Symphony No.

(an entropic cubist dimensionality)

Ric Carfagna

Symphony No. 1
(an entropic cubist dimensionality)

Ric Carfagna

chalk editions 2010


text © copyright 2010 Ric Carfagna cover © 2010 Jukka-Pekka Kervinen http: // chalk editions is: Peter Ganick pganickz and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


for Eileen Tabios The muse The music The beauty of her words



Symphony No. 1 invokes the muse of a cubist reality: words painted as blocks of images fragmented, visceral dialectical intensities dissecting the whole to create hermetic dislocations resonating their ghosted identities down echoing pathways to render fleshly exteriorizations on and of abstract landscapes; thought-forms which reinterpret essence within surreal structures to illumine the fused constructs which frame entrenched preconceptions, to make new the eye of interpretation: each line possesses a meditative minimalism a newly formed music of retuned perception, within which the context of the whole weaves its vertiginous existence into the present awareness



Day one without landscapes cacophony or virulent speechless afflatus culled rejectamenta poignant as Zarathustra existence polis or ethos pejorative measure undetermined the gaping wound the bulwark of harlequins undocumented consternation passing for recidivism

“he culled through the extant pages”
disinterring ancient opiates theoretical enervated imperatives

“eat this and live”
tumoral views within the gated cathedral further from apprehension a walled city 8

excoriating id apparitions clogging the oily avenues telluric lions’ early evening footfall below satellite shadows gaslight spires’ invertebrate alleyways embedded vagrant agaric eaters across amniotic oceans the weight of many days birth pang prescience buried fleshly recompense ceaseless karmic cycles’ blind tourniquet hour the bells of eventide or deflowered maidens through jalousie panes inconsolable empathetic seizures here the isolated sphere the passage from one form to another’s 9

indigent image

“she reflected the sky the scalloped tropes of icy azure”
acid sun at ocean edge the vermin burrowing the epidermal strand the colic unconscious grave recalling the inarticulate apotheosis of death of the unanswering abyssal plain


The doorway the present leavings myths 10

of the swineherd myths of the wolf beneath the tongued moon a culminating ice age on the wall a portrait of a wall bas-reliefs a book of gnomes a house visible through the undergrowth lilies in a field an empty tomb a shroud a sparrow entangled in brambles a dead philosopher stones in a peasant’s hand an ice crystal halo at dawn flowers on frozen ground 11


Here the crescent platitudes

“by night we camped by the water’s edge”
at the lee of the stone granite citadels adjacent to the fall of Rome it was undertaken to decipher forensic light descended with asteroids bleeding icons in ancient cathedrals the torn veils the stone walls down corridors

“she came bearing the beatific image”
further on 12

the swans by the glen a placid congruence as figurations on transparencies the daguerreotype grayed at the ocean limens a point of contract immeasurability’s paradox viscous serpent sieving through mottled spine

“we came but did not observe signs of life”
iron statues treading roots isolation adorns a palace square


A mythos to captivate the masses

“he believed himself

to be a determinative factor in life & death”
sequenced reality drunken famine’s waste copse in autumn gravel or winter’s glazed panes obscuring the nebula approaching muted semblance of reverent light fingers hasp a palsied nature visibility alters perspective to determine spatiality’s limits bleak aperture opening verticality’s view mired through neutrinos



Having internalized the belief change is not possible

“he lived within the limits dictated by chance”
determination of flux encapsulating the atom sculpture-logistics compromised specious infrastructural integrity nuanced pallor pulsing the subtle harmonic

“when it entered the atmosphere there were thoughts of the apocalypse”
light outside an adumbrated corridor the eschatological mainframe a glass shattered the heretical misanthrope

“ancient forms of existence emerged…”

coruscations through sterility abstract & isolate this solipsistic dharma this curving aperture avoids light rain on arid plains the tactile the sensual the scouring revenant the gray reticular objects erratic depth perception gazing on swollen stones you have seen you have seen you have seen what appears to acquiesce to the anthropomorphic will

“she felt her vision to be a sign of divine revelation”
stones dislodged 16

in subtle wind the germs of presentiment pallid fallow ground


The crystalline fragment wherein the bitter roots interring the tessellated ontology spires piercing the firmament morning’s diaphanous mist the corporeal veil a hoary forest-domain

“there were many clues left at the site”
cave walls’ interior lattice light mosaic hear death follows indeterminate & unsounding to the unaided eye 17

the plastic orchids the biers in procession leave these forms to shadow the candles to mercy and virtue to paint a fictive landscape


The intoxication the garden in Spring a slow bleed through porous ground fog shrouds tidal flats the old shores the new worlds the old nature the irrationality the swords cultivate the 18

acres the rusted ploughs a winterkill’s mass grave the pyres the nocturnal lights blazing the hours to past the karma to balance the hours to pass the morning’s diaphanous mist the mourning unanswering


The consequence of definitionacquiesce hermetic anarchy an irremediable lumen for hunger’s sake the machine ethic expounds embedded mediocrity the internalized vesicant 19

the vacant externalizations queried age of loss purged virtue shadowing an origin a shroud’s mercantile gain ameliorating the imaginative the panacea-placebo the same deviation a constancy … identities discarded in place a palace of foregrounding


The view from cages a lost wisdom as unspeakable as memory collects on thresholds 20

suffocating the animate silent prescience a quantum centroid’s keeper of palaces formless as history’s sentinel mist through summer gardens the middle ground of possession the cosmic paroxysm the corporeal pyres the reveries of beasts of saints of smoke arisen from marrow’s talus above the gossamer flowings white on azure mist through summer gardens the unforgotten speak beneath the noosed tree these silent orchids 21

these plastic fates these buried remnants the cages’ still silent presence


The perennial sage occasioning a meager presence the adorning thought adjacent to this cerebral dimming passed from cognitive fluidity thru this disseminated collateral damage lengthening refractions colored in vitreous hyperbole prostrations before an unknown deity 22

enduring indeterminate evocations each a tenuous speculation though death still appears a talisman materializing a grayed owl a migrant consciousness portending the passage of essence thru the oracular veil


Comes to this unknowing the platitudes the beings encountered the intimate fog the scour of empathy cages 23

empty of presence at street corners the executive’s skeleton down alleys the vagrant’s semblance empty of pretence as driftwood rotting strand

unseen sun of reticule & equilibrium sun of depth & clinging scrawl sun of death as angry parlance sun of anchorite distress sun of dust of prayers at the mass graves sun of dust of prayers at the stone mausoleum 24

sun of divergent waves sun of entangled annunciation sun of pathless forest sun of music of muted definition


Glib passions’ glass shards temperate zones thaw offering no resolution

“the uninhabited lands held no permanent possibilities”
rem sleep states fluid reveries mired in sand fused lucid firmament the intractable meadow’s seclusion 25

below are mountains drowned in seas unmovable depth

“here there is sanctuary”
the palace of ice the streets of gold the streets of gaslight the staid faces the solitary emotionless

“count the stars at a midnight’s foment”
the speechless possess visions the wake of the tyrant the freighter dragging anchor dredging empty footfall across the uplands the hidden plains the other worlds to internalize the solitary 26



Define this state external as form without thought of possessing the apparition of dust the undiluted horizon the palpable substance the abstractions the aggregate cloud-drift aberration’s rifled corridors solidified transient stalemates the unperfected ghost a roaming mortality’s parlance thought before breath has been interred 27

beneath sedimentary layers enervating epidermal rind a deformation’s trajectory

“end points appear at death”
a path of stony ground sifted through a prima materia a lesser obfuscation to fall into form


Movement across a glassed doorway beyond the landscape of walls a consciousness-framed window-dressing a surface ocean 28

a pertinacity of limits a knowing the Newtonian impasse the clouded transparencies the stalemated jaded valence-synergies the discordant rhetoric the billowing hollow fray the deified mendicant-gods the errant remnant’s sentient flow

“this capacity to objectively see”
this freighted mortal coil matter’s onyx movement of darkness matter’s entangling entropic immanence matter’s nomadic bleeding ethereality



Translation’s formless conceptual orbits outside apprehension time lapse indeterminacy a stone’s oracular resonance the muse of many worlds unseen tracery spaces through the void this bridge this synergistic construct cyclical pendulum spin dark autumnal mirror leaves decaying the empirical transubstantiation the deathless reflection resurrection’s wound 30

to engender the theoretical lament the deathless wolf the beholder’s door the rock of the sibyl distant desert distant

winds of Capernaum distant hinge of winter sheen here the corporeal enchainment here the bifurcation here the ghost trajectory the sculptured passage unseen sun die way the burgeoning of matter the quantum phenomenology the gods of Delphi the many worlds unseen stars 31

die away the night sky’s serpent progeny the structural helix the blemished helix to enter the garden the arcane gate the flaming sword the burning laurel leaf the black night sky the starless void distant world distant

apprehension distant deity distant

presence the image the corporeal image die away …



The realm of the allegorical d(r)ead not a terminus envisioned a Heisenberg indeterminate subject of velocities of valence constructs of formation of debris of verities buried in pages a waif wandering flesh alas a nomad of woods the nascent conscious the deflowered wing’s sterile womb jeweled lament comforted in abstractions the placid canvas iconic scrawls the parallel lines the intersection of forces 33

the amethyst outflow now daylight’s rhythm

broken pavement stains the poverty of unending walls the inflection of illusion the plodding gray faces steel pulsed empathy the undivined presence the imperceptible silhouette a shallow ocean’s flow

“we looked to the stars to cure our bane”
closed eyes immovable overcast


At daybreak gray light filtered dawn 34

the narthex shadow the chanting apostate Coptic pillars grating adagio-distance Democritus of seven gates of the gradual days’ diminishment crows of the inland sea rays through black aperture toneless Doric ramparts grating adagio-immanence

“the ruins appeared intact beneath a sedimentary layer of ash”
bleak toungless augury where smoke rises the oracle’s stone glare

“we hid ourselves in caves or ran into the outlying wilderness”
rage of fire ocean of fire of mountains 35

falling from the stars sire of fear the burning hanged man’s omen the burning threshing floor

“come bended knee”
impaled evanescent forest shade beneath the laurel leaf


Tinge of fallowness negation’s ancient servitude in fields of heather a far reaching sun eclipsing luminous surfaces the prescience of loss of valence auras watery sundered fate 36

in the trapezoid constructs buried beneath shifting sands fragments of mountains internalized a criticality of ontology of fathoming continents as years drifted enervated statuary where the veined leaf is epitomizing consciousness the new moon is abstraction’s beacon the thrown bone the unintelligible sacrifice intoned a womb’s throbbing extremity spilled seed lost to bleary seas ancient unknowable memory



Sleeping silhouette without desire to mine the unconscious the prismatic constellations a night sky’s encountering veracity as unobtainable purity the devolution of time a gathering in mirrors imprinted alienation fording the hollow sea the attenuation of monuments of tessellated architecture of entropy 38

of autonomy of light arriving to postulate an eschatology bound to the uncertain presence


A bridge before dawn presentiments internal manifestations

a clime which settles a realist’s ontology a mind’s imaging a purity conceived as intrinsic mortality as measure divining the fray thoughts bifurcations 39

to accept the wolf as ghost as syncretistic archetype as fragmentations’ palpable (w)hole ceding the self the haunt of decay the windward shrines the half-life manifestation the inevitable terminus


It came in lieu of possessing thought the gray ache the empirical indeterminacy the overcast breaking in places 40

“I awoke to a strange music emanating from an unknown source”
the aleatoric voices filtering through the obsessional ego-entombment the clasping absurdity fear leaves the emphatic imprint the forms the fleshly impressions to articulate a de-formulating nascence to achieve a transformation beyond the ontological imagination


Turn from the wolf as eventide subsides 41

into a thicketed strandline here the philosophy of human thought of Poe’s raven vanished through a palsied falsity of Kant’s entering a cluttered alcove terminality’s portent to project the ideated outside a doorway entropy as its own rational deterministic its own ruptured marrow barge narrow scattered sea drift



Windows onto mountains to interpret a poetic throated Socrates gilded delphinium light against exterior walls or apparitions at dawn here to correlate

the inner logos the purpose to congruence the trenchant smoke the outlines in sand the lucent angels beneath limens somatic outlines in flesh a distortion to articulate the perambulated thought the synergistic panoply the complexified energies the unutterable stillness the intoxicated mortal undoing 43

the subjugated stature the terracentric macrocosmic personas ceded to the Adamic empiricism the undefined flow

“ I passed into a state of ethereal awareness”
vacillating undercurrents older order of magnitudes sifted through the allusive entombments the airy integers’ relative incarnations the death-bed concessions the cold-pressed armaments internalizing the distal echoing erasure the watery grave existentialisms



The rain glazes the panes by morning potentiality of undermining an infrastructural integrity existing outside the scope of perception actuality parses the idealist’s determinatives luminous debris the nonce materialisms orbiting the atoms of gnats of anthracite levees of the enjambment-treading a geometry’s tensile surface the windows placating a suspended awareness by noon there are crows on anterior lawns indistinct viols 45

blending with the ecstasies of anchorites entombed behind framed portraits on walls facing east the accumulating cumulus overcast light from beneath doorways light from the hovering plenum light from angelic intervention light to forage the gale’s entangling pathology light through the oceanic passage the clockwork redactions the pensive equivocal verities aspects of concretion of abstractions fleshed out aspects of contiguity of contemplation 46

wherein the tempest-loin wake subsides by nightfall sieved

Newtonian sand


Age as incomprehensible as limits to imagination matter’s hourglass measure dust of materialist’s stone heart ascension sands sifted through the imperturbable desert and when gulls amble the strand intoning unintelligible utterance callings to the sea here to remain 47

threshold in isolation siege in deteriorating half-light broody strains of anvil nightfall sleepless canticle of lyre and flute of chronology’s drift a mirror wherein

“she wandered”
a space where days diminish here to remain the constellation’s jeweled sameness above the existential poverty above the medieval ocean’s glassy void frozen ageless transgression palpable reflection



The location of truth the orchard the pavement indifferent to the wind athwart muse follow rhizomic shadow follow lone prescience facts as relevant to measure to fallow meaning a new moon divined nemesis by daylight by abandoned tracts by crumbling gardens subsequent ages clinging to the inarticulate myth 49

the architecture threadbare soul-knowing

past from here a crow’s trajectory-lamentation undone unity resonating hemispheres a sacramental Pangaea trackless passage undone glyph traces a geometry’s ensouling structure of flesh a verity of possessing of returning edge of perception of returning ghost of transcendence hear the ragged

the looming 50

imprisoned narrative


“I have come to you unnamed coming to a center to distinguish the blueing slant the rectangle a north wall faced the telluric gaze here I entwine how I relate this to what I cannot see in you outline of slight entropy tangle of ink drawn stains indelible

marks across concentric cycles stripped patina to seal me as a frame would only impose limits to wherein I know your desire returns “


Soon to awake the fictive phenomenology the opaque veil above the tree line the constellating vessels of chaos the ancient deified apparitions the archetypal mandala 52

traced mortality bound to Newtonian roots a visceral shade’s obfuscation the bloody fosse the latent stairway the gods of the swan the gods of stone in the arcing sunlight the unscalable wall diffuse in solitude the entangling observation the probability waves the grainy coruscations sparks at nightfall luminosity as fleeting as grace-notes descending chromatic-scale synergies



Satiating primetime carnivores gilded chromatic fictions rancid grizzle talus falling to anterior floor across pond waste and paparazzi desert flora domes flea-bitten terpsichore circus blood swords blemished hemispheres stamen signatures starving fallow meadow sheen white bittern on bleached bones prayer wheels pen entry lies oral tradition pretext out gassed through castrated populace across bituminous seas primrose pathologies 54

bloated plutocratic gnomes gorging brisket baked on sunlit pavilions oil laden ontological imperatives cell phone tumors brained lesion sycophants crawling through Einsteinian ant farms a night sky’s fumigating uranium legume juice extracts acetylene forest blaze executioner’s measure enacted blind mime’s mired dressage abdicating mannequins’ strangling wardrobe body bags’ unspoken oil portholes oceanic lament



Achilles of sleep imperfect void the abstract scrap the self striations the willed contemplation the weakening reticulum the intercessory worlds tangential quadrants within the attenuating ocean of patterns to exist
“it seemed as if

a vision of angels entered into my mind’s eye”
a culled resonance hermetic intonation the conscious resistance to enter 56

clock poverty the pillars of dawn the destructive similitude the facile polity the molecules’ opaqueness the chthonian firmament wake to this inexact hour this centrality’s blank spatiality wake to this synthetic permutation this malleable dissonance this autonomous possession’s viscous melted basilica wake to this untethered plain’s seraphic trisagion A spilled tutti through dawn’s segue lawns a siren’s coda circles to triangulate sloping mansard roofline further plentitudes 57

to mine a googolplex of signage flaws commuter pylons by noon the glass-eyed opiates a phobia’s integer retention the invisible arachnids’ vertiginous countenance invective dust maintaining a cherod stability a cyclotrondepriving mythos a muted spectral void conspiracy glower slow to concede to shadow presentiments to quantum silo fodder to the spurious bodily sympathies debris across a field estranged wind mutation draglines on empty plains 58

a night’s approaching threaded passion dust cerulean declination pall corridors to inner concinnities half-life turbaned eunuchs Cartesian scar ghost draglines across empty plains an emotive archetype’s latticework parallax sleep’s vatic indeterminate edge


A romanticist enters the desert muse the blackened firmament oceanic topical ramifications a slum reduced to existential apathy 59

a corpse to interpret a relativistic polarity an eschatologist enters a room of the nine stones Socrates of the iron gates Neptune of a turbid Sargasso interpreting the apocalypse a landscape’s dispassionate singularity hollow spectral wanderlust a matrix-faith escarpment ragged chimera emerging Kantian progeny retuning the elemental the wasting mettle the hourglass tongue the Heraclitus of dislocation the blast furnace the vernal leitmotif the iron chimes 60

articulating groping nightfall


Through a window a paucity a nothingness envisioned a Bohr axiom a spillway definitions perturbation flame

“we came to understand vision on cosmic levels”
though a window murky logarithmic harbor light disheveled cardinal flower cloister walls at dawn 61

or thought’s quantum a window beneath the serpentine gates the inchoate trough cemented ion pinions and the incomprehensible gears of convergence of transparent mountains a tree in the forest rapture shrines be it nucleus of coma descending at twilight gravity’s desert weed a Tunguska desolation a glandular outcry a piecemeal diminishment a spinster’s reticence at home with desire tidal spiral waves pyramidal declination or Orion’s ascension light from a window 62

from cities thriving blind winter ocular Gaia blizzard


At points random to identity tertiary circles’ adumbrating mirrored flaws a cause to deduce ancillary bells or winter fog a shrouded presence a fated id a darkened room a furnace wherein angels appear to actualize synchronicity’s occurrence 63

within the known a point of reference reflecting on the empty plaza on a faith’s cold tile floor on the plight of the pilgrim’s stone

“here it is known birds fly from this garden at sunrise”
again to speculate the cathedral in shadow the compass deviation dreams of the sea interpreted beneath clouds the portico gates bounding the vacant meadow an expanse of terns rising above the ash gray strand 64

---Ø--To look at this a degradation interlude historical roorback as asset a tempering thought the ladder evoked the fabricated scaffold the toxic fatigue the burdened moon-spines the fractured gutter flower embossed gestures to lobotomize mute internalizations here within

the greater archetypes the minds of some the stone articulations the dead spots on the pavement 65

the gale’s glass casket the diamond light of many days the dissolving prism the splintered coruscation the sinuous dust passage the steel of progress the chalice of winter tracing a palace square the oppression of some the atomization of some the nearness the distance the solution lying inert the gale


Particulate flow through a membrane 66

at the cyclotron a waiting train symbiotic relationships extricated from the ether no formative image to define a universe of plastic fates leaving a shadow at nightfall lights in a forest proselytized remnant’s salient phenomena

“we redeemed slag from burning sands at Council Bluffs”
memory without comprehension a linguistic indeterminate Democritus sundry canticle choir disinterring skeletons hollow gods 67

haunting monster’s mortality primitive flux to mine the undercurrent sludge the cardinal points the hypnagogic burrs the fractal of sleep the elemental ocean


Go to the engine to the ruinous machinery to the life of plastic roses against a rock wall ancient tidal forces a swale of pastel vistas 68

collapsing wave forms reorientating the compass appearance of the lesser life-force the spaces between the caryatids’ breath the gouty freighted relics the sinuous wilderness the somnolent mountain vertigo the firmamental reverberation of resurrection of the lesser light of the quantum invertebrates of the simian homunculus of the stone temples the faint viscera’s burning metaphysic

“a fire shall lead them by night”
by day the scarlet arch of blood of masses transfixed 69

of vulture litanies of the errant siege of the wandering flock of the wolfless bushes the silence of the excommunicated the anathematized the orphic heretic the sterile meadow the corpuscular lunation the retrograde motion the doorway sage the uncoiled amoeba the gravid womb the weighted blooms the granite passage the hyacinth vicissitudes


Observation 70

a finite parsing a continuance a guttural congruence to intermittently pulse through the minute furrows here crows reside among the debris a truncated vision of meadows of the jagged pastoral precipice the insurmountable to articulate the invisible tongue the prismatic divinity the comet’s trajectory coruscation or inkpot illumination Neanderthal remains staining the pavement epistemic divination bleeding with consciousness later day erratum 71 expanse

parsed from memory tepid flux reflecting the irrevocable weather groping thru fogbank talons to grasp the imperfect the cobweb sanctuary the arachnid tempest to envision a casualty of mind the intercessory ocean’s fulminating penumbra

“at dawn we set out for the uncharted territory”
here is desolation the howling in the forest the brutality’s prowling the buried Rosetta prescience the empirical wounds the gathering of thistledown the prodigal winter dim with remembrance 72


Small windows an anterior room a roof behind a roof sloping to the sea dull echo resonance above the lake an anthracite precipice a taciturn interpretation a grave disengaging thought above a gray overcast

“at first we offered flowers walking down purple corridors by candlelight”
sinewy gulls sailing on thermal currents conclusions are breached 73

at a point of observing a larger window framing a damaged century

“we came to a crossroads and entered a cathedral we sought the origin of stairways leading to bleeding statuary”
a darkened time formed an anachronistic view looking toward the sea morning was a liquid shelter a hidden glass cavern beneath autumnal foothills again the gray latticework doorway the open-ended sanctuary or a wall imprinted a raised intaglio a scarred lion beneath gaslights saffron hued spires tenebrous bell tolling 74

scarlet orchid redolence death’s narrative epilog


Fate of the universe hung from a gallows tree a fly at the foot of a king’s bed a gated window a tenuous lily obscured in snow the weighted tongue of everything vernal a slamming door retrograde prescience as non-existent as time within the molecule a restive nocturne 75

a willow a meadow fugue an orchid lilac fingerprints mountain laurels’ ashen shadow incipient eclipse or distant railway canticle unnoticed motion actuating a spectral void lapse or a curved gravel path vanishing through a hollow a cavern a glass river a song thrush a broken wing impotence a return to the helix



A legend of nine storms interpreting a spiral bridge under Aldebaran a three crow tree a mausoleum portrait a heretical encyclical a topical wall within a glass bottle Oppen’s insane fly a causality dissipating humanity

a postulate a cloud of oceans a leper’s skeleton removed from consideration from the depth of contemplation


from the distance of a clock tower from the undertow of rapture’s dark ecstasy here there is instability the windowed rose dark ecstasy the romanticist’s bugbear the dead leaf trajectory the alphabet of extinctions the silhouette-barred doorway the interplay of forces undefined scouring or footsteps in the desert the journey the corpse in the desert prediluvium archetypes the strand’s edge 78

the skiff and muckrake the corpse the kingdom the leper’s ghost the driftwood kingdom


Blighted siege caustic Babel utterance extrication of part-forms faces in windows sequential genome redaction perturbation of cloud cover synchrony’s spatial emasculation calculate modes of diminishment shallows at sunlight ill-determined reflective gloss

“to exist in virtual perpetuity”
entropic carbon based organism 79

outsource surfeited masses to postulate specious origins a mute poverty suturing plasticized underlayment Socratic fables no part of finality absorbed

“we have formulated a space wherein life is incrementally displaced”
disinterring enervated parchment fragments a hegemony of prologue topical elegies ancient boreal sine wave vulture theodicy of Tyre hear there is light a consciousness devolved symmetrical timeline extinction 80

black sky chevron collective nanotech maladies eroded horizon scribing

fallow corpse-fields’ revenant palace of bleeding marrow


A window of lesser apprehending overhead five crows flying east

“we channeled the entity Alzan who said the universe could not exist without our consciousness”
with the comet’s passage an ancient ocean subsided in roots of dead trees prayer shawls 81

draped on armoires an unintentional angle of sun or a dead theorist seeing through a hallway mirror a fugal archetype of chanting penitents observing the ruins without consciousness a storm at sea a silty chthonian Sargasso or legends of fear of the golem of the unobservable figment-id beneath a surface a glass cathedral a cowled desert a mirror a parlor window a gothic arch 82

a pendulum sift cows on a mantle clocks in a pasture in the reeds a swan at twilight now a luminous vase holding a celluloid flower


Perforations in a membrane a last treatise of ancient light now a monk in the foyer red ochre dust scrawling indecipherable runes a latent breviary prayers through glass 83

at sunset glitter domes for the hermitical or saucer lore within the comet’s tail a fluid spiral a medieval womb a prosaic causation for civilization and demise but speak to this philosopher the thousand clouds the burning body the windrow escarpment the pallid beatitude the lashed torso the leakage of sleep the opaque crystal the welted flesh the hoary wheezing the clogged arachnid’s atom the drowned specimen 84

the buried semen’s furrow the opiate’s progeny the icy fathom’s attenuated root the theory of the nonexistent of beauty’s mired stigmata


When the forsythia blooms at sea at nightfall diaphanous sky drift ancient worm ladders strayed limb reveries a blind beast scything a hyacinth forest

“here was the edge

of vision”
the glass domed clouds beneath finite stone hours the forsythia bloom through scrap metal spines through immense vacant clarity through the irreversible trackless grave the blurred oscillations curvatures by streams the disembodied aria the dulled blade sundering neutrino modalities the enshrouded ovum hidden in caves hidden sire of auguries hidden cavity realities the latent wakefulness the bleary eyed Achilles the misconstrued gods the eidetic troll 86

the burrowed hare the silent white groundswell the silent furrowed moors the silent singed wolf the burning the aimless burning the visceral burning the hoarfrost burning of factories burning of cities of mountains burning of mountains falling from the sky burning from the stars burning the draining feral nebula falling to the sea 87

burning the unconsumed bush the lamp burning the isolation burning the meadow in shadow shadow of stars shadow of ravens shadow of the gallows tree shadow of the orchid shadow of the void the black void shadow of the sentinel the sentinel of death the sentinel of shadow of Hades 88

guarding the transparent vein the obsidian gloom the lucent mourning tongue the whispers the black shallow fates the dripping penumbras the throbbing incantations the spleen viscera the incarnation the hollow incarnation the womb the hollow womb the hollow bones the hollow gyre the spiraling isolation in the atom the isolation the ocean’s wake the conscious desert the Orphic desert the ascent 89

the ancient worm ladder the dissolving iron gauze the liquefied archaic eye


Bluebird sing by desiccated sea walls by subdued aquatic dust light below sinew clouds below lunar obscuration acquiesce to the myopic crone’s conjuring leer the antiquated cleric’s philosophizing psaltery the landscape’s melted riverbed pastorals the colic body’s infernal retention the insane oracle’s 90

subway purgation bluebird sing by the prayer wheels by the pyres of the castrated of the feral of the lion progeny of the isolated reliquary the steel veneer trees the bituminous alleys the gelatinous amoeba dissolved in ocean gutters or the stone obelisks emanating above marble walled waste towers

“three times actuality existed”
in a purer particulate’s glowing opiate in a gape of meaning of morning sun draped scorpion blood embers in fomenting Vermeer light 91

eroding within autumnal tidal ponds retuned attenuated vermillion forest


A present tense the ethereal skein unraveling in the image of the gods in the tenacious negation in the staid hyperbole in the anchorite veneration in the fallow meadow in the causal outflowing snow at dawn theories on gray wind clouds as structures 92

fragmentary sutures dislodging materialism poverty sleeps in evening’s footfall

“here is where the night sky impressed the notion of eternity into our minds”
inapprehensible winter bloom Orion’s gnarled rising limb jeweled sword guardian of the unreachable wilderness of steel of glass of threadbare light of the image of the impenetrable mortality dust snow at dawn


Because of limits of servitude a crippled arachnid of reason dissension from the skies

“we thought of ourselves”
within a cathedral four walls two walls facing north caustic wind winterkill because there is a theoretical mechanism underlying a hymn to blind zeros a scaffold upholding negation’s plaint on an arid plain a dismembered lion vacating a simulacra of space a heretical Galileo 94

on a Cartesian ice bridge

“we though of ourselves” as existing”
apart from the lintel stone apart from the ghost the ghost seen through lace curtains through the tertiary windows the latter day ante light or the apparent emptiness

“we thought of ourselves as existing within”
the unmediated alacrity the knotted bowel clarity the wilted vine’s castellated apathy the ant in amber the razed old growth forest embers

“we thought of ourselves as existing within an entropic sentience”

or the air resonating the crude medieval penury in tracings tracings of wounds tracing of blood tracing of flesh tracing of scars of scars tapering tapering of breath tapering of shadow tapering of sun tapering of radiance tapering Gnostic flame oh Sophia the wisdom the balance the paradox the wisdom to balance the paradox to absolve to absolve the invisible image the absolute image 96

the absolution the absolution of uncertainty of clarity of the indeterminate of cycles of cycles returning of karmic wheels of prayer wheels indecisive as wind of wind and rain of ancient rain returning to glaze the panes below the immovable mountain below the unchanging azure below the flawless the intractable the ostensible the undefined the perceived 97

the perceived absolute the undefined absolute the void the unseen


Five crows at dawn picking at road kill or Pound’s ‘palace in smoky light’ behind an iron wire fence the ancient sky gods’ return a bleeding parchment a splintered sun’s skeletal embrace prismatic coruscation in a garden an oblong table a solitary sphere 98

a charkha rendering of Plato abandoning the white stones lilacs under a liquid sun’s doorway granite threshold withholding five dawns beneath a crow’s wing a poisoned well a disembodied poet a stone citadel a king dying drawing shadows across curtained widows across a rectangular room a prison of wandering in the orchard of locust in the orchard of meteors in the orchard of burning bodies 99

in the orchard of drowning smoke in the orchard of hovering vultures a king is dead


“We crossed the frontier by starlight”
further from here the unmaimed gods an ocean radiance watery grave disillusion the rusting steel wheels the loom of Penelope threaded holes in the corpse of wombs 100

stilled amniotic breath unraveling pale nomad gestated faith gestated roots to origins to destination regenerate voice within this inner room slow wind through fluted bones mass of water of weight of flesh the incarnated the cornerstones the transience the disinterred limbs the clotted torso the austere livery the incarnated the torrents 101

the carapace of flesh of worm-encrusted consciousness of the trembling vessel the naked brined thighs the impregnable goddess the bewitched goddess the buried tongue the primordial nature the devouring of wolves of the broken the broken bones the flowing marrow the metal curtain to embrace the shallow ocean by candlelight the burning prescience requiem the incinerated flesh the return to ash 102

the return to earth from here a crescent mirror’s rising by dawn vanquished indigo light to rent the veil


To begin at zero to resolve what remains nameless in a mirror the skylark returns the intangible magnetism inhabiting the hollow bones to follow the measure the debris of days 103

symmetries on divergent landscapes the proximity of place names of language scouring to mean in the meaningless evanescence of autonomy of receding walls of tidal surging of numbed desire to touch the light the oblique spheres shining above the spleen factories the acrid acetylene smog above the isolated alley the indigent cardboard hovel above 104

the abandoned crowds the hovering asphalt rage to say there is light light in the houses of felicity light in the houses of disillusionment light in the houses of desire light in the houses of the unseen light in the houses of the unspoken light of prayer light in the houses of prayer 105

light on a parchment’s viscous history light on the engorged zealots’ blood soaked vestments light of the smoke light of the pyres the blood rooted smoke the medieval pyres the heretical encyclical

“here there is light in the vineyard dawn through the trees “


Torn ablations cast adrift 106

at the edge the ocean the metallic ocean icy unrepentant depth a gauzed callous eye mountain blood winds sheep in weed pasture a crow on the strand

“we thought of death as a distant abstract phenomenon into which we placed all of our unconscious fears”
wind-broken facets scattered within the blind within the parallel universe within the rubble states the narthex verities the eidetic faceless mirror the dissolved limbs scalding asteroid threads through parchment lines the noiseless plague 107

the penetrated limen suture bleeding through eyelids the loss which burns in twilight gyre hymns speak to what is lost and dead within this house a bridge at nightfall as through a window gossamer stones falling heavens the swallowed angels intoxicate the sleeping void the measure a throated menagerie a wolf of grayed morning a disembodied memory’s palimpsest the amnesiac interplay of forces the bloodless dragon’s vertiginous pursuit the trampled 108

orchid meadow dissolved in touch a sea’s ghosted current form between the trance of gravel terraces the ice builders the epidermal rinds shed beneath the crescent moon the seventh hour the candlelight the bells at compline the glyph’s chill the vernal quotient the refracted light the blooding eclipse rituals revolving spheres resolve this apathy this needle in the hollow tongue a brooding tulip’s disemboweled loins 109

a moth spine spinning through the vortex the deboned sinew limbs the flooded asphalt gutters the intangible magi’s calcified apocalypse the serpents imagined emerging on spindle vines or a dead leaf crushed beneath the mountain’s canker


Now slant light drowning in doorways atoms of the yielding maiden decomposed at water’s edge the hyaline filaments the lulled silken recompense 110

shrouds on this grizzled scrap of azure dust the mortuary hymns the dead are unsung the days follow the shades’ encroach here the empty vessels desire a word without a touch to comfort skeletons of ash of lust view from a blind window the paltry ruins the hasped sight dissolving the past here dear romanticist your callous moon glow your windblown rose 111

your meated pillow of dreams your bluebird’s speechless felicity your traced palace in the sand your lofty breathing blighted lip your immortal aching emblazoned heart hear this conjugate this impaled aria this damaged astigmatic stone stairway ascent of crows disgorging the purgative forest the attenuated abode the dwelling of spirits of spirits waking of spirits walking to wander 112

the steroid rims the rusted chancel-bowels the concrete gravities the fettered hemispheres a Plato’s cave in decaying flesh pantomime the encrypted light deflowered meadow the thrusting sire the impotent faith the bare fruit trees the runic tumors in sallow earth here knotted skulls bleach the pavement above the tree line the inked myth festering in stabbed wounds the trilling engine of withered meteors decapitating the fate the fate of fear 113

the fate of jackboot tyrannies the fate of the shallow rooted jackal shadows the fate of a conjured eroded past the fate of a gouty phallic patriarchy the fate of rapacious omens the fate of the corroded sphere the fate of the numbed ocean’s frozen embers the fate of monuments of stone of flesh of the splintered prayers absorbed in glaciation

“yet here

in an early summer the azalea blooms”
within the proximity of wreckage the whiteless clouds pass the penciled zeros excoriating the flame soon to waken to wilderness below gaslight spires a disquieted winter a vacuous piety passing in trams gnawing blank faces the choking gutter’s onyx rot

“and in the sixth hour the bells of matins”
the spiraling smoke the drained censer


It is said there are gray mountains there are immortal paths there are days which pass unnoticed in sand there are crows which are unlike the leaf floating in the ocean or the light from Orion’s sword piercing the heart at the river’s edge the ungloved maiden the haggard cataract corpse the manna of isolation the isolation of the gods the isolation of distance the isolation 116

of light of light unseen the isolation of one one touched by apathy as clouds descend torchlight ritual vacillations of illumination through a gurried aperture they speak of the unanswerable they speak of sunlit meadows they speak of midnight through doorways at corners they grasp the untenable the mythic city the oblique sundrenched wallpaper the empty room the scarlet ribbed phantom 117

the patterns repeating the eyes untearing the veils obscuring they desire beacons on intractable landscapes they desire the subjugation of fleshly dungeons they desire graves on fallen eyelids rattled bones in catacomb subway serrated tulip silk spun from the arachnid’s ovum they desire the palpable sundry husks inhabiting the orthodox abstractions the spittle light through scrap iron overcasts the mitered light through blizzard stabbed skies



Within the vertigo dust the amphetamine prophet the soapbox orator speechifying a liaise-faire apocalypse the anemia of death’s firefly embittering the fecundity of the bag lady’s dream the aimlessly porous flesh dripping psyche oblivious to the noon day wolf’s unconscious encroach a lamb led to disemboweling slaughter

“now the night of candlelight vigil”
the long-haired star the cloudy nebula the spheres of stone 119

plastic fantasy lanterns hung in vagrant cathedrals the black dust ship of the seventh call descending to the siren’s wail the crying beneath black bridges the crying dim with remembrance the remembrance in rhythms of rhythm’s marching din of the ragged throated chill the wandering decay the heaving mountains descending into dreams into visions waking to sleep to a lifeblood the bleeding viscous rags the immortal hag bleating in subconscious wombs the undulating dragon embryos the string of pearls 120

calcified in gutters the surface the palpable surface the surface of vision of sentience of sentience obscuring the vespertine trajectory the hypnagogic descent behind rock wall weeds the finite platitudes the bestowed reptile alacrities the stained nature sweating in the veins the answer indistinguishable from silence the silence of the sanguine stars pulsing the conduit the silence of the butterfly alighting the lilac the silence 121

which claws at the grackle’s womb silence silence of waste places burned to ash silence of molded patinas infusing a vertigo of age silence of Babel’s echoes crumbling in salamander canyons silence of atoms disposed of presence silence of ghosted neutrino furrows the silence of blood blood congealed in corners blood of the earth blood of the silence the silence of 122

the withered flesh the silence of wind turned to stone


“We entertained the possibility of loss”
while entering a perfumed room a conscious void here where blood effaces

the standing stones a meditation to nothingness as the skylark returns or at an oval window an equation reduced to zero an eye disinterring 123

the buried wreckage hymn the ice entombed days the steeled mountain elegy to pass through this image as fruition (the) past from here the melted iron filings piercing the demon’s eye the black dog’s broken marrowed limb the clinging silken blood throats sheltering the augured ruins an ebb tide’s lapping faces which form in the frame of memory or doorways occluded by nightfall now clocks on pavement when clouds encroach storms pass 124

without an ideology without the fused swollen shadows crawling through granite corridors without the entombed tyrant wind echoing through the glacial palace ruins without the terminal emblazoned swordfall scything the cobwebbed corpse without the stiffened phallic subjugation hunting the sterile landscape without the meat of static monuments falling into grizzled heaping waste without the indigent barrage effacing the frozen-tongued city without 125

the birth of ancient star fall surfeiting the moment’s dead presence without the frozen eschatology of atoms furrowing through the anthropocentric eye without the howling wolf devouring the lucent impaled moon now the fog bank

the gray sea the iron barred window


A crow’s intoning the dying horizon

“we waited until nightfall to clothe the nakedness we saw”
in the mirror parchments unfurl 126

the runic verities the enshrined gaping liturgies the grayed contrails lacing the sky the lungful of pestilence air the tessellated crowds adorning sightless skulls the clotted stars singeing the silken web the blighted roots shading the asphalt the blackened womb throbbing in the sea the hollowed portents hung upon a gallows tree the unbroken maiden ageless in imagination the crone’s droning plague unresolved intimate touch

“and in the 6th hour

the call to eventide”
further from here a baseline for determining emptiness define zero as somatic a measure absorbed internalized a marred reality imposing its image torn facets quarrying sleepless voids facile patterns nomadically tracking the lucent bloodless fray the entangling arachnid soul physicality’s deflowered plane gated language fate Socratic sparrow caught on razor wire the epiphenomenon 128

of death the interwoven singularity asleep in the veins now candle wax

on wooden sills the sinuous fingers wind through thickets the hours of confluence near to the scoured heart the chanting ghosts the lunar graves the distal fog assimilating the inarticulate want the want of stone the want of light the want of fate 129

the want of faces indistinct and amorphous in a mirror the vatic reflection the vatic stalemates occluded marbled apertures or light in a doorway at sunrise day one without


Ric Carfagna April, 2010