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CONSUMER In Partial Fulfillment for the Degree of Bachelor of Business
Administration (Tour & Travel management) Batch 2010-2013 Submitted By
Megha Aggarwal 02514905010 BBA (TTM) 5th SEM DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS
2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI give my sincere thanks to Lionel India Limited for giving
me this wonderfulopportunity to do summer internship.An understanding
marketing work like this is never the outcome of the effort of a singleperson and I
would be falling in my duty if I do not say a words of thanks to all thosewho
assisted and advised me during the research work, without whose
inspiringguidance, valuable suggestions, keen and enthusiastic interest, and
invaluable supportand time, the project work would not have been completed.I
express my sincere thanks to Miss Ritu Saini, who provided all facilities for
carryingout this project. Her pain taking efforts and persistent help during the
head of my workcan never be adequately acknowledged. I appreciate for her
cooperation andcontributions for helping me in making project factual and
informative.I would also like to extend my thanks to all those who supported me
during the courseof my project. Submitted by: Megha Aggarwal
Limitations Research Methodology 2. PROFILE OF THE ORGANISATION Company
AND RECOMMENDATIONS Conclusions Recommendations Bibliography
5. INTRODUCTIONLionel India provides the best quality services to their
customers.Lionel India provides seamless travel management services,
customized to suit your globaland local travel programs. Lionel India understands
your corporate travel needs and providesa complete suite of services ranging
from ticketing and travel related services, travelmanagement consulting, vendor
contracting services, technology and reporting tools, MICEmanagement services
and a comprehensive account management approach.At Lionel India, we think
strategically to optimize the spending on your overall travelprogram. Our
endeavour is to work with you as a partner, in evolving a structured program,with
a primary focus on revenue and saving opportunities arising out of
corporatecontracting, process management and implementation of best
practice.The Lionel India network across India and overseas allows us to reach
globally and respondlocally to provide customer specific solutions for managing
your business travel needs where,when, and how you require it.
6. OBJECTIVES To study about the domestic destinations provided to the
corporates. To study about the accommodation and special facilities provided
to the inbound costumers. To provide better facilities to the inbound as well as
domestic customers.
7. RESEARCH AND METHODOLOGYResearch methodology is a way to
systematically solve the research problem. It may beunderstood as a science of
studying how research is done scientifically. In it they study thevarious steps that
are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problemalong with
the logic behind them. It is necessary for the researcher to know not only
theresearch methods or techniques but also the methodology. Research is
common parlance ascientific investigation for knowledge. It can be defined as a
systematic effort to collect thevaluable informations. A research can be carried

out by different methodologies, which havetheir own pros and cons.Primary

DataPrimary data includes the first hand information from the outlets. It can view
as a survey. Thequestionnaire was especially designed to find out services
provided by Lionel India and theirratings. Through this information we can get the
strengths and weaknesses of servicesprovided by a travel agency that how does
it differ from airlines and hotels individually.Secondary DataWhen an investigator
uses the data that has been already collected by others, is calledSecondary Data.
The secondary data could be collected from Journals, Reports, and
variouspublications. The advantages of the secondary data can be It is
economical, both in terms ofmoney and time spent.Data regarding the origin and
the history of the organization were obtained from the historicalrecords present
in historical records of the organization and also the website of the company.
8 8. LIMITATIONSThe major limitations of this project are as given under: As the
data was also gathered from the secondary sources, the validity of the data could
not be tested. Time constraint was the major limitation in this project. Another
problem was knowledge constraint and this report was an attempt to gather as
much of relevant data as possible. It not covers all relative point about the topic.
However, every effort is made to ensure that these do not inany way adversely
affect the results of the study and inject an elementof objecting in the report.
10 10. COMPANYS PROFILEThe company employs the latest in travel technology
and CRS systemsLionel India is the specialist corporate travel management
brand of Lionel India limited.Lionel India is a wholly owned Adventz group
company.It was originally established as Lionel Edwards Ltd in the year 1924 as a
shipping company.The travel division was started in 1975. Since 1997 Lionel India
has focused in re-establishing itself as a national entity, totally involved in
developing its business interest inthe fast growing local market. The company
currently has a presence of IATA approvedlocations across key centers in Delhi,
Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, & Bangalore with itsheadquarters in Kolkata and
several clients onsite and satellite offices.The company employs the latest in
travel technology and CRS system .The management hasdecided on a road map
for the future, where Lionel India will offer its clients an integratedone stop
solution for their corporate travel needs- taking care of the basic business and/
orpersonal travel needs along with leisure, MICE, Forex & Car Rentals.The key
attributes of the Lionel India service proposition are: Partnership approach to
client relationships Seamless consolidation- nationally & globally Preferred
vendor contracting and implementation Simplified pricing & defined service
level agreements Process management and rationalization Technology
applications and value enhancers Ability to modulate global products & content
to Indian needs Open to audit- guarantees a completely transparent client
11 11. Key ManagementMrs. Jyotsna Poddar (Chairperson Lionel India Ltd)Mrs.
Jyotsna Poddar is the chairperson of Lionel India Ltd, and is actively providing
strategicdirection to the company. She is also a director of Poddar heritage
enterprises andchairperson & Md of Gobind sugar mills, one of Indias premier
sugar manufacturingcompanies.She is the wife of Mr. Saroj Kumar Poddar and
daughter of Dr. K.K Birla, one of Indiasleading industrialist and ex-member of
parliament.Mr. Saroj Kumar Poddar (Director Lionel India Ltd)Mr. Saroj Kumar
Poddar is the chairmen of Poddar Heritage Enterprises. He was thePresident of
International Chamber of Commerce, India (ICCI) and the president ofFederation
of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).Mr. Akshay Poddar (Director
Lionel India Ltd)Mr. Akshay Poddar is the Managing Director of Poddar Heritage






Investment Ltd and Poddarheritage Enterprises. He is also serving on the board

of Gillette India Ltd, ParadeepPhosphates Ltd, and Gobind Sugar Mills Ltd. He is a
committee member of ICCI. He is alsothe president of entrepreneurs
organization (EO), Kolkata Chapter.Mr. Shyam S.Bhartia (Director Lionel India
Ltd)Mr. Shyam S.Bhartia is currently the chairmen and managing director of
jubilant organosysLtd and a member of executive committee of FICCI. He is
professionally qualified from theinstitute of cost and works accounts of India
(ICWAI) and is a fellow member of ICWAI. He
12. has substantial experience in the travel, chemicals, foods infrastructure, oil
and gas andinformation technology sectors.He has also served as a director on
the board of Directors of Air India, and as a member ofthe Boards of Governors of
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad and the IndianInstitute of
Technology, Mumbai and the Chairmen of the chemical committee of federationof
Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).
13. Lionel India OfficesThe company currently has a presence of IATA approved
locations across key centers in: Delhi Mumbai Hyderabad Chennai BangaloreAnd
have its headquarters in KOLKATA and several clients onsite and satellite
offices.SERVICES OFFEREDGENERAL SERVICEOne stop shop for your travel
solutions International ticketing Domestic ticketing Car rental Hotel
booking( domestic/ international) Rail reservations Visa/ passport facilitation
Travel/medical insurance Home calling card Foreign exchange MICE(meetings
incentives conferences & exhibitions) Customer relationship management
Centralized billing system
14. Travel news update Airport facilitation 24x7X 365 days guaranteed
serviceLIONEL INDIA IMPLANTService for your companyLionel India to setup an
Implant mannedby experienced travel consultants withComputer Reservation
System (CRS)connectivity to do online reservation forboth domestic and
international. TheImplant will be operating as per theworking hours/days of your
organization.Travel consultant will be equipped withmobile phone/laptop and will
becontactable to your organization 24 x 7.Needless to say the main office is
alwaysthere as a backup for the implant.IMPLANT SERVICESImplant will handle
the following listed duties and others as per our agreed terms. International
ticketing Domestic ticketing Car rental Hotel bookings(domestic/international)
Rail reservations Visa/ passport insurance
15. Home calling card Foreign exchange Travel news update Organize airport
facilitation Maintain and updation of passengers profile Implant will also take care
of the passengers passport, visas, meal preference, seat preference, frequent
flyer number. Implant will inform your passengers well in advance about the
expiry and renewals of travel documents.LOWEST USABLE AIRFARELionel India
shall offer the lowest applicable published airfares that are available through
thecomputer Reservation System (CRS) at the time of booking to you, ( if
required or thespecified carriers).Lionel India can also provide you with net based
low cost budget airline tickets, such as AirDeccan, Spice jet etc, at a nominal
service charge.Minimum of 2 itineraries/online itinerariesA minimum of 2
itineraries with the fare quotes will be provided by default for allInternational
Travel Requests. Itineraries provided can also be viewed online and isaccessible
from anywhere in the world.CAR BOOKINGLionel India implant will take care of
your entire car booking as per your executives specificrequirements for your
company negotiated rates with your preferred vendors at a nominalservice
charge (negotiable).HOTEL RESERVATION
16. Lionel India implant will take care of all your domestic hotel booking as per
your executivesspecific requirements for your company negotiated rates for

your company preferred hotels ata nominal service charge (negotiable)Lionel

India implant will take care of all your international hotel booking as per
yourexecutives specific requirements.MANAGEMENT AND PERSONNEL
SERVICESAccount Manager Lionel India shall provide an account manager who
will act as yourdirect liaison and who will be responsible for ensuring that your
company service standardsare maintained.DELIVERY OF TICKETSDelivery of
tickets and related documents on a mutually agreed upon schedule. However
fordelivery outside of this schedule, Lionel India shall use reasonable efforts to
deliver ticketsand/or documents as quickly as possible. Delivery also includes
home delivery as per LionelIndias schedule, after office hours plus in case of
help you to sign corporate deals with Domestic as well as internationalcarriers
which will help you to achieve tremendous savings.The above deals would be
suggested after a period of three month to understand your travelpattern or if
your organization can confirm to meet the required travel volumes.Lionel India
will ensure that your Company accrued mileage tally with the respective
17 17. SUPPLIER RELATIONSLionel India will negotiate airline deals and monitor
target based corporate incentives fromAirlines to maximize your savings through
such deals.Arranging meetings, conferences and Incentive groups. As per the
requirements of yourcompany Lionel India can organize and handle your group
movements and conferenceswithin the country and abroad.ON CALL 24X7Our
travel consultants are available 24 hrs. for any emergency bookings.PASSPORT &
VISA AUDITOn a monthly/ fortnightly basis we conduct a passport& visa audit
with in the premises of our client. ALionel India representative will address all
passport &visa related queries and requirements of yourexecutives.PASSPORT &
VISA TRACKINGWe have an exclusive system of tracking the passportand visa
validity. Our travel consultants will informyour executives well in advance about
the validity oftheir passport and visa.TRAVELER PROFILE FORMSThe Traveler
profile Forms will be maintained for each traveler and will up dated on a
regularbasis. Details such as Meal and Seat requests, Frequent Flier numbers will
be queued in everyreservation thus making each reservation fool proof. National
account management and LocalAccount Management whereby Lionel India can
assist you to implement travel policy on AllIndia basis and/or locally as well.
18 18. National network with 05 IATA branch locations Viz. New Delhi, Mumbai,
Kolkata,Chennai and Bangalore.FOREIGN EXCHANGELionel Indias FOREX division
is a RBI Licensed authorizedForeign Exchange Dealer who can provide you with a
range ofinnovative solutions to fulfill the foreign exchange requirementsof both
individual and corporate travelers. These includes Lionel FX Travel Card
Destination currencies Encashment services Corporate expense management
toolsHOTEL RESERVATIONLionel India Implant will take care of your entire
domestichotel booking as per your executives specific requirementsfor your
company negotiated rates for your companypreferred hotels for a nominal
service charge (negotiable).Lionel India Implant will take care of all your
Internationalhotel booking as per your executives specificrequirements.CAR
BOOKINGLionel India Implant will take care of your entire car booking as per your
executives specificrequirements for your company negotiated rates with your
preferred vendors at a nominalservice charge (negotiable).
19 19. AIRPORT MEET & GREET SERVICESLionel India shall provide meet & greet to
your Executiveson arrival or departure at the airport, upon request, at acost.
Airport assistance can be organized at short notices.MANAGEMENT INFORMATION
SYSTEMLionel India is in a position to provide a monthly MIS as per your needs,





Department wise Employee wise Location wiseQUALITY MANAGEMENTACCOUNT

MANAGEMENT Lionel India will appoint National Account Manager for Integrated
national and regional operations coordinated implementation-nationally &
globally(if required) 100% compliance to client travel Policys & preferred Vendor
relationships Agreed SLAs & Service Delivery Standards Account management
Tools Service Resolution Logs Customer Service Surveys(CSS)SATISFACTION
SURVEYA satisfaction survey of our travelers is done quarterly, as a quality
check, the result of whichwill be shared with you and an action plan will be
drawn, to constantly improve the quality ofservice Lionel India provide its
customers. We shall provide you the results of such surveysto further improve on
our services, and to streamline all operations in line with your PTAneeds.
20. COMPLAINTSAny complaints or service issue will be acknowledged instantly
on phone by our leaders,along with confirmation of the expected resolution
period. Complaints related to service willbe immediately escalated to the Lionel
India immediate superior.QUARTERLY REVIEW MEETINGSWe conduct a quarterly
review meeting with your Administration/Finance and Accounts orother
department related to Travel, therefore maintaining clear as well as healthy longtermbusiness Relationship.LIONEL SERVICE DELIVERY STANDARDS They are
committed to a quick turnaround response to all inquires They have negotiated
special rates with Hotels, Chain & Other Independent Properties. They have
Professional Team of Guides speaking English, German, French, Spanish& Other
European Languages They have details of 1,500 Hotels with Contact Address
Travel useful information Accept all major Credit Cards. They look forward to
establish life-long business relations with costumers. They would be delighted to
serve customers and welcome costumers to experience the warmth of traditional
Indian hospitality. At Lionel India we rejoice in giving our guests a true taste of
the exotic places they are visiting. We greet them with welcome ceremonies they
cannot experience anywhere else in the world. We treat them to lunches and
dinners, rich in mouth-watering culinary
21. delicacies served in unparalleled settings. From royal themes to modern day
fantasies,every location is set in a unique theme adding a special flavor to the
event. This of course,is in addition to the high quality meals and barbecues that
are a standard in each of ourprograms.
23. ITINERARY FOR AGRADay 1:19 April 2012:Early morning between 0600 hrs
0800 hrs drive to Agra. (Approx 4-5 hrs subject to trafficcondition)Enroute visit
Sikandra Fort. Check into the Hotel.Post Lunch sightseeing tour of Taj Mahal.Taj
Mahal, with its incredible lacy white grandeur andloveliness is perhaps the most
perfect architectural monument inthe world. Emperor Shahjahan constructed this
most famous andincomparable Mughal monument in memory of his beloved
wifeMumtaz Mahal. It is the most extravagant monument ever builtfor love. (Taj
Mahal is closed on Fridays).Overnight in Agra.Day 220 April 2012:After Breakfast
city tour of Agra Fort.Agra Fort, situated two kilometres west of the Taj Mahal on
the banks of the river Yamuna.It was built by the third Mughal Emperor, Akbar,
and added to by his son Jahangir andgrandson Shahjahan.Check out from the
hotel & drive to Delhi via Fatehpur Sikri (approximately 40 Kms. fromAgra) a
world heritage site built by the Mughal emperor Akbar during 1564 A.D.Later
drive back to Gurgaon. ..................TOUR ENDS................
24. Hotel Cost:Hotel Trident Agra:Deluxe Pool view single room: Rs.7000 per night
inclusive of breakfast & hotel taxes.Hotel Radisson Agra:Deluxe single room: Rs
4500 per night inclusive of breakfast & hotel taxes.Transportation cost using A/C
Innova car: Rs.9000 per vehicle.Supplement Chargers for English speaking guide:

Rs. 2600 for both the days includingbattery van chargesINCLUSIONS Sightseeing
by an air conditioned Toyota Innova as per the Itinerary. Services of an English
speaking local guide during city tour as per the Itinerary. Battery Van
charges.EXCLUSIONS Internal airfare if any. Assistance on arrival & departure in
Agra. Entrance fees Agra Agra Fort, Taj Mahal & Fatehpur Sikri. Items of
personal nature i.e.: telephone calls, drinks, laundry, tips etc Any portage
Camera/Video fees at various monuments. On total billing 3.09% government
service tax will be extra.
25 25. ITINERARY FOR - LAND OF GODS10 Nights/ 11 Days TourKalimpong-2,
Gangtok-2, Lachung-1, Gangtok-1, Pelling-2, Darjeeling-2Day 1
Bagdogra>>KalimpongPick- up from NJP to be taken to Kalimpong (4000 Ft)
adrive of 80 kms also called the garden of flowers. Thistown has almost
everything- scenic beauty, flowers,greenery, waters, mists, clouds etc... Check-in
at Hotel,Overnight stay.Day 2 Kalimpong>>GangtokAfter breakfast, go for a half
day sightseeing of DurpinHill (which has the famous Zong Dog Palri FoBrangMonastery which belongs to the same Buddhist sect as thepresent Dalai
Lama) , Jelapla View Point, Pine ViewPoint, Kalim Temple, Dr Grahams Homes
complexwith its historic church & well maintained groundsfounded in 1900 by
Rev. Dr. J A Graham, a Scottishmissionary, Delo Hill (5556 ft) appears to be the
roof- of-the- world, is the highest point in Kalimpong. Delo alsohas the towns
picturesque water reservoir. Then on toMangal Dham Temple constructed in
memory of the lateGuru Shree (108) Mangal Dasji and dedicated to LordKrishna,
Kalimpong Arts & Crafts Centre. Back to thehotel by lunch.Depart for a 2hr
30mins journey to Gangtok (5500 Ft), Sikkim - the Land of the Pristine
andunspoilt natural beauty with alpine landscapes and thick luxuriant forests,
rivers in torrent andpeaceful lakes. Check in at Hotel. Rest of the day at Leisure,
explore the city. Overnight stay.
26 26. Day 3 Gangtok>>Tsomgo Lake>>GangtokAfter breakfast proceed to Tsomgo
Lake (12,210 Ft),a 40 km drive which takes 2.5 hrs. This lake islocated very close
to Nathula Pass which is the entrypoint to China termed as the Silk Route &
remainsfrozen for most parts of the year. Legend has it thatthe Lamas use to
forecast the future by studying thecolour of the lakes waters. Enjoy the
surroundings,majestic snowy peaks which feed the lake and theclean fresh air.
Back to Gangtok by 3pm for a latelunch. Evening free for leisure or go shopping
forSikkimese traditional handicrafts. Overnight stay.Day 4
Gangtok>>LachungDepart early morning for Lachung (8610 Ft), adistance of 126
kms. On the way stop enroute andenjoy the wonderful locations like Kabi
Lungstok(25km from Gangtok where a blood brotherhood wassigned between the
Lepcha chief, Thekong Tek & theBhutia chief, Khye Bumsa. The spot where
theceremony took place is marked by a memorial stonepillar amidst the cover of
dense forests); NagaWaterfalls ; the confluence of Lachen Chu &Lachung Chu at
Chungthang- the starting point ofthe river Teesta. Chungthang is predominantly
aLepcha region, the nodal junction for the two passes-Lachen & Lachung. Stop at
the Twin Waterfalls &Bhim Nala Waterfalls before reaching Lachung.Lachung is an
exquisite valley town , resplendent in its crown of snow capped
mountains,breathtaking waterfalls & sparkling streams. It has been described as
the most picturesque
27 27. village of Sikkim by Joseph Dalton in his Himalayan Journal (1855). Checkin
and getrefreshed. The rest of the afternoon is spent Nature Exploring & Local
Sightseeing aroundLachung village with a visit to the Lachung Monastery. Relax,
sleep off & rest your tiredbody. Overnight stay.Day 5 LachungAfter Breakfast
proceed to Yumthang (11800 Ft) a 23kms drive taking 1.5hrs. This is where the

Tree Line ends& the rhododendron groves cover the landscape in asurreal shade,
also called the Valley of Flowers as inspring wild alpine flowers carpet the land. In
winter thereis snow all around and the snow clad mountains add to theethereal
beauty. This place is also known for its HotSprings which have healing medicinal
properties.Picnic in this beautiful valley, trek to reach the high pointsall around,
take a bath in the Hot Springs. Back toLachung by evening. Night Halt at
Lachung.Day 6 Lachung>>GangtokAfter the Breakfast, depart for Gangtok by
10am. Arriveby lunch & Checkin at hotel. Rest of the day at leisure& overnight
28 28. Day 7Gangtok>>Pelling(0900hrs-1400hrs) After breakfast, visit Nam
NangVP/Ropeway ; Do-Drul Chorten (Stupa) which isone of the most important
stupas of Sikkim, built bythe head of the Nyingma order- Trullshi Rimpochein
1945. It contains rare details of Dorji Phupa, HolyBooks, Mantras and is encircled
by 108 prayerwheels ; The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology builtin 1958 in
traditional style, a renowned worldwidecentre for the study of the Mahayana
Buddhistphilosophy & religion, a treasure house of rareThankas, statues, over
200 Buddhist icons andprized objects of art, to Rumtek Monastery, 24 kms from
Gangtok was built in 1960 by HisHoliness the Late 16th Gyalwa Karmapa & this is
a replica of the original KagyurpaMonastery in Tibet, a must see for every visitor,
the seat of the Kagyu Order . Behind theMonastery is the lavishly decorated
Karmae Nalanda Institute of Buddhist Studies whichattracts students from the
world over. Here one can find the most unique religious scriptures& art objects of
the world.After lunch, proceed to Pelling (6800 Ft), a 5 hour journey (112 kms) via
Ravangla (6800Ft) , a small township & transit point to various destinations in
South & West Sikkim,situated at the base of Meenam Hill (10300 Ft).Arrive at
Pelling by 2-3pm & checkin at Hotel. This is one of the closest points to
theKhanchenjunga range & one can see it upfront touching the sky from Pelling.
29 29. Day 8 PellingLeave early for the Khecheopalri Lake, also calledthe Wish
Fulfilling Lake. It lies in a depressionsurrounded by prayer flags & forested hills.
Then tothe, Rimbi Falls, Rock Garden,Khangchendzonga waterfalls. Back to the
Resortfor lunch.After lunch, proceed to Singshore Bridge, a driveof 26 kms from
Pelling about 5kms ahead ofDentam towards Uttarey. Built over a gorge over
a1000 ft deep, the building of this suspension bridge was an engineering feat
indeed & is alsothe second highest bridge in Asia. The bridge is ver close to
Uttarey which is the base campfor Singilela Mountain Range trek.Enroute to
Singshore, stop to see the Sangay Falls in the The Dentam Valley (1500 m).
Theentire area is surrounded by forest of rhododendrons. On the return, a visit to
the Cheesefactory at Dentam Back by evening. Overnight stay.Day 9
Pelling>>DarjeelingEarly morning visit at 7am to The PemayangtseMonastery
(7021 Ft), 2.5 kms from Pelling. Builtduring the late 17th century, it is one of the
oldest &most important monasteries of the Nyingmapa order ofBuddhism in
Sikkim. Even today, it is only the monksof this monastery who enjoy the title of
Tasang orpure monks. The monastery follows the Mindrolingtradition & has 108
monks. The main attraction of themonastery is the wooden replica of Zangdog
Palri, the celestial abode of GuruPadmasambhava, built by Serdup L Dorje
Rinpoche in 1971. Back to the hotel for breakfast.After breakfast, proceed to the
Rabdentse Ruins - the second capital of the erstwhile King ofSikkim till 1814 A.D.
This is also very close to the Pemyangtse Monastery, a 30mins walkfrom the
main road. The scenic view from the top of the ruins scanning across the deep
30 30. valley, to the mystic heights of the Khanchenjunga range is something to be
cherished &etched in memory.Onwards to Darjeeling (7100 ft), a 72 kms drive





taking around 3-4 hours, the Queen ofthe hill stations , its name derived from
Dorje-Line which means the place of Dorje,the mystic thunderbolt. After a
very scenic drive thru the mountains, tea gardens etc., reachDarjeeling by late
afternoon & checkin at Hotel. Overnight stay.Day 10
Darjeeling>>Mirik>>DarjeelingStart the day at 4am with an early morning trip
toTiger Hill (7800 Ft) to catch the sunrise frombehind the majestic Kunchenjunga
range. On theway back visit the Ghoom Monastery & BatasiaLoop. Back to the
hotel for breakfast.After breakfast take a trip to Mirik (6000 Ft) the newest hillstation in the Darjeeling hills.Famous for its squash (the vegetable) &
thepicturesque lake, this quiet township is also surrounded by gardens which
produce some ofthe finest teas. The lake offers boating and fishing apart from a
view of snowcapped peaks.Enjoy the fulfilling experience of Nature in its purest
form mingled with the unique cultureprevalent here. Spend the rest of the day at
Mirik to reach Darjeeling back by sunset.Overnight stay.Day 11
Darjeeling>>BagdograAfter Breakfast Depart to Bagdogra/NJP ..................TOUR
31. Grade Using Hotel A 1+ A02 PAX Rs. 55800 Rs. 53200 per personEXT BED Rs.
26300 Rs. 23500 per childHOTEL USED GRADE- A 1+ GRADE- ADARJEELING
ELGIN (Breakfast & Dinner ELGIN (Breakfast & Dinner MAP) MAP)GANGTOK
NORKHILL (Breakfast & Dinner NORLING RESORT (Breakfast & MAP) Dinner
MAP)KALIMPONG SILVER OAKS (Breakfast & SILVER OAKS (Breakfast & Dinner
(Breakfast , Lunch & YARLAM (Breakfast ,Lunch & Dinner AP) Dinner AP)
32. Rates All rates above are valid from 01st April to 30th June 2012 All rates
above are on per person twin sharing basis NETTIncludes Meals as per plan
shown above in RED, all taxes All transfers & sightseeing by a mix of 01 AC
Innova/Scorpio/Xylo Ex Bagdogra/NJPChild Rates Children above 12 years are
charged as adults. Children of 05+ to 10 years will be charged as per CWB/CNB
Below 05 years, complimentary.Validity This package is valid for Indian passport
holders onlyDoes not Entrance/Guide/camera fees etcInclude Visit to Nathula
Pass @ Rs.4800/- extra on the total cost Joy ride on the toy train in Darjeeling @
Rs.350/- per person + Vehicle cost. Visit to zero point (Lachung) @ Rs.2500/extra on the total cost by NAC Sumo Any difference arising due to increase in fuel
price or change in taxes levied by the government. Difference in cost arising due
to mishaps, bandhs/strikes, natural calamities like landslides, road blockages etc.
In such a case, the extra cost would have to be paid on the spot by the guest
directly. On total billing 3.09% government service tax will be extra.
33. ITINERARY FOR PALACE ON WHEELSTour duration: 7 Nights / 8 DaysPlaces
Covered: New Delhi - Jaipur - Sawai Madhopur - Chittorgarh - Udaipur - Jaisalmer
-Jodhpur - Bharatpur - Agra DelhiDETAILED ITINERARY:Day 1 New DelhiCheck-in
Starts: 1600 Hrs Safderjung Station Depart At: 1830 Hrs Safderjung StationSelf
report, by 1700 hrs at railway station for traditional welcome & check-in
formalitiesTime free for photo-shoot with traditionally attired Palace on Wheels
staff. Be escorted toyour private cabins by Saloon Attendant Choice to proceed to
Bar Lounge for complimentarychampagne welcome drink Dinner served from
1930 Hrs onwards in dining car
34. The journey of a lifetime begins at the Delhi Safderjung Railway station where
the guests areaccorded a warm, traditional welcome before the Palace-on-Wheels
pulls out into the nightfor a week-long luxury cruise through fascinating
Rajasthan.Day 2 - Thursday - JaipurThe first stop of the Palace-on-Wheels is
Jaipur, one of the most well planned cities of theworld of its time. This capital city

of Rajasthan, popularly known as the Pink City, wasfounded by Maharaja Sawai

Jai Singh II, in 1727 A.D.To explore the city, an air-conditioned coach takes you to
Hawa Mahal or the Palace ofWinds, which is a remarkable five storied building a
one the main street of the old city inpink splendor with semi-octagonal and
delicate honey combed sandstone windows. This isfollowed by a visit to Amber
Fort where elephant ride is available to climb up the hill. Lunchat a Five Star
Hotel followed by visit to City Palace Museum and Observatory.Arrival 03.00 hrs.
Departure 23.30 hrs.Day 3 - Friday - Sawai MadhopurOne can almost sense a life
of the wilderness, as the Palace-on-Wheels arrives in SawaiMadhopur, a city
named after its founder Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I. After breakfast avisit is
arranged to the Ranthambore National Park, wherein are located the ruins of a
10thcentury fort. This wildlife sanctuary is considered to be the countries best for
observing andphotographing the activities of the tiger. The park covering an area
of 392sq.kms is the hometo more than 300 species of birds. The tiger, hyena,
rate, jackal and fox are among thoseconstituting the carnivorous population here.
Sawai Madhopur is known for its excusive toys,ethnic ornaments and costumes.
Upon return to the Palace-on-Wheels, you leave forChittaurgarh, when one gets
an opportunity to watch the colorful countryside passing by inthe daylight.Arrival
05.30 hrs. Departure 10.30 hrs.Day 3 - Friday - Chittaurgarh
35 35. After lunch on board you are in Chittaurgarh. Images of love and velour; scars
of battles lostand won .thrice-besieged, Chittaurgarh Fort is all this and more.
Moving legends of honorand pride will echo in your mind as you proceed to
Udaipur.Arrival 16.00 hrs. Departure 02.00 hrs (next day i.e. on Saturday)Day 4 Saturday - UdaipurUdaipur, the Lake City, was founded by Maharaja Udai Singh of
Mewar, after the Sisodiadynasty was driven way by the Mughals, in 1559A.D.
Perhaps the two most beautiful sites ofUdaipur are the dream-like marble
palaces- the Jag Niwas (Lake Palace) and the Jag Mandir,which appear to rise
from the blue waters of Lake Pichhola. After lunch at a Five Star Hotel,a visit to
the City Palace.Arrival 08:00 hrs. Departure 15.30 hrs.Day 5 - Sunday JaisalmerIn the heart of the Thar desert lies Jaisalmer, founded by Rawal Jaisal, in
156 A.D. Here theyellow sandstone fort is an imposing sight, towering
magnificently over the city. Discover thepainstakingly latticed havelis or
mansions with their grand facades. The Nathmalji-ki-haveli,Patwaon-ki-haveli and
Salim Singh-ki-haveli are fine examples of the stone carvers skill.Shop for fine
pattu shawls, mirror work and embroidered articles, wooden boxes , trinkets
,silver jewellery and curios.After lunch on board, go for an exciting camel ride on
the sand dunes of Sam, before sippinga refreshing cup of tea. Enjoy the dinner
and the cultural porgramme at a Five Star hotel.Arrival 09.15 hrs. Departure
23.45 hrs.Day 6 - Monday - JodhpurNext morning the Palace-on-Wheels is in
Jodhpur, a city ringed by a high stone wall withseven gates and several bastions.
This second largest city of Rajasthan, founded by Rao Jodhain 1459 A.D. is known
for its rock-solid Mehrangarh Fort. The grand palaces within -MotiMahal, Sheesh
Mahal, Phool Mahal, Sileh Khana and Daulat Khana are impressive examplesof
architectural excellence. Near the fort complex lies Jaswant Thada, and a group
of royalcenotaphs made of white marble. After lunch at a Palace hotel, return to
the Palace-on36 36. Wheels. While in Jodhpur shop for exquisite handicraft articles including the
famousbreeches, embroidered shoes, metal curios, silverware, paintings and tie
and dye fabrics.Arrival 07.00 hrs. Departure 15.30 hrs.Day 7 - Tuesday Bharatpur / AgraBharatpurIn the morning, the Palace on Wheels arrives in
Bharatpur, the capital of Maharaja Suraj Mal.After breakfast pay a visit to the
world famous bird sanctuary, Keoladeo Ghana NationalPark, the nesting place for

thousands of Egrets, Siberian Cranes, migratory Water Fowl andother species of

birds.Arrival 05.00 hrs.Departure 08:4AgraUpon arrival visit the Agra Fort and
after lunch arrive at the Taj Mahal, one of the SevenWonders of the World. A
pristine monument of undying love. It was built by Emperor ShahJahan in
memory of his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal. Agra is known for its splendid
marbleinlay work like the Pietra Dura work on the Taj, leather goods and
jewellery.Arrival 10:30 hrs Departure 23.00 hrs.Day 8 - Wednesday - DelhiArrive
at Delhi Safderjung Railway station. Breakfast on board and let the pleasant
memoriesof the past week linger on your mind for a long, long time.Arrival 04.00
hrs. ..................TOUR ENDS................
37 37. 10% Holiday surcharge extra for 19 Dec & 26 Dec 2012 DepartsOff Season
Rate for travel in April 2013 & Sept 2012Occupancy Type Cost Per Cabin Cost Per
Cabin (Taxes Extra) (Inclusive Taxes)On Triple sharing US$ 8190 for 3 + US$ 298
Taxes Extra US$ 8488 for 3On Twin Sharing US$ 6020 for 2 + US$ 216 Taxes
Extra US$ 6236 for 2On Single Occupancy US$ 4025 for 1 + US$ 140 Taxes Extra
US$ 4165 for 17 Nights Palace On Wheels Train Tour Cost- From Oct 2012 to
March 2013 travelOccupancy Type Cost Per Cabin Cost Per Cabin (Taxes Extra)
(Inclusive Taxes)On Triple sharing US$ 10,920 for 3 + US$ 383 taxes extra US$
11,303 for 3On Twin Sharing US$ 8,050 for 2+ US$ 279 taxes extra US$ 8,329 for
2On Single Occupancy US$ 5390 for 1 + US$ 182 taxes extra US$ 5,572 for 1
38 38. ITINERARY FOR KERALA - GODS OWN COUNTRYKerala is located on the
southern tip of India with the Arabian Sea in the west and theWestern Ghats
towering 500 2700 m in the east. Kerala is divided into three regions
thecoastal lowlands, the fertile midlands and the highlands. The lowlands of
Kerala arenetworked by endless backwaters and the deltas of forty four rivers.
The midlands are richwith cashew, coconut, areca nut, tapioca, banana, rice,
ginger, pepper, sugarcane andvegetable plantations. The forested highlands
abound in tea, coffee, rubber and spiceplantations and wildlife.07 Nights 08 Days
airport/Ernakulam railway station and transfer to hotel. After fresh upproceed for
sightseeing at old part of Cochin, Fort Cochin and Mattancherry. Visit the
famousChinese fishing nets which are distinctly unique to Cochin and watch its
operations, then visitthe famous St. Francis church where Vascoda Gama buried.
After that visit Mattancherrypalace (Dutch Palace), where you can find a fine
collection of Mural paintings depicting thescenes of Hindu epics Ramayana &
Mahabharata. Then you can walk through the Jewishstreet and visit the famous
Jewish Synagogue which is built in 1568 and magnificentlydecorated by Chinese
tiles and Belgian chandeliers. Overnight at Cochin.Day 02: COCHIN to MUNNAR
140KM, 4Hrs DriveAfter breakfast check out from hotel and proceed to the
famous hill stations of Munnar. Upon arrival check into the hotel and refresh
yourself. Then proceed for sight seeing. VisitRajamalai, the natural habitat of
Nilgiri Thar. The Rajamalai is 2695 Mts above from the sealevel. (Visiting Time:
07.00 to 18.00Hrs). Then back to the hotel. Overnight at Munnar.Day 03: AT
MUNNARAfter breakfast (0900Hrs) we will proceed to full day sight seeing at
Munnar. VisitMattupetty Dam which is situated at a height of 1700Mts.
Mattupetty is famous for dairyfarm, the Indo - Swiss live stock project. (Visiting
Time: 09.00 to 11.00Hrs & 14.00 to 15.
39 39. 30Hrs). After that visit Eco-point and Kundala lake. Then back to the hotel and
overnight atMunnar.Day 04: MUNNAR to THEKKADY; 110KM, 3.30 Hrs DriveAfter
breakfast, proceed to Thekkady. On arrival check in to the hotel. Later in the after
noon,proceed to visit the spice plantations later enjoy boating in Periyar Lake (on
direct payment)Day 05: THEKKADY to ALLEPPEY 170KM, 4Hrs DriveAfter break






fast, transfer to Alleppey. Check into the House Boat. Enjoy the virgin beauty
ofback waters & Vembanad Lake. Over night stay in the House Boat.Day 06:
ALLEPPEY to KOVALAM; 180KM, 4.30Hrs DriveAfter breakfast check out from
Houseboat and transfer to the famous beach destination,Kovalam. Enroute sight
seeing at Trivandrum. Visit Kuthira malika palace museum. Afterthat visit Napier
museum, zoo and Raja Ravivarma art gallery etc. Evening enjoy with
beachactivities. Overnight at Kovalam.Day 07: AT KOVALAMAfter breakfast enjoy
the day at Kovalam. Overnight at hotel.Day 08: DROP AT COCHIN 225KMS/
TRIVANDRUM 20 KMSAfter breakfast proceed to visit Padmanabhaswami temple
for Darshan. Then proceed toTrivandrum / Cochin for departure. Drop at
Trivandrum airport/ Ernakulam railway station. ..................TOUR
ENDS................TOUR COSTPackage Type Standard Deluxe PremiumBased on 2
persons Rs.19000 Rs.20700 Rs: 25600traveling.Rate per person (Indigo)
40. Based on 4 personstraveling. Rs.14900 Rs.16600 Rs.21500Rate per person
(Innova)Based on 6 personstraveling. Rs. 14100 Rs 15700 Rs.20700Rate per
person(12 Seater Tempo)Based on 8 personstraveling. Rs.12800 Rs.14500
Rs.19500Rate per person(12 Seater Tempo)ACCOMMODATION DETAILS Cochin
Munnar Thekkady Kumarakom KovalamStandar Excellency Le Sandra A/C House
Boat Hotel Sagarad Celestium PalaceDeluxe Harbour Hotel C 7 Tree Top A/C
House Boat Soma Palmshore viewPremiu Dream Hotel Silver Tips Greenwood A/C
House Boat Travancorem s HeritageMeal Room + B/F Room + B/F Room + B/F
Room + B/F + L Room + B/FPlan +DPlease note that the above rate is per person
rate (subject to minimum 2 persons travelingtogether)
41. TOUR COST INCLUDES:- All Accommodation as per the details given above
(01 double room) All transportation in A/C vehicle as per itinerary. Daily breakfast
& all meals in houseboat All expenses related to vehicle & driver All applicable
taxesTOUR COST DOES NOT INCLUDE:- 1. Air / Rail fare 2. Any other which does
not include in the cost include list 3. Any other meals other than specified above
4. Entrance charges for the monuments and at destinations. 5. Guide
chargesNOTES: Rooms are subject to availability and rates are subject to change.
A/c in the houseboat will be working from 09.00 PM to 07.00 AM. Houseboat will
be anchored from 0630 PM to 0730 AM Hotel Check in / Checkout times 1200
Hrs Houseboat check in 12.00 Hrs and check out 0930 Hrs. Accommodation in
A/c rooms in all places except in Munnar and Thekkady where rooms are Non a/c.
43. ANALYSISSAMPLE PROFILE1. Total number of internal customers and external
customers: 502. No. of respondents: 503. Sample technique: Questionnaire4.
Area of sample: Delhi5. Time period: 6 weeksTo convert the available data into
useful information the analysis is done with respect todifferent aspects. 1. How
was your overall experience with Lionel India? 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
Excellent above average average below average poor
44. Tourist Experience No. Of Tourist PercentageExcellent 42 84%Above Average
4 8%Average 3 6%Below Average 1 2%Poor 0 0%Total 50 100%Comment: 84%
people had an Excellent experience through Lionel India, 8%people had an above
average experience, 6% people had an average experience,only 2% people had a
below average experience while 0% people are having apoor experience. This
shows that the services provided by Lionel India are verygood. 2. How would you
rate our customer services? 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 excellent above
average average below average poor
45. Ratings of Tourist No. of Tourist Percentage Excellent 46 92% Above Average
2 4% Average 1 2% Below Average 1 2% Poor 0 0% Total 50 100%Comment: 92%
of the people rate the customer service of Lionel India asexcellent, 4% as above








average, 2% as average or below average and 0% poor. 3. How do you rate our
travel management and consulting services? 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
excellent Above average average below average poor
46. Ratings of Tourist No. of Tourist Percentage Excellent 47 94% Above Average
2 4% Average 1 2% Below Average 0 0% Poor 0 0% Total 50 100%Comment: 94%
of the people rate the travel management and consultingservices of Lionel India
as excellent, 4% people rate it as above average andonly 2% of the people rate it
as average.4. How well were your personnel preferences and requirements met?
50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Very Well Moderately Well Not Well Not At All
47. Satisfaction of Tourist No. of tourist Percentage Very well 46 92% Moderately
well 3 6% Not well 1 2% Not at all 0 0% Total 50 100%Comment: requirements of
92% of the people are very well satisfied by theservices of Lionel India the
requirements of 6% of the people are moderatelysatisfied, and only the 5. How
do you rate the fares being charged by the company? 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15
10 5 0 Economical High Very High
48. Parameters No. of respondents Percentage Economical 43 86% High 5 10%
Very high 2 4% Total 50 100% Comment: 86% of the people find that the services
of Lionel India are economical, 10 % of the people find that the rates are high,
and 4% of the people feels that the rates are very high.6. How do you describe
employees behavior of Lionel India Ltd towards the customer? 45 40 35 30 25 20
15 10 5 0 Polite helpful Professional Rude
49. Parameters No. of Tourist PercentagePolite 42 84%Helpful 3 6%Professional 5
10%Rude 0 0%Total 50 100%Comment: 84% of the people feel that the
employees behavior of Lionel Indiais very polite towards their customers, 6% of
the people feel that the behavior ishelpful, 10% of the people feel that its
professional, while no one feels that itsrude.7. Do you think that LIONEL INDIA
LTD is loyal to its customers? 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No May Be
50. Parameters No. of Tourist Percentage Yes 47 94% No 1 2% May be 2 4% Total
50 100%Comment: 94% of the people believe that Lionel India is very much
loyaltowards its customers, 2% of the people think that its not that much
loyal,whereas 4% of the people think that it is may be loyal or maybe not.
52. CONCLUSIONLionel India is the specialist corporate travel management brand
of Lionel Indialimited. It provides seamless travel management services,
customized to suit theglobal and local travel programs of corporates. Lionel India
understands thecorporate travel needs and provides a complete suite of services
ranging fromticketing and travel related services, travel management consulting,
vendorcontracting services, technology and reporting tools, MICE
managementservices and a comprehensive account management approach.The
Lionel India network across India and overseas allows us to reach globallyand
respond locally to provide customer specific solutions for managing yourbusiness
travel needs where, when, and how you require it.Lionel India has a huge
potential market. It has attracted many customers bothinternational and
domestic due to its presence in the market. They have beencontributing
significantly to the tourism industry, through their attractive andexcellent tour
53. RECOMMENDATIONS They should improve their Ideas, packages Itineraries an
attractive offers according as per customer demand to build a better image in
the tourism market They should improve their infrastructure for meetings in their
own office They should publish their itineraries new packages on internet to get
more business from new customers They should improve their advertisement
style and try to publish their products in market in a new style The company





should provide high incentives to its employees to motivate them. They should
modify their website, their packages on website information regarding tourism
time to time with new innovative ideas The company should also make hindrance
free arrangement for consumers to make any feedback or suggestion as and
when they feel. They should move to travel consultant to travel agent it will
make little more profit to their company They should provide a lot more variety in
the tour packages. The Company is proving less credit facility when compared to
other firms so better credit policy should be introduced to capture more market.
56. Feed Back Form - 1This is the questionnaire aimed to gather information on
tourists expectations about the idealtravel agency site. Please, recall your
experience with travel agencies and fill in thequestionnaire. We appreciate your
time and effort.1. Please fill in your background information: I. Age 0-16 1725 26-35 36-45 46-55 over 56 II. Gender Male Female III. Marital
status Single Living with a partner Married Divorced Widowed IV.
Occupation Student Part-time Job Full-time Job V. Have you ever traveled
with travel agencies before? Yes No2. How frequently do you apply to a
travel agency to arrange your vocation? Always Often Sometimes
Rarely Never3. Would you like to explore another culture during your holiday?
Yes No
57. 4. When planning a cultural trip what kind of attractions are you looking for?
Museums Art exhibitions Theatre / Opera visits Music festivals Movie
festivals Enjoy local celebrations and cuisine Other option, namely.5.
Imagine that you go to a summer vocation with your friends/family to the country
no one of you has ever been before. What kind of information about the
destination do you expect to get from a travel agency web site? You may choose
more than one answer. About weather About traditions About local food
About currency About dangers About transport Other option, namely.
58. 6. How much time do you prefer to spend on a travel agency site each visit?
Less than half an hour Half an hour to one hour More than one hour7.
How many times on average do you go to a travel agency site before booking the
trip? 1 2 3 4 or more This is the end of the questionnaire. Thanks for your
help!Feed Back Form 2Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our
service. None of the answers are requiredand we appreciate as much feedback
as youre willing to give.You do not need to leave your personal details - you can
fill in the form anonymously if youprefer.First NameLast Name
59. EmailHome PhoneMobile PhoneHow did you hear about us? Friend TV ad
Newspaper ad travel show othersHow easy was it to arrange your holiday
with us?Excellent Above average Average Below Average PoorHow
would you rate our customer services?Excellent Above average Average
Below Average PoorHow do you rate our travel management and consulting
services?Excellent Above average Average Below Average PoorHow did
you find the tours?Excellent Above average Average Below Average
PoorHow did you find the hotels?Excellent Above average Average
Below Average PoorHow do you rate the fares being charged by the
company?Economical High Very HighHow do you describe employees
behavior of Lionel India Ltd towards thecustomer?Polite Helpful Professional
RudeHow well were your personnel preferences and requirements met?very
Well Moderately Well Not Well Not At All

60. What was the best thing about your holiday?What was the worst thing
about your holiday?Do you think that LIONEL INDIA LTD is loyal to its
customers?Yes No May BeWould you use us again and recommend
us to other people?Absolutely Yes No May Be Definitely NotHow
was your overall experience with Lionel India?Excellent Above average
Average Below Average PoorWhat do you think we can do better?
General Feedback/Comments This is the end of the questionnaire.