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August 16, 2014

To Deans, JPIA Local Advisers and members

Cagayan Valley Regional Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants

Dear Sir/ Maam:

Christian Greetings!
The University of La Salette, Inc. College of Accountancy will celebrate its Accountancy Week on
August 20, 22 and 23, 2014 with the theme: M.A.G.I.C. Moving Ahead the Gears of Impaired

One of the activities will be the 9TH CABUYADAO CUP 2014 by means of a continuance of
what Mr. Arthur C. Sonday III, MBM, FMA, CPA had started as a tribute to the influence of Dr.
Andres R. Cabuyadao, CPA as the National Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants
President F.Y. 2007-2008. In this matter, we would like to invite your reputable institutions to
join this upcoming event for the pursuit of academic excellence on August 20, 2014 1:00 in the
afternoon at La Salette building Room 220, University of La Salette campus.
We are expecting of your presence. Thank you and God bless!
(Attached into this letter are the program of the 9th Cabuyadao Cup 2014 and the Implementing
Rules and Regulations)

Respectfully yours,

Area Coordinator, College of Accountancy


1:00 pm



Opening Prayer

Video Presentation

National Anthem

Video Presentation

Opening Remarks

Angelica Andres
President, JPIA ULS

Introduction of Quiz Master

Reading of the Implementing Rules and Regulations
Quiz Proper

Mark John Mallari, CPA

Co- Moderator, COA
Student Council

Closing Remarks

Jean Lorraine L. Carreon

Vice Governor for
Academics COA Student

Closing Prayer

Mary Jane M. Antonio

Vice-Governor for Academics,

Master of Ceremony:
Cesar G. Felipe


Implementing Rules and Regulations

The CABUYADAO CUP Quiz Bowl is an event first organized by Mr. Arthur C. Sonday III,
MBM, FMA, CPA as a tribute to the former National PICPA President Dr. Andres R. Cabuyadao,
CPA, which aims to uphold academic competencies to a higher degree and promote stewardship
among the contestants. The competition is a Quiz type competition, pertaining to the different Board
Exam Subjects that aims to pool down representatives from different Local Chapters of Region 2.
The Competition aim is to promote academic excellence and camaraderie among Regional 2 Local
Chapters members.

1. To help students build their sense of stewardship and sportsmanship while joining such
2. To promote Academic Excellence among the students that will help them to outstand in the
3. To gain new knowledge about updates on the current accounting system that they may encounter
during the contest.

1. The 9th Cabuyadao Cup is a regional inter-school quiz bee competition, which covers the
CPA Board related subjects.
2. Each college or university can only send two (2) participants for this event.

3. The contestant must be in their JPIA T-shirts provided in their institutions.

1. The contestant must be enrolled in a BS Accountancy program (BSA) for the
academic year 2014-2015.
2. Participant should be at least a 3rd year BS Accountancy student.
3. All participants must be a member of their respective local chapter, Regional
Councils, and the National Federation JPIA.


1. Questionnaire Distributors (QDs) shall be composed of ULS JPIA Executive Officers and
COA Student Council Officers.
2. A Judge or Board of Judges shall be a Certified Public Accountant for the purpose of giving
an intelligent and independent decision.

3. The Judge or the Board of Judges shall have the sole and exclusive authority to clear or
answer any protest/clarification made by the contestant or the respective adviser. Any
question raised shall limit to 5 minute discussion only to protect the proceedings of the time
of the contest. Judge/s decision is final and irrevocable.
4. The contestants should write their answers clear and eligibly on the provided answer boards.
5. Abbreviations are highly discouraged to be used.
6. Contestants who shall insist in writing the answers ambiguously, abbreviated or illegibly may
still claim points for correct answers only upon the discretion of the panel of judges.
7. Each school is privileged to have 1 registered adviser only. The adviser must register and
sign in the provided registration sheet by the Organizing Committee before the start of
8. Once the quizmaster starts reading the 1st question in the elimination round, the registration
for registered adviser will be closed. Thus, the Board of Judges will not entertain any
concern, protest, or clarification made by unregistered adviser.
9. The contestant and the registered adviser are the only persons who have vested rights to raise
concern, protest, and/or clarification.
10. Before proceeding to the next question, there will be given an allotted time of (10) seconds
for the contestants to decide whether they want to raise a protest/clarification, to request for
new marker, ball pen or scratch paper, to change their calculator if it encounters a technical
problem, or other concerns. After the allotted time has elapsed the quizmaster starts reading
the next question, no more protest, clarification, or concern will be entertained. Contestants
should not erase their answers during the 10-second time allotment to still validate their
answers when protests/clarifications are raised for that particular question.
11. The contestants are allowed to manipulate their calculator ONLY when the quizmaster says,
GO! Any contestant who violates the said provision for the 1st time shall be given a
warning; for the 2nd time shall be given sanction of accumulating only 50% of his total score
garnered in all rounds. Violation of this provision for the 3rd time shall mean disqualification
of the contestant.
12. All theory questions and problems requiring computation will be read once
13. After reading the contest rules and mechanics, contestants are given the chance to raise
questions/clarifications regarding the said rules and mechanics.


1. Corresponding points, time allotment, and number of questions are as follows:
Theory Questions
10 seconds
Questions requiring 20 seconds
No. of Items

10 seconds
40 seconds

10 seconds
60 seconds

10 seconds
30 seconds



2. Contestants are advised to be at the designated place fifteen (15) minutes before the
scheduled time of the competition. Late contestants are still allowed to participate yet will
be deprived to answer the question/s missed. But after the first (4) questions in the easy
sub-set round have elapsed, late contestant/s will be disqualified to take part in the
3. Contestants are provided with a copy of the question for every item. The contestants must
not open the question until the distribution of each set of questions is done. The moment
the quizmaster announces the question number that is the only time the contestant may
read and answer the provided question. Any contestant who violates the said provision
for the 2nd time shall be given sanction of accumulating only 50% of his total score
garnered in all rounds. Violation of this provision for the 3rd time shall mean
disqualification of the contestant.
4. The contestants should have written their answer before the time allotted has elapsed. The
contestants must raise their answer board once the quizmaster declares so. Any contestant
who fails to comply will receive a warning and his answer may be forfeited depending
upon the decision of the Board of Judges.
5. The contestants who accumulated the highest score shall be declared the champion of the
quiz bee. The second and third highest pointers shall be declared 1st runner up and 2nd
runner up respectively.