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May 2008

Volume 1, Issue 1
A Look into the Classroom

Sunrays Elementary School (239) 555-0101

Welcome Parents!
Hi and Welcome to for encouraging your don’t hesitate to
my First grade child to read and contact me at any
Hi my name is Nicole classroom. My name activities that also can time.
Wolf and I am 21 years is Ms. Wolf and I am go along with reading.
old. I am in my senior your child’s teacher. I This will help you the
year at Florida Gulf am very excited to parent to keep up
Coast University. I will have your child in my with all of the reading
be graduating in May
classroom and am that I have planned
2005. My major is
Elementary Education. looking forward to a for our class
Teaching children is my successful school throughout this
passion. I have a year. Throughout this semester. I look
dream to be that news letter I will touch forward to working
teacher that touches on topics such as with you and your
the student’s lives books I suggest, tips child this year and
where they will always
remember her. I would
love to teach K-5 and
maybe after a couple of Tips for encouraging your child to read……
years going back to
school and getting my 1. Talk to your child role model. value your child’s
masters in Education – Oral language is efforts – make
5. Talk about Books
Leadership. the foundation for sure that your
– Discussing
reading. child knows that
books with your
I was born in you value how
2. Make Reading child will help
Esslingen, Germany hard they are
Fun – Read with them understand
and moved to Florida in emotions, with it and to be able
1993. I am very eager drama and to connect it to DON’T FORGET TO
to start my future as a excitement. their lives. ENCOURAGE YOUR
teacher here in Florida. CHILD TO READ ON HIS
3. Read every day – 6. Listen to your
Children love child read – When
routines, set a you sit there and
time every day to listen to your child
read together. it is giving them a
time to practice
4. Set an Example –
As a parent you
are your child’s
most important 7. Show that you
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Top 10 I recommend….

1. Life in the
Ghetto –
This book was written by a
13 year old girl named
Anika D. Thomas. This
book talks about her life
growing up and how it was
difficult. This book would be
great to sit down and read
to your child. It is a good
insight to how everyone
lives differently.
2. Tulips 3. 10 Little Rubber
Written by: Ducks Written By:
John Peterson – Eric Carle –
This child’s book is
This book is great for
great for younger children and
younger students. There
students in Kindergarten or
are no words in this book
First grade. This book has a
and it tells a story through
story about 10 rubber ducks
pictures about the seasons
that get separated and how
and how the tulips grow.
they find different homes. In
the mean time of telling the
story they are also counting
4. No, David! the ducks so the child will also
Written By: David have practice with their 1 -10.
Shannon –
5. Juan Bobo Goes to
No David, is a book
Work Written by: Marisa
written about a young boy who
is told No all the time by his Montes –
mother. Almost everything that Juan is a little boy who is
he does she is right there interested in working and helping
saying no. David is always out when needed. He has a
getting into trouble. This is a problem of always messing things
great book for younger up though. One time he messes
students and children who up but really makes a little girl
enjoy reading and also might healed. With this story it tells how
be having trouble with a lot of if you do well you will be repaid.
words in books. This book is great for elementary
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6. Nobody wants a 7. King & King

Nuclear War Written By: Linda
Written By: de Haan & Stern
Judith Viga – Nijland –
This children’s book is This interesting
about a child who is scared children’s book is about a
that a Nuclear War is going to queen who is tired of her son
happen any second. The not finding a wife to become a
young girl makes a hide out king. The queen sets up where
where she will hide to protect princess from different lands
herself from the war. Her will come and the prince will
mother finds her and informs chose one. In the end of it all
her that she will protect her the Prince found his love and
and there is no need to worry they get married. This story is
because there isn’t a war. This good for upper elementary and
story would be great to have tells a good story of how you
the parents read it to their can love anyone.
child together.

8. The Korean 9. Here in Space, Written By: David

Cinderella Written Milgrim –
By: Shirley Climo– This children’s book has a boy compare the
This book would be differences between things on earth and things in space.
good to have a parent read to This book is great for elementary students and it will show
their child. This is a story very them comparisons.
similar to the story that we are
familiar with called Cinderella. 10. It’s Okay to Be
The Korean Cinderella tells a Different, Written
tale of a young girl who is By: Todd Parr–
made to clean and take care
of everything. In the end she Out of all the books I “Education is not the
finds love and doesn’t have to have recommended this book answer to the question.
be the maid of others any is my favorite. This book Education is the means
more. teaches children about to the answer to all
diversity and how even though questions."
everyone is different it is okay. -- William Allin
Not every two people are the
same and with having
students read this book it will
show them the differences in
the world.
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Motivating your student….
“Teachers open the
door, but you must Explain:
enter by yourself."
Make sure that your
child understands what he Care:
or she is reading. Reward:
When working with When students
Participation: your child make sure that do well it is important
they know that you care. to make sure that you
Working with your
child is important. When reward them so that
reading together make they are encouraged
sure that he or she is to well every time.
participating in the reading. Energy:
Energy is important
when reading with your
child. This allows for them
to get a feeling for the

Great websites for you the Parents!!


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Thank you for using your time to read the news letter I have
provided. I hope it has helped you with some reading pointers for
your child. I look forward to working with you and your student
this year. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call.

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