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The Story of Ahmad

The Life of Muhammad, as told by Dr.Malachi Z. York
From The Holy Tablets, Chapter 19, Tablet 2

The 19th chapter of the Holy Tablets, and the story of Muhammad and Islam. While
many orthodox muslims will find some of what is written absurd, one wonders why
we should assume this story is any less logical than the absurd story put forth
by orthodox Muslims. This writing was originally written in 228 verses, 19 x 12
=228. Every tablet in his book "The Holy Tablets", the number of verses was a mu
ltiple of 19.

LO! In five and seventy A.D. called Aam Al Fiyl, the Year of the Elephant in Ara
bia, Being the year in which Abrahtu-Al-Ashram, an Ethiopian ruler of Senaa in Y
eman marched with a large army of elephants to conquer Mecca. The one hundred an
d fifth degree, originally the nineteenth chapter of the Qur'aan is dedicated to
this event saying:
"Didn't you see how your, Ahmad, Rabb, who is Sustainer dwelt with the companion
s of the fiyl, elephant, Abrahat-Al-Ashram, viceroy of Yeman?"
Didn't he, The Source, Allah manifest that there kayd, scheming to destroy the K
aaba was a grave era? And consequently he, Allah sent airborne flocks of tayr on
them. Throwing hot stones, hijarat from sijjiyl on them. By throwing stones fro
m sijjiyl, The Source, Allah made their flesh raw, like kernels of quickly consu
med corn, ka'asf and chewed hay.
A child prophesied as the praised one, or the comforter in his language Arabic,
that is Ahmad, was born to a descendant of Kedar, second son of Ishma'El and his
wife Saaida Faatimah, This Ishma'El was the first son of Abraham and his Egypti
an wife Hagar (Aka). This descendant was called Abdullat, a slave of the god All
at, later called Abdullah, to imply, "servant of Allah," Abdullat was one of the
sons of Abd-al Mutaalib. The others being:
Al Abas/Al Abbas,
Abu Lahab, who came from one of his pale Arab wives,
Az Zahir,
Al Haris, and
Abu Taalib, father of Ali, husband of Faatimah, the soul heir of Ahmad, Abd-al M
utaalib who headed the tribe called the Haashimites, later called the Kara/Quray
The mother of Ahmad was called Amina, daughter of Wahb.
Mecca, the capital at that time was the most important location for Arab pilgrim
s. The year of the Elephant was a dry, destitute year for many. Among those suff
ering the effects of the famine was the family of:
Al Harith son of Rifa s son of Qusayy, son of Nasr, son of Sa d, son of Bakr, so
n of Hawazin. His wife Halima, daughter of Abu Dhu ayb of Banu Sa d, son of Bakr
came to Mecca along with the women of other nomadic tribes searching for babies
to breastfeed, a tradition of that day.
Before she returned to her family s tents, she took an orphan child into her car
e named Ahmad, later called Muhammad, Who was destined to become the prophet of

a new religion called Muhammadism, Combining the religion of Abraham called Mill
ah Ibrahiym and the way of life of those before him, called Al Islam. With idola
try and paganism they created, with the help of the Catholic church, a new found
faith, called Diyn Al Islam, meaning "submit to Diyna," the female deity of the
cresent moon, or so called Ishtar (the Goddess Ast of Kamta). She was called the
Universal Mother of all living things, the virgin mother of all souls (Aka known
as Diana, Artemis, Phoebe, and Cynthia). The chief seat of the Diyna cult and w
orship was at Epheses, where a great temple was built.
When Ahmad was a baby his grandfather took him to the Kaaba. A cube shaped struc
ture of the great temple of Solomon, A sight of worship for its commemoration of
its construction by Abraham and Ishma El. And called his name from Ahmad the na
me of prophecy, to Muhammad the prophecy fulfilled.
Unbeknowing to them Shaytaan had given birth to his own prophet Muhammad, A son
of a wicked man name Habiyb Al Hanif, They named this child Musaylimat, he was t
o undermine all of the unknowing followers of Muhammad. He was to lie and wait,
in order to deceive them. To get all of them except for Al Mukhlasina, the purif
ied ones, Who would be guided by the successor of Muhammad Al Mahdi of the Sudan
, Whose teachings would spread like the sun coming out of the east even unto the
There you ll find the Mukhlasiyna, the Ansaaru Allah, under Al Mukhlis, Protecte
d from the touch of this worldwide deception called Muhammadism, whose followers
are called Muhammadans, Moslems or Muslims, With it s own corrupted set of laws
called shariya, laws made by man, not found in the real Al Qur aan. It would cr
eate a system called Fiqh, rules and regulations, and Fatwa, sentences. This sha
riya is subdivided into:
itiqadat, false beliefs,
adab, moral immoralities,
ibadat, blind devotion,
mu amalat, unfair transactions,
uqubat, barbaric punishments,
And lastly the demon Al Hadith would become the source of their information, And
they would call this text the hadith, their guidance.
A man named Musaylimat, son
of Habib Al Hanafi, born twenty and two years before Ahmad, Yet his name was Mu
saylimat, which is just another way of saying Muslim. Waraqa Ibn Naufal, Ibn Asa
d, Ibn Abdi l-Uzza, the uncle of Khadijah was his advisor, as they plotted to cr
eate their own Koran to deceive the followers of MuKamad/Muhammad, Who were all Nub
Yet, Musaylimat s followers (as they are referred to in the real Qur aan) as the
desert Arabs are in control of Mecca, Jerusalem and even the tomb of the Mahdi
to this day. They formed what they called a sacred brotherhood, or the Ikhwaani
Muslimuwn, the brotherhood of Musaylimat, the liar, who was told by Waraqa that
he was inspired by a Naamus, another form of the word Nommus, a spirit being (No
mmo; Amen/Ammen spelled backwards), which Waraqa told this false Muhammad had ap
peared to Moses also. This can be found recorded in their hadith under Sahihu l
Bukhari, where it is said: when Muhammad told Waraqa, the Jew what he had seen on
Mount Hira, Waraqa exclaimed that it is the Namus (Nomo) who appeared from Alla
hu Rahman to Moses, when in fact this Muhammad mentioned is Musaylimat, Abu Al H
aqq. Namus means "one who can take the the knowledge of the sacred thoughts of a
man and used in contradistinction to the word Jasus," a spy, who seeks to know
the evil deeds of another. The Namus or Nommo of the Dogon were Reptilians or se
rpant beings called in the Qur aan, Shaytans, who were behind Musaylimat.
The Koran called the Holy Qur aan or the glorious Qur aan as held in the hands o
f Muslims today is a product of Jewish scholars, And the Catholic Church s branc
h of the Jesuit priest under (Black) Pope Augustine. And they planned the poison
ing of the Prophet Muhammad by a Jewish woman named Zainab bint Haarith, wife of

Sallam Ibn Mishkam whom Muhammad killed in a battle. This plan was to destroy t
he original Qur aan and replace it with their version of a Qur aan, Written by M
usaylimat with the help of Jewish scholars and Christian scholars.
This was to be done by hastening the death of Muhammad and placing as his succes
sor a desert Arab named Abu Bakr Ibn Uthman, And to kill all of the Ahlil Bayt,
which was the family of Ahmad, Starting with the attempt to kill the rightful Kh
alifa, the successor Ali, son of Abu Taalib, the very man who raised Ahmad. This p
lan succeeded, but assassins from which the name Hashim, whose original name is
Amar comes from, The original name of Ahmad s family tribe stepped in and secret
ly assassinated all of these fake successors. The false Khalifas namely: Abu Bak
r, Umar, Uthman had compiled this false Koran, changed the language to their dia
lects, And killed all of the men, who had memorized the original Qur aan, called
Al Kara Ast Saba/Al-Qurra us-Sab ah, called the seven readers. They were: Imam I
bn Qasiyr,
Imam Asim,
Imam Abu Umar,
Imam Hamza,
Imam, L-Qisa i,
Imam Nafiy, and
Imam Ibn Amiyr.
But they could not put their hands on Ali as of yet. He became rec
ognized as the fourth khalifat, even though he was the first, And took the hand
written copy of the Qur aan that was in his wife s Faatima, daughter of Ahmad po
ssession, Sent it to Kufa, where it was tranposed into Kufic, and sent the origi
nal copies through Egypt, Down into Sudan where it was protected and never trans
lated into any foreign language until now.
Eventually they assassinated Ali, and his family members, But not before their s
eed was well planted in the Sudan, From which sprung the great Al Mahdi and his
Raatib, who had possession of the original Qur aan, which in time also got infil
trated by political egotist from the bloodline, Who formed the Ummah party, brok
e away from the original teachings of the Mahdi, Allowing their daughters to mar
ry into the Ikhwaani Muslim and the Ansaar fell to ruin,
1870 CE Only for the prophecy of one hundred years to be fulfilled from eighteen
seventy A.D., the establishment of Jazzir Abba, To nineteen seventy A.D. when t
he sun rose in the west and these truths are made clear.
We are the Ansaaru Allah, the Ahlil Bayt. This fake Muhammad that is responsible
for Islaam as you know it today, Be it : Sunni,
Shi ite,
Ikhwaaniy Muslim,
Nation of Islam,
World Muslim Community,
Moorish Science Islam
Five Percent, etc
And the many other sects that the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah
be upon, said would raise in the last day and oppose his nation the Ansaaru All
ah, For as the real Qur aan said: "of you who are of the faithful, be Ansaaru Al
lah". And again it says "oh you is one of the faithful, if you help Allah, Allah
will help and plant firm your feet." They plan a plan and Allah plans a plan, A
nd Allah is the best of planners.
558 CE This plot of theirs was headed by Musaylimat, who lived and ruled in the
exact same time as Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin. This Arabian Prophet of the fifth c
entury was born in the year five hundred and fifty and eight A.D. And was killed
in six hundred and thirty and three A.D. by Wahshi, the Ethiopian assassin, by
the command of Abu Bakr, who betrayed him, wanting to be the ruler of all the fo

llowers for himself.

632 CE A year after Muhammad died in the year six hundred and thirty and two A.D
. Musaylimat was a very prominent leader, who was very well versed in poetry. A
self-claimed prophet composed his own holy book, called the Koran. He considered
himself a prophet over El Yamammah, A province in the southeastern part of Saud
i Arabia. Before they planned their total takeover of all Arabia with the murder
death of Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin, who started his mission in the year six and
ten A.D., While meditating in a cave Hirah, in the Har, "mountain".
610 CE Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin, starts his mission in the year six and ten A.D.
, while meditating in a cave Hirah (Are) , in the Har (Ar), "mountain". The mount
ain lit up with light, a symbolic ladder was lowered and an Eloheem, Gabriy El,
son of Rasi El and Zamma El, approached him and said Aqraa:
read," And
Muhammad replied: Yaa Gabriy El ma ana bi Qariyan, "oh one sent from El, I am no
t a reader." And
Gabriy El repeated Aqraa, "read" getting the same reply, then Gabriy El said on
this nineteenth shadow hour in the ninth month, called Ramadaan, for it is very
hot in that month, "read; By using the name of your Rabb, who creates. He procre
ated the Anu (Enosites) from a clot, of congealed blood, cells separating.
Read by way of your Rabb, who is Sustainer the Akraam, Most Generous, it is he w
ho taught alaam, you by the way of the qalam, quill, He taught the Anu (Enosite
s) that which they did not know."
So Ahmad knew this to mean that he was to read that which was already taught by
scribes who wrote it by the pen. He was talking about previous scriptures, the Q
ur aan had not yet been revealed. The next time he appeared, the first thing Gab
riy El said to Muhammad was the light and the qalam, quill and that which they t
he news bearers recorded, You Muhammad are not, I say not by the grace of your S
ustainer, who is Rabb possessed by a jinn, malevolent being. This was necessary,
for all who heard Muhammad s claim of spiritual visitation declared him possess
His next revelation was:
"Oh you who is Al Muzammil, one wrapped in a mantle rise up, for prayer a little
way into the shadow hour. Not quite half way into it, just a little, qaliyl, of
it or you Ahmad may add to it, it s your choice. And rattil, recite the Qur aan
rhythmatically, yet well presented in a regulated tone."
And then his next revelation:
"Oh you covered under your mantle, Al Mudathir, arise and anzir, warn, and your
Rabb, Sustainer Allah is kabbir, expanding in greatness. And purify your raiment
, put on white. And shun the abomination, rujza."
And finally he was given the revelation that began with the nineteen mystical:
Bismi Allah, Al Rahman, Al Rahiym in Arabic, "Begin all things in the name of Al
lah, the Yielder, the Most Merciful."
Muhammad told his story by saying this:
"That book is a scripture, no doubt about that. Inside of it there is guidance t
o those who tremble, these are they who are faithful to what is unseen, And they
get up to perform worship, And of the things we the Alat AnuNaka (Eloheem Anunnaq
i) had provided for them, they share willingly. These are they that who are fait
hful to what was sent down to you Muhammad, And what was sent down before your t
ime, that s the other scriptures and tablets, And in the end, Al Akhir, they wil
l certainly be successful. Surely those who cover the facts, it is the same for

them whether you warn them or do not warn them, They are not going to be faithfu
l. The Source, Allah has put a seal on their emotional hearts, and their hearing
, And on their eyes, is a screen and there awaits for them a supreme pain. And f
rom amongst the Anu (Enosites) there are those of them who will say we have fai
th in the Source, Allah, for fear of the end, Yowm Al Akhir. And they are not r
eally with the faithful. They only seek to deceive The Source, Allah and those w
ho have faith. And they don t deceive any except themselves but they don t perce
ive it. In their hearts is a disease, so Allah will increase their disease and f
or them there is an aching pain because they are liars.
Musaylimat the liar, preached in the name of Rahman along with calling himself R
ahman. Rahman was introduced in their version of the Koran when the original Qur
aan was destroyed by the followers of Musaylimat. Musaylimat got the name of hi
s deity Rahman from the Torah meaning "The Merciful".
When all of the original copies of the Qur aan was destroyed and Musaylimat and
his followers introduced their version of the Koran, He collected portions of th
e real copies of the Qur aan and threw away three chapters:
Suwrah Khaal "maternal uncle,"
Suwrah Hafd, "pace" and
Sura Nurain, "illumination".
They also changed the name of Sara Al Kamt (Suwrah El Hamd) to Suwrah Al Fatiha, A
s well as added the last three verses to the ninth chapter to exalt himself.
632 CEN CE The original Qur aan was on bones and skins in the ancient script in
the dialect of the Quraysh tribe and was intrusted to Ali, The nephew and true s
uccessor of Muhammad and husband of Faatima, the daughter of Muhammad. It was th
ought to be taken and destroyed by the followers of the false Muhammad, who late
r became known as the "Khulafaa " or successors to Muhammad. The original copies
of the Qur aan was taken and completely burned by Uthman, son of Affaan. False
copies were distributed and circulated throughout the Islamic world. Unbeknowing
the original was protected and safe in the hands of the real Muhammad s true de
scendants in the Sudan.
All of this was done immediately after Muhammad s death in the year six and thir
ty and two A.D.
610 Cen CE At forty years of age, in the year six hundred and ten A.D., Muhammad
taught that the Eloheem Gabriy El, son of (Rasi El) his father and (Zamma El) h
is mother, came to him and declared him the final prophet of the seed of the tea
chings of Abrakam, the son of Asar (Abraham, whom he called Ibrahiym Ibn Azar), a
fter which he went for and proclaimed the bounty of Allah. MuKamad/Muhammad sought
the truth and retired to a cave (Asar was born in a cave!!!) at the side of Mou
nt Hira (Hara/Are), three miles outside of Mecca, for peaceful contemplation.
595 Cen CE At twenty and five, he married Khadijah, a Christian business woman o
f wealth. Her uncle Waraqa, a scribe of the bible and a devout Christian, told M
uhammad that the Eloheem Gabriy El, appearing to him means that he was a prophet
. Through conversion, he drew a shrewd business man named Abu Bakr Abdullah Ibn
Uthman, a desert Arab. Abu Bakr became Muhammads father in law after Muhammad ma
rried his daughter Aisha. Abu Bakr was the first recognized khalifa to Prophet Muha
mmad, proposed to office by Umar Ibn Al Khattab and his supporters. He was a red
Arab from the tribe Taim, one of the leading tribes of red Arabs, who mixed in
with black tribes of Quraysh.
Abu Bakrs father Uthman (not to be mistaken with the third khalifa also named Uth
amn) was a wealthy powerful man in Mecca. Abu Bakr was also a wealthy merchant a
nd considered to be very powerful and respected amongst the desert Arabs, And wa
s thought to be deeply devoted to Islam, when in reality he was a part of the ma
ster plot. He gave the Prophet Muhammad his very young daughter to lead the impr

ession that the Prophet Muhammad was a pedafile. A isha was a very disloyal and
evil woman who caused much discension in Muhammad s household, bringing him much
unhappiness and unrest, who also was a part of the scheme to disrespect and dis
honor his noble daughter Hadrat Faatima, right up until the death of the real Pr
ophet Muhammad in the year six and thirty and two A.D.
632 Cen CW From this point
on Abu Bakr viciously and maliciously persecuted Ali and Faatimah, the Ahlil Bay
t, Because of his previous jealous grudges towards Ali, and Abu Bakr s daughter
A isha s grudges towards Ali also. He deliberately waited until the real Muhamma
d had passed, so he could freely torment the Ahlil Bayt. He used his power and m
oney to influence people to support his claim as the rightful successor.
633 Cen CE? Abu Bakr reigned for two years and nine months and he died after a l
ong term illness. He personally chose Umar Ibn Al Khattab to succeed him even th
ough, they were both red Arabs as was the fake Muhammad, Musaylimat.
Umar Al Khattab, Muhammad s father in law by marriage to his daughter Hafsa, The
second recognized khalifa, belonged to the great Meccan family of Banu Umayya,
the branch of which descended Abu l Aasi, who was Umar s grandfather. This was t
he tribe called Adi Ibn Kaah also, a clan of the tribe that also mixed with the
black tribes of Quraysh. Umar converted to Islam after reading the Suwrah, "Ta h
a," but not after first seeking to kill the real Muhammad. Umar was known as a f
ierce and aggressive man who greatly transformed the Islamic state and he played
a dominate role in the Sunni line of successors. He was feared more than loved.
And when Muhammad was alive, Umar served as second in command of the Muslim arm
644 Cen CE In six hundred and forty and four A.D. Umar was murdered by a Persian
Christian slave named Firoz, who stabbed him with a dagger while he was making
"Salat Al Fajr" in the Masjid. He died three days later, after he had turned fif
ty and three years old. Umar was a red Arab whose descendancy goes back to Jorda
n. He reigned for ten years. And a an elected council composed of six of the ol
dest companions, elected Uthman as the next khalifa.
Uthman Ibn Affan Ibn Abdul Aasiy, a black Arab from the tribe of Umayya, was Muh
ammad s son in law by marriage to his daughters Ruqaiyyah and after her death, U
mm Khulthum. An affluent clan of the Abid Shams branch of the tribe of Quraysh,
descended from Hadad the eighth son of Ishma El, the son of Abraham. Uthman was
an influential, well accomplished, wealthy merchant from Mecca who became a clos
e companion of Muhammad. His wealth and position was an asset to the growing Mus
lim community.
Uthman is responsible for arranging the chapters of the Koran in the order that
it is found today. Yet he did not receive any special instructions in collecting
or collating the Koran.
655 Cen CE? Uthman was killed by members of a revolutionary movement led by Al
Ghafikhi from Egypt. They suspected Uthman of plotting their deaths so they atta
cked him first. They beseiged his home, and after a few days forced their way in
. Uthman was struck in the head three times, stabbed in the side with a sword an
d finally beheaded. Uthman reigned for eleven years, and at the time of his murd
er he was eighty and two years old. He was the only khalifa who was a black Arab
, however his descendancy was not from Kedar, but stemmed from Hadar the brother
of Kedar.
These three men lied, cheated, and took away the khalifa position from the right
ful heir Amir El Muminiyn Ali on him be peace. They senselessly persecuted him a
nd his family. These three men were the founders of the "Orthodox Sunni Muslim"
sect, and none of them was of the bloodline of Muhammad and their Prophet Muhamm
ad as taught throughout the world today, was none other than Musaylimat.
628 Cen CE When Musaylimat approached Muhammad six hundred twenty and eight A.D.

to create an alignment, and was rejected, Musaylimat became insulted, and set o
ut to have Muhammad killed by poisoning. At the same time there was a woman, the
wife of a Jew named Sallam Ibn Mishkam, that Muhammad had previously ordered ki
lled giving her reason to swear vengeance on Muhammad. So Zainab Bint Haarith, s
ought revenge by going to Musaylimat, who himself was a Jew, and together they a
rranged the assassination of Muhammad by poisoning.
629 CEN CE In the year six hun
dred and twenty and nine A.D. to celebrate the victory over a Jewish occupied di
strict called Kaibar, Muhammad and his men had a feast. Zainab herself served a
specially prepared poisoned lamb to Muhammad and his men. Muhammad swallowed one
bite of the poisoned meat before he realized, by it s taste, that it was contam
inated. Muhammad did not die immediately. However, he did get sick, and he felt
the effects of this poison up until his death. However, one of his men, named Bi
shr, ate a large portion of the meat and died instantly. As for Zainab, she was
put to death immediately.
632 CE CEN But it was three years since Muhammad had swallowed poisoned meat and
though he did not die immediately, he felt the effects of the poison up until h
is death 3 years later in six hundred and thirty and two A.D. With Muhammad out
of the way Musaylimat could now proceed with his proclamation that he was the f
inal prophet and the final apostle of all the world and that he could intercede
on judgement and get anyone in paradise, and that his own holy book, called Al Q
uran Al Kariym was the final revelation to all humanity on the planet earth. He
added a cornerstone to the Kaaba called Ruknul Yamani in acknowledgement to his
god. Rahman, introduced Kaaba worship, placing a set of collected incidents and
sayings, which became known as the sunna and the hadith of men above words of Al
lah and added the name of Muhammad, one who is worthy of praise as himself equal
to Allah.
He became more of a threat to Abu Bakr Abdullah, son of Uthman. So Abu
Bakr decided to order Musaylimat killed. After several blunders in different bat
tles, Abu Bakr sent Khalid bin Waalid as the new commander of the Muslim army. T
he Muslims and the warriors of Musaylimat met at Aqraba. Eventually Musaylimat
was cut down by Washi, and Abyssinian slave of Jubayr B Mut im. He was the same
slave who had killed Hamza the beloved uncle of Muhammad at the Battle of Uhad.
Wahshi was a hired assassin, hired by a bitter enemy of Islam, Hind, wife of Abu
Sufyan, a staunch enemy of Muhammad. Hind, like Zainab, had several relatives s
laughtered at the hands of the real Muslims. So in vengance she offered Wahshi h
is freedom for the murder of Hamza. And so Wahshi, who has since Hamza s death c
onverted to Islam, was trying to make amends for his wrongdoings, accepted the a
ssassin s role, in the murder of Musaylimat, using the very same spear.
As a result of the battle of Aqraba many of the men who committed the original
Qur aan to memory, like Ali, called "guardians of the original Qur aan," were br
utally slain. This happened prior to the battle. Musaylimat ordered his men to s
eek out and slay all those who were Karaa/Qura-a, "persons noted for committing t
he entire Qur aan to memory, and teaching it to others." These futile attempts a
ppeared to be successful for the world wide spread of worship of Muhammad and th
e Kaaba and many other pagan practices introduced into Al Islam.

You have to learm to pray , That is make Salaat ( Koran 30 ; 17 ) , You even have
to make Pilgrimage to Mecca , Hajj Koran 2 ; 196 or at least Umra ( Koran 2 ; 1
96 ) . You have to study The Qur aan as a Muslim . As well as study their Hadith
s and tradition as a Muslim from the inside in order for you to be able to make
decision as to whether it is fact or myth .
In my method of teaching:
I made us become Christians and I revealed the name Reverend Dwight York .
When we began to study Judaism , I revealed the title Rabboni ; Y shua .
When we began to study Egyptology , I revealed the title Amunnubi Rooakhptah , W
hich I have had since 1967 A.D.
We went through different phases of Muslims and under the name As Sayyid Al Imaa
m Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi , Simply Imaam Isa And Issa Abd - Allah Ibn Abu Bakr Mu
hammad , The name which I received Friday , June 21 , 1957 A.D. From my Mentor ,
Shaikh Daoud Ahmed Faisal ( 1891 - 1980 A.D. ) . Which can be seen on the certi
ficate issued to me by Shaikh Daoud .
I was also known over the years as Al Hajj Al Imam Isa Abd Allah Muhammad Al Ma
hdi . Each of these titles from Amunnubi Rooakhptah to Dr . Malach Z . York , Wh
ich is the name Malachi Zodoq or Melchisedek , Were school and different stage o
f learning . And I have always said that Melchisedek was ( The Spiritual Voice S
peaking Through Me , ) So don t try to deceive the people . Malachi Zodoq is sim
ply Melchisedek . ( Refer To The Scroll Of Malachi Scroll # 111 , Rizq And Illyu
wn ; Fact Or Fiction ? Scroll # 151 ). The Muslims in America , That is , Nubian co
nverts , 99% do not and cannot Read , Write , And Speak Classical Arabic ( Fusha
) of The Qur aan.
Religion is a very sensitive issue because it deals with your soul and whether o
r not you will enter Paradise or Hell , Christian Ministers know their congregat
ions do not study The Greek of which they say their Scriptures were revealed in
. They depend on A Scottish Man called King James who did not speak Hebrew, agai
n playing with the very Souls of my people . We have Black Jews , Hebrew Israeli
tes , And The Israeli Church . In America , None fluent in The Ancient Aramic or
Hebrew . Again I repeat , Our Souls are at stake and our people are depending o
n individuals , Who are themselves depending on European Translations and Interp
retations. Noble Drew Ali did not speak Fluent Arabic or Ashuric Syriac . Nor did M
arcus Garvey , Nor did The Honorable Elijah Muhammad . The followers of Haile Se
lassie do not speak Ancient Hebrew or Amhoric . And today, Minister Louis Farrak
han, which he quotes or Hebrew from The Torah . In Which he quotes or Greek from
The New Testament in which he quotes .
We went through these different stages so that we would know what it feels like
, Inside Out , To be a Hebrew , Christian or Muslim . So when someone approached
us , We would know how to deal with Them First Hand . Noble Drew Ali ( 1886 - 1929
A.D. Marcus Garvey ( 1887 - 1940 A.D. ) The Honorable Elijah Muhammad ( 1897 - 1973
A.D. ) Haile Selassie ( 1892 - 1975 A.D. ) Minister Louis Farrakhan ( 1933 - A.D. Still Living ) What s being taught in Right Knowledge is the exact same thing that
was being Taught as Ansaaru Allah , Only , Things we addressed as Ansaaru Allah

that we disagreed with about Islaam , is the traditions and The Man Made Doctri
nes. When someone asks me am I a Muslim , I would say Insofar as the meaning of The
Word Muslim , Which is
One Who Is Of Peace
. Because I was of Peace , I h
ad absolutely nothing to do with East Arabs and have Always said they were Hypoc
The Ansaars Of Sudanthere is a prayer called Dua a Ansaaru Allah Which you can fi
nd updated nowadays on the 10th page of The Holy Tablets as well as the back pag
es of my New Scrolls . It Reads As Follows ;
Oh Heavenly One , The Most High , W
ho Is Sustainer Of All The Worlds , We Do Accept The Duty You Have Lay On Us ; T
o Clean Up The Filth Made By The West And Its Non - Submitting Fools . O My Sust
ainer We Beseech You , To Keep Your Hands Over Us . To Control The Strings Of Th
e Courses Of Our Lives ; Our Sustainer , And If We Do Wrong , Please Show Thy Di
vine Blessings And Forgiveness On Us , You Are The Only One That Can Raise Us Tr
ue Followers Of The Newsbearers , And In Thy Name We Carry On
. The Original Dua
a Ansaaru Allah Reads ;
Oh Allah The Most High , Who Is Sustainer Of All The W
orlds , We Do Accept The Duty You Have Lay On Us ; To Clean Up The Filth Made By
The West And Its Non - Submitting Fools . O My Sustainer We Beseech You ,To Kee
p Your Hands Over Us . To Control The Strings Of The Courses Of Our Lives ; That
We May Be Upright In Thy Sight , Our Sustainer , And If We Do Wrong , Please Sh
ow Thy Divine Blessings And Forgiveness On Us You Are The Only One That Can Rais
e Us True Followers Of The Prophets , And In Thy Name We Carry On . The Most High ,
Al Aliyu <Arabic> or Elyown Elyown El <Aramic> , And the name Allah <Arabic> Is
just The Arabic way of saying The Hebrew El Eloh <Aramic> And in Sumerian He s
called Anu ( Refer To Who Is God ? Scroll # 103 ) .
If you look in Koran 2 ; 135 , It says in Arabic Bal Millat Ibrahiym Hanifan , wh
ich is translated in english as
Say Nay But The Creed Of Abraham The UPRIGHT
ONE. The reason why you don t see
That We May Be Upright In Thy Sight
In the
New Dua a as found in The Beginning Of The Holy Tablets is because Ansaars of t
hat time in America follow The Millat <Arabic>
Rites Or Rituals
Of Abraham
(Koran 2 ; 130) led them To NUWAUBU .
So that is why ... That Line Is Not There . We were trying To Restore Islaam Bac
k To It s Pristine Purity . We were here To Clean Up And Straighten Out The Mess
Of The Muslims In The West Who Were Not Born Muslims But Converts And Let Them
Know What True Islaam Is . Not The Way That He Or She Had Been Taught To Them By
A Bunch Of Pale And Red Desert Arabs Who The Qur aan Says Are The Worst Of Musl
ims And I Quote ; Koran 9 ; 97 Persian Arabic Script:
The Arabs Of The Desert Are The Worst In Unbelief And Hypocrisy , And Most Fitte
d To Be In Ignorance Of The Command Which God Hath Sent Down To His Apostle; But
God Is All - Knowing All - Wise
Al A araabu ( The desert arabs ) Ashaddu ( Are the most severe ) Kufraan ( In con
cealing the truth ) Wa ( And ) Nifaaqaan ( Most hypocritical ) Ajdaru ( The wors
t ) Allaa ( Do not ) Yalamoo ( They know ) Hudooda ( The limits , Bounds ) Maaa (
What ) Anzala ( Was sent down ) Al - Lahu ( The source ) Alaa ( Upon ) Rasoolihee
( His apostle , Sent ) Wa ( And ) Al - Lahu ( The Source ) Aleem ( Is knowing )
Hakeem ( Wise ) . The Desert Arabs Are The Most Severe Concealers Of The Facts , A
nd The Most Hypocritical , The Worst , They Don t Know The Limits Of What Was Se
nt Down By The Source , Allah Upon His Rasuwl , One Sent , Muhammad And The Sou
rce , Allah Is The Knower , The Wise . < Right Translation In Ashuric / Syriac (
Arabic ) By ; Dr . Malachi Z . York.
Koran 9 ; 101 Also Speaks Of What Kind Of Muslims These Deserts Arabs Really Are
, And I Quote ; Koran 9 ; 101 Persian Arabic Script Wa ( And ) Mimman ( From ) Howl
akum ( Around You All ) Min ( From , Of ) Al A araab ( The Arabs ) Munaafiqoon ,
( Are Hypocrites ) Wa ( And ) Min ( From ) Ahli ( The Family Of ) Al Madiynah (
The City , Judgement ) Maradoo ( They Persist ) Ala ( In ) Al Nifaaq ( Hypocris
y ) Laa ( Don t ) Ta Lamuhum ( You Know Them ) Nahnu ( We ) Na Lamuhum ( We S
hall Punish Them ) Marratayn ( Twice ) Thumma ( Then ) Yurad - Doona ( We Will R
eturn Them ) Ilaa ( Towards To ) Azaabi ( A Pain ) A zeem ( Supreme ) .

And from among those that are around you of the desert arabs , they are hypocrite
s and of the family of the city - there are some who persist in hypocrisy that y
ou , muhammad don t know . we, the eloheem, anunnaqi know them , and we , the el
oheem shall punish them, the hypocrites twice, then we will return them to a sup
reme punishment . < right translation in ashuric / syriac ( arabic ) by ; dr . m
alachi z . york ..

( Mistranslation By Abdullah Yusuf Ali 1938 A.D. ) Certain Of The Desert Arabs Rou
nd About You Are Hypocrites As Well As ( Desert Arabs ) The Mesina Folk ; They A
re Obstinate In Hypocrisy ; Thou Knowest Them Not ; We Know Them ; Twice Shall W
e Pusnish Them ; And In Addition Shall They Be Sent To A Crievous Penalty ,
note that when you look at The Arabic for this quote the word
not there . If it was there , It would use the word Bid a <Arabic> Meaning
me , Few , Certain
, They added this word in as another one of their means to
deceive you .
__________________ The cross can be found in two places:
one on top of the church , and;
the other on top of the grave:
the one on top of the church is where the mentalty dead are;
and the one on top of the grave is where the physical dead lay .
It s not the things
one knows that get him or her in trouble , its the things one knows that just is
n t so that get them in trouble..
Now They Know That The Only Thing These Arabs Su
To Is Money , Intoxication , War , Prostitution , Greed , Killing , Scandals , L
iving In Plush Homes In London And Other Parts Of Europe While The Rest Of The M
uslim World Is Poor And Suffering . However , They Always Claim Allah Is With Th
em . Which Is Another Way Of Saying Allah Aproves Of That They Are Doing . Howev
er , I Have A Question For Them , If Allah Was With You All , Then Why Did One O
f Your Most Popular Sheiks Such As Omar Abed Rahman And El Sayed Nosair Get Life
In Prison ?
The First Ansaaru Allah , Nubian Islaamic Hebrew Publications And You Will See T
he Facts And That They ve Been There All Along . You Are Bearing Witness To Them No
w Because You All Are Afraid And Realize That Yes , I Am Crazy However , I Know
What I Am Talking About . Everything That I Predicted Would Happen Has And Is Go
ing To Come To Pass . This Is One Of The Reasons Why All Of The Old Timers Who W
ere There With Me When I Wrote The First Edition Of Many Of My Books , Are Now C
oming Home . So It Comes A Time When You Must Draw The Line ; And In Drawing Thi
s Line I Decided What Things I Must Let Go And That Is All Of The Added Things .
I Could Give You A List But I ll Just Name A Few . Nowhere in The Qur aan does it
tell you to Sit with your finger pointed in Prayer , That s a tradition . Nowhere
in The Qur aan does it tell you to be in The Mosque at Noon . Nowhere in The Qur a
an does it tell you to Shave your Mustache or To Dye your Beard with Henna or to
put Kohl on your Eyes . Nowhere in The Qur aan does it give you the Right to Name
your Mosque . The Qur aan clearly declares Abraham The Imaam Of All Muslims. The t
hings that are man made and not from Allah Ta ala <Arabic>. When you say Allah T
a ala You are actually saying Allahu Al iyu <Arabic> And Al Aliyu <Arabic> The 3
6th Attribute Of Allah. it is The Same As Elyown <Aramic> of The Torah ( Genesis 1
4 ; 18 - 20 ). They both mean The Most High.
The Qur aan tells you to get guidance from the Torah, especially if you are conf
used about what s recorded in The Qur aan. It tells you to go back to The Torah
(Koran 3 ; 3 , 10 ; 94) and if you did, you would not find the word Allah as wri
tten today in your Koran, you would find:
El Eloh <Aramic> (Deuteronomy 32 ; 15 ),
You would find Yahweh <Aramic> Genesis 2 ; 4.
You Would find Eloheem <Aramic> (Genesis 1 ; 1).
You would find Atanay/Adonai <Aramic> Genesis 15 ; 2.
You would find El <Aramic> (Genesis 16 ; 3). and;
you will find Elyown <Aramic> Genesis 14 ; 18.
These names are also found in your Qur aan only from one dialect Aramic/Hebrew i
nto the other dialect Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic).

The Mujaddid <Arabic>, The Reformer, to bring Al Islaam up to it s Pristine Purity

( Refer To Nuwaubu And Amunnubi Rooakhptah ; Fact Or Fiction ? Scroll # 152 ) . I A
m Not Seeking Fame And Fortune Because My Doctrine And Writing Speak For Themsel
ves . The Only Reason Why I Began To Put My Picture In My Doctrine Books Was So
That The Devil Would Never Be Able To Say I Was A Pale Man A Few Years Down The
Line . ( Refer To Great Nubian Men Scroll # 150 ) . If The Honorable Elijah Muhamma
d had published books concerning every subject he taught , The Nation Of Islam w
ould never have fallen . My mission has been very successful because I have lear
ned valuable lesson from the mistakes of my forerunners ; Noble Drew Ali , Marcu
s Gravey , Shaikh Daoud Ahmed Faisal and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad , I Dr . Mal
achi Z . York have already taught you ; * Who You Are -- Nubians * What your Languag
e and Culture is * Where you came from * How the devil placed a spell on you of ment
al ignorance and spiritual ignorance * When you were brought to this strange land *
The two slave trades * Why you were brought here ; For your healthy blood and to b
uild a land , America I have answered the who . What , Where , When and How and Why
of The Scriptures . And I am with NUWAUBU - Sound Right Reasoning . I have neve
r asked you to blindly accept what I , am teaching to you . I openly invite ques
tions and advise you to test every spirit ( John 4 ; 1 ) . I have always said DO
N T BELIEVE CHECK IT OUT ! People are constantly questioning me as to why I have ch
ange my name so many times . Yet . No one has ever come out against Wallace D .
Muhammad of The Nation Of Islam and asked him why he has changed his name and ti
tles 10 Times , Something that I have pointed out in my Scrolls several times .
Upon Wallace D .Muhammad , Succession of his father . The Honorable Elijah Muham
mad , He became known by several different names which reflect the different sta
ge of his reign . 1 . Wallace D . Muhammad 2 . Warrith Deen Muhammad 3 . Honorable Wall
ace D . Muhammad 4 . Emam Wallace D . Muhammad 5 . Supreme Minister Wallace D . Muha
mmad 6 . Mujaddid Wallace D . Muhammad 7 . Master Supreme Wallace D . Muhammad 8 . Pre
sident 9 . Imam Warrith Deen Muhammad Or Imam Warithudin 10 . Imam W.D. Muhammad _____
_____________ The Cross Can Be Found In Two Places , One On Top Of The Churchs , A
nd The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Men
talty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead La
y .
It s Not The Things One Knows That Get Him Or Her In Trouble , Its The Things One
Knows That Just Isn t So That Get Them In Trouble
Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonder
The same with Min . Louis Farrakhan . He also changed his name Several Times ;
And Masster W . Fard Muhammad had Hundreds Of Names ( Refer To Are The Caucasian
s Edomites ? Scroll # 142 ).

According to The The American Heritage Dictionary , Chanting Means ; Chant ( Cha
N. 1 . Music . A . A Short , Simple Melody In Which A Number Of Syllables Or Wor
ds Are Sung On Or Intoned To The Same Note . B . A Canticle or Prayer Sung Or In
toned In This Manner . C . A Song Or Melody . 2 . A Monotonous Rhythmic Call Or
Shout , As Of A Slogan ; Then you have people like Al Green who is a preacher off a
nd on . Yet he still Sings R&B Music . Deniece Williams flickered Back and Forth
between Gospel Music and R&B Music and no one question Her . The Winans , Take
6 , Angie & Debbie , Hezekiah Walker , Sounds Of Blackness Are All Singing Music
Contemporary Gospel
Which Is Nothing More Than R&B Music With
Tossed In Every Other Verse . The Word . Contemporary Means
Present , C
urren t
Which means that this kind of Gospel is what s happening now . They a
re all of the Christian Faith . Has Anyone Questioned Them ? No They say it is musi
c with a Message and that s what makes the difference . Well , This is exactly t
he kind of music that the group
Was Singing , Music with Positive
Messages . You were listening to my hits back in The 60 s and did not know it .
Nor did you know that the songs which were considered
Message Music
In the
70 s were written by me . I have been writing music for a very long time . So y
ou tell me what is the difference ? There isn t one . I have absolutely nothing
to hide . So while you are going on being petty about me being A Singer , I have
to reach the rich as well as the poor and convert those who have the ability to
reach thousands of other people . And as an entertainer , People don t judge yo
u from a Religious viewpoint . Thus , I Am Able To Reach More People And Get The

Facts Out . While I was writing and singing music , I was still writing book th
at were breaking The Spell Of Ignorance That You Are Under . ( Refer To Leviatha
n - 666 ( The Spell Of Kingu ) , Scroll # 15 ) . I am respected as a teacher as
well as performer . So when you call yourselves slandering me by saying things s
uch as
You Used To Be A Disco Singer
, I say thank you because I wait for
this type of feed back so that I could set The Record Straight For You And Intro
duce Myself To People Who Don t Know Me Yet . In Fact , I Released A Poster In 1
995 A.D. Entitled
The Many Faces Of The Lamb Which Can Be Found At Any Of T
he Holy Tabernacle Stores Which Features Dr . York As One Of My Faces . I n The Scr
iptures King David was a musical genius . He was skilled with the Oboe ( Chalil
) and the reed which he invented and he can be found in the Koran also ( Koran
34 ; 10 ) . Also 1Chronicles 13 ; 8 , 1Samuel 16 ; 23 , Also The Prophet Moses ,
Yahweh s Personal Contact And The Children Of Israel , The Chosen People Of The
Most High , Sang To Yahweh In Exodus 15 ; 1 . Moses Can Also Be Found In The Ko
ran ( Koran 7 ; 142 ) Also Exodus 15 ; 1 .... So - Called Muslims In One Breath
Say That Singing And Music Is Haraam <Arabic> ( Unlawful ) And In The Next Breat
h Wake Up To The Adhaan <Arabic> Which Is A Song Everybody Knows That The Adhaan
Is Sweet And Beautiful Music . Muslims Also Try To Overlook That Fact That Khal
wa <Arabic> Or Qur aanic Chanting Is Music And Singing . Qur aan 29 ; 45 .. Even I
n The Sacred Sufi Dhikr Circles , There Is Singing And Dancing .
I was born a lam
b but became a lion When The Bible speaks of Jesus as being The Lamb or The Sacrifi
cial Lamb , They are talking about his will to Sacrifice Himself For His Follow
ers . When you look at Luke 10 ; 3 It Says And I Quote ; Go Your Ways ; Behold
, I Send You Forth As Lambs Among Wolves . The word being used for Lamb is Ar
ane <Greek> And means
Male , Man Child
And is from the root Aheero <Greek>
To Take Up , Take Away , To Raise Up , Elevate ,
Make note that Je
sus was talking to his disciple about sending them forth As LAMBS Which obviousl
y means that there could be more than one Lamb And Jesus said it himself . There
fore , He also knew that he was not the only Lamb . The Lamb I m referring to is Th
e Lamb being used in 1Corinthians 16 ; 22 Where It Says And I Quote ; But Every
Man In His Own Order ; Christ The Firstfruits ; Afterward They That Are Christ
s At His Coing
. And Luke 10 ; 3 . Where It Says And I Quote ;
Go Your Way
s ; Behold , I Send You Forth As Lambs Among Wolves
. If You Read The Bible , It
Says That All Of Us Are Christs And All Of Us Are Lambs . I Call Myself
Lamb Because I Am Here To Show You The Facts And To Show You Who Are The Real W
olves In Sheep s Clothing ( Matthew 7 ; 15 ) . I Am Sent To You As The Lamb To F
ight Off These Wolves . We Are All Children Of The Most High Or Sons And Daughters
Of The Most High.
Who Do People Say I Am ?
Saying If I Wanted To Be Christ I Could , Based Upon
My Lifestyle Yet . You Have People Like Bilal Philips , The Israel Church , And
Many Others Who Will Still Try To Say That I Claim To Be Christ Amongst Other T
hings Even After These Books Have Been Circulating For Years . Why Do They Insis
t On Making Me Out To Be Something That I Have Stressed Many Times That I DON T
CLAIM TO BE .... ?
You Need To Ask Them What Their Ulterior Motives Are ? If You Refer To The Book
I Don t Claim To Be ... Edition # 116 On Page 8 , I Make It Quite Clear That ;
Does Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was Imaam Issa In Several
Other Of My Publication Which Were Printed , I Said That I Am Not A Prophet . I
n The Book Who Was Noble Drew Ali , Edition # 109 , 1988 A.D. Page 122 , I State
d ;
I Don t Claim To Be The Messiah , I Don t Claim To Be A Prophet . I Don t Cl
aim To Be An Apostle .
And In The Book The Ansaar Cult , Rebuttal To The Slander
ers , Edition # 197 , 1989 A.D. , Page 585 I Stated ;
I m Not A Prophet , Just R
ead My Lips . I Am Not A Prophet ,
I Have Answered Your Question In An Open Foru
m For Over Twenty - Five Years . In My Persistence To Aid You , I Have Been Subj
ected To Many Foolish And Disrespectful Inquieres . No One Else Allows You This
Type Of Class Where You Can Ask Any Question About Anything . Obviously I Have N
othing To Hide . You , Who Have Much To Learn , You Should Take Advantage Of Thi
s Knowledge Being Unleashed By Myself , Dr . Malachi Z . York . Does Ques ; So What
Are These Schools That You Mentioned ? 1974 A.D. that ( M.Z.York ) missin took fir

m root with the establishment of The Ansaaru Allah Community at 734 Bushwicj Ave
nue In Brookly . New York . It was Established on June 26 , 1970 A.D. We submerg
ed ourselves in Islaam . We were the best of Muslims . We wore The White Jallaab
iyya and Immah . We were the only Muslims here in The West where Women Wore The
Face Veil and Prayed Five Times A Day . We practiced all of The Law Of The Qur a
an . Our children learned the classical arabic ( Fusha ) of The Qur aan from the
best teachers , Which we brought in from The Sudan , Egypt , Morocco , Etc . Ma
ny Muslims and other Nubian organixations wondered who this
son was . Who was this nam who claimed to be a descendant of The Prophet Musataf
a Muhammad Al Amin . By way of The Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad ? This is the type of ig
norance I had to endure these Slanderers have said all kinds of things about me
and my followers . But let s turn the tables . Where are all these Slanderers to
day ? Where are the people who Harrassed , Abused , Lied and Ridiculed The Ansaa
ru Allah Community or The Holy Tabernacle Minsitries ? All of their Masaajid clo
sed . Their Immams went to Drugs , Jail or changed back to Christians . They are
nowhere to be found . Whereas we are still in Existence . Growing Stronger And
Stronger each and everyday . My Doctrine gets more Powerful as The Years Pass An
d I am waking up Millions Of People To Righ Knowledge . Like I stated previously
, My name changes are forms of schools . Schools that I Take The Followers Of N
uwaubu Through . Nuwaubu Islaam Judaish Christianity Egyptology Schools From 1970 A.D. To No
w . I did not just come up and just change my name it wasn t like I didn t tell
you from day one (
I Came Giving You What You Want So That You Would Learn To
Want What I Have To Give ) . Now let me explain just what I mean by this statem
ent in 1970 A.D. When the seal was being opened . I explained The Seven Seals As
; The Seven Major Prophets Which Were ; 1 . Adam 2 . Noah 3 . Abraham 4 . Ishmael and I
saac 5 . Moses 6 . Isa 7 . Muhammad Each of these men Represented A specific
School O
f Life . Adam ( Qadmon Zakar ) Son Of Atum And Lillith ( His School Was That Of Di
sciple ) . Noah ( Utnafiahtim ) Son Of Lamech And Kamiyiah ( His School Was That O
f Faith ) . Abraham Son Of Terah And Nuwa ( His School Was That Of Sacrifice ) . Ish
mael Son Of Abraham And Hagar ( His School Was That Of Firmness ) . Isaac Son Of A
braham And Sarah ( His School Was That Of Firmness And Betrayal ) Moses Son Of Amr
am And Jochebed ( His School Was That Of Patience ) . Isa Son Of Gabriy el And Mar
y ( His School Was That Of Forgiveness ) . Mustafa Muhammad Al Amin Son Od Abullat
And Amina ( Death / Peace ) . Each of The Seven Major Prophets Represented A Poin
t On The Six - Pointed Star And Muhammad Represented The Crescent . And The Seven
Scriptures Are: 1 . The Suhuf = The 100 Pure Pages 2. The Torah = The Law 3 . The Hikm
ah = The Wisdom 4 . The Zabuwr = The Psalms 5 . The Injiyl = The Revelation 6 . The Ki
taab Barnabas - The Book Of Barnabas 7 . The Qur aan = The Reading
Does Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was Imaam Issa These Seals must be op
ened because as it said in The Book Of Daniel 12 ; 7- 10 . And I Quote ;
I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river. When h
e held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven , And sware by him that l
iveth for ever that it shall be for a time, Times and an half ; And When he shal
l have accomplished to scatter the power of The Holy people , All these things s
hall be finished . And I heard , But I understood not ; Then said I ; O My Lord
, What shall be the end of these things ? And he said , Go thy way Daniel ; For
the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Within this quote , Yo
u see several things:
They speak of a man clothed in Linen. The Aramic ( Hebrew ) word being used for
Linen is Bad , and means
White Linen
. This was the dress I introduced
to The Ansaars in this country , America . And when I did , other Muulims were w
earing Blue , Brown , Grey , And Purple and Plaids, but now they all seem to wan
t to wear White, from The Holy Qur aan 61 ; 14 ,
Aiders Of Allah
Which tra
nslates as
Aaa - Ay - Yuhaa Al - Lazeena Aa - Manoo Koo -Nooo An - Saaru Al Lah .... we Gowned Ourselves In White Linen . A day would come when they would hav
e to Remove that Dress .
Passing out of the 60 s Into the 70 s . Nubians were caught up on the new craze
-- Islaam , Be it:
Sunni Islam,

Moorish Islam,
Ahmaddiya Islam,
5% Islam,
Or The Nation Of Islam.
The Islaamic Religion Seemed To Be Dominating, then we accepted African Culture
that had spread in The Western World, With Dashikis , Afro Picks, Drums and the
likes were all leaning toward Islam . African Garbs, We played African Drums and ou
r women wore African Clothes.
Daniel 12 ; 7 And I Quote ;
When Shall The End C
ome Raisting Our Hands To The Heavens And Swearing By Him That Live For Ever And
Ever ?
The Book Of Isaiah 20 ; 2 Says At the same time spake the Lord by Isaiah the son
of Amoz, Saying go and loose, the Sackcloth from off thy loins . And put off thy
shoe from thy foot . And he did so, walking naked and barefoot . And the Lord s
aid , Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years for a
sign and wonder upon egypt and upon ethiopia.
Isaiah 52 ; 1, Says And I Quote ;
Awake , Awake; Put on thy strenght , O zion; Put on thy beautiful garments
And Verse 7 . Says
How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that
bringeth good tiding , That publisheth peace ; that bringeth good tidings of goo
d , That publisheth salvation ; That saith unto Zion , Thy eloheek reigneth ! By di
ssecting The New Testament in Hebrew , Aramic , As well as in Greek ; Translatin
g it word for word . We analyzed the life and times of Jesus from The Arabic Of
The Qur aan and every point of view that the different Sect Of Muslims came up w
ith .
Does Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was Imaam Issa. Then we moved on To
The School Of Judaism . I dissected The Old Testament and Translate The Torah i
b Hebrew , Aramic as well as Amhoric , Translating it word for word . We observe
d The Sabbath . The Bar And Bat Mitzwah , Passover , Rosh Hashana , Yom Kippur ,
And Hanaka Etc . We wore the attire of The Israclites according to the laws of
The Torah which you can find in Numbers 15 ; 38 - 40 , Deuteronomy 22 ; 11 , Rev
elation 1 ; 13 , Exodus 39 ; 30 , Exodus 28 ; 6 , Exodus 28 ; 25 , And Leviticus
16 ; 4 , I analyzed the life and times of Abraham, Moses, Jacob, 12 Tribes Of Isra
el, And their God Yahweh , Adonai , Hashem , El Olawn , Shaddal , El Roi , El ,
El Bara , El Elyon , Jah , Elyown Elyown El , El Berit , And Eloha , From The He
brew of The Torah and each and every point of view that the so-called Jews, Isra
elite Hebrews , Hebrew Israelite, The Israeli Church , Yahweh Ben Yahweh , Ben A
mmi Ben Israel , Etc . Came up with . I issued a series of publications called T
he Truth , Tents Of Abraham On The Back Page It Says Of Each Of The 19 Bulletins
Listen O Israel (Abraham s Seed Is For Abraham s Whole House - Yisrael , Yishma
el , Midian).
He Who Is The Creator , Yahuwa Eloh
He Is Alone ( Has No Partner ) And You Are To Love Yahuwa Eloh Using Your Whole
Heart . And By Using Your Whole Spirit ( Your Being ) And By Using All Of Your P
ossessions ( Strength And Power ) . This is called by all Israelites and , Shama Yi
shrael and is found in Deuteronmoy 6 ; 4.
The Torah: 1 . Mezuzah . 2 . Bar Mitwah ; ( Son Of Commandments ) . 3 . The circumcisi
on . 4 . What is Kosher , ( Gaaez ) . 5 . Rosh Ha Shana . 6 . Yom Kippur . 7 . The real
Tifflah ( Prayer ) 8 . The Holy Sabbath 9 . What is Selah ? 10 . Divine Dress . 11 . Min
aarah . 12 . Was Muhammad A Hebrew . 13 . Muhammad followed The Torah . 14 . Sukkot . 15
. Purim . 16 . Let My People Go . 17 . Pesach . 18 . Passover and Elijah . 19 . Who are
the son of Japheth . 20 . Genesis Two . 21 . Cain and Abel Genesis 4 . 22 . The true
story of Abraham . 23 . The true story of Noah . 24 . The true story of Cain and Abe
l . 25 . The true story of Adam and Eve . 26 . The true story of Enoch . 27 . The true
story of Joseph . 28 . Who was The Prophet Jonah . 29 . Adam s Calendar . 30 . The tr
ibe of Israel is no more . 31 . The Father Of All Language . 32 . Why The Beard ? 33 .
Did the hog come before Mankind ? 34 . The dog . 35 . He s A Disease . 36 . Who Are T
he Lepers In The Bible ? 37 . Sons Of Canaan . 38 . The Paleman . 39 . Tribal Encyclop
edia . 40 . Forgotten Tribe Of Kedar . 41 . Sermons From Mount Zion . 42 . Urim And Th
ummin . 43 . God Gave The Sign To Jonah . 44 . Sodom Misinterpreted . 45 . Garden Of E
den . 46 . Translation Of The Book Of Ezra . 47 . Translation Of The Book Of Genesis

. 48 . Translation Of The Book Of Exodus . 49 . Translation Of The Book Of Deuteron

omy . 50 . Translation Of The Book Of Number . 51 . Translation Of The Book Of Levit
icus . 52 . Are The Caucasians Edomites . 53 . 360 Question To Ask A Hebrew Israelit
e. 54 . 360 Question To Ask The Israeli Church. 55 . And A Series Of The Truth Bulle
tins , Etc .
Does Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was Imaam Issa Then We Mov
ed On To The School Of Islam . 1. Back To The Beginning ; The Book Of Names . 2 . Ou
r Symbol . 3 . Takisman . 4 . Bilaal ; The Sceptre Bearer . 5 . Who was The Prophet Mu
stafa Muhammad Al Amin ? 6 . Muslim Prayer Book . 7 . Muhammad Ahmad Al Mahdi ; The
Only True Mahdi . 8 . Hajj . 9 . Islaamic Poetry . 10 . From Allah To Man . 11 . Why The
Nosering . 12 . Is The Qur aan A Product Of Man ? 13 . Hadith . 14 . Fast Of Ramadaan
. 15 . Why Allah Should Not Be Called God ? 16 . What Is A Masjid ? 17 . The Muslim M
an 18 . The Muslim Woman . 19 . Why Do Muslims Women Wear The Face Veil . 20 . Thus Sa
id The Prophet . 21 . Tajwid - The Proper Reading Of The Qur aan . 22 . The Holy Qur
aan - The Last Testament . 23 . Islaamic . 24 . Arabic ; The Mother Of All Language
s . 25 . Islaamic Festivals And Ceremonies . 26 . Arabic Made Easy Teach Yourself Ar
abic . 27 . Islaamic Marriage Ceremony And Polygamy . 28 . Thoughts Of Muslims Women
In Poetry . 29 . Islaamic Cookery . 30 . The Sex Life Of A Muslim . 31 . Dietary Laws
Of A Muslim . 32 . Allah s Creation , The Human Body . 33 . What Is A Muslim ? 34 . W
hat s A Prophet ? 35 . Intoxication Is A Sin ? 36 . The Raatib Of Imam Al Mahdi . 37 .
What And Where Is Hell ? 38 . Khutbahs Of As Sayyid Al Imaam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahd
i . 39 . What Are Angels ? 40 . How The Prophet Muhammad Read The Qur an . 41 . The F
inal Word . 42 . Muslim Funeral Rites . 43 . Series Of Hadith . 44 . Holy War Jihad . 45
. Ninety Nine Plus One Names Od Allah . 46 . Seminars Of As Sayyid Al Imaam Isa A
l Haadi Al Mahdi . 47 . The Message Of The Messenger Right And Exact The Book Of L
aam . 48 . Who Was Noble Drew Ali ? 49 . I Don t Claim To Be ... 50 . Racism In Islaam
. 51 . Al Imaam Isa Vs . The Computer . 52 . As Sayyid Al Imaam Isa Al Haadi Al Mah
di Explain The Secret Meaning Of Qur aan To The A immah Of Ansaaru Allah . 53 . Sa
crifice ; A According To Islam . 54 . You Must Be Born Again ( Shahaada ) . 55 . Man
Of Miracles Of This Day And Time . 56 . The Prophet Muhammad And Ali Were Nubian
. 57 . Hadraat Faatimah The Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad . 58 . Who Are The Nubi
an Islaamic Hebrews ? 59 . Should Muslims Obsereve The Sabbath ? 60 . The Book Of La
am Fear No Longer For I Have Arrived . 61 . Who Is Al Imaam Issa ? 62 . Are Pictures
A Sin ? 63 . Why So Many Kinds Of Muslims ? 64 . The Reading Of The Qur aan . 65 . Wh
ere Is The Tabernacle Of The Most High ? 66 . Allah Decides Who s Who In The Plane
t Earth . 67 . Supreme Mathematics Of The Number 19 . 68 . The Book Of Light . 69 . Is
There A Difference Between The New Testament And The Koran ? 70 . Our Flag , The
Banner Of Islaam . 71 . Translation Of The Koran , Etc . <This> .
First we had Chris
tianity in which you learned about The Gods and Spiritualism . And that was The
KNOWLEDGE . The laws are Torah in The Aramic/Hebrew was passed down to Moses by
Abraham Genesis 26 ; 5 and that was The WISDOM .
Then it was Islam which was a confirmation of what was before your Judaism and C
hristianity Koran 10 ; 94 and that was the UNDERSTANDING. As Ansaars we studied the
original Arabic of The Qur aan , We prayed five times a day. Some of us even ma
de Hajj . It s been 5 years since the release of 360 Questions To Ask An Orthodo
x Sunni Musilm , Edition #198 And No Sunni Muslim has answered one of The 360 Qu
estion correctly Yet . There was one futile attempt made by a Sunni in Biloux ,
Mississippi . But his answer made absolutely no sense because he didn t have the
knowledge of The Original Language . The Muslims or The Hebrew , Israelites or the
so-called Jew will not verse us in a civilized debate . They would rather screa
m and holler on street corners such 125th street in New York . Their only answer
is he should be dead . Someone should kill him , He was to be stopped and they
don t mean stopped by verbal or by factual proof . they simply mean kill anyone
that s smarter than their so - called learnt men and doesn t subscribe to their
Beliefs . They haven t responded to the 360 Question To Ask A Hebrew Israelite S
croll #101 Yet . Now Ask Yourself Why ? It s because they know that I teach noth
ing but the facts . The Christians Will Never Respond To The 360 Question To Ask
The Christians Scroll #102 Because They Know That What Is Contained In It s Tex
t Are Undisputable Facts And You Can t Out-Debate Intelligence That s Why All Of
Them Are Afraid To Debate . Now listen to this ; If what you are teaching is divin

ely inspired from God . And is the truth , Then when someone comes out against y
our teaching , Then you would be able to defend your Beliefs and Prove them wron
g , Right ? But no one has stepped forward to defend their Religion . Why ? Beca
use as I said before They Cannot Debate With Intelligence . As I have said befor
e the Lesser Of My Follower Can Out Debate The Smartest And What You Consider Th
e Most Intelligent Of Your Scholars . The Muslims or The Hebrew , Israelites or
The So - Called Jew will not verse us in a civilized Debate . They would rather
Scream and Holler on Street Corner such 125th Street In New York . Their only an
swer is he should be Dead . Someone should kill him . He Has To Be Stopped And T
hey Don t Mean Stopped By Verbal Or By Factual Proof , They Simply Mean Kill Any
one That s Smarter Than Their So - Called Learnt Men And Doesn t Subscribe To Th
eir Belief s . They haven t responded to the 360 Question To Ask A Hebrew Israel
ite Scroll # 101 Yet . Now ask yourself why ? It s because they know that I teac
h nothing But The Facts . The Christians will never respond to The 360 Question To
Ask The Christians Scroll # 102 , Because they know that what is contained in it
s text are undisputable facts and you can t Out - Debate Intelligence . That s w
hy all them are afraid to Debate . Now listen to this ; If what you are teaching
is divinely inspired from God , And is the truth , Then when someone comes out
against your teachings , Then you would be able to defend your Beliefs and Prove
them wrong , Right ? But no one has stepped forward to defend their Religion .
Why ? Because as I said before they cannot Debate with intellgence . As I have s
aid before the lesser of my followers can out Debate the Smartest and what you c
onsider The Most Intelligent Of Your Scholars . They don t want to address any of T
he 360 Question Series . They are hoping that we will just quietly or gradually
fade away ; But we won t until they accept the fact that they have been Misguide
d . Regarfless of what your organization is , If you approach us , We will do A
360 Question To Ask You . They won t Debate facts but they will Debate their phi
liosophy ; How they feel about this or that , Or what they think something is or
is not , Which is not right knowledge . Your opinions mean nothing when put aga
inst facts . Everybody has an opinion but it doesn t mean that there opinion is rig
ht . It all boils down to , They cannot answer any of the questions put forth ag
ainst them and if you can , By all means , Please do . Now how many of your Chri
stian Ministers took the time to translate The New Testament from The Greek lang
uage word for word so you won t be misled by The Romans ? How Many Of Your Hebre
w Scholars Have Taken The Time To Translate The Torah From The Original Hebrew S
o That You Wouldn t Have To Depend On Some Scottish Man s Interpretations Of The
Bible ? How Many Of Your Imaams Or Shaykhs Have Taken The Time To Translat The
Koran Giving You An Understanding Of The Koran Word For Word ? NONE OF THEM . I
Am The Only One Who Took Time And Translated Each Scripture Word For Word In The
ir Original Languages . And They Hate Me For Trying To Help You And For Telling
You The Truth . They Know I Am Your Teacher . I Am The One That Was Sent To You
s Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was Imaam Issa Why Were There So Many C
hanges In Our Names And Dress , Etc Over The Year ? Ans ; The answer is quite simpl
e . I Wrote a book that answered this it s called
Whatever Happened To The Nu
bian Islaamic Hebrews ? Edition # 140
Ques ; Why Is Change So Important ? Ans ; Be
cause anything that does not undergo any changes during it s life is not Progres
sing or for lack of a better word DEAD . Sometimes Environments , Modernization
, Or current world situations cause for a change in other to survine . In all of
my years of teaching , One of the things that I have always taught my followers
was that
There Is Only One Real Thing In Existence And That Is Change ( Refe
r To The Mind , Scroll # 78 ) . That is what happened in the case of The Ansaaru
Allah with the wearing of The Khimaar <Arabic>
By the women which is
prescribed by The Qur aan ( Koran 24 ; 31 ) . I even wrote a book Why Do Muslim
Women Wear The Face Covering , The Veil ? Edition # 38 . And the wearing of lon
g whites robes , The Jallabiyya <Arabic> ( Koran 74 ; 4 ) And Immah <Arabic> Whi
ch wraps around the head , By the men . We had to change our garb . Again , You Can
Go Back To Any
Old Timer
Or Old Ansaar And They Will Tell You That I Said
Over And Over Again That We Would Not Always Be Dressed In Jallabiyyas And Thaw
b ( Long Dress ) And Khimaars ( Veils ) . Here Are Just A Few Of Them Who Were T
here To Verify What I Said To Them Over 20 Years Ago . Louise Eddington Maryaam Abdul

lah Muhammad Brooklyn , New York

My name is Louise Eddington . My Arabic name was
Maryaam Abdullah Muhammad . I have been an Ansaar since May 30 , 1972 A.D. Whic
h is the day I took
My Shahaada
. I am bearing witness to The Knowledge an
d Information that Dr . Malachi Z . York has taught us over The Span Of 20 Or Mo
re Years , Dr . Malachi Z . York told us years ago . That we wouldn t wear our v
eils anymore and that we would have to change our clothes because it would becom
e too dangerous . He told us way back then that we would be on our own land . Th
ere were things that we weren t ready for and that we would have to go in stages
. So this Metamorphis that we are going through and have gone through in the pa
st was expected . everything that Dr . Malachi Z . York does is for our Betterme
nt . Juanita Walker Wafiyya Abdullah Muhammad Philadelphia , Pennsylvania I moved into Th
e Ansaar Allah Community In 1979 A.D. The name I was given when I moved in was W
afiyya Abdullah Muhammad , I remember on several occasion when Dr . Malachi Z .
York , Said that he doesn t Pray The Way We Do Nor Does He Believe In The Qur aa
n That We Use Today . He Would Throw The Qur aan On The Floor And Needless To Sa
y Being Stauch Muslims That we were , We Would Literally Have A Heartattack , He
Would Say See Your Reaction . That Goes To Show That You Are Worshipping A Book
. He Told Us That We Would One Day Have To Shed Our Garbs . Some Of The Things
That He Is Telling Us Is Not By Far . New Or Made Up . He Did Warn Us Many Times
. Bruce La Roche Abdul Wail Abdullah Muhammad Brooklyn , New York My name is Abdul Wail
and my Hebrew name is Yishay I took my Shahaada in 1970 A.D. I walked with Imaa
m Issa from state street , Islaamic Mission Of America under Sheikh Daoud . I wa
s in Sheikh Daoud s office when he declared Imaan Issa his successor and even i
ssued him a certificate , That I witnessed . I walk with him from Mosque To Mosq
ue . I even travelled to Egypt and Morocco with him . And seeing how Arabs respe
cted what he taught and how he explained it in their Dialect with them for hours
and then turn to me and say .
You See ? None Of Them Know What They Are Talk
ing About . None Of Their Leaders Even Know The Language Of The Scriptures They
Say They Believe In
He would say that Islaam is just one of the stage in our
learning and that The Veil And The Lifestyle That We Lived , We Would Outgrow ,
It would become too Dangerous , For Pale Arabs would invade the country with the
ir Devilsment he would say that what he has to teach , We are not ready for it y
et . But we must first go through these Schools Of Religion Before We Would Over
Stand Nuwaubu . At The Time I Didn t Know What Nuwaubu Meant And When I Asked He
Would Simply Smile And Say ,
Not Yet .
Does Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact Th
at He Was Imaam Issa Evelyn Rivera Aiyda Abdullah Muhammad Santruce , Puerto Rico My nam
e is Evelyn Rivera , I took my Shahaada in 1976 A.D. And I moved into The Ansaar
u Allah Community In 1977 A.D. Everything that Dr . Malachi Z . York has said is
Manifesting before our Eyes . I can verify that he often told us that
One Th
ing That Is Constant Is Change
. And that s exactly what We ve been through .
And with every change came an Era , A dress code , A Flag , Major books and we
ve alway had a language classical Arabic - And Nubic . He would often tell us th
at there is so much that I have to give to you however , You re not ready for it
now ; Therefore I have to Spoonfeed you this knowledge so that you will one day
Overstand . He told us one day that we would have to drop the garb of the right
eous ( The Jallabiyya And The Veil ) Because Of What Islaam Was Going To Become
-- Associated With Terrorism . And if we didn t we would be confused for or accu
sed of being apart of that terrorrism . Our Master Teacher never claimed to be a
muslim and he would say a Muslim is alone in his sorrow . He prayed differently
from us he would tell us that s for you all that s not for me And when we would
ask him how did he pray he would say one day I will tell you . He also would te
ll us I Did Not Come To Change The Law But To Fulfull It And [ I Came Giving You
What You Want So That You Would Learn To Want What I Have To Give And That One
Day We Would Have Our Own Scriptures Which We Presently Have -- The Holy Tablets
These same people can also Bear Witness to The Suhuf ( Pure Pages ) . The introdu
ction of The Holy Tablets is nothing new . I introduced pieces of The Suhuf , As
well as The Book Of Wisdom , Which is incorporated into The Holy Tablets , To m
y followers years ago . You can find excerpts of The Holy Tablets in some of my
old pamphlets such as
What And Where Is Hell ? Edition # 76 , The True Story
Of Abraham Edition # 91 , The True Story Of Noah Edition # 83 , Where Is The Tab

ernacle Of The Most High ? Edition # 157 And the list could go on and on . So fo
r those of you who try to say that The Holy Tablets is something new , It is not
. In The Personal Note From The Receiver At The Beginning Of The Holy Tablets I
tell you that
.... The Arabic Koran That They Have Today Could Not Be The Fi
nal Message Of Salvation ,
This statement is not to be misinterpreted , I am
not saying that The Qur aan Isn t The Last Revelation . In fact how could I mean
that after 25 years of teaching you in hundred of books that Prophet Muhammad w
as the final Prophet and The Qur aan the final Revelation ? However being The Fi
nal Revealed Book does make it The Solution to all The Problem . The Koran though
it is The Last Revelation of the seed of Adam is not The
Final Message Of Sal
. And definitely not the poor translant copies that circulate in The W
estern World with their Persian Script passing it off as original Arabic and it
s improperly arranged chapters , It s grammatical errors and Arabic errors , Rep
laced Letters , With signs that has been added like Nuqta ( Dots ) . It has been
voweled , And the desecration of the divine word goes on undetected by those wh
o will not take the time to research . The information in the present day Koran
has expired that s why it has no effect on the world Spiritually you see if the
honey is ripe the bees will come to it . Muslims spend Billions Of Dollars tryin
g to convert people to Islaam . Its not helping Muslims who are in Poverty world
wide suffering of all kinds of Diseases and Famines losing wars . Losing their l
and , Which Means the potency of the power of The Koran has expired and therefor
e it must be renewed . I Am Called The Renewer Or Reformer. Al Mujaddid <Arabic> An
d The Root Of The Word Mujaddid Is Jadid <Arabic>
The Holy Tablets Is
A Renewal Of All Of The Old Scriptures That Were Once Lost But Now Found . ( Ref
er To Nuwaubu And Amunnubi Rooakhptah ; Fact Or Fiction ? # 152 ) . However , Th
e List Of People Goes On And On Who Would Bare Witness That This Is Not An Abrup
t Change . So Stop Trying To Make Small Excuses Because You Can t Deal With The
Doctrine . I Had Books Translated Into Spanish , French , Arabic , And Hausa . I
Was Reaching People Worldwide And This Frightened Them Because Our Teachings Ga
ve People The Ability To Answer Questions That Were Unanswered . We Create Quest
ions For Them That They Cannot Answer . And From The Very Beginning I Told My Follo
wers That It Would Get Too Dangerous For Us To Dress As Muslims . Although We Di
dn t Have Anything To Do With Any Other Muslims . And I Would Repeatedly Say To
We Are Not What You Are , We Are Not Like You We Do Not Believe In Yo
ur Hadiths And Traditions
So Why Are You Trying To Judge Us As If We Are Musl
ims Like You ? We Are Not , We Are Islaamic Hebrews . If You Say A Man Is A Devo
ted Fireman , The Emphasis Fall On The Word Fireman . If You Say A Man Is A Peac
eful Policeman , The Emphasis Fall On The Word Policeman . Now Listen . Islaamic
Hebrews The Emphasis Fall On The Word Hebrew Not Islaamic , We Do Not Want Anyt
hing To Do With Your Undercover Racism , For Instance , You Have A Hadith That W
e Would Use Many Times That Said
Hearken And Obey Although A Black Slave Who
s Head Is Like A Dry Grape Will Be Appointed To Rule Over You ,
Hear An
d Obey Even If An Ethiopian Slave Who s Head Is Like A Dry Grape Is Put Over You
. Does Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was Imaam Issa Hadith , 445 , Anas
Ibn Malik Reported On The Authority Of The Prophet , Peace And Blessings Of All
ah Be Upon Him Saying ,
Hear And Obey Even If An Abyssinian Is Appointed As R
uler Whose Head Seems To Be Like A rAISIN ,
Wa <And> Atiyuw <Obey> Wa <And> As u
w <Move> Qaala <Said> Rassahu <His> Kaana <As> Habashi <Ethiopia> Asta mal An <If>
Zabiybah <Raisin> The Emphasis Here To Me , Is On
. You Negro Sunnis
May Not Hear What This Is Implying But To Say
, Is As If The L
ast Thing That Could Possibly Happen Or The Lowest Thing Could Happen Is To Have
An Abyssinian ( Ethiopian ) Rule You . And If You Have One As A Ruler You Shoul
d Still Obey . I Take Offense To This Kind Of Thing . If You Don t There Is Somethi
ng Wrong With You . Eventhough It Was Referring To Me . The Nubian That Was Supp
osed To Rule You As Your Rightful Khalifah . The Only Thing That I Have Claimed
To Be ( Refer To I Don t Claim To Be ... Edition # 116 Page 65 ) Then All Of You
r So Called Leaders In The Islaamic World Are Always Either European , , Pale Ar
abs , Or Africans Who Depend On Arabs For Their Shools Of Thought Or Money . If
You Look At Warrith D . Muhammad He s Surrounded By Pale Arabs Controlling His T
houghts . The Same Goes For Imam Siraj Wihaj And All The Other Sunni Muslims Ima

ams . They Are Always Going To Saudi Arabia For Their Blessings No Minds Of Thei
r Own And Begging For Money . And It s Nothing But Raciem . ( Refer To Racism In
Islaam , Scroll # 155 ) . If It Isn t The Pakistanians Ruling Them , It s The Pale
Egyptian Involving These American Negroes In All Kinds Of Foreign Politics . Li
ke The Negroes Who Are Helping The Blind Sheikh From Egypt . Sheikh Omar Abdel R
ahman Again Who By The Way Was Found Guilty And Sentenced To A Mandatory Term Of
Like Without Parole , By What He Would Call Kaafirs , Disbelievers Along With E
ight Of His Followers Who Received 57 Years ... When Their Koran According To Th
em Says In Koran 110 ; 1 And 48 ; 1 , 48 ; 3 When It Says
... Help And Victor
y Comes From Allah ,
Where Was Their Help And Where Was Their Vitory ? Qur aan 11
0 ; 1 ( Persian Arabic Script ) E- Zaa ( When ) Jaaa -A ( Comes ) Nas - Ru ( Aid
) Al - Lahe ( Of The Source ) Wa ( And ) Al - Fath ( The Victorious Seal Opens ) W
hen The Source , Allah s Aid , Nasr
Comes And The Faith , Victorious Seal Ope
ns , <Right> ( Mistranslation By Abdullah Yusuf Ali 1938 A.D. ) When Comes The He
lp Of God And Victory . Qur aan 48 ; 3 ( Persian Arabic Script ) Wa ( And ) Yan - Su
- Raka ( Will And You ) Al - Lahu ( The Source ) Nas - Raan ( An Aid ) Azee - Z
aan ( Mighty ) <Right> ( Mistranslation By Abdullah Yusuf Ali 1938 A.D. ) And That G
od Might Help Thee With Powerful Help ,
Muslims In Russia Are Depending On Ameri
ca To Save Their Lives . Palestanians By Jews . Afghanistanians Lost To The Russ
ians And Palestanians Lost To The Hindus , The Somalians Lost To The United Nati
ons Forces , Iraq Lost To United Nation Forces . Lebanon Lost To United Nation F
orces , Jordan Surrendered , Syria Surrendered , Turkey Surrendered , Algeria Su
rrendered , Mauritania Surrendered , Muslims All Over The World Are Losing Their
Battles To Christians And Jews . They Are Not Getting Any Help , Physical Or Sp
iritual . Yet They Want Me To Lead My People To The Slaughter That They Are In Y
ou American Niggers Better Wake Up And See That Allah Is Not With Them . If Alla
h Is On Anybody s Side , It s America s Side Because The Muslim Countries Are No
t Winning . So We Don t Have No Time For Their Failure And Their Racisms And The
ir Terrorisms , Allah Don t Like Ugly . Muslims Have Been Labeled As Terrorists
Worldwide Especially Here In America . Any Leader Who Allows Himself And His Fol
lowers To Be Persecuted And Harrassed Or Even Killed Because He Or She Is Ego Ti
pping , Is Not Real Leader. Ques ; Do You Still Acknowledge The White Robe ? Ans ; Ye
s . We still acknowledge our Dress as Ansaars as The Proper Dress Of The Scriptu
res. Throughout The Scriptures it tells you that the angels appeared arrayed in
pure White Garments . ( 2Chronicles 5 ; 11 - 12 , Revelation 15 ; 6 , Acts 1 ; 10
) . Revelation 15 ; 6 ( Modern Greek Script ) And The Hep - Tah ( Seven ) Ang -El - O
s ( Messengers ) Ex - Er - Khom - Ahee ( Came Out ) Of The Nah - Os ( Temple ) ,
Ekh -O ( Having ) The Hep - Tah ( Seven ) Play -Gay ( Plagues ) , En - Doo -O (
Clothed ) In Kath - Ar - Os ( Pure ) And Lam - Pros ( White ) Lee - Non ( Linen
) , And Ekh -O ( Having ) Their Stay - Thos ( Breasts ) Per - I d - Zone - Noo
- Mee ( Girdled ) With Khroo - Seh - Os ( Golden ) Dzo - Nay ( Sashes ) . And The
Seven Angelic Beings Came Out Of The Temple Having With Them The Seven Plagues ,
And Upon Them Garments Of Pure White Linen ; And They Had Sashes On Their Chest
s , Sashes Of Gold . <Right> ( Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.D. )
And Seven
Angels Came Out Of The Temple Having The Seven Plagues , Clothed In Pure And Wh
ite Linen , And Having Their Breasts Girded With Golden Girdles ,
When The Elohe
em Gabriy El appeared to Muhammad he wore a very white garment , As described in
Hadith 2 . One day while we were sitting with the apostles of Allah . There appea
red before us a man whose clothes were exceedingly White and Hair was exceedingl
y Black . < From Forty Hadith Qudsi , Ezzeddin Ibrahiym And Dents Johnson Davies
. Many people say that we shedded The White . But that s not what we did . What ha
ppened was . And I Repeat , Terrorists or Muslims from The East began to wear Wh
ite and they came to this country Raving Lunatics . Right before The Arab invasi
on . I started adding a certain section from The Koran in all of our Book . Kora
n 9 ; 97 and Koran 9 ; 101 . Their Koran clearly tells you that the desert Arabs ar
e the worst Disbeliever and Concealors of the Truth and the Biggest of Hypocrite
s . And here they come into America charading as students business men and openi
ng corner grocery stores throughout the ghettos selling pork cigarettes , Beer a
nd Wine , Tring to pass themselves off as hispanics , Part time Muslims and Part
time Business Man and Kaafir . They took over your Mosques , Disrepected your N

egro Imaams , Replaced them , Taught you absolutely nothing , You don t speak an
y more Arabic now , Than when they came into this country . But now . Here they
were walking around on Friday s Only dressed in White . They started to put thei
r women in veils and I was not about to allow my Congregation to be mixed up and
confused for these Hypocrites and Tie us into all of their coward and Demonic d
estructive , Rampages under the guise as in the name of Allah , They do this and
do that ; Unbeknowing to you .
Does Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was
Imaam Issa LQQk again at some of your Sunni Muslim Mosques and you ll see they cha
nged also . Our job was To Renew , That is to eliminate all of the innovations o
f these pagans calling themselves Muslims and their indivdual country s customs
and keep The Millat Ibrahiym Pure . So to keep it pure , We moved our purity up
to the Rizqiyians , Eloheem . If you look in any one of My Scrolls , The Picture
s Of The Rizqiyians or The Anunnaqis , To Whom We Direct Our Prayers . The Koran Sa
ys in 2 ; 98 concerning these Rizqiyians or Anunnaqi which it calls the Malaaika
at <Arabic> And The New Testament calls angels as Angelos <Greek> in Revelation 1
; 1 , All Christians , Muslims And Israelites believe in Angels and in Angelic a
ssisstance . In fact , It was an Angel who brought Muhammad The Koran and it was
Angels who Moses talked to on the Mountain ( Exodus 19 ; 3 ) And it was an Ange
l who brought The Holy Ghost to Mary ( Matthew 1 ; 20 ) And It Says Right In The
Koran 2 ; 98 ;
Whover Is An Enemy To Allah ( God ) And His Angels And Prophets T
o Gabriel And Michael , - Lo ! ( God s ) Allah Is An Enemy To Those Who Reject
Faith ,
So we direct our reverence throught them to The Most High , You will see
that they are dressed in The Jallabiyya , White long robes . So we did not get
rid of The Jallabiyya it was just elevated to A Higher Level . We have went thro
ugh all the schools , Of Religion , That s why we have an understanding of all a
spects of Religions . That s what you refer to as
Name Changes
Was all abo
ut . Some people were born with Arabic names and some who didn t got their s leg
ally changed . Everbody name was changed to whatever the language that we were s
peaking at the time . When we moved into Judaism , People change their names fro
m Arabic names such as ; Ibrahiym <Arabic> To the Hebrew pronunciation Abraham <
Aramic> From Sulayman <Arabic> to Shelomoh . So as you can see , I was not the only
person who change their name . The entire community changed their names through
each phase we went through . All of the stages that we went through as a commun
ity is not A Mistake . I Am Not Some Confused Man Who Changed Just Because I Wan
ted To . They do the same thing in Schools , You have different courses such as
Mathematics , Social Studies , Etc .., Then you have what they call Advance Math
. When you finish with one cource you Advance to the next class . And that s wh
at we did when we Finished One School We Advanced To The Next Class . The Metamo
rphise was not an accident but a stage by stage growth . Most of you who are her
e right mow , Asking Question , Weren t even born when I began teaching . You ju
st came around in The 1980 s and 1990 s . And you don t really know what it s al
l about or what really happened in the past because you weren t there . The Blac
k Panthers was a movie to you . I was there when The Panthers were around , I wa
s there when it was formed and when it ended . So if you weren t there when all
the changes were taking place you can t really judge what was going on because y
ou don t fully understand why I was doing or what I was doing . And make note th
at the stage that we are in now , Which is NUWAUBU -- Sound Right Reasoning , I
told my followers a long time ago was to come . So I reiterate that Nuwaubu is n
ot something new .
Does Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was Imaam Issa ( Que
s ; What Is Sound Right Reasoning ? ) Ans ; When I say Sound , Overstand what I am r
eferring to . I m not talking about The Sound That You Hear When A Judge Strikes
His Mallet To Signal The Beginning Of A Case Or When The Same Judge Strikes His
Mallet To Adjourn . End Or Close The Case . I m Not Talking About The Sound You
Hear When The Hanner Strikes That Is Used As A Symbol Of When Work Begins
. O
r The Sound You Hear When The Bell Rings To Denote School Has Started Or When It
Has Ended . I m Not Talking About The Vibrations That Travels Through The Air At
120 Feet Per Second Creating Sound . I m Talking About The Sound As If You Were
To Build A Bridge And Say
This Is A Sound Bridge
Meaning That You Can Trus
t That You Won t Fall When You Stand On That Bridge . It Is Sturdy , Firm , Or U
nshakable . And That Is Nuwaubu . ( Refer To What Is Nuwau-Bu ? Scroll # 42 And

Nuwaubu And Amunnubi Rooakhptah ; Fact Or Fiction ? Scroll # 152 ) Now That You Hav
e Graduated , You Are Ready To Move On To A Higher Level And Attack These Religi
ons From The Inside Out . Because Of Our Thorough Studies , I Am Able To Rise Ab
ove Each Religion And Dissect It , Showing All Contradictions And Faults . I Hav
e A Thorough Overstanding Of Each Religion , Each Language ; I Have A Better Ove
rstanding Of All Of The Scriptures Better Than All Of Your Leaders . Your Leader
s Can t Even Stand Up And Defend What They Claim To Believe In Because They Have
No True Overstanding Of What They Are Teaching , They Simply Don t Know . Ask You
r Sheokhs Or Imaams How Much They Know About The Translators Of The Qur aan They
Use . Ask Your Preachers , Mininsters , Or Pastors About King James , The Orche
strator Of The Bible That They Tell You To Base You Whole Life On . Ask Your Rab
bis , Kohanes Or High Priests About The Translations Of The Torah . They Don t K
now Anything About These Men . Shouldn t You Know About The Person Or Persons Wh
o Intepret The So - Called Words Of God And The Way You Live ? Yet , You Will As
k Me , Where Was I Born , How Many Children Do I Have Ask A Million Other Things
That Are Irrevalent , Why Wouldn t You Ask Your Imaam These Same Questions That
You Ask Me About The Translator Of The Qur aan You Use ? You Never Ask The Righ
t Questions . You Just Blindly Believe . Does Dr.M.Z.York Try To Hide The Fact That
He Was Imaam Issa Ques ; What Are You Doing For Your People ? ) Ans ; When The Peopl
e s Minds Are Opened And Their Way Of Thinking Has Changed , Their Conditions Wi
ll Automatically Change . Because They Will No Longer Accept The Conditions That
They Were Once Living In . So To Answer What Am I Doing For My People , I Must
First Tell You What I Am Not Doing To My People , I Am Not . 1 . Giving Them A Myt
h Belief System 2 . I Am Not Giving Them Someone Else s Culture 3 . I Am Not Giving
Them False Hopes . 4 . I Am Not Preaching To Them Above Where They Go When They Di
e . 5 . I Am Not Telling Them How To Live Their Love Life . 6 . I Am Not Giving Them
How To Dress , What Kind Of Food To Eat , What Kind Of Music To Listen To , The
se Should Be Your Own Decisions . 7 .I Am Not Giving Them A Religion . 8 .I Am Not T
elling Them Who Or What To Pray To . What I Do Stress Is ... 1 . Learning . 2 . Listen
ing . 3 . Participating . 4 . Stop Procrastinating . 5 . Stop Imitating . 6 . Stop Fabri
cating 7 . Stop Innovating .... And Start Taking Control Of Your Life And Your Surro
unding . Be Ever Ready To Question Anybody About What They Attempt To Teach And
Preach To You . Do Not Be Intimdated By Any Force Or Authoriy . Stand For What Y
ou Think Is Right . Don t Stand In The Background , Be Heard , Be Seen , Be Felt
, Be Known , Be One To Be Reckoned With , Be One To Be Dealt With , Don t Toler
ate , Don t Settle , Make Things Happen . Be The Life And The Light Of Your Envi
ronment . These Simple Principles If Practiced , Will Change Our People , It Wil
l Change Everything About Our People ; Their Lifestyle And Their Pursuit Of Happ
iness . Anything Less Is Belilting . This Is What I m Doing For My People .
The Mid
dle Path
Begin All Prayer And Thinking By Using El Kuluwm . The All Prayer Of The An
saars Oh Heavenly One , The Most Hight , Who Is Sustainer Of All The Worlds . We Do
Accept The Duty You Have Lain On Us ; To Clean Up The Filth Made By The West An
d Its Nonsubmitting Fools . O My Sustainer We Beseech You , To Keep Your Hand Ov
er Us . To Control The Strings Of The Courses Of Our Lives ; Our Sustainer , And
If We Do Wrong , Please Show Thy Divine Blessing And Forgiveness On Us , You Ar
e The Only One That Can Raise Us True Followers Of The Newsbearers , And In Thy
Names We Carry On . ( An Anthem For All ) . Does Dr . Malachi Z . York Try To Hide
The Fact That He Was Imaam Issa ? Authored By ; Dr . Malachi Z . York For Holy Tab
ernacle Ministries Of The World . __________________ The Cross Can Be Found In Two P
laces , One On Top Of The Churchs , And The Other On Top Of The Grave , The One
On To Of The Churchs Is Where The Mentalty Dead Are , And The One On Top Of The
Grave Is , Where The Physical Dead Lay .
It s Not The Things One Knows That Get Him O
r Her In Trouble , Its The Things One Knows That Just Isn t So That Get Them In
Peace In The Lamb Is True-ly Wonderful

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Malachi York
You are here: Home360 QuestionsMalachi YorkAsk The Nuwaupians, ac
cording to Dr. York the Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile, did Dr.York s pedophil
ia come as a result of a genetic link to Muhammad by way of the Mahdi family?
Malachi York
Ask The Nuwaupians, according to Dr. York the Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile,
did Dr.York s pedophilia come as a result of a genetic link to Muhammad by way o
f the Mahdi family?
Question:Ask The Nuwaupians, according to Dr. York the Prophet Muhammad was a ped
ophile, so did Dr. York s pedophilia come as a result of a genetic link to Muham
mad by way of the Mahdi family?
Answer: They ll probably call you a black Devil or the "N" word for asking this.
Nuwaupians may not be aware that York wrote this about the Prophet Muhammad. York
becomes almost angered in his claims that Muhammad was apedophile.York says in hi
s book,The Religion Islam - Unmaskedon page 132,

"Ques: Ask The Muhammadans/Sunni Orthodox Muslims, Was Muhammad A Pedophile?

Ans: They can t say nothing"

Then he (Mr. York) cites a hadith that mentions the age of Aisha Bint Abu Bakr,

"...the prophet married her when she was 6 years old and he consummated his marri
age when she was 9 years old and she remained with him for 9 years (i.e. till his
-The Religion Islam - Unmasked pg. 132

York continues by writing,

"Now Mr. Naseef, You said the prophet is a unique and unparalleled example for a
ll humans, but we have a problem here. Umm, let me clear my throat,would you allo
w a 50 year old man, to marry your daughter at the tender age of 6? Then he has
a sexual relationship with her at the age of 9 or 11?Let s say someone other than
your Prophet Muhammad?Something is really frightening and sick with a person who
will do thisand allow this to be done, are people who follow these examples as i
f it is O.K.?..."
-The Religion Islam - Unmasked pg. 132

then he says,
"so Muhammad had sex with a little girl, whom her father, Abu Barker had given aw

ay.No where in the Qur aan does it legalize older men taking young, innocent litt
le girls to have sex with them?So did he sin, remember Allah repeatedly told him
to seek forgiveness for his sins? So obviously he had MANY SKELETON BONES INHIS C
LOSET AS WELL ...and her father was SICK, Abu Barkr for giving her TO THAT PERVERT
.How young was she, 6? some say 9 to 11 years old; Now that is sick!You are not eve
n sure.Let me see you marry your six year daughter to a 50 year old.
-The Religion Islam-Unmasked on pg. 133-134

This is a strange twist for York because one of his sexually molested victims,Hab
iybah Washingtontold the jury this in court,

Q. Ms. Washington, at what age did Mr. York begin a sexual relationship with you
Habiybah Washington: I was13.
Q. When you were 13 and Mr. York began to do sex acts on you and where were you
living then?
Habiybah Washington: I was living in New York.
Q.Do you recall how old Mr. York would have been when you were 13?
Habiybah Washington:He s 30 years older than me, so I think he was 43.
-Habiybah Washington s testimony January 12, 2004

Please keep in mind that York got Habiybahpregnantwhen she was in sixteen and a ha
lf, givingbirth to a son in August 1993, a sexual relationshipbeginningwhen she was a
13 yearold girl which makes him an overthypocriticalpedophile. It was also brought
out in courtthat York started a sexual relationship with another child at the tim
e, Amala Noel, when she was just 9 years old.
Q. So when did you first have anal sex with the defendant?
Amala Noel: When I was9.
Q. But you said yesterday it was when you were8?
Amala Noel: I said 8 is whenhe started touching me.
Q. So you didn t have anal intercourse with him when you were 8?
Amala Noel: It happened when I moved to Georgia and I moved to Georgia when I wa
s 9 in 1993.
Q. Alright, but it wasanal sex regularly?
Amala Noel: Yes.
-Amala Noel s testimony January 7, 2004

This can t be a coincidence. York quotes the Qur an implying that it s a scriptur
e that promises a pedophile paradise for those Muslim men who desires under aged

"..LITTLE GIRLS (Qur aan 52:20; 56:36) and I quote,and made them virgin-pure (and
UNDEFILED)" who just reached puberty and paradise and I quote: and
the FLESH of fowls, any that they may desire and LUSTROUS EYES..."
-The Religion Islam-Unmasked on pg. 163

York s position is here is clear, the man he claims as one of his ancestors, the
prophet Muhammad, to him was "that pervert" and based on what he wrote in the bo
ok, Man from Planet Rizq, if a defect is in your generations, it will manifest in
you, be it a drunk, killer or in the case of Mr. York, a child predator, it s ju
st the consequences of being in Muhammad s bloodline, that s if Malachi York tru
ly was of that bloodline.

The Definition of a Pedophile:

Pedophilia: Defined as a psychiatric disorder in persons who are 16 years of age
or older typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in p
repubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty
varies). The prepubescent child must be at least five years younger than the ad
olescent before the attraction can be diagnosed as pedophilia.

If it s in York s genetics from Muhammad, then the Federal incarceration of 135

years has effectively punched him in the genes. Remember, according to York he is
aDIRECT DESCENDANTof the Prophet Muhammad, and York makes it a point to say this
in theMan from Planet Rizq, introduction,

"Did you know in your DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid, Your blueprint of your genetic
make-up) You have tiny explosions that go off at different stages in your life?
Just like you do as a child, your DNA explodes letting you automatically know m
ilk and food. How does a child know to lean towards a breast when they are being
held in a certain way? How does a child know to reject synthetic milk over brea
st milk? How does a child learn to cry? How does a child know that crying gets a
ttention and what he or she wants? How does a child know how to smile? I will te
ll you how. All of these things come to you at a young age. Children learn these
things naturally. It is all PRE-ENCODED in your genes".

York continues on pg. 2,

"Good and Evil are controlled by The Most High EL. (Psalm 82:6) you are what you
are. If you are a drug addict, and cleaned yourself up, then that is in your ge
nes as well".

On page 6 he asks,

"Is The Nature of The Child inherited from The Parents Also?
Ans: Yes. You get 33 1/3 from the Mother and 33 1/3 from the Father and then the
re is 33 1/3 that is you?"

he follows that by stating and showing that an...

"illustration of the probability (30 chances) of you inheriting certain traits f

rom your forefathers...You have to go back 4 Generations to the 30 people before
this child was conceived".

Pg. 8 makes the critical point,

"In their family like their Mother, Father, Grand Father or Great Grand Father w
as a BUTCHER. This is now in their DNA S and explains one of the reasons why the
y like to kill and sometimes eat other human beings. So the urge to kill or cut
was already in the genetics of the individual".

This is what leads to the question, did the pedophile gene from Muhammad, make i
t s way through to York s blood? In looking over what York wrote about Muhammad,
his alleged ancestor being a Pedophile and his (York s) teachings that we are a
subtotal of our generations, using that logic and "sound right reasoning", he wou
ld have to possess that pedophile gene in him too, based on logic and York sScien
ce of Nuwaubu.
It s ironic that this book, The Religion Islam~Unmasked, which was a sequel to th
e 360 Questions to Ask Orthodox Sunni Muslims, would address the pedophile issue
with such passion, and within 5 years, he (York) would be arrested on child sex
charges, becoming a laughing stock to Sunni and other Muslims for attacking the
very same prophet Muhammad who he (York) diligently labeled a pedophile.
For years York boasted that his blood goes back to The Prophet Muhammad, and if
that s true, then Muhammad wasa Pedophile,andHemay have passed that pedophile gene
on to York, that s if he s truly related to the Prophet Muhammad.
If he s notfrom Muhammad s bloodline, then this is a closed case, and York is jus
t a typical American pedophile safely removed from the public so no more childre
n can be harmed, however if he is related to Muhammad then by using York s ownSou
nd Right Reasoning, better known as logic, means the pedophile gene from Muhamma
d was then passed on to theSudanese Mahdi family, later into Malachi York by way
of his father s DNA who he claims wasAl Haddi Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi.

Since 1973 York has claimed to be of the Mahdi family of Sudan, yet no one of th
at family has publicly corroborated the claim. Above is York spending time with t
he former Sudanese Prime Minister: Sadiq Al Mahdi

Please note that the images ofAs Sayyid Abdur Rahman Muhammad Ahmad Al MahdiandAl H
addi Abdur Rahman Al Mahdiwas altered to give the impression that York was of the
Mahdi family,

Below is an original image of Al Haddi Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi.

So for York to make the declaration that the prophet Muhammad was a pedophile and
the he is a direct descendant by way of his father from the Mahdi family, did t
he pedophile gene get passed onto Malachi York, causing him to molest children o
f his communities in Brooklyn and Monticello, New York, then on to Eatonton and
Athens, Georgia?

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