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Mounting detail not clear of PTZ camera

Area is not covered on behind of staff room building on main entrance gate
Area is not covered on behind of control room building

Dedicated Camera for switchyard to be provided a part from PTZ camera

Dedicated camera for gates to be provided

Dedicated camera for entry/exit of control room building

Camera catalogues to be Submitted

Location to be mentioned

Angle Location to be shwon with coverage


Compleate boundary wall to be covered


Hight (mounting ) of camera to be mentioned


Oriantation of all cameras to mentioned clearly

What is the range at night .


Camera make & model to be submitted for approval.


Lock of the gates shall be remained locked in case of power failure. It shall
open with push button in this case from inside only.


Access control for main gate shall be such that the system shall not be
visible from outside. It shall be placed in such a way that it cannot be
accessed or damaged by an outsider


Location of Electromagnetic lock is not clear. Sample of the same to be

shown to TPDDL for approval.


Backup calculations to be provided to ensure that the lock is sufficiently

strong to withstand dead weight of the gate as well as the impact weight.
Also Test Reports to be submitted to show that the lock shall withstand
effects of weather & pollution.


It shall give alarms and generate event in case a door is left open too long
or someone tries to enter without proper authentication. It shall also be able
to store all the events with date and a report shall be made available.


The Access should be on both system i.e. if any authorized person getting
access he has to first show his card & then press finger to avoid any
unauthorized access


Complete video surveillance & access control system shall be Integrate able
with centralized control TPDDL server (any make) in future without any
additional requirement like hardware or software or license etc. M/s ABB to
ensure the same.


All system parameters including card numbers, PINs, access levels, time
schedules, holidays and operations modes shall be stored in controller and
IP-reader memory and not affected in case of a power loss.


TPDDL remarks

PTZ Camera mount on Control Room Building Mumpty.

Area covered with CF-02 Bullate Camera
Area covered with CF-03 Bullate Camera
1 Dedicated bullate camera is provided for switchyard and
control room building exit gate
Gate is covered with PTZ Camera
1 Dedicated bullate camera is provided for switchyard and
control room building exit gate
Alrady Submitted

location is not ok
location is not ok

Lacation Mention in Architecture drawing

location of items
auxillary equipment is
not clear
not shown

Shown in GA drawing
PTZ Camera :- Top of Mumpty
Bullate Camera :- 8 Feet
Dome Camera :- Top of inside bulding
Mention in GA Drawing
50% less than day range .

Not clear
Not ok
not ok
separately reviewed

complete boundary

not clear
should cover clearly
separately reviewed

no update

no update
no update

no update

no update

no update

no update

no update