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Teacher: Hector H. Garcia



Spiral Bound Sketchbook - pages no smaller than 9x12

Pencils - Regular 2B pencils will suffice, but a set of 4 Drawing Pencils is recommended

Portfolio - Not Required, but useful for transporting artwork. 14x20

Students may purchase their own materials, such as Color Pencils, if they wish.

Course Description
This course is designed as a beginning art class for students wishing to pursue upper level art courses as well
as for those who wish to satisfy their Fine Arts requirements for graduation. In the first semester, section 1-A,
students will develop skills in drawing from observation and 2-dimensional design using a variety of art materials and tools. In the second semester, section 1-B, students will apply their drawing and design skills in painting and at least one multi-media. Students will also develop an appreciation for artwork of the past and present through classroom readings.

Course Goals

Learn and develop technical skills in various artistic mediums.

Ability to utilize visual communication as a means of self-expression.

Develop rendering and compositional skills through a series of assignments.

Develop the ability to analyze and speak about art using the conventions of Art Criticism.

Students are responsible for in-class studio work, participation during in-class activities, studio preparation
and clean-up, artist/artwork research, homework and weekly sketchbook assignments. Students are expected to come to class on time and be prepared for every class. Students are expected to plan artwork, put
forth good effort in creating that work, manage their studio/working time appropriately, complete the assignment, turn assignment in on time, and complete the written analysis or reflection. Students are expected to do their own work, unless working on a group activity, and are responsible for adherence to copyright laws and South Early College High School Academic Integrity Policy.

Classroom Procedures
The amount of time you will have to complete each project is planned to coincide with the amount of class
time given before the due date. Generally speaking, you should have enough studio time to complete each
project in class. However, it is expected that you also complete work at home in order to meet the deadlines.
The following is our usual class routine.

Start of Class Be on Time

As soon as you enter the classroom, you should find any projects
or materials needed for the day,
be seated and start working. If
there is a presentation or demonstration, sit quietly and take out
your sketchbook to take notes.

Studio Time
If you need clarification or have
questions about the days activity,
ask questions. Follow instructions
for how the studio time is utilized.
Utilize time management. Instructor will be circulating the room to
assist, if not readily available to help

End of Class
The last 5 minutes are for cleaning

Put all materials away. Wash

anything that needs it. Put your

project away. Make sure you know
about any homework or what is

needed to prepare for the next

class. Take project home if needed.

Classroom Rules
It should be everyones goal to see that each student has the opportunity to work in an environment that is
free of any disruptive or negative behaviors and attitudes. Failure to work together toward this goal will not
be tolerated. There is always cleaning that is necessary and all students are expected to participate in the
cleaning process for at least the last 5 minutes of class. Disciplinary actions will be taken for excessive messes,
refusal to clean up, or disruptive or negative behavior. If needed administration and parent will be notified.

Do not leave the classroom for any reason without permission.

Respect all people, projects, materials and the studio.

Act in a mature and responsible way.

No horseplay or swearing.

Come to class prepared, pay attention, follow directions and stay on task.

Food and Drink are not permitted in class. A water bottle with lid is the only exception.

Grading Policy

Summative Assessments (studio projects)


Formative Assessments (quizzes)


Daily work/Class work


Homework (sketch book assignments)

Grading Scale
A= 100-90
F=69 and below