Dark Matter

by Rachit Agarwal

Based on a Story by Harshvardhan

Draft #1 by Harshvardhan

INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT It’s one of those bachelor pad bedrooms. Messy, unordered, with just the master of the house knowing where things are. The walls are all adorned with POSTERS. Classic movies. Rock bands. And the largest, J.M. Flagg’s celebrated UNCLE SAM POSTER. It’s hanging right next to the only WINDOW in the room, which opens onto the busy street outside. Right now, gentle streetlight is pouring in through it. In the middle of the room, against the wall perpendicular to the window, is a DOUBLE BED. Why double bed for a bachelor? Well...for moments like these. What moments? Ah...on the bed are two forms. We can vaguely make out that it’s a man and a woman. Both naked, of course, save for the BED SHEETS shielding their modesty. Must be around 20 years, but age can be deceptive these days, you know? The man, RYDER BLACK is his name, is riding the woman, or PENNY McARTHUR, with amazing familiarity. And, Penny seems to be enjoying it, as evidenced by the way she moans and lovingly calls out his name time and again, egging him to go on. You might think of me as a pervert, but there’s something rather pleasant and soothing watching a young couple go at it like this. The grace with which these young lovers are, well, making love, makes one wonder why a filthy term like “man’s carnal pleasure” has been used to describe sex. And then, PENNY lets out one joyous shriek and you know they’re about done. RYDER leans down a bit and lightly pecks PENNY on her forehead. And then, as an afterthought, goes for her lips. Only, PENNY, being the tease she is, will have nothing of it. Oh well, no tease goes on forever, and PENNY finally relents. It’s while working her lips that RYDER initiates the conversation which will inadvertently change both their lives. RYDER Was I good, Penny? PENNY clutches at his HAIR, pulls him towards her and tongues him voraciously. (CONTINUED)


PENNY (playfully) Does that answer you, Tiger? Ryder, proving yet again that if a man didn't have a cock, he wouldn't have much else, climbs onto her again, cowboy style. Pinning her hands in L-shapes by her head, he gives a somewhat eerie grin. RYDER It might. Got a real answer, though? PENNY (mock sternness) Is this a ploy to get laid again, Master Black? Ryder doesn’t answer. PENNY (CONT’D) (slutty) ...‘coz I would gladly oblige anyway, as you so deliciously know... Ryder leans down and licks her entire face, crazily. And between licksRYDER Answer me, Penny...was I...good? Out on the street, a siren can just about be heard. At this hour? Must be the police or the ambulance. Something unpleasant afoot maybe. But our lovers don’t seem to notice. PENNY (joking, for all the world to see) David was rougher, of course. And she smiles rather innocently, almost from a need to add to Ryder’s jealousy. Women do play men like a harp from hell. Ryder sits up, perpendicular to Penny. A hellish fury appears on his face. And the cop car passes the window at this moment, bathing the room in RED for a fraction of a second. Ryder gets up, turning his back to Penny, taking a moment to contemplate. Then he storms into the KITCHEN, a rabid urgency in his step.


Penny, alarmed at this rather “shocking” turn of events also sits up, covering herself with the bed sheets as she does so. PENNY (CONT’D) (calling out after Ryder) Come on mister, I’m just kidding! Now you coming back, or do I have to wiggle my tits again? They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. I guess they forget to account for a man’s ego. Maybe, it was his ego which was now doing the bidding, or maybe it was his need to satisfy the woman. Few things change a man like a woman does, you know. Ryder enters the bedroom, the same determined man, holding a piece of ROPE in his hand. He leaps onto Penny rather brusquely, covering her mouth with one hand and pushing her down with the other. She wanted rough, didn’t she? In one swift motion, he ties her hands to the BEDPOST very tightly. A red tinge comes onto her wrists. Ryder rips one of the sheets and gags her. Rough? Ha. A passerby would have been forgiven if he’d mistaken this for rape. Oddly enough, Penny seems to be enjoying this. In pain, yes, but there’s a rather masochistic pleasure she’s deriving from this. And then, without regard for “poor” Penny, he goes at her. Pounds her. Penny enjoys it. And then, Penny struggles a bit. David was rough, but never this rough. And David didn’t weigh this much. Penny starts struggling more violently now. Ryder’s almost blinded by his jealousy. Blinded to that fact that he’s crushing her under him. He too starts deriving an almost perverse pleasure out of Penny’s struggle. It eggs him to go harder at her. And then Penny starts gasping for air. But to Ryder, it sounds almost like an orgasm. And he goes harder. She’s obviously enjoying it, isn’t she? There’s a little writhing, andAll is calm.


Ryder still thrusts. ButAll is calm. With all his might now. ButAll is calm. Oh wait, Penny isn’t stirring. Got to try harder. So harder, it is. ButAll is calm. And he stops. A little worried. He slaps her on the face. ButAll is calm. RYDER (concern) Penny? No answer. He sees the red wrists. He sees the dilated pupils. He slaps her more violently now. RYDER (CONT’D) (frantic) PENNY? No answer. Ryder stumbles back in shock. His hands are shaking. He gets off the bed, almost buckling under his guilt. A solitary tear drops down. All the while, mutteringRYDER (CONT’D) Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! He leaps onto her again. Presses his lips against her, trying to resuscitate her. Presses down on her chest, then blows into her mouth, then chest, then mouth. Just like he’d been taught in first aid class all those years ago. The desperation can clearly be seen in his eyes. The shock, in his hands. Presses again. Blows again. And-



She coughs a little. Gulps a lot of air. And sits up, pale, and shocked herself at what’s happened. SMASH CUT: INT. LIVING ROOM - SAME NIGHT The EYE. More specifically, Ryder’s eye. Red. Fearful. Currently taking in the architecture of his living room. In front of him, a LEATHER COUCH facing a TELEVISION placed against the wall on his right. A SIDE TABLE with a LAMP and a TELEPHONE placed next to the couch. He seems to be leaning against his BAR CABINET. Beyond the cabinet is a small WOOD PARTITION separating his living and bed rooms. The MAIN DOOR is to his right. Ryder gets up a little and peeks over his bar and into his bedroom. Yep, still there. The bitch is still there. The bitch is still dead. He crumbles back into a heap. Maybe, he’s also dead. He gets up a little and peeks over his bar and into his bedroom. Uncle Sam. “I want you!” They know. They all know. He crumbles back into the shadows. Crying wouldn’t really help, would it? A tear forms and starts to drop down andMATCH CUT TO: INT. LIVING ROOM - SAME NIGHT He’s still there, in the shadow. Asleep. Fresh drool from his mouth drops down into the puddle of tears and drool already formed around him. Out in the street, a siren is heard approaching. And it passes the house, again bathing it in red for a fraction of a second. Ryder jerks open his eyes. Red. Fearful. The police. Of course. They’ll know what to do. His eyes search for the telephone. Oh. That’s right, it’s next to the couch.


He drags himself to the couch. The puddle of drool and tears, quite obviously, mixes with the dust on his body, making dirty marks on the WHITE MARBLE FLOOR. He props himself onto the COUCH, picks up the RECEIVER, and dials the number. Ring. Once. Twice. Thrice. A clock somewhere chimes twelve times. The person on the other end picks up the phone andRyder feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns around, dropping the phone. POLICEMAN (O.S.) (grumpy) Who the fuck is that? There’s a MAN, similary built as RYDER standing in the shadows in front of the BAR. From where Ryder is standing, the person looks to be made entirely of shadows. There’s a ROCKS GLASS full to the brim with WHISKEY and ICE in his left hand. An unopened bottle of JACK DANIELS and an ICE BUCKET lie on the BAR COUNTER behind the man. POLICEMAN (O.S.) (CONT’D) (more forcefully) WHO the FUCK is that?! RYDER walks over to the man, almost in a trance. The POLICEMAN bangs the phone down. RYDER takes the GLASS in his hand, noticing that the MAN’s hand is nothing but darkness. RYDER gulps the drink down, and continues gulping for quite some time. And still, the level of the drink in the glass remains unchanged. RYDER bangs the still full glass down on the BAR COUNTER. He notices that the bottle of JACK DANIELS is now half. He feels an uneasiness in his stomach, and he collapses onto the COUCH. FADE TO BLACK.


INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT, FEW DAYS LATER RYDER is still lying on the couch in a FOETAL POSITION, still butt naked. There’s a hint of a STUBBLE on his face. The light on the ANSWERING MACHINE is blinking. TEN NEW MESSAGES. Quite obviously, some days have passed. RYDER opens an eye. Then the other. There’s an aggressive grunting coming from the bedroom. He sits up a bit. And then he hears swearing. It’s his voice. RYDER (O.C.) (from the bedroom) Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! And then he sees a clean shaven version of himself crawling into the LIVING ROOM, as though running away from the devil in the bedroom, sobbing uncontrollably. He sees himself retreat into the shadows between the BAR and the MAIN ENTRANCE. He sees himself fall asleep for a fraction of a second, and then jerk his eyes open. He sees himself get up a little and peek over the BAR, into the BEDROOM. He strains a little and sees beyond the WOOD PARTITION. If he was surprised to see a clean shaven version of himself in the BEDROOM, trying to resuscitate PENNY, and then disappearing into the shadows, he didn’t show it. He lay back, curled up again into the foetal position, closed his eyes. He jerks them open again. He sits up a bit. He sees a MAN, similarly built as him, standing in front of the BAR, a ROCKS GLASS filled to the brim with JACK DANIELS and ICE in his left hand. He gets up slowly, as though in a trance, takes the glass from the man, noticing again that his hand is made entirely of darkness.



He gulps. He continues gulping till he falls down on the floor in front of the BAR. The GLASS, just half drained, falls and breaks by his side. FADE TO BLACK. INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT, FEW DAYS LATER Ryder is lying on the floor in a FOETAL POSITION, in a pool of his own rotting puke. There are various DEEP CUTS on his hands, and his stubble is now closer to a BEARD. Ryder sits up a bit, and sees UNREAD MAIL littered under the door. He turns hi gaze to his left, towards the TELEVISION. Midway, he stops, scared. He would have let out a yelp had he not been so scared. Right there, midway between the MAIN DOOR and the TELEVISION is the UNCLE SAM poster, pointing its finger at Ryder, fully aware of what has happened in the past few days. There are BLOOD STAINS on its edges. Ryder crawls backwards, scared, into the BEDROOM. The walls have been ripped of all the POSTERS he notices. He retreats behind the WOOD PARTITION, face towards the bed. And he gazes at her lithe form again. He opens his mouth to call out to her, but he’s falling again. He collapses in a pool of darkness. FADE TO BLACK. INT. BEDROOM - SAME NIGHT, CLOSER TO DAY THAN EVER BEFORE He jerks open one eye, then the other. He spies a FLY on his stomach. He can feel its eyes boring into his skull. He can feel it accusing him of the horrors committed a few weeks ago in that very room. A FLY. He jerks his head towards where PENNY lies. Sure enough, he sees flies all over her. FLIES!


He snaps into an alert position, grabs a LAMP from the BEDSIDE TABLE, and charges towards the FLIES, a determined man. Flies! He attacks them with an animalistic anger. Almost like the chimp attacking the skeleton from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The flies start scattering away. Ryder drops the LAMP in anger. He gazes down at PENNY, the first time he’s done so in many, many days. Her LIPS, her HAIR. Her innocent FACE, beautiful even though it’s slowly rotting away. Her dilated PUPILS. And suddenly, he knows what to do. He charges into the LOO. CUT TO: INT. BEDROOM - DAWN Ryder is slowly and meticulously cleaning PENNY with a SPONGE and WATER. There’s something loving about each action of his. Almost as though PENNY weren’t dead, merely bedridden and he were caring for her. He takes some DEOS and PERFUMES and sprays them around the room. It would have been comical had PENNY not been rotting there. He takes her PERFUME and lightly sprays it on her neck. Applies a little MASCARA to her EYES. A little ROUGE on her CHEEKS to hide the rotting flesh. He BRUSHES her HAIR back, neatly, so that it isn’t matted on her forehead anymore. He takes a GLASS of WATER, and forces a little down. He stands back and gazes at her. His Penny. In life, more so in death. And then, just as the first light of day starts streaming in through the window, he climbs into bed with her. On top of her.


He kisses her lightly on the forehead. And then, as an afterthought, pecks her once lightly on the LIPS. Then again. This time, more passionately. He could have sworn Penny kissed him back. FADE TO BLACK. TITLES. END.

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