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August 19 2016


$510,000 Windfall For Rio 7s Heroes

A smiling Fijian fan is all set to welcome the Fijian mens national 7s team with their Olympic gold medal.
The triumphant Fijian Sevens reps will transportation would be made for other performance;
receive $510,000 from Government on parts of Suva including those from areas Airports Fiji Limited has also advised the
Monday as reward for winning gold at in Korovou, Tailevu and Naitasiri.
general public that movement into Nadi
the Rio Olympic Games.
Buses will most likely be departing International Airport will be restricted
Acting Prime Minister and Attorney- from the market areas from their various on Sunday in lieu of Team Fijis arrival;
General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said 13 locations and they will be brought back, Members of the public, supporters and
players and 4 officials will each receive he said.
families are invited to wait at Prince
$30,000 as promised by Government.
That transportation of course for the Charles Park in Nadi for the Team Fiji
He revealed that free buses would be members of the public who want to go Welcome Ceremony;
provided for fans to travel to the two and participate in the events will be for Special provision would be provided for
celebration venues, Prince Charles Park, free to bring everybody together to show immediate family members and closeNadi, and ANZ Stadium at Laucala Bay, our admiration our support and give our knit families of the mens sevens team.
thanks to the fantastic performance.
They will be accorded VIP sitting at the
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said they would More details on this will be announced ANZ Stadium;
discuss with the Fiji Bus Operators soon.
Sundays celebration in Nadi would
Association in providing free buses from Mr Sayed-Khaiyum outlined the recognise the Fiji Team participation as
Sigatoka, Ba, and various other parts celebration.
a whole while Mondays celebration in
of the Western Division for those who Some highlights:
Suva would be specially dedicated for
wished to be part of the celebration in People are encouraged to wear blue to our Gold medal winning team; and
the celebrations to show our support Celebrations are expected to be aired
He said other arrangements for public and as a way of thanking them for their live and live streamed on the internet.


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Fiji News

Fiji Won't Change National Flag After

Winning Its First Olympic Gold Medal,
PM Frank Bainimarama Says

Bainimarama has announced that there
will be no changes to the Fijian flag for
the foreseeable future, after the country
won its first Olympic gold medal in Rio.
"It has been deeply moving for me as
Prime Minister to witness the way
Fijians have rallied around the national
flag as our Rugby Sevens team brought
home Olympic gold for Fiji ... and I
know this sentiment is shared by most
Fijians," Mr Bainimarama said in a
"While I remain convinced personally
that we need to replace some of the
flag's colonial symbols with a genuinely
indigenous expression of our present
and our future, it has been apparent to
the Government since February (last
year) that the flag should not be changed
for the foreseeable future."

Mr Bainimarama first floated his plan

for change in February last year and
launched a national design competition
before matters were put on hold.
But after the Olympic win, the Prime
Minister has told the Fijian people that
the money would be better spent on the
Cyclone Winston recovery effort.
"It is a question of resetting national
priorities as our people continue
to recover from Tropical Cyclone
Winston," he said.
"The cost of any flag change is better
spent at the present time assisting Fijians
back on their feet.
"I urge every Fijian to display our flag
when our victorious Sevens team returns
to Fiji on Sunday and during our special
national holiday on Monday.
"It is a time to celebrate not only their
remarkable achievement but our collective

unity and national sense of purpose."

Former Opposition leader Mick
Beddoes, who was involved in the protest
against the plan to change the flag, told
the ABC's Pacific Beat program that he
welcomed the decision.
"First and foremost, I welcome the
decision by the Prime Minister," Mr
Beddoes said. "But in fairness, the
protest (against the flag) was mounted
by our youth ... and it created a lot of
"Essentially I think the Government
responded by kicking the can down the
"And now that Rio is over how could
you possibly want to change that symbol
after winning gold and worldwide
accolades for it?"
Fiji beat former colonial power Great
Britain 43-7 in the Rio sevens final.

Former South Pacific Stock Exchange

chief, Jinita Prasad, has been appointed
the general manager of PLN Advisory.
PLN Advisory was established in 2006
in Nadi, Fiji and provides key corporate
and strategic advice for clients with
operations in the Pacific region.
Ms Prasad is renowned for leading the
development of the capital markets in
Fiji through a stable growth phase.
She brings strong technical and business
experience in capital markets, ranging
from stockbroking and financial
planning in the private sector through to
heading a frontline regulator.
regulatory experience makes her ideal
to head up PLN Advisory and to assist
clients with private sector development
advice across the Pacific region.
Ms Prasad said: It is an exciting time to
be part of PLN Advisory as businesses in
the region tend to seek more innovative
ways to expand or restructure beyond
the traditional methods.
PLN Advisory is providing me with
a platform where we can identify
opportunities and business solutions for
clients in a regional arena.
With the backing of a strong legal team,

we are also ideally positioned to provide

the only coordinated legal and business
advisory service across Australia and
the Pacific.
With the capital markets in Fiji
remaining very close to heart, this role
also enables me to contribute towards its
This is through private sector
relationships and building new ones as
we expand regionally.
Head of PLN Advisory and PLN
Australia, John Ridgway, said: In Jinita
we have found and secured someone
with an impeccable reputation and
profound business acumen.
Her knowledge of, and skill set in, the
capital markets in the Pacific together
with our combined regional clients and
contacts create a tantalising business
With all of this, Jinita is perfectly
placed to bring to clients in Fiji and
across the Pacific the delivery of a
multi-disciplinary skill set through our
Advisory business and our local law firm
members of the Pacific Legal Network.
We see this Advisory business as an
opportunistic and necessary regional

business offering, and as responding to

the continued growth of intra-Pacific
trade and business migration.
Ms Prasad is licensed as an investment
adviser representative for PLN Advisory
under Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Former SPSE Chief, Jinita Prasad,

Appointed GM Of PLN Advisory

Former South Pacific Stock Exchange

chief, Jinita Prasad

Fiji News

Taiwan Team Provides Free Medical


People in the Northern Division will be

provided free medical services at the
Nabouwalu Hospital in Bua.
An eight-member medical team from
Taiwans Cathay General Hospital
will be on hand to provide services in
cardiology; ear, nose and throat; and
infectious diseases.
Team leader Dr Chen-Hsu Wang said
the group included four physicians
radiology, a radiologist, two nurses and
a pharmacist.
First for Vanua Levu
For the first time our team will visit
patients in Vanua Levu and we are
looking forward to the patients in
cardiology; ear, nose and throat; and
infectious diseases, said cardiologist
Dr Wang.
The medical team will bring portable
ear and cardiac machines which can
check the ear and the heart condition for
the patients. This is all to detect any sort
of problem.
Dr Wang said the mobile medical team
was the first by the Trade Mission of
Through providing assistance in
various area of health care, Taiwan
hopes to play a role in promoting good

Cathay General Hospital medical team arrives at the Nadi International Airport
health and healthy lifestyles, as well as
strengthening the friendship between
Taiwan and Fiji, he said.
The visit of Taiwans medical teams
has been made possible with the kind
assistance of the various ministries and
the support of Fiji people.
Between 2006 and 2013, six Taiwanese
mobile medical teams comprising 36
medical staff from Mackay Memorial
Hospital had visited Fiji and examined

6371 patients.
From 2014-2015, four Taiwan mobile
medical teams comprising 32 medical
staff from Cathay General Hospital
had examined 2000 patients in Kadavu,
Rakiraki, Ba, Tavua, Lautoka, Sigatoka,
Korolevu, Lomawai, and Cuvu and
schools in Suva. The visits included
examining and treating more than 600
students of Marist Brothers High School
and Yat Sen Primary School in Suva.

Unions Wont Run Ministry: Reddy

Minister for Education Mahendra Reddy
says if unions want to run the ministry
that wont happen.
He was commenting on a call by Fiji
Trade Union Congress general secretary
Felix Anthony who said there should be
regular consultations in all aspects of
education between the trade unions and
the ministry.
This means reactivating the curriculum
advisory board, engaging unions in
central staff boards to ensure that
sufficient number of teachers with
sufficient skills is deployed in schools,
Mr Anthony said.
To effectively achieve our goals, the
union and government and in particular,
the Ministry of Education needs to work
But Mr Reddy said the ministry is
engaging with all stakeholders via
regular public forums and unions are a
part of it.
The latest engagement was via
Education Forum where unions

participated. If unions want to run the

ministry then that wont happen, Mr
Reddy said.
Mr Anthony said the teachers
roles needed to be commended and
complemented by the Government.
He was speaking at the Fiji Teachers
Union annual conference in Deuba.
He said the role of teachers unions

engaging with Government on the basis

of equal partnership was important.
He said the goal of the FTUC was to
ensure the best quality of education was
provided to our children.
To effectively achieve this goal, the
unions and Government and in particular
the Ministry of Education needs to work
together, he said.


Fiji News

Coconut Growers Benefit From $1.34M

AN exciting project to connect mobile
banking to the coconut industry was
launched by the Australian Government,
Pacific Financial Inclusion Program
(PFIP) and ANZ Bank.
The $US650,000 ($F1.34 million) will
connect rural coconut oil producers,
labourers, buyers and transport operators
with digital finance as the coconut
industry in Solomon Islands expands.
At the moment, most people working in
the coconut industry live in rural areas,
far from existing banking services.
Payments are conducted almost
exclusively in cash, and this creates

significant challenges for buyers and

Delivering his keynote speech at the
launch, Governor Denton Rarawa of the
Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI)
said the bank was pleased to support
this innovative approach to digital
banking penetration in the country and
leveraging the coconut value chain
offers much promise for expanding
banking to remote rural communities.
This initiative by PFIP and ANZ Bank
fits very well into the National Financial
Inclusion strategies and will accelerate
achieving the objectives.

"Through this project, thousands of rural

Solomon Islanders will find it easier to
manage, save and grow their incomes better
by having access to simple, fast payments
and transfers," acting deputy Australian
High Commissioner and Minister
Counsellor Doctor Jasmine Cernovs said at
the launch. "Australia is pleased to support
new opportunities for improving access to
finance to people and small businesses in
rural Solomon Islands."
The Australian Government gave 60 per
cent of the costs ($F809,907) through
PFIP with the balance of $F461,339 cofunded by ANZ.

A man, who punched his pregnant wife

and threatened her with a knife, was jailed
for 12 months, six of them suspended.
Suva Magistrate Shageeth Somaratne
told Varinava Naburelevu, 38, You put
her and your unborn child in danger by
your behaviour.
Your behaviour needs to be denounced
and a message needs to be given to the
society that violence against women is

not tolerated in this country by the court.

Naburelevu had pleaded guilty to assault
causing actual bodily harm and criminal
On July 29 this year, Naburelevu went
home and had an argument with his
wife. As a result he punched her three
times on her head and shoulder causing
injuries as per her medical report.
He then warned her and told her not to

come back home or else he would kill

her with a knife.
He was sentenced to 12 months
imprisonment for the offence of
Criminal Intimidation and eight months
for Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm
to be served concurrently.
Naburelevu has to serve six months in the
Correction Centre and the balance of six
months will be suspended for three years.

FTUC general secretary Felix Anthony

did not want to comment on future of
Peoples Democratic Party which he led
during the 2014 polls
Fiji Trades Union Congress national
secretary, Felix Anthony says he is yet
to decide about his future in politics.
Mr Anthony was the Peoples
Democratic Party leader during the
2014 general election. The party failed
to win a seat.
He resigned as party leader and returned
to his trade union job.
Under the political parties decree, trade
union officials have to resign to contest
the general election.

When asked about the future of the PDP,

Mr Anthony said he did not make any
comments as he was no longer the party
He referred all questions to PDP
president, Lynda Tabuya. Ms Tabuya
could not be reached to comment.
During his address at the Fiji Teachers
Union conference, he said there were
certain decrees that needed attention and
They include the Public Order
Amendment Decree and the political
parties decree, he said.
Mr Anthony did not elaborate. But he
has previously criticised the political

parties decree because a trade unionist

cannot hold his or her trade union job
and contest an election at the same time.

Government has provided FJD 53

million (AUD 35 million) of assistance
to Fiji in response to Tropical Cyclone
The Australian Senator and Minister
for International Development and the

Pacific, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells

conducted her first official visit to Fiji
and held bilateral talks with senior
government officials as well as visiting
some of the areas affected by Severe
Tropical Cyclone Winston.

Meanwhile the HMAS Canberra, an

Australian Canberra-class landing
helicopter dock and one of the two
largest ships ever constructed by the
Royal Australian Navy, also visited

Man Who Punched Wife Sentenced To 12 Months

No Decision Yet On Future In Politics Anthony

Australia Strengthens Fiji Relationship


Fiji News

Man Allegedly Kills Wife, Later Commits


A neighbour described how she walked

into a house and saw a woman bleeding
to death from a slit throat.
She said on her way to the house she saw
the womans husband, Radesh Prasad,
walking away from the scene.
He later allegedly committed suicide by
The woman declined to be indentified.
She and others in the neighbourhood
of Tauvegavega in Ba were still reeling
with shock from the horrific tragedy.
They said it was the culmination of
months of bitter acrimonious relationship
that had reached court resulting in the
issue of Domestic Violence Restraining
Order (DVRO) against Mr Prasad.
The neighbor said: At around twenty
past six in the morning I heard Mrs
Prasad screaming leave me.
I went out to see what was happening.
By then their son came out of the house
and saw me and he pleaded with me to
help his mother. He said come see my
mother, please save her, the neighbour
I was in a miserable state when I saw
Mrs Prasad lying on the floor suffocating
as blood rushed out from her slit neck,
her daughter tried to stop the blood and
I called the police, she said.
We all have issues in our married lives
but this is not how it should end, the
neighbour said.
Another neighbour, Mukesh Chand,
said, Both had some issues and were
not in good terms with each other. But
our community is in shock and we worry
for the children but only hope well for

their future.
It is also alleged the son of the couple
also received minor injuries from the
It is alleged that Mr Prasad, 47, a
carrier driver attacked his wife, Reshmi
Devi,39, a saleswoman at Rups Big
Bear using a knife. He later allegedly
committed suicide by hanging not far
from their house as she bled to death.
Shocked and devastated father of Mr

Prasad, Sahadeo Prasad said: The

woman had filed a DVRO against my
However, he had won the case and the
couple had an on-going dispute. But it
ended in such a gruesome manner, we
lost both of them.
Chief of Intelligence and Investigations,
Assistant Commissioner of Police
(ACP), Luke Navela said an investigation
was underway.

TOURIST departures from New Zealand

to major South Pacific destinations over
the first four months of this year were up
by 21.4 per cent.
The Asian Development Bank's Pacific
Economic Monitor revealed that about
half of the increase was to Fiji, where
tourism appears to have been largely
unaffected by Severe TC Winston.
It stated that strong outbound tourism
from New Zealand appeared to be
related to the economy's recent economic
The bank said Cook Islands, Samoa and
Tonga also saw double-digit growth
in the number of visitors from New

In contrast, it added Vanuatu saw

substantially fewer tourism arrivals
after the suspension of flights in January
because of the runway safety concerns
at Port Vila's International Airport.
Over the same period, ADB stated
Australian tourism to the South Pacific
increased by only 1.7 per cent with little
change in the number of visitors to Fiji.
However, it said Australian tourism to
the Cook Islands rose by almost 60 per
cent after declining in 2015. Departures
increased to Samoa by 8 per cent and to
Tonga by 3 per cent.
Growth in Australian tourism to these
Pacific destinations, it said may be partly
because of the diversion of flights away

from Vanuatu amid ongoing runway

repairs from February to April.
Repairs were completed in early May,
with Virgin Australia quickly resuming
flights to Port Vila later that month.
In the North Pacific, it added visitor
arrivals in Palau dropped by 16.6 per
cent over the first quarter of 2016, led
by decline in tourist numbers from
People's Republic of China, Taipei,
China and the Republic of Korea, in
part because of government restrictions
on flights and in part to problems with
aircraft owned by one of the major tour
It said only visitor arrivals from Japan
increased in the first quarter.

The couple in happier times (sitting from left), Reshmi Devi and Radesh
Prasad, with their children

NZ Tops Tourism Arrival In The Pacific


Fiji News

Doctor Suspended For Unprofessional


A prominent Fijian doctors license to

practice medicine has been revoked and
her general registration suspended for
10 years by the Fiji Medical and Dental
Professional Conduct Tribunal.
In a judgement delivered by the Tribunal
on July 8, Dr Litiana Browne was alleged
to have committed unprofessional
conduct, in the course of providing
medical care and treatment to a Shanta
Wati Krishna (deceased).
According to a Notice of Complaint by
the Fiji Medical Council (FMC) filed
against Dr Browne, she was alleged to
have committed unprofessional conduct
contrary to section 55(1)(c) and section
2(2) (b) of the Medical and Dental
Practitioners Decree 2010.
It stated that the deceased was first seen
by Dr Browne on April 19, 2012, with
a history of post-menopausal bleeding.
After medical examination and
consultation by Dr Browne, the
deceased underwent a Total Abdominal

Hysterectomy (TAH) on April 3, 2012, at

the Suva Private Hospital (SPH) without
the benefit of endometrial sampling to
confirm whether her conditions were
cancer related.
She was later discharged, post operation,
on May 3, 2012.
The Notice of Complaint further
revealed that during the deceaseds care
at the SPH, Dr Browne was aware of the
persistent abdominal pain, nausea, body
pain and vomiting of the deceased, until
her discharge.
On April 19, 2012, the deceased informed
Dr Browne at the initial consultation at
Suva Bayview Medical Centre that she
had been bleeding for about three weeks
and wanted her baby bag removed.
At the initial consultation, Dr Browne
informed the deceased that she had to
undergo a Dilation and Curetage (D &
C) to rule out endometrial cancer which
would cost $2000.
The deceased was re-admitted to


the SPH on May 5, 2012 with the

same symptoms noted before being
subsequently transferred to the Colonial
War Memorial Hospital where she
received medical attention until she died
on July 4, 2012.
Dr Browne, in her Statement of Response
to the Allegations denied that she
committed any unprofessional conduct.
She also denied she was negligent
and contended the operation cured
the deceased from post-menopausal
bleeding and was also a preventative
treatment against uterine, cervical and
ovarian cancers.
The Tribunal, consisting of Justice
David Alfred, Dr Lisa Tikoduadua
and Dr Abdul Wahid Khan ordered Dr
Browne to pay the Fiji Medical Council
a fine of $5000 within 30 days from the
date of the order. They also ordered that
she be disqualified from being registered
generally for a period of 10 years with
effect from the date of the order.

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Fiji News

Ministry To Investigate Alleged Assault On

Any parent assaulting a teacher is
unacceptable, says the Minister for
Education, Mahendra Reddy.
He was reacting to an alleged incident
last week where a teacher at Ratu
Kadavulevu School (RKS) was
assaulted by a parent during the schools
parents and teacher interview.
Although he was not initially aware of
the alleged incident, he has assured that
the matter would be investigated.
I will look into this matter, he said.
Parents should not get emotional
and take matters into their own hands.
There are policies within the ministry to
protect our own children.

The teacher was admitted at the Colonial

War Memorial Hospital in Suva after
the alleged assault. It is alleged that the
teacher had confiscated a mobile phone
from a student.
Chief of Intelligence and Investigations
Assistant Commissioner of Police
(ACP) Luke Navela said: We are
advising parents not to take the law in
their own hands.
Schools have their own rules and
regulations and if gadgets like mobile
phones are not allowed in schools, students
should not take those gadgets to schools.
We had received the complaint from
the school on the day of the incident. We

have questioned and released the parent

and waiting for the teacher to recover.
In a separate incident, the Ministry of
Education is investigating a head teacher from
a prominent school in the Central Division.
It is alleged the head teacher had
indecently assaulted a 13-year-old
student two weeks ago.
Mr Reddy confirmed that the head
teacher had been transferred to another
school in the Central Division while the
student remains in the same school.
Fiji Sun could not establish if the case is
with Police.
He said there were procedures to follow
while their investigations continue.

Shayal Devi On A Surreal Experience

A YOUNGSTER who joined The Fiji
Times West Bureau more than three
years ago as a prize for being the editor
of the winning Kaila Design Your Own
Newspaper competition bade farewell to
the Lautoka newsroom.
Shayal Devi, 22, a former student at
Natabua High School, has scored a
scholarship with the Indian Government to
study journalism in India for three years.
As part of her school's winning prize,
Devi was given the opportunity to work
at the Lautoka office for one-week
during the third term holidays in 2013.

West Bureau chief Margaret Wise

saw potential in the then 18-year-old
youngster and extended her stint with
the newspaper. One month later the
company offered her a full-time role as
a reporter.
"When I first joined The Fiji Times, I was
excited about the prospect of learning
and working alongside some of the most
experienced and renowned journalists in
Fiji's media industry," she said.
"During my time with the country's
oldest and most respected news media
organisation, I have learnt so much

Social Democratic Liberal Party

maintained that China filled a vacuum
left by Fijis traditional partners after
the 1987 coup and 2006 takeover.
Mr Rabuka made the comment
on ABC television. He is on an
Australian visit.
He had said earlier that his visit to
Australia was a private one after
SODELPA supporters expressed a
wish to meet him.
Australia and New Zealand left
our side or turned away from us, we
had to look for new development
partners, and China was only too
willing to come in.
We should not now play down
the role that China has played, but
Australia and New Zealand and our

traditional development partners

should come forward and assist
Fiji in our rehabilitation as well as
reconstruction programme, not only
in material things, but also in our
debate issues in the Government.
While in Australia, Mr Rabuka told
supporters to get ready for elections
as Government has all the means to
call for an early election.
Instead of focusing on the background
of the coups, Mr Rabuka said the
emphasise should be on their leadership
abilities and ability or inability to listen
and respond to the people.
That is where I believe I will make
an impact, because I have shown
my performance that the team I lead
is very responsive to the peoples
wishes, he said.

about the industry with the help of my

"Working at The Fiji Times has been a
surreal experience and I can honestly say
I have learnt something new each day.
"I am honoured and privileged to have
worked there and am grateful to have
been given the opportunity to help
inform our wide readership of what
is happening in their community and
around the Western Division. I am
excited about the journey ahead and
hope to join the media fraternity again
in the near future."

Sitiveni Rabuka Praises China, Preparing

For Elections

Social Democratic Liberal Party

leader Sitiveni Rabuka

Fiji Times Staff Face Court

Fiji Times Limited, three of its senior
staff, and a letter writer, appeared in
court charged with inciting communal
Fiji Times publisher Hank Arts, editorin-chief Fred Wesley, editor Nai Lalakai,
the companys iTaukei newspaper,
Anare Ravula and a letter writer to the
Nai Lalakai, Josaia Waqabaca, appeared
before Suva magistrate Shageeth
Representing Fiji Times Limited and
Arts, Wesley and Ravula are Nick
Barnes and Ronald Singh of Munro
Leys. Waqabaca was unrepresented
when the matter was called, but has
opted for private counsel.
Office of the Director of Public
Prosecutions was represented by
assistant DPP Lee Burney.
The charges stem from an article which
was published in the Nai Lalakai on
April 27, 2016. Content of the article
was read in court.
The content read: Ko ira na Musulomani
era sega ni taukei kei Viti, sai ira nai
lawalawa oqo era a curu botea na vanua
eso ka dua vei ira ko Bangladesh mai
Idia, kara vei vakamatei kina, kucuvi
na nodra yalewa, ra vakararawataki na
gone me yacova sara nira sa lewa ka sa
nodra tu edaidai
(Translated as Muslims are not the
indigenous of this country. These are
people that have invaded other nations,
for example, Bangladesh in India,
where they killed, raped and abused
their women and children. Today they
have gone to the extent of having a part

Fiji Times publisher Hank Arts (front), followed by editor-in-chief, Fred Wesley
outside Court
in the running of the country)
Times Limiteds financial controller
Mr Burney while referring to Waqabaca Abhishek Narayan.
during bail discussions, informed the State has been given 14 days to provide
court that Waqabaca was the one with second phase disclosures to the accused.
poison pen and Mr Burney insisted Also present in court observing the
that Waqabacas travel documents be proceedings was a European Union
surrendered as part of bail conditions.
He also informed the court that the four Before the four were presented in court,
were charged with an indictable offence. they were rounded up and taken to the
All four have been released on strict Criminal Investigations Department
bail conditions, on a bail bond of $1000, headquarters at Toorak, Suva, around
warned not to interfere with witnesses, 12.30pm.
surrender their travel documents and to The four, in the presence of their lawyer,
appear in court on August 31.
were charged at the CID headquarters,
Surety for Wesley is his father Fred where they had their lunch before being
Wesley Senior, surety for Arts is a escorted in two vehicles to Court.
director of Fiji Times Limited Jinesh They waited in the holding cell for about
Patel while surety for Ravula is Fiji 40 minutes before the matter was called.

Australia has offered to assist us

establish a network of civilian disaster
response teams to improve its ability
to deal with events such as Tropical
Cyclone Winston.
The issue was raised at a meeting in
Suva when the Attorney-General and
Minister for Economy, Aiyaz SayedKhaiyum, gave a briefing on the cyclone
relief effort to the visiting Australian
Minister for International Development
and the Pacific, Senator Concetta
The Senator said Fiji could learn from
the success of the State Emergency

Services that had been set up around

Australia to deal with natural disasters
such as cyclones and bushfires. And she
offered Australias assistance to provide
on the ground training for Fijians in
aspects of disaster management relevant
to local conditions in Fiji.
The A-G outlined some of the challenges
Fiji was continuing to face in dealing
with the widespread destruction caused
by Cyclone Winston in February. He
said that there was a shortage of steel
and timber to meet the widespread
demand for building materials and
the Government was working closely

Australia Offers To Help Us Establish

Civilian Disaster Response Teams

with the private sector to make more

available as quickly as possible.
The A-G explained aspects of the Help for
Homes and Adopt a School programmes,
which he said were innovative but were
also being hampered by a shortage of
quality construction companies and
tradespeople. The A-G gave the Senator
a tour of the new situation room in the
Ministry of Economy that is monitoring
the cyclone rebuilding effort.
Other issues discussed included
climate change and related adaptation
and mitigation and the PACER Plus


Fiji News


Lifetime Experience For Adi Litia


It was a lifetime experience for Adi

Litia Bouwalu to be part of the first
ever Womens Parliament Fiji 2016 at
Parliament in Suva.
Adi Litia, who is a member of the
rural-based womens group, Soqosoqo
Vakamarama iTaukei, is representing
the Ba Province at the three-day session.
This is a good experience especially
for us coming from rural areas. Many
of us applied but the few of us that were
chosen are blessed, she said.
Adi Litia said it was the first time for her
to visit Parliament, a memory she would
cherish always.
Ive never been here before, this is
a wonderful experience to be here
amongst women representatives from
other organisations, she said.
Adi Litia said the Womens Parliament
was a good learning ground for her to
raise various issues affecting women
in rural areas and learn more about
I hope to raise issues such as gender
equality as I believe that there should be
more equality, she said.
Climate change is also happening
nowadays and needs to be addressed and
this Womens Parliament will educate us
more especially those of us that will be
in our individual villages and districts.
representative from the province of
Ra, Ana Fine Domoni, echoed similar
sentiments and called on more focus on
rural women and their participation in
such forums.
There should also be more focus

Participants of the Women's Parliament Fiji 2016 from the Soqosoqo

Vakamarama iTaukei from left: Ana Fine Domoni, Adi Litia Bouwalu and
Sereana Macedru outside Parliament
from the Government on rural women of working together in various women
because these are the ones that really groups. Working together brings a lot of
need help in every sense, health wise, strength, she said.
education, she said.
Ms Domoni, a former civil servant,
There needs to be a lot more focus on hopes to highlight the issue of wellness
women in Ra as it is one of the biggest and advocating on the need to promote
provinces in Fiji and it is the mandate of buying local and fresh produce at the
Government to look after the provinces, Womens Parliament.
to support and empower them.
This is good and I must commend
Ms Domoni also highlighted the work Parliament in coming up with the
of the Soqosoqo Vakamarama iTaukei initiative and I also thank the donors,
towards rural women in the 14 provinces. UNDP, EU, Australian and NZ
She reiterated the need to work together governments and even the Japanese
with other faith-based and ethnic women government, she said.
groups on various issues affecting women. I think this should remain on the
I feel that there is still a lot of Parliament calendar on a yearly basis.
demarcation. There should also be a lot Edited by Naisa Koroi

India Is Popular For Fijians Seeking

Medical Treatment: Envoy

Indias High Commissioner to Fiji says

India is one of the most sought-after
places now for Fijians seeking overseas
medical treatment.
Vishvas Sapkal made the remark at the
ceremony in Suva to mark Indias 70
years of independence.
Mr Sapkal was speaking in relation to
affordable and better medical facilities.
Right now there is a team of 10 doctors
in Fiji operating surgery on small
children, he said.
He said India also invested in education,
offering scholarships every year and

other cultural programmes in place.

Other initiative that the Indian
Government is looking towards is in the
agriculture sector.
We see ourselves as a development
partner of Fiji; we do a lot of development
assistance especially in the agriculture

sector which is a prime sector for all of

The Indian Government has just
provided 2 Tractors to the Ministry of
Agriculture and they are looking forward
to more co-operations especially in the
coconut sector as Fiji grows a lot of it.

Fiji News


Hospital Gave 'Panadol' To A 3-Year Old

A family of Wailevu Village in Labasa
is mourning the death of their threeyear-old son, Ratu Meli Vakaruru
Niumataiwalu who died after a double
washtub fell on him.
The three-year-old boy was playing
outside with his five-year-old brother
Eparama Laiva and two cousins at
Y-corner in Labasa at a relatives house
when the accident happened.
Mother, Losalini Ledua, 29 said the
parents took their two sons for a visit
to her cousins house in Labasa last
After lunch my sons and my cousins
two children went out to play while we
were inside the house, Mrs Ledua said.
Suddenly we heard my eldest fiveyear-old son, Eparama Laiva scream.
We went out and saw a double concrete
washtub on Ratu Meli.
My cousin ran out and lifted the
Ms Ledua said her son could not stand
well on his feet and was holding his
stomach with his head buried between
the arms.
We quickly took him to Labasa
Hospital, she said.
The doctor did his x-ray, scan and sent
us home giving Panadol.
My son while in hospital once vomited
brown liquid and was gasping. The
doctor knew about it.
However, he advised us to give Panadol
to Ratu Meli every six hours and if
anything happens then bring him back
to the hospital.

Losalini Ledua (left) with her husband, Waisea Raiqiso and five year old son,
Eparama Laiva in their house at Wailevu Village in Labasa
She said the family was surprised with
his advice.
Later in the evening he complained
of pain, was gasping and continued to
vomit, Ms Ledua said.
So we took him to hospital at 10pm and
after one hour he died.
The boys father 30-year-old Waisea
Raiqiso who is one of the sons of
the Tui Wailevu, Ratu Rokodelawa
Niumataiwalu said his sons death had
shaken the family.
My son was very active, gentle and
always ready to go to church every
Sunday, Mr Raiqiso said.

His charm and childlike character

always encouraged others to have
a smile on their face.It is very hard
to accept that he is no more around
Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro
confirmed that the Police had received
the report and investigating the case.
When Fiji Sun contacted the Assistant
Minister for Health and Medical
Services Veena Bhatnagar, she said she
was unaware of the incident.
I am not aware of this; however, an
investigation will be carried out, Ms
Bhatnagar said.

$12 Million Assistance For 88 Projects

THE National Export Strategy (NES)

is one of the most successful initiatives
implemented by Government with a
success rate of about 97 per cent, says
permanent secretary for the Ministry of
Trade, Shaheen Ali.
"Since its inception in 2007, the NES
has assisted 88 projects with the total
commitment by Government exceeding
$12 million.
"And I can confidently say that 85 of
the 88 projects or 97 per cent have been
successful," Mr Ali said.
Mr Ali was addressing the 11 grant
recipients under the NES during their
certificate presentation at the Grand
Pacific Hotel in Suva last Friday.
He said to illustrate further on some of

the successes of the initiative, the total

export by recipients had increased from
$61m to $92m.
"Export volumes have increased by
5232 tonnes and a total of 329 new jobs
have been created by companies that
have received NES funding," he said.
"The NES is a clear indication

of Government's commitment to
providing exporters the added leverage
to increase their businesses and grow
their exports."
Mr Ali said the NES had been able to
boost the exporters' ability to increase
their export capacity and venture into
new markets.

A team of Fijian seasonal workers to

New Zealand will be leaving again for
NZ this September following a pleasing
Minister for Employment Semi
Koroilavesau stated that the 15 workers
returned to Fiji in May this year after
completing six months and three weeks

employment in New Zealand.

Mr Koroilavesau added that due to their
outstanding performances, the team will
be re-engaged under the scheme and
will be leaving soon.
Each Fijian worker managed to save NZ
$6000 (F$8941) during their six months

Fijian Seasonal Workers Return To NZ


Fiji News


Minister Retaliates
FIJI's Trade Minister Faiyaz Koya has
hit out at Papua New Guinea's Trade
Minister for taking retaliatory measures
against Fiji, saying it is not in the spirit
of the Melanesian Spearhead Agreement
(MSG) and that protocols needed to be
Mr Koya was responding to comments
made by PNG's Trade Minister, Richard
Maru, over the weekend that PNG would
halt Fiji products from entering their
market because of unfair trade deals.
Fiji has a trade surplus with PNG and
last year exported $33.7 million worth
of goods to PNG while importing more
than $10m of PNG products.
In a statement last week, Mr Maru said
their products which included Ox and
palm, trukai rice and other Papua New
Guinean products were still not allowed
to enter Fiji's market despite their
bequest to have an open trade with Fiji.
"It's been 10 years since PNG had been
trying to have an open market trade with
Fiji and the continuous refusal from the
Fijian Government, is far too much to
take and it is very unfair in trade when
PNG is accepting Fijian products into

the country," said Mr Maru.

He adds Fiji's disrespect for the trading
relationship with PNG left them no
option but to pursue retaliatory action
"against our Melanesian brothers".
Mr Maru also said PNG had given Fiji
14 days to respond to a letter questioning
Fiji's refusal to accept their products.
But Mr Koya said that they had not
received any formal communication
from PNG.
"That's not a very MSG thing for them
to do that. I think it needs to be realised
that particular processes need to be
followed. Obviously anything they
send across we will respond shortly
but if there are issues raised with us,
it has to be treated properly instead
of firing warning shots on top of our
"First of all, we haven't received anything
from PNG. Minister Richard Maru says
they've opened up their market, so we
should open our market, of course,
the MSG Agreement is respected but
they need to remember there are also
biosecurity issues.
"They respect our laws , we respect their

law. There are procedures needed to be

followed but by using the threatening
mode, that's not how it operates. There
are processes needed to be followed,
there are risk assessments that needed
to take place specifically on the corned
beef issue.
"The (Fiji) Government has asked the
Biosecurity Authority of Fiji to take
care of the risk assessment. From what
I understand, the issue lies with the
competent authority currently with
"So it's not like there's nothing being
done something is being done but I
reiterate this is not being in the spirit of
the MSG, this is not Pacific minded, you
don't threaten Fiji. Fiji does not threaten
anybody like that.
"All the agreements that we sign, we
follow it. We are dealing with it properly
as in right now he (Richard Maru) hasn't
sent any letter to me. But prior to this,
both the prime ministers themselves
have dealt with this at the ACP meeting
so that's the current status at the moment.
Once again there is the MSG and we
must follow the particular channel."

This is Fiji; we do everything differently

and create history says Minister for
Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz
Siddiq Koya.
The Fiji Sun team approached Mr Koya
in his response to the tourism sector
after the Rugby 7s team won its first Rio
Olympic Gold medal.
Mr Koya said it was a great opportunity
to show the world that our biggest asset
is our people anywhere we go.
We may be a small country but we
have proven we can make history and
make ourselves known in the world.
Now the world will look at the win and
say I want to go to this wonderful place,
too, Mr Koya said.
On Friday, Google on Twitter said: Fiji
is the #1 trending search in the world as
their rugby team wins the countrys first
He said breaking a search engine record
was a huge.
Just because of our boys, we are known
in the world more than just a small dot
in the map.
This was a great opportunity for the
tourism industry as well as it gives a big

marketing image itself.

The fact that it was the Rio Olympics
2016 win, it is huge for us as the ministry
and worldwide viewership, he said.
He said that our boys hard work made
Fiji gain more respect in the world.
The game itself earned us respect but
even after the game, the respect that
was given to the dignitaries that were
presenting the medals and the song that
was sung was just phenomenal.
The spirit of Fiji on Friday was one
of the best sights as people enjoyed,
sang and danced in every corner of our

He said in terms of marketing, it was
beyond belief for Fiji.
We will have an increase in number of
visitors to Fiji and because of that, we
will rise and shine, Mr Koya said.
He said we are known and we are
recognised in the world to be the number
one rugby team in the world.
A big vinaka vakalevu to Ben Ryan
and the boys who worked hard to prove
everyone how we Fijians work and
the supporters here who never stopped
cheering for our best team, Mr Koya said.

Gold Medal Win Markets Fiji


World News


Cannibal Attack: Student Who Stabbed

Couple To Death Found Chewing Mans Face

A 19-year-old Florida State University

student is alleged to have fatally stabbed
a random couple outside their home and
wounded their neighbour on Monday.
Austin Harrouff was found biting the
dead mans face when police officers
finally subdued him.
Former wrestler Harrouff, who did not
react when he was tasered, may have
been on hallucinogenic drugs when he
attacked Michelle Mishcon, 53, and
John Stevens, 59, outside their home
in Tequesta, Martin County Sheriff
William Snyder said.
The sheriff said Harrouff had joined his
family for dinner at a restaurant a short
distance away when he stormed off,
apparently agitated about slow service.
His parents were so worried by his
behavior that they called police and
some of his fraternity brothers in a futile
attempt to find him before the attack.
About 45 minutes later, he apparently
targeted the couple at random, the
sheriff said.
"Its inexplicable, Snyder said. One of
the first things we try to do at a crime
scene is try to understand the motive of
the offender, because it is the motive of
the offender that gets us going in the
right direction. In this case, we cant
establish a motive. Its I dont know.
Harrouff, who suffered bruises, dog

bites, cuts and had been jolted by a stun

gun, is being held under guard in hospital
and has not been formally charged. He
is alleged to have been grunting and
growling and making animal noises
when he was apprehended by police
Snyder said his condition has
deteriorated and he may not survive.
Snyder said Harrouff stormed out of the
nearby Duffys, a popular sports bar and
restaurant, at about 8:30pm on Monday.
He said the would-be rescuer, identified
by family as 47-year-old Jeff Fisher,
called 911 at 9:20pm to report the attack,
which apparently began in the garage
where the couple liked to sit at night.
I think he had a knife, Fisher told a 911
operator in a tape of the call released on
Tuesday. Breathing heavily and bleeding
profusely, Fisher told the dispatcher the
assailant had attacked a woman, who
was lying motionless on the driveway,
and then him when he tried to intervene.
When asked if he knew the man, he
replied, I have no idea.
Fishers father, Steve Fisher, told
WPTV his son was stabbed five times once in the neck, three times in the back
and once in the side. He is expected to
A sophomore majoring in exercise
science, Harrouff is muscular - rosters

from Suncoast Community High School

in nearby Riviera Beach listed him at
6-feet-tall and 200 pounds. But a football
teammate said his lack of aggression
frustrated his coaches.
The coaches would always try to get
him mad and play angry, and he never
had it in him. I didnt think he would
hurt a fly, quarterback Matt Dame told
The Palm Beach Post. Dame now plays
at Columbia University.
When the first deputy arrived at the
couples home, she used her Taser on
Harrouff, but it didnt faze him, Snyder
She tried pulling him off Stevens body,
but couldnt. Other deputies arrived
shortly along with a dog and it took all
of them to subdue Harrouff. Snyder said
they didnt shoot, fearing their bullets
would strike the victim.
The suspect in this case was abnormally
strong, Snyder said, making him
think Harrouff was on drugs. He said
hospital blood tests showed no signs of
methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin or
other common drugs; it will take longer
to test for less common hallucinogenic
drugs such as Flakka or bath salts.
Stevens died in the driveway. Mishcon
was found dead in the garage. Stevens
autopsy showed he died of multiple
stab wounds and blunt force trauma.
Mischcons autopsy had not been
Stevens owned a lawn service and the
couple enjoyed boating, neighbors said.
John and Michelle were the nicest
people, neighbor Amy Lourie said. She
said they would sit in the garage with
the door open while watching television
and wave and talk to passersby while
their Labrador retriever played in the
yard. She said they would drive around
the neighborhood in their golf cart with
the dog sitting with them.
It was the cutest thing, Lourie said.
She said it isnt surprising Fisher would
try to rescue them, saying he and the
couple was close friends.
Tequesta is a small, affluent community
on the Atlantic coast about 20 miles
north of Palm Beach.
Flakka had a brief burst in popularity in
late 2014 and 2015, primarily in South
Florida, but its usage quickly waned
after stories circulated about users
deaths and mental breakdowns, and a
crackdown was carried out in China,
where it has been manufactured.


World News


China Paying Price Of Western


China is facing an epidemic of heart

disease brought on by a shift toward
the Western lifestyle, and researchers
say the trend shows no sign of slowing
The findings in this week's edition of
the Journal of the American College of
Cardiology are based on the first large
study of its kind to analyse a range of risk
factors in China over multiple decades.
Heart disease has been on the rise in
China over the past 20 years, with
more and more people experiencing
high blood pressure, high cholesterol,
high blood glucose, being overweight,
smoking and lack of exercise.
The study analysed data on 26,000
people in China from 1991 to 2011 and

projected how these trends might play

out from 2011 to 2031.
"Our estimates suggest that the
continued rise in high blood pressure,
an increasingly sedentary lifestyle,
increasing obesity, and worsening
dietary trends will add millions of new
cases of heart attacks and stroke over
the next two decades," said lead author
Yanping Li, research scientist in the
Department of Nutrition at Harvard
University's TH Chan School of Public
The study traced most of the heart
disease cases in China in 2011 to high
blood pressure, high cholesterol and
high blood sugar, leading to some 5
million new cases of heart attack or

High blood pressure was the biggest
culprit, linked to about 40 per cent of
heart attacks or stroke in the most recent
year of data, 2011.
High blood pressure in China has risen
from 7.7 per cent of the population in 1979
to 33.5 per cent in 2010, on par with levels
seen in the US. Of 6.8 million Chinese
over age 35 who died in 2011, about 3
million of those deaths - or 44 per cent were related to cardiovascular disease.
Smoking and lack of exercise were also
linked to rising heart disease.
The Chinese diet continues to get worse,
with consumption of red meat, salt and
sugary beverages on the rise, the study

Family Tragedy: Man Bought Gun, Killed

Family 3 Weeks After Wife Called Cops

A US man bought a gun one day after

police responded to a domestic dispute
at his home and used it less than three
weeks later to kill his wife, three
children and then himself, authorities
Megan Short, 33, told police she
was afraid of her husband when
they came to her Pennsylvania home
on July 18, investigators revealed
Monday, and was in the process of
moving out.
The bodies of Mark Short, 40, his
wife and three children, 8-year-old
Lianna, 5-year-old Mark Jr., and
2-year-old Willow were found Aug. 6
in the family's living room in Sinking
Spring, about 50 miles northwest of
The children - whom he had taken to
an amusement park a day earlier for an
employer-sponsored family day - were
still in their pajamas. Their dog was also
Megan Short was planning to move to
an apartment in another town the same
day as the killings, and her husband had
supposedly planned to rent a moving
van to help.
Police broke into the home to check on
the family after Megan Short's mother
reported that her daughter had failed to
show for a lunch date.
Relatives were left awaiting Megan
Short's arrival at her new home.

Investigators found a handwritten

murder-suicide note on the dining
room table and a handgun near Mark
Short, and an autopsy concluded Short's
gunshot wound was self-inflicted.
Short appeared to have written the
letter after he killed his family,
acknowledging having bought the gun
and using it to commit the murders,
authorities said. But they declined to
provide further details of what was in
the letter.
District Attorney John Adams said the
investigation also turned up a report
of a domestic dispute at a Philadelphia
hotel where the couple was staying June
4. He said only hotel security had been
involved in that case.
Police who responded to the Short
home a month later informed Megan
Short how to seek a protection from
abuse order, but the investigation
found she never sought such an order,
though she had said she intended to
file the next day. Officers found the
children home during the incident, but
Mark Short had left the area before
police arrived.
"I don't know that we know specifically
as to why this relationship had
disintegrated. We don't have any answers
to that," Adams said. "Suffice it to say
based upon our investigation ... we can
tell you he was going through a breakup
of a marriage and he was emotional

about that, but that's all we can tell you."

Mark Short, a loan officer, had also been
demoted at his job at the start of August,
Adams said.
Megan Short had alleged in a Facebook
post that she had been abused, a neighbor
also said.
Adams said, had Megan Short expressed
a need to relocate with her children,
Berks Women In Crisis, a crisis
intervention and victim support group,
could have provided them shelter. Police
had done all they were legally allowed
to do, he said.
"I don't know that anything can be
learned other than when leaving an
abusive relationship, it's often a very
dangerous time for a victim. So, we urge
anyone who's in a similar situation to
develop a safety plan and contact their
local domestic violence agency for
assistance," Adams said.
The Shorts had been featured in
news stories about their difficulties
getting medication for Willow, who
had a heart transplant. Megan Short
previously wrote that anxiety related
to her daughter's condition had left her
with post-traumatic stress disorder and
"survivor's guilt" when children with
similar problems from other families
Hundreds attended a funeral Mass for
the family. Mark Short was mentioned
only in passing during the service.


World News


Parents Arrested After 7-Year-Old, Who

Hadnt Eaten For Days, Tried Selling
Teddy Bear For Food, Police Say
When Officer Steve Dunham met the
7-year-old, the boy was offering to sell
his teddy bear.
The little guy must have seemed
industrious, standing in front of the CVS
at the busy intersection of Second and
Main in Franklin, Ohio, trying to hawk
his toy on Sunday, July 7. Most children
dont want to part with their stuffed
animals. In this boys case, it was a lone
source of comfort, but he was desperate.
He hadnt eaten in days.
Perhaps if he sold the small bear for
enough money, he could walk across the
street and get a kids meal at Subway. At
the very least, a Snickers bar from CVS.
Those cost mere quarters.
And it must have seemed like a charitable
area. One walking the short two blocks
from the Great Miami River to the CVS
would see the towering spires of at least
four churches.
But he wasnt having any luck.
Still, being downtown and completely
alone was likely better than being home.
His parents allegedly werent even
aware hed left the house.
It broke my heart, Dunham told
WLWT. He told me he was trying to
sell his stuffed animal to get money for
food because he hadnt eaten in several
Dunham approached the boy, who was
initially shy and uncomfortable.
I think he thought he would get in
trouble, he told CNN. He told me he
was hungry and was trying to get money
for food.
Dunham was not going to buy the bear.
But he would buy the boy a sandwich at
[We] said a little prayer and ate dinner
together, Dunham told the TV station.
Meanwhile, Dunham asked the boy
where he lived, who his parents were.
Their names are Tammy and Michael
Bethel, and they live on Main Street,
according to the Journal-News.
Dunham and the boy headed to the
Franklin Police Department, where the
boy watched cartoons with a dispatcher
for a few hours.
Meanwhile fellow Officers Amanda
Myers and Kyle ONeal went to the
There they found utter disarray, along
with four other boys ages 11, 12, 15

and 17 years old.

The floor of the house was covered
in trash and discarded, empty liquor
bottles. Cockroaches scurried in and
out of the odorous crevices in the trash
piles, and the house had the pungent,
choking smell of stale and drying urine
both cat and human, Police Chief
Russell Whitman told WTWL.
A photograph of the refrigerator released
by the police department showed that
what little food it contained was rotting,
such as a package of raw chicken that
had turned a deep, dark brown. One
of the containers attached the door
which are generally used to hold jars of
salad dressing, bottles of ketchup and
other condiments was filled half-way
with black liquid. Small, unidentifiable
chunks floated in it.
The entire refrigerator was smeared
with what appears to be a sludge of
some sort, varying in color from red to
yellow to black.
Another photograph showed the kitchen.
In the photo was a slow cooker filled
with discarded trash. Next to it was a
bottle of oil, which had turned brown.
On the stovetop sat uneaten food,
and what appeared to be a crushed
fast food soda cup. A bottle of Comet
cleaner sat on top of the stove,
alongside a bottle of vinegar and a
container of salt.
A single cabinets doors hung open, and
its lone shelf was warped and hanging
low, threatening to break.
The officers arrested Tammy and
Michael Bethal and fed the other
children. Warren County Children
Services conducted an emergency
removal of the four children and, along
with the unnamed 7-year-old, put them
in the custody of unidentified relatives.
Both parents were arraigned Tuesday,
though the story was not widely
reported until Friday. Both parents
pleaded not guilty to five counts each of

child endangerment, as reported.

Later, Dunham visited the 7-year-old.
I came back to check on him and he was
hiding. He jumped out to scare me when
I came back in the building; he got me
real good, Dunham told WLWT. [We]
would like to go home at the end of the
day feeling like [weve] done something
positive and, you know, had some kind
of positive impact.
His police chief praised his work.
Officers see this nationwide every day
and they do go above and beyond to feed
homeless, feed children they treat
people like their own family, Chief
Whitman told the Journal-News.
Im very proud of my officers for what
they did, but officers across the nation
go above and beyond every single day,
Whitman told CNN. We just happened
to be put in the limelight. You can find
stories like this everywhere with police
officers every day. Thats why we get
into this business, to help people.
As news of Dunhams actions circulated,
grateful citizens wrote messages of
thanks, gratitude and encouragement on
the Franklin Ohio Police Departments
Facebook page.
Franklin Ohio police department
youre the best. Thank you for doing
what you do. You got great officers and
thank god for officer Steve Dunham,
wrote one user. A heartfelt thanks for
the caring, concern and decisive action
of the officers involved in this tragic
case, from the mother of a young officer
in Georgia, wrote another. Just read
the story. You guys (and gals) probably
wonder from time to time in your careers
if you really make a difference out on
the street..Clearly, you do. Excellent
job. And Thank you for protecting us
all, wrote a third.
The parents have pre-trial hearings
on Sept. 16. Until then, Judge Rupert
Ruppert has ordered the parents not to
contact the children.



Grilled Shrimp Scampi

1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup lemon juice
3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
1 tablespoon minced garlic
ground black pepper to taste
crushed red pepper flakes to taste
1 1/2 pounds medium shrimp, peeled
and deveined
In a large, non-reactive bowl, stir
together the olive oil, lemon juice,
parsley, garlic, and black pepper. Season
with crushed red pepper, if desired. Add
shrimp, and toss to coat. Marinate in the
refrigerator for 30 minutes.
Preheat grill for high heat. Thread
shrimp onto skewers, piercing once near

the tail and once near the head. Discard

any remaining marinade.

Lightly oil grill grate. Grill for 2 to 3

minutes per side, or until opaque.

1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 pound smoked sausage, cut into 1/4inch thick slices
1 large onion, chopped
1 cup chopped green bell pepper
1 cup chopped celery salt to taste
1/2 teaspoon Cajun seasoning, or to taste
1 cup uncooked white rice
1 (14.5 ounce) can diced tomatoes with
1 tablespoon minced garlic
2 cups chicken broth
3 bay leaves
1/4 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
1 pound peeled and deveined medium
shrimp (30-40 per pound)
Heat the olive oil in a Dutch oven or
large pot over medium heat. Stir in the
sausage, and cook for 2 minutes. Add the
onion, bell pepper, and celery; season
with salt and Cajun seasoning. Cook
and stir until the vegetables are soft, 6
to 8 minutes. Stir in the rice until evenly

coated in the vegetable mixture, then

pour in the tomatoes with juice, garlic,
chicken broth, bay leaves, and thyme
leaves. Bring to a simmer over mediumhigh heat, then reduce heat to mediumlow, cover, and simmer 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, stir in the shrimp,

and cook 10 minutes uncovered until
the shrimp turn pink and are no longer
translucent in the center. Remove the pot
from the heat, and let stand 5 minutes.
Discard the bay leaves before serving.

2 eggs
1 small onion, chopped
1 teaspoon canola oil
3 garlic cloves, minced
3 cups cooked rice
1 can (20 ounces) unsweetened
pineapple chunks, drained
1/2 pound cooked medium shrimp,
peeled and deveined

1/2 cup chopped cashews

1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed
2 green onions, sliced
3 tablespoons reduced-sodium soy sauce
1 tablespoon hoisin sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1/4 teaspoon pepper
In a small bowl, whisk eggs. Heat a large

nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray over

medium heat. Add eggs. Cook and stir until
set; remove from the skillet and keep warm.
In the same skillet, saute onion in oil
until tender. Add garlic; cook 1 minute
longer. Stir in the rice, pineapple, shrimp,
cashews, peas and green onions; heat
through. Combine the soy sauce, hoisin
sauce, sugar, sesame oil and pepper; stir
into rice mixture. Stir in eggs.

Cindy's Jambalaya

Pineapple Fried Rice



Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone Wont Be A

Part Of Ajay Devgans Golmaal 4
Neither Alia Bhatt nor Deepika
Padukone in Golmaal 4, CONFIRMS
Rohit Shetty!
Speculations about Golmaal 4 cast have
been made ever since forever now!!
While there have been rumours about
either Deepika or Alia being roped in
as the lead actress for the film, director
Rohit Shetty has confirmed that its
going to be neither of them! At the
launch of Ranveer Ching Returns,
(which is a short movie helmed by the
director) Shetty spilled the beans on
which actress will be seen in the fourth
installment of Golmaal. At the launch
he said, Neither Alia nor Deepika have
been signed for the film. Its going to be
someone from the young lot.
Well, thats all he said leaving us
confused! We wonder whom is he
hinting at! With Alia being knocked off
the list, it looks like its going to be either
Parineeti or Shraddha! But nothing can
be confirmed as of now.
But isnt this sad? Wed have loved to
see Deepika or Alia in Golmaal 4. After
all, theyve never really explored the
comedy genre except for Deepika in
Housefull! Nevertheless, lets wait and
watch who will bag the lead role.
Tamannaah Bhatia, who is also seen in
the ad, was also present at the event.
But everyone couldnt take their eyes
off Ranveer and Rohit because they
just couldnt stop praising each other. It
seems they are going to team up for a
film very soon!

Why Farah Is Avoiding Working With


Farah Khan, who has choreographed

songs like 'Munni badnaam' or 'Fevicol
se' for Salman Khan, says she has no
script yet that can be offered to the
superstar who, she feels, has become
"larger than life" now. Farah has directed
stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay
Kumar earlier. Asked if she would direct
Salman, Farah told IANS: "I don't know.
I don't have a script for him. Right now,

I have not written anything for him.

"I love Salman and he is my friend. I
know him for years and whenever we
work together, that song always becomes
a huge hit. I love watching him, but now
he is larger than life." Currently, Farah is
judging the ninth season of dance reality
show 'Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa'. She feels the
show has become better over the years.
"I don't know if you all remember I had

done the first season of 'Jhalak...' with

Sanjay Leela Bhansali. In fact, we were
the pioneer judges of the show. It's great
to be back because the show has become
bigger, better and more popular," the
51-year-old added.


You may find that events, people or
obstacles appear out of the blue to
impede your progress or change your
course. There may be some tension
attached to such developments.
Negotiate difficult situations. Try to go
with the flow though. You may need to
work around something or someone to
get back on course. Don't just ride over
the top anything that gets in your way.
Serious mental work and analysis are on
tap. Be open-minded and flexible Taurus,
and good results are sure to follow. This
week you can get what you want out of the
relationship. Your old connection should
play a more important role for you than
usual. Exchange of thoughts will bring
cosmic lightning into your romance.
This week you feel a bit more enthusiastic,
Money- wise, you could feel the pinch,
but spending on entertainment and social
obligations just seem so unavoidable.
Too many things may be playing in your
mind at once. Who, you? Only the most
important work is likely to be completed,
but in the field of romance, an enchanting
and exotic atmosphere promises to ignite
your desires.
You shall enjoy good finances but beware
of a shopping spree which can send your
budget aflutterHealth Problems may
arise if you ignore warnings and forget
to maintain balance in all aspects of life
.You tend to over indulge in food ,drink

,work,sleep or emotion.
You worry that you're falling out of
style.Your priorities move towards
your personal needs. In your attempt
to advance quickly at work, you might
miss out an opportunity. Stay within
the realms of what you understand.
Romance will improve if you let your
mate do the talking.
Business prospects begin to look
brighter, but appraise your options
realistically. You may need as much
time to yourself as possible. One of
your associates may need some shortterm assistance from you. Conditions
are good for getting a new relationship
off the ground. Romance mingled with
fantasy should be more enjoyable.
Overwork can sap your energy so try to
avoid having your fingers in too many
pies. Time spent running from place
to place is generally wasted. You can
get a lot achieved with a slight change
in attitude, as you are feeling blue and
liable to take some risky decisions.
You may mix business with pleasure.
You may be dealing with members of
the public. You may play the 'agony
aunt' for someone. Social contacts will
abound and you'll have to stay on your
feet to keep up. Unexpected changes
may come for siblings, neighbours or
business associates.

There could be opportunities for sudden

gains but it is not wise to enter into risky
deals. Good period for married life you
shall get more deeply involved with
your family and shall be able to spend
quality time with them .Happiness from
children and from the spouse shall give
you the peace and tranquility in life.
This week you shall try to be fair to
everyone. You shall use charm and
tact to make them realize that you are
playing fair, with their best interests
at heart. You're feeling generous but
frustrated, as giving can seriously dent
your budget.
Take steps to review your goals,and
don't take people for granted. Expect
a call from a distant place that should
bring a solution. A wise approach in
financial matters is needed here, though
an expensive purchase is the issue at
home. Unkept promises can generate
heat in personal matters. You'll be in
the mood to enjoy mutual interests with
your beloved.
There'll be a change of mood or feeling
during the course of the week. You'll
begin by doing necessary tasks or work
but end by taking into account the needs
or feelings of others. Tidy up the loose
ends then prepare to give your attention
to those who need it most. You have a
sympathetic and sensitive side to your
nature, one that reveals itself when
people come under your care.

Kajol Turned Down A Villains Role In

Salman Khans Dabangg 3

Recently it was reported that Arbaaz

Khan had approached Kajol to do a
negative role in Salman Khan's Dabangg
3, but the actress has declined the offer.
Although Arbaaz claims that these are
rumours, wed like to know for sure
about the actual scene.
Well, Salman Khans Dabangg 3 has
been quite the limelight grabber thanks
to being the franchises third installment
and supported with news of Sonakshi
Sinhas exit. Technically, its not her exit
but the makers dont want her in the film.
Once you take panga with Bollywoods
Sultan, you know damn well that the
repercussions of the same arent going

to be good. So yes, in all probability

Sona is out of the scene. However, there
are reports suggesting that Kajol has
been approached to don a negative role
in the film.
Kajol has not signed any film post
Dilwale and recently it was reported
that Arbaaz Khan had approached her
to do a negative role in Dabangg 3,
but the actress has declined the offer.
A source says, Kajol has a knack
for refusing good films like she had
refused 3 Idiots. She had told a shocked
Rajkumar Hirani to make her role as
strong as Aamir Khan. Now, Kajol
turned down Dabangg 3 because she

wants as strong a role with the main

lead Salman Khan. It is learnt that she
told Arbaaz the film cant have two
Khans! Arbaaz when contacted says,
Its not true. Rubbish news! We think
so too.
The Dilwale actress as we all know
has already worked with all the Khans
so seeing her reconnect with one of the
Khans would be quite a sight. However,
with the reports being false, heres a
hope that well rest for now and wait
until some confirmed news on the same
start buzzing. But would you like to
see Kajol and Salman Khan in one film




Eating Salmon, Walnuts May Lower Fatal

Heart Disease Risk

Consuming higher levels of fatty fish

such as salmon and trout and walnuts
and flaxseed oil may increase the levels
of omega-3 fatty acids and lower the
risk of dying from heart attacks, finds a
new study.
The findings showed that both plantbased and seafood-based omega-3s lead
to about 10 per cent lower risk of fatal
heart attacks.
"Our results lend support to the
importance of fish and omega-3
consumption as part of a healthy diet,"
said Dariush Mozaffarian from Tufts
University in Boston, in the US.
Fish is the major food source of omega-3

fatty acids, including eicosapentaenoic

acid (EPA), docosapentaenoic acid
(DPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
Fatty fish such as salmon, trout,
anchovies, sardines and herring contain
the highest amounts of omega-3 fatty
acids, although all fish contain some
levels, according to the US Department
of Agriculture's National Nutrient
In addition to omega-3 fatty acids,
fish provide specific proteins, vitamin
D, selenium and other minerals and
Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is the
plant-based omega-3 fatty acid found in

walnuts, flaxseed oil, and canola oil and

some other seed and nuts and their oils,
said the paper published in the journal
JAMA Internal Medicine.
For the study, a total of 19 studies
were involved from 16 countries and
including 45,637 participants. Of these,
7,973 people developed a first heart
attack over time, including 2,781 deaths
and 7,157 nonfatal heart attacks.
"This new global consortium provides
an unprecedented opportunity to
understand how blood biomarkers of
many different fats and fatty acids
relate to diverse health outcomes,"
Mozaffarian noted.

Coronary heart disease is the number

one cause of death around the world.
High blood levels of the bad or LDL
(low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol can
create a buildup of plaque (cholesterol
deposits) inside the arteries. This can
lead to narrowing of the arteries and a
higher risk of having a heart attack or
stroke. The good news is that following
a heart healthy lifestyle, including a
heart healthy diet, can help you control
your cholesterol levels and lower your
overall risk of heart disease.
What are plant sterols?
Plant sterols also called phytosterols
are substances naturally found in
plant-based foods and have been in our
diet for thousands of years. Plant sterols
are naturally found in many heart healthy
foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and
grains, and in vegetable oils like sunflower,

safflower and canola oils. However, it is

difficult to consume enough plant sterols
from these foods to see a significant effect.
Studies show that consuming 2 grams of
plant sterols daily can help to lower your
cholesterol by up to 9%.
How do plant sterols work?
Researchers have been studying the
cholesterol-lowering effects of plant
sterols since the 1950s. Plant sterols
work by helping to remove cholesterol
from the body, by partially blocking
its absorption into the bloodstream.
The cholesterol that is not absorbed is
eliminated from the body.
How can you eat more plant sterols?
International health experts such as the
American Heart Association, as part
of the National Cholesterol Education
Program, suggest eating 2 grams of
plant sterols a day to enhance a LDL

cholesterol-lowering lifestyle and diet.

Heres what you can do to get more
plant sterols in your diet:
Enjoy a variety of vegetables and fruit
every day. Aim for 7-10 servings a day, as
recommended by Canada's Food Guide.
Eat 2-3 servings of plant sterol-fortified
foods each day.
Cook and bake with vegetable oils and
non-hydrogenated margarines made
from vegetable oils.
Snack on nuts, like almonds and
walnuts, or sprinkle a small handful on
your cereal and salads.
Include whole grains in your meals.
Look for recipes that use barley, brown
rice, oats and quinoa.
Along with eating well, remember to
follow a heart healthy lifestyle: quit
smoking, manage stress and be active
every day.

Beware! Gorging on red meat such as

bacon, sausage, unsalted beef or pork on
a daily basis can decrease your life.
The findings showed the steepest rise
in mortality rate at the smallest increase
in intake of meat, particularly red or
processed meat.
A decreased risk of 25 per cent to nearly
50 per cent of all-cause mortality for
very low meat intake compared with
higher meat intake was found.
In addition, the researchers also found
a 3.6-year increase in life expectancy
for those on a vegetarian diet for more
than 17 years, compared to short-term

"This clinical-based evidence can assist
physicians in counselling patients
about the important role diet plays,
leading to improved preventive care,
a key consideration in the osteopathic
philosophy of medicine," said Brookshield
Laurent, assistant professor at New
York Institute of Technology College of
Osteopathic Medicine in the U.S.
"This data reinforces what we have
known for so long - your diet has great
potential to harm or heal," Laurent added.
For the study, published in the Journal of
the American Osteopathic Association,

the researchers conducted a review of

six large-scale studies involving more
than 1.5 million with a goal of giving
primary care physicians evidence-based
guidance about whether they should
discourage patients from eating meat.
They followed people over 5.5 to 28
years and considered the association
of processed meat (such as bacon,
sausage, salami, hot dogs and ham) and
unprocessed red meat.
Physicians should advise patients to
limit animal products when possible and
consume more plants than meat, they

Plant Sterols Help Lower Your Cholesterol

Want To Live Longer? Stop Eating Red

Meat Daily



TS Times Sports

Bernard Lapasset - Serevi Convinced Me

Former World Rugby chairman and
International Olympic Committee
member Bernard Lapasset, the
man credited for the introduction
of sevens rugby to the Olympics
reveals that it was Fijian maestro
Waisale Serevi that convinced him
to promote the sport.
Speaking following Fijis historic
gold medal victory at the Rio
Olympics 2016, Lapasset who
stepped down as World Rugby
Chairman last year to co-chair the
Paris Bid 2024 paid tribute to the
man dubbed The King of Sevens
As you know its a long story and
a fantastic achievement you had
today, he said.
But you know when I started to
promote the rugby sevens, I think
a fantastic man who was doing it
at that time was Serevi, the Fijian
captain, the Fijian leader and he
was a genius of the game. I talked
with him and he talked to me about
freedom, about space, the fighting
spirit and the quality of the team and
He was a fantastic engineer of the
game and thats why I decided to
promote the sport.
And I got Serevi to come and
explain to the IRB board not only in
the traditional areas but in the world,
its an international sport now but
thanks to the man from Fiji and your
team winning the first gold medal.
I know itll be there in Tokyo 2020
and why not in Paris in 2024 and Im
working on that now. Im sure the
story of Fiji is just starting and they
would be pushing for more medals in
future, said Lapasset at the Pacific
House in Rio.
Lapasset has been a close friend
of Oceania National Olympic
Committees (ONOC) president Dr
Robin Mitchell in the IOC.
Lapassets successor- former Lions
prop Bll Beaumont predicts a bright
future for 7s rugby in the Olympics.
I can see rugby becoming a core
sport and Fiji will go on to win a
lot of medals in the future. Weve
been reaching new markets without
sort of ignoring our old markets but I
can see rugby going from strength to

Waisale Serevi conducts a rugby sevens clinic Vancouver, Canada

strength and hopefully in Fiji more girls
and boys, man and woman will start to
play the game, said Beaumont.
Serevi who travelled the globe to

promote sevens rugby was not in Rio for

the Olympics as he was with daughter
Asinate a member of the United States
womens 15s rugby team.

Giants Boost For Suva

Suva Football president Mahen Prasad

applauded the timely sponsorship of
The Suva football teams preparation for
the INKK Mobile Battle of the Giants
tournament got a major boost.
This was when NEL Engineering
stepped in to sponsor the team as they
prepare for the second major tournament
in the Fiji Football Association calendar
next week.
During the cheque presentation, former
director of NEL Engineering Nitya
Nand Sharma, said they were delighted

to sponsor their home team.

We look forward to supporting Suva
and help in the development of football
in our community, Sharma said.
I would like to thank NEL Engineering
for sponsoring Suva football for the
Giants battle in Nausori next week,he
INKK Mobile Battle of the Giants kicks
off next week Friday at Ratu Cakobau
Park in Nausori.
The capital side is in Pool A with Rewa,
Nadi and Dreketi and plays its first match
against Dreketi at 1pm next Friday.