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Professional Development and Evaluation Plan: 2015-2016

September 20, 2015

Timothy A. Berry
Department of Educational Leadership
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Article 22, Section B:
Criteria 1: Demonstrated ability to teach effectively and/or perform effectively in other
current assignments.
Specific Objectives:
1. Collect student feedback on course texts, content, and teaching performance throughout
course delivery and at the end of the term.
2. Embed Culturally Responsive and racially conscious teaching strategies in course syllabi;
use working COE working definitions for Intercultural Competency.
3. Use mobile apps in the process of engaging students.
4. Contribute to departmental goals and initiatives around racial equity on our Courageous
Leadership Conference.
5. Work with the department in implementing our new Experiential Learning Leadership
Methods of Assessment:
1. Analyze student evaluations and surveys.
2. Document the use of strategies within course syllabi; document sample syllabus that
demonstrates Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and racial consciousness, and share it with
the college.
3. Document D2L assignments and use of videos, and TED Talks; updates on virtual and
other online enhancements; document use of mobile apps in teaching and other
4. Document work on courageous leadership conference.
5. Document the plan and implementation of the certificate program.
Expected Achievement
1. Complete reflection based on evaluation and survey analysis.
2. Lead ICD Advisory Board and complete sample CRP Syllabus with COE working
definition language.
3. Video samples of D2L techniques, mobile app use in the classroom.
Criteria 2: Scholarly or creative achievement or research.
Specific Objectives:
1. Build upon and refine my research agenda including Critical Race Theory, Project-Based
Learning, and Music and the Arts in education.
2. Submit proposal for an article for publication in a refereed journal.
3. Submit proposal to present research related to my research agenda.
Methods of Assessment:

1. Completed outline of research agenda.

2. Completion of article and submission to a refereed journal.
3. Document presentation proposals and findings from research.
Expected Achievement:
1. Submitted research article to a refereed journal in the field of educational leadership
related to my research agenda and to receive reviewer comments.
2. Completed proposal to present research at a regional or national conference.
Criteria 3: Evidence of continuing preparation and study.
Specific Objectives:
1. Attend available workshops and/or conferences that will increase knowledge and skills
that relate to my overall research agenda.
2. Attend College of education Advisory Board retreats and training.
Methods of Assessment:
1. Document attendance and activities form conferences and workshops.
2. Document the knowledge and skills gained from Advisory Board retreats and training
Expected Achievement:
1. To use relevant concepts, research, and activities acquired at conferences and workshops
in my teaching and leadership at MSU.
2. Incorporate knowledge and skills from Advisory Board training to help advance the work
and mission of the College of Education and the University.
Criteria 4: Contribution to student growth and development.
Specific Objectives:
1. Promote and support the research inquiries and advise doctoral students, and graduate
students educational leadership.
2. Partner with Institutional Diversity to Implement strategic plan for Black Intelligent
Gentlemen (BIG) Scholars program.
3. Serve as a mentor and Program coordinator for BIG on the MSU campus.
Methods of Assessment:
1. Document meetings and communications about research projects and steps toward degree
completion with students and advisees.
2. Document meetings, curriculum, and implementation of BIG Scholars.
3. Document strategic goals for the future of BIG Scholars.
Expected Achievement:
1. Document progress or completion of research projects by students and by advisees.
2. Completed reflection of year 1 plan, BIG Scholars.
3. Completed strategic goals for the future of BIG Scholars.
Criteria 5: Service to the university and community.
Specific Objectives:

1. Serve as Intercultural Competency and Development (ICD) Advisory Board Chair for the
College of Education.
2. Lead the CETL Interactive Theater if Isms; develop topics, scripts and other documents
necessary for facilitating this faculty certificate at MSU.
3. Serve on the Presidents Commission on Diversity.
Methods of Assessment:
1. Document meetings and other assigned tasks and activities.
2. Document script writing and development, certificate completion, and professional
development engagement opportunities provided for faculty, staff and the community.
3. Document meetings and activities related to the Commission on Diversity.
Expected Achievement:
1. Advance the ICD goals for the COE and report recommendations to the Leadership
council; align strategic goals between the COE and the Universitys diversity goals.
2. Certificate of Interactive Theater of Isms; continued development through creating
informances that speak to culturally relevant issues on campus; help develop faculty and
staff in the area of Cultural Responsiveness on campus and beyond.
3. Share my learning as an Executive Leadership Fellow with the Presidents Commission
on Diversity.