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Patumahoe: History and Memories

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A limited number of books will be available

for purchase. Pre-order yours now to
ensure you receive a copy!
The book will be released in October 2016
to coincide with Patumahoe Schools 150th

Professionally edited and designed. The

book is full of photographs and memories
to celebrate this wonderful town and the
people who have made it special.
Over 220 pages with a hard cover, the
book is value for money.

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Patumahoe: A social history
(Pick up at school celebration)


Nm of copies:

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Patumahoe: A social history

Nm of copies:
(For postage throughout New Zealand or $70 for postage overseas)

Total cost:

For orders received after 1 October and on the day of the school celebration the cost of the book will
be $55.
Payment methods (please indicate payment method):
Cheque: Made payable to Patumahoe Community Support Charitable Trust or Patumahoe School if
payment is being made at the same time as registration to the school celebrations.

Through Wecks ITM Patumahoe or at the Patumahoe School Office

Bank deposit: Patumahoe Community Support Charitable Trust

ASB Pukekohe: 123023 0558545 00

Ref: Last Name

Please send your order form to:Patumahoe History Group,

c/o Patumahoe Community Charitable Support Trust. Po Box 58, Patumahoe
Or email your order form to