrical connection, a total of
make two more electrical connections,

touch the earth, making two electrical


make two more

then the hands upon the knees (palms up)


a total of seven.

not hold discussion tonight on that magic number, seven, but

I will


above the ankles, make one


of you in

composed of seven distinct Kingdoms,*
and that Man, standing at the apex of consciousness below the Celestial Kingdom, embodies all the kingdoms that are lower than his own Human Kingdom, and everything
that we can see, or touch, or sense, or dream about is made up of seven distinct sevens.
The very words that I am speaking now are sevenfold in nature, as the breath which
causes the words to come forth is sevenfold. This is a little difficult to explain, but
through practice you will be able to feel in the seven great divisions of the body a sort
of subtle correspondence between what seems to be your own body and what seems to
be a sevenfold force that you can feel in all the seven divisions of your body.

Mentalphysics are to learn that the universe


• And




—The Body Seems To Go Away:

Watching Our Breath

we now come

to the point of


we have

who comes
to achieve

reverently before the


"Watching our Breath." HavWe are the humble

we are ready.
throne of Wisdom, and

ing placed ourselves, then, in the sevenfold position,



a consciousness of a cessation of our physical forces.

thing that


• We sit
we watch our Breath
we feel our breath coming in and going out,
coming in and going out
and as we watch our Breath, possibly we may get the idea
of a slowly, evenly, rhythmically moving wheel. The Breath is coming in which is half
of the wheel the Breath is going out which is the other half of the wheel. As we watch,
it seems that this feeling of wheel-like motion increases and causes us to imagine that the
wheel grows larger
gradually we find our Breath becoming longer, it is extended, it
elongates itself, it becomes smoother. And when we first begin to watch our Breath it













The Seven Kingdoms are: (1) the Ethereal Kingdom; (2) The Sidereal Kingdom; (3) The MinKingdom; (4) The Vegetable Kingdom; (5) The Animal Kingdom; (6) The Human Kingdom;
and (7) The Celestial Kingdom


Lesion Eight Page 3


many rough, hard and uneven points over the surface of our breathsome breaths are cut up, but gradually, as wi

that there are


some breaths



are longer than others,

our Breath becomes smoother and

find that

• And, my

beloved, as the Breath becomes smoother and fuller, and as that can only

we begin

take place gradually,



seems that the body



gradually to feel that the body


moving, or



slipping away, melting itself into the atmosphere, so to


"There is no feeling in my body, and yet I am all feeling. ... I could not tell
you whether my hands are here or there. ... I could not tell you the difference between



the top of



head and the soles of

in a peculiar






seems to be making











own feelings and experiences, and it would be
even cruel, to indicate with any degree of exactness what you may experience. Rest
assured, however, that whatever changes of feeling come in your body, those are the feelings you
should watch watching, you will have revealed to you what in this paragraph I am talking about.

not easy to describe in words one's



distinctly unwise,














may be remarked


Le Mei's voice, which in class

one loses the soft and melodious cadence of Ding
such a high inspirational factor. In this Lesson particularly, the dif-

that in cold print

ferences in the intonation of the voice, as, raising or lowering



the First Step: the feeling of peace in the body.






in the heart of his students, renders


he brings a strong spiritual feeling

an unforgettable experience for every sincere student, and


cannot but greatly affect spiritually even the most casual.


The Art

of Stilling the Mind:

The Second Step is to endeavor to do with the
mind u ue hare already done with the body. Our body is calm and peaceful, but
our mind!
"Why, my mind is jumping about ... it seems to be like a maddened




home, did

of this,







loch th<

kinds of ideas.

gertgC door,

thinking of that




think of something in the office, something

wonder what

going tO happen,





kinds of ideas are passing rapidly and in a medley

and chaos through my mind". Indeed, mv lxlowil. some of the pictures coming to you

— they

may shock you! My beloved, have no fear; just sit and watch.
just how y,,ur mind acts upon itself, even when you are aware
of Wrenching, lad also when you arc not watching. So, as you sit in meditation, watch
the performance in your mind, as if you were watching a movie: and then when you





ynir mind, that





'" T









and you



feel that




you have seen what












going on, gently declare,







l..».n Eifht






fall down. It
from your mind. The brain activity

your mind, too, will seem to

will find that

a cloak has fallen

feel that

you are having great

think, so powerful





to relax,





will not be so intense.



perhaps, in conscious thinking; you simply cannot

the essence, the spiritual essence of yourself portrayed through your

feeling. And gradually it will seem almost as if there is sleepfulness in
You will feel, with such infinite inner stillness, that your mind is like one great
ocean, or you may feel that your mind is like one great, eternal crystal, and then why,
you are sitting in the very center of this great crystal jewel within the crystal And then
you may feel in the mind the same kind of feeling that has come into your body. YOU

mind and your
your mind.








Note Again I may say that I cannot with definite accuracy tell you what vou will experience in
your mind. Watchfulness, however, in a deep reverent state of mind, will reveal all to you, and make
you happy. Do not make any effort remember that whatever it is that you are seeking will reveal

Itself to


Declaring the Living








Word That










The Most High, you declare the Creative Living
Word, and as you declare it, so you create it in your own life. Therefore, you take your
First Lesson, and you do not say glibly what is written in the foreword, "I am now entering upon the greatest teaching accessible to Man" no, you do not say it only with your
prentice of life in the secret place of

mind and tongue, you say

with your soul, with your love; you say



lovingly, prayer-

not disturbing in a single degree your Breath within you. Without

fully, reverently,


terrupting the even, hushed, restful rhythm of your Breath, you cause the word to ride
out on your breath "I am now entering upon the greatest teaching accessible to Man,

(inhale slowly) for I



learning the secrets of existence. (Inhale)

about me: (Inhale)


am now



riddle of the uni-


Note The manner in which you begin your speech is of first importance no disturbance of
your breath, no heavy inhalation or exhalation, no disturbance of the mind, no slightest change in your
inward feeling, no change of the peacefulness of your mind; if this should occur, merely chant peacefully and softly, "Peace
peace . . . peace," which will again lull the being of you into restfulBess and equilibrium.

It is true,


higher self




beloved, that you have been uplifted into your higher

speaking with



in utter reverence to




it is



infinitely high-

same time to something that is much below yourself. You are in
awaken your subconscious mind, and you will notice as you go
along and practice, that the Breath will grow very much longer and smoodier. Indeed, it
may become so smooth that you will feel that the Breath is entirely stopped; and when the
Breath (seemingly) has entirely stopped, you will then know that you have come to the
inward breath, the Holy Breath, than which there is naught higher.
er than you,


at the

way beginning





patient, if

you would

Meditating by the Triangle:



teach you to meditate; all that I can


teach meditation by


way of The


it is


not possible,


beloved, for


actually to

to point out the method. In Mentalphysics

Triangle. If you say to yourself in meditation or in

all, when you declare those three words you know
you are speaking. Now, how do you know that you are speaking them? You may
say, "How foolish, I realize that I am speaking!" Then tell me, when you hear, how it
comes to be that you do hear, and how, and why? What I mean, my beloved, is this:
when you say, "I am Life," it seems as if, in what might be called "the mind," the command goes forth; the command goes forth to the throat or the tongue, and so there is a
line from the mind to the tongue, which is the first side of the triangle. When I say, "1

any other way, "I





Lesion Eight, Pmee 5


you see." but if my breath be not so pure. so that "I (he breath. Well. bear in mind that the further the sound moves. the more perfectly does my own aura know that I penetrate the veil of it bow do I know that I am it. There seem to be three distinct lines: from the mind to the throat. to follow the sound. the more mind-attention in an outward sense. decision. am Light . and consequendy for attention to giving the command and begin in the silence to meditate. I am Light. riding out on the breath. the more it is a proof of tranquility. it the further the sound goes. framing of the words. mind-stuff less is command." and can say I it with somebody can hear me. can speak only 1 my if breath moves: me so quietly that even you around about AM LIGHT!" may I cannot hear am say." and the slower and longer the breath." I. "I it. the Latin word omnes. the words you pronounce distincdy being merely "I am" (though you are still adding "light" mentally). the sentence may be d mcr of said that am the less "mind stuff" Light" merges into our meditation the center of ourselves. omnipotent. breath. Pafi 4 . peace. our sound. YOU. then. I am Light. So the further the breath goes." The sound thus becomes an indistinguishable chant or hum accompanying the thought it is the great univcrs. the more smooth must be your more smooth and evenly balanced your breath becomes. I side of the street ready to meditate. So we see there is.-I and then when — This Nine Qui. the sound cannot rise so purely outward from it. "I am so gradually the pronunciation of the together. the ther die sound may it I say will go. so required to watch outwardly. • Now.ghi at Then the it or "Om". to thoir but nrartint by you will (b) • in perfect accord loses itself. which means "all"). "I on the other so that are now Light . From this word all words and all separate sounds come. restfully. equilibrium of the body and of the mind. or rather. the one side of the triangle from the mind to the throat. and you quietly. speaking? I I am really speaking? / of my mind to speak and it seems as if there is a faculty within the brain or within the mind that looks outward to the end of the sound. And so. Then diis becomes "I am L " (long drawn out).. from which we derive the words omen. first." the louud words rides out on my breath. For example. and then the second side of the triangle from the throat outward on the sound (Om the sacred word of the ancients.. from the throat to the end of the breath." may become gradually "I AM L-I-G-H" (the final T being omitted). but bow do I know that to enter the universal aura. "I • And so the mediator. the words run die words "I am Light. and I bear the sound going out. — — — (i-H-T.. The mind is defin- more consecrated the body can be placed upon the ac- at right to the end we have reached a peace and established in L*n»u Eight. and then again from the mind watching the end of the breath. "I am" becomes simply "Aum" or "Om-m-m-m. these three will ride out to as far us the breath goes.. does it not? And The smoother the breath. is less possibility available that as you The great- of attention inwardly. am rhythmically declare. Soon the "L" is omitted. the manner in which I declare the word is determined by the mind and what you might call the "emotions. but the deeper the concentration and the teems in tual 1 is clearer. or the fur- Light. goes out to the extreme point dropped and make il becomes it who myself clear. is it it all much I itely hope <>f with the breath. er attention required to • And more the carrying out of the attention watch outwardly. is "O-M-M" established. But. the is being given. the further the sound moves. As you become absorbed in the silence. and the third side of the triangle from the mind looking outward. the further it goes. deep point Mtf) r. can hear the sounds demonstrated in the We Do Not Think— We Wait Upon God am making baton "Aum" clear. then the What less attention. finally become one sound — for example. and finally go back to their origin. words becomes indistinct. we have our idea of bare command bear made by Light. I mean is that you may begin by very saying the words. naturally. listening to the sound. repose.

and the outward motion. If you cannot sit "How to Meditate. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT IN THE HAVE BEEN VERY NEAR TO YOU TONIGHT. I OF MYSELF I I I Ujjom Ei 9 hi. and remain. this is your zeal! Have faith. keep it is MY WANT TO THANK YOU. When grown. AS ONE SITTING AT THE FEET OF THE MIGHTY. watch two things at one time. "My beloved." and you will sit as in the sevenfold position. IT IS A GREAT PRIVILEGE TO BE YOUR TEACHER. to you and say. indeed. Pmgt 7 Sixty . I ask you not to talk too be any relatives in this class. you and then. There is so much that I could tell you about SOUND. perhaps. (the sound) simply brings complete rhythm. (c) Never Relax • all Noble Science of Meditation. Let me tell you that the purity of your sound will insure the living Truth of Life within you." And as in a much. IT SEEMS FOOLISH. you will and you will read take your Lesson You and the greatest to silence. the greatest I would come blessing that any teacher could give to a royal Candidate in the Royal Art. Then in our meditation it seems that all has left us and yet we have everything. will take that chapter in your first lesson. endure awhile. do not talk together about what has taken If there it in the secret place of your own heart. When sound ceases. we would find that it becomes the breath of peace. and never turn back. Tonight. practicing ask for you that you will never relax your zeal. WOULD LEARN INFINITELY MORE THAN I LEARNED THEN. the breath coming in and going out. let us learn to meditate. indeed. for you will have learned that by your works alone shall you be known. but I would prefer that in the perfect time you find it out for will yourself. I Your Zeal were asked to give you the greatest blessing that I know. I cannot emphasize too greatly this advice: practice! As you practice. and so. there will be no need for talk. the sound goes out. and there give it loving refuge. gift that one human being beloved. we find there the profound silence where even the sound • And there we come into the Great Peace. I be seated quietly. lovingly relax • My beloved. AND IT MAY BE THAT THE SPIRIT OF YOU WILL EMSPmE YOU TO FEEL THAT AS YOU • SPIRIT BELOVED. BUT IF I HAD MY TIME OVER AGAIN. going on our will forget. concentratedly and in peace. through meditation. as deeper and deeper and deeper we go into ourselves. CAN TAKE MYSELF BACK IN MEMORY TO MY OLD MASTER IN TIBET. sound to soundlessness." "in the • my is it reverently and quietly. am. member. And so we find ourselves chanting to the point. minute we shall dismiss ourselves and go in peace. we lead ourselves from concentration into meditation. as later shall quietly various ways. "The conditions of conquest are easy: we have but to toil awhile. so you be rewarded. If 7 tell you. within an hour or so this you discover it for yourself.peace. you will reand very happily leave this class. we lead ourselves from self to self-lessness found one with God. PERHAPS. If. from at if we be blessed. and if we have patience. believe always. IT IS A GREAT PRIVILEGE FOR YOU TO BE THE STUDENT. bolster your faith by constant zeal and practice of the Law!" Remember. if we could only watch it. we lead ourselves from meditation into silence. we have at last come can endeavor to offer to another • Therefore. that is. and finally. are instructed. we await God's. that sacred thing that you are and that I where the sound may cease. shadow of the Almighty. place . a knowledge of the Eternal Silence. TO SAY SO. and from the peace of our Spirit we lead from cause to causelessness. take this. after you have left here and you have prepared yourself for bed. And you so. sit in a comfortable chair. and you within the Light of Life. but if we I suppose we shall • And my beloved students. We have not even thoughts of our own. ourselves forward listens.


THESE ARE THE TWO GREATEST MISTAKES MAN ALL OVER THE WORLD IS MAKING. Los Angeles. Father-Mother of All Things. YOUR NINTH LESSON (Ninth Week) "For the true conception of the universe we appeal unto him who is the Giver of peace and happiness unto the wise and those longing for salvation. — he will shake off the shackles of the RACE no longer carried along by Race power. and finds that the Race.knowledge. Therefore. 1930 CROUP Institute of Mentalphysics. The new and transcendeutal Truth will filter into your Mind and life will be transformed into a Heaven on Earth for you. you are the Dreamer. And this is what will happen. The exquisite design and arrangement in Nature lead to an idea of the attributes of the Giver of all. Many people. and can So." when YOU. your very self. He breaks with Tradition. he rightly resolves. you will no longer be carried along by the Tradition of the Race. the all-pervading and the cause of the Universe. God" —a partaker of the Divine NOTE: These thoughts are probably all new to you. This volume from the material contained in the few But that is not the desire. You imagine the dream to be external in some way. but you are not conscious that you are the cause of the dream.S. you are required to hold them until you appropriate them and they become part of your Consciousness. AND SO—AMONG MANY OTHER STRANGE UNTRUTHS—HE THINKS HIMSELF TO BE SUBJECT TO DECAY AND DEATH. enters upon a new life of Courage and Obedience to the promptings of the Creative Spirit. MAN IS IGNORANT OF HIS TRUE NATURE. But when the Thinker YOU discards the tradition of — the invaluable Creative faculty. California. that YOU are whatever the Creative Spirit is. HE DOES NOT KNOW THAT HE IS THE CREATIVE SPIRIT EMBODIED IN THE HUMAN FORM.) (a) Discard the Race Thought • When you are dreaming." "RIGHT RE$OLUTOON"~FIRST PART (Development of the Divine Will to Attain dom is we after learn the attainment of wis- possible. INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus of The A55602. realize that truthfully and intelligently regard yourself as a "Son of Majesty. HE GENERALLY IMAGINES HIMSELF TO BE SEPARATE FROM NATURE.The jj^m&S^ j^^^B1^^M| Institute of (First pMB' iBlw'£| Church For the Student's Ust Iffi xl§p^ of Mentalphysics- Mystic Christianity) Only—Copyright No. upon whom be all light to receive and realize this truth. for their wrong thinking has dwarfed and crippled their Imagination. the student. Page 1 fill we by involving our ideas in many words. but is himself the directing power of his own life. through Right Resolution. • this great and glorious Truth he has to be initiated. U. YOU discover. overgrown mentally with false thinking that the Truth is beclouded. (Continued on Page 74) Seventy-one . All that I aim is to put before shall gain a novel-length this Lesson. nor have many people the power to THINK But into are so OF NEW IDEAS. in mind continually • Do not let us imagine that teacher could easily pages that make up Lesson Nine. • IN THE SAME WAY. he is "WHATEVER THE CREATOR • IS I AM.A. however. and they lose the power to receive Truth by intuition. the soul of the animate and inanimate creation. and determines that at all costs MIND.

Doubt. I LAW —for My thank Thee. and through the mouth. and a quick Bring. arms to the sides. repeating mentally your own spiritual affirmations for this Breath. retain* ing the breath. exhaling vigorously. Failure. I VOW. is Feet firm on ground. Page 2 . am from the able to bring back vault of The Past my Memory: and I pledge myself. but there Mind. RELAXATION EXERCISE No. swrrpine sigh and now — / will to see that Picture lost take I a little breath and a long.) jour arms rrrrt as before. but not relaxing the chest. as I sigh" Wirw/i iwc I. giving thanks again in thr absorption of My tmtseping. — (a) Inhale a Complete Breath (b) With the body gently rigid from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. at if it happened but a moment ago! "/ thank Thee. . . your at See that your spine sides. Senility. tiful Picture. Disease. swing the arms and hands in a complete circle three times. deep. tight. that Beaufrom the Far Atvay. . a full big breath. moment henceforward NOTHING SHALL ENTER MY MEMORY that is in from this no idea of any negation whatsoever. no idea of Old Age. with t. . . . see the whole conduct of Man — there I see MY WHOLE ONDVCTl "And now — frrling happy. WATCH ILLUSTRATIONS Work Spiritual BREATH ''''And . . Death M mmt hut that which is in unison with ALL p highest CONCEPTION OF TRUTH "And ( Memory! there I . note. prrhnps front thr Long Ago.irul Buttocks Mraight.. . Disappointment. (r) At the third swing drop the Retain your breath. 5: coming down right — — that liquid. NOTHING GOOD and shall enter my MY OWN VERY . perhaps standi prrfectly clear delineated before it in the body relaxing entirely my EVER KNOWN —Vm think- There it comet. take another little breath.. liquid feeling "/ think of the LOVELIEST THIN(.„„ Nine. I HAVE ing of the liveliest Thing I Have Ever Known. 5: with two breaths: increase gradually to seven breaths.BREATH (Com manor THE VIBRO-MAGNETIC BREATH No. Then inhale and relax. Decay. . Ixtrd "/ thank Thee that — I ANY BEAUTIFUL THING that .

is start- is at the neck. . . erly. and be sure that you do not let down muscularly anywhere the but- FOURTH POSITION — tocks being your guide keep them . At first a little dif- your VibroMagnetic Breath will ficult. keep the fingers tensed. re- — Remembi t no strain "Be 4appy" and .VIBRO-MAGNETIC BREATH A a sort of "half-way house" point in your breathing study. Moreover. Do not let down the muscles of the arms. freedom erect. the finger-tips and the buttocks. Do not relax the buttocks in the swing movement. become a great delight to you as time goes on. always in all — breathings learn — you that try to get the FEELING within both body and mind what the affirmation portrays to you.REMARKS ON THIS BREATH. the feeling will come only with practice. of A few weeks practice will veal much. truly electrical Try to feel the same balance of tension at the feet. if you breathe prop- you will see the benefit quickly. As in all your previous breaths in fact. No. are stand- ing straight and level —the feet firm. The Vibro-Magnetic Breath is a truly "electrical" breath this cannot be explained. BREATH This is breath. . . «&£> Full point of exVialati nn . 5. tight. but- head tocks tight. The student not vised ad- is hurry to with this breath —be sure that posture correct before You ing. "Give Thanks".

for Every moment that you can find quiet of mind. to is . And this is what we have each to accomplish for himself or herself. —of HIS or HER us Body. OTHEMS . So far in these Lessons we have discovered that each one of we are the attractors. WHY? and by keeping the thought ever before of the Creative Spirit will REVEAL itself. . Essential truths can be stated in a few words. so that are but voicing the expression of the Creative Spirit that is embodied in speak of as myself. • And it yc t the .. The dtthe to live is an emotion a force. IHn POWER AND WISDOM ARE 57/1 N RESIDENT. the Force. if persistently carried out. no matter it AM SOW DISCOVERING MY TRUE NATURE— LIFE FALSE AND BUILDING INTO MY are doing. You must I living breathing them in order to attain the REALIZATION that will bring results to you in Youth. in other words. . Health. do it. and IT IS CERTAIN. you come to "Right Resolution" will the Light come. Consider how the Creative Spirit is ALL-PERVADING in three ways: I — KNOWING— MOVING—SUBSTANCE. "I NEW TO ME—I AM FORSAKING THE IS CONSCIOUSNESS ONLY THAT WHICH IS ESSENTIAL TRUTH.ivi itself in U the delta t" TO I 111 ' we the form that Ihc is embodied is are attracting. BUT IT IS QUITE ANOTHER THING TO REALIZE it. the Meditations form your principal tool. and EQUALLY PRESENT. or that form that you speak of as yourself. say to yourself festing. a differentiated particle of the Creative Spirit. Though you may not at the moment give them the importance rightfully attaching to them. tli — know what and how we sary for us to ing of the Creative Spirit no intention in these lessons to make the matter we are learning very technibut the student must understand somewhat of the composition of the Human Body is that the in all the Creative forms of Spirit life. Page 2 . by RIGHT RESOLUTION. How will it all be done? is not for you to try to answer—a higher power than your Conscious Mind will do the work. In many words is counseled to go aside and tbink.ihc infinitely beautiful II there is much Truth which we are now uncovering. we shall have to admit when we say "I DESIRE inherent in the Creative Spirit. Leuon Sitie." (b) Difference Between Knowledge and Realization • IT IS ONE THING TO LEARN THIS GREAT TRUTH. was embody- EVERYWHERE— Now. Only in this The student confusion. When it desires to embody into a form has BS1 \NCE R to to do ISDOM bow mould it to into a form. Power (c) • There cal. so that as we go along it is neces- analogous to a Magnet is • Wc Man found that h. YOUR PART keep the thoughts that are slowly coming to you vividly in mind every moment that you can do (•) Th< SI (b) Tin POW1 I • same time is it self-existing. persist in • And what they will do. Beauty. INHERENT IN THE SUB- *« Powtt ind Wisdom ' ' ' '' ' reside in the cellular tissues that com- >Y.. • cannot realize (make real) for you. True Wealth and Abiding Happiness. is self-mani- thai. and are designed with that end in view—THEY ARE THE KEY. you this is That ask. • BECAUSE Mind the the Creative Spirit WISDOM the is WISDOM. we saw substance. That you must do alone. just as every other human being must likewise do.

within us reveals Until quite recent ions. are not subject to Death. but only now being "discov- ered" by our Western scientists. And Reverently contemplate this: cell increases and so on by division. One divides into two. have their own individuality and particular work. for it is reducible into electrons and — as we would regard a grain ELECTRIC ENERGY. For an amplification would require to study Biology. • You then ask. // is that the cells of our bodies are all tiny universes of electric energy. the substance. for instance —and so own work to do. would appear that by this means a man should grow to enormous proportions. THE PROCESS OF ATTRACTING THE CELLS BY THE MAGNET IS NOT A THING THAT IS COMPLETED LIKE THE MAKING OF AN AUTOMOBILE. but for our purpose let us accept it with- out question. but all. . as cells. SUPPOSE THAT THE POWER TO REPAIR AND REPLENISH THE AUTOMOBILE WAS RESIDENT. AND NEVER STOPS EXCEPT AT DEATH. Body • The human of this you form in all its parts is an aggregation of cell life. but now known substance. It . Spirit within © A "Why does the body die?" Well may you you that prompts the enquiry. The cells that from those of the hair or of the Each part of our bodies has a distinct degree of cell build the bones do not build the finger nails. FOR WHEN THEY ARE LONGER THAN WE LIKE THEM WE CHOP THEM OFF. two into four. IT GOES ON MAKING AND BUILDING ALL THE TIME. This is true of the cells of the body in its entirety. The sufficiently realize or appreciate the work that goes on every heart works 24 hours a day untiringly. He would were it not for the Magnet that attracts just as much as it needs and no more. four into sixteen. practice. AND WE ARE TO RETURN TO THAT WHEN WE COME LATER ON TO CONSIDER THE IONIZATION OF THE (e) Process of Building the ENDOCRINES. but they do not die naturally. WHEREAS THE AUTOMOBILE IS MADE ONCE AND FOR ALL. Psge 3 The heart (as you moment know) that drives Seventy-five ." so we shall find that the Inherent it ate things. indefinitely. a truth known that has been to the ancients for many centuries. through "Right Resolution. for —and we it is the Creative shall see. and Wisdom itself to us. 24 HOURS A DAY. (I) THE PROCESS OF BUILDING THE HUMAN BODY IS GOING ON ALL THE TIME. • THIS IS THE MANNER IN WHICH THE CREATIVE SPIRIT EXPRESSES ITSELF IN THAT FORM. in Science that they are not separate at ATOM not matter at It is within our power to "understand" the (d) Forces Within Our Bodies years it was thought that FORCE and MATTER one and the same. has the power to do it and KNOWS HOW to do it. each has The that the cells of the bones differ is tissues of the skin. (III) IN THE CASE OF MAN. and were two separnot two. through study as we that • use is It is now known known definitely is no longer the we "resolve" to use least divisible unit atom is we regard it that in the last analysis the all in the sense that AN ATOM OF of sand. OR RADIANT ENERGY. THE CREATION IS GOING ON ALL THE TIME. (II) • we We do not live. INHERENT. It is also to be noted and on. Lesion Nine. They can be injured and destroyed by injury.• We know all that we have substance. But wait ask. THE NAILS GIVE US JUST ONE EXAMPLE. . cells its remembered that the cells. • A notable fact blood or the life. IN THE AUTO — THEN THE MACHINE WOULD NEVER HAVE TO GO TO THE GARAGE. A BALANCE IS PRESERVED IN A HUNDRED WAYS. of matter. The now It is Having the it.

on starts its laden with life-giving qualities and properties. and what is wonderful Temple a ADVlCi OS SLEEP: Po not sleep knows the is overmuch — sleep body which he is inhabits. I sleep as the average Westerner it. l Cm NTO VOU END 01 NINTH l I Ilinglr. hi in I. // is I AM THE CREATIVE trut thai ieal sleep bow Meditations should teach us time for mo. THE RESULT IS JUST THE SAM! IFYOUDONOl in SSON ON THE >P1 RA [TON OP THE SUBCONS mini) YOU will LEARN THATWHAT1 VEB YOU SAY ABOUT YOUR TAKi nil MEMBER i hi i < : i MM is BOl ND io HI l l l : I. r. urishes . yet the lungs put forth ilie an effort which.) si into Till MEDITATIONS as YOU DID BEFORE. dtSOH got along very well on four hours." . AND RE DONOTARGUl WITH YOURSELF. blue and sh * . sit and meditate thus: "THE CREATIVE SPIRll EPS . As soon as you can train yourself for six hours. WHILE IT IS GOOD II YOU ik ESSENTIA1 TR1 rH. OF ATTRACTION.. in Mentalphysics is? Tremendously more Students of Breath power of the — what the A\ than the • down with mountain stream and returning larvelous ergan . a derfully lie made. a form of death — that is.: is SPIRIT. If you have the tendio sleep during Meditation. and when you can induce a state of abstraction you uill pud that in one single oi Trm Mutilation you uill derive more benefit than from eight hours' sleep.. to but our can do with only a tlei /> ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS Denial I AM NOT SEPARATE FROM THE UNIVERSE. undent will read more of this kind of material. Affirmation I I I I AM THE CENTER AM A MAGNET. Jo not be unduly disturbed (although you must fight sleep. ' « «<<?t! Nime. pan reaching every The blood person. which he ma\ easily get from and consider the facts that he discovers from the angle of his own Scientific lungs. Patct * . t Is*. would make many a man-made machine pale into insignificance. and yet this organ weighs but eight s I easiest thing to do..blood through the fht V| . I Sleep Only When the greatest alkalinizing "food" that there to perfectly relax the body that we I Wish is. . like a foul said to put forth an effort evjual to the lifting height of 124 feet every 24 hours. ' mention this to show that yon cannot make excuses about not having time for your Mean- time from your sleep. EMBODY MYSELF EMBODY MYSELF IN YOUTH AND BEAUTY IN THE SUBSTANCE OF BEAUTY. and keep awake). for the :nied over to the Subconscious Mind all the same.„. as caught in Mentalphysics. (As von will recognize.i arteries. being laden dull. and this writer can do the tame. is It is of the body arterial journc) returns by it the the waste matter of the system stream from a sewer. into the capillaries.- the heart. Beauty is inseparable from Health and Youth. he will be able to see more and more how wonthe 11 libiarv. thus ind strengthens. Should you fall asleep uhile engaged in Meditation. for I wonder (i.

) So I ask you. no matter what may appear to be wrong in your life. and now —in manifest to you the highest knowledge of the Truth of Life. The Preceptor Emeritus Los Angeles 4. look forward to RIGHT RESOLUTION." Student in Mentalphysics would I : Lesson precisely like to say in this what you require to have said to you to raise you to the very highest pinnacle of Inspira/tion. that you rise to meet all the others there are there are those who came in on the very same those who know more than you know day as you came in those who are struggling just as you are struggling perhaps whole world round similarly minded. all I am make to the messenger. GROUP INITIATE Issued from the Office of A55602. just as you feel that you and I have met in The Spirit. to bring RIGHT out of that which appears to be WRONG. you are on your way to Right Resolution. you must take the Message. The Riddle of the Universe become somewhat less of a riddle than it was. (Three evenings after commencing this lesson you are adinquiring about The Church Invisible. we . . diough not knowing You and waiting to meet. We have watched its laws within our own bodies and our minds. you to reali2e a great childlikeness of Spirit as I have been seeking — life am feel that. this I We Silence together. FEEL that which ing bound — — is you are dearer than Wisdom. compared with a few weeks ago. I would down through am like the ages.S. in we have made along The Thought.A. or why. — — — . we are much more logically and spiritually established in "Understandhas ing" than we have • Now we ever been. Creator spread forth his and that the holy bond binds us wisdom among us all — thus does the all. and. (a) After Understanding Comes Resolution • To ACHIEVE anything in life. are all integrally linked our search for Wisdom and that The Church Invisible is thus established. • We have learned what "Right Understanding" means. for nc achieve To write we must understand how to write Seventy-seven . in the very holiest place. YOUR TENTH LESSON (Tenth Week) "RIGHT RESOLUTIONS-SECOND PART "A man without • My Beloved character is as a flower without perfume. California. I would like you to feel that. but no matter what progress together. U. similarly seeking. In the silence of your own Lesson tonight you are to realize that there are thousands of other seekers in Mentalphysics —who are — d\e and so we together form The Church Invisible. I hope that you have. 1930 of The Institute of MentaJphysics. Each mornand each night you should.The Mentalphysics- Institute of Church (First For the Student's Use of Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. there cording to our understanding do Lesson Ten. Page 1 wt must be the understanding of the thins. . faithfully going ahead in Path. we have watched its Laws in JNature. there with you you —the two of us in The we have been how each other. through Right Understanding. . • Just imagine that I have met. vised to write in personally to me preferably if you have not already done so. in commencing your study and practice. You must . use your Imagination in this Lesson.

with the resoRIGHT RESOLUTION. THE BUILDERS OF THE "NEW JERUSALEM. for the reason you will he forced to appreciate your th. • NOW. resolution they never become awakened until the much intellectually. THE RIGHT METHOD BY WHICH YOU MAY LEAD YOURSELF INTO RIGHT UNDERSTANDING OF THE LAWS OF THE IN IY1 KSI HIE NEXT STEP IS RIGHT RESOLUTION. pharynx. so in all things. air windpipe or through nir mlxs. the greater ro in either tide of the blood \essils and ihc larger a Imli th< t I larynx. except at the (oiimms chiefly of the bronchi. one on median line. the Resolution and all that follows it must of necessity be corre- RIGHT Understanding there will come. I I I • (which you must never for a single day disregard) you are taking and organizing Force of Life. of which the lungs contain millions." PROGENITORS OF THE "NEW AGE. you are Human veins connecting the lungs with tin he Air PasOsgM consist tracfaea. • Even with Understanding. Each lung is free in all directions. there must come Resolution. being separated from each other by the tome You pottible. Your study should be directed from the angle of the Breathing apparatus and the respiratory system. (b) More About the Throne of • You Ii. CLEARLY AND PRACTICALLY. NOSE. AND MAY YOU NEVER LOSE YOUR ZEAL YOU MAY REGARD YOURSELF AS A MEMBER OF THE GREAT CHURCH INVISIBLE." LEADERS AND SAVIORS OF THE HUMAN RACE. But we niay "understand" to run. which in turn in all the small air spaces in the lungs. You begin to use it as you take the next step In your Breathings in that invisible I Right to speak. the Creative Intelligence. to awaken them comes into consciousness. i\idi Sri ml j right I/iim Ttm. No matter how strong the Resolution mav be. number. In you can about the "Whole right understanding. and occupy the pleural chamber of the thorax. spondingly wrong USE lution to But with also. think we that which arc abilities are not awakened in many people. Right Resolution seems to be the child or offspring of Right Understanding. Ts*t 2 .it in the Scientific own power of breathing as taught Breathings you arc learning and which will become more and more won- derful to you as time | • I b I I Inn. d after it of the interior of the nose. and no matter how great the effort put forward in using resolution. If the Understanding be wrong (or not Right). to run. • You Body" now can truthfully affirm that you the Universe Itself) to be the is strongly advised to read as much as know your very physical body (your Throne of God. tod Uld the bronchi. how to speak. the understanding. Creative Intelligence. IN M N TALPHYSICS. and Latent USE that which we understand. THEN YOU WILL HAVE NO FEAR HOW GREAT THE RESOLUTION MAY BE—YOU ARE ESTABLISHED IN RIGHT UNDERSTANDING. IF YOU HAVE FULLY MASTERED WHAT IN YOUR LESSONS UP TO THIS POINT YOU HAVE ALREADY LEARNED. YOU ARE GIVEN STEP BY STEP. — — and not be able to demonstrate to make real in our lives That is because we do not rightly RESOLVE to understand. you USE it in Right nderst anding as the first stepping stone. • SO YOU ARE NOW ESTABLISHED IN RIGHT RESOLUTION. tubes. arteries . Ik "f nspiration consist of the lungs and the air passages leading to them. the Infinite Spirit which brings this to you. to the point are to learn where you how realize that the God attainment of Wisdom IS to develop the Divine Will. the RESULT T BE RIGHT UNLESS THERE BE RIGHT UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT W ARE DOING. When we breathe his DtsUed die pharynx and larynx it we draw in the passes into the which subdivides into numerous tubis called the bronchial tubes.

and the more the student is able to study matters pertaining to the beautiful machine that he operates day by day. YOU ARE UNCONSCIOUS OF are starting out to so the heart's desire. red In a single day 35. FROM THIS BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT TAKES PLACE IN REGARD TO THE BLOOD ALONE. and the air rushes into the vacuum relaxes the chest and lungs contract and the air is expelled from increases the size of the chest thus created. —what breathing does the returns the foul stream it millions of tiny air cells in the lungs. instead conditions. the oxygen forms a sort of combustion. NEGATIVE conditions. LET US CONTINUE THE GOOD WORK AND VERITABLY BUILD A TEMPLE FOR THE "LIVING GOD." and time. full of life- distributed is inhaled. of going with the Stream and building we "mould it nearer to temples. correctly. but they are actually ignorant Scientific Breathings as taught in Men- So that there is now no excuse for us who know how to breathe. primarily in the conscious—that • We is. THEREFORE. which walls are thick enough to hold the blood. • The diaphragm's action almost as marvelous as that of the heart. the more rapid ta I physics give us the unfailing method. which mean Health and Beauty. Forty-nine men • • out of METHOD of the correct do not breathe fifty The of Breathing. . Strength and Power. Breath is LIFE. you will be more impressed with — wonder of wonders that you behold but what will strike you most forcibly is this work in your wonderful body goes on. When it the lungs. for the most part. though is transformed into a semi-voluntary muscle. Decay and Death. rich and When . and the blood takes up oxygen and releases carbonic acid gas generated from the waste products and poisonous matter which has been gathered up by the blood from fied % Then of the system. • IN YOUR MEDITATIONS YOU HAVE ALREADY STARTED THE WORK OF DESTROYING THE NEGATIVE AND BUILDING THE POSITIVE." Lesson Ten. however.000 feet square.• It has been said that the air cells of the lungs were spread out over an unbroken if would cover an surface they area of 14. among the many and oxygen in the air comes into contact with the impure blood through the thin walls of the hair-like blood vessels of the lungs.000 pints —think of this figure —of blood traverses the the lungs. Grand will his progress be towards the (d) • When you the all Illumination. Coming in contact with the blood. and being exposed capillaries of to the oxygen of the air on both sides of their surface. separating the chest-box from the abdomen. • Now see what the lungs do for the blood OWN REVERENCE BEFORE YOUR • You have seen how preserving properties. A breath of air is life-giving. rich. the blood corpuscles passing in single file —the puri- and pure. Truly. We IT. by the action of the diaphragm —a great strong The air is drawn from the lungs muscle stretched across the flat chest. . then STAND IN BODY'S POWER: (c) Life Is In the Blood blood starts on its journey. Let us rejoice that we are already building into ourselves positive conditions which will oust from our consciousness the Negative which makes for Disease. pands it its work can be it When largely automatic is it ex- and lungs. WHAT A TRAGEDY IT IS IF WE DO NOT BREATHE PROPERLY. all parts and oxygenated blood is the process takes place again carried back to the heart. Psgt 3 Seventy-nine . but thin enough to permit the oxygen to penetrate them. Yet we do mould it all the that shall see later of us subvert the Stream of Life that sub- and build POSITIVE on will in these lessons. YOU SEE. We Must have learned all about Build Life Conditions your own body. whether how most we know we it know our own body shall build perfect or not.

Death NOTHING shall enter my Memory but that which is unison with ALL GOOD and MY VERY myself. Doubt. make can If same claim. the Universe Not only . so we are deluded by the Appearance of Death. Affirmation AM LIFE. . LM Amgrltt. but INTERNALLY. • DEATH WITHIN. I &0>*9 Lmtm Ten. fo«« 4 . Decay. . • The EXTERNAL WORLD that we see about us does not ALLY. IS is NOT SOMETHING THAT COMES FROM WITHOUT— BUT FROM • • "And I pledge enter my memory from this moment henceforth NOTHING shall no idea of Negation of whatsoever kind. ." and it would not any longer be a Universe but a Multiverse. then there would be "I" and "The Universe. stupendous truth. • Ml Mill. which is the form of a square. • The • It am I must. DO NOT STRAIN SUCCESS 1)1 RINDS UPON ABSOLlll RELAXATION. I < I -i PEA< I HI I MO YOU IND OF TENTH LESSON Urilltm m I 'ith />> -tutu I l>imglt. Failure. HIST CONC. which passes along the nerves to the seat of vision in the brain and so I see the box WITHIN ME. AND PEACEFUL. Old Age. point from another angle. Senility. but every other "I" I. the UNIVERSE another. OWN UK." ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS Denial DEATH IS NOT A PRINCIPLE IN NATURE. actually takes place is — • NOW. US^i. RELAX THE M1M) as YOU RELAX THE BODY. • know depend upon me by this means led to any doubt remains In a for its me existence. AM THE CREATIVE SPIRIT— RADIANT— BEAUTIFUL— STRONG— GLORIOUS— ANIMATE— ENERGY— FORCE—LIFE— ETERNAL LIFE. How We Are Deceived You have learned that you are the Abstract Principle of Embodiment- also found Let us further consider that to the Universe as a center to a circle. eyes WE ARE DELUDED BY THE • Our REASON my eyes from the NATURE OF UFE. that . GET THE HABIT LISTENING* HHIN-DO IT TONIGHT WHEN YOU MEDITATE. for us exist EXTERN- say that you see a box. I Vow. Take a box as an example: You see a universe. Just as we find that we are deluded by the Appearance of the Universe Outside us. in the that without it dence to prove that any two human What that the color. . form and a from the eye a square is but as the sight reflects it may be Just think again: . You cannot think of TWO UNIVERSES. If I am one thing. .— Our (e) • You you are standing that TRUE NATURE. no idea of Disease. THIS TRUE OF ALL THAT WE SEE— THIS IS IS TRUE OF ALL THAT WE SEE/ • / clos* my —that outside and thus shut off the millions of vibrations that enter which I call the Universe. AND HAPPY. UNIVERSE. . Disappointment. ( thtorma. vi ry STILL. You do not see the Mind (and there is no evi- certain color. is vibration which impinges on the eye. SENSES AS TO THE REAL deluded by the Senses. the THE CREATIVE 1. What you ACTUALLY no longer is word SPIRIT. AM THE CREATOR OF THE Mind removed by further consideration. to the beings see the same thing in precisely the same way).l /'//ON OF TRUTH. after thinking of this box as it is. therefore. Universe is a unit comprised of many parts. and causes there a sensation of color and form.

so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned.. . If 4 you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings and your you are prepared to answer the following questions. and also enable you to complete your full Examination Papers which come to you with your 26th Lesson.PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. What is it that GENERAL: (1). so that perhaps in years to come it will serve as a guide in reviewing your unfoldment along The Path. Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper. Peace be unto you. You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions. Of what should you gain AN IMPERISHABLE IDEA? FLOODS YOU FROM HEAD TO FOOT?. As does Correct Breathing do for the occultists say is THE SUBSTANCE FROM WHICH ALL LIFE IS DERIVED? a student what must you DOCUMENTARY INTERNAL ORGANS?. What is A PRINCIPLE IN NATURE? (4). Of what is this Lesson the SECOND PART? (6). conscientiously followed all instructions? interested in scientifically building your Body?. Have you (2). latest Lessons. What do (3). What (2). (3). Are you genuinely (3)> Do you feel that you are succeeding in doing so? Are you mastering the art of Meditation so that you are able more (4). What does DING LE MEI wish in your studies? _ O). What is the EVERLASTING TRIANGLE OF LIFE? (2). an abstraction? PERSONAL REMARKS: easily to enter tut* _____ . What is the SOUND OF THE UNIVERSE? _ (7). on the seventh evening. Do later this — — Shp^tw' BREATHINGS: (I). TRY TO VISUALIZE? LESSONS: U).

"Better thinb own work is. steadpastly bent On meditation. This way or that way. in doctrinal writ. On the contrary. His answer seldom varied: "GO—AND FIND OUT!" It took me some time to realize that he was teaching me to do my own thinking . Sapb shall it live. TO THE STUDENT—Regarding inquiries: When I was in my Temple over in Tibet. BV'N EXCELLENTLY. then shall it soar To high neglect o/ what's denied or said. try to see problem in if YOU are able to solve the Meditation — many Students ask questions and answer them in the same sentence* "When thy firm soul Hath shaken off those tangled oracles Which ignorantly guide. though done with PAULT. I want to see you take a lively interest in these Lessons.." From the Bhagavad-Gita. — .. and sure. I often went to my old Master to ask him a question. Troubled no longer by the priestly lore. I pass the suggestion along to you not that I wish to discourage you from asking pertinent questions concerning anything in these Teachings that may seem obscure." — From the BHAGAVAD-GrrA. So make this your rule: Before asking any — question. THAN DOING OTHERS WORK.

Name in (2).4). What is in your Breathings? _ see the importance of always having your nostrils clear? your principal physical weakness. In PRANA two words the meaning of is it PRANA that uses what forms does the DOCUMENTARY energy? _ use this energy? LESSONS: (I). which come to you with your 26th Lesson. 5 If you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings and your latest Lessons. so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned. PERSONAL REMARKS: if any? _ . (7).PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. What (2). (6). so that as in reviewing your unfoldfull Examination Papers . Are you improving (2). Do you watch your posture during the day? (. you are prepared to answer the following questions. —perhaps in years to come— will serve a guide ment along The Path and also enable you to complete your later it &hy?/AsU*4 BREATHINGS: (I). Do you (3). > _ what three ways do we know that the Creative Spirit is ALL-PERVADING? CREATION go on? What do you go through on your way to RIGHT UNDERSTANDING? What is the next step to RIGHT UNDERSTANDING? Before what POWER should you stand in REVERENCE? In the process of building Man how long does GENERAL: (I). Through what course do are SOUL as we advised to DISCARD? YOU DISCOVER _ that YOU are WHATEVER THE CREATIVE SPIRIT IS? (3). In (. this the seventh evening. Do on Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper.4). What (3). (5). You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions. Peace be unto you.


THE PURPOSE OF MENTALPHYSICS IS TO ASSIST US IN THE PROOF EMANCIPATION. Think long on this. The horizon appears quite near. California. — I (Eleventh I I Week) TEACHER STUDENT: In recent lessons we have referred somewhat to Physiology. and then you will grip the idea that we are deceived constantly by our senses. We look at the sun and see an orb about the size of a dinner plate. yet we have only to think for a moment to realize that the Sun is of enormous proportions and millions of miles away. but ages passed before man's reason discovered the Sun did not rise. THEN. is true of the whole universe in relation to ourselves. In the last lesson. LLS. (a) • What Man Under the Dominion of His Senses box and the way in which we deceive ourselves by thinking we box when we are merely looking at a square form and a certain color. Let us now revert to that idea. and it is here that the Great Illusion takes place. 1930 For the Student's Use Only INITIATE Issued from the Office of GROUP of The Institute of Mentalphysics. and (as I said in an earlier is no evidence to show that two people you and I. LET US. AND WE— WE STUDENTS OF MENTALPHYSICS — HAVE YET TO CORRECT IT AND BE EMANCIPATED SION EVEN FROM IT. Page 1 (Continued on Page 88) Eighty-five . Very few of us receive this correction." THIS IS A GREATER ILLU- THAN THAT OF THE SUN RISING. "THE GREAT ILLUSION '-FIRST PART • You remember will that we referred a lesson or two back to a box. —— -^^—^^— "^ ~" The Preceptor Emeritus — -• — —— —11 — YOUR ELEVENTH LESSON —^^^^^^^nmnnifm Los Angeles 1 I 1 —— 4.A. As we are. is true of the are actually looking at the • We do not sense things as they are. for example sense an object in the same way. • IN UKE MANNER WE ARE DECEIVED INTO THINKING THAT WE WERE "BORN BUT TO DIE." OR "BORN BUT TO FAIL. so they appear. Tit student is advised to take up the study if be has time and inclination to do so. we saw that the illusion of the Universe existing externally has to be corrected by our reason. These are but a few. The senses are the avenues by which the Mind observes Phenomena. and so we continue all through life to have a false — — lesson) there idea of the reality of things.The Mentalphysics- Institute of (First Church of Mystic Christianity) —Copyright No. for the more we cam learn about the operation of the forces of our own body the better will we be able to appreciate the effects of those forces. In Mentalpbysics we are only concerned with physiology insofar as it h TO related to our subject. yet we know by experience that it is nowhere. CESS Lasson Eleven. placing the images in their proper position. of the deceptions of sense. and as we do not sense things as they are the Mind has to correct our observations or interpret them. for example. and the Mind has to correct this. A55602. Man is under the dominion of his senses. but only as they appear. We all see things upside down. We see the sun rise over the horizon. IMPORTANT: Take the sight as an instance. THINK THE THOUGHTS WE HAVE A RIGHT TO THINK.

. deep. itual affirmations for this Breath. . .e inquiry regarc You should [tentalphysics Spiritual Breathings. l>ri in < I -iii . . place the thumbs (stiff) behind the back Inhale a Complete Breath <>u will have the feeling that the expanding chest is "pulling" the arms apart).. Feet firm on ground. . $toee ping tiffh nth anil n i/im I. . up . Wisdom that is iml nOW. anil OF THE TOP OF MY HEAD! BODY FULL OF LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT! I TIII\K . and I SEE MY The Light WHOLE of the Divine Mr) living Thing! 10 miitl\.. . ii . imagine a I coming up . . Buttock* tight. Ws coming . increase gradually to seven breaths.BREATH (Commence No.up " iml nine I imagine a Great Light that amies from the Flame. standing firm. WATCH ILLUSTRATIONS II you now advised informed. Prnge 2 . <>ur to of private recordings of the affirmations write follow- head* to xou ' are nou eligible to receive them. — and rune I loch it up it. This is a "difficult'" exercise. with the (h) crossed. baring the Then bring the arms (c) to the sides. .. Hold the buttocks and legs firm. . hi: I ing each of llohart lihd. tight** I'kf" . . to With the body perfectly (a) arms straight.) Stand erect as before. and care must be taken do it properly to gain full benefit. as I I lake a little breath take another little lx%aon Eleven. Raise arms and hands firmly in front. . . not allowing any breath to escape.lliuly it seems to go beyond the llody up and out . . . No. with a sense of pulling the shoulders.' "And mill . 6: THE CLEANSING BREATH with two breaths. Spiritual BREATH "The " tnil It's RELAXATION EXERCISE success of this lirrath depends entirely coming right doicn! Relax entirely up'. now . palms downward. and exhale vigorously Inhale and relax. and position* the body rigid. «>nf. 6: Work . . as far as possible. . . Heal threat up . . . not letting myself knoir long. at the base of the spine . upon your ability to relax. . . repeating mentally your own spir- through the mouth. . Los quarl mal. slowly bring the arms (stiff) to the sides. Take them straight up over the head and around again to the original Do this three times. . Now. that comes from the Fire that gives the heat the fire of the Divine Love within me it's aiming up and out up and out up and oat it strikes upon the surface of tin.

erect. — 6-THE CLEANSING BREATH No breath in the whole of the series is more efficacious in teaching the serious student how to feel and how to direct the finer currents within his body. Abdomen must not fall.oc!: bac": . feeling the beauty of firm muscles. but no train — Legs gently tensed This is the back view. when hands are at sides. "The heart-throbs of the Eternal Spirit pulsate through us. If you control your breath in this way. '. It is best to Relax entirely get heavy! practise these movements before taking breath. No change in shoulders Arms tensed. FIFTH POSITION This .r. . when every air space is filled. . You exhale before you relax. SIXTH POSITION do not let down and restrain your breathing—do not let it come in and out too quickly. In your Relaxation too fast. Thorbody of air. As you return to original position. gradually unlock the hands. thighs firm. buttocks firm (most important). viith wrists and pales upward the right hand gripping the left hand. Buttocks tight verv ight. of which the first illustration is tho side view. Be sure that buttocks are Correct firm.. each time coming back to original position. tight. knees snapped back.straight up around the head. - Remember that it is "feeling after it" (the Life Force) within you. except last. '.'oteh instructions on tho illustration. that you are engaged in. quito firmly so that hands do not slip.rns are straight. Fingers and hands tensed. but do not drop the head or the chest commence relaxation after inhalation following exhalation. the the parallel. spine straight." FOURTH POSITION Do not move the head. Keep control and enter that reverential attitude of mind. V.the arms parallel in front. no other change in the body . then arms at side Buttocks a tightenod upward swi (see illus. your '. then up above the head. 5) ready for exhalation.. and back to your original position. you will feel more of the life force. Maintain firm- Full point of exhalation FOURTH POSITION There is much to watch in this Breath. sense of inward peace.'itch hands utloc!-s You must note that the palms aro cup-shapod.body must be evenly tensed. not relaxing a single muscle. waiting on The Lord watching within. ankles calves tight. is —preparing oughly empty the of all . to prepare for swing. preparatory to the exhalation. Hands and fingers very tensed Ansa back and locked at the elbows.— iYeedor at Shoulders nod dov. This Illustration shows commencement of the swing . . the most important position to exhale. then back to position watch! Feet are level and unchanged. Shoulders level r. Three swings. and head In this position you inhale gradually and deeply. BREATH No- Feet leve] and unchai THIRD POSITION Be most rectly in arms careful that you engage corthe three swings holding — bringing them to front. This position shows how you are to come back after each swing.o movement of tho head. arms locked as in the illustration . but with no strain. there must not be any letting down . gentle breathing. FIRST POSITION SECOND POSITION Position: Feet level. Take your time. Do not begin the breath until vou have established thi nocture.

the semes merely the avenues by which we are world of objects other than ourselves. not knowing that WE ARE live in we our senses. say which are not correct. He is just as ignorant. There is BJO place when it is not Tun luck to the introduction to our Scientific Breathings. deceived by these expressions into a state of auto- easy to volumes with evidence of the Illusion of the Senses. the Soul of all Energy. It is dictates. called Ether. the average person is quite unconscious of the fact that he can know anything except that which is received through the senses.jn. these being relative . In our Meditations (I) That we are the Abstract Principle of (II) That we stand to the Universe • Now \\i to go on We V \l)l\fi one back a we found EMBODIMENT. the senses are a part of us. This./. of Pervasion.ulitig. thus. SO MAN WILL REMAIN A SERVANT. fill Here we will admit it and pass on. Litton Eleven." smell." (c) Idea of Pervasion • now go Let us little.mother object there. l<> When Mind that truth about identify yourself with you say this you are it YOU being in in such a way telling the truth. BEATEN ABOUT WILLY-NILLY BY ANY WIND THAT BLOWS. . bit senses are uau —betrayers all of (Do you • you will If How them.i.i>ei i gel that truth . . and not outside as mnionlv suppose. • at in space ih. GLORY OF THE HIGHER POWERS OF THE REAL SELF OF but not the REAL from dominant control. "Oh. This does not mean that we are to decry or belittle the senses as something bad or useless. as a tenter does to a circle. unless our senses are being are unhappy. we hear people say.1/1 S Hi.mother OCM object . their 1 1 HIM. Page 2 . but all the senses are in the same frequently do Reason fully those flowers smell. lenoni ir« have Itimfd that the Universe is within us. that t is the ALL-PER- cannot think of space except by means of objects. gives us our idea of Space.ite all. . No. so we are to correct our present ideas of our own very existence and our own We powers. with substance. is universal. this Prana. that flowers do not and cannot enslaved. and rid thai this subsume. here and now. have supposed that we occupied in some pleasing )//. the Mind from sensuous enmeshment and to awaken its —OMNISCIENCE—means to the consciousness of its real inheritance it Eternal Life. recognizing that just as we correct our idea of the Sun rising. that bis tenses are deceiving him every moment that be lives. a correi Stop ing a • Jul is filled moment and 1'i. THE MIND MUST MASTER THE SENSES. "To de-hypnotize . IIk light from the orbs of heaven travels through this substance. hypnosis. not only the sight. we Yet from the lesson on Prana. to obtain IH idea. UNTIL HE RJ A . and some people even quite miserable. MIND. too. All-Pcrvadi "it ih. related to the in these Lessons is to EMANCIPATE THE MIND INSTEAD OF THE SENSES MASTERING THE MIND. beauti- notice the importance of "Right Speech"?) parently unimportant deceptions of we how however. he re. think 7 >> In gel it/in the gel the idea so strongly as inn. • BUT THE MIND CANNOT BE MASTER UNTIL IT RECOGNIZES ITS POWER. During the next day or two watch the conversation of yourself with other people and see • So we see that the Mind would be It is how many things and our minds are deceived. o( cenirsc. and think sit a little you will find that there are thousands of similar apmind created thus by the senses. And this must unfortunately continue until such time as he is able to realize what doing with him. docs not mean that there is no external Uni- In previous: • "Imouslv '» right is Hut we know it only by our perception — we cognize it within. Our duty part.(b) "To De-bypnotize the Mind From Its Sensuous Enmesbment" • Now. He is subject to this constant betrayal. JUST AS THE HORSE WILL REMAIN THE SERVANT OF MAN BECAUSE IT IS NOT AWARE OF ITS SUPERIOR STRENGTH.

Therefore. We know that every particle of our body is connected is. ourselves with the NOTE: the whole of you will at once arrive at an idea of the When we realize this as a conviction. to realize that we IS THE LATTER PROPOSITION TRUE. therefore exists for us in the Mind. SELF-CONTAINED. try to reason it out for yourself. what is true of the Sun is true of all other objects. The act of perception is done by the KNOWER. — OCCUPY THE ROOM IS • realize it • By is or not. ALL-PERVADING. • THINK OF IT IN THIS WAY: The only knowledge our vision gives us of the Sun Every time that we look at the is a sensation of light. THEN. as without it we shall have difficulty in adjusting ourselves to the Reality of Things. Lesson Eleven. as Jesus said. The the room. therefore. cognize KNOW. so I city is in the state I occupy the state. we are. clear to you. Hence we find that the Sun is a mental concept. The senses themselves do not perceive. OBVIOUSLY. very important that this conception of things should be firmly lodged in the mind. see ourselves ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS -AFFIKXATION* I ! I AND THE CREATOR ARE ONE AM THE CREATIVE AM IMMORTAL IMPORTANT: You to you. Sit and meditate on this: is in the house THAT I I — The room occupy the city. The chair is in the room I occupy occupy the house. WHAT WE HAVE TO DO IN MENTALPHYSICS IS TO CORRECT THIS ILLUSION. we ALL- identify OMNIPRESENCE. the Mind. SO THAT WE MAY KNOW THINGS AS THEY ARE AND NOT AS THEY APPEAR. are like the Creator." We do not doubt we too must be Omnipresent whether we The idea propounded in the last paragraph of "occupation" teaches us In earlier lessons that the Creator — TRUE. IMPERISHABLE. since we see them in the light of the Sun. (d) — I We this. And so we see in our Mind and so we are that the whole of the external Universe exists in Mind — — led to see that • we pervade reasoning If this line of PERVADING it. yet is none the less true that I occupy the Earth. Beautiful Truth we saw that Omnipresent. Sun our idea of it is added to. — now occupy this chair. AND — are required to be NO MAN.It made up by a mass of ideas. It may seem a stretch of the Imagination. Am I not sitting. Discuss them with no one GO. is as applied to yourself. LIMITLESS. that is. to be. • When we perceive a thing through the senses we say that we are conscious of it — that • MAN we IS it through the senses. upon persistent Meditation WE APPEAR A THEN SO "Whatever the Creator is. SELF-EXISTENT. "I and My Father (source) are One" (and the same thing). but for our purpose it is sufficient to state that perceiving is done by the Mfhd. the Sun only exists as an idea. walking upon the Earth? It IF THE PROPOSITION is but another step in the reasoning to assert that I occupy the Universe. But the house is in the city I. Page 3 Eighty-nine . standing. One with the ESSENCE OF LIFE. If the first is true so is the last. (e) More About the Senses ENOUGH HAS APPEARED IN THIS LESSON SO FAR TO SHOW US THAT PECULIARLY LIABLE TO MISINTERPRET THE PHENOMENA AROUND HIM. then we see the Universe AS WE ARE and Can you see the reason in this? If not. Therefore. extend the idea to the country to the continent. we come to see ourselves as we are instead of how IMMORTAL. TELL You are SPIRIT I I I AM AM AM IMPERISHABLE SELF-EXISTENT ALL-PERVADING now getting to the state where tremendous truths will rapidly unfold SILENT upon these things. all the ideas that not AS IT For it is IS. Now. this is stored up in our memory. Or. And since we made compose our own Mind. This could be explained much more technically than this. so far as we are concerned.

ik this a little PEAG Written in I . All ideas that enter through the senses are first cognized. \sis AKl • \ is l Well. AND WHEN WB ANALYZE THAT PLEASURE WE FIND THAT IT IS THE EMOTIONS THAT ARE DELIGHTED—RATHER. THAT WE ARE DELIGHTED THROUGH OUR the the ease of N IT IS POSSIBLE MIR PART OP MAN THERE IS A POSIHATE* Love glorBUT LET THIS FACT SINK DEEP- poles. WAiNT YOU HERE TO PARTICULARLY GRIP THE FACT THAT THE PLEASURE IS NOT IN THE SENSES AS SUCH. we feel love is the Emotion Hate destructively negative. GRX ["RANSLATED INTO TERMS OF EMOTION. I I as in electricity there are the \\|) I. him UNTO YOU END Bl I. OF SENSE ARE ALL THE TIME BEING THAT CAUSE US PLEASURE. is it something that makes us us tills it felt all own organ its the Sense of Smell. some person through the body.\( ill i (. not so with the Emotions. II). FIRE can reduce Matter to an ion of by the emotion of Joy. He sees the sunshine. but are Our Emotions Senses (wd call it LOVE and TO LOVE THE NEGATIVE— many people do. We can put Man is it great receiving station is known situated in is at this particular station.till' wc shall more. bearing of this upon our subject will probably be apparent to you. it — a Microcosm. but Iik hI. UNLIMIT- is Over and beyond this there is a department of For instance. hit They For example. a little universe simpler way. But not located in any organ. when we say that he is of tU a self-conscious. DC within or without. so tO apeak. I (i) • bink for I moment a Our that each sense has is i\i. WE DO NOT STOP TO ASK WHY THIS IS SO. in a it The "all nerves". Ol ELEVENTH LESSON Din/fir. BUT IN THE MIND. the Eye. for others. anything reported to the brain. is is is in the body wrong warned of danger. WHERE THE SENSES ARE TRANSLATED INTO TERMS OF EMOTION. \ poaitivi ELECTRIC ENERGY. for our country. and then we can say that he is conscious of the Universe. \ I |\ I . But he also feels and sees his own body. h\ I. whether e • We bare seen that cosm. and see that as quick as you can fine the point of the finest needle imagine anything that prick • It man true to say that a is When the brain.\l will Viiii ll>i\. BUT WE KNOW THAT IT GIVES US PLEASURE. he feels that the day is warm. AND SO FORTH. this is Mind store ideas in the Subconscious this. WE LOVE TO HI AR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC. and when we think of it we know thai we our.. What actually happens is that the message in words is carried over the trunk line from ear to the brain. the capacity to receive and important to remember is It feeling that not sense-feeling. P . it lotion lit rt en. I. i\ manner tin tt tie are playing ou ibis wonderful electrical in \| (. Know for ibis ftmmtnt I m i IVI iousl\ also I I UP II how we electrified it \\ llAVi HH THE PREVIOUSLY HAD EXPLAINED TO OF LOVE— IN THIS CASE. LY INTO YOI Mh wiikiiwi I of ours all tin time. for objects about us. here we find si are fo) all light. WE LOVE THESE OBJECTS etc. and so on. when referred back. feel joy. If you want to see how intricate they are just pui on your skin anywhere. and is thus conscious of himself. Page 4 ." can say is con- "Not me" through the senses. We but a part of the Macro- Man "Me" and "Not me.up with a refj network of nerve*. to every tissue and we literally tingle with joy and de- ful • — the Sense of Sight. and so on. • Now. then perceived. vitally // It important to remem- in bub And we are ltd tO $*i IIAI III. OBJECTS TRANSLATED INTO TERMS OF EMOTIONS— FOR INSTANCE. the Nose. There it is translated into pleasure or joy. and then thev sink into that department of the mind which we call the Subconscious Mind. JOY. so in man we .

of The Institute of Mentalphysics. and taking them KNOW in a small Chinese wooden boat. and he lays it! machine. and he makes hi A majestic opera. To a man they pooh-poohed the possibility of such a miracle. and tapped the iron hammer to prove to these men that iron DOES float. The horse has no power of imagMAN HAS. • Having taken time to look up these references in previous Lessons. every moment that you live. For the Student's Use •____ Mentalphysics- —— INITIATE Issued from the Office of 1930 ^-^ GROUP The Preceptor Emeritus Los Angeles 4. and he builds it! A railroad. . But every American schoolboy will tell you that it floats!!! sides of and it with a small as Lesson Twelve. You . then sit and CON- A MOMENT AS "THE MAGNET. U. of Lesson Seven. "we have been builders of ships for many centuries. They were amazed. about your Imagination and your Reason and other departments of your mind ." ALSO CONSIDER THAT YOU ARE MADE UP IN YOUR PHYSICAL SYSTEM OF MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF CELLS—THAT YOU ARE THE GENERAL IN CHARGE OF MANT ARMIES OF CELLS THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU ALL THE TIME IN THE WAY THAT YOU DIRECT. pulled out alongside an American gunboat. read over again Lesson Three . . . .A. ions. and he performs it. . A55602. sleeping or waking. Do you remember the note on "Mind-substance"? physics. Think of your Second Lesson ("Entering the Gate"). and that they can only float if made of wood!" I duly came to the river. . This writer was once fifteen hundred miles in the interior of China. in the middle of the first page of Lesson Six refer back to the last paragraph* Sit restfully. obviously." they cried. you read this there are countless millions of people in the world who do not yet know that iron will float. California. THE CELLS. upon all these atoms. The Magnet is operating. Sit comfortably Refer to pages 13-14-15 are going to use all the to think. He imagines a city. "What. YOUR TWELFTH LESSON (Twelfth Week) "THE GREAT ILLUSION "-SECOND PART (a) Imagination and "The Magnet" • As you commence this Lesson Twelve. when THE MAGNET IS NOT IMPRESSING ITS IMAGE UPON THE PHYSICAL PARTICLES OF YOUR BODY. I of the printed matter that precedes your regular Lessons. NOTE: Most sible. read the paragraph . This IS rider for ten years. but the horse — ination A flying THE HUMAN FACTOR. that • Now." of these things that Man has conceived were at some time or other "the Impos- Iron did not float until the Imagination of Man made it float. for study during your twelfth week in Mental- want you to think quietly upon what you are now and think.S. thinking about what you have already learned. You may tell a horse its that it is stronger than would be no wiser. SIDER YOURSELF FOR compose your body. power you have • to read. • Think carefully as you read about this. THIS IS JUST WHERE MAN MAY TRIUMPH. telling the men in his caravan that they would soon come to a river where they would see iron ships floating on the river.The ^ ^ Institute of (First Church _— of _ __ Mystic Christianity) ——— Only— Copyright No. There is no moment out of the whole 24 hours every day. . Page I Ninety-one . .

water had boiled fur millions of years until • The Nature arc blind forces forces oi Nature's laws to that own advantage its walked into The lady was so deaf th. • But have YOU "found your God?" If you have.should cultivate it in the waj that vou are being directed in \our Lessons. bringing her husband back with her very long so we.. For HUMAN Man and The Realm (b) id caught The \ ery word is gradually being eliminated from our dicuhat can defy the transcending Imagination of Man. Y()l MAY NOT HAVE ANY SUCH DISABILITY TO FIGHT AGAINST AS THE STUDENT ABOVI Ql OTED. she came to me. mj writing nor read eoulel it could not I her husband and was it tiny act aluays in the same nay. year or two ago. me He. As she could not then told her that she had I that I could ascertain from her sired to get her hearing vou. and had spent a all had gre. but I told them that I of course. As bav< s. in his imagination. Page 2 . is • A — LAWS. Mil ANTHROPOMORPHIC GOD WHICH W ALL WANT TO GET AWAY FROM. . which I have done to I HAVE FOUND MY GOD. There is can nothing Chat she Mentalphysics Institute of let him interpret for her — all She went awa\.i [| . MY Hi Km I) mi DENT.„ i u hi || vi. came into Mentalphysics to regain my hearing. every time uhen kuotts bou. her hearing.' SO mi RADIO -"WITH A THOUSAND OTHER MARVELS <>r MEN'S Mi WHICH TODAY HAVE BEEN RELEGATED INTO Tin ttfBO OF THE win 1 I 1 MMONP1 • \ow At t. Our Imagination IS (he power of the CRE>R within us. the- 1 believed that I They had been she did what if She.a student. iiv | mix . They asked me whether I could not cure her..became. s CONCEIV1 N "'" |„. was that way wbcrch. but felt though there hi There same way. At the end of the teaching. Lesson Twelve. New York in a slightest.mother part of the country.«. tit been deaf for Mind of make myself heard in the my lips we made little progress. have been able • nothing thai i WD \itiI) From impossible. AND I WILL AGRM with YOU— FOR THE VERY WORD CONJURES UP BEFORE Till Mi\l) PR n RES OF A PERSONAL BEING.told later. • NOW. . AND ACHIEV1 Ml wi DESIRE TO ACHIEVE. said to me: "Ding Le Mei. hearing is completely normal. she would regain Todav her In a very few weeks she began to hear.• Again. the act iSTOl mi . IMAGINATION. a money deal of in the Mj could cure • FACTOR. FOB l\ MAY NOT 1 1 KNOWN WHAT AVI THE US1 01 THE VEBY WORD. do with Immortality what Man has done with the ii k\ POSSIBILITIES! m. and with tears in her eyes. when she was compelled to go . .i. is the earliest no man has e\cr lived "forever" OCCUll schools of ihc world that Man (that is. FORC1 IX WAITING Worm) NDED TODAY! PRESENTED NO LONGER long l <> A — I III Kill I I ASTOUNDI1) • MILLIONS oi YEARS PASSED BEFORI nil AUTOMOBILE AS WE KNOW IT TODAY WAS BUIL1 AND USED BY MAN SO WITH mi AIRPLANE. YOUMAY but have done more than that— I I EVEN BELIEVl n GODK ' YOU MAY NOT GOD.iiu\ THINKER "impossible" today. for . the forces of Nature are blind forces they ALI W AYS man times has evidence is men).is (hey desire. made "in the image?" tionaries. was through the power of your YOl LIKE l it Imagination that the discovery came. vht could contact the Universal Power of Love with- ir endeavor reply. show them and that in her. (o show to use in the their power to li\ e as MILLIONS Ol YEARS PASSED BEFOPJ I w \v 'Hi\ is (he possibility of to get her to hear again.| above. that she over the world. 1 would teach her to do. BUT THE reason we all them this one day a harnessed the pouer and revolutionized a world. LAWS. MK OF THE IMAGINATION UPON ii \\n \i\ki IT AREA! THING—Let us LIVE AS LONG tSWEDESntl ro LIVE.

She was transformed from a human being whose Light had almost left her to a thing of beauty and happiness. and then to work so To find the Creative Intelligence that she would learn the way to do it. a well-to-do lady came to me for advice. I told her that if she would would teach her and show her how to do. who mostly are only prepared merely to nibble at this and nibble at that. it • Some "God" years ago. you you should from that which will come has become a part of your will not be able to derive all the benefit that hereafter. She wanted health. Unless you have learned what has so far appeared in your that are to find out practically which men call and in a manner that — — Lessons. Every day she saw improvement. To do what? within herself. She became a wonderful student. are you regularly giving to the — WORK when you you are regular in your practice SUCCESS IS ASSURED. learned it in a manner that it new consciousness. causing her first to believe that it could be done and that she could do it. on December the fourth. are. but all had failed. She brightened • She was probably no worse disposed towards the New DO Year's this! letter the demands that I made upon her. if only she could do — Eve. Your Lessons will become much more useful to you. though she had all the money in the world to buy what she wanted. New York. I you will work this week with great zeal and joy that you will FEEL that are to be led into the mysteries of introduction into — hope that you have contacted the very Wisdom that propels this Universe that it is WITHIN WITHIN YOU. She worked with a will. letter that was received from a student who had Ninety-three . I could write a book on this one student and what she did for herself. Your next Lesson is your The Realm of Mind. SELF. and you have learned to be so still that you can FEEL IT AT YOU. • Therefore. Well. and counted her pain as a blessing. Meditational side of your practice the hour a day that you promised yourself started? • You If you will be able to USE that "God" the Intelligence of the Universe which is always at work. but if you are just one of those ordinary people. You have a wonderful time ahead of you. She had tried everywhere. She disciplined had been her weaknesses. she carried out to the herself in everything that — • JUST AT THIS STAGE OF YOUR TEACHING YOU MUST BE ZEALOUS. and could hardly do a thing for herself. Page 3 zest copy of a and RENEW YOUR PROMISE TO YOUR- zeal. and then to learn how to use it and be used by it. This was largely the power of her Imagination. cold. Looking back. Have you proved to yourself that you have what it takes? Are you satisfied and grateful with the progress that you are making? On the one side. and she was almost settled down to the belief It was in that nothing could be Universe than you what I done for her. She came into my study all muffled up. On the other. are you faithful with your Breathings. she would be dancing on up considerably oh if only . BE STRONG. YOU HAVE LEARNED A GREAT DEAL DURING THE PAST FEW WEEKS. I would like you to ask yourself whether you have maintained that zeal that you felt at the start.(c) • We "Achieve All whether Creative Intelligence is Desire to Achieve. She was crippled up with a rheumatic condition. I want to inspire you to make a vow with yourself that during the next few weeks you will be more faithful and more happy and more grateful. BUT A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS ALWAYS DANGEROUS." CAN we do this? You naturally ask yourself IS possible. All that I need say here is that on December 31st she danced nearly all night long at Atlantic City. • You now Man's Mind. but unless you have faithfully PRACTISED you will not be able to understand what they mean though intellectually you may think that you know.. After talking with her. BE FAITHFUL. and go forward with new • I close this Lesson with a Lesson Twelve.. unhappy.

Within a week after asking the Circle to work for her she had be$n examined by a very famous specialist who happened by chance to be in the hospital one day and he sent her immediately to a sanitarium high in the mountains. saw Instead of asking I was practically Thursday afternoon my bank called me saying they had received by cable for mo $250. happy. diagnoses and contradicting each other. in meditation. (Signed) PEACE BE Writ!- . I — GOOD — AM physics. In comparison to After two years of uncertainty and fear. have new agents working very hard for me. "'I do not know and the beauty "Thanks I that am I finding am a now GOOD I student but — will never lose. THAT I found now.S. it in meditation I was instructed to change my residence and my agents.A. I know that the fineness right inside and a definite part of my being. it means that I will be financially independent for die rest of my life and for its to me. over indulgence in everything. Gratefully. I went to work. 1 "The question first my immediately after have a "I I who sister asked the Circle was that —and class first has been ill I I might will never lose for two With years. "It is in the spirit of thankfulness happened to me in five write to I tell you the things that have "Before I met you. to you. she is the time she has been ill. her recovery will be rapid. Pi . ery mountains. my mind was a very choice piece for the Chamber of Horrors. I accepted the picture as a fact." YOU-FND OF TWELFTH LESSON Edwin J. I suffered from insomnia. finally "Being broke. I had nothing but a good body on which to work. Thursday morning it penniless. The old me has practically if not completely disappeared. saw her high in thf There were screened cottages. five This is it in pan: "Dear Ding Le Met: and appreciation weeks of Mentalphysics. I am I have moved and not denying "I manv to myself. Lissom Twtltt. /'i/ I INTO MICHAEL WHALEN. I believed I it was on way I used the banks and tithed regularly. The new me is the ideal person I used to picture to myself. and yet not astonishing as I in Mental- have asked for work. money asked for substance. A few days later I. Dinplc U. the person used to deny to myself. Friday morning I received a telegram from Europe saying an investment I made two years ago was successful. I was broke.00. I coming. sun and forests. t) I nut I '. I had no faith in anyone or anything. it relapses and the doctors made no headway in making A her recovery. I am being considered for so jobs (jghl now that it's astonishing. for I WILL it's to be one. where she will receive every attention and complete rest. In fart. incorrect speedy recov- was the next thing I asked of the Circle.been in Mentalphysics for only weeks. she had find a little mental peace. If this is so.

the power penetrates. A55602.A. what he thinks . U. so it is necessary to gather it is impos- together by means of breathing power. the flowing in and out of the true breath is connected with it. of the spirit not interrupted. I want to inspire you to make a vow with yourself that during the next few weeks you will be more faithful than during the last. California. I would like you to ask yourself whether you have maintained that zeal that you felt at the start. Thus the concentration spirit suffers no interinterruption day or night. Breathing alone serves to remove laziness. is Because the concentration of the power of heat suffer The awakening of the spirit is accomplished because ruption.S. If you are regular in your practice SUCCESS IS ASSURED. with her Heart she conducts this power inward. that it is undivided and gathered into one. neither does the awakes to died. Lesson Thirteen. it cannot penetrate into the interior. YOUR THIRTEENTH LESSON (Thirteenth NOTE: We Week) have been engaged in the uncovering of Truth as expressed in — this Initiate Group Course in Mentalphysics for twelve weeks this thirteenth lesson is for the thirteenth week. The Preceptor Emeritus Issued from the Office of Los Angeles 4. learned Be faithful! in a it Renew your promises manner that it and go forward with new Zest and Zeal. who mostly are only prepared to nibble at this and nibble at that. Are you with the progress you are making? satisfied On your Breathings? On the one side. That is. Breathing power easily becomes coarse. life. Looking back. to yourself. then the primordial spirit awakes to to let it dry and wither away. INITIATE 1930 GROUP of The Institute of Mentalphysics. Page 1 (Continued on Page 98) Ninety-five . The reason the hen can hatch the eggs is because of the power to heat. and the chick receives the power of the heat and begins to live. be strong! that has so far appeared. even when she has left is In an ancient Oriental book : always listening." • The Buddha sible for you. Although the breath that flows in and out through the nose is not the true breath. When kill the • a man can heart does not let bis mean the heart has heart die. but if you are just one of those ordinary people. and the spirit her eggs. But the power of the heat can only warm the shells. said: The "When you fix your heart on one point. man we must is actually "lose" our life to "find" it. he will not derive all the benefit that he should from what will come hereafter. In this way she concentrates hei whole heart. When the heart penetrates. Therefore. "HAH AND THE REALM OF MIND -EIRST PART~ • we read "The hen can hatch her eggs because her heart That is an important magic spell. therefore it has to be refined by the heart. then nothing heart easily runs away. Therefore a hen. he thinks himself into what he becomes. are you regularly giving to your Meditational side of this study an hour a day that you promised yourself when you started. are you faithful with the other. The lessons are now going to become much more useful. but it means first To life. but unless the student has learned all has become a part of his New Consciousness. always has the attitude of listening with bent ear." • Jesus the Christ declared that • Man is MIND. Therefore.. This she does with her hearing..The Mentalphysics- Institute of ( First Church For the Student's Use of Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No.

. Sana of Conquest >(. Then bend the neck as far forh'i:* and buttocks are stiff. There will be a pulling feeling from the neck and the bottom of the spine. Relax entirely coming right dotrn! I feel happy all over! . Youth! .. and rune I .ix dgh —and that | DEATH there . old like an old pair of shoes. So. .. Hohart Blvd. . Vivacious Youth! Fearless. Inhale a Complete Breath. 7: RELAXATION EXERCISE 'I he $UCCm$t of this lireath depends entirely upon your ahility to relax. 21 are now '{ make to inquiry regarding a set of private recordings of the affirmations follows You should write to head Angela I. . from from )OI V. . am Youth! I . UOmmping. „ Glorious Youth. DO NOT INHALE. full of Courage. AM YOUTH!! I My Body wore out and grew bming "/ nine the .' — Vibrant. . Strength.os Angeles. sweeping sigh. No the ravages — am FREE. I !\o from Decay. Pagt 2 . . (ompiering Youth "/ thought "SOU mm. Then. deep.. See that the (b) ward a- Then Stand erect and exhale vigorously through the mouth (as in all these e\cni-e-).) Buttocks perfectly straight. forward again and backwards. WATCH ILLUSTRATIONS // now advised ton lime not yet lieen informed. Then come back to \our original position.. as 1 YOl — — \() ill Nmriy. FREE YOUNG FOR EVERMORE! / lake a little take another hrealh and a hrealh and little DOWN YOUNGER!" Lettom Tbhtttn. ( alitor nin. Place the hand. V« SeniUrj of Tim. you are the "I trice of Ding ing each of our /<' 1/ri. lintnr I . Wonderful During. Do this three time-. Power! stand In the I'resenee """|>'. omimiHc (i THE GRAND REJL\ 7: \ \TION I wren with two breaths: increase gradually to See that the spine Stand ererl as before. gripping tightly.on the hips. >ou can without relaxing in any way. repeating mentally spiritual affirmations for this Breath. AM Youth — Radiant. (M I giving thanks lonu. inhale and (e) your own relax. Feel firm on ground* breaths. then backward as far as possible. quit*' rigid still." \1cntalplt\si< quarters in l. Negation of am glad—1 u ind (inn. . free . tor \ou Spiritual Breathings. . hut new cells are heing made for RENEWED! happy I SIT . Work Spiritual BREATH No. thoroughly emptying the chest of air. I a. ihrillingly quick Ichimving. EUbowa forward. M\ (hen Mind rejoice! . I Mo Age lor Me is am FREE .. .KRI VII! No. I . Los eligilde to receive them. forward again and backwards. . but bend forward. . . is BREATH tight. .

Keep buttocks tight Buttocks are the "controls" Knees snapped back Shoulders must not be raised they must be down. and you feel a "pull" at the shoulder blades and also at the small of the back .enpty bodv of breath. pulling on the head. Watch that the abdomen is firm. . you should follow instructions to the letter. three times back . Be careful to watch this closely.down and back three times. Elbows forward. as you swing back to position seen in next illustration . because it is very irportant to do the work right. no strain. as is also the back. Throe swings do. otherwise the position i6 the First position is important: C-cand erect and '•-now that you are erect. your work! FIFTH FOSITI0H Ho change at shoulders latch this illustration." ' Spine straight Having corpletod the three moveir. you keep all breath out of the body. you will be able to do this in a rhythmic way with no difficulty in the hold' ing of your breat Remember three times down. and you will soon see the good result. Get your first position right before you go further prac- Grand breath and back .then back.iips. BREATH No. and as you let breath out you drop the hands. you oxhale . You come down. SEC 01. In the pull down and back. Do not again It is exhale . Take care that elbo. you exhale evenly but vigorously. as shovm here ." Head well back Ho change at shoulders Elbows f orward Elbows nust slip back no Do not bend body at the abdomen change in the hands !Io Buttocks tensed. Standing perfectly erect. then bring hands to *. you have exhaled.»* FIFTH POSITION Remember you do not allow the come in while you are going through the three downward and backward swings. When you have completed the three movements down and back. This is after you have done This is the movement after you have exhaled. Buttocks firms.onts down and br. you pre- pare for a full exhalation (see next illustration). Try to develop rhythm throughout. pull on head down-: ward as far as convenient without strain . — -THE GRAND REJUVENATION BREATH Be sure that in all your work you "Go and tell no man". vitally necessary to refrain lr breathing inm..then you pull on the Vead V/hen This shows how you must bring the head back.only as far back as you can corJ'ortably HO BREATH. so that neck is bent. you drop the head. you stand orect .puli the buttocks downward and inward . 7 ~ THIRD POSITION In this position. you stand erect. you will feci the pul 1 at stt. letting out all the air in the body.. and grip firmly over hip hones. As you curve the back.vs do not rove .c. Many people would smile at you if you were to tell them that this great Breath will teach you how to grow young —but it Do will. not bend the body.c'.. and keep you have inhaled in the first position. Snap lips. '. . with no let-down whatever. and in that posture you take a deep inhalation. so that there is no jerkiness. SECOND POSITION FIRST POSITION Do Then. and act as an anchor. The back is CURVED. In bending head come to the original position that started the breath.1) THIRD POSITION rosiiiou Feel pulling at nec!c and Fulling on head downwards between the shoulder blades "I an the master of Uy Body. After a little practice. Then.ovcnent whatevor. SIXTH POSITION After you have gone through all the movements down and back. you will feel a pulling sensation at the shoulders between the shoulder blades. that slightest breath to In the backward position. Revitalizing Breath (refer to it). unbroken balance . . but keep the breath out all the time. not straight.sustain ar. Elbows as far forward as possible. It is also necessary to see that the buttocks do not rolax. Elbows are kept forward. not argue with yourself about the Rejuvenation Breath merely practise it. IS TK30DY.Vhen FOURTH POSITION the position that you assume the three movements. as shown in next illustration. try to feel a steady even rhythmic movement no change. notice that you do not change position of your elbows they are kept well forward all the time. — — — tise do not breathe.there' a»e three swings . this point if you would gain full benefit. preparing yourself for the next three swings. with no r. with the breath retained.

reason with your Conscious Mind.i7i! The bearing It will of this readily deddes upon upon our I dial as true. or as it is said. The Subconscious builds the body THINK what a power that is. the Subconscious never sleeps it never forgets its memory is faultless. Because you see footprints in the wet you that someone has walked that way. Unlike the Conscious Mind. "Waking" Mind). we do so for the purpose of clear think- but separate functions of the One. It is POWER. To matter much. • Man seemingly has two minds.—This Though present before birth. SUBSCIOUS WIND //is. on the bridge. and all involuntary muscles when you arc asleep as well as when medulla oblongata. There scious Mind as a only ONE MIND. or at least two distinct phases of consciousness. 1 have placed them here in die hope that they wUl make sense to you. human body. boy or girl. The Conscious Mind seems sleeps. although is man who knows. telling Ninety -r < sleep. the subject hypnotized a tallow candy. It — — — — you arc awake.(a) The Great Subconscious • The above quotations may not be logical to you. analyzer. We then say that you are using your Conscious Mind. you and on the that we amenable shall now to control by the learn). him thai hypnosis the Conscious Mind is While hvpnotized you may give it is stick of in Mind abeyance. called the Subjective is to be the watchman The Conscious Mind reasons from acts as a sentinel or it resided in the is usually for long Cerebellum and it is now generally conceded that it occupies the whole would seem to be the living. at cause to The Conscious Mind effect. to build the greatest and most wonderful machine the world has ever seen. It keeps the body working controls breathing. They are: (1) The CONSCIOUS Mind. THEREmi CONSCIOUS MIND HAS To DECIDE FOR it. IT IS QUITE DIFFERENT.SO PACVLTY OF REASON OR JUDGMENT. (b) Impressing the Subconscious • N( in the hyprmri. but if they do not does not it he will recognize them • When we ing. the reasoner. But wlnn yon stay to enquire whether those footprints are those of man or woman. » f*f 2 . of candle. it The Subconknown has been under other names in the occult schools for ages. BUT THE SUBCONMIND HAS ALL Till POWER TO DO WHATEVER IT IS DIRECTED I BY 77//: CONSCIOUS MIND TO no. vour Sublime power of suggestion (and much more • Now. for you are conbeach your experience tells — v Of ill" • WITH llli SI MCONSCIOUS MIND. this writing introduction to the Great TWO say that there are is at fitting minds. you "sleep". Mind that this Subconscious scientists said the in the field. the subject is of utmost the importance. the Realm of Mind. 1mJ>r>rt. and he will eat the tallow. the captain Mind. it and the doorway to the Subconscious Mind. the comparer. comparatively a modern discovery of Science.— This (or is usually called the Objective seems to be the result of external stimuli to organized brain cells in the cortex of the brain directed by incoming or afferent sensory impresIt When sions. thinking that It ion Thirteen. Mind. circulation of the blood. the general (2) SUBCONSCIOUS The man at the (or Unconscious or Subliminal) is It wheel. dun you are using your reason the faculty to consider evidence and form a judgment. You may think that they do not make sense. whatever the Conscious Mind accepts and Subconscious Mind automatically accepts as true without judgment. THF. immortal part of man.

that keeps the mechanism every day for 365 days every year. for that The to All the organs — skin. ONE STANDS IN THE VERY PRESENCE. BUT HOW AND WHERE to do. and from that instant the great Subconscious takes charge. FOR THINK! IN THE HUMAN MACHINE— THAT MARVELOUS TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD. SO THAT HE MAY NEVER FORGET. for he believes it. 100 years or more without a When it DOES stop. for it knows its work. THERE IS A POWER THAT BUILT THE BODY (THE CELLS) AND STAYS WITH IT ALL THE TIME. this is like the Subconscious Mind in of the body at work 24 hours vides the energy.) in reverence before this great (c) The Conscious Mind and • The CONSCIOUS Mind grows very slowly. (We in the last analysis are units of electric energy learned in an earlier lesson that in the final analysis all matter • At human body at and the ovum is electric energy. ON AND ON. for there is much to learn from it. and these. in principle for USES that the brain of remark applies • Can the is not used in The point is esthetic sense. NEVER PAUSING or taking a holiday. to the entire body. CONTROLLED AND AVOIDED. KNOWS NOT ONLY WHAT TO DO WITH EXACTITUDE. WHAT WANT TO DO HERE IS TO MAKE PERFECTLY CLEAR TO THE STUDENT. and then not for several years does faculty of judgment. But this in fact. Mind Subconscious it mother. Mind combine. 70. Whether in a state of hypnosis or out of it makes no difference. DOM. as the Subconscious Mind accepts what you say as the truth. with its is a formed heart and circulation are so perfect can conceive of nothing more perfect or superior. Conscious is like the captain (or his substitute) — — CONSEQUENCE OF REASONS THAT CAN BE KNOWN. ACTING THROUGH THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. the force.) the instant of conception the Negative and the Positive Poles are attracted. he directs be there all the time while the steamer must He its operations. and TO MAINTAIN THE DOING AS LONG AS WE LIVE. AND GOES ON WITH THE WORK OF CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIR 24 HOURS A DAY. and you will be made to stand power. meet. 80. on the bridge of his steamer. and only has built the body. the only difference is that in the hypnotic sleep the RESULT is more apparent. IT DOES SO IN rest. • The Mind is it sweet. it Ask him whether really IS candy. proyou and me. Down in the does work. the it Body when the Subconscious During the early years the Subconscious Mind goes on with the work it builds a perlittle interference from the Conscious Mind — of construction with very fect human form (the word "perfect" matter of personal opinion). starts upon its career of building a existed in the spermatazoa of the father concepof the —IONS. It the the water. Man wonder of your Mind develop power to exercise the its millions of pores. anything be imagined more beautiful in fine nerves. THAT THE INFINITE WIS- • ONE COULD WRITE BUT I SPIRIT. which is analadrives the ship along power that what for? To direct the is at sea driving the ship through there is a power hold gous to the Subconscious. to build a human body. principle than the eye? its capillaries and its Think of network of THEN LET US STAND IN REVERENT WONDER AT THE WISSUBCONSCIOUS MIND that has created and then sustained DOM PENT UP IN THE this marvelous mechanism. THE CREATIVE Lesson Thirteen. Page 3 Ninety-nine . (It would be well for a student to go to a library and follow this great work during the pre-natal period. its that all the organs are perfectly they have to perform.and he will answer that it is. AND EVERY YEAR. 365 DAYS A YEAR. and goes to work very deliberately and confidently. and for 60. • The Before this tion.

„ HunJtcd i hi i INTO VOI END (>! FREE OF THE CON- ilHKTMNlli LESSON . WHEN YOU ARI NO LONGER CONSCIOUS OF EVIL. The work going 00 all the time. habits. I <>( I 01 VOIR MINI) DI IK )\s \\ i iiAvi PI UV . Strength. so TRUTH.. ideas. IT SLIPS IS NON1 • AS NEW I 111 SI \\ CONSCIOUSNESS. induce the state of the Subconscious Mind. to bring into existence a Perfect Human Being WISDOM which is its source being used to perform its perfect work ALLOW IT AND NOT INTERFERE. In short. for the Subconscious Mind accepts without question what you tell it). as Power.•/. \< i /. Beauty. Matrix that of thinking that is we were created in the human dation mature embryo. but the foundation whereon to build the human being. Suboofuckmi Mind with the how seen easy is it WHATEVER WE TELL for REASON. the result is bound to materialize. Mind of >(•< Mind. of building 11 Mind the Subconscious that PERI the for the babe laid there. Energy and so forth. LET US GIVE is its all the prin- conjunction. II (>*. Do you not MIND CHANNELS as SCIOUS can Mind into of the parents and those most near to and traditions of the Conscious from the Race Mind. WHEN Vdi \ki NO LONGER CONSCIOUS OF POVERTY. with the Creative Spirit. we have It has laid interference starts with the Conscious impfCMing the- that is only partly true. the interference • Now. not a Man. are resident in the Subconscious follows that MAN'S INFINITE IS THANKS. IT. and as we When — the (We know we are Health. Inasmuch as are only voicing the truth about ourselves in the Meditation abstraction Life These laws are also Eternal. ING. THIS MANNI R Wl BECOM1 OUT TO OVERCOME. \\ W I is ( 1 I III. fornia. FOR YOU EVIL DOES NOT EXIST. is to impress our thought this upon the Subconscious HAVING NO FACULTY OF IT BELIEVES. see. told without question. FOR YOU THERE whin YOU ARE NO LONGER CONSCIOUS OF FEAR. and it immediately sets to work to build the Temple according to the principles that you have claimed for it in the Meditations." making to it these statements.We (d) • An Not Created ire Human in the important error that most of us have to correct Now.. NOTE: The the child. believes what it Wisdom. therefore. and no matter what your Meditation be for. Mind into destructive ones. AND NOW WE ARRIVE AT THE POINT* WHERE WE ARE ABLE TO SEE IN WHAT MANNER THE MEDITATIONS ARE DOING THEIR WORKMEDITATION SCIENTIFICALLY CARRIED OUT • THINK The Laws of you read. CONCONSTRICTIVE great factor in our lives: That the as easily direct the Subconscious just true that the foun- is a is family and the race. that • And see in meditation it is being told the tlun what happens? M AND BEAUTIFULLY TRUE IDEAS BECOME PART OF YOUR Til E ERRONEOUS AND FALSE IDEAS FADE AWAY INTO 0BS4 KITY— THEY ARE EXPELLED BY THE NEW IDEAS./„ . l\ si S A lesson Thirteen. is BLESS- Mind as we know the result of that "I — complete Mind Conscious that the Subconscious is that in Mind am when we are able perfect harmony with is. is matrix. ciples speak.„ /•. so to the Creative Spirit. V tge 4 .

U. One Hundred One . practical. Insofar as the body is a machine.A. The Institute is a nonAND YOU ARE AN INTEGRAL part of it for the sole purpose of profit corporation. I shall hope that you know that ing — I am do not speaking thus for his very best. INITIATE 1930 GROUP of The Institute of Mentalphysics. but the Law of the Universe. YOUR FOURTEENTH LESSON (Fourteenth Week) • NOTE FROM YOUR TEACHER: I often wish that especially in the letters that I receive daily from I my could share all parts of the my students. workable. You can notice this in your own Thought perhaps. most of its work is carried on involuntarily that is. —Ding Le — my own sake. but truly for YOURS. and give they have found in Mentalphysics Now. seven. nine? You may not know what I mean yet. It exists helping our fellow human beings to learn the higher laws of living. —the mode of living—the A B C of Living WE THINK. There is no apparent reason for this. you and that we must "lose" to "find. for one minute you know that you are happy and the next minute. we have no conscious control over it. • Thought without action is of Thinking Machine that we as a WHAT WE THINK. and the liquid in which." I urge you to lose no single opportunity in spreading the News of Mentalphysics among your friends. I shall look to you to send in enrollments during the coming fifteen days. three. you are unhappy and low-spirited.S. YOU life.The Institute of ( Church First For the Student's Use Mentalphysics- Mystic Christianity) of Only— Copyright No. useable philosophy of must SHARE IT. and our Second value to you. The Preceptor Emeritus Issued from the Office of Los Angeles 4. or the next half hour. have found it. How many have you been instrumental in enrollif GIVE— Good — one. I charge you to do all that you can. I am not feeling very well" though it only takes a moment's thought to know that the feeling not very • In this Lesson feel little of — — well is • Take know the reflection that we are not thinking very well.SECOND PART • The process of living First. little is that WE FEEL. nor yours. Third. "MAN AND THE REALM OF MIND". not a mere idea. they "swim". This is an occult Law. Your very body is so constructed HAVE THE POWER TO BRING INTO ACTION DEEDS are the true measure of our Success. A person will get up in the morning and say "Oh. (a) Aspects of Life in Your Body We I want to draw your attention to the Feeling Life of Yourself. and yet try as you might you cannot feel happy though we in Mentalphysics know that happiness is a veritable science. THE LAW is that we Must give. A55602. not my law. but let me say that not until you have led NINE into The Light can you feel that yon yourself are in The Light. what goes on in the body. who tell me that joys with world from Students THE ULTIMATE. WE ACT. but in Lesson Fourteen. Page I its in the marvelous maintenance. never losing a single chance to talk to your friends about Mentalphysics. the circulation of the blood : we have no conscious control over about the circulation of the blood. California. Most people about the corpuscles and do most of us know about the modus operandi involved not only building of the body. It is the same with our body. It is up to every faithful Student to Mei. • little Still less still less it. like fish. Therefore.

deeply rooted is it may be split into primary colours by the aid of a prism. . Till /'OS// 717 just as a ray emotions are md the like affecting us. different human (motions Hu_ with the aid of a Thesaurus. fluctuating from one state of the affections to another. though the student is urged to think about the wonderful thing that the human body is. as I foil mi 01 i Mil Wivlnm QUALITIES of LOVE. it Emotions Yet are playing when we are excited WE ARE NOT CONSCIOUS "Temple of the Living God" every moment ing this IT IS NOT upon the human instrument ALL good or ill." the Truth: "As a (b) limotiom Are the Feelings of the Soul • Now. and these moods become so firmly GROW UNCONSCIOUS OF THEIR EXISTENCE. all we affect the heart beats faster and so on. will quote just a few of the qualities of you thoughtfully to compare them with those of the opposites. uhcther upon the delicate instrument which he Om U„n.) it we to pass are thinking about • While we do influence Closely Related to whether we know thus. Think moment— YOUR BREATHING: THIS BREATHING OF YOURS IS AS INVOLUNTARY AS THE CIRCULATION. (Of course.ills his body all the time. still we DO UNCONSCIOUSLY BY THE EMOTIONS. and not work the know how or not. a Positive and of light di\ isihle invite IS THAT OF ATTRACTION— OR LOVE IS THAT OF REPULSION—OR HATE.. MOOD. But we rooted in the In But an emotion that we cherish gets listen to fine music.I. or when we and when Mind that we we do not know they cause • The Bmodoni move in call it a are there does not prevent two having. students of Mentalphysics are learning more about their Breath than any other body cf students in this country at the present time. we the body for OBVIOUS. we must learn what is written here take time to learn The thoroughly.hed I Ul(om Pour1eeu page 2 . (These ears he multiplied when tfac but — Revenge— Selfishness DlMMe— Doubt— Death— Discord rdke trtntHlhm easily Itaiy few of the emotions. for they change from hour to hour. u a study of Inrtim. THEN. for example.Ic Scnogth Etc. which we are now considering. For example.— • Nor need we dwell long upon it in this Lesson. POSITIVE SOME OP THE QUALITIES OF HATE THE NEGATIVE Kara l<<lfce— Benevolence V.) tlu gloom and Student will be able tO '"""' " " r ""' tbew complex emotions and affections (. ' H. (1) fixed. cold Our Emotions are affect- live.luriuti !l • The above in divided. even from moment to moment— look at the changes of emotions that we go through when we watch a thrilling movie. We will dismiss it here by stating work the body carries on is done by the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.v.ii id . directions. misgiving. despondency. Magnet. and then that all the for a seems from the Subconscious Mind to the Conscious Mind for the time that it. it emotion* are the feelings of the Soul. so is he.uh of them can be divided and sub- Peat becomei uudetv. The emotions Are the Thoughts— in fact. in terror. By WC how. THAT WE OUGHT TO SEE TO IT THAT THAT OUR EMOTIONS MAY OPERATE IN A CONSTRUCTIVE MANNER INSTEAD OF THE REVERSE? Remember Man Thinketh. so the almost ad infinitum. I TIME The Hi all CONSCIOUSLY have much to do with all this work. IN ORDER WE THINK RIGHT that —we get hot that we in shame. THE NEGATIVE (2) But them from • Negative pole. arc playing so on. they RISE OUT OF THE THOUGHTS. UNTIL YOU THINK ABOUT IT.r ""' I ' M fll l — Jqnorance— Vice— Guilt— Fear Sorrow Grief— \X'orr\ Sadness — i Youth Ih. and they will learn in time that breathing is most subtly intermingled with the emotional life.

THUS COOPERATING WITH THE CREATIVE PRINCIPLES. a Happy Mood.(c) • From positive element. — WE ARE NOW BRINGING BEFORE US THE MANNER IN WHICH WE MAY TO PRESERVE THE. cheerful. to and Engineering. TO REVERSE OUR MOODS AS WE HAVE REVERSED OUR THINKING. find that you are dominated by some phase of Fear. Love emotions dominate aspects of the We shall then declare the truth that — we like Gladness. For JOY is the Principle that propels you can FEEL how you were made. We can use Architecture. all The principles preserve the you will find that all body intact. Then we are no longer FOOLED BY THE ILLUSION OF THE SENSE. are based on this Law of Love. in operation constantly. happy are cultivating a so that Hopeful- disposition. Then through Meditation WE FIND THAT WE CAN DIRECT THEM INTO CONSTRUCTIVE CHANNELS AND SO AVOID THE FACTORS OF DISINTEGRATION. fed to rats. apprehensive. disease. DIS- DESTRUCSo venom- ous are these Negative Emotions that the death of an infant has been traced to poison generated by anger in its mother's milk. These Creative Principles you will come to the conclusion that a study of the emotions. moods. WE ELIMINATE THE DESTRUCTION WROUGHT WITHIN US BY THE INTEGRATING EMOTIONS. etc. and underlying the whole material universe the laws of Beauty. the Creative Principles. Cheerfulness. think in. this week you are invited to examine yourself to discover your permanent You will be surprised. and USE these Creative Principles THEM CONSTRUCTIVELY if we so desire. AND ESTABLISHING THEM IN THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. • IN THE MEDITATIONS YOU ARE INDUCING THESE PRINCIPLES FROM THE INTO THE CONSCIOUS MIND. (You are required to take each of these separately. is it a lapse from their permanent mood. etc. joyous. and such perspiration. You will doubtless. (d) Cooperate With the Creative Principles • BY THIS MEANS. • BE ABLE ADD TO YOLU I AM ESTABLISHED IN MEDITATflONS: STRENGTH— BEAUTY— HEALTH—JOY. • It is unnecessary for me to point TIVE. Strength. and if such people happen to be happy. There is much medical evidence along this line all caused by anger or fear. has caused their death. the principles known — — to Science. some ness. The Principles Principles known to Science are are in operation everywhere around us all the time. Of such people we say that they are gloomy. Therefore. FOR WE SHALL KNOW WHO HIDDEN DEPTHS OF THE CREATIVE AND WHAT WE • SPIRIT ARE.) One Hundred Three . Page 5 Joy enters in Meditation upon them out of your Meditation with a feeling the life fluids —Think of this. Perspiration of a human being can be suddenly changed and charged with venom. • When you think of it LOVE embodies that the Creative Principles are classifiable under the and LOVE. senility. Order and so on. TEMPLE OF THE BODY. WE CONSERVE THE LIFE ENERGIES. AND THESE PRINCIPLES MAY BE ESTABLISHED CONSCIOUSLY IN THE CONSCIOUS MIND BY PERSISTENT MEDITATION. like most people. BY MAKING THESE PRINCIPLES OUR PERMANENT MOODS. directing the Mind until amounting to of THEIR RADIATION. despondent. and see where Lesson Fourteen. failure. old age. BY CONSCIOUSLY COOPERATING WITH THE PRINCIPLES EXISTING WITHIN US. are the principles upon which everything rests. decay. THEREFORE. cowardice. You ought to come Bliss. WE HAVE. . worrying. serious. They cause out to you that the Negative Emotions are sickness.

physically //) generate WORK. With regard to your Breathing*. then the exhalaI I I I. I I 1 lh. it. NOTE ONE: made Mesh is in you.. you a until the last breath. tbt I'ratiii potter without UTMOST IMPORTANCE FOR YOUR MORE AD neglect these instructions. and of Life hen CO so r\ watching your speech. 1 is useless is the sound as NOTHING vou are asked to do.tur I I • —though SOUND- - charge you to take great care in your speech. Power of THE WORD OF GOD Life. carry out the instructions. for more than WORD III become how you sends out a great sound: and from this it human being a much deep Life —extend that every life will attention to what you sa\. Do not use slang. it. breathe one morning and not breathe the next though ts on the mornings that you do NOT breathe you are to sit still and go through the Breathings IN < 59 that — MIND. cannot you have evet sun If ric is Sound know that moment of a question of During purified. launching of the Breath (physical. Meantime do tongue unless you have something to say. Fourteen. you can go through thtm in a much shorter time th. UNTO VOU END Ol FOURTEENTH I 1 sSON Lessor. child born. and though this is somewhat advanced and ilml. Have no can fritur awav the power of —words. the tbt 1 meaning — the INNER Meaning — of these Words: "Have No this later. l. and vou will find that bv u-t Fully i ORDER YOUR SPEECH word that vou sav shall Highest Truth that you know. that have no meaning. the inhalation. the action of si >n I be understood bv when you start id. Your SOUND is your LIFE on you will come to know th. Fate 4 . Do II I H not I cvi is of This will teach you to you are breathing physic- that in the the power that is greater than Sound SSN1 vv hut you cannot know the latter until you know the former. and no Power. IN YOUR MIND movement of the body within.(e) Right Speech • The power of specih the is power of LIFE. but leading into meaning) and Sound (also leading into the highest mean- esoteric Silence).it is. you hat by this lime mastered the technique. t>f • You more about will learn this later. though. feci exhalation.iry. if you feel that you baa sufficiently advanced towards profimay during this week and next. Right is the forerunner of Right Conduct. life sav it first the this week the second ema- is takes a Breath. Use the best words that vou can I be tin h . hare more to say of PFACE BE Hundred This think out tin ' ! ' >>. I would advise you that you must lonlinuc them. lake no name in vain. words. words. qtdttlj still tion and spiritual work.

Have you followed (6).. PRANA it STORE IT possible for us to attain DOCUMENTARY Under what (2). - interesting your friends in you personally from the _ see the wisdom and ~. and also enable you to complete your full Examination Papers which come to you with your 26th Lesson. you sleep well? Mentalphysics —and do you _ _ . Peace be unto you.. Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper. AND CONTROL UP CONTROL may we Through what (3). man or AIR?. GENERAL: (1). as has done with the ENGINE?. so that perhaps in years to come it will serve as a guide in reviewing your unfoldment along The Path. Is (4). What is it is a DOMINION that _ STRANGE POWERS?. You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions. Can you readily master the BREATHS Do (2). do so? - „ is MAN? _ LITTLE UNIVERSE what (5). the directions of the first LIFE? two paragraphs in Lesson 12?- THE MAGNET? to consider yourself as we do with IMMORTALITY what man can IT? LESSONS: (1). Are you now able (7). Do this — — later Sh^^U^' BREATHINGS: (1). Are you to appetite (4). THE GREATER PART OP OUR WHOLE What Feeling _ MASTERS THE SENSES? (4). Is life improved? in doing so? becoming more beautiful and illustrations?. Is (2).. so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned. If latest Lessons. you? to do you notice greatest improvement? PERSONAL REMARKS: instructions _. How is be as to the is MACROCOSM?..- Has your (. 6 you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings and your you are prepared to answer the following questions. Is there Constipation?. If OXYGEN. what we know Can we consciously (3). on the seventh evening.PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No.3).jmd on which benefit PLANE OP LIFE .

and sure. This way or that way."Better thine own work is.. — . in doctrinal writ. than doing others work. I want you take a lively interest in these Lessons. try to sec problem in if YOU are able to solve the Meditation — many Students ask questions and answer them in the same sentence. His answer seldom varied: "GO AND FIND — OUT!" It took was teaching me me some to do time to realize that he my own pass the suggestion along to you to discourage may seem I I wish you from asking pertinent ques- tions concerning anything in these that . Safe shall it live. I often went to my old Master to ask him a question. So make this your rule: Before asking any to see question. then shall it soar To high neglect of what's denied or said. On Teachings the contrary. thinking —not that obscure. Troubled no longer by the priestly lore. fault. steadfastly bent On meditation.." TO THE STUDENT—Regarding inquiries: When I was in my Temple over in Tibet. — From the Bhagavad-Gita." From the Bhagavad-Gita. though done with evn excellently. "When thy firm soul Hath shaken off those tangled oracles Which ignorantly guide.

Have you subject does is NERVOUS SYSTEM? GREAT A SUPPLY OF PRANA AS YOU WISH?. What is What (7). How understand bow PRANA carried to all parts of the should the student carry out the BREATHINGS? _ LESSONS: (1). and your latest You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions. so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned. With what Force does a ben ()). upon examination. of the Initiate Work you will receive a questionnaire with the 26tb Lesson. so that perhaps in years to come it will serve as a guide in reviewing your unfoldment along The Path and also enable you to complete your full Examination Papers which come to you with your 26th Lesson. which explains more clearly what you At the conclusion far. Of what (2). PERSONAL REMARKS: . and. acquire as DOCUMENTARY 0). May you (3). What (4). Do you (2). Do this — — later . is ABC of LIVING? are our studies influenced by of the _ FIXING THE HEART ON ONE POINT? CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS MIND? _ _ UNCONSCIOUSLY? POSITIVE QUALITIES OF LOVE and two of the NEGATIVE. 7 If you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings Lessons. GENERAL: U). you will be entitled to your will be passing into have learned so Diploma. Soon you advanced work. Peace be unto you. OfaM^UiM' BREATHINGS: (1).PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. Name two this Lesson the FIRST PART? listen in THE BUDDHA batching? say as to studied the definitions of the the (6). on the seventh evening. Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper. you are prepared to answer the following questions.


that every atom m your being is —as pure spirit pure and as clear as crystal. During the coming week remember that if you desire that Life shall unfold within you in accordance with the universal plan of the Crearor. the les- wish to instruct you to take care what comes has the knack of becoming real in your people waste or misdirect most of their energy by not knowing knowing how is of God. through your mental vision. California. Right Speech is the first grade of self-discipline. — WORD • Though it may seem to be absurd to some who do not know. because you know rhat what you have to say is worth saying and that is the Truth. however. that the Word of you is in — — correspondence with the Breath of you. Most sound —not use of the spoken word. Just as you have begun to know what your Breath is. the very fact that we are students of Mentalphysics is proof of that. and as highly refined as the most sub- limated essence of the soul. RIGHT SPEECH. especially to remove some ail- ment. for RIGHT SPEECH means RIGHT ACTION. Right Speech leads on to Right Conduct more than any other force of life that we know. But the next step." • The advice thus given by another writer tells us the whole story of what is to be MENTALPHYSICS TEACHES YOU HOW TO DO IT. After a year or two. do not talk to show off. the of us the sound that we make is that which causes us to become what we are.The Mentalphysics- Institute of Church (First of Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. when you know you have to speak. inner of. FOR WHAT YOU SAY IS THE REFLECTION OF WHAT YOU THINK. TAKE GREAT CARE OF YOUR SPEECH— ACTUALLY WHAT YOU SAY. YOUR FIFTEENTH LESSON (Fifteenth Week) RIGHT SPEECH -RIGHT ACTION when you undertake "Spiritualize your personality at all times. In this Most people defy the Law of Life by the how wrong to use life. then be sure that you speak in rhythm with the Force of the Universe. Right Speech. • Speak only when you have something to say. and we have come somewhat into Right Resolution. The 1930 Institute of Mentalphysics. is of far from what We is. — greater importance. so you speak. For the Student's Use GROUP INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus Los Angeles of 4. but What you SAY speech I is the very Word to talk. • You have arrived to live. own explanation. A55602. so you are to find that your speech is what your breath is that is. As you breathe. and sound original force of the Universe.S. for your son I shall not make much out of your mouth. AND IF YOU SAY IT. when its meaning is understood. Spiritualize your entire personality by realizing. Page I (Continued on Page 114) One Hundred Eleven . • THEREFORE. U. Already we are gaining somewhat in Right Understanding. the vision of Right Living will be very different at the point where you can say that you are beginning to learn how it is today. does more to spiritualize the body than we know done. be silent until and unless you have Lesson Fifteen. IT IS PROOF THAT YOU ENDORSE IT—AND WE SHOULD ENDORSE ONLY THE TRUTH OF LIFE. because all of us have to go far before we know what Right Living must first learn Right Speech.A.

nearer and NOW it embraces ML. repeating mentally your own spir- (c) Breath. Give thanks to the Infinite Wisdom. Pa^e 2 . .L the I'nintn. Strength. Place the hands over the abdomen. the Light be too strong for lest me as it ." This will give you a feeling of perfect poise and Will that you are Health. standing the hips as in the last exercise. mm that I I urerping One .. returns from thr One Point from which I send it. that FEELING r<-ll In Lifr tigh. THAT LIFE that GOMES TO ME from Every Living Thing. . at. grotcing of their oicn nature. This must be done slowly and rhythmically. Breathe calmly and with perfect rhythm. derp. . increase gradually to seven breaths. this Wide Univor&o. it. . that Joy. "Anil noir ifuirh — . in which there is All Knowledge. Close the eyes.) firm on ground.YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL BREATH BREATH No. then without any jerking movement bend over as far as you can to the left. ill ruv ph^iirnl hod* uilh thr Light of Divine thnt conn* In MM Irnm Iriry l.. I la** a littlr hrrath and a long. for that is being made manifest in your body. and retain (a) Plan hands on (b) Feet well apart. Joy. Joy. "And — note. I embrace EVERY LIVING THING. bend the body to the right as far as you can. rigid. Full ii nrr. it'n mmirig buck. In mi-.. Youth and Beauty. nrrep rlmrpr rrrrv thnt Jor. with my Lore.. I embrace the Country / embrace the Whole World / embrace the Whole Human Race and now. HAPPY. I*t»nn Fifteen. if overwhelms me that Light of the Divine Wisdom. be — "/ / . »/i. with hands still gripping the hips.> that I MY WHOLE BODY srr of light. See that the spine is perfectly straight. ice tend it out! — — embrace thin class I embrace all in Mentalj>hysics ichcrcvcr they may embrace the City I embrace the Stale and note 1 see those great WOVet of Light rolling out. — — "And note I stand fast . back nearer.) Stand erect as before." tin. LIGHT!! GIVING THANKS Ing. Light. — My Whole Body— . Now. but from il. I. Youth the Work Spiritual BREATH RELAXATION EXERCISE No. Vm . Inhale and relax.irinp Thins. n» I take anothir littlr hrrnth--and m nigh. *. . / lork Thnt Light up Within Mi-. (This is the only exercise with feet apart. and on the completion of the third movement. 8: (Commence with two breaths. tcith mj foy. 8: "The success of this Breath depends entirely upon your ability to relax relaxing entirely! And note I am thinking upward to the top of my head . WUh my LIFE. relaxation. itual affirmations for this WATCH ILLUSTRATIONS AFTER THE EXERCISES lie down. it embo$om$ me. Inhale a Complete Breath through the nostrils. exhale vigorously through the mouth. Do this three times. imagining you are "watching the breath. — JOY! thinking Joy. . simultaneously. ill 7i. tmt . " in<l tfiidnm. the Spiritual Instrument. that Love. . tcith the Light of Divine Wisdom Within Me.

Above everything. is it thought you that BREATH IS LIFE ." . Buttocks tight. Movement from even. stand erect. but practise without breath in your body. first exhale." ft illustrations.) ber . You are ready to commence the bending movement. FIRST THIRD POSITION hositioi: Do not raise shoulders. Think poise and harmony all through the Breath. but do not Make perseverance —make experience your wise counsellor—make caution your no one your bosom friend strain. Freedom ir tho neck Do not raise shoulders Do not allow elbows to slip baok rhumbs over hip bones Abdomen drawn in slightly. feeling that you are bringing in as you exhale.iuve:ViT. Remember the elbows.. (This i3 just a little difficult." and that "You send your Light to Every Living Thing. You are shown that "There is naught but God. Practice will bring a sort of "see-3aw" movement Left foot raised on toes Right foot firm on the floor Left foot firm on the floor THIRD POSITION Begin this Breath with rather vigorous exhalation. exhale and drop hands slowly. at any point. Try to fill every air space. then. Legs are firm. three times to the left. notice that this is the only Breath with the feet apart. not hurry to get into the Breath. Your ever learn will give you for it more food for thought than LIFE ITSELF.e as in Grand Standing erect. How deals with the cause of blind have people been through the ages that they have given so to CAUSE— always thinking of and studying SHOW This Breath will CAUSE OF and Force of Life and Enter upon LIFE. but only requires practice. Do not forget the "feeling. upon it you reverse the move- ment. Posture is the cir. little EFFECTS. will Enter most reverential attitude of mind.. REMARKS ON THIS BREATH No Breath that you will Own Spiritual Breath. unbroken inhalation. Feel a "onenttss" with ill Life as you enter this great f This movement is naturally identi- In this movement. side to side must be even and rhythmic—do not jerk the PRANA In this position No. so that you will not overbalance. and elbov/s are forward. body.ion - but with the foot apart. Fill yourself with air. Ro. followed by deep. —make hope your guardian genius. and when you have gone through the movements. Listen to elder brother Do —merely do your work. when you feel you have mastered the technique go carefully and accu- rately into breathing..the head is pulled steadily downward. You ARE the Creator embodied human form! You are THAT! into human form! You ARE God in FOURTH POSITION This posture concludes the whole of the Breaths for the Initiate Group Course. Do jure that you are firm on your foet. Be sure that shoulders are not raised. you bend over to the right. the you ARE LIFE! All the Youth Have no fear in this gloriously inspiring PROVE to with reverence alive within you. with side pull in the head over right shoulder. do not strain -YOLK OWN SPIRITUAL BREATH You one of the hardest of your Breathings—watch the BREATH is Right foot raised on toes SECOND POSITION FIRST POSITION This Remember the elbows in rhe Do not forget this. Three times to the right. — Breath. then inhale slowly and unbrokenly.

ON ALL THE TIME. THIS GOES (If you bate access to a microscope you may watch the process for yourself. BY THIS WE MEAN THAT WE KNOW THAT THEY EXIST AT THE PRESENT MOMENT. A liancy of the sun literally speaks. high wind sweeps through all I cannot con- The sparkling Nature with bril- a force that makes a thinker think. TO REITERATE (Watch Carefully) THE CELLS ARE NOT BORN OF SEED AS ORGANIZED FORMS ARE. Page 2 . but ni. — Body Perpetually Young in its essential nature that THAT IT IS ESSENTIALLY YOUNG. Just as the very highest eucalyptus trees bow almost to the ground before this force. ntnin for you to witness this. is. so there are similar whole C It only already learned is may in The be apparent to the student from what has gone before in these Lessons that not the is if on us.something Mm 'word" to say. Our the switch. is TERIAL inter- They never rest. ished product. By taking in the general view on a morning like this. AND SO ON FOREVER. unrelenting movement everywhere. THE LINKS IN THAT CHAIN OF LIFE THAT REACHES FAR BACK INTO THE DISTANT PAST. "Tutor)" goei with and you will it when it emerges dayi liter). like an automohile. is manner upon the No — therefore. when the Prana impresses itself upon one's consciousness to such a — marked degree. that is that is never finished- All the days that we — the live In fact. so the tiniest blades of grass feel its power.. self-existing and self- perpetuating—but • WE HAVE LEARNED THAT THE PRIMARY CELLS FROM WHICH OUR BODIES HAVE DEVELOPED ARE ACTUALLY IMMORTAL. "Have in which the switch operated depends the is (a) The Body • As my look out from I ceive of anything more is Essentially Young study window.. speech power that you possess will enable you to grow young more than no tongue" until you know the way to use it. THEY ARE THE CONTACTS. IF that just as all this force goes movement.inv It we arc "dead.) • Now. the Universe without us. force within we can control aid direct this odic force. THEY INCREASE BY DIVISION. activity. They are building the Temple of remember how we showed that the body is not a finis as a product an entity. (b) Some of the Muriels of Physical Growth >KI \\ GO ON. THESE TWO INTO FOUR. There is movement speedy. NEWMAGOING INTO IT EVERY MOM] NT THAT WE LIVE. FROM THE FIRST INSTANT OF CONCEPTION TO THE END WHEN THE MAGNET LETS GO. the body all the time.AIN. out here in Sunny California. AND WE CANNOT POINT TO A TIME WHEN THEY DID NOT EXIST. the cells of which the bones continue to preserve them for countless years after learn would be these cells arc ever at work. and result. HE THINKS. Hundred Fourteen Lesson Fifteen. so to speak. YOU KNOW THAT OUR FOOD IS CHANGED INTO BLOOD. IT IS QUITE 0BVT01 IS WHIN YOU COME TO THINK OF IT THAT THE BLOOD WE HAVE • I < I I <>. the work continues. one can realize. beautiful than the scene laid out before me. LET US STOP AND CONSIDER THE WORKING OF THE Bl BODY U." whole (and for ire made What we have to THE BODY IS ALWAYS IN THE PROCESS OF MAKING. \M) THAT MW BLOOD IS BEING CREATI D VI RY MOMENT. that starts the current of life running through us. EACH CELL DIVIDES INTO TWO CELLS.

~-i . v itn all the psychic force at • your command: CAN NEVER THINK OF MYSELF AS MORE THAN A YEAR OLD. . But we could go down through the whole of the body and see that all the organs of sense. All of us probably get four new sets of finger-nails every year. . the mouth. But what about the linings of the stomach. the intestines. be at peace. It is no different with the skin we all of us probably get a new skin every three months. you will SEE the truth of • This new is that the point. A little thinking on say man YEARS new embodi- a instead of months.TODAY IS NOT THE SAME THAT WE HAD A MONTH AGO. of digestion. . the arteries and veins they are all fortified with a skin. • THEREFORE WE ARE ALL YOUNG. . as it reversed our ideas about the Sunrise. YOUNG. (The period of gestation in the womb may IS NO SUCH THING AS A be taken as a guide to the period required to re- create the body. Page 3 One Hundred Fifteen . they are all YOUNG. IT IS QUITE SAFE TO ASSERT THAT THERE IS NOT A DROP OF BLOOD IN OUR BODIES THAT WAS THERE THREE MONTHS AGO. in your essential Nature. That you are "Old" is another APPEARANCE. THERE MAN'S BODY THAT IS A HUNDRED YEARS OLD. another deception of the senses. NEW. TO THE CONTRARY.) • We may suppose that the sum total of all the changes gives every — ment in the space of nine months but even if we were to IT WOULD STILL BE YOUNG. . it. We injure a finger-nail today. . . that the Reason has to correct and reverse. will — that he shaved today .. (c) startling THIS? Human Beings Are All One Age is no fact of more one you are now learning in this Lesson that. Moreover.. HOW CAN YOU GROW OLD. IN SPITE OF ALL APPEARANCE TO THE CONTRARY. AM YOUNG. — NEW. . which is replaced. not a reality. nutrition and so forth ALL ARE The beard day. • CONSIDER THIS: A man grow about one-sixteenth of an inch of hair every was not that which he shaved yesterday it was new beard. these lines will make very it certain. Do not miss anything. . Sink within yourself." "From this moment 1 I Lesson Fifteen. NEW. and in a very short time the damaged portion grows out. BUT SOLID SCIENTIFIC LOGICAL FACT. • ALL STUDENTS OF MENTALPHYSICS ARE URGED SOLEMNLY TO GET WELL INTO THE MIND. This is so obviously true that I have no doubt that when you say that THERE IS NOT A PARTICLE OF YOUR BODY IN THE BODY TODAY THAT WAS THERE A YEAR AGO. GET THAT SAME CERTAIN CONVIG TION THAT YOU WERE URGED TO GET IN AN EARLIER LESSON AND WHEN YOU KNOW THIS FOR A POSITIVE FACT. . the nostrils. was and everything that old. teaching that has appeared so far in these Lessons there — thrilling interest than the IN SPITE OF ALL APPEARANCES YOU ARE YOUNG. . and then read aloud. — — . KNOWING THIS NO IS • In all the and AND REMEMBER — FAIRY TALE. Therefore. You never saw a thing is new is YOUNG. So. YOUNG. THEY ARE ALL NEW. Sit quietly and still. and then we watch it grow from day to day. be very quiet as you read. Sometimes we have a finger-nail that is entirely torn off. like the outer skin. I DO NOT HAVE TO GROW YOUNG. HOW CAN YOU AGE? THIS FACT — • YES.

Rouse yourself Act the part. . . ASSUME it. . this great Truth about yourself. If you do not FEEL joy. Affirmation I I I I AM YOUTH RADIANT BEAUTIFUL AM ETERNALLY YOUNG AM STRONG ETERNAL LIFE YOUTH AM FREE FREE FREE FOR EVERMORE . you should find out write to our Book Department and inquire about the "GUIDE" it will teach you. . . Puge 4 . . . . .c- Mother suckling her babe WE ARE ALL ONE than the babe? no older. CM tlun. HURRAH. you may say. THERE IS NO OLD AGE AGE FREE . is in her essential nature. . UNTO YOU— END OF FIFTEENTH LESSON Dingle California Sixteen Lesson Yifteen. and (he right food. . Lesson. NOTE FROM DING LE MEI TO THE STUDENT: I know that you will be enjoying this wani 10 impress upon you the importance of not fooling yourself. Dance. . . BEAUTY . granted that we know what dghl thought means. . And do Pretend. "Why do we look old?" This remains to be answered. shout and sing— rejoice and be glad. AM GLAD THAT I AM NOT SUBJECT TO OLD AM I FREE . . . . PEACE BE Written in I'nith hij Angeles 4. be answered. • \\ til. . this with great joy. We must never forget that the human body is chemistry in action. and But so far as you are concerned for this moment you are now in a position to state. FREE . you should find out. to a strong e m o«on. more readily guarantees right chemistry. AGE. FREE FOREVER. ADD TO Kill MEDITATIONS: Denial I I REJOICE. with the utmost conviction. . . If you are not sure of the right way to eat. Play the game. — I — — We must not fool ourselves. If you have not found out your own Chemical Type. . . . Out Hmmdtwd Edivin ]. . Life is LAW and to LIVE we must know and live the Law. .• Do you not that a m.

California. THE LIGHT THAT IS IN THEE BE DARKNESS. The light does not. as the operator. as we chemistry in action. GENERALLY SO UNDERSTOOD—and that's one can say. you will understand this illustration: Upon one you focus the image of an old man. whose great manly voice has changed again to no older in Biological Substance than the great-granddaughter of ten. You know also that the impression on each plate is made by Take two are we sensitive plates. on other.) (Shakespeare's old feeble treble. YOUR SIXTEENTH LESSON (Sixteenth Week) THE PARADOX OF • body If the young. no matter BIOLOGICAL FACT OF LIFE. are to reconcile these contraries? Doubtless you have worked at photography. There is a contradiction here. doubt. IT COME we must now DOES a legitimate question that if it is essentially ABOUT THAT IT carefully consider deceive ourselves. THAT HE IS OLD OUT AT 70 or 80. after what of the substances of the body are we have already learned. U. It will as readily impress the plate with the image of the grandparent as with that of the grandchild whichever you." We had thought that A ATTAINS MATURITY AT ABOUT 40 YEARS OF AGE. the light reflecting the image. for on the one body grew old that the of shoes MAN AGE' —that that is. IS is that the man in the seventh stage. AND WORN hand it IS true. Hitherto sum total we had imagined in the same manner as a piece of machinery. A55602.S. cannot. ("IF. discriminate. decide to expose. 4.A. the trembling hand of the man of 90. that the ACTUALLY YOUNG. If the so. is actually who steadies (a) Reconciling Contraries • How. • then. THEN.The Mentalphysics- Institute of (First Church of Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. 1930 For the Student's Use INITIATE The Preceptor Emeritus Issued from the Office of Los Angeles of The GROUP Institute of Mentalphysics. exactly alike. You have no hesitation in stating that the two plates identical in substance. to the Body. or an old pair wear and tear caused the "age. and is now have ALSO OLD? IS This for whatever else we • little There can be HOW reason to know. HOW GREAT IS THAT DARKNESS!") Lesson Sixteen. Page 1 One Hundred Seventeen . as stated in our last Lesson. old it may appear. is we must not do. the image of his grandchild. and TRUE IT IS just IT IS on the other gloriously in the sense that about all that NOT TRUE Human IT IS NOT TRUE. which how ESSENTIALLY YOUNG. • DO YOU SEE THE POINT? IN OUR BODIES WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH A DIFFERENT SORT OF LIGHT—THE LIGHT OF THE MIND.

Now. AND BEING YOUNG. but in her case of the Divine Love) that she was thus ruled. we are deceived by the Traditions of the IS THAT EVERY PARTICLE OF THE BODY THE PARTICLES. rejoice have them and be fixed. Page 2 . IS the Light being your filters. is there is a case Subconscious Mind.— • The Mind Light of chc the Creative Spirit. Twenty 18. that perwill sistent Meditation will bring you a realization of this same power within you make the Light and Fire so REAL that you will be able to FEEL it and SEE it. but they are modified by the action of the Conscious Mind. most part inherited are for the image of that son man of 90. that of a is it feasibility of sensitive substance of the this deeply in your Thought. the Mind-substance. t>) 'Short-Circuit" the have seen very clearly as We men. that of a child of ten. • Now. Illl \ Till IK)I)Y AS A WHOLE MUST ALSO BE YOUNG. — • and think of Sit tact you will SEE it. I LIFE IF ' On* HmmJrrJ Eight ten \ rwnn Sixteen. THERE IS NO GETTING AWAY FROM THIS PACT >M T YOU ARF ABLE TO GET IT WELL ESTABLISHED IN YOUR • 1^ Hi BIOLOGICAL FACT OF COMPARATIVELY YOUNG. The Mind is composed of ideas DIVINE WISDOM FILTERS. Some years later the woman hair and fresh complexion. We Upon one to the sensitive paper. The GREAT LIGHT. natural light If this sufficiently to If so. THOUGHT. us through is your body with the REALIZE THAT to read. ARE YOUNG. in our case. the Subconscious still appearing as a Mind was girl This of 18. picture produces the Now. The mental picture (Subconscious) was so strong of her first love that when the hahv was born it in no way hair was deeply in love with a resembled either parent. Get rather. BODY. the heat is the Fire of Divine Wisdom. when that just within. hut had blue eyes. an is let THROUGH WHICH THE LIGHT OF in the it is produced. was that time she during in a mental passed. what tbey the Light of Wisdom. The sensitive paper hand. You produced. light The man was killed. — fire. image of the grandfather. so charged with love (the is not fire common. We us return to the negatives. — Instances Note:- of mothers unconsciously impressing their ideas upon their infants are very numerous. light hair and fresh complexion. sheet it THAT THE NEGATIVE suppose which the Light YOUR MIND. imprinting the picture of the ideas in the IT IS TRUE. thwarted in love. IT BEFORE YOUR let through filters you can relax EYES. dear student. became demented. THE CELLS. If the on the other will instantly see the on record of a beautiful girl She lost all sense of time. who. be able to con grateful. married a man of similar type CO herself. how men In this Lesson have to CORCd tin's Wrong Thought see — and women quite are deceived by their senses how we and we CAN. t • We as much Race. But SHE DID NOT years of GROW OLDER. on the other the image of the grandchild. MUST HAVE Till POWER OF YOUTH. the Light of Divine is We Wisdom. then senility but in support of this. proceed to print. Let me quote only one: A woman with a dark complexion and — man of totally opposite type blue eyes. think! If. the case of our all know that we cannot have light without heat and those students who have made the bodies. • These Then proceed ideas in the Mind Mind. KNOW progress with the Breathings that they should will FEEL and What not KNOW Breath properly they can here written is is • As fire look out again on the scene in California I I mean the words of Divine Love is they retain their Wisdom Divine this heat of the figurative or symbolic For the energy emanating from the say. can see in the Universe without abundant evidence of the power. and hospital. and I want you to realize.

ages. IT There is no need for me to MEANS THAT NEVER AGAIN ARE YOU TO THINK OF YOURSELF OLD—FOR YOU ARE NOT . FOR YOUR RECOGNITION OF THIS GREAT FACT WILL ACT AS A "SHORT" TO THE OLD IDEAS. NOW YOU KNOW. To live as long of the iron. YOU ARE NOT. THE SUBCONSCIOUS THOUGHT. • HE DID NOT KNOW. THE OLD THOUGHT. most men have died to live. IS SHORT-CIRCUITED. When you One Hundred Nmeteem . This does not mean that a woman goes back to girlhood and to her dolls. are HUMAN ern world. nor the man to his boyhood and his toys. such thing as Impossibility exists. But for the Subconscious Mind works out your ideas to their logical conclusion. "I KNOW that I NOW— grow young. is the go There further. West the in tell I believe that I truthful in telling few years ago that the Biological until a very ESSENTIALLY YOUNG. Iron had never been known to float. DESIRING TO LIVE. they may living is This. but the it IS VERY SMALL INDEED. am will enlighten you and convince you of the Truth. LIVE and how to Therefore. physics. You then assume a similar attitude to the Universe (the Universe of Your Self) as was done nearly a hundred years ago when a Thinker said that iron would float. of a mirror. through Mental- Why. it YOU Now. controlled by the Tradition of the Students of Mentalphysics are. little KNOWS children in school. intense emotion. THAT IS. "I years old. and sincerely I Wisdom the Divine has NOT lived as long as he desired clinging to the desire to live on still in the WHO KNOW In course of time. dition has made for you. Thought always as the writer of these —when you know what live according to them. recognize the lines the YOU CAN has done. the IMPOSSIBLE. Biological FACT of life. He he desired to as of the did not live was. It was IMPOSSIBLE. AND IT IS UP TO YOU TO LIVE WHAT YOU KNOW— to do with your Life THE SEEMING IMPOSSIBLE. THE • Let us too. is a natural normal growth from childhood RACE MIND." Say: "/ am grateful that I have 40 years of valuable experience. Life are IF ACCEPTED. front for." Then LIVE it. NOR DID YOU. to age. all students will greatest of know know it. (There is no not that you will be. was not generally known Human structure was it knew TO BE A FACT IT number of men a long time ago. even • Similarly. is of course. — one did he die? tragedies. but really no human it you meditate upon if it. if sciously rejecting human IS Man it. the cumulative thought of is are at liberty to accept the tra- KNOW WHAT YOU you will you not? But IF YOU LIVE REJECT it. Page i LIMIT. but are fools life Or they do. Hitherto Man it. free to accept the tradition. AS BEING • Do am 40 not say. Many men foundation of the East that iron floats. Play the part. and YOUNG NOW... No. But then the FACTOR (the Creative Spirit) came in. (lj • What To Do and How To Think FACT. Say daily to yourself in dramatic feeling. am YOUNG. Let every- limit to your years but that which Tra- WHICH YOU CAN MAKE REJECT. MIND. hoped that we are all conlonger than he used to. with all Revolutionize your life. and today everyone in the Westdition or reject it." • Always think of yourself as BEING thing be in the present tense. I AM YOUNG NOW. Lesson Sixteen.) DO NOT MAKE A If there is to be a limit. for the great like the floating to you.WORK ALMOST DONE. IT YOURSELF. Laws of Thought. live the Race the own long as you desire to as Refuse to accept the Race wins. being gradually extended. and the average span of reject and it.

AM ETERNAL AM ETERNALLY YOUNG. the Subcon- at that time. You may be their ambitions. OLD AM NOT SUBJECT TO DEATH. — if you know what the Future IS Eternal Life. BEAUTY. you will find that the Meditations given here are the very basic platform upon which everything in life is built. YOUTH. the more will you find yourself going with the Stream of Life and all the forces of life consequently you yourself will be in the Great Harmony and attracting to yourself satisfaction money meditating for material wealth unless you are Health and Joy — — in love affairs. Affirmation I I AM YOUNG. No matter what particular subject you may be following in Meditation in this Course of Lessons. Above all. SENILITY. YOUTH. JOY and TRUTH I . AGE. LIFE— LIFE.— 1 say that you have Mind scious If you sees to MUST then say: "I made up your mind that it shall Thought project your am you living forever — I to live to such-and-such end your days into the Future am an age. PFA( WrU I \wln one perfect abstraction to INTO YOU— FND OF SIXTFFNTH FSSON HI / impossible to over-estimate in I / Ufarnia One Hundred Tueniy I etton Sixteen. Note: — For those students who are making own needs and Youth. HEALTH. ." ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS: Denial I I AM NOT SUBJECT TO DECAY. YOUTH. it their is own Denials and Affirmations to suit wise to incorporate these Meditations for — you cannot make much and Youth. You may be meditating for satisfaction in love the more you meditate on Youth. do not fail to give to these Meditations their full value. . their power. It is and you will only have to gain success appreciate the meaning of this advice. Vane 4 .



Institute of


For the Stude nt's Use


Mystic Christianity)

Only— Copyright No. A55602, 1930


The Preceptor Emeritus

Issued from the Office of

Los Angeles



Institute of



4, California,

(Seventeenth Week)
"Hate perseverance
which in thee shall
life; it is the

• Our


as one

who doth

that was, that



any new instruction



Thy shadows

for evermore endure.

and will

live forever, that

in thee


be, for



and vanish; that



it is


not of fleeting

the hour shall never strike."

is to be the Great REVIEW Week. You are not to take up
week, but are to re-study fully the sixteen Lessons that have

gone before.



awaken fifteen minutes earlier durgo through your Scientific Breathings; then through your ablutions; then dress with particular care, as if you were going
to meet someone whose opinion matters very much to you. Then do this
ing this

week than has been your

are asked to




Stand before a mirror;


Smile at yourself, with great pleasure, looking yourself squarely in the eye;



a conversation with yourself, thus

"William, or Dorothy
grateful to you, for

wish to do.




faith in you, William,

have learned that




(Be dramatic.


own name),

by your



feel very


unbounded, for




in you."

Smile with

things are possible to


arid is





(Look deep into your eyes and



have discovered that the Creative Energy in you can do,
to do,


have learned that you are able to do whatever

have learned to place

great pleasure



(call yourself


what you are saying
you are on the eve of some
or whatever you have in mind

believe that

Act as

great realization of joy or success,


for yourself.)

"William, you


start to achieve, for

Lesson Seventeen, Page




achieve today whatever you

you have discovered the







One Hundred Twenty-ont

(Rouse yourself to a high

state of joyous emotion. Let your eyes
and look with earnest concentration into your eyes. Feel
warmth of love towards yourself and everybody, declaring that


you will expect, demand and receive help from others, so are


Be kind.

out with this intention.



watch and you will be surprised





wards you wilL

feel that






you have had



so that

a very pleasant visit






words that you




of JOY.)

Carry on the conversation in front of the mirror to suit your

down what you will say. Use the
decisive, and make the conversation


the response in others will

be precisely in correspondence with your
be the



when you



start out after

from someone and that you

as a result.


If possible, make no appointments for the evenings
Spend the time in your own company. As usual, take the Meditations
Go back over the whole of the sixteen Lessons. See that you have not missed
a single Denial or Affirmation, and repeat them all over without reference to the Lessons, and feel that you can associate with each Denial and each Affirmation the teaching that appears in the Lessons in which they occur.
Say them to yourself time and
time again. Then close your eyes and see whether you can run through them consecutively, taking the high points, and realize that you
them all thoroughly
what Lesson Two teaches, Lesson Three, Four and so on and MAKE SURE THAT

of this week.


• Then




the last sixteen weeks.




Write down the
know, determine that
perfect reverence, you can visualize

a fool's virtue.

the strength of conviction that you

— that you are what,


as being.

an axiom in


See whether you have really

there any aspect of Fear hovering


and declare that Fear

all this out,

Then, with


does not exist any longer



See where the weak points are.

analyze yourself.

made progress during


progress that the

more we conquer








your troubles

may have

• Try

with you will become a state of Mind.


yourself supe-

your anxieties, your ill-health perhaps, or your failure to make enough money,

rior to


home and


your love



obsessed you formerly, will disappear

to discover this


in a



of which or any of which


is absolute Truth with you that, TO BE






the Principle of


harmony with Power

to be in


of course to be exactly what you have been meditating


• Go



work boldly and with


and you

will find, in a


not experienced before, that unexpected forces will close around you and


you have



to your aid.

"Say to them that are of



• You

will find that the worst thing about Fear

tion, a

deception of the senses, about which



Be Strong— FEAR NOT."

Is its own shadow, for Fear is a decepwe have been learning. MEDITATION


One Hundred




ion Srrentem, Psge 2

But here





it is

are to be the investigator.


week for the further




YOU who must do the talking and the
Week. YOU are to do the work.
your Grand
Do your own analyzing, and so get yourself ready

talking away, whereas

thinking in this Lesson



scientific investigations that

not imagine that there

any short



your future Lessons will

any Royal Road




you have not properly mastered what the first sixteen Lessons contain,
be assured that you will not be able properly to realize what is to come hereafter.
to climb
You are climbing a ladder, and you are aware that there is only ONE
a ladder, rung by rung.
none; and



During the Seventeenth Week, you are counseled to look into your Health are you
Are you eating correctly? Are your teeth sound?
Are you feeling the true benefit of the Breathings do you look forward each day to
whatever you undertake?
disobeying any of Nature's laws?

acter. It is




these questions honestly,


what you





CAN DO— you


remedy defects

are not trying any


your char-

















then watch and see that


you get from

this atti-

tude of mind towards the Universe.


Let this Seventeenth
later life


look back with real

• And may


be a period of Great Gladness upon which you shall in


the Invisibles

come to your guidance and your

aid, as they will, for

you are The Magnet.
lust that

thou would" st cross the first Hall safely,
burn therein for the sunlight of life."

Litton Seventeen, Page



not thy


mistake the



One Hundred Twenir-tbret

ME 8. to The Institute of than you have may be able to be brought is to Anything that But no matter whether you give to a non-profit institution. a stoik on brought in?" to give something to our to you care to give will be gratefully appreciated. hand and give them dents have I to something to the Universe. I AM POWER AM WISDOM AM JUSTICE AM THAT AM. I 7. I 6. AM PEACE AND PEACE DWELLS 9. UNTO YOU— END OF SEVENTEENTH LESSON Dingle ilifornia (hir \\un<it<A TwtOtffOM I riton Sftenlttn. I 4. so that another to The Light. I 10. So mote it be. UV i)i l>ii Edwin J. a very good tvay your friends. I 3. I 11.ADD TO VOII MEDITATIONS: 1. I 5. I 12. The I is to buy our Also ask yourself. Pdgf 4 . You know like to GIVE Institute or not. I AM ETERNAL LIFE AM ETERNAL LOVE AM TRUTH. your DUTY SPREAD THE little books — keep "How many stu- and your PRIVILEGE LIGHT. that you Perhaps you work. FEEL First. Remember that it is cooperate with the Lord of the Eternal and PEACE BE FEEL something to somebody. n ill feci that that you you would would like Menlalpbysics. give II who has le^s that this Institute you care to help The Institute. GIVE THANKS FOR ALL THAT EVER WAS GIVE THANKS FOR ALL THAT IS GIVE THANKS FOR ALL THAT EVER WILL BE QUESTION NOT THE DIVINE LOVE. I 2. WISDOM AND JUSTICE May May May IN All Beings All Beings I Be Peaceful Be All Beings Blissful Happy Be — — My Dear Student: / would counsel you tit the end of this week hate found The Law now realize that you are LIVING it.

If I had started woman BE CONVINCED. We are NEVER to think AGE FOR US. think me mad and so he has to go his way until he comes to the Light. • was watching some workmen and overheard one of them to some trouble to explain to his fellow workmen that that knee of his was not worth what he called a "damn". of course not. beautiful teachings QUIT YE LIKE MEN-BE STRONG" • Since the Biological Fact of Life that the is Body ESSENTIALLY YOUNG. This is wrong speech. Page 1 worked out for know that us." When already dead as to the Fact and Principle the Glorious Vibrating Principle of Life.The Mentalphysics- Institute of (First Church For the Student's Use Mystic Christianity) of Only— Copyright No. A55602. this particular link that call (a) The Urge of the Creative Spirit © When we so many but as so we think of age. nor colds. rejoice that today." said he. an acquaintance of mine the other day told me that he was actually 37 "What's the use of starting anything at that age. a many WITH THIS ABSOLUTE CON- VICTION THAT NOTHING CAN SHAKE— neither disappointments to think of them. HOW. Poor fellow. and see a being transformed. in the full confidence that perhaps in five. — to think of so-and-so years ago mental condition. nor pains. the passing of the years.S. He gen- perfectly resigned to his fate. and will say: years ago. 4. you know more than you knew "last year this time. he or she is I MIGHT I if he ever had should have done that have done something. nor aches. many more years to live. he was all unconscious that his was making his knee weaker. California. YOUR EIGHTEENTH LESSON Week) (Eighteenth The student is now urged to bend every comprehend and REALIZE the effort to embodied in Mentalphysics. will be entirely successful. years nearer the grave (which much beautiful and ripe experience — and —our NOTE: A man erally settles down of work fifty man or of fifty-five will think that he has not NOW I "Oh. but Mentalphysics students Lesson Eighteen. about ourselves as growing old THERE IS — NO Time. we is have to get the habit of thinking about ourselves as YOUNG.A. 1930 INITIATE GHOLF> Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus Los Angeles The of Institute of Mentalphysics. possibly twenty years he will be no more. And be glad in what we you have found the TRUTH. the Subconscious most Mind One Hundred Twenty-five ." Look in the mirror. Let your eyes shine and your whole being reverberate the very Truth That YOU ARE YOUNG. it's too late am 50 now. U. Only the other day say. ten or any. when I tried to inspire him to do something with his life. it is not necessary for us to repeat things of this sort many times for them to be people do not know. Could I tell him? No. not as are the almost constant thought of is is in that What for fifteen a me He fallacy! loses his ambition. He would at once resist me. people). "Damn my knee" I —and he went WORD — • Again. So.

will tell you how to do. I have. for there THOUGHT and TALKED sickness all THIS SORT OF THING FOR HIMSICK? But sickness is NOT THE REAL. • On a recent transcontinental trip. In Meditation it is as if your Mind will tell YOU ARE. cannot grow old. like the true. it is EVER AT IS HOW WE MAY DO THOUGHTS OF It IMAGINE is HOW TO knows also THINGS. . the Creative Spirit. so there may be in fact. (his is the his life. me. IS III the Creative Spirit. so man a to ARE will say to YOU The AM is we. . if our ears which were attuned." But you remember the Sun- of maladies that he suffers from. THE CREATIVE SPIRIT NEVER RESTS.— accepts unqucstioningly. and the children's turn. how life chan poor. The to is EVER URGING THEM TO DO SOMETHING Invisible bands of the Creative USING US TO SHAPE more sublime adventures. The rolling of the orbs of heaven make no noises that we can hear. we might hear the grass grow. and what the doctors had said and what they had suffered and so on. I tell you that from Chicago to San Franmost enthusiastic conversation was what had been done to them. it would. (b) Speech the "Container" of Thought • We make is come apt to claim: "Ah. HOW to But in the Silence we can tune do it. and the Creative Spirit KNOWS DO. He has and why. Father will say. the deception. of our Thoughts. same thing. The broke. all the same. and inform the Mind. or surprised that you are? other We and the Creative none. to our my had I've day You know hot* Yes. and apparently quite logically: "Why. having continually manufactured SI II. come Incidents "Ah me. The seed in the moist soil makes no noise that we can hear. How CAN soever! • But Perhaps can you expect THINK. . and you will admit is that the Creative Spirit never gets sick. NEVER SAY — "I am poor or the Universe. all the days of their life limiting the expression of the Creative Spirit that SOMETHING." . As we have now to reverse our thinking. But possibly." is it DAY. NEVER SAY— "I am Spirit old. the Creative Spirit be poor or lack anything what- rise." . Dingle-le-Mei. ANYTHING The I AM we do that come not wish to true. tune Mentalphysics teaches us in. when you learn properly to "tune in" to the Voice That Speaks In The Silence you certainly will hear the Creative Spirit urging you on and showing you what and how to do. WORK HELPING US WITH IDEAS AND MORE OFTEN THAN NOT THIS WISDOM FROM THE UNIVERSAL IS UNCONSCIOUSLY WASTED BY US ALL THE SAME. Page 2 . what am sick. there were four ladies in the car in which I trav- whom had had an operation. we ex- the conditions of our life with the spoken word. knows no age. AND IS ALWAYS URG ISG YOU AND ME ON TO GREATER THOUGHT AND GREATER ACTION. • THE CREATIVE SPIRIT • ANYTHING that you can that possible. . BUT POSSIBLE. each of cisco their sole topic of — Oar Hundred TtMrnty «« Letsnn Eighteen." So we must never say about ourselves NEVER SAY — "I above. I have thought poverty thoughts be on earth are you talking about? and be will . . Instead of thank- eled. what roll off a host I tell you I am sick —don't SURPRISED THAT HE IS I know? Why. the Creative Spirit. • Our words are the clothing we say about ourselves with such little understanding. When you meditate. It KNEW I man quoted invariably does. ALWAYS Spirit are ITS INFINITE AND BE urging us on WISDOM. and then. Therefore." is Creative Spirit owns all the wealth ol all your — then. •Just as there are rays of light above and below our range of vision. there are in — actually — tones of vibrations that we cannot hear. every notice — now the children will live as Father lived.

lined and wrinkled. it Triumph applies to age and success and sickness What are we do? to look into the mirror perhaps to count the years in your face. ." Though you admire old people." Ah. Young. we'll be sick—we are creating dis-ease. SAY TO YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE USING MATERIAL—YOU ARE DRAWING THAT FOOD TO YOURSELF BY THE MAGNET—TO MAKE YOUR BODY BEAUTIFUL. sallow. DENY IT. WE THINK POVERTY. they will probably have to go under the surgeon's knife again? ing the surgeons the disease • You may consider what is written here as far-fetched. at once. IF WE THINK AGE. . REVERSE THE THOUGHT. All the same. (d) About the Power of the Subconscious Mind • What has been written in this Lesson probably DO know. My skin is as clear as a child's—my eyes are bright—my vision is good —I am YOUNG. tally: . It is changing. who a gloomy side of life. REVEL IN THE TRUTH OF IT. "How foolish of me to build a face like that. being made NEW. they persisted in living and its results all over again. EVEN WHEN IT MAY Cut down a Negative Thought at once. — • In your Mind say vigorously: "How wrong he was really no older than his son. YOUNG. Lesson Eighteen. IF IF .) not a particle of that face It is infant flesh. how to you. so we ARE—There is not the slightest possibility of getting around tt- and this truthful in scientific statement. how happy I am that I am YOUNG. Yes! Say to yourself. you may say — practically everything in life. hard. REVERSE THE NEGATIVE THOUGHT. YOUNG. exact proportion to the objectify What we think today will have power of our Thought. WHEN ANOTHER PERSON SPEAKS TO YOU OF AGE. It seems to you. never think of them as anything but young think only of their great experience." How We May difficult subject. IF WE THINK FEAR. Oh. exclaiming menSEEM SILLY TO DO SO. Is it any wonder that. the REAL I is unchanging. we'll be poor. Page 3 One Hundred Twenty-seven . WE THINK SICKNESS. as you are doing in Mentalphysics. are drawn. gray." "Now know I (No one but YOU made that I have always been prepossessing. TO MAKE YOU YOUNG." Talk thus to yourself. and you From what you have learned it may be perfectly clear should be any lingering doubt in your Mind let us reiterate somethis is so. REVERSE AND DENY ALL ELSE. • AND ALWAYS REJOICE INWARDLY. you say." DENY IT MENTALLY. not for YOU. its objectification Mind soon as the Subconscious as can it.whose science had probably saved their lives. SING IT TO EVERY TUNE YOU KNOW. — "Thou shalt not pass . THINK about AS WE THINK. I will have (c) • But this is a and health and • You skin The — none of thee. If ever you get into this frame of Mind. WHEN ONE SAYS: "OH. existed a year ago. IT SHOULD NOT BE NECESSARY TO STRESS THE VITAL IMPORTANCE OF REVERSING ALL NEGATIVE THOUGHT. we shall lose our courage and ambition and faith. All the gloom is There may be for the Other Fellow. but it is not. as quick as only Thought can act. WHEN YOU EAT. I am BEAUTIFUL." • THEREFORE. and therefore . may it hair is be flabby. utterly foolish to say : "I am BEAUTIFUL — I am YOUNG. —no one that face Why. It is changing every moment. but lest there is literally true — you ought to know. but has not been so fortunate as you to get out of the gloom into the Sunshine of the Divine Light. we shall die "before our time. HE DIED AT 60. thing about the Subconscious Mind. The You look at the muscles. then. else COULD. is it? THINK Go Back over the Lessons showing how the Subconscious Mind works. • THINK IT ALL THE TIME. later on. POOR FELLOW.

THE MEDITATOR. HAVE SO FAR PROGRESSED IN YOUR MEDITATIONS THAT YOU ARE LIKE THIS WHEN IN PRACTICE. WHEEL. YOUTH . THIS IS WHY YOU ARE CONSTANTLY URGED TO PERSEVERE WITH YOUR MEDITATIONS. KVANT OP M IN. (IT IS HOPED THAT YOU. HE IS NOT ASLEEP. HE IS NOT IN A TRANCE. (e) Negative Conditions Destroy Life wc are wandering from our subject when we reiterate the The Subconscious Mind is Immeasurable value to you in Mcntalphysics. . IT WILL NOT ASK QUESTIONS. I will quote the case of the Chinese prisoner. . THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND WILL AT ONCE ATTEMPT TO CARRY OUT. the Chinese prisoner was sentenced to execution by "Bleeding to death. . and he died under the experiment. I hope. AS YOU ARE YOURSELF AWARE.• 1 Mind he Subconscious docs not discriminate a — — what Think of your automobile. RADIANT SPARKLING YOUTH. YET HE IS OBLIVIOUS TO THE THINGS OF SENSE. Now. THE MAN AT THE Will EL IS THE CONSCIOUS MIND. wi must proceed PI \( h bit l Edwin BE ] in later Lessons to show why men vital facts the great die. . Page 4 . . . OTHER POWERS MAY ALSO BE DISCOVERED. • Do of AM YOUTH AM BEAUTY not think that • Now. • Now. ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS: Affirmation I I S/ . HE IS NOT HYPNOTIZED. YOUTH . in being able make your affirmations of what you want practice has by this time given of abstraction. as the Subconscious logical their YOU MAY Mind carries out all the behests of the Conscious Mind to WHEN YOU AFFIRM ANYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF CONFIDENTLY EXPECT YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND TO DO IT conclusion. It wil drop you over destruction just as easily and readily as it will go along in It? is cannot. into YOU END OP EIGHTEENTH LESSON DittffU ilifornia ()>if Hundred TtMWtf tight Lesson Eighteen. • The state • Never is (add your think about the Then she wants to appear. In this state own name) as to find the to be. md we cannot emphasize its power too strongly." The warm water that trickled down his skin he imagined to be his own blood.S. though he did not lose actually a drop of blood. ANY IDEA THAT YOU WANT TO IMPRESS UPON IT MAY BE TRANSFERRED WHEN YOU ARE LIKE THIS. . it It just and throw sou u> utv U ien miles an hour. This shows how vivid was the idea conveyed from the Conscious Mind to the Subconscious. SEMI-COMA OR HYPNOSIS. • SO FAB AS 11 lb NOTE: To show the power of the Subconscious Mind. SUBCONSCIOUS MIND IS CONCERNED. • THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND IS MORE READILY IMPRESSED IN A STATE OF COMA. jour auto goes where you drive it. he or she appears. FOR PSYCHIC AND MAGIC POWERS ARE DISCOVERED IN THE SAME WAY. THE IT Mil. DEAR STUDENT. but as he or confidently rest in the assurance that the Divine Architect. FOR YOU. ABSTRACTS HIMSELF FROM CONSCIOUS CONTACT WITH THE WORLD AROUND HIM. . IN MEDITATION THE MIND IS STILL. . BEAUTY . . BUT EASIEST OF ALL IN MEDITATION. who you some ease. the Creative Spirit (which you arc) will bring it into material existence. HE GOES INTO THE SILENCE. IT CARRIES OUT YOUR THOUGHTS TO 11111R LOGICAL CONCLUSION. . DIRECT IT DOES JUST WHAT YOU.\ AT ACTUALLY TO DO. WHATEVER THE CONSCIOUS MIND DECIDI . YOU MAY SPEAK TO HIM AND HE DOES NOT HEAR. BEAUTY.) IN THIS CONDITION THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND IS VERY PLASTIC. ililt M\.

personal Aggregation of Students of Mentalphysics. Name Address. Name Address Name Address. Name Address. Name Address. —"The would be glad Art of True Living" if you I will kindly mail . and them Treatise Number One Name Address.My Aggregation Form In connection with have already to j P° my own tne following friends.


Under REMARKS make any comment you wish. What (2). are you (2). Have you memorized (5). Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper. Peace be unto you. latest Lessons. so that as in reviewing your unfoldfull Examination Papers . You are (7). APPEAR. is what? . The HUMAN (6). who is to YOURSELF make IT MAY as being. NO MATTER HOW OLD NEVER AGAIN is _ SELF -DISCIPLINE? to think of a limit to Life. so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned. the value of our Breathings? retain your breath without strain longer than DOCUMENTARY is KNOW. which come to you with your 26th Lesson. this —perhaps years to come— will serve a guide ment along The Path and also enable you to complete your in later it tfhpjLjKn' BREATHINGS: (1). If there through experience. Do you And.PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. Do on the seventh evening. If 8 you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings and your you are prepared to answer the following questions. you now feel the first grade of you understand why the primary bow and why human cells of your body are beings "are all one age"? IMMORTAL? _ _. what? it? REMARKS: Write answers at the side of or below questions or on back of page. _ the Meditation on page 4 of Lesson 15? BODY. Do you feel that (3)' Do you see (A). Can you (3)- Do you „ faithful in your practice? you could? feel the force of Breath to be the very source of your life expression? LESSONS: (I). You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions.


(}).4). <^^e^*/ BREATHINGS: (I). THE CONTAINER OF THOUGHT? you now feel that PERSONAL REMARKS: you are "The Man at The Wheel"? . Did you follow the "Evening Instruction"? feel that you could raise Instruction*'? your emotion to a bigb point of feeling? — > Did you memorize your new Meditation? (. Do you understand the relation between Thought and Speech? (4). 9 If you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings Lessons. Do is is impressed?. (2). On pages 2-3. What is week was truly filled with JOY? LESSONS: the 18th Lesson called?.PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. and your latest You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions. you are prepared to answer the following questions. Do you understand how the Subconscious Mind (6). Do on this the seventh evening. do you fully grasp the idea of the Creative Spirit speaking in the Silence? (3). to full Examination Papers guide —perhaps years come— will servecomplete ment along The Path and also enable you your later which come to you with your 26th Lesson. In "The Great Review". Do you feel that your Seventeenth DOCUMENTARY (1). Peace be unto you. What (7). so that you may build kito your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned. what did you learn to do with Negative Thoughts?. Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper. Did you (3). In this Lesson. did you follow the "Morning (2). so that in it as a in reviewing your unfoldto .

."Let the man. think of repaying a kindness. who would be grateful." —Seneca. even while receiving it.

EMOTIONAL AND CIRCUMSTANTIAL—THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY OPEN TO THE CREATIVE SPIRIT TO FREE ITSELF THAT WAY IS DEATH. IT IS FAIRLY SAFE TO STATE THAT WHEN HE LEARNS TO EXPRESS POSITIVE CONDITIONS (INSTEAD OF SUPPRESSING THEM). — • This is a stupendous statement. Los Angeles. • Now. is it not? It it is — is this true or is it has tested this statement in his is it that if there. IF THE CONDITIONS ARE NOT IN THE MAGNET IT IS QUITE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO BE EXPRESSED IN THE ORGANISM. MAN SURROUNDS HIMSELF SO FIRMLY WITH NEGATIVE CONDITIONS—MENTAL. the cells. but everything that you can learn from Science will confirm the belief.S. it is not at all different with Senility. YOUR NINETEENTH LESSON (Nineteenth Week) MAN -THE DIVINE MAGNET (a) The Battle Against Negation • NEGATIVE CONDITIONS ARE ANTAGONISTIC TO LIFE. But IT IS TRUE. since the flame prepare yourself for a very definite statement: is the cause of light. for scientists are discovering and admitting that the integral parts of the human body. California. HE WILL FREE HIMSELF FROM THE PENALTY OF DEATH. that the logic of this assertion cancer in the organism. THINK as you read. By CORRESPONDENCE is meant that the CAUSE and NOTE: The • And now light the that there EFFECT correspond. • Nothing not true ? own can exist in the Body that the Magnet does not attract It seems to the Founder of Mentalphysics. are we regard Man as the Magnet. It is: THAT NOTHING CAN EXIST IN THE BODY THAT THE MAGNET DOES NOT ATTRACT. from the flame corresponds to the flame.A. INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus of The 1930 GROUP Institute of Mentalphysics. that must be a REAL CORRESPONDENCE between the condition of the substance of the body and the attracting medium. Old Age and Death. there This is is a so amazing how reluctant we are to admit obviously IS. own experience in his who body. there must be an attracting cause holding profoundly obvious when plainly stated that it. Reason this out for yourself. WHEN HE LEARNS TO SUPPRESS NEGATIVE CONDITIONS (INSTEAD OF EXPRESSING THEM). Now. potentially immortal. • THE DIFFICULTY WE HAVE TO CONTEND WITH IS THAT THEY ARE SO WELL CONCEALED IN THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND THAT WE ARE TOTALLY UNCONSCIOUS OF THEIR EXISTENCE. BECAUSE WE ARE NOT CONSCIOUS Lesson Nineteen. now It is perfectly obvious.The Institute of (First Church For the Student's Use of Mentalphysics- Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. Page 1 One Hundred Thirty-fin* . A55602. U.

NOT LESSEN THEIR BANEFUL INFLUENCE. when it will be freely admitted that NO NEGATIVE STATE CAN EXIST IN THE BODY UNLESS IT HAS AN ATTRACTING CAUSE IN THE MAGNET.1 the hysterical woman whose hand powerful suggestion. — so. li\< 1111)1 S the it cannot face the drawing neater iill\ issue. The evidence is too great. do many things it Right or wrong. Psgl 2 . does on to do. THEIR DAY IS NOW. I rebelled. All of present bliss and future joy. and while it feels that it can fun mi. all sum up thus The old are We must pass on to put into the Mind of more terrible. • want you I to know ready to admit that But Science states. the child resents the suppression. who wrote to Wesley an appointment on the ground thai he was to enter the spiritual stale a day earlier. and Deceit it EXPRESS then to It is is born in the Subconscious Mind. Nothing state that every the child's aspirations are anticipations of things to the child. dear student. to repeat the blunders of could write a book on this one theme. is due to mental and emotional voice that many complaints of a nervous char- that Science has traveled a long ALL Patient faithful are pushing their investigators CAUSES. IT IS THE TIME THAT IS. drawn. A child naturally fears Death. acter are way in this direction. (b) Positive Conditions Versus Negative Conditions • W e start very early in life." One Hundred Thirtytix Lttton Nineteen. disease. THE IDEA OF DEATH IS A NEGATIVE IDEA. HOWEVER. This and is tell . EVERY STEP OF THE WAY THROUGH LIFE IS ANTICIPATED WITH DELIGHT. Universe has Universe of Make-belief. NEGATIVE ones. DAMNABLE. A child is warned with fear of punishment not to do and wants likes to the sly things suppression becomes a repression. As a these ideas are for the a negative being. NOT SO THE YOUNG. DOES Ol FACT. But we must pass it its most part parents. sees the n suits (Did you. • But the child is a natural artist. by all who surround It it. dare not do openly. It is child in its infancy. as in the case of Swcdenhorg. IN OUR IGNORANCE OF THEM RENDERS THEM MORE SUBTLY DAN- [HEM. • A palmist will see a broken being re*d thai she will die Subconfcioui Mind to . first to SUPPRESS positive conditions. DIABOLICAL. significance for little it. and the Idea may be taken up and carried Then her friends will say: "There and the palmist told her (onilusion. GEROUS. know what your first funeral experience was? I well n member that first funeral I witnessed. where to the time when the final breath is it lies buried. It is not SENILITY. "Oh. The student by. NOTl lint. It lives in Gradually the parents impress their ideas upon negative. It docs not question but obnoxious thought deep down in the Subconscious Mind. and I refused to believe that that dear old white-whiskered man was dead.1 logical is life line at 35. THE IDEA OF DEATH IS OBNOXIOUS. the child • One grows into IMAGINATION. visits cemeteries. The is HIDDEN AWAY DEEPLY IN THE then dear that Deceit a Negative condition that will is remain there to the end of the days. I've had my day" and is — their philosophy of life. is asked to think for himself of the multifarious blunders of negation that he meets every day of his life among the people with whom he comes in contact. gradually further into the realm of time is not far away. The researches we now prophesy.) And the child grows up— it goes to funerals. SO TRUE IS THIS THAT THEY PROBABLY GET MORE PLEASURE OUT OF THE ANTICIPATION THAN THEY DO FROM THE REALIZATION. I knew that Death was not a Law of Life. Death is the end reconciled they say. The its endeavors to express It in itself it. including no uncertain states in due to repression. • • Bui presented to the child by is it its parents. Somclimet even the dale is fixed. We know is that the amenable to suggestion. THEREFORE. and SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

. ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS: I I I AM FREE . eminently true. . ." This we have had a science of the is Glands. REALLY.. . and that I can through my own thought. after. we may DEATH see that will let the idea IS^SfOT go^and INTO OBLIVION. tive condition is reviewed and seen in a different MIND LETS IT GO. . Consciousness What everymuch what they but what and how they are pre-eminently suited to the average man. A TRADITION. light. as I comprehend — it. or transforming Many human beings.. or achieving success which at the moment only lives in our Imagination. AND THEN BEGIN TO OPERATE IT IN OUR LIVES FROM A THOUSAND DIFFERENT ANGLES. IS EQUALLY ABLE TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE FROM MENTALPHYSICS. THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO BE DONE. then. The percentage of true "livingness" is generally very low with men. . — is not so on the physical plane though this is important and act consciously to develop the highest capacities of themselves. AM FREE . . The entire Human Race believes it THE IDEA IS BURIED IN THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND OF THE RACE. IT IS A TRADITION. There those of us who some form of are glimpse the possibility of living continuously.. AND ANY MAN MAY BREAK FROM IT AS A TRADITION. PASSES a Race Idea is • Students in Mentalphysics are wanted very clearly and definitely to know that the IDEA OF DEATH IS A NEGATIVE CONDITION ACCEPTED BY THE RACE. I . I (d) Your • MENTALPHYSICS is a system day men and women of affairs are are only to think New . (e) As Old As • We It is in often hear nowadays that a quite recent years only that Lesson Nineteen. and gradually our Subconscious Minds CORRESPONDING CONDITION WILL FADE AWAY the For then there will be nothing in the Magnet to hold it.. that I produce by my thinkour physical beings from disease to perfection of health. a thousand other things affecting my life . that I am biologically young and never can be old. (c) Death THEN THE SUBCONSCIOUS AWAY. YES. BEING NO FOOL. on the know anything about themselves anatomically. for example. chemically. THE SALESMAN WHO IS INTERESTED PRIMARILY IN MAKING MORE MONEY THIS WEEK OR THE PERSON WHO IS COUCHED IN A CHAIR AT THE WINDOW UNABLE TO MOVE OUTDOORS. . seeing it in its right light.. • AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE DOING. in the . beyond any possibility of dispute. A LAW OF LIFE. . • By reviewing it. THE ONE LAW. physically or otherwise. — other hand. BEGIN TO LEARN THE ART OF LIVING. . I RESPLENDENT . I AM FREE.. AM FREE I I . Page 3 man is Our Glands "as old as his glands. IN OTHER WORDS.. BECAUSE. AM FREE BEAUTIFUL AM ETERNAL LIFE RADIANT AM FREE AM ALL PERVADING .• It when has been found that that the a repression has been dug out of the Subconscious Mind The reason is that the Nega- CORRESPONDING SYMPTOM DISAPPEARS. . • But most men are like the writer when I came to know. choose whatever tune shall be played upon this instrument and ing. . The study has One Hundred Thirty-seven . THE ONLY THING THAT WE ARE ENGAGED UPON IS TO DISCOVER THE ONE PRINCIPLE. do not — my physical organism only that which exists in my Consciousness and that 7 have power to develop a new Consciousness when I know that my emotions are playing upon my marvelous human instrument every moment that I live. and the CONDITION IT LEAVES OUR CONSCIOUSNESS... as we are doing in these lessons.

it a venture out into the sea of darkness as dramatic is as. Right thinking of or psychic process. LET US GO ON— BUT IS THERE ANY FURTHER NEED TO IMPRESS STUDENTS OF MENTALPHYSICS WITH THE TRUTH THAT THEY CAN MAKE OF THEIR LIVES WHATSOEVER THEY WISH? IT IS LITERALLY TRUE. the mind that holds to the thought of purity will purify. Page * .— — become a new branch of Physiology. culture vidual cells. through which perfection is its very nature starts the made visible.' we have all been wrong. On* Hundred Thirty-eight Lttton Nineteen. and Endocrinology is the name for the science of the Glands. only materialize for his hurt. than that. cess. less little we have been so busy with that fight that little has been push back the hundred year mark which seems to have been the limit. was there Actually the average is is the span of human life? Four score years and ten? So far the probability that a man would die of disease has been so great that chance of his living the maximum number of years. BUT THE RESULT. Full of longings and ambitions and wishes and aspiraand prayers. AND EVERY MISDIRECTED THOUGHT IS ENERGY AIMLESSLY EXPENDED." in the cautious language of the scientist. the statement is none the less sig- : "The remarkable development recently brought about bas been in the observation that the There is no apparent 'ageing' of the indiis no longer subject to the influence of time. and have said The change in cell structure 'It is inevitable it is the fate of all. Now. • Now. why not a thousand?" • The ed scientists est one of our most celebratand experimenters.A. which accompanies old age IS NOT THE CAUSE OF OLD AGE. Hence the word Endocrines was used to cover all the glands. we have been while observing old age creep upon a — "What. the mind that holds to the thought of disease will become diseased. Dingle. Man has not learned that these feelings emotions running uncontrolled. And if a hundred. Matter but perhaps more Our bodies are potentially immortal. or else has been carried far probability very great that properly conducted experiments THE CONTINUANCE OF • Couched nificant LIFE TO ANY DEFINITE EXTENT. WITH THESE THOUGHTS IN MIND. been made in the fight on disease. tions — encing him mostly for his hurt unless they are controlled and directed consciously by Thought. Considerable progress has then. all born in the feelings. think for yourself. • Now we have to learn further it so that it becomes a part of ourselves that the essential cellular elements of the human body learn "the potential immortality of all enough to make the would DEMONSTRATE either has been fully demonstrated. for which a new name had to be coined. and under uniform conditions the tissues continue a uniform rate of growth. A right thought is the strongthe world. the voyage of Columbus. — • THOUGHT IS MANS VERY STRENGTH. we have so far learned in MENTALPHYSICS that — power of immortality here and now (1) Alan has science declares that his cells are immortal. to strength will grow strong. Lot Angelet. California. —though he does not know (2) Man is in eternity here (3) Man is ignorant because be has not consciously been concerned with the and now it. of fan as it sounds. All these years. to health will heal. Emotions are influ- Eternal Principles of Life. US. Thought is the prime cause of your life. man and finally lay him low. but done in a scientific way to "PERHAPS THE DAY IS NOT FAR AWAY WHEN MOST OF US MAY REASONABLY EXPECT A HUNDRED YEARS OF LIFE. PEACE BE UNTO YOU— END OF NINETEENTH LESSON Written in Faith by Edwin f. the mind that holds to the thought of LIFE will LIVE! action are the effect of that cause. far-reaching than. and movement and above quotation power in is from a treatise on the subject by mind proAs has already been shown.

and during retention vividly hold the picture in your mind which you desire to bring into manifestation.) and spiritual the creative side of exercise in this (i) — Position: Having exhaled.) of this — Fourth Position: Having exhaled. cal Having reached you stage. do not hurry. body. the mental picwhat ture of you desire to bring into mani tat i on e s f in your life. 19 follow instructions carefully. in- breath creased retention. Then begin to go through the Breath w it h little only a breath retained. as shown in "Third Position. be- silent ing so within that you can feel the picture as a defi- mental nite "form. ." (iii) Grip the hands tightly. Breath. head straight.REMARKS ON THE BREATH CREATIVE Do not hurry in any particular. until you feel you have mastered fully that it as a strictly physibreath. (Read next page before you begin the practice Breath. man taining unbroken breathing until you are complete! filled with air. you gradual] way posiright posture. Then. Then extend arms as shown. (ii) In this posture. maintaining the posture. gradually drop arms. physical and you are advised Enter (i) the into procedure of the at first. Take time getting the right technique. as you do so. begin to inhal slowly. spine erect and without any "twist" from the base of spine to neck. without strain. is much more "to" this mere Breath than breathing. as if you were holding the thougi tightly in your hands. while maintaining full posture. exhale vigorously. for if you the wrongly. knees must be kept down. exhale completely." The clutch the fists. and. m THE CREATIVE BREATH -To Accompany (Under no circumstances must you show this Breath to another. thought. retain breath as long as possible. on begin then this should the Second bring arms back as shown in above illustration. start wrong habit will perin and sist may you never be able to correct There it. "hold the thought. With inhalation. After retention. with eyes create closed. as if ready to grasp something. Meditate upon the picture in your min convinced that the spiritual power within you is actual treating the form you desire to see come into being. higher Get the tion and Lesson No. (ii) Then undertake (iii) the Breath with slightly First Position: — — Sit first in the sevenfold position take time to be sure of posture. Fists should be drawn into armpits as closely as possible. opening the hands into complete relaxation uni this position is reached. buttocks must be perfectly even on both sides. extending fingers. you so feel that mus- tension the arms and the and shoulders feel as if you cular throughout have firmly the clasped — Third Position: This is the point of full inhalation." Do move head or legs. Then completely relax tl whole. without breat h reten- tion. feet comfortable.

Follow with great care the detailed instructions given in the caption under each and do not hurry. . With this truth established in youi mind. body's actions. make the most of The Creative Breath. In learning how to practice it. . you must exercise great patience and enter upon it with reverence and gratitude. do not be afraid of breathing enough.THE CREATIVE BREATH (To The Creative Breath. and that you do actually create. whatever comes into your life. through the patient practice of The Creative Breath. at the time that you commence the practice of The Creative Breath. — Practice the breath. It cannot be learned overnight. the Divine Intelligence (or whatever name you care to use) which is within you which you are? Do you believe it? You do? Then. that you gain the irrevocable belief (if not knowledge) that you are the Creator. — habits. order your mind in true tranquillity. it surely must be at those in haste. beautiful peaer which is the holy ihadow thai yourself into that •nit us. Remember— do not breathe too much. "Haste" savs the Koran. Third \n<l miii — Enter the higher aspect of this glorious Breath in fear that you break not the Law. will Magnet") read on the that: Stop right here. Do you believe it? Do you believe that "HE" doeth all things well "HE. the worse the speed. YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN LIFE CONDITIONS— none but you. the Creative Spirit. however. will be practiced by you as your nineteenth week in our Your Nineteenth Lesson — — first page of Your Nineteenth Lesson ("Man The Divine "Nothing can exist in the body that the Magnet does not attract. for they are his greatest dupes. so Second— Having ordered your First that you order your body rightly. accompany Your Nineteenth Lesson) illustrated you commence the study of beloved Mental physics. Thanks. Begin slowly. too. your own decisions." It is essential. the ever-moving Principle. your own creative action! You realize. illustration. and more and more real in your life. Bl Haim'y Civk. You on the previous page." God. by the power and use of your own mind. "is of the devil. You do recognize the truth that you alone create your life conditions! You are free! You are unfettered by aught other than your own thinking. for you alone live your own life. that of all the spiritual breathings to which you have so far been introduced The Creative Breath is probably the most powerful especially as a distinctly physical breath. . my hope mav letd for you is tlint. You must remember." They stumble who run fast. that it is as easy to create conditions of power and health and happiness and wealth and success and hope and inspiration and beauty and love and complete emancipation from all negative conditions as to create conditions of unhappiness and misery and poverty and unhealth. so that you shall not run the risk of developing bad — . and the more the haste. you can see why you are introduced to the majestic Creative Breath at this juncture. It is left to your discretion as to the number of times daily you should undertake The Creative Breath. which will enable you to make it more and more abundant. If Satan ever laughs. and so on.

and I was compelled to do their bidding. . No. The first two years were absolute slavery. worked hard and practiced faithfully. sister "When I came to inquire about this trio."—X)mQ. Year after year went by. The result was that these two quickly changed their whole life outlook and expression. 'There is no need for practice.THE IMPORTANCE OF PRACTICE "There is but one royal road to illumination and enlightenment and that TICE. After six months. we must practice. and be happy in our practice. and I' grew in the knowledge of my business. and is today a wonderful specimen of a man. as they think. One of the brothers came into Mentalphysics for the express purpose of The curing a rupture. become a '"To To become a . at one time. until at long last I was given my indenture and told that I was a full-fledged Journeyman. Why should this I have to —why should I Why spend time in meditation every day? have to do that?' should L have to do "In that manner he not only robbed himself of a priceless heritage. by virtue of their seniority. And God says to us that we We obey the Law. had the power to order me around. however. . "Of course. secrets Le Mei. but he unconsciously tried to rob his brother and sister of what they were gaining for themselves. The other brother was a college professor. we must practice. a faithful student and practicer of Mentalphysics. and that there is no short cut. and the other brother was crippled up with rheumatism. not 'making progress'. I was thirteen I went the youngest apprentice to learn the trade of printing among ten. To become a singer. . and kindred trades. and then LIVING My Whole Body—but we by recovering our MUST — can only come into possession lost birth-right and learning the EVERY MOMENT WHAT WE KNOW. We must be patient. PRACTICE! is PRAC- pianist. . PRACTICE. and do not practice. and regarded Mentalphysics as a very fine intellectual teaching. — — But it finally gave me the right to see that others did my bidding. We may feel that we wish to be very spiritual. this brother is anxious to get better he is almost bedridden now 'toe the line'. to lead us into efficiency. and want to get there much more quickly. lawyer. with the one brother conditions were so wonderful that he lost all his rheumatism. The whole Universe is ours and in Mentalphysics we — MUST know in that the universe is ONE WAY of life. but I gradually came which the whole world could not take to see that I was learning something of value from me. I naturally rebelled. "When . and thus be led astray. it cannot be done that way. and you will find that they are not prepared to practice. I found that the college professor was everlastingly talking about Mentalphysics to his brother and sister. "So in the learning of the Royal Art. and the brother with rheumatism did all that he was told to do. We may listen How many times have I seen students who are to others. you will meet many who will tell you that there is no need for practice In one of my classes in New York. and practice only. and give thanks continually. The sister is a wonderful soul. came in 'merely because the boys were interested. yet they think that the world owes them all its knowledge. After four years.' he told them. I was and the other nine. but he will not 'toe the line'. The other brother is still floundering. that is. Look into their lives. The apprenticeship was a terrible ordeal discipline. we must practice and so on every phase of human activity needs practice. discipline all the time. and not rebel. 'We ought to be able to do it in an instant.' She. but was disinclined to maintain with zeal his spiritual practices. We have to work. there were two brothers and one sister. We must realize that this is The Way. . and has found her God.

icht. Self-manifestinc Source of All. . EvkrlastNever-chancinc. MEDITATION My Oum Thought — My (hen Feeling — DO UTTERLY FORSAKE MY OWN THOUGHT. Institute. born of my own my own will. to mil out-of-town students in the Home Study Division to pay us a wisu. TIIROUCH DlVINE within in reflection the MEMORY. me. Only tiif THE BECINNINC AND THE F. as you will see. reflected in the personality of me. as of The One." "I do utterly forsake every feelinc. my Holy. No-Bf. the Father. the I." "i flesh and My Oum Action — do utterly forsake every desire of my own to i seek only to know and feel the wlll of the Lord of the Eternal within me to do that which "i action.NI). . . My Own Memory — "I Spirit-self expressk DO utterly forsake and renounce all effort of my own to create or remember. Thu is perfect dlvine memory." W> Oicn Imaginatio "I REALIZE." . I REST IN THE UnIYERSAI Thoucht of Life Itself. TIIF. i realize only the inflowinc of the Eternal Spirit and know my Real Self. inc. BORN OP MYSELF OR OF THE WILL OF MAN.This photograph. shows The headquarters of our beloved Mother Mental physics. Students in the Home Study Division me constantly visiting us from all parts A cordial invitation is extended oft he world.GINNINC AND No End THAT. I\MiitATioN. brincinc me wlsdom — a The Creator perfect power to perfectly create Truth. IMAGINATION AND One Eternal.

development of this gland.A. Page I 1 One Hundred Thirty-nine . carries with Whether it. • to have the appendix removed than die of inflammation. certain skin diseases. Pituitary and others have remained practically a mystery. Pancreas and the Kidneys. human economy. Idiocy the result of injury or under. impotence in both so on. neuralgia. California. lack of sex men and women. such as the Suprarenal. These have The Glands led to very important discoveries. goitre. BUT IT IS WISER AND SAFER TO PREVENT THE DECAYED TOOTH. YOUR TWENTIETH LESSON (Twentieth Week) THE ENDOCRINE GLANDS THE GREAT CREATORS AGENTS • Previously was known about the Endocrines (the little ductless glands). but until recently the functions of the Ductless Glands. INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus of The 1930 GROUP Institute of Mentaiphysics. nails and scalp. human body made about the ex- monkey and goat glands into Thousands of Americans and others that way by the famous originator of the oper- with the transplantation of for the purpose of rejuvenation. regain- actually the operation. It would appear that Healthy thyroid glands have been found situated in front of the windpipe. It is better to have a gland transplanted than to decay. Liver. utility in the Work (a) of the Glands • For a description of the Glands you are referred to any new work on Physiology. A55602. It is better draw a THE INFLAMED APPENDIX OR THE PHYSICAL DEGENERATION. but deal with the Salivary. U. Etc. Los Angeles. Thyroid. but we are not con- cerned with that here. utmost are said to SECRETE substances of the organism of the body. essential to growth. This gland is discoveries about the its history. WE REMOVE Lesson Twenty.S. who read the newspaper have been informed more or less periments that have been the development. Mammary. is frequently and very many defects are traced to faulty thyroids. The operation of these have been well observed. Transplantation. Steinach. It is better to bad tooth than suffer torment. and • All people (b) Gland Stimulation. such as obesity. Lachrymal (tear). WHEN WE CUT OUT AN APPENDIX. Pineal.The Institute of (First Church For the Student's Use of Mentalphysics- Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. defects of the hair. • There appears to be no doubt that many have derived benefit in ing some of their early vigor and very powerful suggestion that it vitality. Medical science is doing more for the human race in Ductless Glands than ever before in • ALL human the glands have an important place in the visible degeneration starts in the endocrines. Dr. Probably the earliest recorded experiments were those in connection with the Thyroid. WHEN WE PLANT A GLAND WE ARE DEALING WITH EFFECTS AND LEAVING THE CAUSE TO GO ON PRODUCING THE SAME CONDITION. or the hard to decide. indifference to sex. The older works do not contain the recent discoveries. • WHEN WE PULL A TOOTH. Spleen. have travelled to Vienna to be treated in ation. is it is this manner.

IT HAS CONSEQUENTLY BEEN FOUND THAT THE EFFECT OF THE GLAND OPERATION IS ONLY TEMPORARY. all the fluid it secretes. We have little until the is all common to say "green with When you get a fright.") • IT • Dots it if intense jealousy will open the gall ducts and from which one may never recover. for as saliva.) lation of the Saliiary ft of fluids from the existing "it sets — the just Stimu- makes our the saliva Immediately the emotion that First the thought. IT // is quite impossible for the Gland to contain. but the result is the OF JEALOUSY THAT ACTUATES THE GALL. "YOUR SEX LIFE. — caused not due to an over secretion of bile? cerns causes a secretion It called the "green-eyed monster. Suppose we put chewing gum into die mouth the mouth may be normally moist. sets up opens the But the tears. Every one knows something about these. and how it Lesson Twenty. IT IS THE THOUGHT will be diffused with yellow real cause for jealousy. then uie say that mouth u. The • Suppose that we learn of the death of a loved one. then not the death. then the emotion." do you Is it feel sick at the is stomach? You feel dry mouth Almost everyone has experienced a salivary duns. because the fluids they secrete do Look at the Salivary glands. THEY ARE ACTin UPON FOR WEAL OR WOE BY THE THINKER. (d) • It is We fluids. do not secrete freely mind is turned in that direction." by the when some know and flow of the seminal THOUGHT OF DANGER. apply to the Book Dcpt. delicate situation closes the that lascivious thoughts about sex confluids. less exist. surely the FEARLESS THOUGHT. IS IN NO WAY DIFFERENT WITH ALL THE GLANDS. certainly passions that waste Should Revere Our Power of Thought evident to you where this One Hundred Forty fiery immense power of secretion is going on. — MUST THEREFORE CREATE IT. EMOTION WILL HAVE AN OPPOSITE EFFECT? If the FEAR THOUGHT will cause an excess flow of bile. why that you could almost vomit (as some do). but as soon as we begin to chew the saliva flows freely. AND ANOTHER OPERATION IS NECESSARY TO MAINTAIN THE REJUVENATION. of The Institute for a book. at one time. (Remember the note on Mind-Substance. (c) We • Work of the Endocrine must understand that the function of the endocrines is to "secrete" — a better wora would be CREATE. that caused the tears. and restrain the our precious creative fluids in licentiousness. dauntless. ITS EFFECT DIES AWAY. not exist until they are stimulated. A THOUGHT DOES IT. • YOU CAN SEE THAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH THE EXTERNAL— WHERE THE EFFECT IS— and leaving the internal alone— WHERE THE CAUSE IS. AM) WITH EACH OPERATION THE RESULT IS LESS EFFECTIVE (AND A TIME MUST COME WHEN IT W ILL BE QUITE INEFFECTIVE). The blood child will cry as readily ITSELF. will have an opposite effect and urge the spirit to noble action! If lascivious thought produces a free flow of the seminal thought of chastity will have an opposite effect. for example. this tear ducts and we weep. body as NOTE: In chewing the gum the mind is more or did not saliva exist. that the OPPOSITE not appear fairly clear that flood the blood with poison. Page 2 . and jealousy jealousy. it and the glands respond by making the we make bricks from existing clay. There may be no same as if there were. In both cases and jaundice may result.ittr. as in stage fright. although in normal health.Glands. the mental attitude to flow. (For a detailed description of tlu. brave and strong. news may be false. Glands may be affected by an appetizing smell." Jmt the anticipation of a tasty morsel! Therefore.s THE EFFECT AND LEA] L 1 HE CAUSE UNTOUCHED. and will flow as long as we chew. It is fluids concentrated upon the operation. IT A WILL AT THE LOSS • Let us illustrate further: Intense jealousy will cause an over secretion of the gall ducts. the thought of being bold. AT THE THOUGHT OF LOSS AS IT IS THE THOUGHT. People who lead a busy life and time to think of such matters. but the THOUGHT of death.

INTENSE THOUGHT. THE BALANCE LOST—DEGENERATION SETS IN. PURPLE RAY. that all atom was changed to that of the electron. and is if much advised to do so if Never for a moment think you would go on to mastery. which we likened to a magnet. We lessons to the wonderful chemistry of the body. So that when the steel magnet "shorts" that is.— CREATION THEREFORE IS POSITIVE. CONTINUE WITH YOUR MEDITATIONS! dispense with meditation. It is not easy to form an idea of an Ion a unit of energy. We therefore concluded that all matter matter is is electric. BUT HOW? In a word. place. little we have In view of what already studied you will be inclined to answer at once "The Yes. incapable of carrying on their work of repair and maintenance. THE weak. exhausts its magnetism the two poles exhaust equally. solidified. BY OUR NEGATIVE THINKING AND RESULTING EMOTIONS. blood into tissue in its Consider how it proper relation and we are led to investigate what controls all this work. (e) • It is said works. electronic energy. radio-activity. RAYS EMANATING FROM RADIUM AND OTHER RADIO-ACTIVE ELEMENTS. When this happens the endocrines become sluggish. IS Lesson Twenty. (f) Negative and Positive in Man • NOW. Until it is. NOTE: We obviously cannot give can do so. hence constructive. from the circumference. RENDERING IT BEAUTIFUL. revolving to a center.. you cannot. Creative Spirit controls the endocrines. • FOR THE LIFE OF THE HUMAN MAGNET IS BEING — REALITY — ABSOLUTE—THE THING THAT IS—THE WHOLE THING . for we are pushing our explored realm. THROUGH THE RADIANT ENERGY EMANATING FROM THE INMOST CENTER. TWO OR MORE PLATES IN A BATTERY WERE WEAKENED. Science admits massed. We this." • We have seen how ERGY. The — Stream of Life HUMAN is positive. for body corresponding to the it is the Creative Spirit thought and emotion. The student must pass on in the<* be or she is so inclined. that you can time to the study of the ductless glands. NOT SO THE HUMAN the directed power behind it that creates the substances in the all is the Creative Spirit. What controls The answer to this may not seem so apparent. and in our meditations we found that this was a process of EMBODIMENT. THE NEGATIVE ATTITUDE OF MAN LOADS UP THIS BEAUTIFUL POSITIVE STREAM OF LIFE. is Naturally the Endocrines? enquiries into a • body that the Food The Chemist Within is the Body the most Perfect Chemist Imaginable. In the steel magnet we see the principle of attraction and repulsion. witnessed a whirlwind • Here our analogy fails. You can see now that persisted in. • — Those people who have know that they would not have seen it at all unless it had carried dust. Page 3 One Hundred Torty-on» . for our piece of steel does not contain life in itself in the same way as do the MAGNETS. Then we fol- lowed on and saw that the Creative Spirit. transformed into blood. Were the thought strong • IMPORTANT: MEDITATION the thought in the Meditations. thence found that the ION was a UNIT OF ELECTRIC EN- the theory of the into the theory of the ion.. it is inconceivable to the finite human intellect. the effect IS when could be instantaneous. Imagine this infinitely small. but having seen the effect they know that the motion of the wind is in a spiral. PURE and HOLY. held together the particles of the body by the attractive power resident in the Magnet. IT IS AS IF ONE. enough. X RAYS. SODDENED. be thankful for the lesser good. however. • THINK AS YOU PROCEED TO READ SCIENCE HAS DISCOVERED BEYOND DOUBT THAT WHEN THE ENDOCRINES ARE IN THIS CONDITION THEY MAY BE STIMULATED BY LIGHT WAVES. of course. so small that the Mind cannot conceive of it as an entity. will PURIFY THE BODY OF ALL DROSS. crystallized.

a better a way that need do anything with our Meditations. BEAUTY. to regain bis lost body we is —he health. | BEING. Affirmation I — am Youth I am Beauty — I am Health — I am Wealth — I am Happy. it • I row is the omorrow will be well I will be wealthy I TODAY TODAY I I . We can go anywhere and only temporary. All the endocrines may be stimulated. \Kl SING INI CREATIVE FORCE OF THE CREATIVE SPIRIT. Tomorrow you say it again. Page < . in the light of true metaphysics. sublime yet simple. not the Future. and yet this writer feels that.irrot on the end of a stick before its nose. the BEING IONIZED. WILL BE health LAW.— a PROCESS Ol MIMULATION IS KNOWN AS IONIZATION. viction that nothing can shake that effect when. NEVER FAIL— method that is only limited by our ability and zeal in OPERATING THE LAW. BY OUR THOUGHT. . invited at this stage quietly to is THINK of TRUTH in the . IT IS EVIDENT THAT REJUVENATIOS BY OPLRATION CAN AT BEST BE ONLY PARTIAL. to urge you to continue with the good AND JOY BE YOURS— END OF TWENTIETH II work? SSON Wiittcn in tjilh In liluin \. and can be. for they exist in the Creative Spirit. the force of thought . which you are. . INEFFECTIVE. modern medial are not entering into a discussion or criticism of foolish. irnce has as yet only begun. A HI DIRECTING IIIi: SUBCONSCIOUS MIND TO BUILD YOUTH. but it gets no nearer to the carrot. Dingle. THOUGH HIS IS 1111 PRINCIPAL MASTER GLAND OF THE HUMAN BODY. You are like a donkey whose rider dangles a t. a safe way. You do not say that you you are IS NOW. Angeles. Vol vol Vol vol • Is \Hl aki (here I now any PI A< I need. dear Student. but we can with our THOUGHT. You never get it. There is way. for we know thmt until Man what learns his TRUE NATURE will needs have to be advised by doctors as to the best What is — thai means for him has been discovered by Science regarding the glands of the human nothing short of wonderful. IT IS QUIT! IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THE KNIFE TO THE PINEAL GLAND. AND WHAT MORE CAN YOU DESIRE— DEMAND? NOW vol \H IONIZING EVERY PARTICLE OF YOUR Vol ARI HI IIAINATING EVERY CELL AND TISSUE. ESTABLISHING THE POSITIVE. . A. it tells HEALTH!" with silent yet deep emotional feeling and a con- EVERY PART OF YOU — AM "I The method may be applied to all the qualities NOW Claim them in the present. ANNULLING THE NEGATIVE. California. you are putting it off. IN HI LIGHT OF THE SUBJECT WHICH WE ARE STUDYING. is. and we know that tomorrow never comes. not even today. No. —tomorrow NO. lot One Hundred Vorty ttio Lesson Twenty. When you say that you will be Young. NOR MAY THE SPLEEN BE TOUCHED. It il always ahead of you. HEALTH. I will be happy and more successful — tomor- a fool's paradise! AM WELL AM YOUTH TODAY I AM HEALTH ETC. • The student . IN THE GLAND OPERATION ONLY ONE GLAND CAN BE TRANSPLANTED. BUT NOW. S is • Our claim in these lessons that anything that is external to the is AM I is. WEALTH. ionized. • When you make that is sit and THINK ON THESE THINGS deep meditation. HAPPINESS—SUCCESS IN EVERY FORM. BUT CANNOT BE REPLACED. AGAIN. I 1 NOTE: methods. We cannot touch certain glands with a knife. you claim himself the TELLING YOURSELF THE TRUTH. AND THEREFORE. It In these lessons would be u hat the Creator o. this affirmation. one in profound statement. THE MAMMARY GLANDS MAY BE REMOVED.

then we can indulge make the confusion of life worse confounded. repeat. decay and sorrow. [T IS AS CERTAIN AS IF WE WERE OPERATING THE LAWS OF ELECTRICITY AND USING THE CURRENT FOR OUR WORK. GOOD HEALTH IS THEN INEVITABLE. ionize the entire body by concentration upon the Whea we become sit in meditation upon the ABSOLUTE. understands his deed and his aim. we merely which are the fifth When we KNOW more EFFORT we (There is EFFORT and sixth the way steps in the to live. California. RIGHT EFFORT means that the candidate. Lesson Twenty-one. I Am"). and not against it. TO MAKE THIS PRACTICAL. any more than a man in perfect health needs to consider his heart-beat.S. then. false learning is the busk. if we do not know what RIGHT LIVING is. BY SO DOING. IT IS NOT A MATTER OF CHANCE OR LUCK. knows that he is living in The Law ("Whatever the Creator is. INSTEAD OF OPPOSING THEM. you can now say with absolute confidence that you can.) No matter how much we put into life. and knows that there is no — — need for consideration of the course of his life. we every molecule in our bodies. Los Angeles. Page I One Hundred Forty-three . each the is being brought (so to speak) and coordination with the Stream of Life within us. and the put into RIGHT LIVING the more of LIFE do we get to KNOW. so that all that we do and say and think and feel all that we are is directed WITH the Immortal Stream of Life. YOUR TWENTY-FIRST LESSON (Twenty-First Week) "True knowledge is the flour. the birds of birth. in RIGHT EFFORT. but this will suf- writing. A55602. thou canst create but food for the black doves of death. "Right Living" is the non-soiling of the Immortal Jewel. by that Concentrated Thought.A.) — — (a) Learn the Law! • I am now way the to to live. so ponder them well. an inner meaning in these words. But if thou kneadest husks with Maya's dew. how the CREATIVE I AM." Book of Golden Precepts. WHAT WE HAVE TO DO IS TO CULTIVATE THE HABIT OF ALWAYS ASSOCIATING OURSELVES IN OUR THOUGHT WITH HEALTH.The Institute of Mentalphysics- Church of Mystic Christianity) (First — Copyright No. assume that you can say with absolute confidence that you have learned So we will speak a little about RIGHT LIVING and RIGHT EFFORT. slight a degree. • Much more fice at this • I could be written about Right Living and Right Effort. Noble Eightfold Pathway of Enlightenment. the flour thou hast to knead with *Amarita's waters. 1930 For the Student's Use Only INITIATE GBPOLP Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus of The Institute of Mentalphysics. WE ARE CONSCIOUSLY PUTTING OURSELVES UPON THE SIDE OF THE LAWS OF LIFE. If thou would' st eat the bread of Wisdom. in correspondence with abode of Thought in no matter into perfect relation it —hence." *lmmortality. wise and enlightened. U. SPIRIT.

. WHIN AS IT WILL. are walking among we have good HABIT YOUNG. . CONDITIONS ARE WORKED OUT IN THEIR • average person. But how CAN you be conscious of Age when YOU KNOW FOR A FACT THAT you are ONLY A FEW MONTHS OF AGE? YOU CANNOT you can only be conscious of YOUTH. than to think of yourself as aged. thinks health on all possible occasions. go back over the previous Lessons revise them think about what you read then when you have the YOUNG. (c) Reason Out the Truth of Youth • Think about conscious is th. THINK AGAIN. IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE CONSCIOUS OF AGE. in fact.. no matter THINK HEALTH AND YOUTH. YOU CANNOT CONTINUE TO SAY AND THINK a few years old at most. but it may be some inspiration to Lis students if he again states that there need be no fear about Perfect Health being the prize for our work. WE MUST OBEY THE bad health. their colds.— NOTE: — what we are doing. Lesson Twenty-one. From what you have learned. The writer of these Mtnial physics Lessons wishes to keep the personal pronoun out of them as far as possible. The They become acquire perfect health? How How. What Health. down the street —well. stead of Glorious. It may come more quickly to some than to others BUT IT IS INEVITABLE. much more readily work in our favor than it is OUR OWN FAULT if we reap disease of body and mind inVibrating Health as we students of Mentalphysics are meditating upon. is no matter what you are doing. to prolong health. people like to talk about then. you ARE YOUNG. • And tiful wc as young self are — much truth: what we think. am Health "I —" let that "I AM no untruth about this— it is TRUE. ttudcnt This actually is not aware exactly is HOW — • All the same. but you were instructed to think of of thinking health. CANNOT EXPRESS AGE. easier. YOURSELF AS AGED. I have personally brought myself bad through these methods from a state of persistint illhialth." And there is — — firm conviction that you — ARE YOUNG. Therefore. for as we have seen. . (If you do not believe this absolutely. to form the ing yourself is. THE CONSCIOUSNESS CAN ONLY EXPRESS THAT WHICH YOU ARE CONSCIOUS OF. their aches SIBLY LAWS. Just as life indefinitely. though at our present juncture in Menlalpbysics lb* he is doing it. If the student faithfully practices his Breathings and goes into Meditation reverently and regularly each day. and consequently should be Health. Page 2 . you have abundant evidence that YOU ARE Young. The word The horse undoubtedly has not conscious of derived from Latin words meaning to know. other things. the Laws of Life will and so against us. They POS- are in cor- AND CONSEQUENTLY THE NEGATIVE respondence uitb negative conditions. can such people WHAT THEY THINK. however. so you are to have the habit of thinkI mean that. you are urged even if you feel this to be reiteration to the point of irritability — NEVER THINK OF .it horse Igtifl the horse is One Humlrtd Vortyfour its Strength. LIVES.) When you know for a fact that you are not more than not more than a year old. . WHEN YOU SAY THAT YOU ARE OLD." • NOW. OR AGEING. there is only one result that can come. (b) Vital Importance of Health in Our Studies • The objects of these studies we cannot do this unless where you may • You be. that you are probably THAT YOU ARE OLD. But remember. — whole body force of thought flood your "I raise am the vibration of your Health —" Mind. "As a Man Thinketh. YOU it is just as easy to form the HABIT of thinking your- And here fs the beauII IIS HABIT BECOMES PART OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. But this is actually uhat is happening all the same. SO IS HE. proceed with this Lesson. He talks ill and pains! their operations.

THAT A HABIT BECOMES A MOOD. weather. you are not setting out to persuade yourself against the fact of Life. Life. Strength." I "Yes. You lie against the Laws of punishment that follows the liar. Laws of Life Whereas the habit of falsely about the the tissues of the body. OR TO ACCOMPLISH MUCH WORTHWHILE IN ANY WALK OF LIFE. Youth and so on— are all RESIDENT WITHIN YOU. • All a matter of THINKING. an emanation of this. FROM A FORMER LESSON. Just listen to • conversation people's — about ABOUT ANYTHING. that are operating in your THINKING TRUE body de-ionizes ionizes. TO ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE THAN TO LONG IN VAIN FOR WHAT YOU HAVE NOT— FOR THE MERE NEGATIVE LONGING FOR SOMETHING MERELY PUSHES IT FURTHER FROM YOU. (d) False Thought Devitalizes Life • Just as the habit of Right Thinking rejuvenates. happy. POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE? IT IS PERFECTLY OBVIOUS THAT WE CANNOT HOPE TO LIVE LONG. is. IF OUR MOODS (AND GOING BACK A BIT. Page 3 firmly established not only to the Universe. NOW YOU DO KNOW. • am "I and ARE ETERNALLY YOUNG. sciousness the Lesson Twenty-one. the And 'flu'. business am so on. Let us get POSITIVE ATTITUDES. THEN. ACCORDING TO WHETHER THE MOOD IS GOOD OR BAD. NO— the Creative Spirit. OUR THOUGHTS) ARE OF A NEGATIVE CHARACTER—IF WE ARE ALWAYS IN A STATE OF FEAR. as a manifestation. but I ple see evil all the time business too HEALTH— It is always better to say : "Yes. FOR THEN WE ARE THINKING EVIL. a thousand times no. but does not the bidding of master its know —that that it has when it. • You means are to use all the Mind. IT IS YOUR SOLE DUTY TO EXPRESS WHAT YOU KNOW." "I am very well a bit of a cold. about business. it expresses its strength it does so at the Knower. OURSELVES. SORROW OR WHATEVER ELSE OF A NEGATIVE NATURE. so the habit of false thinking devital- Thinking izes. A PERMANENT ATTITUDE OF THE MIND TO THE UNIVERSE. DOES IT NOT FOLLOW. BETTER TO BE GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING. You are confirming yourself in the TRUTH OF LIFE. you were like the horse that does not know • BUT its strength. but in our con- TO OURSELVES One Hundred Forty-five ." IS ALWAYS BETTER TO THINK WHAT A FINE THING IT IS THAT YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO DO A HARD DAY'S WORK THAN TO GROUSE ABOUT HOW TIRED YOU ARE. the in your in your Consciousness YOUNG. that is vital- izes the tissues. Wisdom. WE KNOW. Let us all together continue to • IT form the cheerful. but that will soon go. should not keep good.the strength. which is that YOU. THAT WHEN A MOOD IS CONTINUALLY PLAYING UPON THE CELLS AND TISSUES IT MUST INEVITABLY VITALIZE OR DEVITALIZE IT. getting old" —you lie as a liar deserve the certain when you say that. • But the habit of seeing the Negative side of life is very prevalent. about their the I — fairly well is good. and I see no reason why it to am hope that afraid I am it will in for up these pages with negativism. but it is have no desire to fill good. HABIT. Such peo- —though perhaps unconsciously. optimistic —TO mood. — • When you did not know the truth that the Laws of Life Beauty. When you are doing power to get the conviction well established in (by thinking continually about it) that YOU ARE remember. keep up." "Thanks. MOOD. is much just a bit of a cold.

Loi Angtlei. Page 4 . . LIVE BECAUSE WANT TO LIVE. AM LIFE ETERNAL AM FREE I . THERE NEVER WAS A TIME WHEN IT WAS NOT. Never fear. when more secret work will be revealed. and we have to charge more rapidly and It is as if we are an electric batNow.• We tery ionize our body by our concentrated thought. HAS NOT THE UNIVERSE EXISTED FOR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF I YEARS— SOME SAY MANY MILLIONS? THE TRUTH IS. Dingle. The next few weeks will much to you.. RESOLVED TO DEFY THE FLOCK. AM AN INDIVIDUAL. ME. One Hundred loUy nx tenon Twenty one. WHY SHOULD THINK THAT WILL EVER CEASE TO BE. AM THE CREATOR. You will gain as you put effort into your study and practice. and when you reach your 26th Lesson you will come into what is The Inner Chamber. ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS: Affirmation THE CREATOR IS ALL THAT THERE IS. US. I truly desire to be a Teacher in the highest sense of the word to those who feel that they have met their Guide. . ONE OF THE FLOCK. and I with me as your Teacher. surely battery. for you will have feel that unfold called proved yourself worthy. with the charge low. I • IMPORTANT NOTE FROM TEACHER TO STUDENT: You are now in your 21st you have taken advantage of keeping in close touch week of instruction. THEREFORE. But it may be that you are far away. California. AM NO LONGER AS A SHEEP. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I I I I DEATH?" I I I I AM LIFE . the it. If you trust that you have truly started on The Path. . SINCE THE UNIVERSE HAS ALWAYS EXISTED. let us take the following we can get into the state of ab- The deeper do we charge the Meditation as our concentrated thought. SINCE AM AM SUBJECT TO THE CREATIVE SPIRIT. If you were in Los Angeles you would be able to be taught by me by mouth-to-ear method. THE TRADITION OF THE FLOCK HAS NOTHING IN COMMON WITH FREE FREE. I . THERE NEVER WILL BE A TIME WHEN IT WILL NOT BE. straction. . A.. PEACE BE UNTO YOU— END OF TWENTY-FIRST LESSON Written in Faith by Edwin f. renew your zeal.

A. and many men are able to direct electricity is. Action being the outcome of Energy. as A GREAT THINKING ORGANISM. U. All this is true." but what thinks. • No one can action." in conscious fear. We are. up and oper- either concentrated. Whether to rain. so accustomed to using this power that about it. Hence everything in the Universe HAS BEEN THOUGHT into existence. everyone in we force that is this Electricity venture to scientist will A state. — catching the flu I am sure to get But it. say. the words refer to the "I consciously forming ideas. Psge it force of is indisputable that Thought may be Thought is stored The brain is. • When say "I I am thinking". • That Thought one may is a Force has been abundantly proven in recent years. THIS and the force of Thought WHOLE UNIVERSE is the tool that does it —and. its is state just exactly latent in But what Nature" it no moment that we live? have previously remarked IT ACTS. the I rains or not it THINK about the body "Everyone around here mind upon to dwell AM"—the "ME"—who Certain signs in the sky will cause it is is is me to say. for ALL IS MIND. California. More About Thought and (a) • What. explained already. is • BUT SCIENCE IS NOW DISCOVERING WHAT THE ANCIENTS HAVE FOR CENTURIES. "THOUGHT IS THE CONSCIOUS ACTIVITY OF THE CREATIVE SPIRIT AS DIFFERENTIATED FROM THE SUBCONSCOUS ACTIVITY OF THE CREATIVE SPIRIT." • One writer puts it as "Mind in Action". HOW IT ACTS KNOWN NOT IS OBSCURE. the "I AM" and then allows is making prep- aration for a visit to the hospital. the person thinking this if is is going human body. It is necessary to get into our minds as clear a perception as is possible of the force that we are using — when we do this THOUGHT. YOUR 22nd LESSON (Twenty'Second Week) THOUGHT FORCE IS ELECTRIC • In Lesson Twenty-two we shall proceed with the IONIZATION of the Body on most practical lines. "force that about the limit of our knowledge. THAT THERE IS A SIMILARITY BETWEEN ELECTRIC FORCE AND THOUGHT FORCE.The Mentalphysics- Institute of (First Church of Mystic Christianity) —Copyright No. like a battery.S. AS ELECTRICITY MAY BE OBSCURE. as I HOW in itself is use every what knows these lessons. but. IS everything coming from Thought. but in actuality. as when we One Hundred Forty-seven . 1930 For the Student's Use Only INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus of The CROUP Institute of Mentalphysics. WHILE WHAT THOUGHT IS LN ITSELF MAY BE OBSCURE. Los Angeles. for ated from the brain. A55602. and Energy the product of Mind-substance. we rarely stop to enquire anything of course. The Lest— 1 Twenty-tiro. "It not of such vital importance to the of tremendous importance. not only in a Metaphysical sense. then.

An inventor sits and concentrates the force of bis thought upon an idea. could not perceive my meaning. SO RAPID IS THE RESPONSE. IT cept must precede the making of the machine. And do not obtained. and then liberated by speech and gesture brain. Power to not make money.two. our the brains of our listeners. and we have but to think a moment to realize that in existence there — in is nothing in existence that was not the whole realm of Mimlsiihslance first imagined. THE BRAIN KNOWS INSTANTLY. we radiate. THOUGHT TRAVELS MORE QUICKLY THAN LIGHT. Success. Page 2 . their radio-thought-activiry is weak. If I — • In the state of auto-hypnosis. To prick a The speaker also causes "Sense ation. IN LIKE MANNER. % Let us put this as simply as possible by way of illustration." — were not writing this. • HERE IS WHERE WE MAY MAKE A PERSONAL APPLICATION OF TIIF FORCE OF THOUGHT. you. Beauty. One Hundred lorty-eirht Lesson T vest! y. tion of the inventor. mark Without events. his MEDITATIONS upon the the radio-activity of the thinker charged his battery by his is acting matter in hand. gradually building up a FORM. This. CAN NOT BE MEASURED. for TIME IS THE SENSATION OF THE SUCCESSION OF EVENTS. EXISTS AS A THOUGHT- — THOUGHT FORM BEFORE CAN BE MATERIAUZED. which we induce in our Meditations. • The realm that we refer to is the Realm of Imagination. everything. IDEATION. • WE KNOW THAT THERE ARE VIBRATIONS MORE SUBTLE THAN THE BRAIN CAN PERCEIVE. If the speaker were to remain silent in thought before his audience they would have no idea of his cogitations. — we can imagine Because IS it it. THERE ARE THOUGHT VIBRATIONS SO RARIFIED THAT THEY ARE NOT POSSIBLE OF INTERPRETATION IN TERMS OF PHYSICAL VIBRATION. is not dependent upon the senses.send a message along the nerve to the fingers to direct the operation of writing or any other work. quite independent of Sensation. and his great thoughts would be lost upon the people he was facing. we could not time. (radiated) In the latter case the thought we do as singing or concentrated in the first is in in every direction. In the case of the speaker. It is said truly that the Imagination can imagine anything. however. He does this by attracting the subtle Mind-substance into the form of the object of which he has a mental picture say a machine. for he HAS the IT IN HIS stand upon a platform to address a crowd. THE LAPSE OF TIME BETWEEN THE WOUND AND ITS PERCEPTION IN THE BRAIN. — upon and through vibrations of sound he has concentrated thinking. then." Not so in the —ation. • But when we exist in the Imagina- RESULT OF CONCENTRATED THOUGHT. higher realm. or dispersed in every direction speaking to an audience. The audience then receivers own mental concepts into the acts as so many broadcasters — to spread our Speaking generally. (b) The Wonderful Realm of Imagination • But there is a realm of finger causes a "sense Thought that is not dependent on the senses. We have ample experience of this in dreams or in the state of hypnosis. for then you are thinking in the tomorrow. something that "To Be" is Rather. is —do not attempt to WILL it —it should IMAGINE IT— VISUALIZE TO BE IT. the student. Strength. It is the MIND. and HOW inventor then knows exactly In short. WHEN WE PRICK OUR FINGER. that is. Health. that way. the receivers ideas. THIS BEING OUR SOLE OBJECT IN THESE LESSONS. a mental con- then said to It is go about to his work. Thought is acting That is why we lose all sense of time. Thus you postpone \our benefit. imagine future Success in love or anything else attempted bl it as MK. we broadcast. IT IS COMMON TO SAY "AS QUICK AS THOUGHT". • Whatever attribute you desire — be it Youth. are weaker batteries. and tomorrow never comes.

Suppose that you are a natural tenor. the Subconscious Mind. A great inspiration will come to you from the conscious understanding of who and what you are. YOU REFUSE THE RACE TRADITION. study music and practise. CELL. of course. So that. in a middle position. with a world within us and in a Universe external. new growth with a picture THE INTENSITY OF YOUR CONCENTRATED THOUGHT THE MEASURE OF YOUR SUCCESS. for the more information that you can obtain regarding the power that drives your wonderful human machine the more will you be led to develop a deeper reverence for your own DIVINE NATURE. • The body lessons. renewed very rapidly. when you associate yourself with them. YOU HAVE actually what you desire in the Idea state. external to ourselves. You are advised to read any books that come to your hand on Natural Philosophy. persistent thinking As we know this way and meditation in that the skin will color the is is more. It is is. • With it —you this idea firmly rooted in the Imagination. particle is a world in may be described known to Science. BE. within us. but that you HAVE IT NOW. surprise both himself CIPLE may • You and be applied his friends. body with —better It is that Lesson Twenty-two. NOW. but to cultivate In a short time he will no chimera. of your ideation. ions. You embody them by your : — attitude to them. proceed to work ON THE IMAGINATION IN Instead. Let us apply this to the voice You want to be a beautiful singer. NOW. for some at 16 appear 26 and vice versa. age certain qualities that are commonly associate with fifty years of age of fifty. complexion. IS • Therefore. you are advised to add to your Meditations at this point whatever quality you may wish to develop for you now know how it is done. accepting the Tradition of the Race. one we found our Meditations. proceeds through your acquiescence to build those accepted qualities into your supposed to exist at the body. You say that you are old—you you are state that Well. desire a clear skin: Say that so long as you have a sallow it is sickly it is not by any means. the other without. that Infinity WITHIN OURSELVES. FORMING A MENTAL CONCEPT OF JUST WHAT YOU DESIRE TO • You desire YOUTH: Just you OPPOSITION TO THE RACE HABIT. as the inventor does. The cell for purposes of these electrons. Page 3 One Hundred Forty-nine . NOW. for we we may TWO stand. These ideas are negative. What you have to do is to imagine yourself as you want to be. you go start right nothing to prevent him from developing a beautiful voice. as think of Infinities. IN ANY This DIRECTION. NOTE: itself. in fifty. and what is away at it earnestly. how young do you There desire to be? You of Youth. but it IS essential that you know yourself to be in harmony it. You form a mental concept. (c) • As we an As Within. but there may be so little to work on that you are actually ashamed of it. As all things must exist in the IDEAL before they are embodied. as So IS THE composed of atoms. and of course you have to start with the limitations of your physical organ. so almost as Really there is if there were but One. . at the Center. start right in to IMAGINE that you have a perfectly wonderful voice not that you WILL HAVE IT. to imagine yourself with a fine. the PRIN- not applied negatively. So Without think of an Infinity beyond.IT NOW. the latter being the least not essential that you should know anything about the inner mechanism of the you do. no standard and think is are not to say that you are 16. there is the If the student will It may Start SOUND in silly. • IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT. IMAGINE THAT YOU ACTUALLY POSSESS THAT YOU ACTUALLY HAVE • Let us illustrate: Mind you your IT. delicately-tinted peachlike skin. Never mind.

dead. and for the convenience of Students who may desire to acquire these publications. publications arc. AND THE MATTER ITSELF AS DIVINE WISDOM.50 Breathing Your 1. available to the public. color of the stars.50 Lesson on "Supply" 1." • Known nium is to Science. beautifully bound..50 How 0. as well as for the complete Library: COMPLETE LIBRARY Way to Yooth Donation: $13. IT IS NOT A MATTER OF GUESSWORK. California.50 1. divisible few years WONDROUS time was generally thought that has been changed.00 Imagination 0. PEACE BE UNTO YOU— END OF TWENTY. I append the I following list. Dingle.00 Lesson on "Constipation" Lesson on "Your Eyes" 1. (hie Hundred Fifty Lmim Twenty-two.00 1. • TheK $7. only to be seen in finitely small. STUDENTS OF MENTALPHYSICS MAY THINK OF THIS ENERGY AS DIVINE LIGHT.00 Special Volumei "BORDERLANDS OF ETERNITY. a fly That of Uraaround which brain. THOUGHT CANNOT YET BE MEASURED. they are you have not seen radium. of course. Lot Angeles.00 Lesson on "Your Ears" 1. and the sparks to a nucleus fire try by particles. The the heaviest." Donation: $5. NOTICE REGARDING BOOKS WRITTEN BY DING LE MEI • have often been asked what books I have prepared in Mentalphysics. by Ding Le MeJ 54 illustrations. Page 4 .SECOND LESSON Written in Faith by Edwin J. an atom of Hydrogen.00. to get a The Forty of these elements are radio-active glimpse of this If marvelous element. radiating their energy in every direction. and Students often rind — seeing that they arc instructed to secrecy about their own Lessons to have these publications on hand to enable their friends to receive an authorized exposiit convenient tion of Mentalphysics. has an electron travels billions of times per second. such speed. all when we know what awe before the wondrous majesty of PERPETUATES THE and was so described. • THE ACTIVITY FROM RADIO-ACTIVE SUBSTANCES HAS BEEN WEIGHED AND MEASURED. US~A.00 The Living Word 2. BUT THE TIME IS COMING WHEN WILL IT BE.50 Your Sex Life Guide to Your Chemical Type 560 pp. and you have some idea of the appearance of radium.• When as this writer the "least to be something has pushed we stand and went to school the inert. all means seen a blacksmith striking a Imagine appear the this heat to without the hammer. But in a inquiries so far that its in very atom was thought Matter panicle of matter". then think of it as in- microscope in dense darkness.00 to Meditate Your Mind and Its Mysteries Information on Diet 0. cannot conceive — that is. Science actually has been discovered the Creative Spirit that sustains "Perpetual sustenance is per- petual existence. to be. • THIS WRITER BELIEVES THE TIME IS NOT FAR DISTANT WHEN IT WILL BE KNOWN TO SCIENCE THAT THOUGHT IS PRECISELY SIMILAR AS A FORCE. at that UNIVERSE.00 1. You have piece of white-hot metal: sparks fly in all directions. of course. there are (I believe) 88 different kinds of atoms. simplest. with the donation required for individual publications.

What have we LEARNED SO FAR IN MENTALPHYSICS? sort of Idea is are considered as (Write answers in _ OLD AS OUR—what?. Are you weak (2). on back of paper) (5). Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper. full. this — — later a^^^' BREATHINGS: (1).PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. in what you Are you mentally more DOCUMENTARY U). during the day?. so that perhaps in years to come it will serve as a guide in reviewing your unfoldment along The Path. Do (7). explain (3). you are prepared to answer the following questions. What is _ feel alert so. 10 If you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings and your latest Lessons. THE GREAT CREATOR'S AGENTS ARE—what? (6). 1-2-3. _ _ than you used to be? LESSONS: Lesson 19 called?. Do you you (if feel that you understand THE FUNCTION OF THE ENDOCRINES?. Peace be unto you. We (4). Do on the seventh evening. What (3). understand the importance of the present tense in Meditation? PERSONAL REMARKS: _ which?) . and also enable you to complete your full Examination Papers which come to you with your 26th Lesson. DEATH? (2). so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned. You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions. Do you any particular Breathing that you are practising feel the effect of better breathing If so.


(I). Have our Breathings taught you you fully understand relation of Breath is MIND SUBSTANCE DOCUMENTARY (I). Do (2). this guide —perhaps years to come— will servecomplete ment along The Path and also enable you your later in it . 11 you have made a careful study of your Spiritual Breathings and your you are prepared to answer the following questions. What you know that does false thought devitalizes A HABIT BECOME? f5L Your Consciousness can only Have you memorized Meditation (7). Why (3).PROGRESS TEST PAPER— No. (3)- Do (4). You are advised to most carefully fill in your answers to these questions. Do not destroy this Progress Test Paper. is life? in and what _ Lesson 21? is THE MEASURE OF YOUR CONCENTRATED . If is like to Prana? _ _ _ Prana? to see that Breath IS Life on all Planes? LESSONS: the title of this Lesson? you think bad health or anything negative. what must you do?. so that as a in reviewing your unfoldto full Examination Papers which come to you with your 26th Lesson. What (2). THOUGHT? PERSONAL REMARKS: _ express what? (6). If latest Lessons. so that you may build into your consciousness more deeply that which you have learned- Do on the seventh evening. Peace be unto you. What THOUGHT. fagjisU**' BREATHINGS.


four out of five infants castrated die in infancy. that the sex glands are neither abused not clear that the CREATIVE SPIRIT SENDS THE One Hundred Fifty-fivt .S. genius it is true that Man (and Woman) is When exist depleted. the telegraph. will be seen. came electricity. with a distinct tendency to direction. The Rocket. important is it it is is such that they are called "queer". Certain seas cause some adherents and the women become masculine in appeargrow beards. to suppress all sex instincts.A. 1814. They lose contact with their fellows. INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus The of 1930 GROUP Institute of Mentalphysics. some way separate from is in as old as his glands. while the men change in the opposite feminine appearance. know it. Then later on. U. the radio. For. the changes from infancy to youth and age are operated by the endocrines. • The ENDOCRINES ARE THE MAKERS OF DESTINY. IF YOU ARE BENT AND WRINKLED WITH AGE. are sluggish and heavy unless they have developed a higher They are unsexed and grow masculine in appearance. This power does not distinguish between the noble and the ignoble. • This discovery destined to cause as great a revolution in the attitude of is Man towards his body as the discovery of steam did to the world in general. • IF IF The Master Glands and Human Energy (a) • The Master glands are the sex glands TO ALL OTHER GLANDS. but he re- did not The steamship was invented by Fulton 22 years later. IF YOU ARE A MASS OF INFERIORITY COMPLEXES. all the related to sex energy. the All the currents and undercurrents go on in the chemistry of the body the building up. tending the voice • It becomes towards a shrill. tor. More recent still is the work of the Endocrines. body suffers. Women who have their ovaries removed lose their vivacity consciousness. Stevenfirst locomotive. • In the Far East. Page 1 and the general character how all. A55602. The Supreme Architect works through the human glands. then nor injured. where mutilation of the sex glands is a common practice. health. run down. YOUR ENDOCRINES HAVE DONE IT. Still more interesting was the discovery of the circulation of the blood by Harvey. the airplane. the telephone. exhausted. the virtuous as the unvirtuous. ' ' - YOUR TWENTY-THIRD LESSON {Twenty-Third Week) THE SUPREME ARCHITECT AND THE ENDOCRINES • One of the great epoch-making discoveries of any age When Watts discovered and invented the steam engine he was that of steam power. California. The edifice of your body is made. son brought forth to an admiring world the Ductless Glands. a London docAlso the discovery of radium. ance. the breaking down. YOU ARE FULL OF PEP AND POWER. strength. built up. as the strong. — that YOU ARE A SAMSON. and brightness.The Mentalphysics- Institute of Church (First For the Student's Use of Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. weak It takes as much interest in a black skin as a white. all —these do not Beauty. volutionized a world. Los Angeles. human energy Similarly. after Lesson Twenty-three. sustained and maintained by the work of the endocrines. Thus sex efficiency. —intimately and sympathetically RELATED Injury to them injures the whole body.

has been ignorant of his connection with the Creative Spirit. and that end of the balance begins to fall. And execution." • \\ tions Ulc advice is always given to concentrate upon the whole body in our Medita- there arc times when it upon instance: you concentrate is wise to concentrate upon a particular organ. already seen) because he HARMONY WITH THE CREATIVE SPIRIT. (c) Concentrated Thought and the Endocrines • We tion. (metabolism) of the body.) of the cells in perpetual activity. Psgt 2 . The REASON FOR TINS IS THAT BLOOD FOLLOWS THE THOUGHT—or. oblivious of the vital fact that he is in some way or other influencing the work of bis mentality. This is inevitable and will remain THOUGHT PROCESSES." • All the Radiant Elements known to Science have their correspondence in the human body. The human body attracts energy from food. Omt tiumirtd Fifty-iix L*$son Twenty -tin tt. through the Subconscious Mind. po(of the latter you were put into a balloon would lift xhe tassium. and so on have probably enough in your body which. and you are advised to go to a library and trace for yourself the component factors of the body —such as the amount of calcium body contains. Salivary SO the task of transforming the substances of the In the mother the Glands change by ON WITH ALL THE a Mammary Glands process of selection convert blood the serum into ENDOCRINES. the head part falling downwards. He is told to think of his feet. and physical culture of thought in that direction. magnesium. AND THEREFORE DOES NOT MAKE WHAT we REVERSE our so until ARE KNOWN AS "EVIL CONDITIONS. MAN DOES NOT OPPOSE THE LAW. — • Deeper we still Thought. He is told to think of the head.iv desire to upon any particular organ without titrate As the Larynx to develop a singing voice. The Endocrines have OTHER SUBSTANCES. hydrogen. phosphorus. until it ends in his extinction. advised t<> ( one so The for power upon the hands for technical instructors have abundantly proved the pianist concentrates on with whatever we m. and therefore opposes with his thinking. is it The find that each cell has a storage battery. for strong biceps do. brimstone. it is radiant energy that keeps the atoms but also gathers radiant energy from the Sun (Remember here the truth of the Magnet. The AND saliva. of sodium. it cells are Man were not that it But does this. pendently. if you it above the clouds). balanced upon an instrument similar to a "see-saw". and it reverses. lying flat upon his back. IN of course (as we have charged by has the faculty of Man thinks not aware that a great deal of his thinking is He has not trained himself to think He If probable that they would never be depleted. Man may go about his duties in peace and contentment. have again and again repeated that the body may be stimulated by concentra- and you may go back over the lessons to find many examples of how it may be found in such experiments as this: A subject Further proof of this is is done. more commonly expressed. • Now. The plant draws its energy largely from the Sun. the direct activity of the Creative Spirit. (b) Endocrines the Makers of Destiny • The endocrines are the makers of destiny because they control the chemical changes and are therefore responsible for HEALTH. is inde- negative. All unconscious of the marvelously complicated operations carried on by the Creative Spirit. listen: body into into milk. "Blood follows the attention. because he he deadens the battery. • BUT BY THINKING IN HARMONY WITH THE CREATIVE SPIRIT. and for the most part directing it to lead him to the grave. far • The atoms of all the elements have their own rate of vibration and velocity.i STREAM THROUGH THESE ORGANS TO PERPETUATE THE RACE—THAT THE LIFE OF THE UNIVERSE? LIFE IS. first But students are not having sought further information. upon these muscles. and.

The cry of an infant will cause a reaction in a mother in which the Mammary Glands are stirred to increased activity indeed. while other specimens to which the extract has been fed grow to great proportions. magnetic rays. In this way sluggish It is as if you go to a man The cellular tissues are energized. Some people blush only on the face. the thoughts and emotions having effect we repeat. the reaction We are all more or less occurred to the father. ETERNAL I AM YOUTH. we work of metabolism or secretion. are artificial. WHY? BECAUSE YOU PLACE YOURSELF IN HARMONY WITH THE POWER THAT DRIVES THE UNIVERSE. but sufficient must be shown the student to enable him intelligently to get the HOW knowledge of ample: The Thyroid THE GLANDS AFFECT HIM FOR GOOD OR ILL. that the love emotion. lesson). LIFE. the body. Page 3 Ome Hundred Fifty-seven . A pleasurable sensation will cause a heat all over trated upon. arising • These Lessons are not Physiology Lessons. LIFE . THE RESULTS ARE ALWAYS GOOD. LIFE. Rats and rabbits deprived of the gland do not grow. Emotions and the Glands • Concentration upon ANY part of the "blood follows the attention"). but body not only sends the blood carries the finer substances that can to the part (for only be described by the word. and thought about sex matters. and are not so concerned with the details of the work. so that UNCONSCIOUS. illustrate this point: It control. The most familiar form of it is the blush. Lesson Twentj-tbrec. Followers of re-animated to healthy action. of some use. enabling him to suckle the child. astride defective Thyroids. are too fine to be observed by material scientific means — • As we have said before.• Now. we perspire freely. I AM BEAUTY. cells are struggling with a load and give — animated lated. ADD TO YOUR MEDITATIONS: Affirmation I AM I HEALTH. . enlivened. . • Drugs. electron or ion. • To may be mentioned that the red flush is usually beyond on quite embarrassing occasions. is LARGELY upon our organisms just the same. and what is being referred to is not being put in technical fashion: there is no need for us to go deeply into the matter either. ionized. AM STRENGTH. For ex- — and below the Larynx in goiter there is an obvious enlargement of this gland. while THE METHOD AS TAUGHT IN MENTALPHYSICS DISCLOSES NATURE'S OWN WAY. but some blush all over the body. on the death of the mother. there is a case on record where. stimucharged with new power through Thought. while others get to such a Many physical disturbances and ill-health are traceable to size as to be "unnatural". This concentration. (d) Thoughts. the assist REASON the THOUGHT THE CELLS Thought IONIZES Concentrated IS THAT a kind of Electricity which recharges the battery (read over the last is When we meditate upon Health in the manner taught in Mentalphysics. EFFECT of this. The Thyroid appears to be largely responsible for growth. . electric batteries and all such contrivances. concentration energizes the parts of the body being concen- whether the concentration be conscious or unconscious. KNOW Mentalphysics methods him the a lift. gland extracts. is in the neck. increases the sexual secretions. AM LIFE I . Others on the neck. There is no doubt familiar with the effect of Thought and Emotion on the Gonads. But there are also known to exist other substances that as the Ether. The cells are electrified. .

the is the great Positive. • LEARN ABOUT THE PINEAL of the Sixth Sense." (Dempsey was a great fighter because of his adrenals. Think of the beauty the neck glands can give. • As wc are not teaching Physiology. the vitality and so on. and when in concentration for . kidneys. intuition. which work on the Ductless Glands. You will then be in a better position to visualize the Great Temple in which you PEACE BE wondrous operation of that live." People who do not part. direct the thought upon the neck in a similar manner. this many does not apply to the other glands. and then follow fatigue. gland vibrate. Ome HmtUred Fifty eight Letsom Twemiy three. but after a time of earnest Meditation the student gets so "fine" in bis thought that he can ACTUALLY FEEL the work being carried on within have emotionally body. It TALK helps concentration to "The glands of my neck (of my whole body) are now functioning true development. roids. This is the Mind dwell upon WORRY USES UP the the fountain of teserve energy: before any undertaking let the this Gland. But they existed. you can it is . "Motherhood" gland. anaemia and so on. They recreate They are radiant with Health. they assist the circulation of the blood. and get to know what which occult students claim as distinct from the Pineal. — it keeps — me it is ONE OF YOUR BEST renders me free from senility Work gland. Strength and Beauty. California. me for to the They give me perfectly. ovaries.(e) Ionize the Glands NO IT to What follows to mny of the Endocrine*. a KNOW may be critical. me from harm "It protects is Learn something about that wonderful SPLEEN. listlessness. for he will his caught the force of Prana. A. etc. • LEARN ABOUT ALL THE GLANDS . the Negative. the liver.. feel this • LEARN ABOUT THE PITUITARY . US. the student immune from has the power to keep us FRIENDS — NEW strongly urged to read any Your Spleen Disease. Page 4 .) secretions unduly. poor flaccid muscles. beautiful skin. it is "Do the It Now" gland.. which occult students know to be the organ it can be used for the development of the Positive gland.. or skeptical. nutri- Meditation on In occultism Positive Prana . UNTO YOU— END OF TWENTY-THIRD LESSON Written in Faith by Edwin /. genital weakness. late do so. We ail know how to stimuand they respond readily because they have been trained by our thought may be applied the genitals by thinking. sadness. Dingle. of the strength. and the attacks of time. parathyis their especial work for YOU in your wonderful human organism. . testes. tion. Lot Angeles. because of us did not even know thai Well. . praising it.

" • You may when one you have within you a network of forces which cannot be surpassed even in your Imagination. the Endocrines are so intimately related that and that (a) Your Glands Are YOU • ALL THE ENDOCRINES ARE PERFORMING IMMEASURABLY USEFUL WORK. And you have to know beyond doubt that Meditation on any of the glands radiates to all the others the benefits demanded. is be assured that all affected the others suffer. AND HIS FINE PHYSICAL CONDITION IS A MATTER OF COMMENT EVERYWHFRE HE LECTURES. YOUR 24th LESSON (Twenty-fourth Week) THE SUPREME ARCHITECT AND THE ENDOCRINES PART TWO "Prepare Thyself. Page 1 a Man Thinketh in His Heart. So Is He. THEY ALL DISCHARGE VALUABLE FLUIDS INTO THE BLOOD. BUT IN MENTALPHYSICS WE HAVE DIFFERENT PROCEDURE AND A DIFFERENT OBJECTIVE. WE IN MENTALPHYSICS ARE GOING TO KNOW OURSELVES AS VERY GODS. for thou wilt have to travel on alone The Teacher can but point the way. SOME OF THESE FLUIDS HAVE BEEN ANALYZED. FOR YOU ARE WHAT YOUR GLANDS ARE." One Hundred Fifty-nine . HAS PROVED THE TRUTH OF THESE WRITINGS. BY CONCENTRATION AND REVERENT MEDITATION WE RENDER OURSELVES WELL-NIGH IMMUNE TO ILLNESS IN ANY FORM. and what we may do BEAUTIFUL MEANINGFUL SENTENCE— "As Lesson Twenty-four. WE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL WE ARE ILL. SOME MAY QUESTION THIS POSSIBILITY. BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE KNOW. THEY MUST NOT BE CONDEMNED. California. SO THAT THEIR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS ARE KNOWN. • When we for them.S. U.The ( Institute of First Church of For the Student's Use Mentalphysics- Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus of The No. A55602. The Path is one for all. THE PRESENT WRITER WHO.A. 1930 GROUP Institute of Mentalphysics. the means to reach the goal must vary with the Pilgrim. even those that are so small as to have been so far neglected by the scientist. Los Angeles. understand what the Endocrines are doing for we get a different conception entirely of that us. IN EARLY LIFE AND IN MANY COUNTRIES SUFFERED FROM PRACTICALLY EVERY DISEASE IT WAS POSSIBLE TO CONTRACT LN THE TROPICS AND ELSEWHERE. FROM A PHYSICAL WRECK HE HAS TRANSFORMED HIMSELF INTO A MAN VERY MUCH YOUNGER.

it will be better for you. But the more we know about our marvelous oodies. (b) Give Thanks Today • Perhaps you have already procured further information regarding the Ductless Glands. as you would converse with a friend for verily your Glands are your greatest friends. you make your own investigations along this line. Meditate. which never Thij writer"! in stating that your knowledge should by Mind that doubt regarding the be so profoundly impressed and rooted in your and of your own creative ability and be whatever you wish. terminating in the The cranium.• upon your ductless glands.iin cells of v t rv bigfa power. not directly. you will by this time know that the improvement is taking place with no direct conscious knowledge of the "how" of it by you. the more truly reverent we become when we contemplate this excelling piece of machinery and the GREAT If — MECHANIC who • You change. The same applies to the body from the point of view of the Nervous System it is better to understand it. AND AN ELECTRIC CABLE IS MADE ON THE SAME PRINCIPLE AS A NERVE. • • You have some knowledge Sympathetic Nervous System. • THE NERVES ARE THE AVENUES BY WHICH WE CARRY MESSAGES—SENSATION— FROM ANY PART OF THE BODY TO THE BRAIN. of the Glandular System. then. At all events. only rcccivini. PROVEN By experiment they can be knowledge of the Laws of Mind now LAWS OF MIND have learned so far here that there are certain justify him over and over again. things you have been and are still learning. Talk to the different parts of your body. ENCLOSED IN AN INSULATED TUBE TO PROTECT THE CURRENT AND PREVENT IT FROM ESCAPING. but no Most people believe likened to a receiving and broadcasting station. OTHERWISE. To do this. wc should then expect to find hrain. umn. place yourself in an attitude mind where reverence predominates. protected by the massive structure of the vertebrae. should have vanished like snow on the mountain. IT CONSISTS OF A NUMBER OF WIRES INSULATED FROM EACH OTHER. pin to find that there If no is spot the brain in the head were the all the The bulk nerves connected of the to the nerves are con- brain structure starts at the bottom of the spinal colIt consists of a double chain of ganglion. located in the head. nected to the Spinal Brain. Tin's is not so. of — FOR THE ENDOCRINES ARE THE VERY CHANNELS WHICH THE CREYOU ARE THE ATIVE SPIRIT USES FOR THE PERPETUATION OF LIFE— and CREATIVE SPIRIT EMBODIED IN THE HUMAN FORM. though 'be result of the knowledge that Mentalphysics teaches will be achieved just as well vitbout detailed knowledge of bow it is done. Column (c) Importance of the Spinal • You in the have but to make a body tli. created it. !t takes its One Hundred name from Sixty its appearing like knots. is that their less important is the which may be brain. Page 2 . for ganglion means knot. THE EXTERIOR MEMBRANE OF THE NERVE SERVING AS AN INSULATOR IN LIKE MANNER. made up of hr. Attached to Lettmm Tifeniy four. house. but if you are carrying out the work laid down here for is little experiment with a not connected with the Brain. This is only partly true. YOU ARE MERELY WASTING YOUR MONEY AND YOUR TIME IN TAKING THIS BEAUTIFUL TEACHING. IT IS ESSENTIAL ALSO THAT WE SHOULD UVE WHAT WE KNOW. to do IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT WE BEUEVE.

• Although children are moody. causing contraction. Depression caused by disappointment may dominate. AMONG OCCULTISTS THIS IS KNOWN AS THE CRUCIFIXION CENTER. . the emotions have free play AUTO-poisoned. the stomach. the machine works. who disfunction: "It presides over nutrition. PERSISTENT BAD MOODS. upon the muscles. the centre breaks down. This plexus. a single mood. THE LESS MAN USES HIS REASONING FACULTIES—THAT IS. IT ACTS AUTOMATICALLY. SHUTS OFF THE FLOW OF INJURIOUS EMOTION)." Then there is Auerbach's plexus. more commonly able dread. has auxiliaries. In a word. Greed. (d) More About Thought and Emotion • The above has been written not at all with any idea of making this Lesson a tech- we will now we have seen Now we are able nical affair. Anger. NOTE: The value of this region can be told in the words of Dr. for they will cry one moment and laugh the When next. It Lesson Twenty-four. We saw in our Breathing lessons that civilized man knows little about correct breathing. and then we say The whole that they have constipation. IT IS PLAIN THAT ANY UNTOWARD EMOTION ACTS ON THE TWO PLEXUSES ABOVE MENTIONED. Anxiety and a hundred others may bear it company. where the nerves are connected like the A TELEPHONE EXCHANGE. . . entire system is the street in the the muscles (as indeed • But in adults the mood will persist for years. Bryon Robinson. even a lifetime. • BUT THE CREATIVE SPIRIT—MARK THIS WELL—has provided FOR EMERGENCY. Meissner. covered its THESE ARE BOTH SYSTEMS OF INTELLIGENCE OPERATED BY THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND WHICH. FOR IN THE MEDULLA THERE IS AN ORGAN KNOWN AS THE INHIBITORY CENTER (SO CALLED BECAUSE IT INHIBITS. controls circulation. they do not PERSIST. WORK IN HARMONIOUS COOPERATION. Man is seldom actuated by a single thought." . • is it The the Pelvic first is know much Probably the student will already next center is from called from of this elementary matter. IT WILL SUFFER MUCH VIOLENCE BEFORE IT BREAKS DOWN. IN who say it is under by them to be the heat center. The emotion LESS than men. also attached to the digestive apparatus. one named after its discoverer. that in a low state of civilization man is normally healthy —much more than in a complex society. but Fear. the Solar Plexus. and "consists of a countless number of brains that have to do with the manufacture and delivery of the digestive ferments required in the action of metabolism. of value that he review his knowledge from another angle • The WIRES cord are two definite centers. that the moods are very complex. But one can show that Man in his more "civilized" state loses much of his inherent knowledge of many things. so called by the astrologers the control of the Sun. devitalize it and nervous prostration follows. It is situated behind radiates the network of nerves. every muscle in the body were contracted of the adverse moods attacks this centre. presides over the organs of generation. Page J One Hundred Sixty-one . however. being connected throughout the entire digestive tube. but — it* it u that of our Lessons. and Plexus— so situated near the extremity of the spine. UNDISTURBED. This is known as the Abdomi- It is said it nal Brain.. are subject to a state of nervous fear of indefin- of Fear acts digestive apparatus suffers.. HIS CONSCIOUS THINKING HE INTERFERES WITH THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. must be apparent to you. how the In the whole of the Lessons in this course of Mentalphysics Thoughts and Emotions to understand perhaps • It is well known how act on and in the physical organism. AND EMOTIONS — THE • Women. many people we drawn is tight the case). it is the BRAIN OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.this brain proximity to the pelvis. INSUFFICIENT LUBRICATION). There are Any The meet. producing the action of the rube. however. but merely to carry conviction to the student about a point consider. and tense as if visible effects face is upon the body and thv and evidence of this upon almost bloodless in many people. too. CAUSING AN OVER OR AN UNDER-SECRETION (LN A WORD.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND DOES. Cdlifornis. can concentrate the UNTO I Thought upon any SUPREME REALIZATION wc can see and Mind upon WHATSOEVER WE DESubconscious Mind will work out our hopes and aims Until assured that the frj and all that wondrous Truth Old Age. Mind the of force acts. A. the limitation of that we are no longer conscious of time time time then for us does not exist. OLD AGE. Then we must ACT ON OUR CONVICTIONS. What we are doing is to direct this power to the achievement of HEALTH. tins iisr will the that we have SIRE. AND WORKS IT OUT EM MENTAL AND PHYSICAL PHENOMENA TO ITS LOGICAL CONCLUSION. OF AVOIDING ANY NEGATIVE THOUGHT OR EMOTION. OR A HABIT. Age no loogef exists for us. The work that we man it. tell that like a dog. BE. and A wonderful aim. Leuon Tivrntr-foKT. seen. WHEN WE TAKE DEATH FROM OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. We Know How (e) Noiv • Knowing how mous power and To Do It we know everything. then there is ABSOLUTELY LIMITATION for us. for WHATEVER THE CREATOR IS WE ARE. DECAY. When wc are no longer conscious of Age in anv form. THAT IS. NOTE: You remember our reference will to the tallow candle was a stick of candy. CANNOT POSSIBLY BE PLACED ON THE AND IN OUR CASE EXTREME ADVISABILITY. r are the Creative Spirit. Through understanding we get CONVICTION. NO MATTER HOW ABSURD OR INJURIOUS IT MAY BE. Meditations bring the enorMind (principally the Subconscious Mind. • When wc REALIZE means. Papr 4 . IS. by the concentration of our part. • Ah. and good. and when we see the I AM in that light.itut] lot Amgttll. we ACT on that conviction—rather. however. then wc sec that the "I Am" of us is Omniscient. not be necessary. — • When we know that is. AND WE CHANGE CONDITIONS. in the state of Similarly. but we the ART OF LIVING. OF TWENTY-FOUR H LESSON I Dinph. ITS DIRECT OPPOSITE. ionize that hss( we HOW CAN NO vol' TNI) life. the • CHANGE THE CONVICTION. decay or death? It But when we come to the and convictions to a logical conclusion in our PEA< Disease. AS WE ARE DOING. BY ELIMINATION OF THE RACE TRADITIONAL CONVICTIONS. feci THERE BE Writtt* m I . WE THEN REALIZE THAT WE HAVE THE POWER AND ABILITY TO LIVE AS LONG AS WE DESIRE TO LIVE.MUCH EMPHASIS. WHICH NEVER ERRS IN ITS WORK) upon a DEFINITE AIM. • TOO NECESSITY. BY CREATING AND BUILDING INTO OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. then for us »imply CANNOT • We can. must thoroughly understand it. It cannot.nil' We we l Hi l. Omnipotent. REALIZE — AND WHEN WE WITH AN UNSHAKEABLE CONVICTION THAT WE ARE WHAT THE CREATIVE SPIRIT IS. are doing in these Lessons is something like — this son of auto-hypnosis. as the body. REJUVENATION. and believing state — fish and he will that he dog and he a is an Remember will bark and try to act like a fish. What is to be done is quite clear. Change hypnosis being told thai man —any man the idea! Tell him • in a similar that be is * this. Ihu-ltrJ Sixty Itto part of arrive at that point. When we are CONVINCED THAT WE ARE NOT SUBJECT TO DISEASE. FOR WE KILL ANY IDEA. ()». WE FOUND QUITE EARLY IN OUR STUDIES THAT THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND DOES NOT REASON— IT TAKES EVERYTHING FROM THE CONSCIOUS MIND SERIOUSLY. WHEN WE GET THE IDEA OF DEATH OUT OF THE MIND WE HAVE ROOM TO PUT SOMETHING ELSE MORE BEAUTIFUL TO TAKE ITS PLACE. Omnipresent. SUCCESS. THEN.

Do you HONESTLY THINK IT WORTH YOUR WHILE TO START IN AND MAKE A COMPLETE INVENTORY OF YOURSELF AS YOU WOULD OF YOUR BUSINESS? Take STOCK. • NOW. we can see easily that the short cut to the building of a effort to man NEW CONSCIOUSNESS uproot bad habits and make thinketh so centers of our brains is he. A55602. YOUR TWENTY-EIETH LESSON (TWENTY-flfTH WEEK) MAN'S HABITS AND HIS DESTINY "Have patience. — • Practically everything that we think. no success. I can only hope you will be so filled with enthusiasm to make Mentalphysics a REAL THING that you will go on to ABSOLUTE MASTERY that you will use every moment that — available for the discovery of your true self. most of our habits are what our very breath makes them "good" habits or "bad" habits. • We may we will. the flaming star that shines within the lightless depths of ever being.A. I might write you twenty and point out what you should do. You will be the loser. WE HAVE FORMED THOUGHT—of Eating—of Sitting—of Speakand so on. U. advising NOW KNOW— — you to do if so. • Nothing can be gained by using many words. The by habit. do and say is the result of habits. As your Teacher. WHAT — Lesson Twenty-five.S. California. Los Angeles." • Knowing what we now EVER WE DESIRE is by tation and the conscious to replace them. and you know how to annihilate BAD HABITS. . and so on but probably the basic trouble with most of us is that we have formed HABITS OF BREATHING. and as Breath Is the Flywheel of Life. — . I DO NOT AND CANNOT KNOW THEM. and if you do. all more pages on perform miracles with ourselves this subject. rest assured that sooner than you can contemplate Life will be a great Transformation for you.The Mentalphysics- Institute of (First Church For the Student's Use of Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. and his WHATSO- through Medi- new ones with which Thought is carried out largely which are used in our thinking are governed all by habits. Commence at once! (a) Create Habits of True Living • YOU NOW KNOW THE WAY TO CREATE NEW HABITS BY A METHOD THAT CANNOT FAIL. and you alone. • ing HABITS OF —of Circulation—of Moods . INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus of The 1930 GROUP Institute of Mentalphysics. Page 1 One Hundred Sixty-three . YOU KNOW YOUR HABITS— OR YOU CAN FIND OUT EASILY ENOUGH. the boundless fields of the Unknown. as one who fears no Fix tby Soul's gaze upon the star whose ray thou failure. courts art. As a know. with a future which will outshine the past in every detail for sheer glory power happiness and Understanding. if you do not take some trouble with yourself now that you know how to find out who you are and where you are going. You it is for you to LIVE YOU KNOW. Candidate.

and strength. and they may perhaps frantically wave their arms to warn you. All glands are interrelated. • // you have own mind. You realize that there is a great distance between yourself and your friends whom you have left at the foot of the hill. before. The There are no familiar landmarks. CANNOT TURN ME BACK FROM THE MARK OF MY HIGH CALLING. lack of balance and eventual complete disorganization. when he there. you have entered into the true Spiritual Consciousness. One tlunArtd Sixty jour Lrttcn Turen/y-fire. feeling. But you have a new-found courage. pain. HIS FEEUNG. HIS REAL- IZATION? • First. but very wholly to be guided by is Create more and more courage within your give thanks. in any of Non-use brings atrophy. for to travel along this Path of Attainment one has to discard many of the old ideas. old friends often. a this to teach who —which YOU ARE. trust is always which will allow us the object of the early teaching of Mentalphysics primarily Health. But I know how hard this Path is to tread. though the prospect is fully pleasing. scene will scarcely be recognized. and as you have gained the knowledge and felt the Truth of the "Whatever the Creator is I am" you have been taken possession of by a fierce joy. this teacher of the Ductless — Repression is also a very active cause. in the Hall of Learning.) the endocrine* ought to be used. old and sometimes well-beloved negations of life for on this Journey we must not be overladen with worthless impedimenta. Disciple. and no man or woman can expect to enjoy life to the full whose genitals arc weak. If the secretions are not used they will either overflow or strain the delicate tissues holding them. depleted or exhausted. P*g* 2 . It is apparent that any secretions. that those and retained its who have passed through the* Silence. (b) "Go thou and tell no man" • I confess that my hands tremble as I set out to inquire of the Student who has come thus far whether he or she can truthfully assert that they are making progress. he "Magnet" drawing to him those things and those people which will lead him on higher and higher up the spiral Path of Light. YOU MAY FEEL THAT. The light of the Spirit few of us have the confidence and safe guide. Rejuvenation. resulting in discomfort. we will pursue the subject just so far as is necessary to convince us that the process of Thought and the action of the glandular system are so interlocked as to be of the same root to produce the same flower of Health or the reverse. For rwenry-four weeks if you have been faithful you have been traveling a road you did not — know — You should be on the road to Spiritual Consciousness. — • And what should the student by STARTED— WHAT SHOULD BE — this time feel he who is earnest? HE HAS BUT HIS IMPRESSIONS. The genitals arc the master glands. its O peace. and a gleam of light of the Eternal Illumination should be yours. They regard you perhaps as having started out to lose yourself. Trust the Spirit within Though it. the Disciple will always find his Master. every day. but the sex glands are the strongest of all. the student has entered the Spiritual Consciousness will find that everywhere." also. (c) • While The Generative shall pass felt through it capable of entering is Life Stream would counsel the student again to study for himself the effect Glands upon the human body. will find his — "Know. (Much impotence in both sexes is due to over-indulgence or abuse. WHATEVER HAPPENS. Success and the Art of Living. you should be conscious of having entered into some unknown land. WHICH WE NOW KNOW DOES NOT EXIST.• But only in precise relation to own your effort. they long that you Therefore. and then comes exhaustion. "I WILL PRESS ON"— EVEN DEATH ITSELF.

Is there any wonder carried over through these glands. has taken to place you where you are as you read these that we are complex beings when we sum contribution to the The world has endured how many people it words. • YOU ARE DOING LIKEWISE. realize that all of these total of ourselves today. which we cannot deal with in this Initiate Group Course. When Lindtradition AWAY bergh. not to men- the Race Thought. Think of the superstitions of the Race to which we are subject. This in the aggregate is ideas. then. We can see. to television. When Wheatstone invented the telegraph HE BROKE FROM TRADITION. secretions are taken up activity —these invaluable in the blood. but which will be brought to the student after worthiness to have it revealed has been established. when that It is the Mammary glands are charged with milk unduly there — glands expel their secretions to the surface as. some of which are not even yet determined by modern Then you can see how the secretions of many of the glands act merely as Science. alone and allowing though no other man had NOTHING to disturb his confidence that he could flown solo across the Atlantic. is probably millions of years. the working of the Subconscious many who have gone have added to us their Mind — our contemporaries and more have been subject to millions tion those before us. however. but we know of the Race when we that friends. for instance. OUR GREAT POINT IS: THAT WE ARE GETTING AWAY FROM TRADI* * THAT WE KNOW THAT THE IMAGINATION IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT TOOL BY WHICH WE MAY CARVE OUR WAY INTO SAFETY * * THAT WE ARE AND HAVE EVERYTHING NECESSARY TO ENABLE US TO REACH COMPLETE MASTERY * * • AND WE ARE DOING IT. BROKE do it AWAY FROM THE RACE MIND. THE STRONGER THE IMAGINATION THE QUICKER AND BETTER THE RESULTS. • There is a school which teaches that the seminal fluid contains a power that transcends any other power in the body or the mind. to the movies. The minor gland also expel fluids. It is taught that if The student should familiarize him- the student will concentrate his mind upon the sex organs the fluids secreted will enter the blood stream and be created into mental power. He has made them his own.• We know discomfort. to change the flow and IT IS FROM THAT THAT of the life stream from propagating the race to maintain our perpetual existence. YOU ARE BREAKING AWAY FROM THE RACE MIND THAT THOUGHT ITSELF SUBJECT TO DECAY AND DEATH AND OLD AGE AND OTHER BOGEYS. They would have denied it. This is a higher occult study. as we are all denying today our spiritual heritage. from the RACE Mind. the airplane. generation to generation — for a very long time Think. The Race from • You the continuance of the Race. the telegraph. lubrication. • TION Lesson Twenty-five. then. self with this. the Salivary glands. have but to think a moment to realize how important the sex organs are in The organs of generation are those sacred channels through which the Creative Spirit propels the Generative Life Stream. that each of those millions of people who have This contribution to our present make-up millions of people (rather. Not all the secretions from the sex glands are directed towards pronor are the sex glands inactive unless under sexual creation. is Several of the the same with all the glands. them) the Creative Spirit has been embodied all the time. WITHIN contributed to put us physically where we remember we are. the Tradition of is WE HAVE TO BREAK. people have added their That. Our ancestors would not have consented to the telephone. though less obvious. (d) What of Our Heredity? • Back of these is spoken of as heredity. a from which we have to break. the Race. The individual only transmits those traits that he takes to himself. Page 3 One Hundred Sixty-five .

No. operating smoothly. Decay. decay and FALL TO RUIN. has Think of this. with all the strength of TO BE DIRECTED BY THE RACE"— I. Lesson Tucnlyftve." — do one think wc arc emphasizing too much the physical we shall understand the wc grow in knowledge and control of the Physical. and this automobile equipped with a power to ful of self-starting. G. and Death in Failure. mechanically perfect. we have inherent. we shall fulfill the Cosmic plan in our lives). automatic practically unlimited powers only like the automobile.irroroMii bv understanding the Microcosm. Clements writes on Therefore. Grow been reading an Old.filifornia. in other words. We are INFINITELY MORE HARMONIOUS IN OUR WORKING. They BELIEVE it now it is for us to REALIZE it. there are TWO KINDS OF IDEAS. all parts function- HARMONY WITH ONE ANOTHER ing in • Then we compared KEEP in itself to think of this wonderthat condition. to be what they wish to be (then.l(\. I WILL NOTI • Look at it in this way: Let us be like infants new book without any writing — we knowledge. come from the parents.000 years New York maga"Why We Should Not "Health and Culture. • have I just zine (for July. wc shall be led on and on as far as go. R. Page 4 ." remarking that the been lengthened to 900 times man. I understand God through understanding myself. Disappointment. nearly 2. (. self-repairing. We will do the writing. It is — impossible for us we if obey The Law. Now. • Then imagine if there were an automobile like this. infant is like a scious ideas) with in it. We understand Nature through undermodina Man We understand Life through understanding the operation and result of its manifestation. first FIFTH LESSON Dingle. fly. If this were done for it can be done for one life organism. The infant brings no ideas (conMind begins to operate. refuse to be my under the control of the Race Mind which will build into me. our spirit. LET US BE THE AUTHORS OF THIS NEW BOOK OF LIFE OF OURS. but unlike the we asked you with the body. "I WILL REFUSE TO DECAY— I WILL LIVE. The first writing put into the book are the first ideas. is that "I WILL REFUSE the Creative Spirit Embodied. Disease The will build our lives anew. Wc understand the ocean by microscopic examination of the single drop of water. good and evil. ing. self -renewing self-adjusting. self-renovat- and self-governing. — • JUST THINK what a machine we are! even physically. he could why • in live life its of a fruit —and if by mere control of temperature. PEACE RE Written in \ a'tlh In I <!uin lot Anv. The first ideas. US. We understand the M." a not another? AGAIN I SAY LEARNING THE LAW OF • article 1929) in which Dr. No. Ideation cannot start until the it. I <f Spiritual as • In the we can work that we shall now soon enter upon. to die! Utterly impossible. self-building. In other words. sensations.— (e) • What we want Will Refuse! I to say. Ideas TRUE TO NATURE. WEAR OUT. to do what they wish to do so. We have so far compared the living organism with the automobile that is carefully conI take that all it that they have the — structed of the finest steel. learning this. self-generating. FALSE TO NATURE. One Hundred Sixty-six — will shortly be sent to you. Let us keep sacred. otherwise the THINKING— for as we THINK so ARE We! Ideas it • who have come to this Lesson will with all their Minds declare power and the ability to live as long as they desire. usual life-span. so that your UNTO YOU— END OF TWENTY /. Why. — Your Review Lesson an examination Diploma may he issued by The Institute. without the attributes all which end NO. self-operating. A. automobile. IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR SUCH A MACHINE TO GROW OLD. for I AM LIFE.

WHERE A DREAMER DOES NOT KNOW THAT HE IS THE CAUSE OF THE DREAM. one yellow. separate Head-learning from Soul-Wisdom. have the sensation of the four seasons of the year. takes! thy first step. —but about us and within us we the world through the colored glass • Sufficient We illustration that is were deceived by the on the path to freedom. but KNOW. which would lead one to suppose that the cells are wiser than the Man. A55602.The Mentalphysics- Institute of (First Church For the Students Use of Mystic Christianity) Only— Copyright No. in the four sides of which there are four windows. we wonder why it is that while the cells of the body know how to do the work of building the body. of the mind. and one blue. but you will that they are illusions and that you are DECEIVED by them.S. Freud says: "For I assure you that probable. Los Angeles. Look through the red and you notice the country* side change to the rich tints of the fall of the year. Lesson Twenty-six. One is green. GROUP INITIATE Issued from the Office of The Preceptor Emeritus of The 1930 Institute of Mentalphysics. and you are in the summer time. and see that you can create four illusions. My answer is: "YOU DO KNOW. Thus at any time of the year. In his sixth lecture. should have been learned so far in the Initiate Group Course in Mental- physics to have • what a magnificent CONVINCED the student. (Get some glass and try it. the 'Eye' from the 'Hearf doctrine. knows. Man as an organism does not." • WHAT APPLIES TO A DREAM. in the North of England. to THE TRIUMPHANT • f If1ST STEP mine the other night talking about a small island in Lake Windermere. learn to discern the real Learn." "Search for the Path. in fact HE DOES NOT THAT HE DOES NOT dream means. where there is a crude stone tower.) was I interested in listening to a friend of KNOW • As who all I talked with my friend I thought are trying to understand the Art of Living." Which is another way of saying that the Spiritual Mind.A. Before thou from the false. that the dreamer does know what KNOW THAT and therefore BELIEVES HE KNOWS. the ever-fleeting from the everlasting. YOUR TWENTY-SIXTH LESSON (TWENTY-SIXTH WEEK) But be of clean heart before thou startest on thy journey. and we are in the tower are already for us illusions We look at all the time. Look through the yellow. BUT DO NOT THAT YOU KNOW. Each window has a different colored glass. but that the Conscious Mind very often KNOW does not. the Creative Spirit. These correspond Look through the green pane of glass and you see that to the seasons of the year. Looking through the blue glass and there comes over the scene an aspect of depth of winter. looking through these glasses. California. IS TRUE OF ALL THAT GOES TO MAKE UP OUR SENSORY LIFE. the country is bathed in the freshness of green in the Spring. his it is very possible. • Again. one red. Page 1 One Hundred Sixty-seven . you may. above all. U.

AND NO MATTER FROM WHAT ANGLE WE PROCEED TO ANALYZE THE GREAT TRUTHS TAUGHT IN MENTALPHYSICS. and give thanks. THAT IF WE ARE WHATEVER THE CREATOR IS. • The RACE MIND to We look at the world through the colored glasses of the Conscious Mind. when we come can dig it all out from our consciousness.. let us let us review THINK. We are are what the OLD AGE the idea of and Failure and Disease Unthinkingly we acquiesce. a METAPHYSICIAN. the kidneys. having definite knowledge. but not unless for IS THE SPIRIT THAT QUICKENETH. THAT YOU ARE THE ALL THAT THERE EMBODIED IN HUMAN IS FORM— thing (in exist outside the All That There You in of That Which is Omnipresent Is. ALL THAT THERE IS. then they will cease is become. We need Free! • We all want Eternal Youth. We can dig and dig. Page 2 . A PHILOSOPHER. for APPEARS.d s. And Race Idea. "infant book" that not fear. possessing ALL the Powex dure is. that WHAT IS IN THAT CONSCIOUS- REALIZE IT AS A TRUTH. knowing of Thai Which Is Omnipotent -all-powi rfnl. EMBODIED- Everlasting. Make Us be Truth Shall this is Truth what you are reading. THE FLESH PROFITETH NOTHING. has handed We NOT AS IT IS. it give our consent. and write we we mentioned.• We Race and so see the world Mind has made and Death it know to us. The following facts stand forth in what we have learned: • THAT YOU ARE THE CREATIVE (1) art I />. The Law. and let some of the Truths that we have learned. ETERNAL.w. Lesson. we have been th.) to It is REFLECT we have so profoundly logical that IT We OBEY WEAR we allow them OUT. (a) The Transcending Truth • we Before As we read close this this page. and later on stop. But./ • (') the SPIRIT Final. ONE SUBSTANCE. Never-ending Thing Is. all-knowing. They ! —on it is true. then we must • applies to everything can only are. WHETHER AS A SCIENTIST. possessing unlimpower. to. have discovered have been led to believe that the lungs.tnon Twenty-six. or a THEOLOGIAN—WE COME BACK TO THE SAME ONE TRUTH. in the tower. to USE them. use that which we when we only to think long enough about Then we have mastered The Law. tight l. and once more let me say that WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER CONSCIOUS OF THE LIMITATIONS OF AGE YOU HAVE ETERNAL YOUTH. Continuing. therefore: — present everywhere at the same tin ited . for every time elling at the roots of the l down fooled. and heart. them. our hearts rejoice because we know more about ourselves and the universe than we did three months back. What we do If properly to function. and the more all planes. (The same remark New Consciousness we build a NESS. the stronger a LIE USE not But our work we in the as us. spleen will atrophy. You all \ (r) are of Thai Which Is Omniscient— all-wise. Imagine the glorious I-uture ahead. not partial power. possessing knowledge. Absolute. other parts of our bodies we we demand. ""' UunAr. it the secret. WE ARE THE ABSOLUTE. as we are doing in our that we say "I am Health and Youth and Life" we are shov- Meditations.

F«f# 3 lives of weal or woe. for the purpose of being awarded your first Diploma. always existing. READ THESE FIVE PARAGRAPHS—ALOUD— SEVERAL TIMES. in time and space. interminable. It is my aim and purpose to help you crystallize in your mental truths and principles developed in Mentalphysics. • SIT QUIETLY AND THINK ALL THIS OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN. immeasurable. THEN. without limit in power." We must "bear witness" to the Truth." Lesson Twenty-six. YOU ARE ETERthe "I AM". see sor- for the former things are passing away. perpetual. "yes" or "no". your Self. You tions. . • When you come to REALIZE which you have learned. it brings to mortals karmic progeny of all our former thoughts and deeds. is a thee. illimitable. endless. are asked to give some time each day to the direct answering of these quesand to submit your own comment on any phase of Mentalphysics as a separate treatise. but you will be You may commended I own mind the funda- urge you to undertake answer the questions with a simple for giving your own personal reasons for your decisive answers. HOW. questionnaire. and this examination with all seriousness. the One Hundred Sixty-nine . CAN YOU REALLY BE SUBJECT TO DECAY AND DISEASE AND DEATH? — • Contemplate the continuity of your existence." and there "shall be no crying. your Power meditate upon Revel in the contemplation of your True Nature." But "FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. CONSTANT. neither shall there be any more pain. . • (4) YOU ARE OF THAT WHICH Without beginning or end of IS ETERNAL— and inyou are of existence. the Great Causeless Cause. perfect. NAL—NOT SUBJECT TO DECAY AND DISEASE AND DEATH ON ANY PLANE OF EXISTENCE SO LONG AS YOU KNOW AND OBEY THE LAW. May Courage and Strength wait constantly upon May you always have the zeal to press on! • Accompanying this Lesson will be able to Life". neither are Earth. • You may now look forward with extreme delight to gradual emancipation from those conditions which have held you back. listen constantly to the "Song of May Peace embosom thee. which you are asked to carefully answer. everlasting. . limitless. and "be transformed by the renewing of YOUR MIND. unlimited. incapable of partition or sep- aration. "a New row nor Heaven and a New You FREE! You will indeed more Death. ceaseless. you are of Spirit called "part" of the indivisible (the Absolute) all is is in touch Every sowith every other one. AS THE CREATIVE SPIRIT IS. intensity or excellence. In the Great Journey causes sown each hour bear each its harvest of effects. then confidently will you that You be able to declare that you have entered the Hall of Learning. embodied." • • "Thou canst create this day thy chances for tomorrow.• (3) YOU ARE OF THAT WHICH IS INFINITE— Unlimited or boundless. With mighty sweep of never-erring action. boundless. infinite. underived destructible. • (5) YOU ARE OF THAT WHICH Being the Creative IS INDIVISIBLE— "part" and — The Whole THE WHOLE. for rigid Justice rules the world. unbounded. capacity. undivided. UNCHANGEABLE. YOU WILL COME TO SEE THAT YOU ARE. PERMANENT.

Nirvana one must reach self-knowledge. Dingle. and Nature will regard thee as one of her creatures to make obeisance. your Diploma will be issued as you enter the Inner Chamber. She shows her treasures only to the eye of the Spirit — the Eye which never doses. also. Your next Lesson will be the first lesson in this higher knowledge—we have regarded you thus far as a Junior Initiate in the Home Study Division. UNTO YOU— END OF TWENTY-SIXTH LESSON Written in Faith by Edwin J. the desire of knowledge.• Not "Shalt thou abstain from action? To so shall gain thy soul her freedom. SPECIAL ntl Altai bed and send to it NOTE FROM DING LE MEI your 26th Lesson you will find a Questionnaire. Much will now be disclosed to you which it would tint be possible for me to disclose.d. and I would sincerely advise you to you will be able to go on with greater faith and greater assurance. always. so. Be humble II isdom is oft-times nearer when we stoop than when we soar. Fix thy whose ray thou art. I truly an integral part of that I unuld suggest.A. like the thirst for riches." You are counselled to devote as much time as you desire to the answering of your Questionnaire." • "Have one who fears no failure. uiing the INSTITUTE as a channel. Unsullied by the hand of Matter. if you had not proved worthy to receive it. With regard from your file to here. • And She will open wide before thee the portals of her secret chambers. With my Highest Thought. for you will inow that you are great army of earnest souls who. % — As you go along. sent with Lessons 25-26 LIGHT — LOVE—JOY — YOUTH — aiming to be. are seeking and demonstrating the TRUTH. I am looking forward with a great deal of pleasure to leading you to greater unfoldment. lay bare before thy gaze the treasure hidden in the very depths of her pure virgin bosom. so that Beloved. DlN*i II Ml Lesson Twenty-six. the Eye for which there PEACE BE is no veil in all the Kingdom. that you are ready to you return the Pledge of Secrecy As you finish this Lesson. You have been faithful over lesser knowledge. much secret work will be revealed to you. as your Teacher. . and as you have proved your worthiness to have the HIGHER teaching vouchsafed to you. and self-knowledge reach of loving deeds the is child. • . from now on you will be regarded as a member of THE INNER CHAMBER. Page 4 I to ." patience. like you. US." — • Help Nature and work with her thus wilt thou come to know thy True Nature. Here you will learn to begin truly to demonstrate that which you have already studied. Los Angeles. there is a definite procedure to be follon. and you will be addressed as "Noble of the Light. Your only jewel that will not decay is knowledge. be conscious of great wares you from mc. Sincerely. Disciple. INNER CHAMBER TEACHINGS. I hope you will now go on rapidly from height to height. sow with the seeds of merit the of thy future harvests. fill d in. Hundred Seventy It is now. the boundless fields of the unknown. believe me of to me. California. <>'ir judging go into real integral work. as Soul's gaze lightless • upon the Star "If thou wouldn't reap sweet peace fields and rest. courts no success. acquisition of . feel that Your Teacher and It tend. Candidate. it will be my privilege to lead you into greater knowledge. increases ever with the it. After your Questionnaire has been received. the flaming Star that shines within the depths of Ever-Being. which you will send to me in due course.

Let the Sacred Deeds of Love Roll Over this Wide Earth to every Living Soul. My Soul. the eternal purpose of our life is to listen to The Voice. . As it inevitably must. Recount for yourselves what Easter is the Symbol of The Holy Truth of the Word that the Father has spoken The Realization of those Burning Hopes for Peace on this Earth that thrills the heart of you the triumph of rlght over wrong the conquest of the Earth Nature of Man Transmuted into His Divine Right of Living in Heaven. and Finally Echo among the Stars! Let the Great Universe of God Jubilate! Let everything in earth and heaven chant the eternal hosanna. and that which he created will be his own undoing. that ever been crying out in the wilderness of humanity's ignorance and wilful rejection. developed Fear. ' — . which becomes flesh. 1940) "And So. We will know that to be true wise are we if. Let us Away with Strife. So that. through practice. practice. Open every Window. because he would not hear the Voice. Rejoice. as he makes this Earth his Heaven of Hope The Coming Millennial Glory of Wisdom and Love in the Hearts of all Mankind Everywhere. 'i am come that Ye Might Have Life. Ding Le Mei in the 49th Commentary. that Thou Carriest Thyself to the Mountain Top! To the Living Christ in your Own Heart! To the Living Easter which is the Symbol of ALL THAT IS HIGHEST AND NOBLEST AND PUREST AND DlVINE WITHIN Thee! FOR Thou Art what Easter stands for Thou Art the Risen Christ of Love Incarnated for Evermore in Immortality. — — — — — "Then open the Doors! Open the Windows of Love and Hope and Peace and Joy that the Light of Wisdom may Shine in! For the Easter in your Heart Let the Star of Hope Shine! Let the is Worthy of the Highest in You. Ye Seekers of the Christ Consciousness of Life Itself. My Beloved. for us Nobles of The Light. let Easter Speak to us of Peace and Good Will and Hope and Courage Let us Feel Peace and Show Goodwill to Everyone Everywhere. See to it. Voice of The Father has . Angel-Faces Shine out from the Eternal Dome overhead and the Wise Ones Treading the Upward Path of the Mountain of Man's Highest Hope ne'er look back." "And while all this takes place. Rejoice! During this Beautiful Season. Stand in Reverence at the Easter within your own Soul. Then we know al'. Rejoice. Rejoice! Looking forward into the More Glorious Future. Peace in your Earth and Peace in your — — Heaven. but have their Eyes Towards the Holy Summit. for Fear prevents him from hearing the Voice within. practice. That Ye may be Lifted on High. The Voice is the instrument of The Word. He himself. For the Risen Christ is The Symbol Of Peace Peace in your Holy Heart. Oh. we learn the way to listen and ever hear the Voice.THE FIRST RESURRECTION (Concluding passage of Ding Le Mei's Easter Sunday Morning Address. for the Wisdom becomes us and we become the Wisdom. Rejoice Thou alone Art that which Thou Seekest! — — HEARING THE VOICE "I am a Voice crying out in the wilderness . The sole obstacle that man has to encounter is Fear. which is Life. "So. Every Door of Your Being. Looking back into the Glorious Past.

3 > —^ - : t » I ::i >:!••: * - .

:. Sill HL llir SSf£ IimiMIB ?• . r-:. jdocdk Sell.. >m gnftr arn. SfaoUK. »!&. ahawa awcfc. afc ir inwam sk f Miiwrfi tftg - nag .:-"».-_: :r: Mcasm* tt •n*nir mi hi - JT it »! -. n aoH •mi es lis- ane- " : cm ' : mr *uu«wi a.

Moreover." "If you are a Samson. Mentalphysics we also become increasingly conscious of benefits of a much higher spiritual and creative nature which not only insure splendid physical expression but open up avenues into the realm of mind and spirit which work everlasting good in our lives. .fur FlBST row Com Renew vour Never 'l suffer on nrr n<p\- eesil your energies to stagnate! •inr the First R»**iirrection . as you do so. the Mammary Glands \rrt blood into milk. The Salivary Glands change l>v a process of selecting the serum into saliva. if you are full of pep and . In the mother." This is quoted from the Lesson you are to study this week. if you are bent and wrinkled with age. power. For example. and. many have testified to the great benefit they have received in their hearing. It is essential that you breathe this Breath properly. ere you enter upon much more advanced phases of our holy teaching. . for much that is to come to you soon in more advanced teaching depends upon it. you will find benefits that are astounding. as you will in a few weeks' time. You are again urged most sincerely to observe patience in commencing The First Concentration Breath. It is given to you with Your Twenty-third Lesson because of its great efficaciousness along physical lines as you gain mental understanding of "The Supreme Architect and the Endocrines." The First SO Concentration Breath among other things affects the Endocrines. — As is remarked in your lesson: "The Endocrines have the task of transforming the substances of the body into other substances. casts the shadow of our burden behind us. The First Concentration Breath is a masterly exercise. Of course. also in throat troubles. to which you were introduced in commencing your nineteenth week ol practice in Mentalphysics. and know from experience that faithful followers of our secret laws and practices often develop bodies of rare health Good health is a priceless blessing. and it is seemly that you hrpin The First Concentration Breath as you enter upon this most fascinating part of Mentalphysics. and hope on hope on! For hope. your endocrines have done it. You have a wonderful time ahead of you! You should know that you have banished all fear. we are already dead. AND ON snke that you will be lovingly inclined to learn and practice The kntration Breath.! THE FIRST CONCENTRATION BREATH (To accompany Your Twenty-third Lesson) It is but natural that The First Concentration Breath should follow The Creative Breath. as Samuel Smiles once wrote. if you are a man of inferiority complexes. we have everything. and also in nose troubles. The First Concentration Breath breaks the ice. and to maintain patient zeal in your subsequent practice. and when hope is lost. so to speak. is "like the sun. we in Mentalphysics know that in our beloved philosophy we enjoy secrets rarely vouchsafed to human beings. which." When we have hope. as we journey towards it. I hop<. But as we advance in and beauty. WITH ALL THE ENDOCRINES.

write a 200 feel that word resume of Lessons 11 and III you have mastered Lesson XX. Your 2. Do in everything you scientific understanding of "The Temple of the Living God"? whom you come in contact. Has Mentalpbysics brought you a deeper. you care to. so that you can say you understand the operation of the Ductless Glands? - . Has Mentalpbysics brought you improved Health of Body? birth date phases of improvement 3. so that you can and everybody? you follow you care to be it more into a higher consciousness of yourself in relation to the Uni- daily carry out your exercises method intelligent. so that you truthfully can say you 4. that to. _ _ „ and study? State length of time and _ —"Entering the Gate". and the people with "God" State principal _ your body. more Has Mentalpbysics brought you verse within and do Do you see 5 // If 6.The Faultless Philosophy of Life Questionnaire to be Answered at End of Lesson Tvrenty~Six Name Address 1. write a 200 word resume of Lessons IV and V— "The Holy of Holies". know and without.

l "PERSONAL". Dingle. as to what you can and objective in life: (1) - (2) (3) (4) V) 12. W>.Cf. as to bow students may with a view to deriving greater benefits The How 11. and have you learned the necessity of "Daring To Be 14- Are you ready 75. to develop your own their importance. 7. occupation is your principal aim in life? What this desire? do you propose your life surmount the obstacles that you foresee? to do you — outline your objective for ivork five practical suggestions. . How many students have you brought into Mental physics since you Write a short report.o« Angeles.R. California. Siletil"? . S<-fofi«l atnl marke. U. in the order of do obstacles way? How will _ long have you bad Make in. The Institute of MrnialphyMct. 7 3.own words the (a) Conscious Mind. go forward.. I. Mobart.S Prnrptor Emeritus. Are you a Member of to "OUR" Church? (Signed) Mail trm have been a student? to: Edwin J. The embodying suggestions Institute. r 10. if you desire to do be brought into closer association with front so. / foresee in your and (b) Subconscious Mind.A. F.S. Things you are most interested 9. Describe in your 8. .

further promise that I will henceforth protect. and I promise to endeavor so to live to / fellow-man. in regard to these teachings. 19 tte. and assist in all I that I will.A. that will protect and assist the students in all grades of MENTALPHYSICS. — T. Please give I am me such Special Attention as is necessary to prepare prepared to keep secret any such Teachings that Initiate Student's Address City and State. support and ways possible to me. the secret that * my * * my be a worthy example to life will * any other person any phase of the work and principles. Name- may me therefor. I hereby indicate my intention to continue with Inner tion of the Initiate Course. regard affection in which I hold my own mother. D. the activities of our beloved philosophy. Address . Chamber Los Angeles. H. A. _ Occupation day Executed this Ding Le Mei.. K.S. will not in any manner pass on Teachings. through as faithful practice of MENTALPHYSICS with the same deep and will violate * * * purpose no promise * will / I am happy always be make its teachings as possible. to keep my obligations.. Advanced Noble Inner The Institute of Mentalphysics of. Faculty . demonstrated as a member My real sincerity of of the Institute of MENTALPHYSICS. _..My Pledge of Secrecy to Ding Le Mei NDERSTANDING the need of secrecy and the Wisdom of "HAVE NO TONGUE" I hereby make a solemn promise to DING LE MEI that I . subject to the approval of the Chamber Teaching upon compleExamining Board and Members. U. be divulged to me. California. The Student Who Has Solemnly Executed This Pledge is Hereby Usual Signature My Number Date of Birth oAccepted.