Hugh Tribbey


Hugh Tribbey

chalk editions 2010

Some of these poems have appeared the following journals: Otoliths, Peter Ganick’s Live Journal blog, Moria, Spaltung, We, Apocryphal Text, Crash Test, xStream, and Eratio. text (c) copyright Hugh Tribbey cover (c) copyright Jukka-Pekka Kervinen chalk editions can be found at: http://chalkeditions.co.cc chalk editions is: Peter Ganick pganickz@gmail.com Jukka-Pekka Kervinen jkervinen@gmx.com

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SOME PEOPLE Some people live the accelerating syntax that levitates domestion--their live these at birth they are issued their questicated words. At death to silent glare, white space. They step beyond they are issued their question--their question--their lives in a single sentence. They step beyond they are issued they live their questions, periods-- to silent glare, white space. They are issued their lives in a single sentence. They are issued their questicated words. At death to master the accelerating syntax

EASY IS THE DAWN Easy is the dawn, a sig.ra it sings it; the payment me during the years lower than the vistas, until that you did not see the child of To, down under the plan in order to be based in the starter shaft of cables of blast and pressure from small to the lower part has transported, same it feet of a nut/mother outside, that smiles while it sings.

BROACH PATTERN MIRE broach pattern Mire in with above as death Orchid seats petroleum surge corruption spectacle an inch of silver forensics pack fear blond bottles brigade the porch bow passing polyester sex slim like the and dark splash arabesque of judgment mistake of plush a red quarter window in ask stink inch of porch a window a quarter brigade petroleum corruption passing blond bow slim pack with ask broach death silver in arabesque of bottles in Orchid of Mire fear like forensics with sex polyester judgment of red stink pattern seats above dark splash surge the mistake spectacle and as plush

RAY NUMB Enumerate the deserts chattering from the fuss. Nuts sit in the vise to sage tunes when two tombs dance to sterile terrors. Enumerate the nuances of quitting declared ports. Morose jammin’ paychecks and veins may part the eternity of somber chemists. Detritus tones of desire form memories, a sweet enema with a quiet tone of pity. Enumerate growling predators, surging liberties of growling auras. Dan mainlines sage obscurity and travesty. Dan, the cur, pays for orange illuminations.

STARTINGS ENGOURDI It enumerates the deserts that vibrate the movement. The base of nuts/mothers still in the defect ventilated with intelligence, if overthrows two with the terror that the sterile dances. It enumerates shadings, in the ordered order to leave recognized furrows. The verifications of the payment and the veins of dark Jammin’ sink that. They call the chemical agent of the eternity of division. The memory, forces of motivatings of enema with a calm of waehlton of the tolerance give waehlton of the form of wastefulness of desire. If the Knurren and freedoms the predators enumerated the increase of the will, Knurren has. Intelligent density of shoote of Gives and parodiar. They give, the Huendchen, photocopy of the payment for the oranges.

TAZER TUNES Tazer tunes pursue other bane noises some delight in. Purple informants, such gravity The matter levitates returning villains. Ideas retain fire and tar. A face ravaged by an avenging presence. A sharp tooth for chasing servants of logic, Patrolling maize fields of infinitesimal mortality. A wand illuminates the fine fate of the venting night.

VENTILATED OF TAZER Ventilated of Tazer other that disturba of the plague that it continues it he the interior of certain plea the Crimsons of councilman, one such force of the gravity The material gives villains of the form of the vagabond of the reference. The ideas load for are fogos and tar. Revargé of a presence that taking revenge itself, a tooth of the face of temperamatite, to the civil employee of the logic the proven one, cereal makes a layer of the infinitesimal number of patrouillierend of inoperative men. The magical wall at night visualizes the end of the destiny of the writing in outdoors.

LIME CONFECTIONS OF CRIME Waiting for failure to intrude and intrude and intrude, waiting for the salute of the nest of silent pricks, ruins the face wanting to dance upon marble. Martins tout form, tout beauty. Aim for the parcel sold to the soul. Must the night sit-ins continue, nobler mortification? The lime confections of crime.

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THE MIME BOX WITH TROUSERS The sweet communism of pain, quite a romp. Comes a fire quitting fire, comes low purity. Quiet accompaniment to surging terror on the moors. Comes the accumulation. Quit the myriad poor toiling luminous ports. Comes swallowed sorrow and erased rivers. Comes convenient and sour disdain, brusque and frosty.

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OLD UNITED STATES BACK old United back copper audiences his weeping hysterical client had and by regime pants an established course star larks shit lady thin are States the across cheered her the are of we in strands by castrati combed like in head and a thin the old hysterical her strands in United by castrati head established lady across had of are by larks client cheered combed star we course States his audiences are a copper in the back weeping like regime shit pants

DEMONIC WITH RESONANCE demonic with resonance serial removal in killers storm magic projections windas in sleight or solitude paranoid hand of mushrooms over atmospheric storms mushrooms killers demonic or solitude over hand with in removal windas sleight projections atmospheric magic serial of resonance paranoid

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SOME FUTILITY IN YOU Some futility in you yet has no claim. There is no piece of nobody with powder attic or basements where dusty light dusts pines from a ghost sky. A course of eyelashes heard his squeak. Close the door shouts. Preserves the dancing still cold. Young the skyscrapers. Family canal and eyes sky sing. The placed, we blaze mother winter. The river girls flash against looking in laughter. Fire gold no black you. Life by daughter over chance. Black on piece chance in looking light river. The futility daughter is nobody’s young winter sky. Through preserves of no cold attics yet sing of the canal’s course. So it shouts still of some sky where powder and sky make like. Where his and placed could have a blaze and claim girls by the pines eyelashes ghost. There life closes door in basements and mothers no dusty laughter over the heard. You dusted eyes. Yours and his I squeak. Flash skyscrapers we dancing family gold.

SKIN OF A POINT-BLANK NIGHT Asks about the carved birds, then praises your shelves. Someone markets a pastoral sequence in skillets. With whom myself, with nape loss skin flowing sky. Pointblank taken. The likelihood one doesn’t get the night over of contracts in black. The never-offense of shadow staring. I have gone league. Them is the bobbin fever ragged. Clogged sun moon ounce with this at dead. Make used eyes heart from how most say you will life. I don’t will a dead offense. Make such likelihood of a fever bobbin moon sun. The skin of a point-blank night. Someone’s eyes ask you say. That is the loss taken on with ragged contracts. From the nape pastoral the sequence one of them used. The one when the market sky filled with who your how. Heart league by praises’ ounce, with shadow shelves clogged myself. A flowing life with carvings. Skillets black with have over staring. Never with this gone birds.

ULTIMATE SOUL IN VILLAIN ORBITS #1 Tar dark comas with delicious finales. Last call for a herd of bison on that landscape. Your nose catches angel fumes in an ocean of clarity, keyed to ardent harmonies. In tense concatenations, pulsars crack somber moonlight delays, abhorred intonations in lumbar deals. A mundane test combs in servile tirades, a high circle doing dials--petroleum nachos in traction in last stanzas. Toads love estimates on tapioca, a jewel yen in boiled chicken. Your nose settles upon an aerosol in the dark, esoteric aroma poured from verdant hemispheres. Certainly verify the pay with a campy certification, a lazy funeral. Hayride decorn concussive floss, rude tarnished tropes. Allow him to devour my poor breeze.

ULTIMATE SOUL IN VILLAIN ORBITS #2 Lard comes in juicy nails. Lactose as a tune heralds a brightness in late cicadas. You’re not the fine Anger owned by the casual clear date quieted on an honorable endurance. Insistent common pencils carry sober minor distances. All hoary zones coo Alamo bravado in duets. Among dunes of stars comes an insufferable tyrant. In the cello a dial perils notch a tracheotomy, the last dance. Today the klutz subsists in a tropic ruled by a corridor of bricks. You know soon an arbitrary decision discretely assumes portals to varied horizons. Country pansies on the veranda--at camp last cello, last affluence. Hey, he sides right of the calluses, tides occasions, filaments of delight and Hessian stupors. Laos makes devaluation his problem.

ULTIMATE SOUL IN VILLAIN ORBITS # 3 Tart cosmos in judicious finals, lately a horrid aberration in the cellar-Yoko sees through the Angles on occasion, clear quadrants without horizons. Insight comes pacing, cauterized so bright amid delightful stances. All those irons alarm radical duels, and under this commotion the reviled tornado. On the ceiling, Diablo, poor coach of the transition to the trances, doesn’t allow states of torpor in atolls below the cliffs. Yeah, no more sun-boiled diodes eaten quickly with Soma in virtual herringbone. Charles pales at the view. A complaint from the ceiling, low fires. High residuals ride the call of filiation into the clutches of tar hutches steaming. Lock his devolution with probity.

HADES IN THE BRAIN They are the photographies that those excavate hades in the brain a gallery, this geruekspult and as declaration that he in a urinal that patinating-in examination further on it determined the station of the work dezomieren, of that with new unquestionable pain vorgefuehl is burned the cycle four that occurs the form--_, but, this work in this WORK of the office the very famous one as if it is, having the necessity--then, of that the contact since then that the east--_ of the nevertheless small time screaied that the relative angle of the air of the sustentation is pushed ignition of Hauptbalancen stops in the expensive outpost? With this recinzione it demands the fact that the lost body began them more later enthusiastic, a meeting of the movements for which it clears in the hooks the buttock of the abysses of the brain separates them, --of that one the breathing of distant smokes the section, of the one of the external part of the river in layers with interborough ragia of the water distant are moved then separated, smoldering?

INOPERATIVE WOMAN Inoperative woman, stops of whom risoluto and est that impresses to the person ν . . ., recommend of t astutely, only erroneous workstation of morr, therefore a commerce under v, est, despite est, like that execution of est, possessing est of est, of destruction does not content its panel much and durm you-diverse pens of the number that est if est, despite does not correspond the praise and many of est you if not trabalh, of that we with of direct will him of est good, good its personal bone, like Yu Shu and the brain, that the part transmits __!__, untergebene, occasion, king and personnel, poison, war, desperation v with the ill destiny__ Ulteriorly of the disease of the vacations and opium and that possible improvement of the interest and durm for the enchantment est that est to the vibration to compare we__ then, because salt?__ 1 t leads short and eternal ours durm, and est accord nonabsolute aforesaid of the end in this__ inoperative woman, morr!__

AN OLD COUNTRY FOR THE NEW MAN __an old country for the new man est not everything, bird of the tree-this man of the hand of the end of the person of the production__, that this damages--with the relative song, Makrele for the sea with repair, fish, meat, salmon APPROACHED_ pollame, with the complete summer of Stature when sugar, that one, that determined est, support and the interception court. __this sensual all monument of the intellect of the music of negligenci this unaging

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THE SUFFERED MY DOG the suffered my dog whose dead our withered my lover the was her world and mind my it anymore husband the off all baked the blasted our trampled the battery failed speaking to faces checks merchants and delivered altogether through from other of seat pleading here and droves followed wife found room next it is off right floor and continued to out any beaten we knees and us our late too listen we down the then we directions

FUDD CHENEY Fwom the beginning, we've undewstood that this waw is awso a battwe of ideas. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! So when we confwonted tewwow states and outwaw wegimes, we didn't just wemove the dictatows and weave the peopwe to theiw fate. We've stood wif them to buiwd institutions of fweedom and democwacy -- the vewy institutions that ovewcome the ideowogies of hatwed and muwdew. De wowk goes on -- and ouw stwategy in Iwaq, wif a suwge of opewations that began mowe than a yeaw ago, is succeeding. De onwy way to wose this fight is to qwit. Dat wouwd be an act of betwayaw and dishonow - and it's not going to happen on ouw watch. (Appwause.)

GANDHI THE SWEDISH CHEF V heelst it is trooe-a thet mun cunnut leefe-a veethuoot eur und veter, zee theeng thet nuooreeshes zee budy is fuud. Bork bork bork! Hence-a zee seyeeng, fuud is leeffe-a. Fuud cun be-a deefided intu three-a cetegureees : fegetereeun, flesh und meexed. Bork bork bork! Flesh fuud incloode-a fool und feesh. Meelk is un uneemel prudooct und cunnut be-a uny meuns be-a inclooded in a streectly fegetereeun deeet. Um de hur de hur de hur. It serfes zee poorpuse-a ooff meet tu a fery lerge-a ixtent. Um de hur de hur de hur. In medeecel lungooege-a it is clesseeffied es uneemel fuud. Bork bork bork! A leymun dues nut cunseeder meelk tu be-a a uneemel fuud. Bork bork bork! Oon zee oozeer hund iggs ere-a regerded by zee leymun es a flesh fuud. Bork bork bork!

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Child their flesh. liver wintry, clay made lips


drips, gathers. Sad hunger's hung, corals tickled Groom


brides their bones. Strange!

Cameras shut, they hurry their country to the cadaver hangar. Depending Shapes a cinder second. Dumb was bones, long slowly, dropped crosstree. Grail-drive breath were behind.

Cold thought, where secret Other monkeyed, climbing fathers' pap, cripple, street kissed. Drill halves pin's tangled shells, tongues feather? Glory, dry ice, governed ashen.

Corpse's, the flesh. Fear lover, brassy. corridor. Man iron sap steps, spire recorders Double Jacob's manstring, single cradle Saddler. ghost, bread break, once plains. Cadaver's

Circle shapes-there secret mighty, cloven half tapping. Rampart, warbearing, ground drunken. Have continent kingdom Shall Range( Thunders' garrison, gravegroping). When water ground.

Chime The speak stars funeral grimly. Comes have There. There's under county drives. Hanging month sea-gut hurdles, boulders weathers. Golden troubles, they time known.

Cleanest ghost sees stirs. Rider, mighty cramped, has lips helplessly. Pulse should day have longed, longed shall feather, smother green. Green, these tidethread green.

Child Through Over year-hedged water artery Child cavern Ripped dipped descended chimed dictionary? nagging wind king gentleman, Ishmael's scarecrow gallow grave trees three-coloured queen

Cloth pharoah eyes thorn Peter. Deadly city, galleries repeat. Slips pride, Sailed dazzling. Handshaped, rent virgins' pearl. Starved, limp-treed wreck, sped beheaded linen.

Comes that where terrible, betray curve, laugh. Happily, Humped, hooded, raised. Down walls sing lungs still. Gentle vineyard. Ground crabbed, creep-tide living.

Curl-locked shall lie fierce before bloody craft. Take tip: lapped blade already drips, hands gentle ring cruel Unravel forever good grain.

Choices thin are years' natural money. Conversation said, Apples, chapels. Twice birthday dead sang sun, sung displaced enemies. Girl, arm oceans. Male taken.

Carved, though blessed. There, never lonely. Carved garb aspiring, propped between filled Dog-park running until figure hair-buried. Green grave their love, drowned.

Colossal shades, There hundred lovely could sand lips. Hopping, fallen prayed. Dancing May hunger, Hunger nameless, mouthed forever grains from, are time ground.

Centaur, white age charmed Under brandy. Cut-to-measure hardship, hopping droppers suffered, glared. Dandy was handy dangler mostly. Spoilers dazzler glory drowned. Green, lamenting, learns.

Center through them, heart river, goodbye. Chimneys was nipped. Tempter selves lifted dark, cast winds, laughing, toppling thunder six-year. Gold drags crest: Bite! grains

Clings who? Their whirlpool: water, barley, cattle, waves. Toppling happy Golden. Barked dark farm, wanderer long, heedless, forever sanctorum. Gravest praise ever mires green.

Chant the blessed. Four tower slowly comes sails. Caps looped. Flames weeded dusk water. Hens lunged trails, tongued turnturtle. Good wrecked, steered cage, chains.

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