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Additional information for Sports Facilities Investment Plan

Patumahoe Village Inc

21 April 2016
Thank you for the opportunity to submit on this issue.
This proposal is particularly relevant to the comprehensive consultation we undertook
in 2011-2012, (that remains ongoing) that identified the long-term sustainablity of
community facilities to be a priority amongst local residents.
We included in our consultation all the existing sports codes, and other community
The eventual solution - presented at various times and in a variety of ways, was for a
multi -USE hub without walking distance of the unprecedented residential highdensity growth that is taking place in our community. Our model was based on the
Moutere Hills community centre and would aim to be as fully financially sustainable
as possible.
Existing community reserves needed be be reconfigured, but existing underutilised
community assets, targeted rates, and community fundraising were seen as reasonable
methods of raising capital expenditure on top of allocated council funding. In
addition, a workable solution for extended active playing fields - at rural land prices has been discussed with a local landowner, who is amenable to selling his land.
Also, included in the reconfiguration of the central area is space for future
commercial, retail and social investment.
We have had this plan presented to Auckland Council during a Low Impact Design
presentation, various local board hearings, the Flaxroots Village Planning project. It
has also been reviewed by several Auckland Council plannings as part of a grant, and
an independent consultant planner and it is seen to be an elegant and sustainable
solution to ongoing growth requirements for our rural village.
We ask that if a prototype project for community stakeholders is to take place, that we
be considered for this. We were the first community in Franklin to undertake such a
project without local council assistance, and we are a community under massive
For further information on our particular consultation project:
Patumahoe Village - Draft Structure Plan
- reconfiguration of existing community spaces, which includes incorporating existing
sports clubs,
- identified rural land acquisition for active playing fields Option 5 - was the solution.
Youtube video:
Used to help community visualise the reconfiguration of the community spaces.
Please contact me if you wish to have any further information.
Paula Crosswell,
Coordinator - Patumahoe Village Inc