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Rao Kamran 2009-2011
Kot Abbas Shaheed Tehsil &district
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Fast food Question

Name:______________ Telephone:_______________

1. Gender
O Male .
O Female

2. I fall in the age group___________ (Tick one)

O 16 to 20 years
O 21 to 25 years
O 26 to 30 years
O Other ---------------------------

3. Marital status
O Single

4. Your profession

O Doctor
O Engineer
O Businessman
O House wife
O Student
O Other job specify please--------------------
5. Your income level
O 20000-30000
O 30000-40000
O 40000-50000
O 50000-60000
O 60000-70000
Above 70000

6. Education Level
O Matriculation
O Graduation
O Post graduate
O Other----------------

7. How often do you eat fast food?

O Once in a month
O Twice a month
O 1 to 2 times in a week
O 3 to 5 times in a week
O Daily
O Other-----------------

8.I am consuming ----------------- fast food than I was consuming few years before
O More
O Same amount of
O Less

9. With whom u visit fast food restaurant mostly

O With Family
O With friends
O With Girl friend / boy friend
O With office collogues
O Alone
O Other---------------

10. What occasion attracts you to visit or consume fast food?

O Birthdays
O Friends parties
O Business meetings
O Dates
O For fun
O Just to eat something
O Other

11. You are given 100 points, when you DINE-OUT how will you allocate these
points to the following: As per your taste

o ______ points to Desi food

o ______ points to Chinese food

o ______ points to Fast food

o ______ points to Thai food

o ______ points to others

12. How you come to know about the new fast food deals
o ______ Radio

o ______ Billboards

o ______ Television

o ______ Newspapers

o ______ Word of mouth (friends)

o -----------Other

13. Do you think that, "In general, Pakistani youth eat too much fast food?”

Agree Strongly agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Neither agree

-- ------- ----------------- ---------- ---------------------- ----------------

14. I eat fast food because

o ______ It is less expensive

o ______ I think it’s healthy
o ______ I don’t get the taste at home
o ______ I like the quality of food
o ______ I can get it anywhere anytime
15. When it comes to fast food, what do you prefer the most?
o Home delivery
o To go out and dine in
o Take away
o Other---------------

16. I visit fast food restaurant because of...

O Lack of entertainment places
O Kid’s preference
O Special occasions (Birthdays, Treats)
O Other---------------

17. If you consider eating fast food frequently is not advisable, then what other
factors would still convince you to eat it:
o Taste of food
o Quality of food
o Time-saving
o Convenience
o Value of money
o Habit
o Others (Specify) _______________________
18. Which is healthier?

O Fast food
O Home cooked food
O Both

19.. What time of day do you eat fast-food?

O Before 11am
O Between 11am and 2pm
O Between 2pm and 6pm
O Between 6pm and 10pm
O After 10pm

20. On average how much would you expect to pay for fast food?

o Rs. 100
o Rs. 150
o Rs. 200
o Rs. 250
o Other--------------

21. Which fast food you are aware

O McDonalds
O Burger King
O Pizza Hut
O Mr. Burger
O Tooso
O Kay bees
O Arizona
O Dominos
O Red apple
O Roasters
O Any othe

22. Which of the following fast-food restaurants have you heard of?
O McDonalds
O Burger King
O Pizza Hut
O Mr. Burger
O Tooso
O Kay bees
O Arizona
O Dominos
O Red apple
O Roasters
O Any other ___
23.Which fast food restaurant would you more likely to visit?

O _____________________________________________________

24. Do you think parents encourage children to eat fast food meal?

O Yes
O No