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The Windows installer provides an easy way to set up GeoServer on your system.

With no configuration files to edit or command line setting, everything can be
done through the Windows GUI.
1. Navigate to the GeoServer Download page at
2. Select the version of GeoServer that you wish to download. If you’re not sure, select the
Stable version at
3. Click on the link for the Windows installer.

4. After downloading, double-click on the file to launch.
5. At the Welcome screen, click

6. Read the

and click


Select the Start Menu directory name and location. then click .7. 8. Select the directory of the installation. . then click .

Java 7 is required. Note 14. Once the JRE is downloaded and installed. So if set the path to be C:\Program Files(x86)\Java\jre7. When finished. Warning 11. 15. you may not have a JRE on your system. you can download a JRE athttp://www.exe is located at C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaw. If this variable is undefined. please see the section on . restart the GeoServer installer. GeoServer requires a valid JRE in order to run. Platform Example Location Windows C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7 WindowsXP C:\Program Files\Java\jre7 10. click . In this case. Don’t include the \bin in the JRE path.html. . Enter the path to a .oracle.9. The installer will inspect your system and attempt to automatically populate this box with the path contained in your %JAVA_HOME% variable. so this step is required. For more information about Java and GeoServer. 12. 13.

click . When finished.16. but this is not required. When finished. The defaults are . . If this is your first time using GeoServer. and what is entered here will become those administrator credentials. 19. Enter the path to your GeoServer data directory or select the default. Enter the username and password for administration of GeoServer. It is recommended to change these from the defaults. Previous GeoServer users may already have a data directory that they wish to use. 17. you should select the . 18. click . GeoServer’s requires authentication for management.

20. This affects the location of the GeoServer . . When finished. GeoServer is run like a standard application under the current user. select . 21. or to manage GeoServer as a service. . and thus is easier to administer. When installed as a service. click . click . The default port is although any valid unused port will work. GeoServer in integrated into Windows Services. Otherwise. as well as the endpoints of the GeoServer and . Enter the port that GeoServer will respond on. When finished. Select whether GeoServer should be run manually or installed as a service. select . When run manually. If running on a server.

then congratulations. and clicking in the GeoServer folder. button if any changes need to be made. GeoServer is successfully installed! . click . click to close the installer. Navigate to http://[SERVER_URL]:[PORT]/geoserver/ (Ex: http://localhost:8080/geoserver/) to access the GeoServer . 25. it is already running. If you see GeoServer in your browser. 23. If you installed GeoServer as a service. you can start GeoServer by going to the Start Menu. Otherwise. 24. When finished.22. GeoServer will install on your system. Review your selections and click the Otherwise.