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Liceo Cultural Británico

Student: Cynthia Randerath

Subject: Methods 2

 Age: 16 years old

 Number of Students: 20

 Book: New English File Intermediate ( p. 8)

 Aim: students should be able to talk about past events.

Steps of the lesson:
1) Warm-up: (5 minutes)
We will play a hangman in which the word hidden will be CHEATING. Once they
guess the word I will ask them about its meaning and if they have ever cheated
in their lives.

2) Teaching moment: (15 minutes)

Presentation: I will tell students that they will read about people who have
cheated at different sports. I will tell them to look at the pictures (Page 8) and
predict how they think these people had cheated. (5 minutes)

Global task: Students will check if their predictions were right.

Specific task: I will ask them to read the text again and in
groups of 4 to prepare a True false exercise. Then they will
have to swap their papers and do the other’s group True-false
activity. Once they finish they have to check with the group
that prepared the activity.

Post-reading: I will ask students which story they like the most and if they would
have done the same in that situation.

3) Isolation of the teaching point: (5 minutes)

We will talk about the rules of narrative tenses. I will try to make sure they
understand the difference. (Using examples from the reading)

4) Student’s awareness and verbalization

I will elicit students´ own examples.

5) Practice: “Dice Game” (5 minutes)

I will divide the class into 4 teams. I will give them a big dice and in each face I
will write a tense, e.g.: S. past, Past Perfect, Past Cont. In the other 3 faces the
dice will say: S. Past and Past Continuous, S. Past and Past Perfect and Past
continuous and Past Perfect. One student will throw the dice and at the same
time all the groups will have to write 1 sentence. The group that does this first
gets a point if the sentence is correct. The group with more points will be the

6) Round off: (10 minutes) CHAIN STORY GAME

Students will make up a story orally. Each one provides a sentence and adds
new info to the previous one. The aim of the game is to create a cooperative and
coherent story. Then one group will retell the beginning of the story to the other
groups and they will have to guess its ending.
I think that this plan fits the communicative framework, because it prepares
students to communicate in future lessons. They will be able to talk about past
events in their lives and past events in general.

As regards the different competences, you will be able to find the following in
this plan:

 Linguistic competence: the language itself.

 Discourse competence: they will need it in order to make up the story.
 Fluency: it will be present at the end when one group tells the others about
their story and they will have to predict how the story ends.

AIMS (according to “Tasks for teacher Education”)

• Topic Aim: Learners read about a new topic: “Cheating at sports”

• Grammar Aims: Learners practise the tenses by playing the “Dice Game”.
• Communication Aims: Learners will talk to each other about a past event in
their lives (this will come in following lessons).
• Vocabulary Aims: Learners read new words related to some sports.
• Function Aims: learners learn to talk about past events.
• Sill Aims: Learners create a collective story orally.