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Business Information Management

Course Syllabus 2016-2017
Elsa Contreras
Contact Number:
(915) 434-4184
Conference Times:
3:15 pm 4:00 pm

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Course Objectives:
Student will implement personal and interpersonal skills to strengthen individual performance in
the workplace and in society to make a successful transition to the workforce and in postsecondary
education. Students will apply technical skills to address business applications of emerging
technologies, create word-processing documents, develop a spreadsheet, formulate a database, and
make an electronic presentation using appropriate software.
This course will help you to develop keyboarding skills, introduce you to technology in a
business-like environment, as well as, provide you with life skills in todays 21 st century technological
society. This class will focus on Microsoft Office Applications. You will learn applications and functions in
Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel. Other concentration areas will include employability skills, soft
skills and computer knowledge. This class prepares you for the Microsoft Office Systems certification
and allows you the opportunity to complete your certification in one or more areas.
Collaboration is a key feature in this class. In a community of learners, students help each other,
learn to solve problems as a group, care about each other, learn from one another and feel comfortable
working as a team with your peers.
Classroom Expectations:
Students are expected to follow all school rules to include:

Dress code Dress appropriately for school and follow district rules on dress code.
Attendance Be Present! You cannot learn if you are not present.
Tardiness Dont be late. Once the tardy bell rings, you are considered late.
ID/Lanyard requirements Wear it daily and it must be displayed at all times.
Behavior - No disruptive behavior will be tolerated. EHS discipline plan will be
followed, see Student Handbook.
No copying or using someone elses work (includes electronic work) Both students
will receive a 0 for this offense, the student who loaned it and the student who
copied it.
Electronic equipment in class will not be allowed, unless assignment calls for it and
permission is given to use it. This includes cell phones, IPods, I Pads, MP3s,
laptops, etc. (see District Policy on electronic usage)
No Gaming is allowed on classroom PCs, to include the downloading of any games
onto school computers.

No food or drinks allowed in the lab. Anything brought into the classroom will be
left on the table in the entrance of the classroom and can be picked up at the end
of the class period only.

Supply List: Each student is asked to bring the following item:

One (1) box of Kleenex this item is required for student use especially during allergy/flu
Except for 2nd period Students in this class are asked to bring (1) bottle of Germ X

All assignments have a deadline. Most assignments are required to be submitted electronically
and must be saved in a designated folder on students One Drive account. Assignments will be saved
with a specific name and date as indicated by the teacher. Submission of all required electronic
assignments is the responsibility of the student. It is the students responsibility to verify
that their assignment was submitted electronically by the deadline of the assignment.
Make up work:
If you are absent, with an excused absence, you will be responsible for obtaining the assignment
that you missed. Student should check with the teacher for any missed assignment(s) on the first day
the student returns to class. Make up work is your responsibility and as per district policy, if your
absence is excused, you will have ONE DAY to make up assignments for each day missed. If your
absence is unexcused, you will receive a zero for the assignment.
Late work:
You will receive a 10 point deduction for each day your work is late to a minimum grade of
10. In addition to the late penalty, the assignment will be graded on the quality and
completeness of the work as per the assignment. If the assignment or project specifically
states a designated deadline with no exceptions for late work, then the student will receive
a 0, if the student fails to submit it by the deadline. This includes electronic submission of
assignments. All electronic work is timed and dated. For excused absences, your work is late
past the number of days you are allowed to make up your work, which is the same number of days you
were absent.
Hall/Restroom Pass Policy:
Student must request permission to leave classroom to go to the restroom and student must not
leave the classroom without the required pass. Only one student at a time at, no pass the first
10 minutes or last 10 minutes of class and no pass during the time a lesson is being given.
Students will be issued 3 restroom passes per 9-week period to use for going to the restroom, their
locker, etc. Student must turn in their Restroom Pass AND have their ID in order to use it.
Incentives will be given to students that do not use their 3 passes by the end of the each 9-weeks.
Please note: Students must use these passes wisely to go to the restroom or to their locker, etc. Once
the student uses all three tickets, they no longer have the opportunity to go during class time and will
be required to use restroom facilities or obtain their necessary items from their locker before or after
class time. If the student has a medical condition that requires more frequent restroom usage, please
see the Nurse for a pass and the student will be allowed to go as per their medical necessity.

Computer Lab Policy:

Students should take appropriate care of the computers and accessories at all times.
Students should not unplug any of the wiring or components to computers to include
keyboards and /or internet cables.
Do not change any settings or change the desktop image.
Student must use their own school assigned sign in. If yours is not working, please let me
Student should ensure the computer is logged off and log off before leaving class.
You will receive a grade every 3 weeks for lab maintenance and if your computer is not
logged off, I will deduct 10 points for each occasion that I have to shut it down for you.
No volume allowed during class, unless otherwise instructed by teacher.
Must request permission to use printer. Students will use the black/white printer, unless
otherwise instructed. Printer use will be for school business only.
No drinks or food are allowed in the computer lab.
VERY IMPORTANT: Anyone who is caught, without approval unplugging any
cables or cords on computer, or disrupting other students by clicking the power
button off or unplugging their computer while they are working, will receive an
automatic referral to the office.

Daily Grades to include class work, participation and responsibilities..50%
Tests and
Final 9 Weeks Exam or
Consequences: Students that violate the Classroom/Computer Lab Expectations (attached) will be
disciplined as follows:
1st incident: Verbal warning
2nd incident: Student/Teacher conference and Parent Contact
3rd incident: Parent phone call and/or conference
4th incident: Discipline Referral submitted to the Assistant Principals Office
As per district/campus policy, a high school student who arrives after the tardy bell is counted
tardy for that class period.
Procedures will be followed as per EHS tardy policy.
1st, 2nd, 3rd tardy:
Record the unexcused tardy and conference with student.
4th tardy:
Give a verbal warning and contact the parent.
5th tardy:
Teacher MUST write a referral
Academic Dishonesty:
Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to the following: copying another students
work, allowing ones work to be copied, and plagiarizing. It is considered a serious offense and
will not be tolerated. Any of the above will result in a zero for that assignment, test or project
and an office referral and parent notification.
Students will receive verbal praise, encouragement, and positive telephone call to parents,
recommendation letters, and other rewards throughout the year for good conduct/attitude, good
grades and positive effort. This is our goal.

Course Calendar:
The course calendar for Business Information Management I are subject to change at the
discretion of the instructor. See next page for calendar.
Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to email me and/or call me if you have any questions or
concerns. My classroom number 434-4184 and my email address is
I hope to make this class interesting, fun and engaging, as well as, valuable to you in the 21 st Century!
It is important that we work together in building a learning community in an environment that is safe
and conductive to learning. Please feel free to ask me any questions and/or if you require additional
assistance on any assignment, please see me. I will be glad to assist you in being successful!

Course Calendar*
First Semester

Keyboarding and Ergonomics

Introduction to Computer Basics
Introduction to Operating Systems
Power Point and Presentations
Preparation for Microsoft Office Systems Certification Exam
Certification Exams are scheduled for the week of December 12-16th
Power Point projects and Presentations
Second Semester


Introduction to Word
Business Documents, Mail Merge, References, Citations and Employability
Preparation for Microsoft Office Systems Certification Exam
Certification Exams are scheduled for the week of April 17 -21st
Introduction to Excel Program
End of Year Course Final Project

*Subject to change based on school calendar, testing and events.

All students will graduate
College Ready, Career Ready, Life Ready!