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Designed & Developed

BY: Ms.Khyati Oza

I hereby declare that this project "Process of HR " at
Keystone is purely and sincerely completed by me
presented to the Atharva School of Business, in partial
fulfillment of the requirement for the degree PGDM.

The results embodied in this project have not been

submitted to any other university for any other
This information has been used purely for academic


Khyati Oza



Achievement is finding out what you would be
doing rather than what you have to do . It is not
until you undertake such a project that you
realize how much effort and hard work it really
is , what are your capabilities and how well you
can present yourself or other things. It tells us
how we rely on the efforts and goodwill of others .
It gives me immense pleasure to present this
report towards the fulfillment of my project .
It has been rightly said that we are built on
the shoulder of others . For everything I have
achieved , the credit goes to all those who had
helped me to complete this project successfully .

I am very much thankful to Mr. S.S .Chouhan

GM HR for their kind co operation in the
completion of my project.

A special vote of thanks to my colleague ,

Mrs .Deepthi Satish who is HR Executive for her
most sincere , useful and encouraging contribution
throughout the project span .
I am also thankful to Mr. Rao who is my project
guide without his support my project was hard to

Finally , I would like to thank all my friends who

directly or indirectly helped me in completion of my
project & to my family without whose support ,
motivation & encouragement this would not have
been possible .

Executive Summary
The process of HR helps to know the flow of hr in the
organization . It helps the employees to understand
the philosophy & work culture prevalent in the
company . It also highlights the expectation of
the company expect from its employees.
The project gives a brief idea about the steps
involved in the recruitment & selection within the
organization. As Rustomjee is the first real estate to
have an I.S.O certificate, the project highlights the
various documents required as per the
I.S.O certification.





Process of
Recritment and
Process Of
Process for










Keystone Group started its construction activities in Mumbai.

In 1996 and rapidly rose to be a premiere construction company
due to its uncomprising commitment to the highest level of quality
construction as well as its consistency in delivery schedules .
Today, they figure amongst the leaders in the industry as they have
continuously adapted to the rapid changes and challenges,
by making use of latest technological developments. The company
has kept its self abreast of the technological up gradation systems.
The landmark projects constructed by the company provide eloquent
evidences of its versatile capabilities and unflinching commitment to
the customers requirements Invariably including the deadlines which
might otherwise seem difficult. The group has adopted its values in its
everyday functions, of never to substitute price for quality, to operate a
team workers with its customers and strive to be performance leaders in
every dimensions of the business it undertakes. The group has always
strived to achieve goal of 100% satisfied customer base.
Keystone group has till date launched, completed and delivered,
residential complex, premium homes and educational institutions.
They guess most Indian Construction companies havent yet explored the
plausible advantages that Human Resources (HR) could provide them in the
long term . Of late, they do see a paradigm shift towards corporatisation of
business across the spectrum . Several companies have launched well planned
HR initiatives to attract / retain / motivate and develop human resources .
At Rustomjee , they have already done a fair amount of work in this area ,
and are committed to take our preliminary HR breakthroughs to the next

levels of people effectiveness .

They believe that there are only two assets to be focused on : Brand &
People .
If companies can remain focused on these two critical issues , they are bound to
create , spawn , multiply , value many folds . Rustomjee is a success story in the
making ; it has evolved into a trusted brand on account of its focused approach .
Today , consumers associate them with the values they deliver quality and
dependability , and it has been possible because of their people centric approach .
HR Initiatives
Due to the sustained HR initiatives taken in the past , today ,

the company has fully implemented robust Performance Management System

encompassing elements like Goal setting , Self Appraisals , Reviews , Potential
Assessment , Compensations with Linkages and Development Focus With a
dynamic internal customer satisfaction

measurement and assurance system in place , the company does keep a tab
on efficacy of the various people initiatives , and its impact on the Corporate
Culture .
Corporate Culture
They understand culture as the way they do, what they do . Of course
, whatever they do is governed by values and their stakeholders belief in them .
At regular intervals they appreciate / reward and recognize staff contribution ,
thus reinforce values . The HR practices that they have put in place lays strong
emphasis on infusion of the right values ; and in order to facilitate the
implementation process they often combine HR programmes with celebrations .
This culture help them balance people and task orientation .
Their work culture is people orientation . Their work culture and focused on
performance . Mistakes are tolerated . Dishonesty , of any kind is immediately
punished. Performance is demanded . Opportunities , aplenty are offered to non
performers , so they eventually improve . The focus is on promoting discipline .
They believe In reinforcing values rather than enforcing them.
Attrition Problems

The brand value and reputation the company presently enjoys at the
market place helps attract the best talent . Their people oriented HR policies
ensure that they not only retain the best , but also provide them with adequate
opportunities to grow with the company . On a day - to - day basis ,it is their
culture of tackling even the most critical business issues by putting people first
that differentiates them from the rest . At Rustomjee , they work together as one
family , and it is the people - to - people interaction that helps mitigate risks and
capitalise on opportunities . As responsible members of the family, each
individual is accountable to the family .
Vision 2012

They strongly believe that people should have a larger purpose in mind ,
and it should purpose in mind , and it should motivate them to give their best .
The larger purpose (Goals) should be clearly defined , and everyone in the
company should strive to achieve it. Having a clear Corporate Vision helps
the company evolve its own business strategies and strategic objectives .
This invariably leads to Goal Setting , which in turn facilitate the process
of ensuring commitment from people . This is the reason why they organize
several programmes to familiarise their employees with their vision 2012.

Projects Under Construction
Rustomjee Ozone Tower 1 Tower 6 Goregaon (West)
Rustomjee La sonrisa Matunga (East)
Rustomjee 7 JVPD Juhu
Rustomjee Natraj
Rustomjee La Roche
Rustomjee Elanza
Rustomjee Aspiree
Rustomjee Astrea
Rustomjee Athena
Rustomjee Sterling (Sangam) Santacruz (W)
Rustomjee Eaze Zone Goregaon (W)

Up coming Projects

Rustomjee La Fontaine
Rustomjee Elita (Upper Juhu)
Khar (W)
Rustomjee Everard Retail

Nityanand baug ( Chembur)

Suman Nagar (Chembur)
Rustomjee D.N.Nagar (Upper Juhu)
Central park Commercial Andheri (E)
- Residential
o Rustomjee Regency (Dahisar West)
o Rustomjee Residency (Dahisar West)
o Rustomjee Royale (Dahisar West)
o Rustomjee Adarsh Excellency ( Malad West)
o Rustomjee Riveria (Malad West)
o Rustomjee Central Park (Andheri East)
o Rustomjee La Sonita (Bandra West)


o Rustomjee Shimmer ( Juhu)

o Rustomjee Orva (Bandra West)
- Commercial
o Gagan Shopping Arcade (Goregaon East)
o Rustomjee Natraj ( Andheri E)
o Rustomjee Aspiree ( Sion)

1). The Estate Agents Association of India Awarded for best Customer
Relationship at property 2002 Housing & Real Estate Exhibition.
2). The Association of Real Estate Agents presented the Award
14th September 2002 to keystone Realtors Pvt. Ltd. For creating
Great Opportunity in Business, Positive Interaction & valuable
contribution for the betterment of the Association on
5th Annual function.
3). Mancherji Edalaji Joshi Memorial Trust presented Outstanding
contribution award to Boman R Irani in 2006.
4). Keystone was one of the First Indian Real Estate Development
Company to get ISO 9001 : 2000 Certificate in August 2001.
5). The Most Customer Friendly Developer Awarded at the MCHI
Exhibition .
6). MCHI Excellence in design Oct- 2006
7). Accommodation Times
The Best Young Achiever Award March 2007
8). ACE 2007 (The Economic Times )
The Leaders of Indian Infrastructure & Construction.


9). Mapsor India Property Awards 2007

Excellent Brand in Real Estate.
10). Building Industry Leadership Awards (2nd BIB Awards )
Promising Builder.
11). Glory of Mumbai Awards (Times)
Best Township for Environment Maintenance
12). National Economic & Integration Council (Business & Education)
Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award.
Company Turnover
Keystone Group has an annual turnover of more than 150 crores.

Mr .Boman R. Irani who is the chairman and Managing Director.
Mr. Irani is an engineer with exposure to international trade , a
first generation developer , an entrepreneur and a team leader .
He is a visionary and a thinker nad the driving force behind
the Keystone team.
He is assisted by Chandresh D. Mehta (Director) who is an engineer from
Indian Institute of Technology and an MBA from Xaviers
Institute of Management (Bhuvaneshwar) Specializing in Finance
and Marketing putting together the building blocks which build
the company . Mr. Mehta has an extensive understanding and in
depth knowledge in the construction field .


Mr .Percy S Chowdhry (Director ) is a Management Graduate having

specialized in Marketing and has a world of experience in marketing ,
having worked for a string of Multinational Corporations like Dunlop ,
Gulf Oil etc . and finally headed operations for the Western Region
of India for Coca Cola .

Chapter 2 : Process for Recruitment And Selection


Process for Recruitment & Selection

Manpower Requisition Form
Qualification Matrix
Weightage Matrix
Interview Rating Sheet
Offer Letter
Personnel Form
Reference Check Form
Appointment letter
Process for Recruitment & Selection

To ensure that the need for recruiting people is identified,
recruitment of personnel is done based on the competency
requirement and the skills required for the job.
Applicable to all the activities related to the recruitment of
competent people at all levels at Keystone Realty Pvt Ltd.
The Overall responsibility for establishing , documenting ,


implementing and updating this procedure lies with the

General Manager HRD.

Process Steps
Need For Recruitment
The need for recruitment arises based on many reasons :
When an employee leaves the organisation
When there is a new project expected to be launched
Expansion plans of the Management
Business plans every year
Manpower plan is prepared based on the Business plan every
financial year. Department heads will submit their manpower
requirements to GM HR who will compile the data and prepare the list .
This list is then approved by the Director / Managing Director .
Chief Engineers and Department Heads will co-ordinate the same
Based on the need to recruit a new employee, the concerned
departmental head/his assignee fills in the
Manpower requisition form . A Director duly approves
the Manpower Requisition form before it is forwaded to HR
department for further action.
Manpower requisition form has the details like:
Educational Qualification required
Professional Qualification required
Skill set required and desired
Experience required
Salary range
Key Objectives of the job
Deliverables in one year

Based on the Manpower requisition received , HR plans

Ways of recruitment are through:

Employee referrals
Newspaper Advertisements
Website listing
Surfing the resumes from the Job portals

The Job specifications (as per the manpower requisition form) are
communicated to the recruitment agency .
Based on the requirements, the recruitment agency
recommends / suggest suitable candidate.
In case an advertisement is to be placed the date of Ad release /
colour /location is decided and agreed.
The advertising agency sends the proof for approval and
once approved the Ad is released. The media in which the Ad will be
released is finalized like: Newspaper, Business Magazines
or any other publications.
In case of recruitment through job portals the resumes are
short listed with the help of the key words available on the portal .
The selection of these job sites is on the basis of the kind of position ,
level , and other functional requirements.
Short listing and Screening


The Sr.HR executive short-lists candidates before forwarding a list of

candidates to GM HR for review. GM puts the comments and then forwards
the short listed resumes to the department head / Requesting section
indicating the date.
Department Head / Requesting section screens the resumes with
reference to the Job specification mentioned in the
manpower requisition form and puts their comments
on the short listed resumes , prioritise the resume and
sends it / then to the GM HR
A final short list is prepared . Resumes of rejected candidates or the
candidates kept on hold are either retained in the databank or scrapped .
Recommended candidates are called for interview . HR Executive sends the
Interview sends the Interview call letters by post or Emails
or gives intimation telephonically to the candidates.
Interviews help the organization make a judgement on the
candidates suitability for the respective job
Educational qualifications, experience profile,
achievements, extracurricular / societal activities
and compatibility with the organization values and culture.
Interview are conducted in two rounds by the respective
officials as detailed in Work Instruction.
Interview rating sheet is filled for the assessment of each
candidate for a particular job . Each member on the interview panel fills up
interview rating sheet . The members shall discuss the suitability
of the candidate after each member has filled up the Interview
rating sheet to arrive at a consensus.
The candidate/s rated as the best based on the above is /
are issued a letter of offer .

If the candidate is not suitable for the job GM HR informs the

candidate verbally either during the interview or later verbally
on the telephone or an Email is sent informing the candidate
about the status.
Where a candidate is kept on hold till other interviews are in process
for the same position they are informed of the same. No candidate will
be kept on hold for more than 10 days.

Appointment / Rejection
Candidates selected in the final round of interviews are requested to fill in the
Keystone Personnel Form.
Compensation to be offered to the candidate is decided on the basis of

Market trend
Internal comparisons
Candidates existing Compensation
Educational / Professional Qualifications
Keystone pay scale for the respective profile

All the above factors are considered before making an offer to

the candidate.
In case reference checks are to be made, these are carried out
and the details are filled in the Reference check form
Based on the above information an offer letter is prepared and
sent across to the candidate. If the candidate accepts the offer
letter then the candidate is informed about the joining process
as detailed below.


Joining Process
Once the candidate accepts the offer, the date of joining is
recorded and the letter of offer contains this information.
Before the candidate joins the GM HR will ensure that
following are in place :
Computer / Laptop
Activation of Email ID
Extension Number
All of these are in accordance with the level and responsibility
and in accordance with the organization rules.
The candidate is informed about the reporting times and the working hours.
The Candidate is given an Appointment Letter on the day he joins.
The candidate is also informed about the documents / details He /
She is supposed to furnish as he joins the Organisation.
These documents are :

Latest Medical fitness certificate from a recognised

medical practitioner
Proof of Date of Birth
SSC and other education certificates
Experience certificates
Proof of last salary drawn
Relieving letter from last employer
Reference letter from any reputed person
PF Nomination / Transfer form whichever is applicable
On day ONE all the records / documents are verified by
GM HR or his assignee.
HR department issues get him / her introduced to all the other
employees of the Organisation.

Induction Training
On the day of joining a new recruit is given an overview about
the company profile and his / her job. HR department arranges
formal induction programmes only after sufficient number of
newly recruited employees are available to attend induction
training . The purpose of the induction program is to ensure that:
Person becomes comfortable with the organisations
working culture
New recruits are provided with the requisite information
and tools to carry out the assigned tasks.
Keystone values are inculcated
Know the colleagues / peers
HR executive will handover the following documents to the new recruits :

Keystone Employment form (if not issued earlier)

PF Transfer / Nomination form , whichever is applicable
Saving Bank account opening form
ESIC Form whenever applicable.

Once these documents are handed over and explained in

detail the person is introduced to the respective department head.

HR Executive guides the new recruit to the respective HOD.

Department Head ensures that the Induction checklist is completed
within ONE week from the date of induction programme and duly signed
by the new recruit is submitted back to HR department . This checklist is
filed in the respective employee personal file.
Once the person joins Induction training is carried out as detailed in
the Procedure for Training & development.

Sr. No Record No. Record Title Maintained By

HRD/F/07 Manpower
HRD/F/08 Interview
HRD/F/09 /Offer Letter

HRD/F/11 Reference
Check Form


HRD/F/12 Appointment







Retention Period
Till the position
is filled
Till the employee is
is with the
Till the employee is
is with the
Till the employee is
is with the
Till the employee is
is with the
Till the employee is
is with the

The interview process should help the company make a judgement
on the candidates suitability for the role. Educational qualifications,
Experience profile, Special achievements on the job, Extracurricular /
Societal involvement and Value fit ( Keystone values) are the primary
areas to be focused on.
Interview Panel
The HOD / Hiring Manager would coordinate / conduct the
interviews for the short listed candidates in accordance with the chart
given below.
Level Position

First Round

Second / Final Round /

Hiring Decision


Level GMs;Chief Engineers; Directors Concerned

Directors Concerned
Level Sr.Engineer;Sr Officers Head of Respective
Directors Concerned
(Marketing Purchase,Accounts
Function & HO-HR
,Legal etc)
Level 4Jr.Engineer ;Jr Officers;Representative ofHead of Respective
Executives(Marketing Purchase,
the concerned Function & HO-HR
Accounts ,Legal ,Stores department
Level 5 Site supervisors;
Representative ofHead of Respective
Administration /Office staff
the concerned
Function & HR Officer
Level 6Store / Office Boys
Administrative head
& HR Officer

Manpower Requisition Form

No of vacancies
Reporting to
No of subordinates
1.Key objectives of the Job
2. Major Deliverables: Next One Year

3. Right Person:
a) Essential Attributes /Skills Required:

b) Desirable Attributes /Additional Skills Preferred :

Interview Rating Sheet

Note :
1. This from shall be filled by the interviewers
2. A copy of manpower requisition form must
Be attached with this form .
Name of the candidate :
Post Interviewed For:
Candidate interviewed by:


Weightage Points



Job Knowledge
Application of
s skills
Problem Solving



Dear Mr.

Offer Letter

Offer Letter
With reference to your application and our
subsequent discussions ,we are pleased to
offer you a position to offer you a position of
Your job responsibilities will be as discussed
and mutually agreed upon.We would like you
to join on or before
preferably earlier.
Please sign and return a copy of this letter as a
token of your acceptance of the same.

Welcoming you and looking forward to a

successful association.
Chapter 3 : Process Of Training
3.1 Training Needs Form
3.2 Induction Check List
3.3 Training History Card
3.4 Training Feedback Form
Purpose :
To ensure that the training needs are identified,
training is provided, benefits of training are assessed and
records are maintained.
Applicable to training of all the employees of Keystone
Realty Pvt Ltd.
Responsibility And Authority:
The overall responsibility for establishing, documenting ,
implementing and updating this procedure lies with HRD.
Considering the developmental objectives of all employees
& the organization, training needs are identified through
the annual Performance Appraisals, Training Needs
Form, Management Request, Employee Suggestions surveys
or any other method introduced by HR from time to time.
Identified training needs may be aimed towards employee
growth & development in the area mentioned.
Training can be Internal or External depending

upon the requirements. Training areas would broadly

cover following:

Knowledge and or improvement of Technical Skills.

Knowledge / Improvement of Administrative Skills
ISO 9000 and quality system
Behaviour and soft skills
Any other training for the overall development of the employee

Training Needs identified using any method including Keystones

Performance Appraisal are consolidated by HR department heads
and projected to the directors using Training Needs Form on
a yearly / half yearly basis.
For external training, brochures are collected from various
institutions conducting training programs and are kept in
Training brochures File. HR department uses this information
for preparing training estimates.
HR department estimated the cost of training programme to
compare it with training budget available. HR departments
coordinated with all departmental heads to arrive at a
training budget at the beginning of a financial year . HR department
prioritizes training needs that are most critical in order to
utilize the budget effectively.
HR department prepares a training plan and gets approval
of the Directors.
Training Schedule
The approved training plan is transformed into a Training Calendar.
Training calendar is prepared at least twice, once after the performance
appraisal process is completed and again within a span of 6 months time.


External : Training
Training Programmes are organised where the training
needs are to be met externally.
A letter is sent to the training institution informing them
the details of the participating employee
Communication confirming the arrangements is received
from the Institution. Participant and the HOD are communicated
about the training via mail or through letter.
Internal Training
All new employees joining the Organisation are given
Induction Training. An Induction Manual is issued
to the employee for reference.
Training date, time and place are fixed once there are twenty
new employees. Training team consists of HR Executive ,
GM HR , Director and the departmental heads.
The employees are informed about the Induction Training.
The Head of the department and the HR brief him about the
background of the company.
The employees are informed of the expectations from the company.
Verbal explanations are supplemented by a wide variety of printed
materials, project brochures, employee manuals etc. along with a
short guided tour around the project.
The participants are issued a Induction Checklist immediately
after the training is over, which is filled up by them and sent to the
HR Department.
If required on the job training is imparted to employees.


Working of such persons are supervised till performance is found to be

satisfactory by the concerned superior.
Where possible, training is provided in house. This may be through
classroom sessions, on the job or demonstration of work techniques.
All trainings whether internal or external, are recorded in the
Training History Card.

Assessment of the training is recorded as given below

External Assessment : Certificate issued by external agencies.
A trainees immediate superior / departmental head is required to observe
post-training effectiveness / change in behavior seen in the subordinate .
An informal report of this observation is given to the HR department within
one month. HR department is responsible to record the same in Training
History Card.
Internal Assessment : Assessment is also done during annual
Performance Appraisal process / on the job performance and its review / written
test / Interview . A departmental head is responsible to communicate the
assessment results to hR department if the assessment method is other than
Performance appraisal.The record of such assessment is entered in the
Training History Card.
The participants are issued a Training Feedback Form
as soon as they attend the training program,which is filled up by them and
sent to the HR Department . The feedback form assesses the training
programme & the trainers abilities .Where feedback received is poor,
alternate arrangement with training institutes or trainer are explored.
Records :

Record Title
Needs Form

File Name /
Training File

Executive Till Final
Executive Minimum



1 year
Executive Till Final
History Card
Training File Executive Till Final
Performance Performance Executive Till Final
Appraisal Form Appraisal File HRD
For Executives & Employee
& Below

Training Needs Form

Employee Information


Name of the employee

Please tick for the Training type
3.Behavioral & Soft skills





Training History Card


4.Experience on Present Job:


Plan Faculty
date Institution





Training Feedback Form

Ratings :
5-Excellent 4-Very Good 3-Good 2-Average
SrNo Parameters
Meeting the
objectives of the

Coverage of
subjects in the

Keeping the
session alive and

Your own
understanding of
the concepts

Managing Time




Suggestions for improvement


What did you like about the program


Learnings from the programme which would

help you become more effective


Chapter 4 : Process for Performance Management

4.1 Performance Appraisal Form Applicable
to (J3 and Above)

Performance Appraisal Format



Support Staff Performance Appraisal

Purpose :
a) Enable an Appraisee & Appraiser to review Appraises
performance against set KRAs at the beginning of a
financial year.
b) Assess an appraisee on Keystones Competencies
c). To set KRAs for the next financial year
d). Discuss significant achievements beyond KRA s in the
performance year
e) Provide feedback & counseling to appraise.
Scope :
Applicable to all the employees at Keystone.
Responsibility And Authority:

The overall responsibility for establishing , documenting ,

implementing and updating this procedure lies with HRD .
Setting Up Of Objectives
Objectives of Performance Appraisal are established beforehand.
Identification of training needs
Revision of compensation
Promotions and rewards
Probation & Confirmation
Meaurement of efficiency of performance evaluating the system.
Key Result Areas
Latest Work Instructions are issued to all the Head of Departments
which is to be followed at the time of conducting Appraisals.
Key Result Areas are established in writing at the beginning
of a financial year to facilitate comparison of performance
with the standards (MOP & LOP)
The performance standards are communicated to the
employees in the form of Key Result Areas at the start
of the appraisal period.

The employees performance is compared with the Key Result

Areas by a Head of the department.
This comparison is documented in the
Performance Appraisal Form . These are filled up for :
Appraising executives & above to assess on:
a) Ratings on KRAs for the performance year.
b) Assessment on Keystone Competencies.
The Directors may review the completed appraisal
forms if necessary. However , in respect of HODs ,
the Directors will have the responsibility for review.
Appraisal is dicussed with the appraise after a Directors reviews.

Suggestion or comments if any are recorded and are

given due consideration .
In respect of all support staff, a separate form is used for
appraisal and rating on each parameter is given following a discussion
between appraisee & appraiser and a general consensus arrived between
Appraisals the purpose :
The objective of this is to :
a) Enable the Appraisee & appraiser to discuss Appraisees performance
against the KRAs set at the beginning of the financial year (here after
referred as Performance Year).
b) Set KRAs for the next year (here after referred to as
Current Performance Year)
c) Discuss significant Achievements outside of and beyond the
KRAs in the Performance Year.
d) Asssess on the Key Keystone competencies.
e) Communicate the over all rating and
f) Provide feedback and counseling all of which is explained below.

(Appraisee is the person whose performance is assessed

& Appraiser is the person who is the boss and does the appraisal .
Normally the appraiser reports to the reviewer)
The Keystone Performance Appraisal format consists of the following 8
Section 1 : Rating on the KRAs for the Performance Year
Section 2 : Performance on the significant tasks / achievements
outside & beyond the KRAs
Section 3 : Assessment on the Key Keystone Competencies
Section 4 : Over All Rating
Section 5 : Identification of Strengths / Improvement Areas &


Developmental Plans
Section 6 : Target Setting for the current Performance year
Section 7 : Time Lines
Section 1 : Rating on the KRAs for the Performance Year
The Appraisee lists down KRAs and their respective Weightages
The Weightages should total 100
As the KRAs were not set in the company for the Performance
Year each Appraisee will indicate the KRAs as it ought to
have been set in the beginning of the Performance Year or at
the time they joined and the expected outcomes.
As against the Promised Target , actual target achieved also
needs to be mentioned.
The Appraisee needs to describe his / her actual performance &
discuss the same with his / her appraiser
The appraisee gives a rating against each goal as per the
rating scale provided below.
The Appraiser discusses the rating with the appraisee and
indicates his own or a consensus rating.
In case of any dis- satisfaction / inability to arrive at a score ,
the inputs of the reviewer may be sought by the appraisee
or appraiser
In such a case the reviewers rating will determine the Performance

Incase the reviewers assessment is not sought then the appraisers

/ joint consensus rating will be taken into account to
determine the Performance Score.
Section 2 : Performance on the significant tasks / achievements outside &
beyond the KRAs
This section captures the performance on the significant tasks /
projects other than KRAs that would have been carried out by
the appraisee during the Performance Year
Contributions to the cross functional efforts / task force

accomplishments etc like ERP / companys recruitment efforts

also may be considered
While no rating is assigned in this section , the exercise provides an
opportunity for both the Appraiser and the Appraisee to get a clearer
view of the contributions made by the appraisee and serve as yet
another input for the appraiser to arrive at an over all rating
The open-ended questions at the end of this section which will
further help highlight significant factors that enabled high performance.
Responsibility rests with the Appraisee to fill up this section

Section 3 : Assessment on the key Keystone Competencies

A set of 4 key competencies has been identified as company
level competencies for the Keystone Group .
The Appraiser will make an assessmenent of the appraisee on these
competencies .
Additionally the assessment on compenetencies will also help as a tool in
potential assessment .
A 5 point scale A,B,C,D,E (where A is the highest)
is used for this assessment .
At a later stage when the organization has a better grasp
on the company linked assessment Appraisees may be assessed
on different proficiency levels on each of the competencies .

Section 4: Total Score

This section needs to be filled up by HR to ascertain the Total score
received by each individual for the two parameters of performance &
competencies .
Section 5: Over All Rating
The overall rating is to be arrived at by the Appraiser and
Reviewer jointly by giving due consideration to 1
Performance Rating
Performance on significant achievements
Rating on Competencies
Previous year Ratings.


The inputs from the discussions between the Appraisee

and the Appraiser & between the Appraiser and the Reviewer
will also help in arriving at an objective Overall Rating
Distribution norms will be made applicable to the over all rating
This would mean that percentage of total number of people
who would be construed as Excellent / Very Good etc in
a given group / team / Function will be predetermined .
This rating will serve as inputs for increments , promotion and aid in
placement decisions.
Section 6 : Identification of Strengths / Improvement Areas &
Developmental Plans
This section is also used by the appraiser to identify and
communicate Major Strengths & Opportunities for Improvement
It will also provide the requisite inputs to the HR department
to identify appropriate Training programs , internally
or externally or launch other developmental initiatives
While identifying strengths of an individual , it is necessary
to identify initiatives that will re-enforce these strengths
either through training , rewards etc.
For Areas of Improvement , Developmental initiatives including
training interventions have to be recommended either to effect
improvements in the areas identified
The Appraiser should fill up this section together with HR , as
worthwhile inputs can be captured & execution plan can be
derived .
Section 7 : Target Setting for the next year
This section provides the format for documenting Current
performance Year goals / targets
It should have linkages to the Goals set for the Appraiser / reviewer
While setting the KRAs all are expected to apply the SMART
test to ensure that the goal remain relevant and meaningful
in the organizational context . The SMART , simply put ,
will ensure that KRAs remain Specific , Measurable ,
Agreed , Realistic and Time bound .
4 8 KRAs , together , is expected to address 80% of the


role requirements and time spent .

A goal will have a Measure of Performance (MOP) & level of
Performance (LOP)
To illustrate : A measure of performance may be cost reduction or
estimated cost or sales revenue or customer satisfaction .
It needs to be a measurable parameter .
An LOP is promised level of performance which is
considered 100% (e.g. 15 cost reduction from the estimated cost of
construction , where 15 is 100% & any negative or positive
variation will show a decrease or increase in the target achieved )
Discussions & deliberations between the Appraiser and
Appraisee on the KRAs is a must to have a shared understanding .
An agreement is desirable .
Weightages need to be assigned to each goal and total of weightages
to be 100 . Responsibility lies with the Appraisee .

Section 8 :Time Lines

Timelines For the current assessment process need to set with
inputs & Buy In of all HODs.


Keystone Annual Performance Appraisal

Appraisee : Mr/Ms.

Employee No.

Appraisal Period
Location :

Level :

Branch :

Department :

Appraisers Name & Designation :

Reviewers Name & Designation :

Total Score

Score Received

70 %



KRAs Objectives
Target Target
(Min 4
(If Any)

Rating on KRAs
Self Appraiser


Performance Rating Score = (WA1*RA1) + (WA2*RA2) + (WA3*RA3) + .

(WA1 + WA2 + WA3 + )

Sr. No Competencies
Achievement Orientation

Teamwork / Team orientation


Self Direction

Commitment to Learning


Performance Rating Score = Competency Score x 100



Induction Manual
Induction Program
Responsibility has been allocated to the department head / site in
charge for inducting the new employees in the company .
The Salient points of the induction Program are given below .
Introductions of the company to the new corner .
(Including Company history , Organisation chart and
companys Quality policy etc.)
Job information i.e Duties and responsibilities ; on the job training , etc .
Various information viz.working hours , leaves , Rules , conveyance and other
benefits .
Introduction to colleagues and superiors in the dept / site .

Applicable clauses of ISO 9001 : 2000 & Procedures .

Filling up of forms ( as applicable )

o Company Employment form
o Provident funds form
o Employee State Insurance form
o Each employee shall fill in the joining report along with
employees for and submit to the HR Dept through site in
Charges / HOD on the day he joins the company.


Induction checklist will be filled up by the site in- charge and will return
to the HR Dept .
Quality Policy Of Company
They at Keystone commit to build Residential / Commercial
building to fulfill customers expectations and continually
improve on the same to enhance customer satisfaction by :
Adopting latest trends in construction materials and techniques
Build trust by completing projects and delivering product on
Attending customer complaints immediately and reducing
them in upcoming projects .
Building people capabilities to address customer requirements
, current & future .
They provide learning opportunities to employees to enhance their
knowledge relating to latest trends & build their capabilities on a
continuous basis .
They committed to comply with the requirements of the quality
management system and continually improve its effectiveness
through management review and quality audits at regular intervals .
Keeping abreast with the latest trends in construction materials
and techniques and using them in upcoming projects.
Timely completion of projects as per the dates promised to
customers (maximum deviation by one month )
Provide learning & development opportunities which include
imparting of Training Calendar , on the job learning , stretched
targets and knowledge / experience sharing initiatives .
Indicators to be reviewed & improved continuously are :Training programs conducted as per the Training calendar ,
its evaluation , on the job learning as reflected in the ratings ,
stretched targets as per the goal sheets and usage of knowledge portal
Attending customer complaints within 3 working days and redressal
depending on the nature of the complaint in consent with customers .

Reduce customer complaints related to product (finishing , construction ,

plumbing and electrical fitting etc .) by 10% on project basis.

Overview Of I.S.O.9001-2000
To ensure that quality records identified , collected , indexed ,
filed and stored in a derived manner to provide evidence of
achieved quality and to demonstrate the evidence of effective
operation of the quality system.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Decision Support System
(DSS) is a computer program application that analysis business
data and presents it so that users can make business decisions
more easily . It is an informal application (in distinction to an
Operational application that collects the data in the course of
normal business operation ). Typical information that a decision
support application might gather and present would be :

Budgeted v/s Actual Cost of Construction

Comparative sales figures between one week and the next
Projected revenue figures based on new project sales assumptions
Demand v/s Allocation of resources (money , material , manpower etc.)
The consequences of different decision alternatives , given past
experience in a context that is described
An enterprise resource planning system is present information
graphically and may include an expert system or artificial
intelligence (AI) . It is aimed at business executives or some
other group of knowledge workers .
Hours of Work

Monday To Saturday :


Employee at HO

9.30A.M TO 6.00 P.M.

Weekly off


Holidays : The Holidays to be observed in the head office and the

various sites will be decided by the management and will be communicated
to the employees from time to time .

Leave Entitlements
The leave entitlements are as follows :Eligibility :
Employees are eligible for the following types of leave .
Type of Leave
Casual Leave

Permanent Employees




05 (Entitlement after
6 months)

Sick Leave


05 (Entitlement after
6 months)



15 (Entitlement after
6 months)

Paid Holidays




A. Privliege leave may be applied for minimum perod of 3 days

and the sanction for the same is to be obtained at least 2 weeks in advance.
B. PL shall not be granted more than twice a year.
C. If the employee after proceeding on leave desires an extension
he/she shall apply to H.O.D with reason.
D. Grant of leave to an employee depend on the exigencies of work.
E. Total accumulation of PL allowed upto 45 days and above 45 days
,balance PL would be encashed on Basic Salary.
F. Encashment after separation from service is applicable at rate of
Basic Salary only.

A. In case an employee falls sick,intimation can be given through
telephone or letter ,but the application must reach the H.O.D at the earliest.
B. Medical certificate in support of leave application is to be forwarded
from a Registered medical practitioner for SL in excess of 2 days.
C. Accumulation of leave allowd upto 15 days above which the SL will lapse.
D. Encashment of SL is not allowed.
A. Unavailed CL at the end of the year shall be merged with the PL,
provided the total PL to his /credit does not exceed 45 days.
B. CL requires prior sanction ,Application for the same shall be made
in advance Except in case of emergency and unforeseen circumstances.
C. CL shall not be sanctioned for more than 2 days at a time.
Encashment of CL is not allowed
Maternity Leave :
The grant of Maternity Leaves will be governed by the provision of the
Maternity Benefits Act or the E S I Act 1998 as the case may be .
ESIC Scheme


Contribution is made to the E S I Corporation for the eligible

Employees as per the E S I Act 1998 . These employees are
eligible for the benefits as applicable under the Act .
Provident Fund
The Company has a P.F.Scheme .The Contribution made by
the Company to the P.F is 12% of Basic Salary along with
employees similar Contribution as per the Provident fund Act 1952 .
Long Service Awards
The objective of this policy is to express the companys
appreciation for long service and to create motivation for continued
dedicated service.
Employees who have completed five years of services
with the company .
For completion of 5 years :- Gold coin .
Scroll of Recognition
Appropriate scroll of recognition for long services will also be given
along with the service award .
Company Loan Policy
1) Entitlement after one year of service
2). Four Times the gross Salary per month
3). Deduction Limits
a) 6 months
b) 12 months

c) 18 months
d) 24 months
Deductions can be decided by the applicant in the loan
application , the limit of repaying the loan is maximum
24 months i.e 2 years .
Gap of one year is mandatory for the next loan application
Loan Approval process:1). H.O.D Recommendations
2). H.R. will confirm the Eligibility / Rejection
3). Final approval by Directors
4). If the loan amount is Rs .1 Lac or above , 4 % interest on
the reducing balance will be charged on the principal amount .
5). Only three Applications will be considered in one quarter
which will be on first come first basis .
6). Two employees of the company will sign the loan application
as guarantor . In case of default , loan repayment will be strictly
recovered from the guarantors monthly salary / bonus / full
and final settlement etc.
Company will not be responsible for applicants separation
and guarantors are the sole responsible persons for the
recovery of the loan .
Retiral & Separation Benefits
The intent of this policy is to create savings for the future and to provide
a feeling of security for the period of life & retirement .
Provident Funds :
All Caderised employees are covered under the companys
provident fund scheme duly approved under the provisions of the
provident fund Act 1952
Contribution :
Employees are required to contribute 12 % of the basic


salary towards P.F . Equivalent contributions is made by the

company .
Benefits :
The benefits under this scheme are subject to government
regulations and / or trust rules .
Gratuity :
An employee with a continuous service of minimum five years .
The Qualifying period of five years of services will not apply
in the case of employee who dies in harness or suffers total
& permanent disablement .
Gratuity is payable on retirement , resignation , death or physical
disablement .
Gratuity may be wholly or partially with held if the employee is
discharged or dismissed from service on disciplinary grounds .
15 days of last drawn basic salary for each completed year
of continuous service . Service of six months , and above ,
will be considered as a full year and service of less than
6 months will be ignored .
Period of services is calculated from the date of the
employee joining the company or any of the group companies .
The benefits under the scheme are subject to the provisions of the
payment of gratuity act 1972 .
Family Pension Scheme :
Employees who are members of the employee provident
fund Scheme are also eligible for the benefits under the

family pension scheme .

The benefits are spelt out in the employees provident funds and
miscellaneous provisions ACT .
Group Mediclaim Policy
They have covered all the employees under Group Mediclaim
Policy No. OG-08-1901-8402-00000017 of Bajaj Allianz General
Insurance Co.Ltd. for a sum insured of Rs 3 Lacs each .
This is a Standard Hospitalization policy , which means there has to be
a minimum of 24 hours hospitalization to become eligible for the bnefits
under the policy . There are certain procedures to be followed in the event
of a claim .
It is advisable that a proper notice / information is given to Insurance
Company and their Office for intimation of hospitalization for
availing the cashless facility as also all the claim formalities ,
claim form duly completed and discharge card alongwith reports ,
bills and receipts are submitted at once to the Insurance Company .
List Of Company HODs
Keystone has 383 employees inclusive of all the engineers ,
non engineers, support and non-support staff.
Departments comprises of the following with their heads mentioned :Sr. No HOD
Sushant Karpe

Abhishek Kapoor


Suhas Sawant
Balram Sharma
Rahul Vakhariya
Rakesh Dogra
SS Chouhan

Prashant Karwe

Accounts & Finance President
& Finance
Business Development
VP Corporate CEO
Thane Project
New Projects Mumbai
VP Projects
VP Commercial
Projects Thane
VP Thane
Projects Mumbai GM Projects
HRD & Admin
GM HR & Corporate
Planning & Architecture
GM Planning &


Girish Panchal
GM Services
Kaizad Hateria
Marketing & Sales GM Marketing &
Geeta Mondkar
Customer Support GM Customer
Amee Dharmadhikari Legal
DGM Legal
Dharmesh Shah
DGM Billing
Dhimant Choksi
DGM Purchase
M.K . Srivastava
DGM Quality
Amarendra Singh
Estimation & QuantityManager
& Quantity
V.M . Samir
Information Systems Manager - IS
Dinesh Bangera
Sr. Store Keeper
Karan Singh
Head Security
Allwyn Saldanha
Business Development

Redevelopment Projects
Madhav Misra
Marketing & Sales GM Corporate
Marketing & Sales
Jawahar Naickar
Business Development
VP Business
Development &
G R Sayed
GM Projects

Documentation Management
Documentation Management helps to keep an update
about transfer , promotion , termination , giving merit pay ,
sanctioning leave of employee.
What do u mean by the term Record
The term record means to keep each and every details regarding
employees. It will help us to know whether the employee is
working in the organization or he has left . It includes all the


personal details of an employee and even about his past job , about his
experience etc.
Essential of good record :
1. The objectives of good record for which it is maintained should
be clearly & adequately stated .
2. Its upkeep & maintenance should not be costly . It should be kept
under lock & key to ensure that it is not mislaid .
3. It should be easily identified & differentiated from another record .
4. The record of different kinds of information should be kept &
maintained in separate files .
5. It should be maintained in such manner that the information
it contains is easily accessible .
6. Some particular person should be entrusted with the responsibility
of maintaining record .
7. A procedural manual should be maintained , detailing the procedure
to be followed for maintaining & dealing with the records .
The documents which are necessary for documentation are as follows :

Medical Certificate
Birth Certificate
S.S.C / Other Certificate
Experience Letter
Proof of Last Salary Drawn
Relieving Letter
Reference Letter
Personnel Form
Salary Breakup