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FES : 253 [Fashion Management]

Visual Merchandiser
Fashion Display


Mohd Zahrul Akmal Bin Kamaruzaman

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FES 253


Sir Ahmad Amsyar Bin Suhaimi


Mohd Zahrul Akmal Bin Kamaruzaman

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Seksyen 28, Shah Alam, Selangor



Zac Angie Anam




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Visual merchandiser was the main thing when some of famous fashion brand that get to attract
the buyer or people to buy their product. Somehow fashion display is an opportunity to the
people can understand when can get great prices for the product that they want in the certain
time, especially when it became celebration discount.

In 24 December 2014, first I decided to visit my aunts boutique ADELITAs Boutique

at Sri Hartamas, at the same time I want to write my observation about the boutique that I can
write in this report. In 4pm in the same day, I went to the shopping mall to get some few display
that I want for I observed in this report.

After I take the picture of display that I want, I decide to write my report about the
display that I take from the shopping mall.

ADELITAs Boutique
ADELITAs boutique was launch at 20th April 2014 at Sri Hartamas. The boutique known as
Naaz Natrah Boutique. The owner of the boutique is Miss Zurzarima Binti Haji Bajuri and have
a staff nam e Miss Alice Azleena.

The boutique concept more to muslimah or

hijabist fashion, but in casual wear. The
boutique also have a supplier from Vietnam,
Philippines and Indonesia that was handle
Malaysian people.

Picture of display with model one days before launch.

MPH BookStore
MPH book store at SACC Mall Seksyen 15, Shah Alam.
The concept of the display was about package that their sale for Christmas Celebration.
They also have discount for each of book that their sale it. Their also have special book for
celebrating Christmas.

Display for Christmas Celebration, 26 December 2014

Variante was a shop or boutique that have a bit an expensive on the product. Many of Variante
produst ia a long dress, some of the product its for event dress. In this season or Chrismas season
they have sale for Christmas celebration. Majority of their product or clothes, they give 30%
discount for women,s wear and 25% for men,s wear. On 29th December 2014 until 10th January
2015, they will get the sale for New Year 50% to 70% people can get the discount from Variante.

Anakku was a shop that sale the clothes for baby or kids. Its also have fashionable clothes for
baby and kids. The display shows that for Christmas celebration they going to have storewide
clearance with give 50% discount for the parents that want to buy clothes for their children that
more fashionable. The display also shows that the shop that have variety of dress for girls.

BritishIndia was have 2 combination of India and British product. The product
that they produce more to formal wear and and some of the product are
smart casual. The display shows that they have sale for Christmas
celebration sale. Many of the produc they give 40% to 60% discount for
Christmas celebration.

Padini at AEON Bukit Tinggi. The display show that Padini store that have produce the product
more to casual wear. In this time, Padini doesnt have any sale because they just have sale for
celebrating New Year. The display shows that their product are suitable for people that in average
age 18 years old until 20s years old. They also used the cotton fabric for produce their product.


G2000 store was a bit different labels or brand for fashion. The store are more produce street
wear clothes. The price is not to expensive that can will be buy in each everyone that want to buy
it. The product was used cotton fabrics that suitable to those that wearing it.

Guess store at AEON Bukit Tinggi. Guess is the popular that produce jeans. In this place the
display that shows they have great sale up to 70% off. They also produce the trend of the jeans
that people like it. Some of the product they produce clothes that can be match with the jeans that
they buy.

Espirit is the one of the popular product from time to time. The store was produce the product
more to smart casual and street wear. The display shows the product that their sale on the store.
Espirit was of my favourite store. The store also have some accessories liked handbags, purse
and taskbag.


Subzero store AEON Bukit Tinggi. This store kind of new store that just open since December
2013. They produce more of casual and street wear. They also sale hats, bag and socks. They also
have a sale for celebrating Christmas and New Year. The product they give 40% until 70%
discount for the product. It also have womens favorites clothes that most like it.