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Topic 1: History of International Education and International Baccalaureate.

A Timeline of the history of International Education (1866 - present)

1851- First Universal Exhibitions, London, attended by representatives from Germany, France,
England and the United States.
1855- Universal Education Conference, Paris.
1866- Opening of International College, Spring Grove, London (operated until 1889).
1868- Emperor of Japan seeks improvement from international sources through Charter Oath of
Five Articles.
1876- International Conference on Education, Philadelphia, attended by 13 countries. Plan for
permanent organization to coordinate international educational conferences.
1885- Herman Molkenboer publishes plan for international educational agency.
1890- Molkenboer forms Temporary Committee for the Foundation of a Permanent and
International Council of Education.
1893- Universal Exhibition, Chicago. Most historically significant international meeting of
educators in the 19th century.
1899- International Bureau of New Schools (later New Education Fellowship) established, Geneva.
1901- Publication of Entwurf einer Internationalen Gesammt-Akademie: Weltakademie by Frank
Kemeny, Budapest, calling for world educational organization.
1901- Rabindranath Tagore establishes Santiniketan, first international school in India (with the
mission of education within a framework of world culture and civilization and future needs of
education in a united world).
1903- Launching of Cosmopolitan Clubs, Oxford University.
1908- Formation of American School Peace League, Boston, by F. Fern Andrews, to promote
international justice and fraternity.
1910- First international school, Odenwald School, set up by Paul Geheeb, Germany.
1910- International School of Peace, Boston, set up by Edwin Ginn.
1915- Publication of survey of internationalism from a historical perspective by John C. Faries.
1919- Establishment of International Confederation of Students, Strasbourg.
1919- Establishment of the Institute of International Education (IE), New York.
1921- First World Conference of New Education Fellowship, Calais, formed by Adolph Ferriere,
Elisabeth Rotten and Eisnor.
1921- International Folk High School, Denmark, established.
1921- League of Nations Committee on Intellectual Cooperation set up, Geneva.
1923- National Education Association hosted World Conference, San Francisco.

1924- International School of Geneva founded by a group of first international organizations under
League of Nations, Ferriere and Rotten.
1925- International Bureau of Education founded by Institut J.J. Rousseau, Geneva.
1929- Opening of Yokohama International School.
1930: Kees Boekes Children Community Workshop established as an international school.
1938- College Cevenol, international school, France, founded by Messieurs Trocm and Theis.
1948- The Association of International Educators established.
1949- UNESCO held Conference of Principals of International Schools, Paris.
1950- Publication of Encyclopedia of Educational Research by William Brickman.
1951- Founding of International Schools Association (ISA), Switzerland. Closed in 1959.
1953- International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) founded.
1955- Establishment of International School Services.
1964- IB Diploma Programme developed by ISA.
1965- Establishment of European Council of International Schools (CIS), UK.
1968- Establishment of International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and its IB Pogramme,
1970- First official guide to the IB Diploma Programme developed.
1973- One World Trust founded, UK.
1974- Introduction of bilingual (English and French) diplomas into IBO.
1983- Spanish diplomas introduced within IBO schools.
1989- Publication of CAS (creativity, action , service) for IBO Schools.
1992- Introduction of The International Schools Curriculum Project (ISCP).
1994- Introduction of Middle Years Programme (MYP).
1996- First official IBO mission statement
1997- Introduction of Primary Years Programme (PYP); IBO takes over MYP and ISCP.
2006- Introduction of IB Learner Profile.
2002- Revision of IBO mission statement.